T-Mobile Adds Three New Metro Areas To Network Modernization, Get Your Unlocked Devices Ready

As part of T-Mobile’s network modernization effort, better known as their network refarm they are announcing three brand new markets this morning. Residents of Baltimore, Houston and Washington D.C. are the “latest metro areas where T-Mobile customers can benefit from enhanced voice and data coverage, and faster speeds on unlocked devices, including the iPhone.”

In fact, T-Mobile is doing a little bragging stating that their own internal testing on the iPhone 4S saw 70% faster download speeds than on AT&T. Combine that with savings up to $50 a month over AT&T and you’ve got yourself a nice little deal with Magenta. So, customers in the following neighborhoods should begin seeing these speeds on unlocked devices today:

  • Washington D.C.: Alexandria, VA; Arlington, VA; Chevy Chase, MD; Falls Church, VA; Laurel, MD; McLean, VA; and Silver Spring, MD.
  • Baltimore: Glen Burnie and Towson, MD
  • Houston: Cypress, Jersey Village, Humble, Kingwood, and The Woodlands.

Fret not residents of Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York metro, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Diego and Seattle as you’re on deck. Customers in these areas are already reporting improved coverage and speeds and we should expect these markets to be completed in the very near future.

With todays announcements, T-Mobile now has five markets live — Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas and Washington D.C.


Hit the full press release for all the details:

T-Mobile Brings Improved Coverage and Faster iPhone Speeds to Three New Metro Areas

As a part of our $4B plan to transform our network, T-Mobile continues to strengthen an already fast and competitive 4G experience in major metro areas across the country by installing new equipment and retuning our 4G airwaves to work with more devices.

Today I’m pleased to announce that Baltimore, Houston and Washington D.C. are the latest metro areas where T-Mobile customers can benefit from enhanced voice and data coverage, and faster speeds on unlocked devices, including the iPhone.

Customers in these areas can now bring their unlocked iPhones to T-Mobile, experience a significant speed boost on our network, while also saving up to $50/month compared to AT&T*! Our internal tests of unlocked iPhone 4S devices running over 4G (HSPA+) on our 1900 network recorded on average 70% faster download speeds than iPhone 4S devices on AT&T’s network. T-Mobile’s “all you can eat” access to 4G data, including streaming video, rich apps, social media, web surfing and more, lets customers use their smartphones without the worry of what pushing a certain button will do to their bills.

T-Mobile customers can now experience these improvements in:

  • Washington D.C.: Alexandria, VA; Arlington, VA; Chevy Chase, MD; Falls Church, VA; Laurel, MD; McLean, VA; and Silver Spring, MD.
  • Baltimore: Glen Burnie and Towson, MD
  • Houston: Cypress, Jersey Village, Humble, Kingwood, and The Woodlands.

T-Mobile network advancements also continue in additional cities including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York metro area, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Diego and Seattle. Customers in parts of these metro areas are already experiencing improved coverage and iPhone “speed sightings” on T-Mobile’s 4G network.

Stay tuned! There are five markets live now – Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas and Washington D.C. – and we expect to launch multiple additional major metro areas by the end of the year.

*Savings based on comparison of T-Mobile $69.99/month Unlimited Talk, Text and Data plan against AT&T Unlimited Talk, Text, and 3GB Smartphone Data plan. Does not include taxes, fees or promotional offers. Plan features and limitations vary. Some iPhones may not work or may have limited functionality on our network. See stores for details. iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

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  • JB

    Sweet! Keep on truckin Magenta!

  • sidekicker89

    Ohio next please! :) Great news though!.. I wonder if T-Mobile has made any more spectrum acquisitions… besides Metro PCS.

    • Chris

      Don’t forget the AT&T spectrum they got from the failed merger and the Verizon Spectrum they got from the deal so that Verizon can close their own deal.

      • sidekicker89

        yeah but I don’t remember seeing at new spectrum for Ohio :( coverage hasn’t really changed here much.

