Analyst: T-Mobile To Lose 600,000 Postpaid Customers In First Quarter 2012?

Well, this doesn’t sound very positive as JP Morgan Chase analyst Phil Cusick predicts T-Mobile lost close to 600,000 postpaid customers during the first quarter of 2012. The first quarter of every year is traditionally weak, however, such a loss would further dampen hopes that T-Mobile is capable of an immediate turnaround. As a refresh, T-Mobile lost a net 802,000 postpaid subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2011. T-Mobile reports its earnings on May 10th.

If these numbers prove correct or are close to the real numbers announced on May 10th, T-Mobile will need their new marketing plan to really take hold in the consumers mind. You can hate on the idea all you want Android die-hards, but T-Mobile needs the iPhone now more than ever, if for no other reason than to stop the bleeding.

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  • joner

    I want an iPhone with the big GB’s and the WiFi’s.

  • Swclipper

    Ok, I know I’m a trader.. But I’ve been with T-mobile for 3 years and loved it!
    I was given a original iPhone (2g) and wanted a cheaper way to use it.
    I started buying tmobile phones ( androids) and would just swap out the sim depending on which phone I wanted to use. Always found my way back to an apple. Now I’ve gone with straight talk , iPhone 4 and $45 a month unlimited everything ! If tmobile can match that is be glad to come home . I can’t see how any of the major carriers can compete with this..

    • Psaux

      Do you mean traitor perhaps?

      • Swclipper

        Why yes,..Yes I

    • joner

      I can’t imagine how at&t and verizon can compete with straight talk either they might as well give up lol

    • TmoCSR

       its easy to compete when another company has WAY better phones and WAY better coverage.  people are willing to pay more to actually be able to USE their phones and have better phones as well.

  • Lawless_1

    Here is an idea. Limit the amount of handsets a manufacturer can release on their network in a given time. especially when it is only a slight upgrade. Why have the Sensation and Amaze or the Galaxy S II and Galaxy S Blaze 4G. My friend bought the GSII but when he heard about the Blaze he was frustrated because T-mobile let on like it was the new hot phone…. so instead of paying $450 for it he paid his $200 ETF and sold his GSII for $350 on ebay bought the Galaxy Nexus GSM version and switched to a regional carrier.

    • JBrowne1012

      What a step backwards that would be

      • Lawless_1

        By regional carrier I mean Cincinnati Bell. They have the same HSPA+ network as T-mobile. In fact I have my Sensation on their network and get 12mb speeds consistently much better than what my Sidekick 4G ever got, Not to mention I have 3 lines all androids with 5GB plans with unlimited messaging  3000 anytime minutes free nights start at 7 and free weekends for $150. Oh did I mention they reimburse you for your cancellation fees. So how is that backwards?

  • NardVa

    I’m thinking most left because of the Iphone, but it’s possible alot could have went to Tmobile Prepaid which is more affordable to alot of people.

  • big Al

    Burn baby burn- 600,001

  • Spanky

    As much as I tried to give T-Mobile a fair shake in the recent months (I’ve been a customer since 2005), I will be leaving in July, when I can pay the $50 to get out of contract. I live in what is supposedly the best coverage area in terms of 4G. The speeds never exceeded 2.5 Mbps, dropping to 0.8 Mbps last August, eventually going up to 1.8 Mbps for a couple of months, only to settle at a speedy 0.3 Mbps a month ago. I’ve contacted T-Mobile multiple times since last August, only to hear the same excuses. Time to take my business elsewhere.

    • big Al

      what do you mean by $50?

      • Spanky

        T-Mobile has prorated early termination fees. If you have more than 180 days remaining on your contract, you pay $200. If you have between 91 and 180 days remaining, the ETF drops to $100. If you have between 30 and 90 days remaining, the ETF drops to $50. If you have less than 30 days remaining, the ETF is either $50 or the amount of your monthly service charges, whichever is less.

        As of July 6, I will have 90 days remaining on my 2-line contract. As of right now, AT&T seems like the only viable option out of the 3 remaining carriers. Sprint barely has signal in my neighborhood, and I prefer AT&T to Verizon, as I’d rather have GSM.

        • big Al

          oh thats right. thanx for clearing that up. 

  • nerdlust

    I’m not sure why people are leaving I pay less then my coworkers and friends for service and my sensation’s data seems always faster then my coworkers sprint galaxy s2 and my friends iPhone4 ( I know its 3g) att . Speeds have been similar with my coworkers skyrocket galaxys2 as a side note must of my peers have ditched thier iPhones, blackberries for androids.

  • Jay

    The phone market is the same as any other. You pay for what you get pretty much. i am a tmobile customer and I have no real issues with the service and I have a Vibrant. I understand when compared to verizon its not the fastest but tmobile is the most affordable carrier there is and has good service for the price. I do agree that tmobile should definitly nab the iPhone to help out its personal sales and am in no way a fanboy. iPhone on an affordable yet reasonably speedy network would be a good way to get things back on track.

