(Updated With More Bug Fixes) Galaxy S II Software Update Begins Today, Wi-Fi Calling Included

I know Galaxy S II users were a little jealous by Mondays news of the HTC Amaze 4G software update that included Wi-Fi calling. Well be jealous no more Galaxy S II owners as your very own update is on the way beginning today giving you the very same Wi-Fi calling option.

Galaxy S II devices will be upgraded to Android 2.3.5, software version T989VUVKL1 that includes the following enhancements:

  • Caller ID enhancements
  • Battery enhancements
  • Wi-Fi calling enhancements

The upgrade will be sent Over-The-Air (FOTA) and will also be available via Kies Mini. This is great news for both HTC Amaze 4G and Galaxy S II owners as they finally have the awesome option for Wi-Fi calling.

More info: T-Mobile

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  • Androidman

    Success. Finally working.

  • AndroidKura

    My kies mini in my pc does recognize my phone it says Please reconnect the device in samsung kies mode. The Current connection mode is not supported by kies. I just got the GBA sim card also and nothing

  • mark

    ok i got it now through KIES! download from here then connect your phone through USB . i just downloaded it and connect my phone by it self it said new update :) 

  • Local

    Finally got it through kies!!! Just connect phone to PC open kies and it will notified about new firmware.

  • http://profiles.google.com/sanil1986 sAnIL ,,, ;)

    updated my phone …. tried rooting it and failed …. tried several times and it failed everytime :( 

    • Anonymous

      You were already rooted?  I flashed the .tar but did not install the superuser.zip because I the app was still there but it turned out I still had to install the .zip in recovery mode and it worked.  Each time I rooted though, the .zip did not take on the first attempt but does on the second. 

      Dunno if that helps any.



  • AndroidKura

    I got my Wifi Calling thank you very much the Kies Mini looks very very dope can put in ur music and video like a itunes I hate that I have to use that word Itunes but still i like great stuff

  • Fr24

    Can’t get the update all the links show is an error…and no ota hmmm I give up

  • diner0

    I thought everything ws bs but NOW IM HAPPY AS HELL TO SAY I GOT THE UPDATE! :-) …you have to do exactly what the link says to download through Kies Mini IN LOVE WITH MY GALAXY SII NOW EVEN FASTER & WIFI CALLING WS MISSING BUT NOW HERE CLDNT BE ANY BETTER THANKS TMOBILE & SAMSUNG!

  • Anonymous

    I got my update via the full Kies program.

    • Maciejkoziol

      same here

  • Barebone

    Anybody experiencing issues after update. I I cannot make a phonecall several times.

    • Raylebron

      My car’s radio(Pioneer, Scion TC 2011) wont read my music files after the update. It conects and everything via USB but it just says 0 SONGS.

    • Xtocity25

      My call don’t go thru on first try

  • kw

    thanks Mark.  worked like a charm

  • Xtocity25

    Is any body experiencing any drop call after the upgrade

  • Djclove007

    Did my threw kies real easy had the swipe bar after but disappeared after 15 min noticed phones little faster n smoother no drop or calling issues ill see how battery works after wi fi is there now and now on 2.3.6 so far no issues caller I’d works now.

  • Androidman

    I cannot download Grand theft auto 3 on my galaxy s2!!! It says that it is incompatible.

    • anfrey

      looks like the sgs2 isn’t on the game’s device list (according to market description)

    • tmoRSL

      i got it , 

  • LuvFerrari

    u need to use the full version of kies for the S2 firmware update — kies mini won’t do it.

    after the update to 2.3.6 the phone does run smoother overall and the battery life improved about 10-15%.  other than the other improvements noted by others here, i found that the music player got a new icon n its UI also improved.

    my sim card (build 50-01) won’t work with the wi-fi calling anymore.  i was hoping to save the new sim which came with the S2 (build 50-05) for the future but guess i have to swap it out…  :-(

    overall the update was a needed improvement over the old 2.3.5.