    • DBAG

      Who cares about Ohio. Why dont you call Obama and ask him to speed up your service. Didnt he promise that to get your vote?

      • sidekicker89

        Actually I called Mitt.. he was too busy on a mission trip though.. Angry Much? haah calm down!

  • Qbancelli

    I won’t use an iPhone and I’m getting the Nexi 4, so I don’t care.

    • sidekicker89

      i’m sure you’ll still get better coverage because of this..

  • Guest

    Why is Orlando the last to get any new technology or upgrades?

    • Fabian Cortez

      Yeah Orlando please?

      • archerian

        I got 3G at one location while driving from St.Cloud to Kissimmee on I-192 a few weeks ago.

        • Fabian Cortez

          Care to add it to airportal.de?

        • orlando

          St. Cloud and Kissimmee have always had 3G coverage, get your facts right before you go posting nonsense. There is no Pcs1900 online yet in this part of town.

        • archerian

          you seriously have no idea of what I was talking about. When using a language, there is a thing called context, I’m guessing it will take another 3 days for you to figure that one out. Btw, I got 3G near the Sheriff’s HQ on I-192, not actually in Kissimmee or St.Cloud.

        • dipshits_on_tmonews

          wow you got 3g, like i said above, nonsense; there is NO 3g PCS1900 online anywhere in Orange, Osceola, and only 1 site online in Seminole county, sorry to inform you again your highly misinformed.

    • paisannyc

      Mickey Mouse hates new technology. Just sayin’…..

    • orlandotech

      It’s in the works gang, sites are under construction with 1 online in Sanford and others waiting for the green light from RF, the upgrade is underway in O’town.

      • Farouk Omour

        keep hearing how everywhere is in the works. problem is that there are maybe 2 or 3 cities in the whole country that have decent 3g coverage. everything else is like houston and baltimore and DC where there’s so little of it that it’s practically useless.

        • orlando

          That’s not true Farouk, Orlando is saturated with existing 3G coverage. As a side note, the network upgrade will NOT fix existing 3G coverage gaps, that in itself continues tobe a nationwide problem. You don’t have to be an expert to figure that part out. It cost $$ to fill in the holes, something T-Mobile has never had or should I say has managed poorly in many markets.

        • Farouk Omour

          Don’t know about Orlando – never been here. The map on http://www.airportal.de/ shows one tower in Orlando.
          I know that up where I live there is no 3g anywhere. Never seen it once. Been to the airport too. No 3g there either. So maybe a couple places get it here and there but not much really.
          Every day I’m on the major highways going to work. No 3g at all. Not even one time. So do tell me again how it’s “in the works” because it do not work up here at all.
          Where on T-Mobile website can I find schedule and where they currently have 3g? Seems like they are keeping this a big secret because they know how bad progress has been.

    • h3ktyk

      Because its Orlando

  • Ceefu

    Greater Puget Sound (Seattle) area is definitely improving. I switched to a 4S about a month ago and have seen more and more places where I’m able to pick up 3g speeds. And in areas where I was already getting 3g, the speed is increasing / becoming more reliable. Just last night I ran several speed tests that were right around 8mbps down, 3mbps up in an area where I had been consistently around 3mbps down and ~1.5mbps up.

    This week I noticed I’m now getting 3g at work where I was previously edge only. Test I just ran came back at 5.23/1.61. So not too shabby.

  • _jayyg

    If only they would improve service is denver. Cant wait to leave t mobile after 8 years!

    • peralta

      My wife left tmobile on sunday for att. Because I bought a blackberry 9900 at full price after 8 months I change the phone 3 times so they offer to change the phone because I still had warranty for a nokia x2 or a samsung exhibit and the wanted me to do and even exchange. She got the iphone 5 and shes happy at att

      • j2g

        she will be even happier when she gets the bill. According to at&t’s math, $179.99 plus taxes = $297.68

        • lol

        • zacamandapio

          You got that right.

