T-Mobile Branded HTC One S In The Wild, Quadrant Score Impresses

Woah, that’s a pretty impressive quadrant score for the HTC One S, discovered hanging out in the wild by an anonymous TmoNews reader. The quadrant score isn’t the most interesting piece of intel we’re learning though, it’s T-Mobile’s 180 exclusive on the device. We kind of figured the exclusivity would end at some point and 180 days is certainly long enough for anyone looking to score the phone on T-Mobile to have some time without seeing it pop up elsewhere.

So what else did we learn? The first version of the HTC One S launching in April has a slight blue-ish tint to it with a second variant launching sometime in June in black with red accents. It was described as the “Mao” treatment, which stands for Micro-Arc-Oxidation. We’re also told that the Beats headphones were “very impressive” and definitely a change from standard headphones. The Beats headphones will be a secondary purchase along with the wireless display adapter.

Rumors still have the HTC One S popping up on T-Mobile on Sunday, April 22nd but we wouldn’t be surprised if that becomes April 25th. The 25th is a Wednesday and that’s T-Mobile standard launch day.

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  • Lolwut?


  • tmotech

    David, can I please ask you to clarify? Are you saying the first version later this month will not have the mao treatment? I’m about ready to pull the trigger on this but I don’t want to have to wait 2 months for a better version…

    • yes, this is a burning question right now. judging strictly from the pictures the 1st, blue’ish version case looks like it’s made from different material and not MAO treated…

    • Only the black version of the One S is MAO treated. Any other version IS NOT treated with MAO. Several reviews have stated this now. :-/

  • Twinnystarry

    any chance TMobile will have HTC One X ?

    • Y2c313

      Yes, they’re getting one later this year, just like Sprint is getting theirs that’s being branded as the new EVO.

      • UMA_Fan

        How sure is this?  Why haven’t we had any leaks about this?

        • remister

          This is where part I read in the article that gives me hope. If the HTC 1S is a Tmobile exclusive, for said amount of time. The HTC 1X, shall be the same. I only hope that Tmobile version will be vanilla Android FTW
          “It’s T-Mobile’s 180 exclusive on the device (HTC 1S). We kind of figured the exclusivity would end at some point and 180 days is certainly long enough for anyone looking to score the phone on T-Mobile to have some time without seeing it pop up elsewhere.”

        • Podemy

           theres no way it will be vanilla. but its android so just slap a rom on it!

      • baopham

        The official name is EVO One 4G LTE, I am guessing the T-mobile version might be called T-mobile G4x One 4G….what a mouthful…

    • baopham

      There was some rumor/speculation that the HSDPA+ version of the One X (without LTE and with a quadcore Tegra SoC) will come to T-Mobile as the G4x.  The rumor was that it would come with a “stock” version of Android 4.0.  

      • Enoel69

        Amen to that idea or rumor…hope Tmo will get of their hides and bring the One X with pure ICS and HSPA+42 or 84. Probably with a bigger battery…with trade more girth for more juice if possible. The bottom line is Tmo needs both devices One X and the One S. Maybe they have their sights set on the Samsung GS3 as their top device but in the absence of the GNex on Tmobile we need two top dogs for us to choose from. That doesn’t mean the One S is not a good device..but some of us want the One X.

  • StarMenace

    Wouldn’t this have been announced by now if it is supposed to be released on the 22nd/25th?

    • J-Hop2o6

       Its been announced by Tmo.

      • StarMenace

        I meant announced as in with an official release date.

  • nathan118

    Would love to know how “stock” this comes. Tmobile load it up with crap? Does HTC? Most importantly, can we hide all the crap?

    Would still rather have a galaxy nexus.

    • I remember reading somewhere the 1-series can be loaded w/ stock android ROM too…

      • Frigadroid

        I hope we get vanilla….I’m tired of tmobile always punking us! :-(

        • remister


    • J-Hop2o6

       If its not a system app, yes u can “hide” it. If u root the phone, u can remove the app(s) completely.

  • Why are benchmarks the first thing people post on new phone when they leak? Benchmarks don’t mean anything and shouldn’t be a reason you buy a phone.

    • sys2011

      any idea about wifi calling for the 1 series

    • J-Hop2o6

       That’s what we like to see. Nobody wants a last gen performing phone.

  • NoLongerPimpStrong

    I was already a fan but now I’m a big fan of the One series :-)

  • Sonelone

    They really should have put the screen from the Rezound on this thing.

