(Contest Over!) Your Chance To Win A Seidio Active T-Mobile Galaxy S II Case From TmoNews!

Update: We’ve finished the contest and closed out the comments. I’ll have the winners announced on Monday!

Thanks to our great friends at Seidio, we’re hooking you guys up with 10 Galaxy S II Active cases. That’s right, we’ve got 10…TEN. You can win them in any color you want… so long as they are purple and black. So how do you win you ask? Well, that’s a fine question. After long and thoughtful consideration, we’re just going to pick random comments…that tell me why your Galaxy S II is your favorite phone ever! That’s right, I want to hear something completely awesome…like the Galaxy S II helped you research medical aid for the elderly person who fell in front of you while you were collecting money for the homeless. Make us laugh, make us cry…just make it warm and feel good.

So here’s what you do and you shall follow these instructions explicitly if you wish to win. You should throw your comment in the comment section below, use clean and appropriate language and tell us all about your obsession with the Galaxy S II. It’s easy, straightforward and did I mention easy? Comments included from Twitter, Facebook or our Google+ pages will not be counted, all comments must be left on the blog.

The contest begins today, right now, this second, as soon as you read this all the way through midnight Friday evening. That gives you plenty of time to come up with a seriously awesome Galaxy S II story. You may enter one time and one time only and you must enter with your “real” email so we can get in touch with you. The rest of the rules and conditions are below so make sure you read them before entering. Ready, set, go.

Prize: 10 Seidio T-Mobile Galaxy S II Active Cases retail value US$34.95. Detailed information regarding prize is available via SeidioOnline.com.

Eligibility: Open to legal residents of the United States and Canada, age 18 or older. Do not participate in the Promotion if you are not physically located in the United States or Canada at time of entry.  Sweepstakes is void wherever prohibited by law.

Promotion Period: 10:00am February 20th – Midnight on February 25th, once 12:01am rolls around Saturday morning this contest is ova!

How To Play: Post an story in the comment section below that explains why you love your Galaxy S II so so so so so much.

Odds of Winning: The odds of winning are dependent on how many entries we have prior to each drawing.

Drawing Dates: On February 27th winners will be randomly selected from the comment selection by a team of judges to help determine which comments impress us the most.

Claiming Prizes And Shipping: Winners will be posted after each drawing at www.tmonews.coms.  Winners must contact us via email at david@tmonews.com within 24 hours of each drawing date and time. Prizes will be shipped within 7 days, unless supply constraints or weather delays our ability to obtain the devices for any reason. Winners are required to provide a copy of valid legal identification. along with a matching Facebook profile. Inside of the United States, the prize will be shipped via USPS ground. The winning participant(s) are responsible for providing us with the shipping address of their choice to receive the prize.

RELEASE: By entering the “Seidio Active Case for T-Mobile Galaxy S II Sweepstakes” (Promotion), participants agree, to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, to release, discharge and hold harmless TmoNews their affiliates, their respective owners, and representatives from any and all damages, liabilities, costs and expenses which may arise out of participation in Promotion or out of the acceptance, use, or misuse of prizes. No substitution or transfer of prizes or cash redemptions permitted by the winner. Sponsor reserves the right to substitute for any reason whatsoever a prize (or portion thereof) of comparable or greater value, at their sole discretion. Prize is awarded “as is” with no warranty or guarantee, either expressed or implied by the Sponsor. The Winners are responsible for the reporting and payment of all taxes (if any) as well as any other costs and expenses associated with acceptance and use of prize not specified herein as being awarded.

GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS: By entering this Promotion, participants grant TmoNews the right, unless prohibited by law, to use their names, cities and states of residences, voices, pictures and likenesses, without compensation, notification or approval, for the purpose of advertising and publicizing the goods and services of the Promotion Entities and all matters related to the Promotion, in any manner or medium, now or hereafter known, throughout the world in perpetuity. Winner may be required to execute an affidavit of eligibility, liability release, tax acknowledgment form and, except where prohibited by law, a publicity release and return within five (5) business days of issuance of notification. Noncompliance within this time period or failure of potential winner to respond after three (3) notification attempts may result in disqualification and, at Sponsor’s discretion, an alternate winner may be selected. If: (i) any prize or prize notification is returned as undeliverable, (ii) a potential Winner declines his or her prize, (iii) a potential Winner fails to comply with any of the Official Rules as outlined herein, such potential Winner will be disqualified and an alternate winner will be selected by random drawing at the Sponsor’s sole discretion. The Promotion Entities expressly disclaim any responsibility and entrants agree to indemnify and hold harmless TmoNews Media from and against any and all claims, actions, demands and/or liability for injury, damage or loss whatsoever relating to or arising in connection with participation in this Promotion (regardless of the cause of such injury, damage or loss) and/or the delivery and/or subsequent use or misuse of any of the prizes awarded. Any comments deemed inappropriate or using vulgar/foul language may be disqualified from the contest at the discretion of contest organizers.

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  • Scott Goates

    Dark was the day last October when I bricked my beloved Samsung Galaxy S phone during an unfortunate rooting misadventure.  “I told you so!” scolded my wife, and I knew that the chances of my getting a new phone approved in the household budget were slim.
    Then I thought of an idea that my wife, always supportive of my efforts at self improvement, couldn’t possibly refuse.  I struck a deal that if I lost 20 lbs., I could buy a new phone.
    When the cookies came out, or ice cream was served, or even when candy canes decked the tree, the thought of a brand new Samsung Galaxy SII with AMOLED display stayed my hand! 
    Even though I still had 10 lbs. to go when I learned about the “Find the Elf” challenge on this blog, I convinced my wife to go for it (I had to work).  When the Elf tweeted that he was at a t-mobile store about 3 miles away from us in Atlanta, my heoric wife threw our three kids into their carseats and made haste to find the elf!  She was the second to the store and WON a FREE GALAXY SII PHONE!
    For two months after winning her SIM card occupied my precious phone as I swore off chips and sugary soda, imagining the day when that huge screen and 4g speed would be mine.  Finally, last week, after 4.5 months I reached the goal!  My SIM was placed in it’s rightful spot inside the exquisite technological marvel that is the Galaxy SII.  After one week of using the phone, I recognize that every missed serving of creme brule and christmas fudge was worth it!
    The only thing that could make this phone any better would be a Seidio case!  I figured we already won a free phone thanks to tmonews, why not try for the free case as well!

  • Ca$h

    sweet cases! 

  • Michellecheung168

    Hey guys. I had a cheap pre paid phone before I got the samsung galaxy s 2! I love the front facing camera because I can keep up with my bff’s without paying extra fees….unlike some other carriers. Major love for tmo and tmonews. Holla!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/U63KYOX7DEBWNT4MGP5TKX73NE Adrian Jackson

    PLZ pick me i really need a case ford my phone

  • http://twitter.com/tjmerrill TJ Merrill

    My GSII does everything I ask it. Tether me up so I can work out of the office, check, at a glance widgets to know what time it’s in Syndey, check. One touch check of traffic or turn by turn directions, check.  Sync music anywhere, check.  Side-load my companies apps, easily. I find my iphone is more a toy than a work horse. 

  • Ron

    Well, well, well!!  I just received my new white GS2 last week.  And it is AWESOME!!  It replaced my old Blackberry Curve.  Everyone has been raving about this phone and I now understand why.  It looks amazing and has amazing performance!  I have a friend that has it in black, he saw my white one and said that he likes it so much better in white.  I have friends that have the iPhone and “oohh and ahhh” over it and say “the screen is so big!”  They’ve been Samsung’d!!