        • BallaOnnaBudget

          Sadly after 4 years of TMO i’m leaving for ATT myself. The only thing I’m going to miss is unlimited data but in 3 years I have never gone over 2.5 GB. As for the billing it works out to the same as Tmobile plus I can use my company’s discount of 15% which makes it lower.

        • _jayyg

          Yeah, tmobiles prices really are not much lower than AT&T. Yeah there’s no unlimited data but we don’t actually need it

        • peralta

          And also what ever happened to customers come first T Mobile

        • Wet Socks

          I only get 2g with t-mobile. What freaking good is unlimited data at 80kbps? It’s more like unlimited misery. At 2g speeds I need to be downloading 24/7 all month long to approach any data limit.

        • M42

          That boat is full of millions of T-Mobile customers. I’m on Edge 85% of the time as I travel. They advertise their great 4G network, but the funny thing is I can hardly find it when I travel. But, AT&T – I find 4G HSPA+ and LTE everywhere. Even out in the most rural areas I’ve been to AT&T has HSPA+ 4G.

        • Little T

          Isn’t this a thread about how they are CONVERTING that network?

        • peralta

          After 7 years leaving T Mobile and she got unlimited talk and messages and 1 gigabyte of data for 90 dollars a month and also on a iphone 5

      • zacamandapio

        Wow. They saw you coming. I’ve never downgraded after an exchange due to warranty. If anything I’ve upgraded. X2? Wow.

  • Josue

    T-Mobile is on a roll

    • zacamandapio

      Did someone say Sushi?

      • Josue

        haha California roll

        • ohh man

          They call me sushi mane

        • Josue

          lmao but back to the topic hope tmo starts LTE by the beginning and f 2013

    • M42

      Yeah, on a roll down the gutter.

  • Ht756

    That’s about 20 percent of Houston metropolitan. What about city of Houston, sugarland, clear lake, la marquee, Missouri city, Katy, league city. I haven’t seen any 3g coverage in those areas.

    • mikkej2k

      Houston is the largest city geographically in the US. My fault – Should have added ” in Texas”

      • TMOTECH

        Actually, Jacksonville, FL

    • Smee

      20 percent is very lame. But even with lame 20% coverage it’s way better than what most cities have which is a big fat nothing. I’d love to see some real updates from TMobile. Not announcing cities as being covered when they have absolute bare minimum coverage.

    • samagon

      bay area blvd and around my office I get about 7mbps, at home which is near UH, I get 1.5.

      to be fair, I’m probably one of the few near my home that uses a smart phone on tmo, so I can see why they aren’t trying to upgrade the area.

  • Laz

    When is Phoenix getting this sweetness?

  • Justin

    We have it in Minneapolis or at least they are testing it. I have a friend with an unlocked Lumia 920 and while they were in Seattle last week they were getting 8mb download and they are still getting that speed back here in Minneapolis.

  • ozil8

    Wat about jersey we never get anything

    • bleeew

      You got Snooki.

      • ozil8

        Lol I want some 3g iPhone love lol

        • bleeew

          Ask the Jersey Shore crew to hand it over.

  • jake

    hey guys I have 3G on my Samsung focus in west Phoenix now!

    • Smee

      How about North Phoenix, East Phoenix, South Phoenix and Central Phoenix?
      Seems like they drop a couple of towers in part of a city and consider it done. Reminds me of Bush and the “Mission Accomplished” sign on the carrier.

  • Frank Alvarez

    In Palm Springs, I see amazing speeds coming from 1 cell site and the rest are painfully slow edge. HOPING!!!!

    • Smee

      Hoping and praying won’t get you far. T-Mobile announced this and that they’d be done by years end. With less than 8 weeks left in the year my money is that they won’t even come close to covering anything worth talking about.

  • kevev

    What about San Antonio? Trying to figure out why nothing has been done here yet. This is by far one of the worst covered area. The towers are spread so far apart and we have lots of trees. OK. I’m done complaining. :o)

  • j2g

    3g only works when you are driving on freeways in those areas in Houston.

