(Updated With T-Mobile Statement) Verizon Posts 4G Speedtest Showdown, Guess Who Wins? It Begins With A “V.”

I just caught wind of Verizon’s “4G Throw Down” through a Fierce Wireless report and immediately thought “…who is Verizon kidding?” I mean come on, are we honestly expected to believe any other carrier stood a shot in a Verizon sponsored and operated test? This is a truly scientific experiment here Verizon, thank you so much for downloading the speedest.net app for the completely unsuspecting “non-actors” you stopped on the street. Sure, you have a bubbly girl directing the show but we’ve got Carly.

Verizon’s cross-country tour compares their LTE smartphones to those of other carriers using “next-generation networks.” As you would expect, the video shows Verizon devices consistently beating other carrier’s in speed tests as the customers discuss their want to immediately switch to Verizon’s network before the Mayan Calendar ends.

AT&T had this to say: “This is not exactly a rigorous speed test,” AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel told FierceWireless. “It is worth noting that when Verizon customers go outside an LTE coverage area, they fall back to 3G and experience a jarring drop in data speeds. With AT&T, when you leave a 4G LTE coverage area, you go onto 4G HSPA+. HSPA+ delivers speeds up to four times faster than 3G, which means our customers will have a much better experience on the nation’s largest 4G network.”

Sprint’s comment: “We look forward to seeing the next ad where the spokeswoman gets her bill with all the overage charges for downloading too much data during her ‘network tests,'” Sprint spokeswoman Kelly Schlageter told FierceWireless. “With Sprint’s unlimited data plans that wouldn’t be an issue.”

T-Mobile just dropped their own statement on the matter:

T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ network delivers a competitive 4G experience vs. current LTE networks at a much more affordable price. They should have compared their 4G data bills!

In testing, our HSPA+ 42 smartphones, the HTC Amaze 4G and Samsung Galaxy S II, have shown average download speeds approaching 8 Mbps with peak speeds around 20 Mbps. T-Mobile has seen average download speeds approaching 10 Mbps with peak speeds of 27 Mbps on the T-Mobile Rocket 3.0 laptop stick- the company’s first HSPA+ 42 device.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that only 5% of Verizon’s customer base is on LTE.

I’ve pinged T-Mobile for their own response and hope to hear back soon. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy your comments as they hopefully pick apart Verizon’s attempt at patting themselves on the back in the face of a “realistic 4G speed throw down.”

Fierce Wireless via Verizon

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  • http://twitter.com/GslateFans G-SlateFans.com

    Compared my HTC Amaze to my friend’s Droid RAZR the other day. We both live in Pensacola, FL. He has Verizon 4G LTE, and I have T-Mobile HSPA+ 21mbps (still waiting for T-Mob to deploy the 42mbps down here). Guess who won? My Amaze clocked in with 17.9mbps, and his Droid RAZR got a whole 4.8mbps. Can you hear me now? Lulz

    • Titino Lattie

      Hey I aint suprised GO TMobiile lol

  • Tayshaun

    I don’t know what “3rd party tests” Verizon used to calculate the average speeds at the end of their ad, but T-Mobile has consistently ranked second only to Verizon in download speeds in nearly every market by Root Metrics since the HSPA 42 phones were used for testing. Not last as the commercial shows.

  • http://twitter.com/Serotheo Simon Yu

    I guess they don’t remember how slow their 3G is?

    • Jarrod

      Its not really that slow, I was hitting 6mbps on my phone thats only capable of 14.4mbps during rush hour.

  • http://twitter.com/Serotheo Simon Yu

    LOL, I love how true everyone of the carriers comments are TRUE.

  • Aaron

    T Mobile customers can’t afford Verizon service.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BTZKINOPXDUNJJAG3D6XE3S5JU Josh

    The video is essentially an infomercial.  The spokeswoman is spunky and adorable, however.

  • guest

    Ah yes the speed wars, because having 20+ mbps on your phone really matters at all

    • GinaDee

      Although carriers push “phones,” the wireless carriers are no longer cell phone shops.  They are wireless communication companies that span well beyond the common cell phone.  

      Faster, more secure and of course reliable wireless communication is key to a mostly wireless future on the horizon.  

      True there may be no practical need for 20 Mbps speeds on your cell phones, but why choose GPRS when there is a faster better alternative?

      • Zolor23

        Battery Life takes a huge hit when you have that kind of network.

