(Updated With Clarified Statements From T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray) A Look At T-Mobile’s CES 2012 Booth, The Availability Of The iPhone, And A Look At Carly With Mr TmoNews Himself

Clarification from T-Mobile Regarding iPhone: Comments made by T-Mobile’s CTO, Neville Ray, regarding the evolution of chipsets to include additional bands were misconstrued. Mr. Ray was speaking generally to chipset advancements available to all phone manufacturers. T-Mobile has no knowledge of Apple’s product roadmap and our position on the iPhone has not changed.

Yup, after almost 3 years of being a part of the T-Mobile world as the man behind TmoNews, I’m revealing myself as the great wizard of T-Mobile OZ. Why did I stay anonymous for so long? Absolutely no reason whatsoever. You’ll catch a before and after shot carefully arranged by the folks at T-Mobile with Carly herself taking a picture with me, then giving me a good shot to the stomach for all those awesome leaks I do. We had a good time at T-Mobile’s event last night and Colbie Caillat was very good.

The event itself was as much a story about where T-Mobile has been as it was about where they are going. Ultimately, I know a lot of you are disappointed by the lack of handset and network announcements. I can only try to emphasize that T-Mobile was looking at a very different January CES event a few short weeks ago. As it stands now, they’ve got plenty in the pipeline, this I both know through ninjas and from comments from T-Mobile personnel themselves. T-Mobile Chief Executive himself promises an exciting year with plenty in the pipeline to keep T-Mobile customers happy as the the company sees a return to fighting spirit.

T-Mobile Chief Technology Officer went as far as to tell CNET in a separate interview that the next Apple iPhone will have a “…chipset [that] will support AWS,” then saying in reference to the iPhone not running on T-Mobile’s network in the past, “the challenge that existed in the past will go away.” Ray has said he has seen the roadmap of chipsets Apple is planning to use, and knows it has the capability to run on AWS. He also stated that Apple could choose not to strike a deal with T-Mobile thereby ignoring the AWS capability.

T-Mobile also reiterated a focus on Bobsled, which I honestly feel is a real opportunity for them. Bobsled is a unique service and the opportunity to travel internationally and call without any cost provides a significant advantage over popular alternatives like Google Voice. I expressed my desire to see T-Mobile market Bobsled uniquely against Google Voice, in the sense of the low cost, utilizing your already existing phone number rather than establishing a separate one and highlighting the flexibility of using both Android, iOS, smartphones and tablets alike.

The rest of the event highlighted T-Mobile’s focus on Value and smartphone ownership. T-Mobile spoke specifically about an Omnibus survey that confirmed 4G and affordability are two critical features for smartphone ownership. Some highlights from that survey conducted among 2,573 adults ages 18 and older. Among the group were 235 first-time smartphone buyers and 998 current smartphone owners who will remain on a smartphone in 2012:

  • More than four-in-ten (44 %) first time smartphone buyers in 2012 say the cost of the data plan associated with the smartphone is the most influential reason they have not purchased a smartphone before.
  • About one-in-three consumers (28%) rank a “fast and reliable 4G network connection” as the most important feature they need when looking for a new smartphone.
  • 86% of current smartphone owners who also own a tablet want access to content on their tablet everywhere they can on their smartphone — not just where there is Wi-Fi. (NOTE: this may explain why T-Mobile’s SonicTM 4G Mobile Hotspot is popular with Wi-Fi-only tablet owners.)
  • 79% of current smartphone users/first-time smartphone buyers in 2012 are less likely to carry other technology when they have their smartphone.
  • Nearly one-third (32%) of smartphone users think it is difficult to find the best applications for them. To help consumers, T-Mobile takes a “freemium” approach – preloading new, T-Mobile devices with more than $150 worth of free, premium applications, services and content.

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  • Anonymous

    If tmo has a 42mb/s iphone with current plans, prepare for a mass exodus from every carrier to tmo

    • Anonymous

      I would consider it if they take on the further android dress up i want to see something similar to widgets on android and i want them to quit bsing with the hardware but thats unlikely 

    • Aerofanbig

      Annnnnd watch all of our devices slow down because of the clogged up networks, just like what happened at AT&T. iPhone users tend to use more data via music and vid streaming. 

      • TMOLOYAL

        is not likely the case for a long while. T-Mobile has an extensive Fiber backhaul system that
        far shadows AT&T’s. They have been able to achieve this through cable
        companies and other long haul fiber providers. When AT&T launched the
        iPhone they only had copper T-1’s going to the sites. T-Mobile has set
        themselves up with a very easily expanded capacity network on the backhaul
        side. Where they may run into issues is spectrum, but that will not be for a
        while down the road.

