Business Insider Would Have You Believe Android Is Dying

Hold onto your Androids folks as Business Insider’s newest report would have you believe — “The End of Android Approaches.” I wish I was kidding. To be truthful, their story is more based on a quote from Raymond James analyst Travis McCourt speaking to Forbes than their own actual reporting.  

So, here’s a thought. Could it be the case that Google’s share of the smartphone market has peaked? That the phone-buying public simply is more inclined to choose Apple’s vertically integrated approach over the cacophony of the Android market? Could it, in fact, be the case that, while Google and Microsoft can innovate and find niche markets for their mobile OS offerings, that Apple has basically won the game, at least for the U.S. market? There’s no question that Android-based devices are crushing the likes of Nokia and Research in Motion at the low-end of the market, rapidly killing off the feature phone market. But at the top of the heap, Apple is crushing it. And iPhone 5 is just months away.

I’m not really sure what’s the cause for a “red flag” in the Android camp? Yes, Apple put out fantastic earnings yesterday and sold a ton of iPhone’s, but did I miss something — is Android not selling all of a sudden? Last I checked, Android and iOS are dominating the market with almost 80% market-share.

Still, Business Insider tries to stick the knife in a little deeper by saying that the “fundamental problem for Google” is that “people prefer the iPhone to Android. No matter how you try to slice it, when you give a consumer the choice between an iOS device and an Android device, they are picking the iOS device.”

I mean come on, really…I know you are going to disagree in the comments and you’re well within your rights to laugh at this claim. Google and Apple aren’t going anywhere, the same can’t be said for Nokia and RIM however. The mobile industry is clearly a two-horse race now and I think Business Insider may be the only publication who thinks Android is truly at its end.

Business Insider

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  • Jizz

    If anyone is dumb enough to believe this then i have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. isheep please don’t try to jump on this, it’s a no go on the subject.

  • **yawn** 

    don’t feed the link-baiting trolls, yall…

  • TheReder

    But at the top of the heap, Apple is crushing it.”

    This couldn’t be further from the truth. Android has considerably higher market share than iOS, and the spread is getting bigger with Android pulling away with more and more market share. This is just an ill-informed piece of garbage journalism. 

    • jamaicamecrazy

      Do you know what the top of the heap means?

      Of course Android is dominating market share when you have Android phones at all price ranges. 

      • TheReder

        Maybe you didn’t notice, but Apple offers the 3GS for free on contract and the 4 for $99. Add the high end models, and that covers the entire spectrum. Poor argument.

  • Iuvr1

    i have had oppertunity to use all generation of iphones…and the ease of use n innovation is thr but till the time iphone comes with a bigger display IOS cant compete at top end with galaxy, HTC one. and even if they come out with iphone 5 ..ts just 1 option compared to a dozen with Android (sam,HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola)

    • Iuvr1

      the only way Android can go down is if Google starts to think that they could do an “APPLE” i.e.they can make there own GooglePhone (lets call gPhone) with Motorola & thereby alienating other manufacturers.
      I think Android is best served with the present relations..Google comes with software while manufacturers fight each other for my attention with beter n better hardware./

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    David’s cool, b/c even though he’s primarily an iPhone guy and sometimes indulges in the childish fanboy squabbles (which bums me out), he’s not the sort who wants to see other platforms “extinguished”… 

  • J 2012

    in all honesty pre ICS i could probably agree with them, but lets face it, if ICS isnt visually appealing then idk what is, sure its not as fluid as iOS but its a HUGE Departure from Gingerbread. but its pretty clear they are biased. if anything i agree with david its more of a 2 horse race now and itll be like that atleast till either BB10 drops and is actually better then what they make it out to be or Nokia/Microsoft inject steroids into WP7/8 and find a way to get actual working apps

    • Justamazing87

      agreed ics is outrageously great. I have been disappointed with all other android os until now. Ics with phones like htc one x and s and of course the galaxy nexus .. Apple has to catch up.

      They need an android killer lol

  • J 2012

    in all honesty pre ICS i could probably agree with them, but lets face it, if ICS isnt visually appealing then idk what is, sure its not as fluid as iOS but its a HUGE Departure from Gingerbread. but its pretty clear they are biased. if anything i agree with david its more of a 2 horse race now and itll be like that atleast till either BB10 drops and is actually better then what they make it out to be or Nokia/Microsoft inject steroids into WP7/8 and find a way to get actual working apps

  • Gwapo

    ha ha ha ha ha ha !!! Again stupid ANAYST!!!

  • Any way you slice it huh? Lol. I think some Apple Fanboy must be working for BI. 
     I am not a fan of Apple. Mainly because of their business practices. The law suits, lies, deceit, false advertising, marketing ploys, etc. They are basically the business model of satan and his minions lol. 
    However, their devices are good in their own right (Id never buy one, but wouldnt mind having one for free) and I know people who are very happy with their devices (and others that want to throw them into a molten pit of anguish and flames). However, anyway I slice it, Android is king of the Hill and doesnt appear to be giving up the throne anytime soon, and Apple isnt going anywhere either, but its going to take them pulling a magic rabbit outta their arse to take the hill back. Though, no matter was personal opinions are, publications like BI should not allow such bias to enter into the articles. This just brings the legitimacy of their other articles into question. 

  • Femmefatale Atlanta

    It’s not feasible for everyone to have the same phone. In fact, it’s scary. I have an ipod touch so have no interest in an iphone. Bottom line. It’s boring as hell, and the future of Apple died with Steve Jobs.

  • bakedapplepie

    this is a completely biased opinion, that’s just trying to take away from the momentum that Android has (wonder how much apple stock he owns). ICS is a whole new evolution of Android,and its the right direction. i would never choose iOS over it. wouldn’t count out Nokia for that matter, because great hardware is great hardware

  • Kung Fu Orange Peel

    Anybody else notice that every since the Samsung teaser commercial, David has been slickly finding articles that degrade android?

    Yea he threw in the Gal Note article but almost every article since then has been dissing android on the slick.

    David, why you mad bro? Samsung sent out a teaser video that did what the title said, teased. Don’t be mad because their commercial struck a nerve with you. Hurt Sheep will Holler.

    This article is bogus as well. Like the other poster said, maybe pre ICS I would’ve been inclined to agree but they have been proven wrong.

    Android ain’t all great but it sure is better than iOS. iOS beats it in fluidity but thats about all.

    Deal with it David, Samsung called iOS out and it was epic.

    • Jizz

      I haven’t noticed it, but now that you bring it up. I kid! I kid!

    • theoj


    • The Samsuck commercial did nothing but advertise the iPhone 4s for Apple. Samsuck wish Apple would do the same for them. Those ignorant Galaxy phones need all the promotion it can get. Too bad no human on the street could even point out a Samsuck device from a foot away. 
      Samsuck Galaxy Whatever = Big piece of plastic bullshit!!!!

      Mad bro?