      • Buddy

        Years ago, I remeber cell phones being failry all the same little candy bar or flip monochrome screen, minimal function items which lost service while driving around a bend or over a small hill Today, we as consumers have been programmed to expect complete coverage (unless we are miles away from any civilization). So in truth, all companies have to compete is phones, speed and reliability of netwrok, and finally price. T-mobile does a great job competeing for price, but many people will pay more for reliability. Others will pay for the hottest and latest thing even if they never use it.
        Personally I think carriers should make their data connections much more reliable before they start saying Mine is better than yours. As spotty as coverage is for data now, you could simply walk a couple blocks over and get different results, which make all of these claims somewhat unwaranted. Also, in my opinion, carriers should not charge for 4G data or require that we buy  data plans, when they can not garantee coverage anywhere. Yes we can get 4G signals on T-mobile, but I have never in either of my two apartments in Booklyn, gotten a 4G signal without having to find a sweet spot in the room. And as I travel, even in NYC, I see the signal drop in and out sometimes.

        • Buddy

          Just to explain, I do not mean that we should not be charged for data, just that we shouldn’t be charged more for 4G data if they can’t garantee the speed.

  • TyRetr0

    I had T-mobile and had a Radar 4G I swithced to VZW and got a DROID RAZR sure I pay $30 more with VZW but it actually is worth it!!

    • Auser72

      Could you going from a mid- tier phone to a high- end phone have anything to do with your overall experience?

      • Buddy

        Great Point. I had a Radar and a Galaxy S2, the radar was slower in terms of internet, yet I liked the flow and layout, But the S2 was faster and had a much better camera, not to mention the apps which make the S2 about twice the phone the Radar is. But Radar is a great phone all around for peopel who want a very capable phone. S2 is more than that, and I am sure that the Razr is as well.

  • stevejobbed

     You don’t, but often times areas that have a lack of data service also have spotty voice coverage as well.

  • Edgy_Timeless

    now lets compare which phones will die FASTER using any term of 4G. I say Verizon is first on that list.

  • Jk

    lmao sprint pied them

  • Robert Pierce

    How good is that Verizon speed when their LTE network is down every other day?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AWWIKW6MNPUHOC4OVSHWUDWAHM Fabio

    Verizon can shut it, no one will care about how fast the internet is if they can go over their data limit in just mere amount of hours. No one wants overage fees! And with Verizon being the most expensive carrier those overages WILL hurt your wallets BIG time!

    • Gouv

      Why do i have a feeling you have a t-mobile logo tattooed on you somewhere on your body???

    • Littlesis1774

       AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon all have the same price for overages. T-mobile does as well depending if you 200 mb plan

  • j5ive

    I live in the southern part of the country and i’ve compared my GS2 to a Verizon Galaxy Nexus LTE. We both ran the same speed test TWICE and i averaged about 17mbps where as the Verizon Galaxy Nexus on LTE averaged 8mbps…..maybe its the area. who know. Hell 5mbps is fine for me. I can stream netflix perfectly.

  • Andrew Brown

    Makes sense. Who needs to eat anyway, when we can have one great cellphone carrier with the best network and phones charging us $1000 a day to use their network. Do you have any idea how bad a monopoly is in a business world? It’s awful. They would control everything and they would tell us to just fucking deal. You sound like an ignorant redneck. There is a reason Communism failed

    • Gouv

      I doubt that would happen…. lets face it tmobile tried to kill itself and the fed wouldn’t let it lol because they wanted more competition.  I wouldn’t worry about monopolies, but i would worry about the big guys playing extremely dirty and hurting the little ones…  I say this because if I were them( bigger carriers) i’d do everything in my power to destroy the smaller competitors because i’m evil.

  • ChadBroChillz

    I am not impressed by their LTE speeds. I mean its LTE, the supposed future of phone technology and theirs avg 14 Mbps. 5% of verizon’s 100+million customrs have LTE devices. It only has 5 million subscribers spread over 200million POPS.  You mean to tell me an uncongested (almost empty the way i look at it) that is capable of theoretical 72Mbps can only get on average 14Mbps? 

    also nice to see they were comparing it to ATT’s HSPA+ network instead of their LTE network. Plus I did not notice any GS2, only a g2, which has a theoretical max of 14.4. And we know the GS2 and Amaze have up to 42Mbps. I have seen speed tests of both hitting above 14 consistently.

    But I loved the spokeswoman. 