  • Deacon

    i honestly don’t think it’s “get the iPhone and all is fine”.  TMO was hurt a lot .. and i mean a LOT from the ATT merger thing .. it did more harm than good for TMO even when it was dissolved .. it put such a bad cloud over TMO just to be associated with being bought by ATT that by the time the deal got killed, customers were literally jumping ship in the thousands just to avoid the inevitable fallout.

    would the iPhone help? sure .. temporarily but until TMO can improve its image and separate itself from being a dying company, i’m afraid it won’t help the long term.  they need an image adjustment that only comes with handset selection.  and TMO just doesn’t have that and likely never will.

    you can shout at the iPhone all you want but you poll any group of people without a mobile phone and they’ll all say “yeah but we’d rather the iPhone”.

    there must be a legal reason why TMO can’t say “hey bring your unlocked iPhone to us” … no idea why they haven’t played that up .. because the constant attacks on the iPhone are getting them nowhere and will continue to get them nowhere.

    • TmoCSR

       as a rep that speaks to customers over the phone every day, the single biggest reason i see people cancelling is due to terrible coverage. tmobile has a reputation for having spotty coverage at best and that prevents NEW customers because they dont want unreliable coverage. couple that with the fact that we have to enforce BS policies every day and run people off the phones as fast as possible and being forced to focus only on selling hem crap they dont want and tmobile is never going to recover.

      the second they started focusing on sales and stopped caring about the customers everything went downhill.  the terrible coverage was always there, but people stuck with us because our customer service WAS great. now we reps are forced to sell sell sell or else be fired.

      and youre right about he iphone.  while the iphone would help a little bit, the above text is the bigger issue.

      • Deacon

        yep i’ve been one to complain about the coverage here in Dallas but i’m only on 14mbps with the Sensation .. is it really that spotty on 42mbps?  if so, then the trouble is MUCH deeper than even i knew … but i really dont’ see or hear many complaints about coverage being a reason people aren’t going TMO .. it’s always crap phones as the reason and well “no iPhone”.

        i really don’t think they can change the way people see their coverage at this point other than making them an offer they can’t refuse which is to blast the cheaper rate plans over commercials etc and THEN let people see the coverage has improved.

  • JBrowne1012

    The thought that to save tmo they need the iPhone is absurd while I remain pro to android that isn’t even why I’m saying this all tmo needs is good marketing better prices and better coverage after that then worry about getting the phone that hipsters and people want who have no idea that the iPhone is not the only smartphone out there people. It’s amazing how iPhone only has people in America “switching” carriers over it

    • Udubb

       periods are your friend.

      • TruTower

         So are capital letters at the beginning of your sentences. Just saying! :))

  • Klawatti

    My contract ends in May and I am gone after being a loyal customer for 10+ years (VoiceStream).

    I don’t give a crap how fast their network is… being punished with that Samsung Vibrant for 2-years has taken its toll!  And now when my contract is ready for renewal, T-mobile offers nothing but garbage compared to the competition.

    • Master Guest

      Stop your whining.  GS2 is one of the top phones out there plus the HTC One S coming out next week.

      • Littlesis1774

         yeah that won’t save them

    • HeLLO

       Complete garbage?.As if the competition is any better same phone just a different name.It’s people like you that should remain on dumb phones.

    • DTucker455

       what do you consider garbage?  Cheaper rate plans, faster phones, HSPA 42…?  What gives?  Consumers (myself included) need to realize that signing a two-year contract is not required.  You knew that by signing a 2YC, which is one of the industry standards, means you are stuck with 2 year-old technology by the time you are eligible for an upgrade.  Were you surprised by that?  With the way technology changes, this happens to everyone.

      I think your post is garbage – you are going to be surprised when you switch to another carrier. 

      • Littlesis1774

         What faster phone? The phone that Tmobile has that number one is samsung GSII

        • stop

           please stop posting.  your inability to grasp the english language is making my eyes hurt.

  • Edwin Rivera

    have been with T-Mobile for quite some time. I have not had any
    issues since the company started out as Powertel, Voicestream, and
    now T-Mobile. I live just outside Atlanta and since last year have
    been taking advantage of the over 20Mb transfer speeds with the
    Galaxy S2. The GS2 version for T-Mobile has an NFC chip in it which
    always seems to fascinate my friends. Customer service has always
    been top notch and since I was the only person with T-Mobile back in
    2006 when I deployed to Iraq, I still had service throughout my
    travels. T-Mobile used to represent a class of it’s own from top of
    the line phones and the best customer service. When Humm took over
    last year and the first thing he did was mention that DT wanted to
    get rid of T-Mobile USA, customers started leaving quick. And now DT
    isn’t doing anything to gain customers back, keeping existing
    customers, and exploring new avenues to attract new customers,
    everything is failing. DT made a great agreement with Apple to sell
    their product overseas when it fist came on the market. What should
    have transpired was to have Apple to produce the IPhone with the
    ability to have US Bands on it as to have 3G and 4G speeds. So US
    customers could purchase the phone overseas and still use it here
    with high speed connections.  All this and still faithful, and my 2 cents.

