Will You Bring An Unlocked Smartphone To T-Mobile’s Refarmed Network?

For a moment forget about all the attention T-Mobile is placing on the iPhone and their soon-to-be refarmed network, and remember that the iPhone is just one of many smartphones that will take advantage of this new capability. In fact, any phone with 1900MHz HSPA+ or HSDPA will be table to take advantage of T-Mobile’s refarmed network in a big way and that opens up the door for a heap of new possibilities. Just take a look at Negri Electronics or Expansys-USA and the large swath of smartphones that will soon work that you never could have considered using before.

Yes, there will be a cost involved in bringing an unlocked smartphone over to T-Mobile, there always has been and for some of us, that’s just the price we pay for using what we want. For others, the high price of an unlocked smartphone may be a roadblock to an arguably better digital life. The combination of T-Mobile’s unlimited data plan and any smartphone, never mind just the use of the iPhone 4S or potentially the iPhone 5, is hopefully very enticing for current T-Mobile customers as well as competitor customers looking for less expensive options. T-Mobile is obviously placing a lot of hope on the refarmed network, not just for the use of unlocked iPhone’s and other smartphones, but also to free up spectrum on their AWS bands for LTE.

So I ask you, iPhone or not, will you consider or do you plan on bringing an unlocked smartphone over to T-Mobile’s network?

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  • http://profiles.google.com/mrice.hill Mr. Hill

    Already have a 4S on T-Mobile. I’m in one of their major markets so the refarm hopefully will be done here soon. Can’t wait for unlimited iPhone data.

  • FILA

    you forgot a choice on the poll

    “Oh Fuckk no, fuck Apple, Andy all the way out baby”

  • izzatmofan

    My local Tmo Store (South Orange Co.) has NO INFO about 4s in-store demo scheduled to start tomorrow.

  • Greg

    I hope T-mobile plan on lighting up some big markets tomorrow on their reframe 1900 network because it wouldnt make sense to start grabbing unlocked iphones now only to tell the customer, you’ll see 3G/4G on your iphone in December then locked them into a 2 year contract with no certainly. Why can they wait till they’re sure their network is ready then start promoting. What’s the rush with the iphone unlocked ads if you’re still gonna be on Edge. Hate to be that sucker, in the next coming weeks!

  • taron19119

    Ok how do I get at&t ipad to work on t-mobile

    • MacRat

      You simply go to the T-Mobile store and get a data only plan on a Micro SIM.

  • Anonymous

    Yes.. Probably the htc one x or the Sony xperia S


    T-Mobile needs to do three things: 1. Advertise the refarming efforts and explain what a unlocked device is and can do on their network. 2.Make a online list of phones that will be able to take advantage of the new bands, and update the list often. 3. Make a interactive map of the new coverage areas, updating it every so often. That is all….


    I especially would like to see a list of recent devices that can be used now that the refarming is halfway complete. I live in Queens, NY and that airportal.de link shows that most of my borough is covered, would love to take advantage of it with a sexy european device

  • Freak4Dell

    I already have an unlocked phone on T-Mobile, but I’m ready for a new phone. I would love it if they would do the refarm in my area so that I can get the Razr M.

  • illegaloperation

    I want to see how well T-Mobile network will serve the Nokia Lumia 920.

  • Pinkdomo

    It’s cool Tmo doesn’t get the iphone, but at least tell us when the network will be compatible so potential customers have an idea! I’m getting the iphone 5 first thing when it becomes available, but Tmo’s reluctance to reveal her schedule of network refarm is making me nervous, maybe it’ll never come to our city (a relatively small market in the midwest).

  • MisterBlue

    I wonder if the Lumia 920 will work on the new network, since Tmobile will most likely only get the 820.

  • Regina G

    I wonder if its true that the iPhone is supposed to get 3G in chicago by mid night or tomorrow morning…. I wonder.. thats what the store told me they received a email that tomorrow it will light up because they been working in chicago for it for about 3 months… I guess ill have to wait and see…. if anyone knows anything let me know :)

  • Milad

    I had an iphone with Tmobile since 2008…. It’s time to get something better than 2G ….

  • Arn

    I actually am leaning towards buying the phone off-contract from TMob directly – they unlock it, I get wifi-calling, and if I feel the need I can root it. PS. I’m not an iPhone lover by any means and wifi-calling (along with affordable 4g monthly plans) is the greatest feature out there.

  • blacbla

    No Iphone5 Ha. My wife has a 3GS but we will never see that band in our area. Why would you to use 2G while tmobile will never bring a usable to to your area.

  • BigMixxx

    After seeing today’s annoucement on iPhone. I see why T mobile refuses to actually subsidize. This was not apples’ best showing…

    Bloggers are about to go straight up old testament on apple…


    Looks like the iPhone 5 will support T-Mobile’s 1900 bands obviously. Guess the Apple heads can relax now.


  • http://www.facebook.com/christian.vogel.9638718 Christian Vogel

    If AT&T doesn’t unlock your iPhone so you can switch to T-Mobile, you can use UnlockStreak activations for iTunes, which basically turns iTunes into iPhone unlock software. The UnlockStreak activation is executed through iTunes and does a permanent unlock just like the unlock from AT&T.

