(Updated With Clarified Statements From T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray) A Look At T-Mobile’s CES 2012 Booth, The Availability Of The iPhone, And A Look At Carly With Mr TmoNews Himself

Clarification from T-Mobile Regarding iPhone: Comments made by T-Mobile’s CTO, Neville Ray, regarding the evolution of chipsets to include additional bands were misconstrued. Mr. Ray was speaking generally to chipset advancements available to all phone manufacturers. T-Mobile has no knowledge of Apple’s product roadmap and our position on the iPhone has not changed.

Yup, after almost 3 years of being a part of the T-Mobile world as the man behind TmoNews, I’m revealing myself as the great wizard of T-Mobile OZ. Why did I stay anonymous for so long? Absolutely no reason whatsoever. You’ll catch a before and after shot carefully arranged by the folks at T-Mobile with Carly herself taking a picture with me, then giving me a good shot to the stomach for all those awesome leaks I do. We had a good time at T-Mobile’s event last night and Colbie Caillat was very good.

The event itself was as much a story about where T-Mobile has been as it was about where they are going. Ultimately, I know a lot of you are disappointed by the lack of handset and network announcements. I can only try to emphasize that T-Mobile was looking at a very different January CES event a few short weeks ago. As it stands now, they’ve got plenty in the pipeline, this I both know through ninjas and from comments from T-Mobile personnel themselves. T-Mobile Chief Executive himself promises an exciting year with plenty in the pipeline to keep T-Mobile customers happy as the the company sees a return to fighting spirit.

T-Mobile Chief Technology Officer went as far as to tell CNET in a separate interview that the next Apple iPhone will have a “…chipset [that] will support AWS,” then saying in reference to the iPhone not running on T-Mobile’s network in the past, “the challenge that existed in the past will go away.” Ray has said he has seen the roadmap of chipsets Apple is planning to use, and knows it has the capability to run on AWS. He also stated that Apple could choose not to strike a deal with T-Mobile thereby ignoring the AWS capability.

T-Mobile also reiterated a focus on Bobsled, which I honestly feel is a real opportunity for them. Bobsled is a unique service and the opportunity to travel internationally and call without any cost provides a significant advantage over popular alternatives like Google Voice. I expressed my desire to see T-Mobile market Bobsled uniquely against Google Voice, in the sense of the low cost, utilizing your already existing phone number rather than establishing a separate one and highlighting the flexibility of using both Android, iOS, smartphones and tablets alike.

The rest of the event highlighted T-Mobile’s focus on Value and smartphone ownership. T-Mobile spoke specifically about an Omnibus survey that confirmed 4G and affordability are two critical features for smartphone ownership. Some highlights from that survey conducted among 2,573 adults ages 18 and older. Among the group were 235 first-time smartphone buyers and 998 current smartphone owners who will remain on a smartphone in 2012:

  • More than four-in-ten (44 %) first time smartphone buyers in 2012 say the cost of the data plan associated with the smartphone is the most influential reason they have not purchased a smartphone before.
  • About one-in-three consumers (28%) rank a “fast and reliable 4G network connection” as the most important feature they need when looking for a new smartphone.
  • 86% of current smartphone owners who also own a tablet want access to content on their tablet everywhere they can on their smartphone — not just where there is Wi-Fi. (NOTE: this may explain why T-Mobile’s SonicTM 4G Mobile Hotspot is popular with Wi-Fi-only tablet owners.)
  • 79% of current smartphone users/first-time smartphone buyers in 2012 are less likely to carry other technology when they have their smartphone.
  • Nearly one-third (32%) of smartphone users think it is difficult to find the best applications for them. To help consumers, T-Mobile takes a “freemium” approach – preloading new, T-Mobile devices with more than $150 worth of free, premium applications, services and content.

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  • Jaxxsun

    I suggest that someone propose a Carly calendar  : )
    for 2013

  • Anonymous

    What up David!?  Nice to meet you in a sense.

  • JT

    Either Carly is really tall or David is really short.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      It is both. Carly, like most professional models, is about 5′ 9″ WITHOUT heels (I think). And in her professional appearances she wears three inch spike heel shoes. So she is about 6′ when in public.

      I estimate David is about 5′ 8″ to 5′ 9″. When next to these models, anyone under 5′ 10″ is going to appear, as you characterize, “really short.” Even Herr Humm appears shorter than Carly in many shots.