    The phone was well worth the wait.  And by that I mean it was quite the ordeal getting the phone!  I’ve been with T-Mobile for 9 years.  I finally pulled the trigger to get the new GS2 on Jan. 31st 2012.  Then a few days later on TmoNews, I see that there is going to be an amazing sale on the 11th of Feb.  Good thing that I check TmoNews daily for any new tidbits and insider info.  So of course when my new white GS2 shows up on the 6th of Feb. I don’t even get to open it.  I call T-Mobile and was told I have to send the phone back and re-purchase on the 11th to get it “free.”  When I order it on the 11th, everything seems fine.  Then on the 12th, I receive an email that says “BACKORDER”.  BUMMER!  Finally on the 17th, the phone arrives back on my doorstep, literally.  So I have to leave work on my lunch break to go home and save it from the elements.  J 

    I now understand why everyone loves the phone.  I use it all the time!  So nice to be able to access the web, check email, get traffic updates, use GPS to get me where I’m going, watch videos, and on and on.  Now that I have such a nice phone, I’m always so worried about it!  I sure wish I had an awesome Seidio case to protect my awesome phone.  Hopefully, TmoNews can make that happen!  My fingers are crossed.
    Thanks for reading!

  • David

    Coming from a 5 year old nokia handset, I think the galaxy s ii is hands down the best, if not for the
    only reason that I can check the bus schedule live on an app so I know
    the absolutely last minute on when I can leave the house every morning.

  • Carreraporsche991

    great phone. would love a durable case for you gs2 so that it doesn’t crack. hope i win.

  • Ianhu

    Just bought the Samsung Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile) for about a month now and it can do a lot more than any Smart Phones I have used in the past (Windows Mobile, Palm, Blackberry).  Now I can do the following list of tasks and this is a true Laptop/Tablet replacement!  I still need to figure out (some features) so if any readers can point me/post links on the comment will be GREAT!

    1.  Now I can get all my e-mails (web based Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo) all through download Apps!
    2,  All contacts are in one single place (Can’t figure out how to sync/consolidate them as one contact so there are many duplicates here, any HELP will be great!).
    3.  Voice call is awesome and works perfect for VoIP calls too using Google Voice.
    4.  Will try Video call using Qik or Skype (anyone knows if I can video call others who has iPhone face time?)
    5.  For work related, it’s awesome to view docs and search info!  Using a scanning app is awesome as it reduce all the paperwork, just take snap a shot using camera and turns it into PDF!  My dentist was impressed by not asking them to photocopied what I have signed.  The scan/bar code feature is awesome, will try NFC next (any suggestions on NFC will help!)
    6.  For fun related, I can get music streaming, video, TV etc.  Games I only play Sniper so I can’t really tell.  I already impressed a musician friend about the video quality here HD 1080!
    7.  For learning, it’s awesome as I download tons of free apps to quickly learn new things.  Fortune telling is now my favorite new apps :)
    8.  Tools, from flashlights to sirens, this can truly be a survival tool for everyone!
    9.  I bought a 32 GB Class 10 micro SD, plus the built in 16 GB memory for storage, it comes to a total of 48 GB.  Just signed up Box with their free 50 GB cloud storage so now I can scale close to 100 GB but probably want to use Box to back up the phone.
    10. Also need to setup Tethering (I was told there will be extra$ when using SG2 as WiFi hot spot), anyone has tried (using USB direct connect to PC or download apps like PDAnet?  Please comment on which one works!

    Other than the 32 GB micro SD, I also bought a screen protector and case, just ordered MHL adapter to try HDMI to my TV.

    Overall, the Samsung SG2 works great for at least 30+ different purposes (camera, camcorder, MP3 player, Phone, PDA, Tablet etc. too many to list…)  I think Google Android together with Samsung really made a break through with high quality all in one device (true 3rd screen revolution).  I prefer this over the Nexus series as additional external storage is a BIG PLUS!

    Some suggestions, battery life is real short and charging time is about 2 hours (from under 30% back to 100%).  If accesories maker like Seidio can come up with a case that will fit larger battery (new back cover) will be awesome.  The down side of SG2 is the back cover was really cheaply made like paper card board.  You definitely need a case to protect your investment!


