Second Round Of T-Mobile Official Galaxy S III Launches Set To Kick-Off Today

Today, June 27th marks the second “launch day” of T-Mobile’s Galaxy S III launch with the expansion of Galaxy S III sales to all channels: retail, care, My T-Mobile and more pending inventory availability. T-Mobile’s launch kicked off in two parts with the first happening on June 21st with select retail and branded locations receiving availability in the top 29 markets, and even then inventory was limited enough to restrict sales to select locations inside those markets.

Due to the excitement surrounding the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III, customer demand will exceed the expected launch quantity available on June 21 T-Mobile anticipates the remaining Retail and Branded locations will launch on June 27. Stores that do not receive the initial distribution, and stores who sell out of their initial stock, should use the GSIII Call Back List and contact customers when the devices are available.

For the moment, inventory availability remains a major hurdle in finding a Galaxy S III from any official T-Mobile “location,” including corporate retail stores or even through customer care. As we learned last night, Samsung’s taking a hit of their own due to inventory constraints and T-Mobile customers are feeling the frustration as they search to find this magical device.

Let us know if you are able to find a Galaxy S III today, and where. Sound off so others can find their own!

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  • Tmo_Fan

    This is pure BS the efing Tmo either dun have any left or saying call back or come back 1 week later to get one for sure .. and the price is insane… this is gettting me in a comma

  • JP Pullens

    Well it took me a while I had to catch like five public transportation buses to get one. But after that and 3 Tmo stores later I found one and the price was more to be desired but it was worth it nice handset. 

  • MikeOlson

    My wife and I basically cleaned out the area Walmarts yesterday (South Bend, IN). Apparently each store got exactly 1 phone. While doing the paperwork for my wife at the first store I called all the other ones in a 20-mile radius. Only one other had them (the others must have been already sold, never got them, or had clerks who didn’t know what they were talking about). When I got to the second store the guy said they’d already gotten three calls about it that day. Only one was from me, but I got there first I guess. Sorry, folks.

  • Ricky McLaughlin

    I’m not sure if anybody is still looking here for spots to pick up a GS3, but the Wal Mart at Memorial & Penn in Oklahoma City (Quail Springs Mall/Edmond area) received two a week ago and I just brought home one of them.

  • slayr

    I have a hate/love relationship with Tmo.  Received phone yesterday and have spent alot of time with cc to prevent them from trying to add fees to my current plan.  Tmo tried to add $35 for 5G, when I uploaded Name ID app they added $3.99 monthly fee (first it was free then removed so they could add a fee.  I paid $379 through them for 32G blue and am really sick of being nickle and dimed. Beware of added charges after you get the phone.

  • slayr

    After I down loaded free Name ID app customer service removed the free trial twice so they could add fee to my account despite a big banner advertising their “free” apps right on the phone!!!!!  All this aggravation is detracting from my enjoyment of the phone.  Paying over $100 more for the phone didn’t satisfy them : (

  • Deklox

    SGS3 23GB is still not available. According to tmo loyalty rep samsung shipments are delayed

  • Cheetofingers

    For those of you who got discounts via tmo customer service, how did you guys manage that? I’ve been trying to get 2 gs3’s since they “released” and its been a pain. I’ve been a customer for 6+ years and I’ve never gotten a discount, i feel i deserve one this time, but how some of you get good deals is beyond me, the reps are always rude to me. Any tips?

    • Tmo Guest

      I called in and asked to speak to retention and advised I was upgrading 3 lines and was wondering if I could get the phone at the 229 price. They gave me a $200 credit on my account and told me to call back in when they have the phone to sell thru customer service for additional savings. I hope everything works out for you

      • cheetofingers

        I called and they price matched ATT and gave me a discount, but I ended up opting for the Value Plan they are offering and paying full price for my phones, which turned out to be cheaper than my monthly bill. And then after 20 months of paying off my phone (which is still 40 bucks less than my monthly bill now) my bill gets even lower. Hundred bucks for 3 lines all with internet. I think I got a pretty sweet deal. The value plan is going to be non existent soon so I went for it.

    • 1coolazn

      call tmo customer loyalty, which is a seperate dept than customer service.  i’ve been a customer for 9 years… just tell them you want $200 applied to your next month’s bill, and have them discount the phone (waives taxes, upgrade fee and rebate) out the door.  and if your contract is due to term, they’ll more than likely say, “okay”…. hell, i’ll even ask that they match the price of $199 which is what NEW customers are paying for the phone….  hope this helps.

      • Adam Raian


        • Adam Raian

          I found out the details for this. If you’re like me and have a family plan, this can only be applied once.

  • Adam Raian

     So I went over to to my local T-mobile store today interested in
    the 16G white SG3. Turns out that they did have the SG3 device. My
    account is currently at 100% full upgrade (7 years with T-mobile). After
    speaking to the turns out that the SG3 is really 379.00 + upgrade fee,
    tax. The rep shows me the sticker price displayed:$229 as a “down
    payment” + $20.00 each month tacked on to cover the original price. He
    goes on to state that all T-mobile customers receive that price. He
    further states that if you are under a classic plan, they you would pay
    $379 + upgrade fee, tax. In this case, the price would really be looking
    around $400 give or take.
    retail stores are a big scam. When T-mobile rolled out the SG3, the
    initial price was $229.00. After looking at the online price, the SG3
    displays $329. What’s the real story here? How much is the actual price?
    Why are there multiple prices?

  • BSpitzer

    Got my white 16 gb today as they got 4 and I was on the callback list just be nice and they will help!


    Any Walmart or Tmo retailer or Costco have the White S3 16gb yet?

  • Jvf251991

    Got mine for $390 out the door. Im loving it. Pebble Blue. And paid $40 for invisible shield :-)

  • Jimoreto

    Got mine over the weekend. 399.99 with 2 year renewel. So far so good!

  • slayr

    Got my blue 32g yesterday via ups. Love phone but alot of aggravation wrangling with cc trying to add fees to my account :( tmo store had great cases. I got the silicrylic case which came with screen protector for $30, done.

    • Taron19119

      Where did u buy it from

      • slayr

        Tmo store in east midtown NYC had great selection of cases. Buy 3 get 1 free accessory deal but I just got my case & screen protector combo. I already bought a slim case which I will refurn since it doesn’t provide protection. Love case, secure grip & not sticky.

        • Taron19119

          So u got the phone from a t-mobile store

      • slayr

        I got slll online from Tmo site. Tmo store did get them 6/26 but sold out. Try to get on wait list.

        • Taron19119

          how the hell u do that cause it wont let me buy from t-mobile website

  • slayr

    Which of the “free apps” prominently displayed on slll screen are actually free? Cc removed my free trial for number id before I even got a call and added $3.99 to my account! I spent a lot of time on phone with cc to remove $ from my account despite paying $380 for phone.

  • guest

    Costco has more SGS3 on their online website 16GB Pebble Blue. On top of the accessories bundle that u get w it they are also giving anyone that purchase one a $35 bill credit.

    • guest

      The $35 bill credit is good till 7/1/12.

  • clinardhoffenburger

    Does anyone know when the Galaxy s 3 will be available for EMPLOYEE upgrade? 
    By the way, if your on the east side of Metro Detroit, the 9 mile store has  white and blue  g s 3’s in stock.

  • GS3 FAN

    Got my 32GB Pebble Blue for $269.99. Talked to a supervisor and he offered me a good price.

  • guest