        • Guest

          I have been a T-Mo Customer since 1997 and i am Eligible 4 an upgrade, but i will not until they get the iPhone. (do not care about Spamdroid)
          I am still using my iPhone 2G on T-Mo without any Problems, & i can bet that Many Customers who left because of the iPhone will come back, because in  my Opinion, T-Mobile has the best Service.

          “In my Humble Opinion”
          Go Magenta Go 4 (2012)

  • Rv800x

    I always thought you were a black guy. I’m completely amazed right now. 

    • http://tmonews.com David

      Thanks for the amazement, I think!

    • J-Hop2o6

      And thats good news for Tmo if the next iPhone supports AWS finally, which isn’t a surprise since next gen ARM chips are shinking down from 45/40nm to 32/28nm, which should fit most widely used cell radios (2G [GSM & CDMA], 3G [HSPA+ & CDMA], 4G [LTE]) and all their different bands into 1 chip/die.

      But this is what irks me (for Tmo’s sake): “He also stated that Apple could choose not to strike a deal with T-Mobile thereby ignoring the AWS capability.” Tmo better try their best to strike a deal with Apple. The rest of the Big 4 has it now, even the limited C-Spire carrier carries the iPhone. Thats really embarrassing. I don’t want the iPhone, but LOTS of ppl do, and has left Tmo for it. And other than the iPhone, work on more aggressive marketing and expand your native network with atleast HSPA (7.2) for small towns and highways/interstates (alot of ppl outside bigger cities complain about that). Thank god for that new 3G/HSPA roaming deal with AT&T for the next 7 years. And work on getting HSPA+ over your PCS/1900 spectrum like you’ve been recently.

  • Anonymous

    I am not trying to be negative, But Spring payed a lot of money to get the iPhone, What makes T-Mobile think apple can begin supporting it without T-Mobile shelling out millions of dollars? I hope it does come to T-Mobile though, my contract is almost up and I don’t want to switch to another carrier, but I really want the iPhone.

    • Bassam El-azzeh

      I thought sprint put up alot of money as a back up in case the iphone does not sell well.(Like that would happen) If that was the reason then that bid was just incentive to take a risk. What do I know.

    • http://twitter.com/bruce_leer0y Tewn Ah

      Sprint acknowledged for the first time Wednesday that it has a four-year contract with Apple in which it will commit to buy a set number of iPhones, which Sprint estimated will cost about $15.5 billion

  • Anonymous

    Just having that picture with Carly made a lot of people here jealous.

    BTW, good coverage of what’s going on with T-mobile there at CES.  I’m looking forward to all the cool stuff they have in the pipe.  Hopefully the ninjas can find some tidbits for all of us to nibble on soon!

    • Cackspit

      Carly nudez would top those current pics :)

  • http://twitter.com/bruce_leer0y Tewn Ah

    Interesting, the iPhone news is great. I’d never purchase one if it came to t-mobile but i know it would make so many customers happy. I just wish that instead of adding more cities that T-mobile would improve the service they already have. Some places in Mass. Rhode Island and especially Connecticut i’m lucky if i’m getting 2g and these days it feels like if you’re not getting 3g you don’t have any service.

    • Keithvstevens

      Update: In a clarification to 9to5Mac, T-Mobile reports that Ray said only that Apple could use an AWS-capable chipset in a future iPhone model, not that he had specific knowledge of Apple’s roadmap.

  • http://twitter.com/bruce_leer0y Tewn Ah

    Great pictures btw, Carly seemed to enjoy  punching you in the gut

  • Tuliom Mesa

    Carly is looking cute, did you get her number?

    • Anonymous

      Considering he only recently got married, I don’t think the Mrs. would appreciate that :-P

  • Henderson

    man, you got a square head…lol. you are cuban??

    • http://tmonews.com David

      No, no I am not. 

  • Anonymous

    Wow. All these iPhone cry babies should get together in a circle and jerk each other off. Maybe then they will shut up.

    • http://tmonews.com David

      I don’t think I will do that actually. I think I’ll just like a different platform than you and move on with life. 

    • Realcool2000

      Wow, ive seen less offensive comments deleted fast….lol.

      But seriously, if someone wants the iPhone then theres nothing wrong with that.

