T-Mobile Lights Up 10 More Modernized Markets, Brings Total To 15

T-Mobile’s continued efforts to modernize the company’s 1900MHz spectrum continues today with the announcement of 10 more markets. These areas include Miami; Phoenix; San Francisco; Mesa and Tucson, Ariz.; Modesto, Oakland, San Jose and Stockton, Calif.; and Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Oh yes, South Florida, excuse me for a moment while I do my happy dance.

Customers who live in these areas will “benefit from enhanced voice and data coverage, and faster speeds on unlocked devices to connect with friends and family. Customers in these metro areas can also bring their unlocked AT&T smartphones to T-Mobile, and experience a significant speed boost on our 4G network, while also saving up to $50/month compared to AT&T*!”

All totaled, T-Mobile’s modernized network count stands at 15 total markets as Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas and Washington D.C. have also gone live in recent weeks. T-Mobile says that work continues in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, the New York metro area, Philadelphia, San Diego and Seattle and customers should already begin to see the results of the modernization processor.

The full list of todays launches:

Central and Southern Arizona

  • Phoenix, including Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, Paradise Valley, Surprise and Ahwatukee
  • Mesa, including Chandler and Gilbert
  • Tucson, including South Tucson, Marana, and Vail  

San Francisco Bay Area

  • Silicon Valley, including Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Santa Clara, San Jose
  • Oakland
  • San Francisco

Central Valley, California

  • Stockton
  • Modesto

South Florida

  • Miami, including Coral Gables and Miami Beach
  • Fort Lauderdale, including Hollywood

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  • Irfan

    Thats good but its also lower the upload speed which is not goot at all I live in dc metro area which I was getting 3 mbps and now hardly 1 mbps download down 18 mbps to 12 mbps ..any way will what they really going to do

  • http://twitter.com/kevoptimus Kevin

    Is there a timeline list anywhere that has locations on it?

    • Redebbm

      No T-Mobile won’t give timelines, but the rollout has bee pretty speedy depending on the area (flat areas seem to be the fastest to roll out). If 3G has been spotted on airportal.de then you can probably bet those areas to be launched soon, if not the new year.

      • Reality Chick

        “Speedy depending on the area…” – the problem is that it’s a huge country and there are a LOT of areas to cover. And they don’t even have decent/full coverage in the very few areas that they’ve already announced as being covered.
        There are THOUSANDS of areas remaining to be covered. They’ve done about a dozen so far and even those aren’t finished yet and don’t have full coverage.
        Common sense says that it will be YEARS until most of the smaller markets have real 3G coverage.

      • http://twitter.com/kevoptimus Kevin

        Thanks for the info.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ViktorPrime James K Ray IV
  • wyn50

    When is Honolulu going to get it?

  • AvilB18

    When will they be reframing in Reading Pennsylvania ?

    • Slow Rollout

      Get in line…. it’s not even available in *most* major-markets yet. At this rate I predict you’ll get it in 2019. A full year before I get it in Hartford, CT.

  • Frank

    To those in the announced markets, how reliable is your network? Here in the Boston area, which is not completed, the coverage is not only spotty (expected) but dropped calls and service are INCREASING. Often when passing from Edge to 3G the phone drops to “no service” and especially near the airport which is “Edge Only” I go from 5 bars to “No service” frequently. It’s very frustrating and I’m wondering if the updating is creating instability in other markets.

  • qpinto

    and im waiting for att to send my unlock code for an iphone 4s. im curious to see what kind of data speeds i can pick up compared to my g2x (same hspa 14 antenna)

  • M42

    All they are doing is moving their HSPA+ 3G/4G from the 1700 MHZ spectrum to 1900MHZ, so old iPhones can work on T-Mobile’s network. How does that help anybody, except old iPhone owners? They’re still leaving the bulk of their market served by Edge. What they should be doing is spending that money upgrading Edge to HSPA+. I stay on Edge 85-90% of the time and it is a royal pain. Email won’t download attachments. Anything that uses data, like traffic maps take forever to load. Being on T-Mobile in these Edge areas is a totally frustrating experience.

