So What Did The Early Stages Of Android Look Like?

The Google v. Oracle trial is turning into a bona-fide goldmine of past Android news as fresh new images originating from the courtroom show a glimpse at what Android looked like in 2007, and what could have been. This is such a far cry from the Android we know today that these shots are almost unrecognizable as a “preliminary” version of the Android platform. If you didn’t know any better and I just showed you these images, you’d think you were looking at a Blackberry themed device.

The images were marked “subject to change” and it’s clear that Google’s engineers went back to the drawing board and cooked up the Android we know today. Unfortunately, image quality is a little rough but they are definitely good enough to see what Google originally had in mind for Android. What could have been.

Hit the link for the full gallery.

The Verge

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