  • izzatmofan

    I thought Apple wouldnt give tmo the phone because tmo didnt want to commit to selling ‘n’ number of phones at $billion(s) … how come many of the smaller (obscure) regional carriers are selling it ? If subsidy is the issue, let tmo sell it at full retail like the other carriers ??

  • RobotChupacabra

    I’d be interested in going with an iPhone 5 off contract unlocked, since one of the 3 models will fully work on T-Mo’s HSPA+ and LTE networks. Not having a contract is worth it to me at this point to just buy the phone unlocked when they start selling it unlocked in a month.

  • James

    Seeing 3G today in LA area (Alhambra)

  • StickyIcky

    What are we referring to when we say ‘the high price of unlocked phones’? Are we just simply referring to the cost of paying full price for a phone? Or is there some fee for bringing one over?

    • vpsaxman

      No fee. He’s referring to the price of an unlocked device vs. a subsidized one.

      • StickyIcky

        Then its really not a ‘high cost’ other than what one has to put up front. I think claiming that buying your phone unlocked and going on Tmobile has ‘higher cost’ is misleading.

        I recently went to the At&t site to configure my options… if I were to switch, it turns out I would pay $40 MORE a month on their plan. $40 x 24 months = $960! Assuming the phone I want is subsidized for $199, now we’re talking $1,160 MORE out of my pocket to switch to At&t for the phone I want. Paying $500 – $700 outright for the unlocked phone isn’t a higher cost, its actually the opposite.

        That may not apply to everyone I guess, and if someone wants like 4 iPhones or something, I guess they may not have $2,500 – $3,000 lying around to buy them unlocked, I understand that. But its still not ‘higher’ overall.

  • anon

    Why couldn’t the author devote a single sentence to explaining what the hell “REFARMED” is?

    I read the whole article and have no clue whatsoever what he is talking about.

  • Sal

    I’m from NYC and still no 3G on my 4S.

  • GinaDee

    T-Mobile needs to be more forthcoming with their customers about network upgrades. We’re on the eve of 2013 and we have1990’s GPRS technology in more places than any other wireless carrier in the US.

    When T-Mobile says they are “done,” with any network expansion all it means is that they don’t plan to do any more. They never build out new technology across their entire network just enough to cover their favorite 200 or 220 million POPS.

    I want a commitment that their entire US geo network will be HSPA+ covered by the end of 2013 with 250 million POPS served by LTE Advanced by the end of 2014 at the very minimum.

    Using a smartphone like the iPhone sucks when it’s stuck in GPRS/EDGE land. If I’m going to fork over $700 or $800 for an unlocked iPhone it better work good on the network I pay every month.

  • 14 year customer ..

    Yep, I’m bringing the iPhone 5 to TM in October. Unlocked of course from the Apple Store. Actually two of them. We are pretty excited. Wish we knew the date for nano sim availabiltiy ?

  • izzatmofan

    Dave, is it possible to sort this comment section “newest first” ?

  • Flatland_Skier

    Too little, too late. I’ve used an unlocked phone on T-mobile’s network over the last several years, but I am moving to another service because T-mobile is really no longer a deal. I can use a pre-paid card for $45/month with real 3g and decent coverage. St. Louis( where I live ) could get re-farmed and I’d still have bad coverage along Interstate 70. I can’t even get Edge through trips across the state. Pathetic.

    • vpsaxman

      I suppose you’re talking about Straight Talk. If I’m right, no tethering and arbitrary data limits are a deal breaker for me.

  • http://twitter.com/Elitesil Sil

    I have 3G on my iphone 4S and it is pretty fast. I am happy! BTW I am in Los Angeles, CA.

  • http://twitter.com/Elitesil Sil

    I am actually watching a show on Netflix and do not need wifi! Yay! :-)

  • Zeke

    My wife and I already have our factory unlocked iPhones on T-mobile. Been there for a long time now. There are many advantages. Ever get those spam 800 calls in Spanish, for instance? AT&T sells call blocking for up to 30 numbers for $4.95 PER MONTH, so you cannot find a phone number blacklist app in Apple’s app store. After jailbreaking Cydia has iBlacklist. It features unlimited call blocking for a one time fee of $12.95.

  • pete

    just bought an LG 4X HD and waiting for dallas refarm to kick in

  • 5hifty

    Any unlocked iPhone for Tmobile atm will only be able to use Edge. Since Tmobile’s bands arn’t in the iphones chip for broadcast. So your pay full price for an unlocked iphone to use speeds lower than 2g? Its worthless unless Tmobile decides to go LTE or more bands for 4G. but we will never know when.

    • bob90210

      You seemed to have missed the part about T-Mobile’s refarmed network in story.

  • ms6td

    I was in Schaumburg, IL with my Sony Ericsson Mini Pro Android phone and notice for the first time ever 4G!! Refarming has started in the Chicagoland area finally. I live in Niles, but only 2G Edge.