      • Jizz

        Shame on your dad for putting that load that made you in your mom. TROLL

        • Shame on ur mom for even naming you “Jizz”. Atleast we know what her tastebuds are…

      • Try Googling Me

        I think you make a great point on the commercial tip, Apple will not give Samsung the time of day and respond. It would be like talking about there own product since Samsung copied iPhone and iOS to the T…I like Amdroid as a second OS, I ordered the HTC One S bcz I think HTC cares about its customers and they make high quality products, Samsung makes crap, lies to the fan base (ICS update coming soon) bitch that was a year ago and they still play there customers with that crap, oh it’s coming soon, yeah a new device! Why would they upgrade the OS, they would never sell new phones! Apple is just a better company with better ideas and shit they are American born and bread so fuck Samsung…

        P.S. Plastic was played out through your customers a bone!

  • Deadeye37

    Can I get some of the stuff he’s taking.  It must be really good s**t!

  • FILA

    I kno people with a iphone waiting for their shit to end because “iphone isnt all that its up to be” or whatever they say, meaning its a piece of shit, we all know that, let the people have their little hype over apple, but soon it will fall back and people will experience android more and more and then android will have numbers like apple, even thou right now isnt android beating apple anyways. 

  • kristin

    RIM is done. Nokia has a fighting chance, since powering their latest devices with windows, which there is a small market for. Android and IOS aren’t going anywhere. I have IOS with work and Anroid for personal and I like both! preferring the bigger screen on my andriod device more than my 4S but both are good devices.

  • Rclubine

    Android market is over flowing with too much crap for my taste.

    • Havoktek

      You know what I agree, there are some bottom tier stuff out there , but I think that will supplant the feature phone market. So there is a reason for the madness, just not defined by the Telecoms.

  • Havoktek

    Crack kills…………nuff said, Android ain’t going no where, neither is apple…..Too much infrastructure rides now on both of these platforms….Business Insider need to get some real inside news from Bloomberg West…..

  • Ponkus

    Yes… I wish I only had one phone to choose from… In fact, let’s all scrap our cars and trucks and why don’t we all get a Lexus ES sedan (and no other model because we can only choose one, unless you want one from past model years)… and drive the Es to do the work we would normally do with pick-ups and vans, and small fuel-efficient cars, or race only ES’s in Nascar, Rally Racing, and Baja… cause people only want one thing of everything!!!!! What a clown.

  • The analyst is a smart man! Android has reached its peak when Google started releasing the Nexus line. The fanboys looks at quad-core as some high end feature (lol), but actually, Androids basically NEED quad core to even attempt to run as smoothly as a single core 1st generation iPhone. I’m not a Android hater, I actually like it when Sense is slapped on it. Its like a whole another OS to me and almost as good as iOS. Before some clown come to me about marketshare and all of that – remember- they give Androids away FREE on contract. Most ppl don’t even realize they even have a Android nor care to even operate its full potential.

    In conclusion, I highly agree with the analyst. It is a reason why the WORLD prefer the iPhone over any laughable Android device. All the professionals, athletes, entertainers,CEO’s, doctors, lawyers, tech bloggers… they all have the iPhone. The iPhone is best thing that has happened to humans since sex…

    It is officially a WRAP for Android! Thank you, Steve =)

    • Havoktek

      Kick rocks Bro……You sound silly….Itchin’ for a flame war right?

    • Joseph Lagalla

      I’l give you that the OS as a whole is smoother, but that wasn’t just the OS, they also had refined their hardware(processor and GPU) and severely limited their multitasking. Android has phones that are now on par or better than iPhone by unifying their hardware, software, and the Android OS. If you want a smooth phone, check out the GS II, the One Series, or even Windows Phone. iOS isn’t on top because it’s better, it’s on top because its simpler and seen as a show of status without having to know how to use it. Windows Phones aren’t too well known by the broader public, probably why it hasn’t gained much traction. But android is starting to be seen. People are starting to realize, hey thats a samsung or thats an HTC. They’re starting to realize that there is a freer world outside of the iPhone. This article will hold no ground with me until I see if they can pull of a truly great iPhone 5.

    • My sister has the first iphone on AT&T and her phone still works perfectly today. Almost everyone I know is using iphone or ipad. My sister and sister in law uses ipad and iphone. My sister has iphone and ipad 2. My sister in law has ipad 3. Almost every person in my church uses ipad. 

    • pcstech10

      Obvious troll is Obvious.

  • He’s an analyst.  They are always wrong.  Look at every other article about every other phone, carrier, OS etc……they are always wrong.

  • Den3921


  • hah!

    burn in hell tmonews.

    • Marcels81

      Iphone users are so smart and insightful.

      • Wow, awesome…I just hope I have a penthouse with a lava lake view.

        • Bleacherbums1

          Dude I thought you did ….lol
          Anyways nice articles that your giving the tmo fans and Android fanatics. And I’m not being sarcastic or am I…. idk …thanks for all the info tho !!!!

  • Gyudenfriend

    Samsungs isheep video says it all!

  • Den3921

    Apple is for self absorbed people who think they are important and who liked to be controlled., how boring to everyone around you with an iPhone. Rapist on bail you are an idiot my freind I was in Japan a few days ago they have phones there you will never see and guess what they weren’t iPhones. If you are a guy walking around with an iPhone women know you are lacking in othere areas. Go android!!!!

    • LTEstyles

      I’ve been to Japan too and I agree with your argument 100%.


    I have an iPhone and I prefer the Android OS over iOS. I really miss being able to fully customize my home screens, using the swipe & swiftkey keyboards, and having a larger screen

    •  I play with iphone, ipad 2 and ipad 3 I prefer apple. Call me sheep I don’t care but I know what I like and I want and don’t want

      • gbgamer

        You are not a sheep, sir or ma’am, the sheep are the ones who use iPhone because of the status symbol, or becausd they think apple is automatically better, without giving android a chance.

        • Nik

          So according to you Whitney must be a sheep then lol…

  • clag44

    That is the most stupid apple fan article whose only dying part is the author. Android is stronger than ever and if you ask me who is dying i would say apple with steve jobs just wait until they release the next iphone just wait . Steve was the guy thats it. Goohle is fun is different and freee thats why i like it and i dont need a mercedes or iphone mind set to feel supperior or refined i am what i am .

    • Bratty

      With your writing, you dont have to worry about ever being considered refined.

  • Ha ha this article is funny.  Andriod will soon to rule the cell phone market by 2020

  • Test2012only

    ?so the article is saying that ,I deep inside me what I really want is a iphone 4s? yea right?!?!

    • Femmefatale Atlanta

      Yes. OBEY.

  • James

     Let’s see what the analyst says when Google completes its purchase of Motorola.

  • Chickenundermynails

    Even though I prefer Apple, to say that Android is dying is a joke. Like David said, the last time I checked android and apple are crushing the mobile market. Sometimes I wonder if analysts pull stuff out of their ass.

    • Getsome

      Just sometimes?

  • TMoFan

    Absolute rubbish. These are the same bs analysts who thought the sellout would be a breeze. Look what happened with that.

  • Samsuck Galaxy S2 total worldwide sales since its release a year ago: 20 Million 

    Hmmmm…. impressive! But check this out…

    Apple iPhone 4S sales in the Second Quarter of 2012… ALONE: 35.1 MILLION

    Well DAMN!!! Somebody get the plastic boys a stretcher. And a bodybag. Sammy and Android just got murked! All that copying of Apple did no justice except help those who can’t afford a REAL iPhone.