    • jarrod

      Not really, I was going down Kingwood drive and kept a 3G signal till almost Lake Houston parkway. Also on Will clayton parkway and Wilson Road in that general area there is 3G available, you have to toggle the phone though.

      • Smee

        Toggle the phone??? What the heck is that? I’ve never heard of anyone having to toggle a phone to get 3g to work.

  • Hey now!

    Was at the Houston airport this morning and speeds were definitely increased and great. Also appreciating speeds in Boston now.

    • sidekicker89

      were you flying on the new United Boeing 787? :)

  • beerslinger

    I’m just northwest of Phoenix and last night my HOX international just switched from E to H…200k before down to 10M now…not sure how much coverage there is but damn, is this better!

  • Smee

    Yawn. They put in a half-dozen towers in Houston and announce the city as being complete. Never mind that only about 20% of the city (and that’s being VERY optimistic) has 3G coverage.
    They’re still claiming they’ll be done by the end of the year. That’s less than 8 weeks from now. Unless they start knocking out 8 cities per day from now until then it ain’t going to happen.
    And news for TMobile. If the only way to get 3G coverage is to park on the north-side of the Burger King parking lot, hold your phone up in the air an toggle the 3G setting on your iPhone in order to get a couple of bars before you lose the signals – the city isn’t done.

    I’ve been looking everywhere for 3G and have yet to see it anywhere. Not even once. These announcements have become a joke. A toothless hampster has more bite than these announcements.

    • jarrod

      Do you never leave your house? Half of Kingwood is covered I just recently started seeing more 3G in Humble and you can get it on the beltway in several areas along with most of 610 being covered and i10 from 610 to the memorial city mall being solid 3G.

      • Smee

        Half of Kingwood is covered… seeing more 3G in Humble….several areas along 610 being covered….

        That’s not “coverage” – that’s what I would call spotty at best. If they’re going to make a press announcement that a city now has 3G coverage then I would expect *real coverage* and not “half of this and some of that and parts of that…”

        Look at Baltimore that was also announced. It’s not *Baltimore* – it’s nothing more than spotty coverage in two small towns outside of Baltimore. How can they claim that Baltimore is covered and keep a straight face?

        • Ghost Writer

          We have a family get together every year up in the Adirondack State Park (Eagle Bay, NY). The bunch of us rent a house right on the lake and have a good time up there.

          With T-Mobile I get absolutely nothing there. I’m not talking 3g or 2g here. I mean I don’t even get a 1/2 bar of signal for voice. It’s a complete dead-zone unless I drive into Old Forge which is about 15-20 minute away.

          Most of the other people up there have Verizon which is popular in update NY. What’s effn amazing is that even out in Eagle Bay which is in the middle of nowhere they still get 2-3 bars of signal with Verizon. Totally impressive.

          My point here is that I don’t ever expect T-Mobile to have coverage up in Eagle Bay, NY. There’s next to nobody who lives up there and it’s mostly tourists who go up there during the summer. Verizon is big enough to do it but it really isn’t needed.

          What IS needed is to have real coverage in places like Houston, Baltimore and DC. If T-Mobile can’t cover nowhere-ville then that’s fine but there’s no excuse for this nonsense where they announce “3G coverage” for Houston which really means that maybe 1-in-5 people have it.

          There. I feel better.

      • TimTomTl

        Pretty damn solid here in Humble and Kingwood.

  • philyew

    This is an announcement which is guaranteed to reduce the credibility of the exercise. As others have pointed out, the areas reported for Houston cover less than 25% geographically and way less in terms of customer concentration. There are lots of reported sighting around the city over at the airportal.de site in addition to these locations, but telling the world that Houston is done like this is a big mistake.

    • Smee

      Reduce the credibility of the exercise – LOL. Is that even possible at this point? Gimme a break. Take a ride up here to Indy some day. I’ll give you $100 for every 3G tower you find if you give me $3 for every tower without 3G. I bet that TMo doesn’t even know where Indy is.