      More like all the whiners about every sale ,lte huggers , and those that have to let everyone know they are supposedly jumping ship need to all live on a reality show together.

  • Bimmerz

    It’s about time you came out of the clos… from hiding behind the scenes! Nice to finally put a face with da man himself, that brings us some of the best T-Mobile news around! 

    Way to rock it David – good to “see” you! =o)

  • Auser72

    David, see if you can find out what they have planned for current loyal customers. Any special plans or early upgrades to address churn problem.

    • http://tmonews.com David

      I’m not sure they know the answer to that actually. As soon as I know, you’ll know. 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this, David. :)

    And let me go ahead and thank you for the upcoming year of T-Mobile secrets. 

  • LewCarue

    NOTHING ABOUT THE GALAXY NEXUS !!. What’s up with that ?

    • Ilyas_k15

      Galaxy S II is better, don’t even worry about the Galaxy Nexus. Once the Galaxy S II gets the ICS, it will crush the Galaxy Nexus

      • Spanky

        Not really, but to each their own, I guess.

      • Anonymous

        only better if you don’t want updates

        • Wilma Flintstone

          Vanilla ICS, Updates and a Partial HD screen are the ONLY things the Nexus has over the GS2.  EVERYTHING Else is better on the GS2.

        • Anonymous

          immediate updates when available are also HUGE, if you aren’t a fan of rooting your phone.

  • alexxxx

    So they have 2 new products- bobsled & galaxy blaze? wake me up in a million years

  • Keithvstevens

    Update: In a clarification to 9to5Mac, T-Mobile reports that Ray said only that Apple could use an AWS-capable chipset in a future iPhone model, not that he had specific knowledge of Apple’s roadmap…. this is more Bullcrap from t-mobile. 

  • Kirk

    I bet his name isn’t really David.

    • David

      Look at my name badge!

    • http://tmonews.com David

      Come on, look at the picture…my name badge is there. 

  • Anonymous

    Kinda off topic but I didn’t picture you like that David.

    Thanks for covering this, looking forward to 2012 on t-mobile

  • Gwap0

    Thanks David!!!! Good to see you!!! More power to Tmonews!!! and Hope we can get 3G on our Iphony4$ VERY SOON!

  • 4G

    Thanks for all the info David. How close are we to getting the Note? I’m 2 seconds from buying the one for ATT when it comes out and suffering through 2g speeds just like iPhone crowd does

  • Jgaleas2011

    the blaze looks pretty good just gonna wait to see if its galaxy s2 varient instead of jus galaxy s like some people have been saying… i like most was dissappointed by their CES announcememnt but i trust when u wrote they have stuff lined up soon, ill just hold out a little more..

  • Anonymous

    So, where’s the highend WP device?

  • Guest001

    Ok, when I say this I’m not talking about people that frequent this website or other sites like this but the average consumer. Lets say that Apple’s next iPhone supports AWS and T-Mobile is finally able to get the iPhone. Why would the average consumer get the T-Mobile iPhone instead of one from the other 3 carriers? A lot of people are speculating that the new iPhone will support LTE. Most consumers would look at the T-Mobile iPhone as inferior because its not LTE, and I’m sure that Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T would heavily state this fact in all of their commercials.

    • Manny Munoz

      I think T-Mobile’s advantage was always cheaper prices. So I suppose if you wanted an iPhone and cheaper cell phone service you would go to T-Mobile.

    • Jays_on

      Because I’d like to think that not all consumers are educated & driven by marketing (naive I know!). The 4g speed tmo offers is more than enough to fuel an iphone (or any smart phone for that matter) for a lot less $$$ than other carriers. More people will continue to make decisions based on value.

      • zazou1

        With this economy, people are going to go for the cheapest plans and Tmobile really has an opportunity with this…

  • BigMixxx

    DAMN!  I can’t go today…gotta go tomorrow! meetings!  

  • Jays_on

    happy as THE THE company sees a return to fighting spirit.

  • Disgruntled Tmo.next to CHURN

    I agree with lot of this but what are the specific $150 apps? My new phone came with crap apps – all of which I wish I could delete, most of which are just trying to sell me other stuff. And Ive always said the monthly data rates are whats expensive..thats why the ‘value’ plans dont register…You quote a cheaper price and then you add another $20/month and it makes no sense to the average consumer. You cant then say you have to sign a 2year contract but trust us in 20 months youll start saving a bit of cash. HAVE A REAL SALE. Look at VRZ double data sale; I bet that worked. I originally signed with Tmobile 5 years ago because they had a sale where I got $10 off the regular monthly rate; it was an easily understood value and I knew I was saving every month –and got a free phone. Last 18 months, service has really deteriorated. Read Tmobile forums & you see a pattern in complaints and also how Tmo reps deal with customers. Many are ill informed, dont follow through; and prepaid is outsourced & really tarnishes the company’s reputation.