    And lets not forget the 2 Million+ unofficial unlocked iPhone users on ur favorite network. I’m sure Carly has one…

    • Santosisbird1

      You do know android is on a hundred other phones right? Almost all major phone manufacturers have a line up of at least 3-5 top spec Androids. Try an read up before you drink your hateraid

    • Johnny Brown

      Well wasn’t that a douchebag thing to say? We get it, Apple sells a crapload of iPhones… They probably will continue to because they build fantastic devices. That should’t take away from the fact that android isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Clearly neither is Samsung. It’s not cool though to attack people based on their choice of phone. Perhaps some people don’t want a REAL iPhone, perhaps they got a (insert any Android phone here) because that’s what they wanted, not because they couldn’t afford an Apple product. I have nothing against the iPhone, I actually have one as one of my backups, it just irks me when people use things as some sort of status symbol. The fanboyism on both sides really need to stop… Both operating systems bring something different to the table that apppeals to different people for different reasons.

    • Sapphire3g

      Are you predicting the future? Q2 of 2012 is not over yet. You still have 2 more months to go.

    • Getsome

      Your a tool

  • Loopylogic

    co ke is a powerful drug

    • Try Googlimg Me

      Lol so is iOS

  • Samsung GS2 sold 20 million and that is just one phone people, there is the Droid Razr and Razr Max  from Verizon that is killing it, the HTC top of the line phones, Yah Android is dying, Apple can only pray. Apple will loose it’s appeal very soon, I think it is the most boring phone out there, the smallest screen, no widgets on home screens, no hacking, you can have it. My little sister just gave hers away she was so done with it. Apple will never let you know but many people feel the same way and those Apple #’s, don’t believe them, the imfo comes from Apple, the sleeziest company on the planet.

    • Try Googling Me

      Do you have any clue of what you are talking about? I really don’t think you do know what you are talking about! Apple sells one phone! iPhone not 100 iterations of Android that really gives Android a bad name and how can T-Mobile support them so hard when the G1 came out TMO supports Google and Android now TMO gets the shaft with all the throw away and lower grade Android phones while the other carriers get all the good shit…wake up man!

      • Getsome

        HTC sensation, Galaxy S2, and the HTC One-a are hardly low grade. You are so full of crap

    • stevejobbed

       Yes the Samsung GS2 has sold 20 million, but it has also been out for over a year worldwide. Numbers released yesterday show that the iphone sold over 35 million in the second quarter of this year alone…

    • Dpro

       No widgets on home screens? LOL I I guess you really do not know much about ios5. There are widgets  and they are movable there are folders,

      Wait you can’t hack an Iphone? Hmm tell that to Cydia, ever heard the term Jailbreak? Yup you can hack an Iphone and you can unlock it. Oh and you can customize the interface. Oh and ya you can get tons of great free non apple apps.
      Its really no different than the Android hacking community in a lot of ways. Its just a lot of people don’t bother doing it with the Iphone because they are happy with it from the get go.

      Look I have used both platforms and think there is plenty of room for both. IOS and Iphones are not going to die tomorrow and neither is Android. Though I wish all the Android fanboys like you would just shut up for once. Love your phone great.

      Just get off the crack pipe and stop spouting ridiculous conspiracy paranoia crap like your spouting above.

      • Nik

        Oh please, what Apple has are a sad excuse for widgets. You are so limited in how you can customize your iPhone it’s not even funny – what, you can change your wallpaper? You can put your apps in a folder? You can change your icons? Android lets you have live wallpapers, it lets you have sick widgets, it lets you choose from a wide variety of roms that you can put on your device. As for hacking, just because there are cool roms and ways to customize a device doesn’t mean Android users are unhappy with stock firmware that comes with their device. Just because you wanna add a lift kit to your truck doesn’t mean it’s a bad truck from the start – it just means you wanna try something new.

  • LanceMiller

    Android ain’t dead but the issue with OEM’s / Cell Providers offering terrible support & not getting updates out in a timely fashion isn’t helping the move to Android by more people. Someday soon Google has got to step in & set some hardware / Bloatware standards or this is going to quickly get out of hand. The fact that Google released another Nexus, that they will sell / update directly, says a lot about their lack of trust that any OEM can support their products. I think that more & more people are going to make their buying decision on how the OEM’s have supported their products in the past & less about price / hardware. As it stands right now Samsung is out & HTC is barely on the list of approved OEM’s.

  • Try Googling Me

    My two cents, Apple will win the end game and here is why. 1: There are to many iterations of Android out their, different companies putting skins on the phones and just messing the OS up. Touch Wiz sucks ass period it’s a bad copy of ios! Motorola just sucks but man that Razor Maxx with stock Ice Cream Samdwich would have been KILLER! And then theres HTC which in my opinion had it locked until they started locking the phone down where you couldn’t root anymore, what happened to OPEN? HTC makes the best hardware and there Sense skin is the best of all the Android phones but they have no marketing muscle at all! 2nd: Updates updates updates, They never give updates to the US carriers unless you are using an unlocked European version phone(pathetic) and will only get worst! 3rd: Devs, will never make money on Android and here is why. There are literally 30 different screen types and processor scos….how am I to make money when I have to pick and choose which phone to develope, I mean you are missing out if you develpope for the One X but not the Razor or then the Skyrocket or the Evo 4G or the Nexus, I mean that 4 different screen sizes and processors… 4th: No one really gives a damn about a Widget , it’s over hyped it’s dumb and it’s just not practical for everyone, it was cool at first but plz ppl it’s an onscreen always open app…5th and last, wtf is up,with these big azz phones? 5.3″ 4.7″ 4.5″ really!! That’s not practical!

    • This is the only comment on here I like besides myself…

    • Getsome

      First off, only a fraction of Android users are ‘developers’, so any grandiose statement about combinations of hardware blah blah blah are straight BS. Second off, stop making broad assumptions, very little of what you are assuming is accurate or true

    • Nik

      apple fanboiiii over here eyyrbody!

  • nerdlust

    Android is leading the technology race and will be here for the long run. Android is everywhere simular to pc vs Mac. Both great machines, both still around. Android comes in so many shapes and sizes I love all the choices. Apple is great so is the new windows phones, also a lot people are concerned about thier privacy so BlackBerry has a Hugh future, with business, and governments around the world.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Hmmm, I don’t see Android going anywhere for the next couple of years.  iOS either.  WP may rise to match them by that time as well.  And Tizen may actually rear it’s head and pick up some steam.  It’s going to be interesting in the next few years to see what happens with phone tech.  I can’t wait for them to start using those Flexible screens.

    • Jizz

      Give it up Wilma, tizen is a no go. On to the next one.

  • pokemonhunter

    Android are a great platform Google has a great concept but the main problem with android is that many of the device makers and carriers are horrible at keeping the Google platform by putting a bunch of bloatware, not coming out with updates in a timely fashion, and not addressing certain problems correctly.

  • Vim

    Given the anti-Apple analysis swirling around lately that the iPhone has peaked, an analysis that was starting to hurt Apple’s stock price and to which Apple CEO Tim Cook himself felt a need to respond, I suppose it’s to be expected that a similar analysis regarding Android would get hatched too. 

