T-Mobile Releases Statement Regarding JD Power Showing

T-Mobile is on the offensive today, hoping to get word out about their own disappointment on today’s fourth place JD Power wireless customer care awards. While we’ve already got two internal statements covered inside our earlier post, this is the official media statement being circled around courtesy of T-Mobile’s PR team. I appreciate T-Mobile’s recognition of their own disappointment and I truly believe they can bring the level of service we expect back this year. They have the tools and now they have the motivation to do exactly that. It’s a challenge, but hopefully one they will not only succeed at it, but also raise above their own previous success to new-found levels of customer service greatness. I know that’s exactly what the front-line team and customers want.

T-Mobile Addresses Latest J.D. Power Customer Care Results

Delivering outstanding customer service is core to T-Mobile, and we’ve been consistently recognized as a leader in Customer Care. This makes our fourth place ranking in the J.D. Power and Associates 2012 Wireless Customer Care Study difficult and disappointing.

T-Mobile incorporated several changes in a short period of time at the beginning of this reporting period. We introduced many new offers combined with changes to our policies and procedures, which made it difficult for our frontline to deliver the highest level of service to customers. Realizing the impact, T-Mobile reacted quickly and made significant adjustments to improve service. For example, changes made to our Speech Interactive Voice Response (SIVR) system have been well received. We’re also making strides to more efficiently resolve customer issues.

T-Mobile is committed to re-establishing our outstanding service reputation, giving our customers the great service they expect and deserve.


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  • Anonymous

    I have been with TMO for years now and I have noticed in the past CUSTOMER WAS ALWAYS RIGHT.  It seems these days THEY ARE RIGHT and that’s it.  In the past they worked with us and took care of every issue.  My buddy had a Samsung Vibrant that stopped working right after owning it for two months.  Called TMO and sent him a refurbished one.  That one was also a defect.  Called TMO again and they sent him another refurbished one.  Called TMO again.  This went on about 5 to six times and he kept asking them if they can send him a brand new phone since the refurbs are not working.  This went on for a while and TMO refused to help and send him a new one.  This went on for months and finally my buddy payed early termination fee and went with Sprint.  Want to fix CHURN, start with helping your customers when they need you.  I remember TMO would do almost anything to help out but this has been the Customer Service lately and this is why they are 4th.  I have other incidents but who cares if TMO doesn’t care.

    • Anonymous

      You are right, those refurbs are causing nightmares for customers and tech support reps. I used to work tech support at T-Mobile and some of the worst calls we would get were customers that had just received  defective replacements. Not only is this an a embarrassment to the company but also made it difficult to justify refurbs as replacements and was very annoying to the customer

      I had the same experience with a Samsung Galaxy S 4G not reading the sim card and the refurb replacement could not read the sim cards either. I ended up buying a brand new Galaxy on craigslist which T-Mobile blocked after 2 months sayng the original owner must not have paid their bill.

      In all fairness, once those phones fall outside of the 14 day buyer’s remorse, it’s all refurbs from that point. They never stock brand new phones for replacement unless it’s an alternate exchange of which a lot of those are refurbs as well. The only way to guarantee a brand new device is through an upgrade or purchase. T-Mobile has little or no control over warranty replacement inventory.

      T-Mobile needs to improve the quality control at the refurb warehouse or make some sort of special provision for customers with genuine chronic issues with their devices. Shareholders are winning , not the customers.

      • Jcj1

        I have a Vibrant, yeah it lags a bit but is still good device. Never had the GPS issue. Every carrier send refurbished devices. By the way, T-Mobile doesn’t refurb devices, manufacturers do!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Fahd-Yar-Khan/528095244 Fahd Yar Khan

        My HD2 died got  replacement refurb phone that i paid shipping for which was also dead, fought with CS rep. to get free shipping on 2nd refurb phone.

        Had numerous billing problems where i was over billed, onces got a $320 bill :D
        When i called they told me to pay the whole thing and they would re-credit me the money in the following months, i challenged the CS rep that i can use this against them in court and its unethical, illegal to do so, only then they said ok we will fix your bill and had to call them another 5 times before they did.I don’t care about shareholders CS reps. executives etc. i am customer and i am going to Sprint or Verizon when my contract is up in a few months time.

    • Jcj1

      I dare you go do their job, see what its like dealing with people. I know people who do that job, you wouldn’t last a week

  • Shadibaby510

    Not surprised by this. I noticed last year that the customer service experience went from being good to long wait times then people from a foreign country answering and having to transfer you to “better assist you” then more wait time. They became a mess and i know not everybody has experienced this so ill just state that this is my experience.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Fahd-Yar-Khan/528095244 Fahd Yar Khan

    JD Powers have gained my respect after seeing this. In the past 2 yrs. i’ve been on tmobile, my wife has been on ATT and then Verizon and their service is far far superior to Tmobile.

    Tmobile is basically a money hungry company that want’s to make dime and nickle my mis-information followed my applying extra charges to everyone’s account.  I’ve had this problem 3 times in the last 1 yr. horrible customer service. Worst i’ve ever seen.
    Hopefully i would be going to Verizon or Sprint and get the Galaxy Nexus :)

  • Mspin133

    I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for 8 years now and I’ve never thought I’d see the day where their customer service went down the drain. The reps now blatantly lie through their teeth to get you to add new features and make it near impossible to get it removed. While on a call, a rep informed me about the international talk and text plan and said it would apply once on my family account. I end up getting a bill with the charge per each of the 5 lines. Not only that, but they backdated it so the charge is for the whole month. So far, I have been through 5 reps and each one promises to fix the issue and post a credit to the account and non of that has happened and each one pretends to be clueless about the notations of the credit. It also took them 2 Weeks to remove the feature from.this month’s cycle (and of course this was not backdated). What’s worse than overseas reps is reps that blatantly lie to your face repeatedly which is what T-Mobile CS has become. In my opinion, their poor rating is well deserved and warranted. Good going T-Mobile, you just lost one of your major selling points. I just started looking at other providers to move too.

  • Melweb76

    This is such a shame, I worked for T-mobile for 10 years and quit, its not the same anymore, they don’t care about the customers, its the bottom dollar, stop the over seas calls, keep it in house.  Stop the customer care reps adding on service that customers don’t even want just to get there commission check up.  We used to be great with Sue Knoks running the customer care side.  Fire all the idiots,  Same goes for the retail side.  All reps are scared to do customer care due to they have to perform and get those add a lines and features to keep there jobs.  I honestly don’t think the CEO sees this yet. Take the blinders off and look at the markets. All the great employess have quit, and they have idiots running the stores.

  • TMODefector

    Buh bye, T-Mobile. It was fun in the beginning, but lately you just haven’t been yourself. You seem so…distant and annoyed with me. I have to move on. And did last night. Her name is AT&T…

  • Aaron

    It’s very simple. They outsourced their customer support at the end of 2010, beginning of 2011 and it was an absolute disaster. Their support went from amazing to the worst I’ve ever experienced. It was horrible. Sometime in the middle of the year they stopped and it got better. I’d reserve judgement for a little.