    • Redebbm

      It isn’t just for iPhone users, that is a side effect & works for other phones. In order for T-Mobile to launch LTE they have to move 3G onto the 1900 band through refarming which makes room on 1700AWS for LTE. If you’re tired of Edge in your area, it’s time to switch. I remember the 3G wait game in my neighborhood, but am lucky to live near a major market. If your area hasn’t received 3G by now, it’s probably not a high priority for T-Mobile to do so.

    • philyew

      This change is taking place on 37,000 towers out of the 51-52,000 that TM use. The 14-15,000 towers that are not affected are those which don’t currently support 3G. That’s around 29% of the towers, but they service a much smaller proportion of the overall customer base. Between TM’s own 3G services and those available from the AT&T roaming agreement, up to 280 million of the population potentially have access to 3G or better services with a TM contract.

      If you are stuck on 2G, you are unfortunately part of the 30 million minority who don’t have local access to the faster data services.

      Over the next 3-4 years, it’s very possible that part of the $4 billion earmarked for network upgrade will improve the lot of people in the areas served by 2G-only, but the priority will be to make the majority of their footprint competitive with the other major carriers.

      • M42

        I’m not waiting three or four years. At the end of my contract I’ll be gone. Every other carrier has our area blanketed in 4G with very little 3G. There is no excuse for a national carrier to have half of their network being served by 2G. But you have confirmed what I posted earlier and that is the network is not being upgraded/improved. They’re just shuffling their HSPA+ pea from one shell to another.

        And roaming on AT&T doesn’t help. When I roam I’m on AT&T’s Edge network. T-Mobile’s customer service told me that their agreement with AT&T is for AT&T’s Edge network only.

        • philyew

          Hey, it’s your choice, but I didn’t say that at all. I said that the areas stuck on 2G serve a population of around 30 million. Their 3G and better footprint serves 230 million with an additional 50 million covered by AT&T roaming. The seven year roaming agreement they entered into this year is for UMTS – in other words 3G.

          How you can conclude that 30 million equals 230 million, I don’t know.

        • UMA_Fan

          It depends on your phone.

    • Mike Antici

      I don’t care if Miami has BETTER 4G than me.. .I’d prefer 4G everywhere rather than BETTER 4G in some places. Upgrade the towers that have 2G to 4G, THEN worry about upgrading 4G to BETTER 4G.

  • bryck

    Happy Thanksgiving Dave and the rest of my fellow Tmonews crew……. Peace and Love and Happy drinking and eating.

  • mrmaster198

    I know Tallahassee is small, but when is T-mobile going to cover the tally metro? (Tallahassee, North Florida-Panama City, Destin etc. and South Georgia etc)

  • caquito

    In Miami an AT&T Blackberry still shows EDGE, anyone getting 3G in Miami?

    • Ted

      Miami is mostly covered but there are still holes. Same with Hollywood, the downtown area in Hollywood is mostly Edge but once you leave to the other parts the H comes on on my LG 4x HD. Ft Lauderdale has holes too. It’s weird, It’s like 60% of South Florida has been refarmed and the areas that show edge are head scratchers.

    • Samples

      Brand new unlocked iPhone 5 is only seeing Edge in Coconut Grove and Brickell so far, but we did see 3G in Aventura. =( I promised my wife it would be working on 3G everywhere by now, so the clock is ticking before i’ll have to move it to AT&T. I chatted online with T mobile rep who suggested trying this: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-2383 I’m wondering if it’s just a tower location issue. Based on a 33133 zip code search on http://www.t-mobiletowers.com/TowerSearch.aspx shows very few towers in Coconut Grove / Brickell / Coral Gables, and a ton of towers near and west of 826. How could there be so few towers in such a central area?

      • T-Mo Miami

        33178, 33172 & 33010 do not have 4G on iPhone 4S. Still on Edge.

        • ted

          North Miami and Midtown Miami have 3g

      • philyew

        That site doesn’t show all the towers that TM use, just the 7,200 that they own, for which they have just done a deal with Crown Castle assigning rights.

        There are another 44-45,000 towers around the country that they also use.