  • Anonymous

    I hope they get the iPhone this time.  More choices is always better for us T-mo subscriber. 

  • Dave Macias

    hahaha the picture with Carly beating the hell out of David is hilarious!!! , would love to meet Carly i don’t care what the wife says hahaha


      carly is not good, she is thin and  too tall like a tree. Whoopy has better bodyshape and looks better than carly

      • Dave Macias

        are you kidding me? how can you compare Carly with Whoopy?/ there is a huge age difference and BMI  hahaha

  • Jaygqitalia

    Question. If T-Mobile was likely to get the next IPHONE. Do you think you will be able to use WIFI calling with it? I need phones with that since I get no service in my place.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Doubt it unless APPLE adds it to iOS. They don’t let ANY outsiders add special ‘things’ to their software.

      • The Big Daddy Bear

        Thats pretty much why TMO declined to carry the iphone in 2007. Apple went to tmo first, but apple wanted to have so much control over the phone and the network that tmo wasnt willing to become essentially slaves to apple. 

      • Kahlayoh

        I see the new ios 5 have the drop down status bar like our android phones do!!! Glad to see android phones influence apple…lol

        • Whiskers

          So where is this i5 pic since it’s not even finished being designed yet ?

        • Mopar6464

          Ooops , my fault.
          You were talking about IOS 5.

  • Mingkee

    It sounds like a good comeback after buyout failure (a good thing for customers and employees).

  • djh

    you’re cute :)

  • J-Hop2o6

    +1 for this post.

  • guest

    Wow! I can now see why David has been hiding all these years! ;)

    Just kidding! Nice, normal looking guy… not sure where all these “I thought you were black or Cuban” comments are coming from lol! Carly must be 6′ something. Those tall women love to wear even taller shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting news today:
    Dish and Google Inc. submitted a bid for T-Mobile, SNL Kagan said [Businessweek]


      great to get some smart guys in the driver’s seat. 


      This is a BS rumor. You may want to read more than one BS post before repeating them. 

      • Anonymous

        Calm down…..agree that it’s very unlikely…. (not completely BS though)

    • Wilma Flintstone

      LOL!!! Google?  Yeah, in your dreams LOL!!!

  • jon

    As I posted in the story about the Turkish HTC update timeline, iPhone IS coming. I have busted on David so many times when he manages to slip the word iPhone into every story, but now isn’t one of the times I should bust on him. My wife has heard info from very high uppers that it will happen in 6-9 months. I know the people my wife rubs elbows with and if they say something, you can book it.

    • The Big Daddy Bear

      It would be interesting to see a timeline highlighting every date, or time frame, that “very high uppers” have stated the iphone is coming. Well I heard from very high uppers who elbows I rub that the iPhone wont be coming to tmobile until after aliens buy out tmobile from the planet salzabaarrrr and then assimilate apple and conjoin us into the united phone union of zanddyrhccxchxx and use the iphone eventually assimilate the world while doing battle with the forces of android and the mighty android armada. That should all happen in about 7-8 months. Just in time for back to school specials. 

      • jon

        I also stated in that very same HTC story, that even I roll my eyes when people claim to “be in the know”…So Mr Teddy Bear, I understand your need to be a flamer. Uh, I mean, I understand your need to flame. Flame away…

        • The Big Daddy Bear

          Sure, call me flamer is you want, but lets be real here. You expect us to believe that you know someone who knows someone who knows something that everyone else and their dog have been saying they know and been wrong about sooo many times. 

          I don’t doubt that the iPhone will eventually come to tmobile. Its coming to everyone else, and with network sharing going on and apple eventually needing to increase revenue by broadening their marketing and sales horizons. 

          However, I just find it funny how you dont even work for the company, your wife doesnt even have her own insider information, she just heard from someone who apparently is “in the know” and we are to take that like factual information. 

