HTC One S Poll, Have You Bought One?

As the HTC One S begins populating on T-Mobile and third-party retailer store shelves nationwide, I’m wondering just how interested are you in HTC’s One line for T-Mobile? I’ll have a complete review up of the device very soon, in the meantime you can check out our hands-on preview. I’ll give you a quick spoiler on the review, it’s a great phone and there is a lot to like. The real question is how much will you like it over the Galaxy S II or coming Galaxy S III? While we can’t say much about the Galaxy S III, the anticipation has us expecting something great, certainly enough to give HTC a run for their money.

So I wonder, are you picking up the HTC One S?

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  • Lani

    Im glad that TMO released a new mobile, but will wait for the Note so I can have a big screen. If there is no confirmation soon about a new Note with TMO soon, then I’ll have to get another unlocked ATT mobile.

  • Micah Madru

    I’ve had mine since friday, I’ve got to say, the thinness and the camera are super impressive! This is the best smartphone I’ve owned.

  • Krca21

     My upgrade comes around in October of this year. Looked at this phone at the store and the screen size is a deal breaker for me. Anything below 4.7″ and I’m squinting. I’ll see what they come out with in the meantime or for the holidays. I am tempted to shell out the $399 for the Galaxy Nexus…if it doesn’t drop in price by then. Oh I hope it does.

  • Elle

    I’m still hung up on the One X/4Gx rumor. If that is definitively ruled out, I’ll get the One S, but I have a couple of months left before my upgrade.

    • Elle

      …G4x, I mean. Loved the G1 and G2, so a HTC One X running stock ICS would be a dream come true.

      • dethduck

        That’s what I’m waiting on as well, that and my full upgrade comes up in august.

    • StalkyTheFish

      Me three. My hopes were bouyed by the statement buried in the NVidia story from a few days ago about hoping to get Tegra-3 on T-Mobile “by Q3”. Hopefully I’ll be in a better financial position by fall anyway.

      If it doesn’t happen, then Galaxy Nexuses should be fairly cheap by then anyway and the One-S will certainly be cheaper than its launch price. I have no interest in any TouchWiz phone.

  • JNawaz

    I’ll get one ASAP, I’m waiting for a good deal that’s all.

    • Justlee7

      I completely agree on that. I remember when I bought my Galaxy S when it was released. Within a week, Costco had a deal where it was $100, while everyone else had it for $200. Just a matter of finding the right place at the right time. FYI, Best Buy is selling it to NEW customers for $150, but a full $200 for existing. Does anyone actually buy it from Tmo stores that charge $250? Even though you get a mail in rebate, which I despise!

  • the great one

    I got the one s today and honestly I’m 100% happy

  • Udubb

    Looks like business as usual for T-Mobile, putting out a great device with almost no hype or advertising.

    • Havoktek


    • TBN27

      I saw an ad for it on tv last night.

  • K0246945

    A great device is the One X… Not One S

    • MGK

      Hell no. The One S is better in my opinion. Better build, better design, and it’s not freaking huge.

  • Cdcappello

    Galaxy nexus!

    • Thomas Brezinski

      Same here!  Where’s that option, seems like a massive oversight on their part.

      • Wesley Griffiths

        That’s why I chose other. My GNex should be here some time today. :)

  • Godson1227_Barry

    I played around with the One S yesterday, the screen is amazing and this is coming from a Vibrant and SGS II user. If you left the screen on you would think its a display phone. Its thin,light and very comfortable in the hand. Very smooth and responsive. The only thing I would have a problem with and would understand if others did is the lack of an SD slot.

  • Tortionist

    I got a Chance to play with the one s. It is pretty impressive, but I’m going for the galaxy note. I need a phablet. In other news, I just traded my Asus transformer for an HTC hd7 and a nice wad of cash. I never thought I’d enjoy a windows phone, but this one is tight. It has windows 7.5 mango and it by far has the smoothest screen transitions and scrolling, except maybe for other windows phones.

    • Scapegrace


    • Justlee7

      When you said you traded an Android device for a Windows Phone I was confused……but then I read your name and it all made sense…

  • 2nd

    Just check out the speed comparison between the one s and galaxy nexus unlocked version that Pone Buff did on You Tube. You’ll be surprised, and the g nex 6 months older.

  • The Dude

    Backordered :(

  • dkbnyc

    The lack of removable battery expandable memory has forced me to look at upcoming devices.  When this was first announced, I thought it would be my next device and bring me back to HTC.  Alas, this will not be the case,  These two features are important enough to me that I will not consider a device without them.  I’ll wait to see what the SGIII has to offer. 