  • CactoesGel

    Well I guess you can count me in.  I already switched to AT&T to get the Note lol

    • WirelessRefugee

      That Note is nice. I am now with Straight Talk able to use any AT&T or T-Mobile phone with the service. I have an AT&T SGS II that I am using now, but a few people over at XDA said they are using the AT&T Note on Straight Talk (and getting 4G on it!)

      So I’m really tempted to go for that. How do you like the Note?

      T-Mobile needs to add the Note to its inventory. I wonder why they don’t have it. Maybe AT&T got the GSM exclusive on it for a few months?

      • CactoesGel

        I love this phone. The only thing really is I’m so careful with it, not to drop it. I still have my Vibrant with T-Mo and that’s barely being used now, it feels tiny lol.

  • Littlesis1774

    My contract is up next year in june but I have upgrade coming in June this year but if I don’t the see iphone 5 in Tmobile then that will my final decision

    • Bleacherbums1

      Hello lilsis how are you today? :)

  • iTried

    Its not just one thing that is preventing T-Mobile from doing better its many things. As nice as it would be to be able to say get the iPhone and it will be better or get better coverage and it will be better its not that simple. T-Mobiles brand image is hurting right now and while some people say go with what your good at value and run with it I don’t see that helping this situation. T-Mobile needs money and lots of it to fix whats going on.

    Brand Image – This is probably one of the biggest areas of concern. When I go car shopping I don’t look at the cheap cars I would rather pay more and get something I am going to like and that fits my needs, not just whats the cheapest and many people feel the same way. T-Mobile is cheap but does it fit peoples needs besides just how much it costs? Something really needs to change because word of mouth is really what killing them which I will explain in a minute.

    Coverage – Another area of concern  I’m not even talking about 4g coverage I am just talking about real coverage, I have two friends that currently use T-mobile other then friends that work there and those friends are just waiting for their contracts to end for one reason specifically. Nobody likes having to use their friends phone because they don’t have coverage, so they leave the area and see that their friends still have coverage and they don’t, they start wondering what they are paying for.  On to 3g/4g coverage now when they do have coverage when not in a city its almost guaranteed to be GSM or edge. Which means web browsing or posting pictures to facebook while taking in the sites is pretty much just not going to happen or will be painfully slow. This was a major decision for me, when I had T-mobile I would leave the city and not have coverage but friends that had AT&T/Verizon did so when I left T-Mobile I already knew they weren’t going to be an option. But when it was $5 a month I could deal with it.  But my friends knowing T-mobile doesnt have coverage or doesnt have 3g coverage outside of cities would not consider T-Mobile either.

    Phone Selection – Needs to change, Two of the most popular phones right now iPhone and the Galaxy Note are not even offered by T-mobile Which means if some one wants one they aren’t going to be choosing or even looking at T-Mobile. When you walk into a best buy they have a ton of phones to choose from and a lot of carrier choices so you are there trying to pick out a phone and can ask “Whats the best phone you have?” I highly doubt any authorized dealer will say “Oh that would be the T-mobile blah blah blah”  T-Mobile needs to have at least one extremely high end phone just one so that to people who like high end phones wont just look the other way when it comes to T-Mobile.

    Pricing Structure – With the way they currently have there rate plans set up they are stuck in the middle of prepaid and postpaid which becomes a dangerous game. They need to decide whether they want to be a prepaid player or a postpaid player because as of right now people who are looking to save as money as possible most likely will choose prepaid over signing a contract and paying more for the service, and the people who are want to sign contracts are going to take into account the previously discussed topics. Coverage Phone Selection and Price.

    Sorry for the long rant but I am tired of people arguing saying its this or that when really for the most part everyone is right T-Mobile has some tough decisions to make and its not just any one of these things its all of them.  And just having an ad campaign is not going to bring them more customers.

    • WirelessRefugee

      Well written, reasoned and accurate. Great post.

    • Jugaloo

      i am a sales rep and we now activate more pre paid than post paid customers…i think this company will become a pre paid company within the year

      • iTried

         I assumed that would be the case. I was a Gen Care rep and both my Coach and TM told me they felt that T-Mobile would end up going completely Prepaid in the near future. That was about a year ago now.

  • HeLLO

     Wow really.So the iPhone will magically solve all of T-Mobile’s problem.It needs more then that.

    • Littlesis1774

       Maybe or maybe not. I mean could not hurt them if they offer on their plans. I mean Tmobile does have edge with their pricing which could lead people from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. Tmobile is problems that they don’t have it. There are probably millions of customers that would love for Tmobile get.  All of people don’t what to shell $600 for a phone when they can get it for 200 with contract.