      The company and the CTO made an announcement that these cities are now live and have 3G coverage. Sure looks like it’s //done enough// for TMo and they can move on to the next city and give them 25% coverage so they can make another press announcement.

      People who live in Houston didn’t get 3G. They got half-baked crap that sounds good in a press release but is useless to just about everyone who lives or drives there. Sounds like the only way to get a steady 3G signal in Houston is to park the car at the south-side of the McDonalds parking lot, hold the phone up in the air and hope you get 3G.

      The only big mistake here is being naive enough to think your city is going to get 3G anytime soon. Even the cities that are announced as having 3G don’t really have it.

  • eanfoso

    Heck yeah! I live an hour away from Houston but when I go clubbing I’m bringing my Sony xperia to test the new network lol

    • MasterTan

      When you go “clubbing”? Lol. Douche.

  • Danny Rodriguez

    I live in Northern VA and I can attest to the fact that I only get T-Mobile 3G on my iPhone 4 when I’m going East on 66, OCCASIONLY. This is seriously disappointing if this is as much as they plan to refarm around NoVa. ALSO I will be the first to call BS on Washington D.C to refarm. I work all around D.C and have not once been on T-Mobiles 3G there(K St NW from Georgetown all the way down to 7th.)

    • Smee

      Well today they announced that the Washington DC area was done. It’s a 3G market that’s now live!

      C’mon TMobile – Is this all you’ve got?? If this half-assed 3G refarming is what you’re going to give your customers after months and months of hype then there are going to be a lot of disappointed customers.
      I’ve been waiting a long time for this and still have absolutely NOTHING in the (top-20) major city where I live. I haven’t had a single 3G sighting anywhere even once. And the cities that you have announced as having 3G coverage are turning out to be a farce.

      • Nicolas LaBarre

        What market do you live in? I live in Panama City, FL. I’m a long way off.

        • Smee

          Indianapolis. We’re about #12 in the country depending on who you believe with a population of about 850,000. We’re bigger than San Fran, Boston, Detroit, Seattle, Denver, Baltimore, Vegas, Kansas City, etc.

          There is absolutely NOTHING here for 3G towers. And believe me, I’ve looked, and looked, and Looked and LOOKED. I work right in the center of town just north of Lockerbie Square. Out my window I can see where interstate 70 meets I-65. And we don’t have a damn thing here other than 2G that gives me 0.1mbps download and 0.04mbps upload. Whoop-de-doo.

          T-Mobile did do one thing right though… they sold me a nice warm pile of #$&% when they convinced me that 3g is coming “soon” and I was stupid enough to believe them.

          I have nobody to blame but myself.

        • I’m pretty impatient as well but you’re totally wrong about Indianapolis being larger markets than those cities. Market size is based off MSA, not city limits (because some cities have much larger land area than others). Indianapolis ranks in the 30s so don’t expect to be one of the early markets.

          I’m in Charlotte, which is slightly larger than the Indianapolis area and we don’t have anything yet either. The wait is tough but I’m afraid that as soon as I trade my iPhone for a T-Mobile Android 3G would probably start popping up in this area. Hopefully some refarming is done here within the next 4-6 weeks.

        • Smee

          I’m just going by the various published lists of “largest cities in the USA.” where Indy is usually around #12. Who knows what criteria T-Mobile is using. Number of existing customers? Number of potential new customers? Names pulled out of a hat? Who knows because they aren’t saying.

          As far as “the wait is tough” – I don’t mind waiting. It’s the *not knowing* that I hate. All we ever see from them is “soon” and “very near future” which means absolutely nothing.

          Are we talking about “soon” in human time-frame or soon as in the age of the universe? I almost feel sorry for the people in the cities who *do* get the 3G coverage now. Each city so-far has been 20-75% done, they announce it to the press and run off to the next city.

          If you’re in an area that’s been announced as finished (Houston, Baltimore, etc) then I don’t see T-Mobile sticking around and finishing the job. It appears that they’re more interested in doing a half-assed job in the next city on the list so they can announce it and go do another city.