    • Lani

      The only time me or my friends ever remove their mobile battery is when they are asked by tmobile CSR to fully reboot a bad mobile.

      Why do people remove their battery otherwise? 

      My only guess is that they use so much battery life before making it to an area that has a working AC receptacle to charge and use a spare during the day.

      • 21stNow

         To replace it with an extended life battery.  There is a problem with my Sensation that causes battery drain some days.  Yesterday, my extended battery went from 100%-0% in five hours.  A regular battery would have been gone a lot sooner.

      • sidog

        I personally have 2 spare batteries with me whenever i’m away from home (which is very often).  The batteries for my Vibrant are so small that I hardly notice them in my pants (twss hahah), but they sure come in handy oftentimes.   Once I got used to this arrangement, to imagine having to use a phone w/ a nonremovable battery will take a major change in behavior…something that I will have to do seeing as to how i just ordered the HTC ONE S, but so be it!

  • Cycad007

    Costco just shipped it to me yesterday.  Played around with it for 30 minutes…so far, I loved the new Sense 4 interface.

    Concerning the issues that people have raised:

    No SD Card Support:
    I would have liked to have HTC add the SD card option too but honestly with DropBox, Google Drive (via Play download), and SkyDrive for HTC (Is it only available for international S One?  HTC Sense 4 supposedly has this…I haven’t found it yet on mine)….this is a minor issue for me.  I’ll get used to storing my photos/data in the Cloud…it actually will probably be safer in the long run.No removable battery:
    OK…here I’m like most folks.  I would’ve preferred that HTC gave us the removable battery.  I understand it’ll probably stand up to 2+ years of continued use before I upgrade again to the next greatest thing.  But STILL…this issue is what will keep the One S from being the “perfect” phone to me.

    All in all, I’m quite happy with the upgrade.  Regarding the upcoming rumored S3, yes…it’s looking to be a better phone than the One S.  But honestly, the One S will do almost everything the S3 will.  There isn’t a “gotcha” feature the S3 has over the One S for me.  While purchasing items using NFC seems nifty, I don’t mind swiping my credit card if it lowers the cost of the phone by a few dollars.  Besides….I just wanted a good phone NOW!

    • DoTell

      How does swiping your credit card lower the cost of the phone? How much are we talking here?

      • Cycad007

        Somebody is paying for the hardware for the NFC technology (You).  Who knows how much it costs….the point is its rather unnecessary.

  • cosmo10292

    sorry im waiting on samsungs lineup to come! nexus sgIII and note! :D

  • Deaconclgi

    I’m waiting on the 808 PureView to be released.

    Until then I will play around with my GSII, GS4G, N8, Lumia 710, C7, N900, and 5230.

  • William Ingram

    New Quadrant score on fully charged battery (detached from the charger) 5077

  • Charles

    I would have bought this phone if Tmo News hadn’t announced that Tmo could be receiving the Note and the GS3

    • William Ingram

      just can’t see why people want a mini tablet as their smartphone. The GS3 is going to be ginormous. 

      • Lani

         You probably balked when you saw your first 2.7″ color mobile screen.
        “All we need is a 2-line black & white mobile screen to see the incoming name & number.”

        • William Ingram

          you got me figured out. 

  • Lani

    Nobody commented on the Audio Beats feature…  Is it not worth mentioning?

    • Kirbi182

      Its a hit n miss, Its better than ordinarily software that came with htc but not the best out there. And you need decent to very good headphones to actually hear the difference. 

    • tmo1015

      it’s a miss. after attempting to use different head phones and speakers, there isnt a noticeable difference switching to the audio beats feature. vocals and bass are just SLIGHTLY enhanced. apparently the beats headphones make a difference when using the beats audio feature.

      • J-Hop2o6

        Oops, wrong person.

    • Alvaro Psevoznik

      It will enhace the bass a little bit. If you have shitty headphones, this won’t make them sound good. In my opinion, adding the beats audio feature is just a marketing strategy.

  • BahamasGeek242

    I am very happy as a T-mobile customer to see that we are getting the note, but I bought the unlocked Galaxy Nexus 

  • Alvaro Psevoznik

    I bought it yesterday. My internet dropped all the time every 5 seconds. The overal experience is good, the graphic interface much better in ICS. The audio: If your headphones or earphones suck, this phone won’t make them sound good so I don’t know what’s the deal with beats besides the marketing thing to trap Beats fans. My only concern is the battery. I don’t know if it will last enough on busy phone calls/internet days. Bad thing: Tmo made me upgrade to 5GB plan to tether (BAD BOY, TMO.. BAD BOY). The rest, it looks pretty good. 