      Sidenote: Take a walk down certain Manhattan districts or parts of “Hollywood.” The tall, beautiful women, odds are most are models, struggling or otherwise. (You can spot them in the supermarket, even if sans makeup and wearing sweats.) (Also: there’s not many who get a gig like Carly’s T-Mobile contract. Depending on public reception and acceptance her’s is probably a $3 to $5 million long-term deal).

      • Marc

        “Herr Humm” *is* short.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Sorry I cant help being the worlds BIGGEST DOUCHE BAG every time I post

        • ItsMichaelNotMike

          It is against California law to steal someone’s online name. I object to your having done so.

        • ItsMichaelNotMike

          Come find me douche nozzle.

  • OldPro

    “More than four-in-ten (44 %) first time smartphone buyers in 2012 say
    the cost of the data plan associated with the smartphone is the most
    influential reason they have not purchased a smartphone before.”

    and yet, we refuse to consider a shared data family plan …….

  • Big titty ho

    Dam he hott i always imagined him as an ugly old fat guy but dam i was wrong he hott! ;)

    • Tbyrne

      Enquiring minds want to know…………………..never mind!

  • HGJD

    Just had yet another example of the declining Tmobile service.  I went to refill my prepaid plan and for the first time ever was charged an additional amount beyond the fee.  Ive always refilled by phone with a credit card and have been charged the exact amount.  So I called Cust Serv to try to find out what the additional charge was for.  The prepaid rep of course was totally confused so he transferred me to the refill line.  JAY  then hung up on me, telling me he had already been on the phone for four minutes so couldn’t continue (this is the reps quota you know – don’t keep customer on the phone -get rid of them).  He said it was a sales tax but you could go to the store and not pay for it.  I explained that made no sense as a sales tax by the government would be charged if you went into a store…so that it must be some kind of Tmobile convenience fee for a phone transaction or a credit card or something like that.  He then said Im spending too much time on this as Ive been on the phone for 4 minutes and hung up on me.  This is yet another reason why Tmobile is losing customers.  You don’t hang up on a customer just because you don’t have the answer.  Its the principle

    • PatheticLoser

      Several states passed regulations that the E911 fee has to be charged on Prepaid airtime cards. That’s the reason. In Georgia it’s a flat fee of .75. It’s different in other states. Some started middle of last year, many on January 1. Blame your government for that. Not T-Mobile.

    • Anonymous

      Prepaid customer care has always been outsourced.  If that’s an issue, get post paid service.  Post Paid customer care to my knowledge has never been outsourced.  Also, you should just refill online, the tax is only like $.50

    • Robert Simmons

      somehow I doubt this is the whole story. 

    • Tbyrne

      I think your call was routed to AT&T by mistake. Accidents happen.

  • macman37

    Although the support of the AWS bands for the next iPhone sounds promising to T-Mobile and their customers who want one, T-Mobile has to focus and get more aggressive with upgrading and deploying 4G LTE.  Even though we don’t know how many 4G LTE markets AT&T and Sprint will have if the next iPhone is scheduled to be released by this coming summer or fall seasons, the last that T-Mobile and their customers would like to see and need is having T-Mobile playing catch-up and missing out on it due to T-Mobile executives waiting to long to decide and deploy the technology.  Guys and gals, it’s great to see and read that they are carefully weighing all options of who to partner with for a 4G LTE deployment; but by far, the biggest potential partner that everyone is looking forward to, this being The Dish Network, has vocally expressed that they are willing to partner with T-Mobile for this deployment.  Let’s not have T-Mobile miss out on the iPhone 5 due to them not having any or enough 4G LTE markets!

  • Help!!!!

