List Of Currently Sold T-Mobile Devices With Carrier IQ Software

While T-Mobile once again reiterates their earlier point that they do not use the Carrier IQ software to “obtain the content of text, email or voice messages, or the specific destinations of customers’ internet activity,” some of you have asked us for a breakdown of T-Mobile’s current handsets that currently have this software.

  • HTC Amaze 4G
  • Samsung Galaxy S II
  • Samsung Exhibit II 4G
  • T-Mobile myTouch by LG
  • T-Mobile myTouch Q by LG
  • LG DoublePlay
  • Blackberry 9900
  • Blackberry 9360
  • Blackberry 9810

With the knowledge as to what handsets have the software, let’s get a better understanding of how T-Mobile uses the Carrier IQ software:

  • Battery performance: If a customer’s device battery appears not to be holding a charge, T-Mobile can determine if the issue is the battery, charger or device
  • Dropped calls: If a customer attempts to make a call and the call fails, T-Mobile can determine whether the cause was the handset or the network
  • Application failures: If a customer uses an application, preinstalled or downloaded from a third-party marketplace, and the app fails, T-Mobile will be able to troubleshoot that app failure, which may be perceived by the customer to be the device freezing/crashing

With three class action suits already filed and at least one United States Senator looking for answers, the Carrier IQ software “issue” is not likely to be put to rest anytime soon. However, If you’re looking some further reading, Mashable Editor-in-Chief Lance Ulanoff did an editorial that might help you decide on your own if Carrier IQ is more misunderstood than evil.

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  • Anonymous

    I love turning on my Galaxy Nexus and running Iq detector and seeing “Carrier IQ not found”

    • Mcab357

      Be careful it maybe registered under a different header

  • Happy699

    Tmo Employee here. Any tool that can help me determine if the issues on a customers phoen is the result of that customer being stupid, careless, being a lire or just plain not taking responsablity for what there doing on the phone is a nice thing. Im using a windows phone 7 and so far seems to be free of ciq!!! GO WINDOWS PHONE 7!!!!

    • Kickland

      Try taking spelling lessons

      • Trexanm

        I so have to agree…..and they are working for TMobile?????? WOW! Goes to show that they will hire just about anyone! Unless, you are educated and can talk or spell right!

    • Bill

      Yep, I too; just bought a HTC Titan with Mango; I will keep two of my Rhodiums (Touch Pro 2) one for backup and the other for CoPilot Live 8 and an emergency phone.  Can you imagine what if the Titan had the Rhodium’s keyboard and just maybe a MicroSD slot…and maybe a higher resolution screen…wow! 

    • Rlu1233

      Spell much there Tmo Employee?

  • Mentos65

    That may be what Tmo is doing with the raw data, but the still does not explain why it collects everything, whether CIQ is also using the data, what are they using it for, who else had access to it or could hack it to gain access to it.

    • Bill

      Our devices are always, always, always chattering with T-Mobile and everybody else with their carriers.  You can think you’ve turned your data off your phones and discover later data incoming and outgiong is alive and well.  I like to think the HardSPL and custom rom I have flashed eliminated the CIQ but damn if I know.  I’m not sure it’s a good thing to know how much our devices are chattering with “home”.

  • Brian Richards

    I don’t care if they feel it’s benign. It’s the kind of thing they should have asked me to opt in or out of.

  • Anonymous

    This may seem like a question but, does rooting remove this nonsense?