    • Que_652

      I agree with you, my internet is spotty but I love the phone.HTC better get on it, plus sometimesthe phone lags in typing

    • Marshall834

      Why did they make up upgrade to that plan? I stayed on my 200MB plan… Well I have the value plan so that may be different

      • Alvaro Psevoznik

        They made me upgrade only if I needed to tether, which I do.

    • I C U

      How much were you paying for data before (how much data)? And how much are you paying now? That’s a deal breaker for me, data prices, even on TMO is expensive.

      • Alvaro Psevoznik

        Before: 2GB for $5 and now $15 for 5GB and tethering rights. But that’s with my current plan. You should check what are the rates with your plan.

    • William Ingram

      I didnt have to upgrade to the 5gb plan and tethering was optional (not that I cared about that feature). I did get the 2gb as it was just pennies more than our old 200mb plan. 

      • Alvaro Psevoznik

        I need to tether to my ipad and notebook lots of times while in the street. With the 2GB plan in my Sensation I didn’t need to pay more, now I do. 

  • Mikey P

    Bought it yesterday and after having the HD2, GS, GSII, and the G2, I can honestly say HTC has me sold. I Kick the GSII to the curb and used my G2 for the last year. I ran into a couple issues with the One S but nothing that I couldn’t work my way around. Only major issue so far was I left it on my nightstand not charging last night and when I woke up it was off. It turned on and still had 1/3 battery left. So we’ll see what happens tonight.I do however do plan on at least giving the GSIII a chance but I was let down with the previous models.

  • William Ingram

    anyone have voicemail notification issues? like always saying you have voicemail? Seems to be a rampant HTC issue with all their phones. 

    • Taintedbyfaith

       Go into your call settings and hit the clear voicemail notification. :)

      • William Ingram

        Thank you very much. Fixed it. 

  • Anonymous

    So I finally went to play with a One S today at my local tmobile store. Lets just say, as a former HTC Amaze owner, I’m not impressed. In fact, the worker that was helping me had an amaze, and I asked him why he didn’t trade “up” for a one S. He said it’s because he knows that there will eventually be a ICS update for the amaze and he can just update the amaze.

    Not to say it wasn’t a nice phone, it’s just not much of an upgrade over the htc amaze. Also, it’s not as fluid as the reviews make it out to be. In terms of OS fluidity, I still put ios first, windows phone second, and android (even the newest) last. You can see noticeable lag when moving between menus, when you use the unlock ring, it lags just like the amaze did (just slightly less lag). Pull down the notification menu and the menu can’t keep up with your finger movements like the ios can. disappointing.

    For pictures, it does focus fast, but your hand needs to be VERY steady. Also, when using the multi-shot function, it does not refocus if you move. which means you must hold the phone very still.. and only point it at one object. What’s the point of multi shot then?

    The screen didn’t “pop” and I didn’t immediately notice the glass/screen laminating that everyone was going crazy over.

    Other than that, the thinness was nice but I overlooked it in 5 seconds. I was able to look at the amaze and one S side by side, and thats why I wasn’t impressed. No current amaze owners should be upgrading to the one S, you will eventually get the ICS update anyways.

    Pass, I’ll wait for the one X or galaxy S3 I guess.

    • William Ingram

      but anyone upgrading from any motorola tmobile phone will be having the time of their life   
      enjoying this phone. So the Amaze is a step back from the One S… The amaze is still priced at 199 where I got my One S after rebates for just $126. The phone is everything the reviews say it is; especially if your coming from an old way-behind-the-times phone like my Defy and the Cliq XT/Cliq before that are. 
      My wife has a myTouch4g slide. My quadrant score was 5017. Her’s was just 2209. 

      • Anonymous

         yea so even though i’m somewhat disappointed, it may just be that the amaze wasn’t a bad phone at all. I’ll take it into consideration, but hope for a (retail) price drop after the one X, EVO LTE and galaxy 3 are announced.

      • Anonymous

         by the way, for wifi tethering, is it just a native app on the one S? or do I need to pay an additional fee to tmobile for it?

        • Anonymous

          you still have to pay tmo

        • J-Hop2o6

          Its free until Tmo *notices* lots of usage I guess. Try it out and see. If it re-directs u to add it to your plan, then it will be tricky to bypass it.