          I suspect that maybe once they finish all the cities they’ll finally go back and finish up the work they started in Houston and Baltimore but does anyone really believe that’s going to happen anytime before 2014, 2015, 2016 or later?

          I’m waiting for the day when they make the big announcement that Indianapolis is now done because they put up a couple of towers in a remote area of town. LOL.

  • NardVa

    Still no Norfolk, Virgina Beach, Newport News or Hampton Virgina.

  • Qayin

    Well with the refarm all of us with original T-Mobile phones will start to benefit once they add the radios in newer hand sets and shouldn’t the Galaxy note 2 benefit from this

  • Nightkid

    Any news for Michigan???? I’m so desperate to fire off with my iPhone 5 on tmobile network…. Please s

    • Smee

      News for Michagan?? Same answer as everyone and everywhere else in the country. It’s coming “soon.”
      Soon means that sometime between tomorrow and 2030 they’ll install a few towers that cover 20% of your city, make a press release how your city now had 3G and move on.

  • nycplayboy78

    WooHoo…I live in the DC Metro area…YAY!!!! Now get NYC on the list :)

    • Matt Bailey

      I live in Arlington and still can’t break 3mb down on my Gnex… Anyone experiencing anything else?

      • Danny Rodriguez

        dude the only place i have gotten 3G around that area is from Seven Corners to about George Mason Dr. Then its all the way EDGE from their for me at least

        • Matt Bailey

          Interesting, I get solid HSPA (H indicator on the phone rather than 3G) everywhere in northern Virginia and DC. But my data speeds aren’t actually that fast – rarely more than 3mb down as noted above. Shouldn’t I be getting more than that?

  • Vess

    I live in Miami.i got iPhone 5 factory unlock 2 weeks ago.works perfect in Tmobile 3G .with good reception I am getting between 6-11Mbps download and 2.5 Mbps upload .cant wait to see how fast will go with 4G.with 3G I get better speed that my friends with AT&T 4G.

  • Maung Moe

    Can someone tell me whats T-Mobile’s top 50 cities in the US? I heard those cities will have their 2G spectrum refarmed first.

    • bleeew

      Los Angeles, Kansas City, Las Vegas, New York, Houston, Miami, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix…. Basically highly populated cities.

    • Smee

      one two kalamazoo

      three four jersey shore

  • Keep it going T-Mobile. Best Network in the USA.

    • Smee

      TMo could be the Best Network in the USA. Most everyone I know hates AT&T and Verizon. But they have no choice but to use them if they want coverage and download speed.

      There’s more people that like TMo as a company. But their coverage is 3rd rate compared to ATT and Verizon. And this feeble 3G rollout just proves the point.

  • Yoyo

    Its funny, when I first got my unlocked Note 2 I had H+ showing in my neighborhood but only E at home. Since then, no more H+ at all, only E no matter where I go. (San Diego area)
    I am hoping the H+ I was getting means they were testing and ready to go live with San Diego

    • Same situation in the Boston area. That is exactly what it means. It shouldn’t be long now. They probably have all the work done on the towers and are just waiting to flip the switch. Good Luck.

      • Yoyo

        Thanks Vinny, keeping my fingers crossed for sooner rather than later.
        Definitely nice to see that H on the phone instead of the E. At least I know it does work here

  • None

    Service has sucked in the past week in Baltimore. There better be a light at the end of the tunnel. Our whole family plan is out of contract and ready to leap. I hope this is storm related but knowing tmo, I doubt it.

    • jarrod

      They are probably updating equipment, the last time they did an update for dual carrier HSPA+ my service was really bad for a week also and then it came back stronger then before. But it may be storm related if there was a bunch of damage.

  • Michael

    Anyone else see atlanta light up last week? Running 3G on the iphone in roswell GA. Pretty Sweet!

