T-Mobile Rolling Out Galaxy S II Maintenance Update, No Ice Cream Sandwich…Yet

Prepare yourselves Samsung Galaxy S II owners as T-Mobile releases a maintenance update rweighing in at 32.3MB bumping the device up to version T989UVLDE. So what’s included with this update? Sadly, it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich and we’re a little puzzled by the time-frame for delivering this update, through June 22nd. Does that mean we won’t see Ice Cream Sandwich until then? That’s something we can’t answer and we urge you not to rush to any conclusions.

In the meantime you can try and grab the update manually by hitting Menu > Settings > Software Update and pushing the update through if you don’t want to wait for the OTA. Samsung has confirmed that T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II will receive Ice Cream Sandwich so don’t raise up arms yet given that no Galaxy S II US carrier-branded model has received the update yet. It’s likely there is a good reason as why none of the carriers are pushing out an official Ice Cream Sandwich update — in the meantime enjoy the bug fixes.


  • Android version 2.3.6 / Software version T989UVLDE
  • Over-The-Air Update (32.3 MB)
  • Approved 5/21/12


  • Random reboot/power off fixed 
  • Device stability improvements 
  • Qualcomm chip patch 
  • Google Security fixes


  • Android version 2.3.6 / Software version T989UVKL1 update
  • At least 50% battery life

Thanks to everyone who sent this my way!


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  • Guest

    Just got the maintenance update. Wish it was ICS, but still works for the most part!
     – 5/30/2012 11:22AM South Jordan, Utah

  • Dellisjr82

    Im really enjoying the update……no issues, no problems……and by the way, my wallpaper still scrolls…….

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1280247661 Chris Roberts

    i HAVE 2.3.5 BUILD gINGERBREAD UVKID How can I get the most recent
    someone please help me..

  • Bthom1964

    Just rec’d new ota, like new user interface for calls. But can anyone tell me how to disable voice notification everytime i get a new email

  • Mlstephanie32

    I got my update via Kies Air.  I was actually uploading videos when a message popped up on my pc screen that my phone was due for a firmware update.  

  • http://twitter.com/BigStads Kevin Stalder

    What a joke. I woke up to the update message and was freaking out thinking my six month wait for ICS was over. I cut my shower time in half only to dry off to an incremental update. I am quickly approaching three straight years of having a T-Mobile phone with outdated firmware. Bad look.

  • Youngtexas_balla06

    Everytime I get to the end of the update, it says can’t find device, wtf, is thus update important??? Please help.