    • EddieT

      @Ianhu.. the back cover of the SGS2 is made with a proprietary durable-plastic.. it won’t just break all of a sudden. if u having problems with battery life.. try backing up all ur data and then factory reset the phone (no need to re-format).. this will reset it so that the software starts fresh.. doing so may help with ur battery life, it has also helped others with signal strength. other suggestions: download Sync OnOff, SilentMode, Norton Utilities, Screen Filter.. with these on a non-rooted SGS2 T989, i get a full day worth of battery life. I also suggest buying several extra batteries and an external battery wall/usb charger, so u can charge batteries on the go and have unlimited use of the phone :)

    • EddieT

      answers to your questions:

      #4: try skype, tango, or google talk, etc..
      #5: google wallet, bump
      #6: try modern combat
      #10: upgrade to Tmobile’s FREE unlimited hotspot w/5GB Classic plan

  • Christian Jacob

     I was able to upgrade my G2 to a Samsung Galaxy S II because I saw the TMONEWS post about the Valentines Day sale!  Not only is it a beast of a phone but it was free!  The screen is ridiculously beautiful, performance unmatched (for the time being), and is the best phone I have ever owned.  My even toddler loves QIK video chatting with my wife’s Samsung Galaxy S II with me when I’m at work too! Only thing to make this phone better is a new free case and the Ice Cream Sandwich update!

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  • Peter Choe

    Galaxy S2 is my favorite phone!!!! even though i don’t have it…. DARN YOU HTC SENSATION, THAT I UPGRADED TO 6 MONTHS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dkcomputes

    The galaxy s II is the best phone on the planet. It has everything that one needs in a smartphon. A++ all the way around.

  • Bantar76

    My teenage son whined long and loud enough to get a Galaxy S II. I drool when I see it, and have phone envy. It seriously needs a case so that when I inherit it from him it will be in perfect contition, instead of all scratched up. 

  • Anonymous

    The Galaxy S II is the best phone because you can “Samsung” iPhone users the way I did at my job. Whipped that bad boy out and co-worker/iPhone user: “Damn that’s a big a** phone, looks like a TV screen.” Lol Other comments I got were, “that’s not a phone, its a window pane.” And I just sit back like, “yea baby, that’s how I roll.” Lol

    Sidenote: I really want this case and I refuse to pay what its going for on Amazon.

  • Rosario

    My sister has a Galaxy S II and everyday I see myself playing with it. While I love my G2 (still on contract), something about the Galaxy S II keeps drawing me in. If I win this case I’ll give it to my sister to make up for me hogging her phone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/KingJehu Julio Rivera

    After having a G1 for too long, I got a used Mytouch 3g slide to old me over until this phone came out. This is what I had been waiting for. The Samsung Galaxy SII has been the phone that has finally ended my “phone envy.” Even with the Galaxy Nexus and the new HTC phones announced, I am not interested in anything over my SGS2. Phone envy works the other way. Now everyone at the department I work for has one.

  • Solacebutterfly

    My boyfriend probably loves his Galaxy S II more than he loves me. This phone is so great it has almost completely replaced his laptop. I’d love to see him with this case to help him protect his investment (which cost him somewhere around $600 with T mobile).

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/D2SMCDVCDMC5RCRGBO4RRKJNVM joseph

    the galaxy s2 is the best phone on tmobile so far. thin and fast with a beautiful screen, what more could you want?

  • WRXM33

    Using this phone without protection

  • Adidasmufc

    Not being an Apple fan-boy in the Bay Area is about as common as being a Sarah Palin (who is most decidedly hot btw!). It’s all “i-this” and “i-that” and “why isn’t there an Apple app for it?” from people who can’t even change the default ringtone (sit in a coffee shop and see how many people reach for their phones when the default Apple ringtone goes off!). These are probably the same people who bought SUVs, did Spinning, tried Salsa Dancing and now do Pilates.

    So whilst sitting in a pub listening to a bunch of Appleots proclaim the iPhone as the inventor of the internet, the cure for cancer and everything else Al Gore took the credit for, I decided I had enough and took out my Galaxy SII.

    The first thing everyone said was that the phone was huge! And compared to an iPhone it is, but once you hold it in your hand, it neither feels heavy or big.

    Then I switched it on for them. The SuperAMOLED screen can actually be viewed in daylight! All of a sudden, the Appleots became quieter. Just to rub it in, I launched Vlingo (Samsung’s great voice app) and sent one of the group a text message “by voice” whilst they were sitting there.