    • T-Mo Miami

      nope, Edge all over miami. what a let down. press release conveyed false info. can we sue?!

  • http://profiles.google.com/mrice.hill Mr. Hill

    Still not even a sighting yet in Charlotte. Hopefully some spots will spring up in December.

  • Joel_Axel

    i went to a tmobile store and asked them when is the 3g going to be in my iPhone here in San Antonio, TX. and they told me that by December there going to be 3g in San Antonio

    ^.^ (hopefully)

  • dwatts86

    I have an unlocked 3GS in Fort Worth and I occasionally see the beautiful 3G signal in the top left corner next to the words T-Mobile. With that came speeds up to 5.26 Mbps, which is much better than the 0.15 Mbps I had before! Hopefull Dallas/Fort Worth will be finished in the very near future!

  • Abe

    I’m over here near downtown Detroit, Michigan and ohhh yahhh iPhone 3G speed, it’s so cool and fast

  • GwapoAko

    I’m here in Colorado Springs and found 3G on my iPhone 4$ in Fountain and World Arena.

  • City


  • imcrazylikethat

    umm is the refarming in these areas done or being refarmed now

  • Chris

    I have 3G in most parts of Dallas on my iPhone 4

  • http://twitter.com/fightcrazy Vinny

    T-Mobile is doing a damn good job when you consider what they have accomplished with a small budget to work with. In the Boston area (very large area) the 1900 refarmed network is popping up everywhere. I live in a suburb about 4 or 5 miles out of Boston and there are towers live everywhere around me. It is great work T-Mobile is doing along with the refarmed network their HSPA+ just keeps getting faster and stronger. I am getting on average around 13 – 17mb down and 5 -7mb up, these speeds are during peak hours, after 7:00pm my speeds jump over 20mb down. These speeds are faster then my Verizon’s LTE account.
    Thanks T-Mobile.

    • Where_is_my_3g

      In the Waltham area where 128 intersects with Winter St. (Totten Pond Road) there’s no 3G there at all. There’s a huge hill that’s loaded with antennas and towers and it’s one of the busiest sections of road. I check every day on my way to work and I’ve never seen a 3G signal there.

      Maybe it’s popping up in Boston but for everyone who lives and works a few miles outside of Boston – we’re all SOL.

      • conservative_motorcyclist

        Well it’s popping up all over the Lynn, Salem, Marblehead area (I found a ton of areas to report that aren’t on the “official” map at airportal.de)…I can also confirm that there is a site or two along I-95 in Burlington that I have connected to.

        I know it’s frustrating…I am starting to get 3G on my iPhone everywhere but my house.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jackhuny Jack Hu

    Thanks to Sandy New York is not in the list yet…. sad…

  • Zezmex

    Hopefully they get St. Louis soon. Coverage everywhere is HORRIBLE!

  • saiflu

    Even though Atlanta was not announced :(, the best I got on an iPhone 5 was 13 up and 3 down. Pretty good speeds with a 3G moniker. Hopefully Atlanta gets announced soon because I have seen spotty 3G coverage all over!

  • Reality Chick

    Get real folks – it’s a big, big country with thousands of cities and markets. So far T-Mobile has announced 15. One-Five… 15 and even those few cities aren’t finished and don’t have 3G in most places.

    Unless you live in the downtown of a major city you’re not going to see 3G anytime soon. They can’t even finish Chicago, New York, LA, Dallas, etc so why on earth do you think they’re going to get to your little town anytime soon?

  • http://twitter.com/fightcrazy Vinny

    TMO is pushing out these 1900 signal areas twice as fast as Sprint’s LTE. On top of the 1900 Network, TMO is also adding to their regular HSPA+ areas. They are on a roll, very good time to be a T-Mobile customer.
    Thank You T-Mobile.

  • Mike Antici

    That’s just wonderful. . . but ummm excuse me. . . why don’t you concentrate on putting 4G in areas that currently only have edge. . . to be honest, I don’t really care if Miami has better 4G than I do here in CT, I just want 4G EVERYWHERE, not BETTER 4G in some places, and NO 4G in others.