    • James

      Yes. I worked for t-mobile for several years and Yes. The majority of customers who walk in the door asked for iphone. When you turn away the majority of walk in customers at any business you fail. I hated dealing with that from day to day. No matter how much they would save with t-mobile, no matter how much better we felt some of our devices were…They’d stil lleave and go to get the iphone. I even dealt with customers who canceled because they were given an iphone as a gift and wanted faster internet than they could get with tmo.

      Most t-mobile employees will say the same.

  • CKGuest1

    I was with T-Mobile since the OmniPoint days of the 90’s.  I just switched to Verizon two months ago due to poor service reliability with T-Mobile.  I just could not take the dropped calls and no reception anymore.  In my two months with Verizon now, not a single dropped call.  Data speeds and choice of phones does not matter to me if I have no signal. I am paying about 3 times more per month than with T-Mobile, but at least I have a phone that I can make calls on now.

    • wastmobile

      Yep, that what happened with me, i really did not care about no iphone or latest phone in tmobile, it was all about network. i really can buy a unlocked smart phone phone/iphone (ebay or any store) pay full price, we as consumer have that option, but after many years, network service was going down, even having full signal coverage but calls not going throu or dropping calls (i guess busy area). For reliability i am paying more and my wallet started to bleed since then.

  • James

     The iphone is an issue, but Value plans are a bigger issue. If I go to verizon’s website and look at PREPAID Balckberry 9930 (their vesrion of 9900) it’s $424 with a prepaid marked down. At T-mobile with a two year contract on value, its $600 for 9900. T-mobile charges less each month. true (and I’m with t-mobile for that very reason), but Often times people shop for the Phone, and that means they are looking at the phone price. I used to work at t-mobile, and many customers chose against value plans regardless of savings because of the full-cost handsets. And its not just full-cost, the cost is often higher (for the phone) than with other cariers. Also, other carriers often get the phones first, so t-mobile shoppers will ask, why is it so much, its been out for months, and we’d have to say we just got it so its new.

    The truth is, all around you can save more with t-mobile. But if you want iphone you gotta pay $650 min on apple’s site unlocked-makes sense because t-mobile doesn’t carry it. But the same could be said for a Samsung Galaxy s2 on t-mobile with a value plan (2yr contract).
    That sounds insultuing to some customers. Like a barber saying , its half the price but you gotta sweep up when we’re done.

  • Blank_21

    Sad to say, but if it wasn’t for the employee plan, I would be gone too.

  • Nik

    They need better phones none of that modified Galaxy series and mid range One S junk. They need high end phones.

  • Bleacherbums1

    As Kristin said at the other article on tmonews :
    People are not wanting this HTC one s cuz of no removable battery and SD card, and wanting an iPhone?

    IPhone doesn’t have either one ( removable battery and SD card) …!!!!!!!!!
    And here you guys wanting to get an iPhone? Just don’t make sense at all.

  • Appleguy

    and dont forget the god awful “right fit guide”… Im getting tired of the “numbers” every day I get numbers thrown at me by my awful manager who cant close an umbrella never less run a store.  this company is sinking fast and we are on this ship till the end I guess… I have 2 friends, ex coworkers , 1 went to work at at&t and the other at verizon and they tell me first hand that their ships are not sinking.

  • JTL_46

    nik, perhaps you could give us all an idea of what better phones are out there? somethingtells me u know nothing about what you are talking about, take your trolling elsewhere

  • Giraffe

    iPhones make for bad bandaids.  Unfortunately as the only service of the big 4 that doesn’t have the iPhone, I’m confident Apple is unwilling to budge on prices that pretty much keep it out of range of the company.  It’s still a pipe dream for the company until they start turning around.

  • FILA

    Im sick of hearing “T-Mobile needs the iphone to survive” No they dont, nobody is coming to T-Mobile because of all the stories people tell, the network sucks, no coverage, shitty speeds, spotty receptiom. T-Mobile needs to fix these issues, and drive in new campaigns that they admit they had network troubles but its a thing of the past, stop adjusting plan prices and for the love of god stop adding like 2 huge android releases a year, T-Mobile has a shitty line up of phones. Need to market you can bring an iphone to tmobile for cheaper cost, and actually turn on the 1900Mhz band (or whatever the ATT band is for there HSPA) so anyone can bring any phone for cheaper plans, christ

  • Alex Campos

    I have a feel tips for T mobile… besides Iphone and Apple toys… have a bunch of “customer keepers”… I don’t know why Tmobile don’t have that ones:

    Samsung Galaxy Note (I have one unlocked from EU and works nice 3g and 4g under my T mobile)
    Sony NX or S series (this is a beautifull toy)
    Samsungs with physical Slide in keyboards
    Motorola Droid Series

    And others..

    Push on top of line Androids and Nokias in the mean time Apple loosing his market (like Apple did 3 times before with PC’s. OS and Desktop’s)

    Wake up T-Mobile.. show how you are the best on mobile phone communication, just jump a little to prove that..