    Just to rub it in, I asked them how much their iPhone cost as I popped out the 32GB SD card and played with it in my hand.

    I reduced them to silent awe.

    Fortunately, this happened over the course of 5-10 minutes because the battery life on the SII sucks!

    Can’t have everything I suppose but a neat case (in Black please?) with a kickstand would be one more step towards nirvana…

  • Jay

    My 1 month old nephew likes to watch movies and listen to annoying baby music on my galaxy s2. Mind you he hates them on the iphone and my ipad. Yes, 1 month old!

  • Mudasir

    The Samsung Galaxy S II has made my life more simple, more efficient, and so much more fun. The ease of using this phone from checking my email, to listening to music, or capturing something amazing that happens in a 1080p video is just amazing. This phone has not only captured my friends attention by the beautiful screen but also by its ability to perform without showing any type of lag that may come in other phones. The Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the best phones hands down! 

  • http://twitter.com/abomb954 Azhar Ahmed

    I have been a die hard Apple “fan boy” for quite some time, all the way from the very first iPhone, and always on t-mobile. After the dissapointment with the release of the 4s, i decided this year i would give android a try. One of the best decisions of my life, every single aspect of the phone is better than the iPhone. The 4g is faster than my dorm internet, the AMOLED screen is the best, and the battery life is actually not bad, considering i’m always playing on my phone now. It feels the same way it did moving from the 3gs to the iPhone 4, in a way that just holding the phone off you know this new phone is just of a completely different technology that didn’t exist when the older phone was available. Going from and iPhone 4 to the GSII was the same effect.

  • Ingloriouseeker

    This phone has been a
    god send. My first phone ever was a blackberry pearl 8100. I loved using that
    device and have been using it for four years. But, it was falling apart after
    years of usage. I wanted to get a new blackberry, but I was not going to shell
    out over 300 for a bold 9900. So I accidentally discovered the samsung galaxy s
    2. Let me tell you, it was a blessing in disguise that I didn’t go with another


    My favorite thing about
    this phone is the screen. It is sharp, clear, and precise. Hard to explain, but
    the screen is just amazing. The colors just pop. The camera is amazing. It has autofocus, which is something I that was lacking in the bold 9900. All in all, I have been surprised by my phone. 

  • Controlzx2

    I just like the fact with this phone, I dont need to carry my laptop around. haha

  • Eldon

    The Galaxy S II made me happy after my HTC G2 got stolen, kinda glad it got stolen now haha, cause I have this awesome phone now!

  • Wildcats4

    Love my Samsung Galaxy S II!  I purchased this baby during the T-Mobile Valentine sale.  Formerly used a Blackberry 9700 Bold.  Now I have a Big Beautiful Screen.  Fast.  Has everything I need…………except for a case which I hope to win!

  • Killerdanachick

    I just my free Galaxy S 2 during the valentines day sale. And I have tmonews to thank. I would love to get a free case with my phone so I don’t break it. I hope I win. <3

  • Lilbrice82

    I have always bn anti have a all touch screen phone till I played wit one of my friends and I just had to have it so the next day I was out shopping at target and a lady was there and she ask me wat phone company I had I said T-Mobile she said we have the SAMSUNG GALAXY II for 100 dollars so I brought it and now u just can’t get me to put it down I really love this phone

  • Brian

    My favorite thing about the phone is swype. It intuitively knows exactly what I want to type and I can spit out texts like mad crazy. I love my sgs2 and would appreciate a case to help protect my baby. Hope I win. 

  • scarfacemario

    As of early this morning I was a G2x owner. Iam now here writing this with my brand new Samsung galaxy s2 (white) from target .. I can’t say how much iam already enjoying the big amoled screen the fact that its white just makes it stand out so nicely I really am loving this phone the only thing that’s missing is a seidio active case which I hope I win from a site that I truly enjoy reading and made me love Tmobile more and more :) thanks David and Tmonews

  • Goobacks

    Loving my white galaxy s2. I’ve had every type of phone and actually just traded my Galaxy nexus for this. Yes I went from 4.0 to 2.3 but this phone is just amazing. I get wifi calling, 4G speeds, big ol 4.5 inch display, nice fast 1.5gHz dual core processor, and to top it off it’s white. Can’t wait until 4.0 is out for it. Here is to hoping I can protect this beauty with one of these cases.