      • JMFR

        Traded up from the Cliq XT.  Love the phone so far but am disappointed by the speakers.  The Cliq actually sounded better.

  • Lani

    I tried it out in my in my local Tmo store. When I walked in, a TMO store rep was having a outloud moment over a previous customer who got the TMO store phone handed to them for customer service while in the store.

    Anyhoo, my eyes had to take a few moments to adjust to the clarity of the crisp screen. Yes it has WiFi Calling hidden in the settings. Super sleek and thin. Camera set at highest quality snapped quick pics. Very responsive and filled with lots of apps you may never use. I think I want to hooks pdf for a Tmobile note with at least a 5.3”. I envy everyone I see walking around with a note.

    • Lani

      Darn spellcheck.

      I want to wait for the Tmobile Note.

  • s10shane

    i wouldnt mind it but i just traded my gs2 for tmobile for a gsm galaxy nexus. so far i like the galaxy nexus on tmobiles network but i guess if i was able to upgrade for this phone i might.

  • Guest

    I love HTC phones, but no removable battery and SD cards are keeping me away from this One.. I wonder how quickly people who buy it will realize the mistake of not having these 2 crucial components..

    • Amlindig

      RE: Removable storage: This is like saying optical drives are “crucial.” Perhaps to some, but most will find the change a welcome one as long as they get used to using cloud storage (and of course don’t have major data/wifi/reception problems. For those that do, yes, I’m happy we live in a day and age where there are multiple options.) See my remark above on my thoughts after having used this for several days now. My basic point is that I think a bigger deal is being made out of this than really necessary. 

      • sidog

        I would have to respectfully disagree.  While using the the cloud to sync my music might be a more ‘convenient’ why of having my collection w/ me at all, not having the option of additional sd card storage can only be an overall negative from a consumer’s point of view.  We are in affect forced to use the inferior method as it requires an internet connection, even though there are obvious benefits.  Your optical drive analogy is only somewhat relevent b/c the alternative method to them is not only a cloud-based install, but a usb drive or other local, physical media (an option that is not available to our phones).   I look forward to the day when the pipes to the cloud are so large and plentiful that syncs will be instantaneous, and there isn’t such a limited data cap on our plans.  But until that day comes, the lack of sd card is a sore and valid of complaints.

  • sidog

    Just ordered mine via 611 customer service…can’t wait for it to arrive next week! Still bummed about the nonremovable battery and lack of sd card support, but everything else is just oh-tooo-sexy

    • William Ingram

      don’t be bummed by the lack of sd card… it’s a old school device that was needed on old flip phones. IF you fill up your phone’s 11gb usable storage, then just upload it either via usb or dropbox and continue on with life. I promise you… you will be fine! 

      • Amlindig

        Honestly, yes, it is a bit of a bummer (probably more for a specific niche of folks), but after seeing how fluidly the interface/OS handles cloud storage, I’m happy to have been pushed in this direction. It’s cut one more expense (I always would buy the faster micro SDs rather than use the stock) and indirectly made my workflows a lot more convenient. No more manually hooking up my phone to my computer for files I need, then having to transfer them to my other devices. Now, they are all accessible at once. 

  • Cycad007

    For anybody worrying about the SD card, I can tell you that storing your data in DropBox, Google Drive or SkyDrive (yes, I found there’s a ‘SkyDrive for HTC’ feature in this phone.  Hello 25 GB!) will be *A LOT* safer than your SD card.

    You might not like the Cloud…but its really gonna make things better for all of us.

    • sidog

      I”m just not a big fan of depending on a wifi/strong carrier signal in order to pull songs to my phone. eh, but i’ll get used to it i guess…

    • Vinny

      Try accessing your data when you reached your data cap, no signal or out of wifi reach, you are screwed. It’s a joke. Putting together a modern phone with 9gb of usable memory is ridiculous and pathetic. How can you put together a good phone and only supply the customer with 9gb of memory, for a couple of bucks more the phone would have been top shelf, now it is just a phone that will get passed by. I will never buy a phone without memory.

  • Dhanych

    Is there any downside to using a microSIM card rather than the bigger miniSIM card?

    • guest

      No its just used for space saver it actually will last longer because of registration values

  • Lancelot Patrick

    Howabout Tmo get the One X already so I don’t have to risk buying a canadian one from Rogers

  • Caleb Gibson

    Bought it. Love it.

