• JBrowne1012


  • Johntajacobs

    Love it !

  • nycplayboy78

    Just won a 30% off one accessory coupon :)

  • lecie

    Do we enter once a day or only have to enter once??

  • iwantones

    please let me win, wanting this phone since i saw it and my upgrade is not til 2013

  • Noel Ruiz


  • eClipse

    So people with a life who don’t do this social nonsense can’t enter?  Nice.

    • MacRat

      Agreed. Facebook, Twitter, etc = FAIL

    • Ian Harrington

       It is about getting the word out there. Out of all my friends only one doesn’t use facebook, and  his whole family down to grandma uses it. Sorry if it doesn’t work for you but you could always sign up for one and quit it afterwards.

    • redman12

       You can’t generalize everyone. I for one deleted my personal account. Created a different account just for sweepstakes :) It has no friends to lessen the bullshit.

  • Rhjupiter

    got 4 30 off coupons and a android figure so far

    • Noel Ruiz

      I thought You can play 1 a day 

    • Ian Harrington

       Yea you doing something dishonest bro

  • Rhjupiter

    got 4 30 off coupons and a android figure so far

  • Jameshnjs
  • Guest

    employees are not eligible huh??

  • 31 million customers and T-Mobile is only giving away 82? Laughable! 

    However, this is great for those who don’t have a life…

    • Ian Harrington

      Ya know they don’t have to give away any. and besides when was the last time you saw Verizon or At&t give away hundreds or thousands of phone?

      • Sidekicker89

        T-Mobile really does give out a lot for their customers.. I mean the VIP giveaways alone.. I’ve won a $25 Starbucks gift card, free movie tickets, and a $10 Target Gift Card! All from T-Mobile!

  • Vincent

    Didn’t win, but why not try…

  • Ian Harrington

    This is Badass. As a former employee I saw T-Mobile in some of the worst of times and I think they are finally, and slowly, getting back on track of what is important. 

  • Jaime David

    FUUUU  TMOBILE always excluding customers in puerto ricoo this is not cool.

  • Robjms14

    i only won a damn 30% off coupon. will be back tomorrow.

    • I got the same thing… –__–

    • Sidekicker89

      same here! :( I wonder if anyone won an HTC One S today.. it’s probably set so everyone wins the coupon for now :/  have you been playing the T-Mobile VIP game as well?

  • Derrick227

    i wish it could be a hourly giveaway :/

  • Ray

    30% off coupon

  • Sidekicker89

    Just to let you know the game rules say for each set of prizes a certain “time of day” is randomly selected… so I guess my advice is to not play at odd hours? lol :p

  • smiley

    I’m starting to think this ” facebook ” isn’t just a flash in the pan . It might have staying power .

  • Chri

    Has anyone actually won yet? 

  • Rally042606

    This is my thrid day playing and I just won a $10 T-Mobile gift card. Not bad!!

    • Rally042606

      *third ;)

  • just won a figurine

  • Jack Savino

    I just won an HTC One S! :)

    • scotty

      what time of day did u play?

    • Don

      How long until they emailed you back?

  • Kamil

    No luck…