    • J-Hop2o6

       I agree. But if you’re coming from a WVGA (480p) phone, it’ll be a nice step up to qHD (540p).

      • True, it’d be a good step but to upgrade to your next phone shouldn’t be a half-step.. it should be a full 180.

  • can some1 compare One-S against One-X ?!

    • zifnab

      Yea, the One S has half the storage and a lower resolution, smaller screen, oh and a smaller battery too. Basically T-Mobile gets the short end of the stick again.

      • Mmmaxheadroom

        Not did you read the reviews? The deathstar is cutting its storage in half as well.

      • Smaller battery is fine if it still lasts a good amount of time (a day of usage).

      •  But usage tests show that the One S had a longer battery life than the One X

        The smaller screen is SAMOLED so it’s really not bad.

        The 16GB storage also applies to ATT’s One X we lost nothing compared to that.

        The Processor in ATT’s One X is the same as T-Mobile’s One S

    • TBN27

      Go to engadget to see the comparison.

  • FILA

    No NFC, shitty screen, smaller battery, smaller screen, T-Mobile you can keep the S, give us the fucking X

    • This phone is going to be marketed as a mid-range phone not a high end phone. So yes the specs are going to be less than high end. It’s also supposed to be priced at around $100 to $200 less than the average high end phone.

    • Lee72artis


    • baopham

      thought the S does have NFC?

      • FILA

        nope, I found this out the other day myself and its a deal breaker, Im not buying a phone for now, Im buying a phone that can last me another year or 2 years with high end specs

        • Guest

          how is it a dealbreaker?  NFC is hardly useful.  Seriously stop acting like you need every single piece of tech in a device.

        • FILA

          Well I do, you may not want it but I do. You may want to buy another phone in 5 months but I want my phone to last a little longer then that, plus i like the bigger screen size, and res. So why dont you go out and jus buy yourself the galaxy mini

        • Mmmaxheadroom

          And you really want your cellphone carrier to be your banker? Get a clue people NFC is a money grab by carriers. Just don’t expect to get you cash back when your lovely NFC gets hacked.

        • NFC is obviously being pushed by Google, not just for Wallet.. its basically a feature in ICS for Beam, if all Android phones on ICS adopt an NFC, then that’d be a pretty big deal for some amazing communication abilities of Android, want to share a Youtube video? *Beam*, done.  Want to trade Contact info without going into an App? *beam* done.

        • FILA

          thank you, not only is it for money, it has many other useful features, which is why I want a phone that can last me in the future, not go back in time like the rest of these chumps want. Their probably using apple anyways. 

        • Guest

          you talk about NFC like it’s a feature you’re going to use every day.  It’s like when FFCs started becoming popular and when a phone didn’t have one that was the “dealbreaker” and those people that wanted FFC probably hardly even use the damn thing!  They just wanted it because other phones had it.  You just want your phone to have everything just so you don’t feel behind regardless if you use the feature or not.  The One S is by no means a slouch of a phone and it would serve a lot of people well for 2 years.  Stop complaining about the shit that it doesn’t have and comparing it to the One X.  Of course it’s not going to be like the One X!  The S is the middle tier phone out of the One series line up!  And qHD is by no means a shitty screen.  Is the lack of a 720p going to be a dealbreaker for you too?  This is phone not a television.  By no means is 720p a necessity nor does it make the phone more or less useful.  It’s really more of an amenity than anything.

        • Whack

          so it’s not going to last you if it doesn’t have nfc or a 720p screen?  Sounds like you just want features just to say you have them.  Not necessarily because you’re going to use them.

    • J-Hop2o6

      The phone lasted a whole day with normal use (tested). But yea, if it had a 720p screen, it would of been snatched up real quick. NFC & 4.7″ is not a deal breaker for me. 16GB of OBS w/ NO microSD slot rubs me the wrong way. Should have been 32GB OBS.

    • Enoel69

      Give us the X in pure virgin ICS

  • Frigadroid

    Okay cool blue-ish vs red & black. I just had a flash back to my old nokia with the ncaa champions UK wildcat cover. I’ll take two of those big blue machines and the rest of my family will undoubtedly want the red & black cards!
    I got tried of my wife complaining about her boss so I bought the shop and fired the dragon lady. I might be ready to finally give up my grandfathered family loyalty plan and sign another contract if the t-mobile business plan benefits add up.