    Okay guys, I need some advice from all of you in the comments here, as Im a daily reader & I value your opinions! Im trying to decide on a phone here & after TMOs CES flop, it looks like theres no hope or point in waiting on TMO to put out one I truley crave! I currently own the galaxy s2 or what tmo considers a gs2 anyway, & while I do like it, I still feel that theres a little left to be desired. My wife has the HTC Amaze, & again its a good phone, but Im tired of GOOD, I want GREAT! I want a pbone that is PHENOMINAL, & you just LOVE to use it! Im as big an Android Fan as you can be, & honestly I guess I am realizing that most of the phones that make it to TMO are just watered down, & it seems to be the case for alot of the US phones. Im considering the Galaxy Nexus, because it is Google & pure,and the options available once its rooted since I am a rom flashing maniac, but hardware wise, it doesnt seem much better than my hercules. Im also considering the Galaxy Note, wich I do love, but is it worth it to pay for a hotspot, & have to carry the xtra weight of a hotspot as well, just for respectable data speeds? I know an unlocked device is the route I have to go, but besides the galaxy nexus, are there any other phones out there that I wouldnt have to pay the xtra every month for hotspot just to get decent data, & could be compatible with TMOs 3G or 4G speeds with the 1700 band? Man Guys, I would spend up to $1000 to have that device that Im gona fall in love with! I really wish TMO would add the note or the nexus to the line up. I would love some advice, opinions, ideas, & knowledge from you Guys here on my favorite website to visit! I also cant leave TMO right now as Im 3 months into another 2yr contract with 5 lines, & Im doing my best to stay loyal as Im a customer of 9yrs and they have always been pretty good to me, not to mention my rate plans are GREAT, & they would probably triple if I went any where else! Thanks in advance!

    • Tbyrne

      Wow! That was a mouthful! I think you should go with the Galaxy Nexus. It’s got pretty much everything you’re looking for and it’s the new kid on the block.

    • JT

      Wait for the S3

      • Help!!!!

        Oh the s3 is a given! It doesnt matter wich phone Im using at its release, Im buying the S3 & the wife will have to cope! I jist hpe that the international version will be compatible with tmobile 3g or 4g! Im Honestly to the point that if TMO would start using the 1900 band, I wouldnt care if they ever made another phone! I live in north east ohio & we get 10-20 mbps on tmo hspa+42, ATT runs terribly here as well as Sprint. Of course Vzw has great speeds, but the price, come on now! I pay 210 a month for 2 lines with unlimited text/talk & 5gb data, 1 unlimited text/talk & 2gb data, 1 500min. Unlimited text & 2gb data, 1 500min. unlimited text no data line(thats ones for my mother). Not only are my rates grandfathered in, but we also recieve a 15% off corporate discount. I really never want to give up those prices! TMO has bees AMAZINGLY good to me!

  • Littlesis1774

    If the iphone comes to tmobile this year I will stay with them


      no IPHONE for me until  the screen size is 4 inch minimum or the size is as big as the HTC AMAZE or the GALAXY S2.

      • Tbyrne

        True that. I too really want an iPhone. The build quality is the best, hands down, but please Apple, make the iPhone 5 with at least a 4″ screen. Pretty please with sugar on top!

        • Littlesis1774

          Well Tbyrne the rumor is that iphone 5 is suppose to a new redesign so maybe. If it is true I will myself off the family plan that I am currently on to the value plan for $49.99.

  • jon

    A bit off topic, but thank you again David for the heads up on the DailySteals Galaxy Nexus story. Mine showed up via ups and this is my first post on it! Loving it with one issue. It wont stay locked onto HSPA+. It struggles between 3G and H. If anyone has a solution, im all ears.

    • jon

      nevermind. Google should have been my first stop. I guess the signal change is by design to save battery. Doh! Its kinda annoying, but oh well. I can live with it for juice..

  • Giraffe

    You’re reading into that a little hard.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Great way to put it Giraffe.

      I agree that Google is concentrating on its Motorola acquisition. As some have said, if that deal is approved (most likely will since that’s mostly a patent acquisition), what’s the likelihood that Washington would let Google have so much control over wireless software, handset manufacture and now a service provider. I don’t think Google could get a rubber stamp on buying T-Mobile.

      And I agree with analysts, Dish is hurting. I would not think that for a carrier the likes of TMOUS it would spend all its cash for a partnership or acquisition, nor would it be willing to go into that much debt to finance the purchase.

  • Brianbb

    For you Galaxy people–there is no true hands free voice dialing on the Galaxy 2.  I just returned mine.  With os 2.3 the phone autolocks and stop bluetooth new initiation connections.  You must unlocked the phone to and sometime force the buggey Vlingo voice app manually.  I returned mine yesterday. 

    It’s not legal in my state to dial or text on the phone while driving.  Everything MUST be handsfree.  And the Galaxy is NOT true handsfree even though they put TV ads on like it is.

    Android just at pulling this with os 2.3.  Maybe 4.0 will fix it all…wait and see I guess.

  • Anonymous

    aaaw David, what a hottie! Nice hair too. Looks like Carly can throw a punch