  • Hey

    You sound like a dumbass

  • Brandon

    Been up and down the east coast since joining Tmobile 2 months ago and find my SGS2 spends most of it’s time in E. Sprint has much better data coverage.

    As one who is truly mobile (traveling inter-state frequently), I find Tmobile data coverage…dare I say…spotty. Voice is good, but data is inconsistent. It seems to go from E to 4g, then directly back. No 3g. It’s an all or none proposition. And when it goes to 4g, I notice a big signal strength drop, and then return when back on E.

    As I type this, I am in an area Tmobile’s coverage map says is “very good 4g”. This is defined as 4g in most homes. I get 4g if standing by a window facing east in my 3rd floor condo. Otherwise, i’m getting an extremely weak E. Data is Tmobile’s glaring weak link in an otherwise stellar offering. I’ll patiently wait for better data and ignore these meaningless boasts.

    • Brandon

      ^ Boasts from the carriers about data speeds.

    • Gouv

      My personal opinion from what I’ve read about the aws bands t-mobile is currenlty using (pre-farm) is that this is basically the downside to them… very very very poor in building penetration.  It’s usually why att and vzw can get better in building coverage, especially at&t on 850mhz.  

    • Me

      dude, they are putting data caps on you starting this week i think. u have VERY VERY LIMITED data access when you travel. Also it doesnot throttle it STOPS.

      good luck

    • Aaron

      I live in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. Same story here. 4g works than drops to Edge for several blocks. When 4g works, it works good. I think this is how T Mobile can sell their service for a lot less money. You get what you pay for.

    • http://twitter.com/CollegeBoyJay Jay J.

      I did some investigation about the 4G to E.  If you have a 4G phone on T-Mobile network when your on 3G your phone 4G icon wont say 3G.   Your phone will switch from 3G to 4G without notifying you.  So when your on E there’s no 3G in that area.

  • Juju

    T-Mobile lost how many thousand customers last year…..? Enough said! VZW wins again!

    • jadon

      Verizon has how many lte phones with crap battery life? T-Mobile wins

      • Gouv

        actually, verizon still wins in the battle of business because well they are making money and growing meanwhile poor tmo is losing customers and money and not growing…

        When you are on top and have momentum like they do it’s hard for the smaller guys to catch up and truly compete especially with how much they market and advertise.

        Edit: “they” meaning verizon.

        • pt

          Double check your math. Q4 quarterly earnings had big Red, big Blue, and little Yellow losing money while Mangenta was the only company of the four to post a profit….

        • Gouv

          No need to check math. Those were just quarterly figures. Look at the past 3 years and create a projection as to which carriers are likely to stay on top and keep making money, and have a ton of resources.

  • brad162

     considering i had Verizon and dumped them since i dropped calls on a daily basis, and not to mention that everyone on Verizon sounds either extra digitized or like they’re talking through their hand (extremely muffled).. I’ll stick to GSM thank you

  • Mektah

    I went to a Blazers game and my friend asked me to do a speed test in the arena sponsored by Verizon, he was like @ 54 Mbps and I couldn’t get a signal.  OUTSIDE we tried again and we were both around 10 Mbps which is about what I average in downtown Portland.  Most times though I get anywhere from 2-4 average.

  • http://tmonews.com David

    No, the author of that is mistaken for the One S. I don’t know why they didn’t recognize that already.

  • Slotlover

    Regardless of the hype the new HTC One series gets so far, the two carriers to get the top of the line X model have castrated it! reduced the quad core cpu to TWO!
    The mobile rep I spoke with says that the carriers want to drop the real Quad core devices for Xmas!
    Just awesome! :/

    • ChadBroChillz

      Tegra 3 does not support LTE, plus dual core A15 processor murders a quad core A9.  The number of cores is not always important.  Go look up the benchmarks etc. 

  • Buddy

    Compelling argument if you live in a VZ LTE area and can afford to pay almost double t-mobile’s price- wich I’d say means they are marketting this to a minority of t-mobile customers.

  • Lani

    Check out the upcoming mobiles on Tmobile UK site.

  • sinuhe

    Funny b/c i average 15mbps @ home on my gs2 and about 12 mbps @ work…in a t-mo store…I can honestly say that even if i did have a vz device that provided me with faster web…i’d really have no use for it. Though i WOULD have a use for the extra cash i’d be paying per month. true story.