    Tmobile is trash ….HTC is trash…. One S is trash and tmonews is trash! AT&T IS THE BEST!!! WOOOOO!!!!

    • TmoFanBoy

       and your trash for coming on a T-MOBILE FAN SITE… and keep laughing cuz the death star uses HSPA as well if u dont believe me just go to the post under this one and look at the statement ATT said.. #thankstho

    • Guest

      talk about an idiot.

    • U coulda left HTC out. I think they’re second to Apple when it comes to hardware. Wouldn’t say AT&T is the best, but definitely shittin on T-Mobile. 

    •  AT&T Idiot has a very HIGH MONTHLY BILL!!!  I Bet!  Plus, extra charge to WiFi Hotspot.  Tmo really doesn’t care if you use it!

      • Goukisan

        wow that actually hurt to read that.

    • Htcssse


    • Tbyrne

      And you are trash! Right Randall?

      • I can’t wait till I enact new comment rules and delete stuff like calling someone trash. Everyone needs to grow up with their comments. Disagree with them all you want, but don’t attack the them personally.

    • Rcsk8a77

      HTC is one of the best phone manufacturers out there, and the One series is going to be insanely successful. Seems to me like you have no idea about anything. AT&T is garbage all day, no wonder why you like them so much. Come back when you do a little homework. Trash bag.

    • Goukisan

      so how long have you worked for ATT?

  • Quadrants are lame as hell and for nerds! Nobody in the real world cares except the few geeks who like running these benchmarks and then if the results are good they hold their phone to high standards and high expectations. Soon as the lag and freeze-ups occur, then they run online to their favorite forum in outrage to bitch about it. 

    • As far as the One S, the non HD screen is huge blow! T-Mobile already came with 2 qHD phones in the Sensation and Amaze in 2011… and now you want to kick off 2012 with another qHD phone? But Verizon got the ReZound last year? Why always you get the least out the batch, T-Mobile? 

      Smh! Other than the Beats Audio features and the slimmer design…. I really don’t see much of a reason to get the One S if you comin’ from the Amaze. You might as well get the HTC Sensation XE…. it looks much better IMO.

      • David Fan

        I’ve been using a Galaxy Nexus now the last few months on T-Mobile which has a 720p display and I’ve compared it to phones like the GS2 and there isn’t a big difference or wow factor. Throwing the qHD on a Super AMOLED display will make for a great screen. Its has a much better processor than the amaze or sensation. The S4 is much quicker and is being said to out perform the quad core nvidia in the One X. The camera, though not everyone’s favorite feature, is second to none. Its super slim and light and has a much better design than any other HTC phone that has yet to be released. There are plenty of features that are brought to this phone that the sensation and amaze don’t offer.

        • Frigadroid

          Sounds great compared to my vibrant and from what I heard others who felt ripped off by sammy might be interested in going back to HTC if t-mobile hasn’t already scared them away.

        • TsuNami

          I have the vibrant too… Never again samsung. Couldn’t agree with you more!

        • Jmart922

          The camera is one of the things that does matter, for me anyways…that burst shot feature is slick!

  • Klawatti

    Why even make the HTC One S when the HTC One X is far more impressive?  And why isn’t T-mobile carrying the One X?

    T-mobile, is it your sole intent to drive away customers?wtf?  

    • Anonymous

      that’s exactly what i’m saying!!

      We already have the dam amaze, this is just an upgraded amaze.. which was an upgraded sensation. Stop recycling the same stuff and gives us nicer phones!

      • Maybe if you weren’t trying to upgrade so often you will see better things…I’m still using my g2, I’m not upgrading till about august….so yeah….I definately will feel the diference…my wallet definately feels it already.

    • RyoHazuki

      Actually you’re all wrong. The only thing more impressive about the One X is the screen. The global one x has the tegra 3 and the one s has the s4 snapdragon which is more powerful than the tegra 3.

  • Evan Carter

    If you own a sensation, this is an upgrade. Maybe not to you hardcore Android users out there, but its still worthy to be considered an upgraded phone.

    Those who have the Amaze, your phone is only six months old. Enjoy your phone, and get some use out of it.

    Cant wait to purchase!