        • Ashshlay

          I work for Tmo and never heard these “rumors” internally from anyone in upper positions until after the merger was canceled. The reasoning was very clear. Any appearance to show a lack of faith in the merger by going after the iPhone during the proposed merger could kill it and lose out on the kickback. It also didn’t make sense to go for the iPhone if you’d get it as part of AT&T. Now that it’s over the goal and timeline has been shared with some management to have the iPhone in around 6 months. I believe it now but who cares until it’s here.

        • jon

          These bozos just don’t understand T-Mobiles structure and how info is passed along. My wife is a manager and heard this straight from the site directors mouth. Something that has never happened in the years prior when iPhone rumors would fly. When a site director (this one is over 2500 T-Mobile employees) shares info like that with his/her assistant site director, the senior manager and all of the managers, you can bet its legit..of coarse there will always be people like Teddy Bear that doubt anonymously posted stuff like I just shared. And to be honest, I am one of those people. The difference between me and him is, I just read and move on. He feels the need to question and be the “internet tough guy or wise @ss. But thanks for sharing what you have heard Ashshlay..

      • T-mobile Employee

        Your brain is obviously more acute than that of a Stegosaurus. It is coming soon and has been confirmed in internal meetings with managers/directors. It was only a matter of time until this happened.  As a Company we understand the importance of the i-phone but will not pay for exclusivity. That is T-mobile’s stance and if you want to make a smart comment about my sources, I work there and that’s all.   

        • Mopar6464

          So will it be the next i5 with it’s new design and release for all carriers or a cheap sub par iphone I4S with AWS installed ?
          T-mobile hardly ever gets the top of the line phones , always medium grade style with T-Mobile stick together BS installed.

  • Thecityboy781

    David y u huggin my carly 4 ?

  • Anonymous

    Carly looks much better off TV.


    why do i have to open a facebook account to make phonecalls?

  • meeeee

    well ur hot

  • TMoFan

    Oh David I’m super jealous. I’d do anything to get a picture like that with me and Carley! Thanks for reporting. It’s nice to hear some positive T-Mobile news for a change.


    did you have happy ending with CARLY or just a hug?

    TMO didn’t introduce the GALAXY S3 and the GALAXY S 2 HD?

    looks like  we have to wait for after the koreans    get tired of these

    • J-Hop2o6

      GS3 should be revealed at MWC 2012. They reveal it there every year.


        hearted koreans are soon getting the new GALAXY S4

      • Anonymous

        Hoping we see it here on TMO quicker than how long it took the S2

  • Kevweb32125

    Carly look much better on tv, plus she very thin

    • Jays_on

      Really? I thought she looked better in the photos above. Never thought that much of her in the commercials,

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Hey David, you know I spotted you in a photo a long time ago remember?  It may have been at last years MWC.  You were reviewing a device (I believe it was your first TmoNews Review) and in it, you had the camera focused on a surface with a mirror reflection and I spotted you then.

    LOL!!! Also, David was horseplaying with Carly. LOL!!!  She gave you a Shin Shoryuken LOL!!!

    Also, thanks for covering the Tmobile booth for us.  I was getting the feeling that Tmobile didn’t even show up this year seeing as how little info they had.  The Booth looks really cool though.

  • Derrickps3

    i dont mean to be rude, but carly look like she need to eat…..good lord O_O she skinny af

  • nerdlust

    Tmobile had a nice booth. Nice pic with carly keep up the good work.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Ah yes, what would a TMoNews thread be without a mention of the iPhone. People need to get real. Even Herr Humm in his interviews to the NY Times and Forbes
    said that “it is up to Apple” if and when the iPhone comes to TMOUS.

    Humm’s statements notwithstanding, if the iPhone was coming to T-Mobile
    it would be one of the biggest blunders, if not the biggest, to keep
    that under wraps. As I said before, if Deutsche Telekom was sincere
    about keeping TMOUS a going DT concern (as opposed to maintaining or
    enhancing value to get a decent sales price for the division) TMOUS
    should be doing everything possible to say “we are back, and back with a

    Certainly one way to trumpet TMOUS is back to the big time, announce the
    iPhone is coming, even if it is six months to launch date. There is no
    business logic, IMO, to keeping such a monumental event under wraps
    until one to two months before the debut. (Of course, since everyone and
    their mother’s uncle, as the saying goes, has the iPhone, I doubt
    T-Mobile finally getting the iPhone would even make page six of the
    business section, at least in terms of news coverage.