    • M42

      I think T-Mobile should change their motto to “We’re the carrier for people with old iPhones.” Anybody hoping to use one of the faster 4G phones needn’t bother signing up because their phone is going to be stuck on slow as molasses 2G.

  • TBN27

    Good. Now i can save up money for an unlocked iPhone 5

  • bgreedy99

    installing new equipment and (retuning) our 4G airwaves to work with more devices. grammar error within the article

  • Joe Murray

    I wouldn’t exactly call these: Cypress, Jersey Village, Humble, Kingwood, and The Woodlands “metro areas”

    I’ve gotten 3G on my unlocked IPhone exactly twice. Once I was under a bridge near Washington Ave and Heights Blvd. The other was in the Enron building. Not exactly metro coverage if you ask me. I’m seriously considering moving to Verizon or getting a T-Mobile compatable Android.

    Also I’m unable to open to the Airportal.de site now. So I can’t even track the conversion progress.

    • bleeew

      me neither. But I noticed it works on my dads wifi network, and it doesn’t work at my moms. Guessing you can try a different WiFi network?

    • n773ph

      they already got decent coverage at the medical center..i forced my gs3 to wcdma 1900 and drove around med center i get 3-4 bars (where 4 is full bars of signal). i stopped at fannin and main and did a speed test the best i got was 10 mbps dl and 1 mbps ul.

  • M42

    T-Mobile is wasting billions moving their 3G HSPA+ network from 1700 MHZ to 1900 MHZ jus so owners of old iPhones will be able to use their phones on their network. Meanwhile there is a stampede out the back door as hundreds of thousands of T-Mobile customers who are fed up with having a mostly Edge network flee to faster pastures.

    T-Mobile would be better served upgrading their Edge network, which is the majority of their coverage into HSPA+ or LTE. Just moving their HSPA+ to 1900 MHZ is nothing more than moving the pea from one shell to another – it still leaves them with Edge in the majority of their market. The clock is ticking as competitors move to faster and faster networks and T-Mobile is still stuck in Edge land fantasizing about attracting former AT&T customers with old iPhones.

    • John Teller

      To be honest I don’t keep track of what technologies work over what frequencies over what carrier’s networks. It’s all one big jumbled mess in the USA. But I will say this – it sure sounds like T-Mobile is spending loads of money moving their ancient 2g network to a slightly less ancient 3g network. It looks like by the time they’re done converting nough towers to 3g it’ll already be obsolete.

    • Eric

      EDGE isn’t going anywhere for the next 3-5 years. Even AT&T said that they will wait until 2017 to end EDGE. People (especially older people) don’t need HSPA+ or LTE because they are fine with EDGE. Now, I’m not saying it’s not going to be reused for LTE, I’m saying EDGE is still going to be here. All T-Mobile is doing is ADDING 1900 MHz to their towers, and preparing for 1700/2100 MHz LTE and LTE-Advanced.

    • Redebbm

      They aren’t wasting billions. They HAVE to move 3G HSPA+ to the 1900MHz block so they can make room on 1700MHz for LTE. Even with MetroPCS move, T-Mobile is moving their network to a more coherent and standard path. LTE on 1700 & perhaps roaming deals with carriers on 700 since that’s where the devices are landing. It looks like they are playing catchup because they spent a year getting ready to fold into at&t when that fell through they got spectrum and money to modernize and build out LTE. Business have reason for every move they make, you can bet they are taking advantage of the iPhone capability but that isn’t the whole point. In the end though people will wonder if it might be better to get an iPhone for t-mobile for better pricing since they can get 3G now.

  • Aaron

    I’m in OKC, and today I have a strong usable signal in my office (where before it was awful, right through yesterday). Normally when I step out of the building I’m at full strength, so I was a bit shocked that I was able to stream video over it at my desk. I know that OKC isn’t listed in this news release, but I wonder if they are quietly adding towers in other cities as well, but not announcing anything yet.