  • fozzy bear

    Htc g4x 1.8 quad core, 32 or 64 GB OBS with sd slot, 1800 or larger battery, oh yeah and straight stock android so my updates come every month not every year… Find me that phone tmobile or don’t bother making phones this year, and yes I’m willing to wait until June but I’d rather have by mid may….. K? Thx

  • Tmobile

    tmobile come to omaha please!!!!!!!!! we love you

  • Jinx8402

    This phone better be no more than 200 since the EVO 4G LTE, which is this phone with 4.7″ screen is going for 200

    • Jinx8402

      I know the EVO 4G LTE is technically based off of the One X, but they are all basically the same, minus screen size (and a few other minor details)

      • LOL

        Do you regularly talk to yourself? Interesting….

        • guest

          hahahahaha! what a moron! a CRAZY moron…

        • Jinx8402

          lol, no I just forget to add that to my original comment.  And wanted to clarify that I know the EVO is based on the One X.

  • Vim

    The curtain rises on a scene with an X fan and an S fan arguing heatedly…


    X Fan: The X has the best display in the mobile phone world right now. Its fantastic non-pentile display uses IPS technology like the iPhone, producing realistic colors and sharp whites, yet at 4.7 inches it’s bigger than the iPhone’s tiny 3.5 incher and has an even higher 720p resolution. The S on the other hand has a lower qHD resolution and is Pentile, and Pentile’s suck.

    S Fan: The S has a super AMOLED display, and most people prefer the bright colors and deep inky blacks of the super AMOLED’s over others. That’s one of the major reasons why the Galaxy S 2’s have been so popular. Pentile vs Non-Pentile is entirely a bogus issue since -my- eyes can’t tell the difference. The same goes for the extra pixels. It’s all in your head.


    X Fan: No, it’s not my fault your eyes suck.  Anyway, the X’s display is bigger, and bigger is better. There’s more to see and my fat fingers have an easier time typing.

    S Fan: The X is too big and fat, like your head. The Super AMOLED panel on the S is also especially thin, allowing the S to set a new record for thinness, besting not only the X, but also the iPhone 4S, the Droid Razr, the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy S 2. The S can thus be more easily operated one-handed or by people with smaller hands.


    X Fan: The X is the multi-tasking king with a quad core Tegra 3 processor and an incredible GPU, so we’re ready for the more demanding games of the future.

    S Fan: The S’s Qualcomm Krait S4 28nm dual core processor defeats the ove-rsized 40nm Tegra 3 in the majority of benchmarks. So my two cores are better than your four, especially with all those extra pixels the Tegra 3 has to push around slowing it down.

    X Fan: That’s only because most apps aren’t written to take advantage of those extra processors yet. That will change.  

    S Fan: By then I’ll be on my next phone.


    X Fan: The X also has a bigger battery. It has a better standby time.

    S Fan: The X needs to push more pixels and a less efficient 40nm processor and so places a much heavier drain on its bigger battery. This means the S lasts longer if you actually -use- your phone.

    X Fan: That difference is small.

    S Fan: So is the significance of the difference in standby time.


    X Fan: Well the X supports NFC unlike the S, and NFC is the wave of the future for mobile payment.  It’s great for coupons, and Beam here I come!

    S Fan: *YAWN* Very few people have NFC supported phones, those who do rarely use it, there are security concerns that make me wary of it, and by the time it finally catches on I will have moved on to my next phone.


    X Fan: The X has twice as much storage.

    S Fan: Most people don’t need 32GB of storage, 16GB is perfectly fine, and you get another 25GB of cloud storage via Dropbox.

    X Fan: It won’t be enough if you shoot a lot of video, and/or keep a very large music library on your phone. And I’d rather keep my stuff locally instead of having to download it every time I need it.  There are large areas with no wifi and I don’t want to be throttled down to 2G speeds for a month just for downloading my own stuff.

    S Fan: It’s not my fault you want to keep too much stuff on your phone.  And besides, the S lists for about $50 cheaper.

    X Fan: I’m willing to pay a little extra for the better product, and that’s the X.

    S Fan: You can keep your over-sized, overpriced phone loser, I’m going with the S.

    In summation, HTC did an incredible job of making two excellent phones such that two equally avid tech fans could easily make different choices based on differing priorities, interests, fingers and eyeballs.  Personally I prefer the X because of its 720p IPS display, but I can easily understand why someone else might go for the S instead. 

    • Vim

      There are a few additional caveats with the above: 

      1) The $50 price difference is based on UK pricing in American dollars.  The actual price difference in the US, if any, will depend on the carriers. 

      2) The T-Mobile version of the X is still a rumor, albeit a highly likely one.