  • pops87

    I was thisclose to getting one but then I saw the deal at Costco for a one cent Amaze 4g w/ two year contract extension…the cheap is strong in me.

  • chriswei

    My wife and I picked up the One S last night. We had the Samsung Vibrant for two frustrating years and couldn’t wait to kick them to the curb (or, better yet, to the $100 trade-in program). Compared to the Vibrant the One S is a wonder-phone, and after 1 full day of use I like it. I looked at the Nexus and  the GSII but they’re just too big (and we wanted to stay away from Samsung after our Vibrant experience).

    I’m a bit worried about the 16 GB max memory, but I realized in 2 years I maybe used 10 GB on my Vibrant (though I didn’t use it as my main music device).

    • sidog

      I’m also coming from a Vibrant (of two years!).  Unlike you, i still love the Vibrant, as it has performed admirably for me, albeit w/ a few freezes here and there throughout the day.   From what I saw at the tmo store, the ONE S’s screen is far superior to the Vibrant’s.  what’s your take on it?

      • chriswei

        I like the screen. It’s not quite a “retina” display, and I guess it’s not quite as sharp as the One X’s screen, but it it pretty amazing. So far we’re both really happy with the One S.

        I was able to fix many of my issues with the Vibrant by installing a custom ROM, but the GPS really never worked, and the phone froze up frequently when launching and closing apps.

        • sidog

          yah GPS never worked me…probably my biggest gripe about the phone.  I too have installed countless custom roms (currently on ICS passion)

  • Antonjart

    Where are the 720p phones??

  • Abraxias

    Carrier IQ is installed on the One S

  • anonymous

    When will TMo ever get an industry leading phone instead of the runners up?

  • Younggodde

    Im thinking about getting one, but I’ve heard the battery dies quick. Tmobile website has it for 10hrs. Anyone with the one s how Is the battery life? Thanks

    • Susanne Salce

      This phone will last you a whole day if you are a big user of it. Wi-Fi does make your battery die quicker just incase you do use it. Overall I am so impressed by the capabilities and the battery life. BUY ONE!

      • Younggodde

        Thanks a lot. I’m really a big user. Talk for 4hrs a day and browse for like 2hrs. Hope it will last me that long.

        • Amlindig

          It should easily last you. I’ve been putting mine through very heavy, continued use for the last two days and it’s holding up solidly. With constant media updates/downloads/use, I’m having to give it a late afternoon charge. (This includes full wifi use for those two days.) My “normal” use should see me through a full day and then some. 

  • davey_ya

    I went from the HD7 to this phone. One of the mail reasons is the lack of apps with the Windows OS.. I have to admit, I liked the fluidity and user experience a little better with the windows OS. Android is nice, but I really liked the windows OS. Now to the One S. I am very pleased with it thus far. The camera is amazing and fast. So fast that sometimes I am not sure I even took a picture! Love the thinness, and hardware as well. ICS is great, still learning what there is to offer with it. One thing that I am not to pleased about is while I am on wifi at home, i tend to lose my phone signal. When I turned wifi off, my signal came back. Hopefully it can be fixed with an update. Also, I was expecting face time, but I wasn’t able to locate it. Any suggestions, aside from skype or wifi calling? But so far, I have to give it a 9/10. What’s preventing me from scoring it higher is knowing that there is a better screen out there.

  • tomnewtn

    Checked it out at Costco today. The display is actually better than I thought it would, and I kind of thought I would end up with that impression. It was very smooth, and snappy. Great upgrade for folks….as long as HTC gets the patches out asap. Not sure I like Sense, but I prefer stock. Kind of hard to know where ICS ends and were Sense begins.

  • tony

    dude the one s is awesome super sick quadrant scores but unless you like using mobile data or actually having reception the one s fails miserably at very basic things such as those..and yes I own it

  • tony

    dude the one s is awesome super sick quadrant scores but unless you like using mobile data or actually having reception the one s fails miserably at very basic things such as those..and yes I own it

  • tony

    dude the one s is awesome super sick quadrant scores but unless you like using mobile data or actually having reception the one s fails miserably at very basic things such as those..and yes I own it

  • beto

    own it and it blows..You think failures like this wouldn’t exist anymore due to technology advances and yet here it is.The most over designed epic failure phone. Haha..i could get a old razor phone and add 4g it would rock this phone out of existence.

  • Nkhaytin

    the only good thing galaxy s III will have is better proscesser, but one s have a better camera app with Video Pic