    • anfrey

      my touchwiz music player looks the same as before, though it seems google music got reinstalled upon update.

      • LuvFerrari

        correct.  google music player was “re-installed” n updated.  however, the upgrade also affected the samsung music player thou — my settings in samsung music player were  reset to the default (my custom eq setting was gone, etc.)

        wi-fi calling is very convenient due to its “free minutes” feature.  unlimited calling while on wi-fi, in addition to continuous phone connection in non to low cell signal areas, was SWEET!

        • anfrey

          i was under the impression that wi-fi calling still used your minutes bucket… are you sure wi-fi calling minutes are gratis?

        • LuvFerrari

          i called tmo multiple times to get confirmation.  wi-fi calling is all FREEEEE, brother!  ;-)

  • Joevisual

    I had a worse case with my SGS update major fail. Using kies I downloaded the zip started to update and error came up. The SGS2 then went into this screen that said to do kies emergency recover. The cell stopped connecting correctly to my computer at this point. So, I can recover because its not being read by the computer correctly. The phone is in this limbo state where its not connecting to kies. Had now way of resetting. Vol up and down with power bottom didn’t do anything but give me the same screen (omni odmi mode, or something like that). Tried for about two hours to get it to sync and no go.  This was 12/16/11 night time.

    Next is not really about the update but does have a good ending. Next morning took it to tmobile store west covina on amar ave and I told the clerk/dude my phone locked up with this update. He said what update there is none for this SGS2. I told him the update for the wifi calling. He said the phone already has wifi calling. I told him well there’s a update. He said update from who? I told him from Samsung website using their sync software. The clerk said oh yeah you shouldn’t use stuff unless it comes from tmobile. That when I thought what a jackass who doesn’t even know there’s a update on what I assume their #1 phone and who thinks I shouldn’t update from the manufactures website. So the clerk takes the phone tries a reset and same omni emergency screen. He said you need to call customer service, last thing any one wants to here there just as bad sometimes as this clerk. I said who’s customers, He said what do you mean? I said Samsung’s or TMo? I thought it was his job to do this for me guess not. I know there was another person in the store being only helped by one other clerk so my clerk must have been in a hurry to help him so one would be there as there accustomed in Tmo stores. By this time I’m wasting my breath. Things are looking pretty down I’ve had the phone for less then a month and its junk now. On to plan B and Yess! I had it less than 30 days took it to Target in city of industry where I bought the thing. The cell phone guy was on it. Knew kies was Samsung software and I had my receipt so I want to see about a exchange. I get an exchange with what! 70 bucks back refund because the SGS2 is on sale for 129 today. Not only does he get me a exchange but gives me money back. The agitation I went though was more like 100 bucks worth but I’m happy camper with 70. Tmobile costumer service is a gamble sometimes you get people that are totally awful with no effort like the clerk at asuza and amar in west covina, ca on 12/17/11. Other times you get someone who knows there stuff and will do whats right.New phone over the air update today its…  good! 

    • anfrey

      did you catch the oblivious and unhelpful clerk’s name? perhaps worth writing a letter to tmo about?

  • Cwsl85

    I cant seem to get kies to connect to my phone. Is any one else having this problem?

  • Umiami47

    I bought my SGS2 on Thursday without the update and I can make WIFI Calling!

  • Sirivn

    Just got the ota update 12/21/11@3:24am. It says android 2.3.6
    When i try wifi calling it says i need a 911emergency address.
    I hope they update a fix for the browser.
    Everytime i scroll i get a blue tint n checkerboard screen.

  • saintcloud

    Question do people complain that they can’t here you.cause i get that alot.and im on my second sgs2 phone cause the first one i had software issues.got my update over the air on 12/15/11 my internet seem faster.how the service in this phone in chicago i stay by Wrigley field . Or by Irving park and kedzie service sucks.

  • saintcloud

    2.3.6 gingerbread update.its ok.they could do a lot better.again people could barely here me sometimes when im on the phone anybody with the same issues.