  • Anonymous

    Theirs nothing more satisfying than to have confidence in your phone being able to accomplish tasks for you. The galaxy 2 gives my a sense of capability and how limitless the phone could be. Need a flashlight? Got flash. Also no need for even a high end digital camera with the GS2. I can open an app without worrying about compatibility and that if an app isn’t working optimally for my phone, theirs something wrong with the app, not me. There’s also the future proof aspect of it all. When NFC rolls out in retailers, I’ll be ahead of the curve for a while to come. To wrap it up, I haven’t got a case cause this thing has a sturdy quality plastic build that won’t shatter on impact. This case would keep it in an even more pristine condition.

  • http://twitter.com/amitbshah Amit Shah

    Love my GS-II. I am always connected  to my team, my friends, family and relatives back  home. After I got Gs – II, I never felt I am too far from them. Camera, Navigation, Android Apps, Emails made my life so easy. Without this my life would be dull and boring.

  • Josh N

    After working in the wireless industry for close to eight years, I depend on my phone for a multitude of things. I usually go through more phones in a year than most users will go through in their life, and the Galaxy S2 has never let me down. 

    I’ve owned it and used it exclusively for about 6 months now, which is a personal record for me. 
    – I have three email accounts (Business, school, and personal) on sync 24 hours a day.
    – I use my eBay app to manage my auctions and Google Voice to manage my dedicated Craig’s List phone number, all in the name of helping with my side job (With cell phones. Surprise!). 
    – Being a year away from my Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Google Docs keeps my code available wherever I go.
    – Since finishing my degree meant leaving my home state to move to Vegas, the front camera lets me chat with everyone back home face-to-face, or as close to being face-to-face as I can from this far away.
    – The 1.5 GHz processor keeps all my SGS2 buddies with AT&T and Sprint jealous.

    All these things, coupled with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ speeds, keep me connected and working hard. I’m very careful with my phones, and would love to keep mine looking brand new.

  • Brent

    The CPU, screen and camera were all an upgrade from the atrix 4g I had with AT&T. Along with service that works at my home….

  • Omana2015

    Gorgeous display data speed touch wiz is a heart stopper and the only phone that give me full bars at home big upgrade from blackberry 9700

  • Xavierace

    Look at my phone, now look at your phone, now back at mine. Can your phone match my galaxy s ll’s 1.5Ghz processor speeds? No. Now can it match my phone’s 42mb/s internet speeds? Still no. Enough chit chat. Swan dive! Right into the best time of your life. I speak of course of going to the t-mobile to get yourself one of these bad boys so you can have as much swagger as i do.

    • EddieT

      uhm.. that’s impossible.. how are you getting 42Mbs on a 4G SGS T989? i could imagine that maybe with a SG Nexus 4G LTE on Verizon if you’re close to the towers

  • Syed Ahmed

    The Galaxy S 2 has amazing features and the design is slick. Going to say the size is huge, but when comes down to playing games, surfing, or watching movies- it’s simple the best. It makes connectivity awesome and you feel like you’ve got a one of a kind phone in your pocket. Plus its samsung!

  • Nshafi

    I love my Galaxy S2 despite the fact that i have changed batteries twice and device once via tmobile tech support. Its a phone that i realy want to work. Although it keeps trying not to. But i will make sure i keep using it till it dies or galaxy s 3 comes. 

    • EddieT

      try this: first back up any data you need to save, then go to settings/privacy/factory data reset (no need to reformat). after you do this, reply back here if this helped your situation. :)

  • Anonymous

    Why is my Galaxy S II is your favorite phone ever? 
    Well, that’s a good question. T-Mobile does not offer the iPhone. I was waiting for years for T-Mobile to offer the iPhone. It never happened. As I wept and wept year after year as Steve Jobs did not announce a T-Mobile iPhone, I began to consider Android because Cole Brodman wouldn’t shut up about offering “new and exciting” Android devices and how they compare to iPhone.. blah blah blah. A good friend of mine referred me to the Samsung Galaxy S II. After watching numerous reviews and DogFights from Aaron B. at Phonedog, I knew this was the phone I needed to get. (While I totally ignored Aaron’s recommendation of the HTC Amaze and the iPhone 4S over the SGSII) 

    That night when it arrived at my home, I remember playing around with the phone until around midnight. I was like a kid in a candy store. I loved it. When it was time to hit the hay, I put it down on my bed.