  • WirelessRefugee

    Forgot to comment… that’s pretty harsh, the headline about losing customers, with a pic of a great looking, but empty, retail store.

    Actually, that’s funny.

  • Makanaka

    T-Mobile needs good phones like on other carriers. Who the hell needs MyTouch Q and all this junk from LG? I want Sony Xperia S and other mega phones?

  • MobileGuru

    The more T-Mobile bleeds, the less Apple will be tempted to offer its iPhone them.  T-Mobile’s downward spiral is a great narrative for Apple.  “Mobile carriers who lack our products go downhill”.  That is the story they can tell to Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, etc as those carriers complain to Apple about the lack of margin/negative margin in those phones.  

    If Apple were to offer its phones to T-Mobile, it would lose the leverage it enjoys by denying its products to the last remaining large national carrier.

    My prediction is that if Deutche Telecom keeps T-Mobile afloat over the next few years, we’ll see the iPhone available in 2014 at the earliest, if ever at all.

    • Spanky

      I really don’t think Apple is denying T-Mobile anything, particularly since a couple of much smaller regional carriers are carrying the iPhone 4S. In my humble opinion, what it all boils down to is the fact that T-Mobile refuses to pay Apple’s ludicrous subsidies.

    • Littlesis1774

       More T-mobile bleeds it will probably make Apple look more appealing now more then ever.  T-mobile needs to stuck it up talk to DT and Apple otherwise they will lose more customers

  • Eagles310

    I’ve been tmobile customer for 8 years……I know when I travel I don’t get the best service….but other then that they have been great. Data speeds are fast…plans are more affordable than other carriers…..and no weird bs. I’m very satisfied and was sad to hear they were going to merge with att. Glad they didn’t…..gonna stick with them for sure.

  • moises1204

     What’s killing t-mobile is the fact that today’s streaming music and videos technology and the fact that t-mobile is trying to follow at&t footsteps by reducing data putting caps and talking about price increases, it is scaring customers away, i know it got me out, also while the competition keep on getting the best phones available, t-mobile gets mid range level phones and that my friends is recipes for disaster.

    • AndroidiMac

      “mid-range phones?” The Samsung Galaxy S II? The Amaze 4G? The ONE S? 


      All of these phones smoke the iphone 4s and the Lumia 900. 

      • Roger

         While I agree with you on a techy, spec wise sense….Ask 500 random people walking down the street to name the best cell phone in the market…I GUARANTEE you, that at least 450 will say the damn Iphone.  Its not that its better, but its what people want because of the name brand.  Another example of this is those damn Beats by dre headphones.  Are they the best? ABSOLUTELY NOT, in fact they are grossly overpriced, BUT, they have a brand name.  If consumers were smart they would purchase Sennheisers

  • TMOB

    Yeah and tank like Sprint – No thanks

    • Littlesis1774

       Well the I last time I check Sprint is right behind AT&T on JD Powers. I heard that since Sprint gotten the iphone they gain customers

      • kalel

         You are wrong on most of your posts and you should just quit.  Sprint is the third largest carrier and they lost $1.2 BILLION dollars last quarter and have been losing hundreds of millions each year for over 4 years.

        • Hercules

          She’s not wrong on most of her posts she’s wrong on all of them. A female troll imagine that.

        • Littlesis1774

           Shut up idiot. JD Powers list goes Verizon,AT&T, Sprint then T-mobile. T-mobile been in fourth place for a while now.  Sprint did lose 1.5 billion dollars but they said they were expecting that. What you guys have T-mobile idol that you worship in your room or something

        • Jizz

          No, but it’s clear that you worship the iphone. You have a sad life if the iphone is that important to you. I can only imagine what your home is like. I’ll pray for you.

        • Vim

          False. T-Mobile won the top spot on the JD Power’s list 11 out of 16 times.  They came in 1st place 2 years ago, in 2nd place behind Verizon last year, and this year was the FIRST time they came in 4th place.  Most people with a clue associate T-Mobile’s deterioration in customer service with the decision by DT to sell the company.

        • Logicalperson

           Why do idiots always prove themselves to be retarded? Littlesis is obviously going to school in the small bus

        • InvisibleHand

          I think you meant “short bus”.

    • AndroidiMac

      Sprint is massively in the hole because of iphone subsidies. If they don’t continue to have outstanding iPhone sales, the cost they paid for the iphone will bankrupt them. 

      • Logicalperson

         Sprint is in the hole because they were horrible at customer service and actually FORCED people out of their contract haha…they were way in trouble before they got the iphone…get your facts straight.

  • 30014

    If you people want the iPhone as bad as you all claim then go to a carrier that offers it. You aren’t getting a subsidized iPhone from t-mobile anytime soon. No amount of bitching and crying is going to change that. For the amount it would cost they could convert their entire network to lte. Does T-Mobile need the iPhone? Absolutely they do, but it would be like buying a house you can’t afford.