  • Shadybaby510

    Verizon is overpriced but, they are faster and have better service in buildings and places where At&t, Sprint and T-mobile wouldn’t. That’s in my area here in Massachusetts i don’t know about other places. By the way im not a Verizon customer i just give credit where its due. (Good service, BAD prices)

    • JBrowne1012

      If you aren’t a verizon customer then you are just spewing hearsay. I have always gotten better service than any other carrier hear in san antonio. I have gotten 4G signal in elevators that everyone elses phone went to no signal I have been in situations where im riding with everyone who has a different service and among competition i have won

  • antoine harrison

    T-mobile 4G speeds is really 3G and this video should remind us all that T-mobile needs to step there game up because they are way behind. 

    • JBrowne1012

      As well as verizons LTE is also 3G so your point is moot

  • Dav316

    Traveling to a few states over the last few months, a week in North Phila, a week in South Boston, and a week in San Francisco using a T-Mo hot spot I normally use in Houston and it works well here. Have to say the T-Mo travel experience was horrible, we are not talking Mbps speeds we are talking dial up speeds if that. In the area of the Moscone Center in San Francisco showing 4G but not able to load a web page on an IPad in under 30 seconds. When the contract ends I’ll be dropping T-MO data services, absolutely worthless!  

  • Blum0188

    This test is a joke. Maybe they should have tested these brand new Verizon phones against brand new T-Mobile phones and brand new AT&T phones on LTE. If they had tested the Amaze, or either of the Galaxy S 2’s they would have seen that Sprint is really the only 4G that is a joke.

  • http://twitter.com/CollegeBoyJay Jay J.

    This is misleading smh Thursday I got 7+ Mbps on Sidekick 4G in Cola,SC and T-Mobile has the largest 4G network over 200+ Markets

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Honestly I thought you were going to pull a prank on us by saying “V”oiceStream instead of Verizon Lol

  • http://cosmicbreeze.tumblr.com/ DtheArtist

    I’m still confused why Verizon & AT&T customers are on a “Unofficial T-Mobile Blog”, that’s what really puzzles me.

    • Gouv

      That’s simply because it’s the internet and people like to be jerks… It really shouldn’t “puzzle” you all that much.

      • http://cosmicbreeze.tumblr.com/ DtheArtist

        You were one of them, & it was a figure of speech. I see you like to troll the post.

        • Gouv

          Oh please, I post on here more than you do. So go be an A-typical artist and go try to impress someone else with your bold claims. What a fool!

        • Jillianacorn

          Funny, I have seen @DtheArtist:disqus  on here way more than I have seen you.

        • Gouv

          yeah it’s so hysterical!!!

  • ValuePlanFan

    Wow!  Verizon’s LTE network was up long enough to allow them the opportunity to film this.  Amazing!

  • http://twitter.com/CollegeBoyJay Jay J.

    out of all this wasted money on this commercial, Verizon could of  spent this money maintaining there 4G LTE how many time there network done been out? T-Mobile 4G HSDPA has almost never been down. 

    • Gouv

      Verizon has a lot of disposable income, this is pocket change to them. They can splurge in areas other carriers probably can’t and the same goes for AT&T.  Industry giants blow money like this because they want to flex their advertising muscle.

    • Jodog500

      True bs. My wife has tmobile and their network also has its ups and downs. Your particular areaand the surrounding towers will dictate your coverage.

  • EXIBITman

    I am heading over to a verison store on Saturday. To check out. A razor’s maxxs.I want real. 4Gs LTE I am sick of this fake 4Gs hspa+ it not LTE I would rather pay. 20$ more a month for real 4Gs!!!!!!

    • Drakekt

      well hope you like paying more for your data limit because with LITE usage 2GB gets eaten up in a week and thats just with 2 emails a day and 30mins of social networking a day because it takes up 3 times the bandwith amount.

      • EXIBITman

        I think I might get the 10GB for 50$ amonth plus 450 min unlimited text for 49:99$ a month. That’s 99:99$ a month. Plus tax my bill will be about 110:99$ a month that’s about 22$ a more then t mo

      • Gouv

        It’s his money, are you really that concerned with what he does with it?

    • Stonerslane

      Don’t let that magenta hit you on your way out.

    • JBrowne1012

      I believe in sarcasm

    • EXIBITman

      I brought back the razor’s maxxs today I am going to stay with t mobile. I like my Samsung blazers more then the razor’s maxxs. Blazers seems a lot faster.

  • http://twitter.com/Drake_Heth Drake Heth

    ok this is not a test this just shows the speed of LTE. when Sprint, T-Mobile, & AT&T roll out their 4G LTE networks they all should be tested because it was LTE vs WiMax and LTE vs HSPA+. also everybody that i know hates their 4G LTE devices from verizon because it uses 3 times the data and kills the battery faster.