  • Getsome

    Apple & ios is like a sandbox for little kids that need to protected and don’t know how to help themselves. Once you grow up you realize just how much cooler $#!+ is out there. Have fun with your tiny @$$ screen.

  • Reddog53234

    Or you could read this alternate ending which has Apple past it’s peak

  • perfectalpha

    Apple is making so much money, and every company is trying to be Apple. But look at it, HTC losing money, LG losing money, Motorola got bought out, Sony losing money, Huawei and ZTE compete hardcore in the low end market (nobody gets excited).

    With that in mind, I will say Android on phones are here to stay. If they are saying Android tablets are dead and put a fork in it I’d agree 100%. I own a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and its crap. I don’t even sully myself by using it anymore. Whenever someone asks what Tab to get, I say buy an iPad or wait for Windows 8. Nothing to see on the tablet front for Android. Google won’t save it this year, its market share is just too far behind and it gained NO traction even with solid marketing dollars and store space pumped into them.

    Honestly, the only knock on the iPhone is the screen size. If Apple releases an iPhone 5 with LTE, NFC (which people will think was innovated by Apple because nobody uses Google Wallet anyway) and a 4″ screen…its the best phone, biggest selling phone, period, bottom line. Put a fork in it, they’ll probably push 50 million iPhones this holiday season. And I’m sure none of those sales will be on T-Mobile.

    • Nik

      And why is iPad better?

      • perfectalpha

        I’ll give you a few reasons:

        1) Android tabs really hold no specs advantage over the iPad. Screen (iPad advantage), processor (optimized for iPad), and with LTE connectivity.

        2) iPad has legit tablet apps. Your favorite apps on Android are just blown up phone apps with wasted screen real estate. If you go to the “Staff Picks” on the Play Store, that pretty much sums it up. Pure Crap. There isn’t a single app or functionality that makes an Android tab superior.

        3) Better software support. Better Community Support. Better Company Support. More developer interest. More overall compatibility with different accessories such as printers, etc.

        4) Galaxy Tab is choppy as heck. Even when you root the damn device, it still lags like a mofo. iPad is smooth. Also, it switches apps faster than the Galaxy Tab (or better yet, even faster than a Transformer Prime).

        Android tablets are none functional with anything…they don’t synergize with the phones better, or with anything else. Yeah you’ll need a few accessories on the iPad that come built in on Android tabs (such as HDMI ports which the Galaxy Tab does not have)…but I know that everything will work seamlessly on my iPad like if I purchase Apple TV for my house, or try to print, etc.

        Listen, I think Android phones are competitive (though I do believe the iPhone is a superior product)….and that’s because they got the apps, and functionality. In the tablet game, it is one sided. No hardware advantage, no apps, lesser community support and you’re paying a similar price for an inferior product?

        My question to you would be why is the Galaxy Tab better than the iPad?

        • brass

          You obviously haven’t uses an ASUS tablet then. Compare the Asus transformer prime to the ipad 2 then say there’s no difference. And better yet, compare the soon to be Asus transformer infinity (tf700) to any of the ipads and then make an argument, the infinity will blow the ipad out of the water.

        • BlackGod

          Also, to add on to your point, the rumored Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 with a 2560 x 1600 resolution.

        • perfectalpha

          I dunno why I humor this but okay…yes I have used a transformer prime (no I have not owned one, just a galaxy tab as I would not make the same mistake of buying an android tablet again)…it does not blow an iPad out of the water. What apps are better on Android tabs than on IPad? What functionality do you gain?

        • BlackGod

          Well Tegra Zone apps for one. Better graphics. And the Galaxy Tab and Transformer Prime are 100% different.

        • I, personally, have an embarassing, crapping, Lenovo K1, the worst of the Google-blessed Honeycomb 10″ tablets. I think it’s an awful, awful, device.

          And it’s still more functional, powerful, has better software, and has better specs, than a friggin’ iPad. The iPad sells not because it’s useful, but because it’s fashionable. Most hit the back of a drawer within a month or so of being bought, never to be seen again.

      • Xavier

        its hard to use facts to people blindsided by the Apple craze.  an apple product’s freakin great.

        once androids introduced functional dual core phones..that’s when android started to catapult.  it finally ran they way it was meant to run, as opposed to the single core era to say the least.

        considering by that time, androids, hardware/specs wise, predominately were better than iphone 4 (except for the screen resolution, though debateable with the galaxy line) but dare you hear them admit that.  even the buggy (thank god not mine) LG G2x was better than the iphone 4.

        than comes 4s…all that phone did was get it to androids standard.

        where once android chased iphone….iphone is chasing android.

    • Vim

      I notice you neglected to mention Samsung, the other golden child, along with Apple, in this industry. While they sell Windows Phones and Bada phones too, the overwhelming majority of their handsets are running android, and they’ve been amazingly successful at selling android smartphones.  They sell more smartphones than Apple does, although at a lower profit margin.

      HTC isn’t “losing money”.  Their profits dropped sharply in the 4th quarter of last year and into the 1st quarter of this year, but they’re still making money, just not as much as previously.  Furthermore they’re one of the most responsive companies in this industry.  They’ve listened to the complaints and are addressing them.  They are positioned well to increase their profits in the 2nd quarter of this year.

      Google bought Motorola primarily for their patents.  Motorola’s RAZR and RAZR Maxx are big hits on Verizon.  They need to be a bit more energetic about expanding those hits onto other carriers. Lots of people would love to have an Android phone with the Maxx’s big battery and still manages to be thin and sleek.  They just need to pair better displays with their otherwise superb phones.

      Sony as a company has been in a sort of malaise.  Japanese industry in general has been in a sort of malaise for the past 20 years in what has been called Japan’s “lost decade(s)”.  They need to wake up before the Koreans and Chinese leave them totally in the dust.   I’d love to see Sony more aggressively tie its playstation line to its mobile phones.  I’d love to see some of Sharp’s latest android phones marketed and sold in the US.

      Huawei and ZTE don’t need to make a lot of money.  They pay their workers peanuts and will eventually move upmarket as their technical prowess improves.  They are already putting a huge hurting on Nokia which is now losing money and burning through its cash reserves rapidly while hoping that it can survive long enough to make a comeback around Windows Phone. 

      I beg to disagree on your assertion that Android tablets are dead.  Amazon’s Kindle Fire has been hugely successful.  And where one company succeeds, others can too.

      The iPhone is a great device.  I’m not crazy about living in a walled garden however, no matter how cozy it may be.  And much like you, I don’t like tiny 3.5″ screens.  So they’re not my cup of tea.  I readily understand why countless people love them however.

      • perfectalpha

        Moto was losing ridiculous money every quarter. Their wildly successful phones were yielding no profits. Yes, HTC is making money is just like saying RIM is making money at this point. Of course the states of the business may not be as grim as RIM (lolololol), but there will be definite shakeup in the company. They have made a ton of poor investments that will hurt the company for years to come…and now they have to refocus their smartphone brand.

        Perhaps the “One” series will fix it, but I have low hopes. Everybody is talking about two devices…the Galaxy S 3 and the iPhone 5. Personally, I don’t care for the One X or One S. I do however believe they are very nice devices, so I don’t want you to think I give HTC no credit…but I think by the end of the year you’ll see that it is pretty much Samsung and Apple at this point competing (in case you aren’t already).