      3) The AT&T version cuts the internal storage of the X in half to 16GB. The Sprint version of the X will only have 16GB of internal storage as well, but it will also have a microSD card slot. It’s possible that the rumored T-Mobile version of the X will ship in one of these configurations as well, preferably Sprint’s.

      4) The AT&T and Sprint versions of the X have the same Qualcomm Krait S4 as the S because the quad core Tegra 3 lacks LTE support. T-Mobile however is expected to keep the quad core Tegra 3 for its X.

      • TrUsTmEi’MaNuRsInGsTuDeNt

        I actually spoke to a HTC rep this week at my local Tmobile store and he assured me that we will indeed see a version of the HTC One X on Tmobile before September of this year.  Currently AT&T has an exclusive time period with the device once it launches.  There was also a Samsung rep waiting for the manager to get there to start a meeting and he was trying to one up the HTC rep by advising the store employees and myself that Samsung will be launching 2 new devices on Tmobile very soon.  He said, “That’s why I am here, I have to give you the props and sales info for the new Samsung Galaxy S III and to inform you that the Samsung Galaxy Version of the Note will be launching soon.”  I asked him what Samsung was planing on calling the Tmobile’s version of the Note, but he declined to answer my question saying, “I can’t give you that information because it will be announced very soon and that is something that Samsung would fire me over if I told you.”  The employees told me that it was best to hold off on my upgrade until after May 22nd and I asked the reps why after May 22nd and they just smiled.  I think I’m gonna have to do my research on which one of these phones is going to fit my current life style best.  I’m a nursing student and require a decent GPS app for my Pizza Delivery job on the weekends.  Any suggestions on what phone I should wait for.  I will be short on cash for at least a year and need a phone that once I invest my time and money into it, I will for sure not regret my decision.  I need to be able to watch videos and take quizzes on the phone for my nursing program.  Again any suggestions? 

      • Guest

        All of that is speculation… Nice little skit you had between the x and s fan though lol! Not bad… Maybe some one can make a youtube video of it ;)

        • Vim

          LOL. Thanks.  The AT&T and Sprint versions are now fact btw, and I wanted to address how they varied from the international version I compared against earlier.  While I was at it, I figured I might as well mention the rumored T-Mobile version as well. 

    • Tommy

      lol, you don’t have much of a life do you?

      • Vim

        It depends on the night… ;)

        • Goukisan

          I think it was awesome!

  • ADH

    For all of you that wanna see T-mobile come out with a hot new phone you might wanna move on because it’s not gonna happen. First the Samsung galaxy blaze was some shit and now this One S will be right along with it. Face people T-mobile is not gonna get any better. I would love to see them hit the cell phone world with a hot signature phone but its not happening. I have been with T-mobile for over 10 years and as soon as my contract runs out I’m gone. Currently I work for Sprint at there main site in Va. I have had a chance to see the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and I couldnt help but wonder how come T-mobile didnt get this phone or better yet Sprint is getting the Samsung Galaxy Note by the Summer and once again I ask myself WTF is T-mobile doing. Well I know what I’ll be doing when my contract runs out come June. 

  • FILA

    oh thank you guys so much, you have convinced me so much and I lay all my trust in you for making my mind up now. Ha, whatever, I want what I want, Im a X man. 

  • Justamazing87

    People are complaning about the phone as if its not good. The one s… Is not the best the best phone but has the best processor to date …. And ppl complain like its the freaking sidekick .top 3 or top 5 phone … It’s elite no… It’s not the one x but is it still top teir yes

  • Guest

    just cancelled my T mobile account. They take forever to rollout new phones.

    • Goukisan

      you do know tmo doesnt make phones right? sheesh

      • Klawatti

        I think what Guest was saying, is that T-mobile doesn’t carry or support any decent phones. And he is correct.  Case in point, the HTC One S.  Everyone else is carrying the One X which is far superior.

        • Edy6401

          Everyone else? Only At&t is confirmed so far. And tmo is rumored to get it later.

        • Rhjupiter

          Umm WHAt makes the ONE X far superior? explain if you actually know what your saying here please? aside from the bigger screen which means nothing.