    Bonus iPhone Comment/Gossip/Rumor: I suspect the
    only way TMOUS would get front page media coverage on the iPhone is if
    Apple used T-Mobile to introduce its first prepaid handset, which Apple
    is supposed to be doing soon. (It will be a pared-down iPhone so to meet a $350 price point. What THAT iPhone would spec at, that’s kinda frightening. But Apple has surely noted that there’s over 1.8 BILLION potential iPhone customers worldwide, and close to 70% of those people prefer prepaid plans.

    So a prepaid Apple iPhone, that would be a sweet move, Apple debuting
    its first prepaid handset via TMOUS. Sadly, in this regard, I hear
    MetroPCS is in the running to get the prepaid iPhone because, I agree, Apple is not going to sell a stripped down iPhone AND come out with a T-Mobile chipset.

    Anyway, back to TMOUS and AT&T. Although I have no facts ON THE AT&T DEAL to support this
    statement, I suspect that the Buy/Sell Agreement between the parties
    contains certain proscriptions for DT to get the $6 billion-valued
    breakup fee. Those agreements typically contain provisions on what the
    seller in a failed deal can and cannot do for a short time period (6 to
    18 months) after the deal goes south.)

    So in this regard, you won’t see AT&T or Deutsche Telekom principals
    bad mouthing the other on why the deal failed, nor, IMO, can Deutsche
    Telekom do anything it wants in terms of marketing, service, and/or
    handset debuts. To be sure, $6 billion is a lot of dough for AT&T to
    pay and not get something in return for that payment.

    I doubt AT&T (who was in the superior bargaining position on the
    deal) would agree that if the deal failed they would not only eat the
    costs incurred on the deal (including setting precedents with the DOJ,
    none of them good) and also pay $6 billion, without getting SOMETHING in
    return. The Germans are tough negotiators, but AT&T did not get
    where it is by being slouches at the negotiating table.


    Copyright © 1996-2012 Michael Mortimer, Second Chair Publications. All rights reserved.

    • Anonymous

      You have no backup resource for anything you’re talking about.  At&t was over confident with getting this deal approved; plain and simple.  Historically, this was the highest break up fee ever in terms of the break up fee’s percent of the actual sale amount.  Meaning, Deutsche Telekom wasn’t in a rush to sell off T-Mobile USA but they were always open to it.  We’re still not at a point where T-Mobile is LOSING money… It could still function the way it always has been for years WITHOUT announcing something truly groundbreaking, the churn would stabilize at some point.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Sorry I an usually engaging in rough sex with a monkey when I post here.

    • Anonymous

      To the point of T-Mobile not speaking about getting the iPhone, Apple has traditionally been the ones to make the official announcement so we are unlikely to see anything like that until the summer,  

    • Tbyrne

      It’s nice to see that your publishing co. is being promoted here at TmoNews.

    • Anonymous

      I am going to steal your work for my own personal gain

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        You really should think about what you are posting to the Net. It is quite easy to find out who you are. Personally, I think TMoNews should not allow your borderline defamatory comments and admission of a willingness to commit criminal conduct on the site, but that’s another issue.

        • Anonymous

          Ok cool let me know and I will send you a cut of what I am making off your work.
          Thanks man!.

    • Anonymous

      if you want a good laugh just googled this scam artist.
      this guy masquerade as a lawyer

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I don’t mind your insults and derision, but you had better not cross the line. You have been warned.

        • Anonymous

          Oops you should have said something sooner buddy!

        • Anonymous

          Do you want me to send you a check?
          Strange that a lawyer wouldn’t put a number on his BS low rent website.

    • Pikachu

      “Certainly one way to trumpet TMOUS is back to the big time, announce the
      iPhone is coming, even if it is six months to launch date.”

      I discussed this with my coworker and I pointed this exact sentence out to him, we both agreed that you must not actually think about “the front line” if you had any idea…. How would we even do half of our current business if the company just put it out there that the iphone was coming in six months…. we’d just be standing around for six months. i hope you’re inviting us over for dinner.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    By the way, I am sickened, just sickened, at seeing David with MY Carly. It is a sad day to find out Carly is cheating on me, via pictures posted on the Internet. Sad, so sad.

    Carly baby… you do realize he is a married man. Please come back to me and I will tell you all about it.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I am sorry I was drunk when I posted that! I am not really dating her!

  • Cwxcf00

    I thought you were fat and old since you talk late and have and iPhone!! lol

  • Anonymous

    Man, I bet you’re never washing that hand again

  • Scarfacemario


  • Jaxxsun

    I am glad that I was not drinking my coffee when I saw the pic of Carly give you a sock to the gut  :))