        I give Samsung all the credit, they got their stuff together. I really like what they’re doing with the Galaxy S 2, the Note, and even their low end offerings. The hype for the Galaxy S 3 is sky high. They’re doing a fantastic job. Their tablet is still straight crap. I own it, and you can’t convince me otherwise. iPad is a superior product.

        Amazon Kindle Fire is Google’s worst nightmare. No Google services are built in, and only Amazon is making money in that situation. All it does is make Amazon a more commercial mass media company…does nothing to help Google’s standing in the tablet market. Nobody is buying a Kindle Fire because it is “running Gingerbread” let me put it that way.

        I don’t exactly understand the Walled Garden comments in regards to the iPhone. Only issue I have with the device is the screen size, and even that given the quality of the screen is a small (not minor) grievance. If the iPhone pretty much remains the same but adds a thinner frame, LTE, NFC, camera upgrades (especially the front) and a 3.8″ – 4″ display with the same quality as the current model, you have what will likely be considered the best device on the market all over again.

        • Vim

          Whether or not Moto is losing money depends on your accounting method of choice.  (Non GAAP=slightly profitable, GAAP=slightly unprofitable.) If they are losing money then it isn’t much.  It certainly isn’t ridiculous.  Given their cash reserves, they aren’t in any significant danger, at least in the near term.  They do need to strive to be more profitable as their current market share is nothing to brag about, but they’re not in the sort of danger that Nokia is.  I’d certainly prefer to be in Moto’s shoes right now than Nokia’s.

          HTC’s One line stole the show at Mobile World Congress and has dominated the tech press for the past two months.   Samsung was forced to move up its scheduled GS3 launch by a month to compete. Until we have the complete concrete specs on the GS3 models to be released in the US -and- their US release dates, it will be hard to tell how they compare.  If the models are only comparable, or are superior but don’t get released until the Autumn as last year, than HTC will have plenty of opportunity to reestablish itself.  By the time Autumn roles around, HTC will likely have new models, just like last year. 

          As long as Amazon doesn’t replace Google with Bing, Google will still make money on the Kindle Fire.  Not as much as they might like, but they’ll still make money via ads on searches.  Google’s #1 priority is not to make money off of Android, but to ensure that  no commercial entities gain enough control over the internet to strangle it the way AOL was.  Making money on apps is just gravy to help defray the cost of continued android development.  Google’s main source of income is, and will continue to be, ad-revenue on searches.

          Amazon’s success at selling apps is also indicative of the fact that it’s easily possible to make money off of android users.  It’s just that Google’s android market was horribly organized, and for all its skill with searches, the ability to search for apps in Google’s market left much to be desired. Google Play is an attempt by Google to address the issues with its market.

          Google is aware that there are other issues it still needs to address with regard to tablets. Where ICS has largely caught up with iOS when it comes to smartphones, and in some ways has surpassed it, the tablet side still needs a lot of work.  That’s why Jelly Bean is looking like another tablet-centric release. 

          Regarding the iPhone 5, yes, I agree.  If the next iPhone successfully checks all those boxes then it will get proclaimed the best device on the market all over again, as it probably should. Competition is a great thing. Android is pushing iOS to add more features while iOS is pushing Android to become smoother and easier to use.  They are both becoming better and better far more rapidly than they would if the other didn’t exist.

      • perfectalpha

        Speaking of products I really am enjoying…Windows 8 consumer preview is pretty damn stellar on my Alienware M11x. It isn’t 100% perfect yet, but as far as fun and ease of use, it is up there. I really like Windows Phone, unfortunately Microsoft is dooming that with conservative chassis requirements, no hype for upcoming models, and nothing to synergize it with yet (though those are all definitely subject to change).

        I could see myself switching to a Windows Phone device full time if a sweet Nokia phone comes along with the PureView camera, LTE, NFC, some 720p displays, etc. They will need some more apps though. A LOT more. I have a feeling though it will just be iPhone 5 for me though.

        • Vim

          I haven’t been particularly motivated to take a good look at Windows 8 yet as I’m not a fan of the Metro UI.  It just isn’t my cup of tea.  Ease of use doesn’t mean much to me unless we’re talking about power user tools that cut down on the number of taps or clicks I need to accomplish a task. 

          Nokia is in deep trouble.  They put all their balls in Microsoft’s basket before that basket was fully ready and are very rapidly burning through their remaining cash.  They needed Apollo out in the 4th quarter of 2011, not the 4th quarter of 2012.  And the very credible rumor that existing Lumias, including the just released 900, will NOT be upgradeable to Apollo could potentially serious depress Nokia sales if proven true.  Microsoft’s failure to quash that rumor when given the opportunity does not bode well. 

          Luckily for Nokia, Microsoft has very deep pockets. With HTC and Samsung scaling back their Windows Phone releases due to poor sales of earlier models,  Nokia’s continued survival has to be very important to Microsoft.  Nokia’s patent portfolio is also extremely valuable.  So I believe the odds are extremely good that Microsoft will either buy them out or extend them a financial lifeline of some sort within the next 18 months.  Microsoft certainly has plenty of cash to invest.

  • rpm

    Looks more like an opinion than an analysis.

  • fuzzlogue

    Let’s get this straight, are you saying that you are now realizing that the android platform is
    becoming the mobile platform for the mobile
    cognoscenti while ios becomes the preferred platform for the unassuming, mobile blind brand worsheepers.

    • Am I saying that? No, I’m saying that the person who wrote this article is delusional to think that Android is going to disappear in the near future.

  • JBrowne1012

    Just someone needs to tell him that he has lost his mind

  • LOL, people get their tech news (and thus opinions) from the likes of the major news channels “tech experts” are the ones that go to iOS devices. The iPhone was new, innovative, great when it first came out but once Android came out all bets were off. 

    I want to add that I own a Macbook Pro (in fact this my second Macbook Pro) and I love OSX and I don’t see myself going back to PC (although I have no inherent dislike of PCs).

    My point is that I have nothing against Apple as a company, I see the appeal (at least in terms of their computers). But in terms of their mobile hardware and software I just don’t see why people gravitate towards them over Android and even Windows Phone. 

    iOS is just boring and having no options in terms of hardware is a big turnoff.

    So to those “Business Insiders,” you’re full of s%#t. When I see an iOS device and then pick up an Android or a high-end Windows Phone I’m drawn to the latter options, not iOS.

    • K0246945

      Android couldn’t get anymore buggy and sticky, not to mention the lack of updates

      • Spanky

        I got my Galaxy Nexus in December and have already received 2 updates. Check your facts, please.

      • Bflofbr

        I’d prefer an OS that runs perfectly smooth and doesnt require and update to fix issues every couple weeks. Less updates is a good thing, cause it shows that it actually works. The only real updates should come when a new version of the OS is released i.e 2.3.6 updating to 4.0.4

      •  You must not read tech blogs all that often the latest CONFIRMED testing of both platforms showed that apple was more viable to crashing and buggy software!

  • Nik

    Well, guess Business Insider is not legit.