        • G1.  Vibrant.  Sensation.  myTouch, myTouch 4g and myTouch4g slide. SGSII. Tmobile G2X. It goes on and on. I can’t think of a carrier I like better for getting nice phones.  Each of the others may have a phone or two that are nice, but Tmo delivers time after time, and seems to pick winners.  And they don’t seem to restrict their phones as much.    Love me some Tmo.  Hope they get their bandwidth farming and tower upgrades done soon, that’s about all I’m lacking.

    • dkbnyc

      You were with a T-Mobile for the phones?  

  • Rcsk8a77

    If you knew anything about phones at all, then you would know that the HTC One series are going to be some of the highest end smartphones on the market. T-mobile has the HTC Amaze, the Samsung Galaxy S2, the HTC Sensation, and they’re getting the One S at the end of April. You might want to do a little research before spouting off a bunch of nonsense. The One S is going to have a 1.5 dual core processor, beats audio, HTC sense 4 for the UI, super amoled screen 4.5 inch screen, and it’ll be running android 4.0 (ice cream sandwich). Go ahead and find a better phone that’s out right now and let me know, because there isn’t one. Man, it seems like I should work for a phone company and you should be out of a job. Do some homework my friend because you fail.

    • antoine harrison

      I’m gonna tell it to you like this my friend. Some say knowledge is power, well I’ll take a line from a character “power is power”. T-mobile doesn’t have the power to go against the big V or even Sprint or At&t. All of those phones you named are solid phones make no mistake about it. If you really think about it and separate your feelings about T-mobile from the situation you will see that T-mobile is just a mid grade phone company and they aren’t gonna get any better. I use to think as you do and I use to be a very loyal customer, but I’ve learned over time that all of that doesn’t add up when the company wont put up. Just be honest for one minute and admit that a phone like the Samsung Galaxy Note, or the HTC one X or even the Samsung Galaxy Nexus are phones that you wouldn’t mind seeing come to T-mobile.  

      • 30014

        Exactly, that’s why i got my galaxy nexus 3 weeks ago. It’s better than anything t-mobile currently has for sale. No bloatware and no delayed updates. How sweet it is.

        • AndrewSingleton

          i got a nex on tmo too, but i dont get any updates for it. how’re you getting updates?

      • Datfact

        Galaxy Note is for losers. A Nokia flip phone sells better than that. A bunch of nerds with little w@@nies keep propping that crappy phone up as if its the best.

      • k-mack

        I’ve been a Tmobile customer for 7 years and there isn’t one phone from the other carriers that I really care to have any more than the phones that tmobile offers, seriously.  I think they do think about all types of customers and think about giving great choices for each type.  It’s funny but i really think all the competition about different phones really started with the iPhone on att.  then verizon and sprint had to follow.  the galaxy note is just too big.  i bet the sales are not great for that phone.  as we’ve heard, the iPhone will work on tmobile in the future (for iPhone fans) and they are going to get a (stock android?) version of the HTC One X.  That phone is going to be really nice, I bet.  I’m getting it.  Until then, I’ll be rocking’ my Amaze 4G which is soon going to get the ICS upgrade!

  • Silk7412

    As much as I like this phone I’m going to wait for the next nexus(nonsammy) or the G3.
    I really hope Tmo gets one better than sprints( not likely).

  • jonkoz311

    the black is seriously not coming out till June? c’mon…my brother and I have been waiting to upgrade and really want the black. don’t know if I want to wait another month and a half though.

  • ADH
  • Acclaimedgeneral

    Why is the micro arc oxidation red/black one coming later than the other one????
    Is anyone else in my position, I don’t want to wait an extra 2 months for the micro arc oxidation, why don’t they release both of them at the same time ????

    • Derek

       I thought they both are micro arc oxidation, color being the difference…?

      • Acclaimedgeneral

        No the blue/gray version has anodized aluminum while the red/black one has the micro arc oxidation process done to it. I can’t wait until June though, hopefully when the blue/gray comes to stores, its finish and feel will win me over the black one

  • I might just wait for the red and black one.

  • Jason

    You’ll be applying for a job with Tmobile (and getting rejected) once Sprint goes out of business by fall.

  • Dig

    Why is this site riddled with Verizon Ads now?  disappointing…

    • Sigh…most of you don’t recognize that the Google Ads that sometimes run are dependent on the topic of the site, in this case cellular. It doesn’t worry about carriers, niche or otherwise.


      He is business to make money. This site is a business at the end of the day. I do not fault him for it at all. If he didn’t make money the site would not be here. 

      • Thank you sir, for living in the real world with me!

    • jp

       because verizon is superior