    Now, being the clumsy guy I am, I jumped on my bed (envision a 6’3″ 200 LB man just plopping onto a queen sized bed) and my phone went flying, at least 6 feet. Not to mention my hamburger I had been eating went flying. 

    When the phone landed, I expected the worst. There it was. The screen was facing down. The Galaxy S II logo and the camera facing up. Feeling extremely anxious, I took a bite out of my hamburger that had hit the floor along with the phone. It was cold. I started sweating nervously because I knew that most likely the screen was shattered into a million pieces and I would continue my notorious rep for breaking my new purchases the first day. 

    After bawling for about 10 minutes, I pulled myself together (as my HS junior teacher had told me to do many times in the past) and looked at the screen of the phone. 

    Not a scratch. I was stunned. Thank you Samsung, for making such a durable phone. Thanks to fate for not shattering the phone. I was so happy.

    Why do I need this case? We all know that 9 times out of 10 in that situation, my phone would be dead and I would be making excuses to my mother of why we have another $400 charge. Being the middle class, average Joe I am, you can expect that I don’t have the money to upgrade my phone several times a year. I really got lucky that my phone didn’t break right there. 

    Being a self-esteem enthusiast, I was always made fun of for carrying a prepaid phone around (Samsung T749.) I am a frequently traveling businessman, so just imagine a man in a black suit carrying a briefcase and a fire red phone. Do you know how much I have to sweat just to press down on the touch screen? It is a joke of a touch screen, it’s “resistive,” I’ve been told by a laughing teenager. Think of all the looks I get in airplanes when I am trying to look professional. I have to hide myself in the lavoratory and talk to myself in the mirror!

    I love my Galaxy S II. It is big, bold, and makes me look like a smartphone aficionado. My phone should have been broken. Fortunately, it did not break. I do not have a case on my S II right now. Please protect my phone with this awesome case and prevent my phone from (nearly) breaking again. Help a clumsy and rather low self-esteemed guy out, would ya! 

    (Congratulations if you read this whole thing, I award you with 10 points!)

    • EddieT

      try downloading “Speaktoit Assistant”.. much better than talking to yourself
      in the lavoratory. :) btw, the SGS 2 is made with Gorilla Glass, it’s not impenetrable, but it won’t easily get scratched or break, even if you drop it on cement. :)

  • Angelica A.

    Wow what can I say I just love this phone…I have a one year old baby girl that just won’t go to sleep at night, so ai play lullabies from you tube and she falls asleep looking at the awesome picture quality the galaxy has. I also just baptized my daugfhter and the  galaxy saved me hundreds of dollars, cause instead of paying a photographer to take pics. I had my older son take pictures with my galaxy and they were just of great quality, awesome printable quaity.

  • James Thomas Edwards

    I love the new Galaxy S 2 phone. This phone has all features most phones are missing. This phone could take T- Mobile to the next level and beyond. The sharp quality of this phone is amazing. This is a phone that would be hard to not have in your hands 24/7. I have been a loyal T- Mobile customer for a long time. I am excited they are offering such an amazing phone.

  • Anonymous


  • philly8

    I hope i won! Texas roadhouse comment! dont forget to pick it!.

  • http://twitter.com/iDiotGear Rob Daman

    well i didn’t win. oh well.

  • Smiilingbulldog

    Where r the winners posted at?

    • Bstreak83

      Good question.

      • http://tmonews.com David

        The winners will be announced later!

  • Mnaz105

    Did I win?

    • Bstreak83

      The winners will be posted Monday. Oh, wait, that’s today!

  • Supaspydaman

    Are they posted yet…?

  • Supaspydaman

    Are they posted yet…?