  • Whitney

    Sorry I am switching after my contract is up. I have to get new computer so I can’t afford to get a unlock phone now. Unlock iphone cost over 600 dollars so in june I am going to Sprint or AT&T. I might go Sprint since it cheaper then AT&T and Verizon. Also I am tired of Android and HTC.

  • Adam5400

    There are no refarmed sites in Tennessee yet…

  • blupblup

    Houston? This is a joke right… Untill now I have not had 3G on my iphone for once without toggling the 3G on and of. And when the phone was on 3G, it just switched back to edge after 1 minute :-( Soooo disapointed.

  • Muhammad

    I am from Alexandria, VA and I can attest that DC being done is the biggest lie ever. Alexandria is supposedly “covered” now, but it only works in Old Town and not even completely. Arlington: works only in Rosslyn not in big chunk of the city. The District: No coverage in downtown, just in Georgetown. look at the map at airportal.de type in 22312 for zip code, and you will see what DC looks like… this is such a joke and almost offensive to us who have been patiently waiting for the switch to happen

    • Unhappy Joe

      Yeah – that’s pretty bad. But it’s way, way better than 06489.

    • It only works outdoors for much of Old Town for me. If anything, the half-done refarming is costing me battery life as the phone frantically switches between HSPA and EDGE. Can’t wait until it’s complete.

  • joel_axel

    san antonio is a big city and its always one of the last ones to get the new stuff

  • Guest

    This is great news and all but what about Hawaii?

  • ibedang

    What about Hawaii?

  • My nokia e63, which has only ever gotten EDGE (2.5G) coverage in chicago, has suddenly started getting 3G service. something is going on here.

  • Little T

    Today, while in my office, 3G lit up on my Galaxy S3 (most parts of my office, I am on EDGE). This is in the Tampa market. Testing?

  • Jay

    Looks like they’re either testing, or getting ready to launch in the Allentown/Bethlehem PA area, started getting 3G indicator on my iphone tonight. 6mbps dl, 3mbps ul. Awesome speeds! Much better than the edge I’ve been stuck on for years!!

  • davewill2

    There is fast 3G in parts of Portland now (zip 97225) on the 1900 MHz band.

  • noreg

    I’m in the DC/Balt. region and by latency has consistently increased to over 500ms and more! Speeds have been reduced as well.

    • Ranger Roy

      That’s because that region has been officially announced as being done.

  • James

    Will I be able to use AT&T HTC Windows Phone 8X on Tmobile? If yes, am I going to get HSPA+ speeds?

  • Guest

    Is refarming finished for NY?

  • James

    Will I be able to use AT&T HTC Windows Phone 8X on Tmobile? If yes, am I going to get HSPA+ speeds?

  • Christopher Onagan

    I currently live in Evanston IL (North of Chicago) and i have several areas that have 3G already running/testing in and around Chicago. It seems there is no ryhme to where they are activating it currently but i have noticed in my travels around the area that there are at least 4-5 towers around chicagoland that have 3G running/testing. This is a great sign. I have been seeing my speeds reach up to 8 mbs download and 3 mbs upload. Which i find is very satisfactory. I wonder what it will be like once they finish the 1900 refarm.

  • yoyo

    Just had some more H+ showing up on my unlocked Galaxy Note 2 in San Diego!!
    Very exciting. Download tests between 6 and 9mb and upload about 1mb. PHone is only capable of H+21 not 42 so I am very happy with those numbers. Hopefully this wasnt just testing and this is live for real this time!

  • Carey

    It’s not the last..Jacksonville and the pan handle. Actually Orlando has deployed 12 sites already. Millenia Mall, Florida Mall and Kirkman rd have 4g

  • BiafraRepublic

    Houston area announcements are all on the north side of the area. Needs extension toward League City and Galveston

  • Irfan

    I m late but want to confirm t mobile 1900 works in Alexandria va, I live in Alexandria district 3miles always from Alexandria old town and got 1am round about 7mbps and just 2 bars on AT&T gs3 and got 19mbps down on t mobile gs3 , it’s works better in Alexandria city but do not cover complete Alexandria