    • moises1204

      Are you paying attention here, you did not read the title?T-Mobile To Lose 600,000 Postpaid Customers.  That is exactly what is happening people are living t-mobile.  

      • 30014

        And your dumb ass actually thinks all 600,000 people left because of the iPhone. SMH!

        • moises1204

          Well i am not really sure if all of them are leaving because of the iPhone, i also think that none of the iPhone are even close to the gs2 but if t-mobile was offering the iPhone i guaranty you that it would have been a different story all together, i am not trying to say that is the only reason tmobile are loosing so many people because is not, t-mobile also need to get back to customer service winch they abandon when they thought the merger was going through, but part of it is also network related and the icrap.

        • Roger

           I work on the front lines at t-mobile and i can tell you, that a MAJORITY of those customers are indeed leaving because of the iphone.  “hi i need my account number and pin”…youre leaving why?!?…..”welll….I want an iphone and so does my family.   There goes 3-5 lines out the door.  People will pay more for what they want.

        • Bruce Banner

          T-Mobile can’t give you your precious iPhone if apple doesn’t want to play ball. The two reasons t-mobile doesn’t have the iPhone are as follows, #1 is that apple isn’t going to make a custom iPhone just to work with t-mobile’s bands. The customer base isn’t large enough for Apple to justify it. Well neither is sprint which is why apple made them pay dearly for it. That brings me to reason #2, t-mobile just can’t afford to do a deal similar to what sprint did. Things may change in the future but i wouldn’t hold my breath.

        • Littlesis1774

           Then T-mobile will keep losing customers until they bite the bullet

        • InvisibleHand

          The iPhone would crash T-Mobile’s network. For T-Mobile to get the iPhone, they need to raise prices 15%, get rid of bad customers, strengthen the network and then buy the iphone.

        • Roger

          My precious Iphone? you talk as if im an apple fanboy or something.  Im just throwing this out there, whether or not tmobile gets the iphone will remain to be seen, but a great majority of customers are leaving because they want it.  Oh and youre only partly correct, apple wont make a custom iphone just to work with tmobiles bands? you do realize every carrier uses different bands and all you need to change is the antenna?  One of the easier things to do considering they already make iphones for many different companies in many different markets.

  • BusinessDoc

    I’m ready to make a switch from T-Mobile. I try to offer my clients the cutting edge in technology because it brings value to what I do for them. I don’t offer them some of the technology and hold back other parts of it. NFC is a very useful for things besides just cashless. this is significant enough for me to end my fifteen year relationship with T-Mobile and move on. I 
    bought my T-Mobile HTC Sensation thinking I was getting NFC not realizing that T-Mobile was leaving it out. T-Mobile if you want to retain your existing base of customers give them what they want plus a little extra. Others will flock to sign up with your service. Fire the execs that got you into this landslide and hire people that have business sense first and a good education second.

    • kalel

       I have NFC on my HTC Amaze.

  • guest

    The “T-Mobile needs the best phones in the world” comments are getting old. The majority of customers have low end/non smart phones, I fail to see how getting phones that other carriers have will fix anything. 

    • Purenupe1

      Wrong!!! Almost all of the phones T-Mo sells are smart android phones, unfortunately they are crappy android phones. Phone selection, Service strength and price are what drive the market and T-mobile is fighting a losing battle on all fronts. I am not an android fan but I like the T-mo plans so I opted for the Blackberry. But the purchase price for the 9900 is ridiculous, so I procured it a cheaper way but still got stuck in a 2 year contract. If T0Mo wants to survive they have to drop the BYO phone scam (or lose the 2 yr contract requirement), improve the network and finally get the most sought after handsets….no matter who makes them.

      • Justamazing87

        It’s not the lack of highend smartphones its the fact that we have one or two at a time when att and Verizon have 5 or 6.

      • guest

        Yes, almost all of the phones T-Mo sells are lower end android phones. and MOST customer’s purchase those phones. Its like saying “dell” does bad because they don’t have a 100 core processor computer for sale. The majority of people don’t purchase cutting end. I wish we could keep the stuff from work, but internally the cancelation % due to handset selection (besides the iphone) is much lower than the rest. Network was at 30%, customer care 25ish%, involuntary churn was at 11% ish. can’t remember the rest

  • Ronberg

    This is a great discussion about T-Mobile and God knows they need all the ideas possible. T-Mobile needs new management and a new direction, this dude from Germany and his staff are well paid and clueless about the U.S market. As long as he is around consumers will associate him and his team with AT&T and we all know how that went. 

    If T-Mobile wants to make moves in the U.S. wireless market they need to fire their current managers starting with the CEO and get some talent to run this company. T-Mobile is a good company and has a lot of good products and services  to offer consumers but when things are going bad you have to blame management. 