  • http://twitter.com/Drake_Heth Drake Heth

    well hope you like paying more for your data limit because with LITE usage 2GB gets eaten up in a week and thats just with 2 emails a day and 30mins of social networking a day because it takes up 3 times the bandwith amount.

  • Gouv

    HAHA how did I really defend them? if anything I’ve been poking fun at those that simply get so into these speed competitions.  Also i travel a lot for work sometimes so its an easy way to kill time.  Also i would never kick my dogs, they go duck hunting with me and i paid a premium for them….

  • Anime44191

    I did a test in Phoenix where AT&T and Verizon both have lte and my AT&T phone averaged 36mbs download my girlfriends Verizon phone averaged 12mbs upload speeds

    • nyuhsuk

      So you’re comparing the download speed on one carrier vs the upload speed on another carrier?  Do apples and oranges taste the same to you?

  • ghulamsameer

    Lol. The G2 is the perfect phone to compare against Verizon LTE. Maybe they should’ve tested the Amaze and seen what the results would have been.

  • StonersLane

    You know I like to vouch for about the coverage along highways. But T-Mobile has shitty coverage along the highway. At least when I go on my road trip.

  • EXIBITman

    Just. Picked. Up my razor’s maxx’s today at a Verizon’s store. This thing is fast. I am getting. 21 UP 12 DOWN THIS IS REAL 4GS

    • Getsome

      Being completely subjective, many people don’t realize that the difference between 10 vs 20 mbps in the real world simply isn’t that much better of a user experience, and that’s if you could even afford that Verizon experience ;) reality is tmonews offers an excellent experience at a much more affordable price.

      • Mano

        I agree. The price is affordable and for the most part, download speeds aren’t a big deal for the average consumer. Uploading and posting to Facebook are simple tasks. The speed test though it’s probably going to make a lot of people think that their phones are “useless” and must switch to another carrier. I’m planning to switch carriers, but for personal reasons. Although I’m averaging only 1.2 Mbps in Memphis, it works fine for me.


    If this thing is real than I bet she was interviewing those ppl under the verizon’s tower :p

  • Ipsummm

    I don’t get why people want super fast speeds anyway like I think 6 mbps is more than enough to do everyday things.

    • Nikolai T

      Because a lot of people do more than “everyday” things on a phone. 

      • Jesse Cabrera

        No. Just a COUPLE of people do more than “everyday” things on a phone

  • rosario tripoli

    I’ve tested my rezound against a two amazes one rooted and one not and both of those phones beat mine using the same speed test app. I’m just saying.

  • http://www.facebook.com/iiJecire @Jecire

    The post this EDITED commercial as if the results would have been in a competitors favor? So with that logic why do they state the obvious they all Say they are better our counter one another. Just stick to your devices & plan cost & keep it moving let the best network speak for itself. Use that advertisement & commercial $ to lower cost to consumers 

  • techgeek01

    Yes, Verizon may have FASTER data speeds than my phone on t-mobile.  But, I won’t cringe every time I open my bill.  $10 unlimited family texting?  1000 minutes family plan for $50, $5 add a line, 200MB of data for $5, 2GB for $10, 5GB for $25?

    Family of 4, unlimited texting, 1000 minutes and 2GB data each: T-mobile? $110 a month
    Family of 4, unlimited texting, 700 minutes and 2GB data each: Verizon? $240 a month. (they don’t have 1000 family plan)

    So, $130 a month more WORTH faster data speeds?  Hell no! especially when I’m in wi-fi 90% of the time and that won’t ever count against my data on my phone.

    Yes, I’ll love when T-mobile gets LTE or faster network, but the point being, I’m NOT going to spend more than double than what I pay now to /just/ have faster LTE speeds. 

    • 0mie

      I can’t complain for my Verizon bill, UNLIMITED talk/text/web/insurance for 5 lines it’s $180 after tax…they are all smartphones btw :)

  • Jesse Cabrera

    I am literally LAUGHING OUT LOUD. “They should have compared their 4G data bills”

  • Mano

    Sadly, I have only averaged above 5 Mbps when HSPA+ was first introduced. Since then, it’s a constant 1.2 Mbps at most. Six more months and moving to a different carrier.

    • Mano

      I must clarify: I’m not moving to a different carrier because of download speeds.