  • Bulletban

    wow, does the biz insider writer live on earth?poor subcribers must be aliens

  • MobileGuru

    Business Insider needs to step outside.  Plenty of people prefer Android over iOS for phones, Including myself.  While I’ll admit I love my iPad, when it comes to cell phones, I’ll take a Galaxy S II over an iPhone any day.

  • Vim

    This one is being taken far more seriously by the industry than the article above which is rather laughable. The analysis you reference actually started to depress Apple’s stock price and Apple CEO Tim Cook felt the need to respond.

  • Kev

    Toyota sales more cars than Honda. Thus Honda is dying. GREAT logic Business Insider.

    • It’s worse than that. BI’s argument is that Toyota is dying…

  • SEH

    I also read that an analyst downgraded Apple’s stock. So who is right? Probably both sides are trying to.push the stock market one way or another. It is also hard for me to believe that Android is going away soon since Samsung is bringing in big profits.
    Other countries are buying Android products, and Apple does have a lot of competition there. ICS has so.much more to offer that I hope that the public will give it a try.

  • Michael Brooks

    While I am not a fan of Apple, their OS environment, nor their “holier than thou” approach to all other competition and lets not forget their whole “boxed in” way of life, I do understand the contributions that they have made as a company to the way we look at smartphones today. 

    But, just like every good thing that comes along, something always comes along that is better, more innovative, more “open” and just all around the way things should be.  Android, for me is the evolution of the Iphone.  Yes, Apple brought the touchsreen simplicity to the market and have perfected it well.  But, to me, Android took what Apple brought to the game, improved, made it more accessible and has created the first real “juggernaut” that, regardless of what Apple says, is capable, well, I should say, IS putting Apple in 2nd place. 

    Apple will most definitely have their loyal people that will buy their phones in the millions.  But Android is going no where anytime soon and for a “legitimate” business article to state such nonsense just goes to show you how much the writer of the article truly knows about Android. 

    The Iphone is a great phone and truly an innovator FOR ITS TIME.  Android, in my opinion, just does what the Iphone started a whole lot better and without what I refer to as the “dictator approach”.

    • Xavier

       iphone up’d the palm/treo’s…android up’d apple lol

  • Spanky

    Is this guy even looking at the same numbers? Based on 3rd quarter 2011 data, Android’s market share is 48%, compared to iOS’ 43%. Someone needs to lay off the pipe.

    Of course, the iPhone sells more than any specific Android phone. However, this article deals with OS market share, and iOS is not crushing the competition.

  • Someone else

    People who post on a T-Mobile fan site are not representative of the general phone-buying public. Take a couple of steps back, if you can, and look at the smartphone market the way your aunt and brother-in-law do. You’ll see the appeal of the iPhone. “Walled garden” or not, the whole Apple ecosystem (iPhone, iOS, iTunes, the App and Music Stores, all of it) just plain *works*.

    Compare this to the Android marketplace where, as one poster already stated, “You do know android is on a hundred other phones right?” That is *exactly* Android’s problem and, IMHO, it’s biggest threat. There’s almost too *much* choice. People like your aunt and your brother-in-law don’t want to debate the merits of five LG models versus eight HTC models versus three Motorolas, or whether a phone comes with Froyo and it can be upgraded to Gingerbread but, can’t be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich or whether the manufacturer has papered Sense or some other UI over stock Android so that it doesn’t look like that other Android phone on the display. Your relatives just think they need a smartphone. As a plus, the iPhone comes with a helpful bunch of people at the Apple Store who are happy to help your relatives over the rough spots. Where’s the Android store? Oh, yeah. It’s on Google’s Web site. Oops.

    It’s easy to pontificate about how Android, as an open system, is superior to iOS when you know the ins and outs of either or both. It’s quite another to be “smartphone-challenged” and to look at a display containing a dozen Android phones, all screaming that they’re “better” than each other and “better” than the iPhone at the end of the display. I’m not saying Android is dead — or even dying. I’m just saying that people who don’t care that much about smartphones find the Android marketplace unnecessarily confusing and even intimidating, and that’s not how you grow a platform. Really, if Android phones were more expensive than iPhones, Android would be dead in the water.

    And FWIW, I don’t own either an Android or an iOS phone.

    • Gouv

      Well said! You nailed it!

    • WW

      Agreed: “if Android phones were more expensive than iPhones….”

      It’s the choice that’s available with Android that makes it the eventual dominant platform.  This is the same reason MS Windows PC’s so dominates MacOS.

    • Xavier

      i wouldn’t consider “choice” to be so much a problem within itself.  the same can be said justifiably about being only “uniform” with apple.

      if anything, at least, android allows you to use other software.  apple demands and restricts you to using only their software.  that is annoying….and taking about keeping it simple.  those “people”, the aunts and b.i.l’s, more than likely have “windows” at home and not apple.  they pick up an iphone…they are forced to get compatible software at home.

      • “Apple demands and restricts you to using only their software”? Since when? I use apps on my iPad by companies like Korg and Moog to bust out beats that I couldn’t make on an Android. My iMac runs Windows, Office and StarCraft 2 run beautifully on OS X. Those are just some examples…

        And since when did iPhone’s not work with Windows? That’s never been the case. My first iPod was for a Windows PC. 

        • I think you are missing the point. Apple is very restricting of what goes on with “their” software. With windows, I can run software from many other vendors. With MAC you have to install windows to be compatible with most other softwares. 

          …and i am glad you can run starcraft and office. How about anything else? My laptop from 7 years ago runs those games, so all you are saying is that your imac is as good as a 7 year old system. 

          BTW, I have owned a macbook pro. Stupidest machine ever. More problems trying to do things on it than anything. Also worked on ipad. Compared to my android tablet, the iPad was like beating my head against a brick wall. Not to mention how many times I show up my cousin with his iPhone. Ive actually been showing someone a website on my phone and he will ask what site I am looking at and he will go there and the iPhone can’t load it and errors out. lol. 

          So if you want to try and keep thinking your iPhone is as good as an android is compatibility….well then tell me how many third party app stores there are for apple. Try downloading an app that hasnt gone through ridiculous testing and qualifications (most qualifications dont have anything to do with quality of the app build, but with whether it confines to apples own style).
          Go to addicting games website and let me know which games run (one reason apple doesnt like flash is because they claim flash based games make for an inconsistent product). 
          and so on. 

        • Someone else

          I could go on and on about the piece of crap Windows laptop I was issued at work, with its three levels of screen brightness (two if you don’t count “off”), the flexy plastic case, the lid latch that’s already broken, and Windows 7 that doesn’t seem to make it an entire week without needing a reboot. My own MacBook Pro goes *weeks* without a reboot — and usually gets one only to install updated software. Whatevs — we all have anecdotal evidence.

          Staying on topic, even the most rabid Android fanbois have to admit there are crap Android phones out there and there is software iPhone users get because iOS pwns the tablet market and owns a huge share of the smartphone market. Just because you don’t want to see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

          There’s a difference between a Honda Civic tarted up with a fart pipe & stickers and a BMW 3 series. Who cares how fast you can move in a straight line if you can’t make the curve? There’s a difference between Old Mil and Anchor. Both will get you whacked, but one of them will be a more pleasant ride. There’s a difference between Android and iOS. People know it.

          p.s. I performance test software for a living. Flash is a joke. Apple was smart to ditch it.