    Is it the coverage? No!
    Is it the Iphone? No!
    Is it the customer service? No!
    Is it the data speeds? No!
    Is it the Managers? Hell Yes!!!!

  • Jeffreygreen1315

    even if they got the iphone, I wouldn’t get it…just my feelings about that. on the other hand would like to see them get it if it would help keep margenta viable…

  • Nearmsp

    It takes 2 to tango. T-mobile lost 800k post paid customers in the 4th quarter of last year and 600k this year first quarter. Verizon sold 25% less iPhones this quarter compared to last quarter of last year. So Apple too might have climbed off the high pedestal and may not want continue T-mobile customers iPhones. Think of it, the number of customers on T-mobile is almost equal to the population of the Canada. All in all T-mobile is a great value company and if I left T-mobile the sole reason would be because I wanted an iPhone. Let us watch and see what happens this fall. Let us see between SGS3 and iPhone 5 which is the better one.

  • Alanc230

    So do we think the sharks are going to start circling? Do they smell blood yet? How long can the victim stay afloat?

  • Jamz

    they’re going to loose me for 5 lines this year once “the iPhone” does come out with an LTE/4G phone, IF apple does come out with one.  but if not I’m holding on till they do.    

    • kalel

       I don’t think they mind LOSING someone that can’t spell LOSE. 

  • Elsalvadorraiders

    T-mobile going down hill fast they shouldn’t of done me dirty

    • Logicalperson

       Please go back to school

  • Mjpipdrod

    Tmobile doesn’t need the iPhone . Just lock up some impressive Androids and improve your network. That’s it and that’s all. Screw Crapple!

  • Aideabril17

    It has been painful to watch the company I love slowly commit suicide.  We all know the definition of insanity, and T-Mobile has it BIG time.

  • Joe

    They’re getting ready to lose me too, with the BYO phone nonsense, and the fact that nonobsolete phones get pulled off the market for no apparent reason.

    • Roger

      Explain to me why BYO phone is “nonsense”….i dont think you understand why that is actually a good thing, and why more people should do it.

      • InvisibleHand

        BYO Phone is probably the smartest thing T-Mobile has ever done.

        • James

          It can be ok for customers who have their own phone, or are smart enough to shop outside t-mobile, as t-mobile full-cost phones are more expensive and can typically be found much cheaper online. T-mobile has very competitive prepaid offerings. In fact, given the savings I’m shocked anyone gets a contract, even on value. I went to prepaid and I save a fortune for my wife and I over any contract plan I’ve seen , even at T-mobile.

      • Joe

        For me, the BYO phone policy is nonsense because the rates they’re advertising as discounted rates for people who pay full price for the phone are no savings at all. I’ve been with T-Mobile since 2001, and so I’ve already got nice monthly rates grandfathered in. When I see the proposed discounted rates . . . I’m already doing as well or better. And the last time I upgraded and got a “free” phone, my rates didn’t go up from what they were or have been. So the notion that I’m paying more when they give me the phone doesn’t hold true, for me at least. So I’m used to getting the phone for free and getting a certain rate, but now things are “better” and I can pay for the phone and get more or less the same rate.

        You’re right, I don’t understand how that is actually a good thing.

        • Meleniumshane90

          The savings is only there if you compare it to current plans, but I agree that the value plans aren’t the best deal if you shop around for phones. If you don’t mind the contact and want a heavily discounted phone, do the contact. If you want to buy your own phone, pick your own plan, and have no contact, TMO’s prepaid plans do have the same features as their connect plans including wifi calling and ‘unlimited’ ‘4G’ data.

        • Meleniumshane90

          The savings is only there if you compare it to current plans, but I agree that the value plans aren’t the best deal if you shop around for phones. If you don’t mind the contact and want a heavily discounted phone, do the contact. If you want to buy your own phone, pick your own plan, and have no contact, TMO’s prepaid plans do have the same features as their connect plans including wifi calling and ‘unlimited’ ‘4G’ data.

  • Arash Marzban

    I’ve been a tmo customer for 12 years, and the last time I called in to renew my contract the rep lied to me about my legacy data plan (late 2011), had me sign a contract, and then when I realized the change to my data, TMO called my complaint buyers remorse. I call it deceitful business practices. I’m still considering paying the ETF just to not deal with such an unethical company. So yea, lets put it this way, they deserve to lose all of their subscribers. They went from being the best customer service company to easily the worst company i’ve delt with this day in age.

    • Hipillusion

      I was with them for 7+ years.  And every change they make to their contract I look for an exit.  I was able to get out of one of my 4 ETFs by claiming that new costs could be inflicted on my now that they are charging data roaming.. 
      Look at section 6 of your contract.  You can get out of your ETF on any line that can incur more costs from change they make.  It’s the best way to get out of the contract.  I am now with the big red devil, but I now have what I want.

      • Aasdaa

        which change of data roaming are you speaking of ? i would like to get out also!

      • Arash Marzban

        I’ll have to keep an eye on the next contract update.

