HTC Sensation 4G Ice Cream Sandwich Update Now Available, HTC Amaze 4G Update Coming May 21st

Right on cue and beginning as early as 3:00am this morning, T-Mobile and HTC released Ice Cream Sandwich for the HTC Sensation 4G. Not to worry HTC Amaze 4G owners, you’re waiting just a few more days as T-Mobile announces your update for May 21st. As soon as Sensation 4G owners stop dancing around the room celebrating this release, just remember the end of free tethering as soon as you hit that update button. If you’re done reading, go go go to the link below and get your Ice Cream Sandwich on.

For download instructions:

HTC Sensation 4G:

HTC Amaze 4G:

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  • Jberryman1

    Ice Cream Sandwich on the Sensation is awesome…so what if you don’t get to use free tethering…get wifi for your house and stop complaining….not a big deal.

  • Silveroaks909

     Your not gonna get a cheaper price at verizon,att,or sprint with family plan or hotspot. So if money and 11 years loyalty i dont know where ya gonna get 5 phones cheaper with data or hotpsot but nice ya can vent for a second till you go in and start pricing plans.. ha ha

  • BKPhil

    Has the update been pulled?

    Yesterday I was able to bring it up on the update check (declined, wanted to do a backup first), but when I tried the same update check this morning, it tells me my phone is up to date, there are no updates for my phone.

    So I read below that the stupid Sense reboot white HTC screen bug has been migrated into this update?  Still not solved?  WTF?

    • baopham

      it happens when you run out of memory, android boots the launcher but when you click home, it starts the launcher again, hence you wait on white HTC screen.  Decreasing the number of open apps should help.  You can also try using a 3rd party (apex/nova) launcher.

  • Aol

    Since Ive done the upgrade my phone keeps restarting. ugh

  • BigOne

    Issue Seems To Be With Sense, Switched to go launcer and so far so good.

  • ErnieD

    Updated to ICS yesterday and already noticing somethings i do not like.  First off, the Automatic Brightness is ultra sensitive. It goes from bright to dark with simply holding my phone landscrape rather that portait. Secondly, internet browsing with GB, the notification bar (battery life, 4G, time, etc.) and the web address tab was always fixed on top of browsing page while scrolling up or down. With ICS, it disappears as you scroll down. I would like to keep it fixed on top. Third, browsing history isn’t displayed as a drop down box when i tap on the web address tab. I feel its easier to select website i have previously visited rather than going thru the bottom menu button and then select history option. And finally, the code lock screen has been bypassed a few times already.  It went straight to the home screen widget without swiping in my screen lock passcode.

    I wonder if some of you are experiencing the same or have found some quick solution to this. If so, let me know.

    • Rielle

      Chrome Beta keeps the web address and notification bar fixed at the top

  • Jefferson Josue Morales

    It works perfect on mine..i mean PERFECT idk about the rest but no lags here at all or any problems…ive been showing off lately lol

  • Mcyeates83

    i have a question will that also mean that the theatering from the amaze will go also

    • steveb944

      WE HAVE FREE TETHER??? That’s news to me

    • rasheed307

       No. If you have 5GB data plan then you will be able to use the Hotspot and tethering feature. It was the same even before the update.

  • Pablo Guevara

    Okay, so I have a question. My HTC Amaze has the data plan – Unlimited 5gb data premium with smartphone mobile hotspot service, $30, and everything else is unlimited as well. But I hear that when the ICS update arrives tomorrow, I will start getting charged for the mobile hotspot, an extra $15. When I got my Amaze in November I got 5gb of data limit from the start but never got the mobile hotspot, which I was told should have been given to me because you needed to have 5gb of data or more to get the free hotspot, FREE. With the update tomorrow, will t-mobile start charging me another $15 for the mobile hotspot? Oh, and another thing, I have another person on my plan, its a family plan unlimited everything, only the other person has 2gb of data and no mobile hotspot. With that said, when the update arrives tomorrow, will the other line get charged the extra $15 even though it does not have, and doesn’t need, mobile hotspot? Yea, we both have the Amaze. Please, someone help me with this confusion!

    • Mr Farias09

      If you have the 5 gig plan with hotspot you will not be charge extra, however the other line that has 2 gig plan will need to add the 5 gig plan in order to use tethering. Before the update T-Mobile did not detect the hotspot usage , now with ICS T-Mobile can detect it.

      • Starattack

        So your saying that people that have 2gb of data will automatically get charged the extra $15 even though they’ve never and will never use it? Or only if you decide to turn on the hotspot on for one day, then you charged the extra $15? T-mobile can’t charge me for something I don’t use, right?

        • krazytrixxxsta

          So your saying that people that have 2gb of data will automatically get
          charged the extra $15 even though they’ve never and will never use it? not at all. the hotspot wont work, other devices wont be able to connect to it. you will have to call tmo to add on the hotspot feature.

    • krazytrixxxsta

      once you update your phone and you have any plan that less than the 5gb data the mobile hotspot wont work when u turn it on, your devices wont be able to connect to it. you will have to add it to your plan to use it.

  • Cupcake

    My update did not include Face Unlock.  Am I supposed to have it or not?  Anybody else not get it?

    • HTC Amaze guy

       Yes you have it. You have to go to Settings then click on Security then click on Screen Lock and you should see the option.

  • HTCsensationrooted

    End of tethering…..NOT for me..LOL

    • HTC Amaze guy

       Nothing changes after the update. If you have 2GB data plan then T-Mobile officially don’t support Wireless Hotspot however, data plans with 5GB and up will be allowed to tether just like before.

    • krazytrixxxsta

      lmao…. same here. the end of free tethering and mobile hotspots, i think not. im currently using Android Revolution HD 6.6.4( Android 4.0.3+ Sense UI 3.6 + Beats Audio) on my sensation 4g. what rom are you currently using on your phone?

      • Victorious

        Very smart move! I am also using Revolution! The best!

    • Jones K31

      Help me I’m Pissed my tethering gone