T-Mobile Branded HTC One S In The Wild, Quadrant Score Impresses

Woah, that’s a pretty impressive quadrant score for the HTC One S, discovered hanging out in the wild by an anonymous TmoNews reader. The quadrant score isn’t the most interesting piece of intel we’re learning though, it’s T-Mobile’s 180 exclusive on the device. We kind of figured the exclusivity would end at some point and 180 days is certainly long enough for anyone looking to score the phone on T-Mobile to have some time without seeing it pop up elsewhere.

So what else did we learn? The first version of the HTC One S launching in April has a slight blue-ish tint to it with a second variant launching sometime in June in black with red accents. It was described as the “Mao” treatment, which stands for Micro-Arc-Oxidation. We’re also told that the Beats headphones were “very impressive” and definitely a change from standard headphones. The Beats headphones will be a secondary purchase along with the wireless display adapter.

Rumors still have the HTC One S popping up on T-Mobile on Sunday, April 22nd but we wouldn’t be surprised if that becomes April 25th. The 25th is a Wednesday and that’s T-Mobile standard launch day.

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