  • Kavaier Navarette

    they dont need the iphone. tmobile simply need to learn how to be loyal and offer better deals to its veteran customers.. 

    • Fsdhfdjkjh

      LOL loyal to their veteran customers? Ok go to Verizon or At & T and see what they offer their veteran customers…

      • InvisibleHand

        It’s funny to hear the different opinions on what veteran customers are. When I worked at T-Mobile, customers who had been with T-Mobile called themselves “loyal customers for over 6 months”. Good times.

        • James

          I used to work for t-mobile. That is just too true.


    • Pek-ky

      Trust when t-mobile gets the iPhone the will at least stop current customers from leaving. Because gaining more customers is out of the question. The iPhone at the very least will stop the bleeding which is the only other option left.

  • Loveusa

    Make that 600,001 – done playing games w/ reps and the TMO company.   I just asked for a smartphone that would last more than a day, when I only make under 2 hrs in voice calls.and using the net for 5 mins out of the day.
     I’m on my 3rd GSII T989,  I called to see if there where updates or better phones that would last-they send me another GSII . Get honest, and stop buying phones from LYING MANUFACTURES,  Get a better QC dept to analyze the phones AND services before selling them to your subscribers, and stop taking BS from the MANUFACTURERS about QC. O tolerance for manufacturers anymore.
     START LISTENING to what your subscribers want and need/ NOT WHAT you think or what you want to sell.  Thats why most US/and foreign companies are failing, they sell people on what they want people to have / NOT on what people really want and pay for. 
    If I hear “understand sir and yes sir I see your point and then send and sell me the same BS service and equipement I’m done with that company – like I am now with TMO, and actually this site – which is basically a MUTE SOUNDING BOARD and SALES SITE.
    Give me what I want and need from my view – “NOT WHAT YOU THINK I WANT AND NEED” , thats so old and borrowed from car dealerships and see where they are… going bellyup !
    POINT – it does not matter if I’ve been w/TMOBILE before they where voice stream or just singed up last month,  if any company wants my $$$ – please give me what I want and am freely willing to pay for …



    • InvisibleHand

      Consumers are to blame. If consumers stop buying android phones, it will improve. This is why I started using Windows Phone. Android is cool, but I’ll try it again when it’s stable.

      • kalel

         No, consumers are to blame when they want a fast dual core processor with a 4.5″ screen and expect it to have the same battery life as a slower single core 3.7″ screen.   It’s like people buying a Hummer and griping about the gas mileage.

    • Loveusa

      Follow UP- I just met a rep that his call center is being closed down _ I felt really bad for the guy, BUT, He was Happey- “I quote him/her

    • IamDefiler

       Try a WP device. You’ll get more than a days worth out of the battery.

  • michele5389

    IMHO, T-Mobile’s problem is their management. I have been a T-Mobile customer since they began in the U.S. Not sure about the iPhone mis-information, but I currently have three iPhones (including the iPhone 4) on T-Mobile’s network and have been using iPhones on their network for at least two years now. T-Mobile supports the iPhone and even has a support forum for it. My issues are their plans. When T-Mobile’s plans were dirt cheap it wasn’t an issue with the spotty coverage. But now that they are no longer competitive in plan pricing or offerings, I am considering the move to Verizon. I have the new iPad LTE for Verizon and just might move all the phones. When the iPhone becomes 4g, that is when not having an iPhone that supports T-Mobile’s high speed network becomes a problem, IMHO.

  • Salesrep

    i read an earlier post about this company needs a management over haul.   I agree with you 100%!!!  I also think that the company employs idiots!!  the business model of 4-5 years ago was to hire full time sales associates and pay them well.   Now the business model is to hire cheap labor, part time sales associates, pay them nothing and expect 100% commitment.   A little tip, you will not get 100% commitment from sales associates when they are part time and decide to either work another full time job or continue with education.   The managers think that they can just schedule you full time hours while you are a part time associate and for you to drop everything else that you are doing because the company is too cheap to hire you full time.

    With less that 100% commitment the quality of service a customer is receiving is very low causing the customer to complain about poor customer experience in store and eventually leaving the company.

    This mentality needs to change, this company needs a new ceo, new regional managers, new district managers and new store managers 

  • Guyest

    tmobile is a fraud.  i, like millions of other customers, had an unlimited plan with unlimited data roaming until tmobile changed the terms of the contract limiting roaming data on other networks to 100mb.  Since tmo’s data network sucks the 100mb roaming data limit is reached easily, for me in a couple days.  TMO wouldn’t let me out of my contract for whatever reason so I’m stuck with them for another month.  TMO customers are leaving in record numbers, never to return for a reason.  Don’t get suckered by TMO.  Liars that change the terms of their contract and misrepresent their services.  I’m sure the data roaming will remained limited to 100mb even with the new plans.  These guys are frauds and should not be trusted.  Jumping the TMO ship ASAP…it’s every man for themselves.