    • Ben McRill

      The problem with this “logic” is that android out sells iphone by a large margin. Google it. Android DOMINATES the smartphone world. It doesn’t matter that they do it with 50 devices. the fact is they outperform iOS with this model every year.

  • Apple used to be an almost-dead company and they came back.  Android is not yet almost dead.

    • I think the big diff is that Apple was ahead of its time, so the public didn’t receive it well. In this case, Android is sort of a copy of iOS, a copy of the past, not a representation of the future. On the other hand, those Google goggles, that’s the future.

  • BlackGod

    BI is BS, that’s all I’m going to say.

  • mingkee

    I don’t think Android is going anywhere at least 5 years.
    Just look at xda and you will understand what I’m saying.
    Frankly, I am in favor more of Android than any other mobile platform.

    • Android will probably be around for a loooooong time (at least 10-20 years). I don’t think anyone denies that, but when businessmen and business-focused writers talk about Android, they think about it as a platform for making money. They don’t care about how many hacker, devs and power users use it. In that sense, it’s not as promising as iOS.

      • mingkee

        Actually, many people overlook the strength of Android:
        1. More local and streaming audio and video file format support, on some “branded” interface, you even can find wma, wmv, and flv support.
        2. Easy to access memory: take the memory card out or simply plug the cable in and put your files in. No specific software required (you probably need file manager)
        3. More flavor to choose: from basic (320×480 screen) to HUGE 720p screen as well as many configuration.
        4. Standardized connectors: other than some tablet models, most of Android phones deploy mini or micro USB jacks, and most of the Android phones utilize SD or microSD cards.
        5. Back button: not all iOS apps have soft back buttons and it’s a hassle if you want to go back to previous page; moreover, press and hold home button can access the list of most recent applications.
        6. Widgets: you can do simple control of app at the home screen without accessing the app.
        7. The best of all: you have FREEDOM to operate!

      •  Your right it’s much more promising simply because it has the power to cater to the masses and the few whereas apple only caters to themselves. the conformity with the iphone could be an advantage when teaching for troubleshooting but there is no individuality in it. A sterile overly maintained OS that doesn’t appeal to those who love to express themselves. IOS doesn’t promise anything you get it as is if you don’t like it to bad. It’s like trying to explain to someone blind their whole life what the color red looks like.

  • WW

    This sounds a lot like the Windows vs. MacOS battle.

    I think most people would say that MacOS is easier to use than Windows and yet, most still own Windows computers.

    Why does Windows dominate the PC market with about a 90% market share?  I’m not an analyst and don’t really know the “business” answer, but for me, it’s the open-architecture of the hardware options and (as a hard core gamer) the availability of software.

    You can’t go to the store and buy cases, and other components and build yourself a Mac box (hackintosh excepted).  Just try and find a Mac driver for your Nvidia GTX 570.

    Yes, iOS has a wider selection (and on average, superior quality due to management of the ecosystem) of software but that will change as the smartphone market matures.  I don’t think iOS will ever get as small as MacOS but as market share shifts toward Android, more apps will be made for it or both OS’s.

    I believe that eventually, the open system will win.

    The Android world is a more dangerous and uncertain place to live but that’s the price of freedom.

    • I like open source software, but open source never “wins” the market. It’s always an option though.

      • WW

        Let me clarify: when I said “open system”, I meant the open ecosystem, not “open source”.

        Anyone with the (even marginal) skills can go out and create and market an Android app (thus the lower average quality of Android apps; you don’t have to go through vetting by Apple to sell/distribute your app)… programmers can distribute at the traditional places like Google Play or Amazon, one of many obscure stores (getjar, handango etc.), or just post on their own website…That’s what I meant by “open system”.

        Sincere apologies for my prior ambiguity.

        • WW

          OMG…when I was researching this response, I read an Apple fan blog about Apple’s attempts to stop jailbreaking of iPhones and the die hard iPhone fans (when I say “fans”, I don’t mean it in a derogatory way; I consider myself a “fanboy” & “geek” in terms of SF, gaming, anime and such things) were bitching at Apple in the most vile of terms about “freedom” and the “choice” to do what they want with “their” devices.

    •  Exactly Right as I’m a hard core gamer myself Mac would never work for me simply because I would have to skip about 50% of all games and even if they all worked on Mac I like the option to manage my own system(tweaks) to get the game to perform to my standards not someone Else’s not to mention the left handed mouse thing which you can’t buy one for Mac last I checked.

  • Xavier

    um…was isn’t here that lately the preferred choice is actually android…dare I say even the site provided a chart too, for end of last year into this year of course…(roughly around the beginning of dual core)

  • WW

    lol…from Business Insider (Jul 2011)

    Android Is Blowing Everyone Away

    Sorry for the huge text…that’s how it saved when I copied it from their website.

    • WW

      no “huge text”…wish tmonews had a “preview” button for posts.

  • Randyohsofly

    Android is just to can add all the high end specs you want ie a better processor and add a million cores and even a huge screen but at the end of the day it won’t help with the random freezes the lag and a myriad of issues.yeah everybody is talking about specs but honestly at the end of the day a lot of other phones outperform android in simple tasks.all android has is huge screens and customization but why need that when it doesn’t work?thats why I’m a 4s user and 9900 now.and no more lags!

    • theking_13

      Then again, when the iPhone really only does one or two things at a time, it’d be sad if it did lag. Whats that? Android multitasks like a normal computer? Oh…

      • Randyohsofly

        A smartphone is just that and a computer is just that.two devices of it lags I don’t want it and I can multitask but I don’t need the need to.i use it for games and light web usage that’s it

        • Therealmikebrown

          Than your phone probably sucks, but it’s ok for your uses you don’t need a high end phone. An iphone would work just fine for you.

        • Randyohsofly

          Lag means low end

    • Mattcat03

      The reason why there are crappy android phones as well as tablets is because of the low end hardware.  It seems like there is a market for that. You have a choice to buy from low end to high end Android phones. By the way there is no issues with the high end android phones.  Choice my Padawan is the underlying reason why there is Android. Without choice you take away freedom and when you take away freedom you become a fanboy.

      • TopTechRep


  • perfectalpha

    I’ll take it a step further…who the heck has their iPad in the closet? If you ride the NJ transit home from NYC during rush hour, if they’re using a tablet, 9/10 times it’s an iPad. Same thing in Dallas at the airport, or any other city like Nashville, Philly, etc that I’ve been too. iPad success isn’t smoke and mirrors. If you think tablets are worthless, then the iPad is still the best of the worst. Either way, based on what I expect on a product like a tab, the iPad nails it. Accessories, apps, and overall support. You’re barely paying a cheaper price either. Like I said, phones are competitive…tabs aren’t close.

  • Justlee7

    Well the CEO of Forrester says that Apple is dying… 

    These “experts” make make all the assumptions they want, but the fact is Android is the most popular smarthpone OS, and it’s not going away in the foreseeable future!

  • Ridingonfumes04

    Yeah they gotta say something after Google’s stock split : ). That means doubled for those who don’t know about stocks.
    And then Apple only saw a 9 percent increase in sales last quarter, sounds good untill you realize that was the quarter when the new iPad was released., in witch case 9 percent is pretty sad

  • hmmmm but why do I choose android, journalists need to stop these fanboy flaming articles, its almost like the west side rappers verse the east coast rappers from back in the day, all in in all most fueled by bad journalism 

  • TopTechRep

    The IPhone will eventually die if Apple doesn’t lower it’s subsidy on the devices. The carrier cost of the device is killing the carrier’s out there.  Verizon and Sprint are struggling lately and its due to this highly over priced device.  Something has got to give…..

    • Vic

      Verizon…struggling? I guess if we live in some bizarro world where you call improving year-over-year revenue and income struggling.

    • Not that anyone wants to know, but it would be cheaper to purchase an unlocked iPhone from Apple and purchase a full blown plan from TMobile (of course, data speed is an issue right now, but not forever) and over years, save about $200 bucks. And having an open OS and a closed OS really the question. Which will eventually wins is irrelevant, because with regardless of winner, Apple retains every dollar from the sale of their platform + OS – not the case for Android.

    • samagon

      The iPhone will die if the screen size stays at a paltry 3.5″

  • Annie O

    good ol’ english 101 know your audience. Posting a article about how android is dying on a tmobile forum. Love or hate android, if you are on t-mobile, and you chose t-mobile, you literally have no other choice then Android, zippo, nada, zlicho. Walk into a tmobile store what are you going to walk out with. I’ll give you a my salary for the rest of the year if you can walk out with a Authorized 4g capable t-mobile iPhone. Oh wait, you can’t. I’m not batting for either side here, problem is numbers are so meanginless in these endless flame wars. We are literally talking apples and oranges, Protoss and Zerg. Android Zerg rushed the market. There is no such thing as an android phone anymore, it is rather cell phones other then iPhone run a OS called android.

    (as if numbers mean anything anyway) I would love to see the real numbers, though, not comparing a 200 dollar top shelf iPhone sold with contract to 40 dollar disposable prepaid android phones sold at the supermarket next to the beef jerky. Comparing same class phones in terms of sales adjusted for carrier avaliability and other factors.

    Android is now a commodity OS default on every phone. Apple isn’t playing the numbers game, Android is, not exactly fair to compare. Eventually even your 10 dollar throw away phone sold at the gas station will run Android, that’s not exactly something to be proud of. Considering i bought a 40 dollar throw away phone a few months ago that ran Android, we are almost there.

    • kalel

       There’s no such thing as a $40 prepaid Android phone, but good try.  Also, you can go into a T-mobile store and pick up a 4G smartphone that isn’t Android.  Both the Blackberry and Windows phones are 4G. 

      Funny thing is, you can’t pick up an Iphone 4G from any carrier.

      • Annie O

        that’s funny i bought one a few months ago (from Kroger right on the end cap of the chip aisle (mmm sour cream lays), no contract, runs like crap but it’s Android, you get about 4 apps on it before it runs out of memory and yes it was 40 dollars. Hey aint going to catch me complaining  about cheap. Android is the Walmart of cellphones. it’s this endless numbers comparison and flame-baiting towards the iPhone that makes the math part of my brain squeal in pain. Lets compare one device class, on one service class on limited carriers that is only released once a year, to I don’t know…EVERY CELL PHONE IN THE WORLD on every carrier, every device class, every service type from prepaid to postpaid, oh gee, wonder why android has bigger numbers when, as I mentioned I can go into Kroger and pick up a half ass android phone on prepaid for 40 dollars!, (plus tax) There is no barrier to entry to android, there is no quality control. You decide if that’s good or bad, but for god sakes people, trying to compare Android vs iPhone sales numbers is math fail.

        • You cant try and add all these qualifiers to make the iphone look better. Truth is that android is on everything, iOS was stupid and thought that having a limited system that they had more control of would be better. Apple didnt keep it to one phone and one OS because they thought it would be a good business strategy to get more people buying the phone. They did it because they thought it would be a good business strategy to maintain control so that they could then milk every last penny out of customers. Have to use apple accessories, itunes, and authorized dealers, and one of the only phones in the country not to have a subsidy unlock option for so long. This is because they werent trying to create a consistent experience for the user, but for the business. 

          It was all about them trying to get control and keep it. No microsd card means no third party hardware. No access to file system means no revealing secrets and tampering. Proprietary cabling means no third party hardware and more money from accessories. 

          Apple even updated its OS in order to prevent certain third party accessories from working. For example: some A/V cables wont work on iOS 5 or later (i think it was iOS 5, may have been started at 4) because after many companies were making a buck selling good quality but cheaper than apple a/v cables, apple microchipped their cables and updated the software to only allow cables with approved microchips be used. This didnt change the end user experience, it just make people have to spend 50 bucks on apple cables, instead of 5 bucks for same quality from a different company. 

          My point is this: Apple chose their business strategy. They decided how they wanted to play the game. They chose well for a while, but then android comes along with a better option. Customization. Let people have the option to go top shelf, or let them have the option to go bargain bin. Just because you can buy cheap android phones doesnt make android cheap. It just adds to the versatility and options for consumers. Don’t want to spend 200 bucks for the cheapest iphone? well then spend 100 and get a decent android device that will do everything the iphone can and more. 

          Its really just about the fact that android is pumping out more product cause customers are buying more. Not everyone wants to throw down 200 bucks on a phone and then using flashless and slow safari and be locked into contract with apple, but someone may want a 40 dollar cheap phone capable of at least having a full web browser built in. and having no contract and being able to use wifi or have a cheap data plan. On the other side of the fence, someone may not want to spend 200 bucks on a iphone and be locked to apple when they can spend less and get an android or windows mobile phone and be able to do everything iphone can and more, and have a 4G phone instead of 3G apple, and be able to unlock their phone for travel overseas, or load third party apps, or buy cheap accessories, or custom cases and skins that they dont have to pay google an arm and a leg for. 

        • …wait…what?

          You’re saying that buying an Android phone at the *grocery store* is the *exact same thing* as buying one from a carrier?

          Wow.  Hyperbole much?

        • samagon

          Don’t hate on Android because Google and Apple have different sales models.

          Here’s something to wrap your head around… If Apple chose to sell their hardware with the Android operating system, Apple would still command a huge share of the smartphone market.

    • Lani

      You can also put Android on a iPhone. Where does that leave you?

  • WirelessRefugee

    HA HA HA HA HA…. I have always said that Samsung’s goal was to become the largest handset maker in the world and that designation was driving all its actions.

    Today the headlines in business/tech media was “Samsung had dethroned Nokia’s 14-year run as the world’s largest handset maker.”

    As all of you know, Samsung achieved that by making only Android-based smartphones.

    Android is not going anywhere but UP.

    • Actually, they achieved with Bada, feature phones, Windows Phone and Android. Android may be more than the Lions share, but let’s not ignore what else Samsung runs on their phones.

      • samagon

        feature phones make up the lions share of their total cell phone business.

        Android phones make up the lions share of their smart phone business.

  • WirelessRefugee
  • Jordan Pereira

    More mainstream BS.

  • $4186999


    seriously?  Do these people READ tech news???