(Updated) Samsung Confirms Verizon Bound Galaxy Nexus, Other Carriers May Follow Later

Update: Samsung Mobile USA has updated their Facebook post with a “no US carriers determined yet. Stay tuned for updates.”

I’m not sure if we should be disappointed in this news or hopeful. On the one hand, there was almost no question that Verizon would be the exclusive carrier of the Galaxy Nexus initially. That rumor has been floating around for quite some time so we’re not exactly surprised to see it come to fruition courtesy of Samsung’s official Mobile USA Facebook page. When pinged by a follower regarding carrier availability, Samsung responded with:

“…Verizon will be offering the Galaxy Nexus with the initial release. Other carriers may support this device in the near future.”

On the flip side, this quote leaves plenty of opportunity for other carriers, like T-Mobile to follow up with support later on. Verizon’s exclusive carrier rights could last for 30, 60 or even 90 days so it might not be a lengthy wait before Magenta fans can pick up a Galaxy Nexus that’s HSPA+ ready. We know a compatible model exists and with Samsung confirming the specs last night we know that all hope is not lost.


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  • Anonymous

    Yeah I did this earlier today, trying to let Samsung know T-Mobile customers are starving for this beast,I know I am,and I would be pretty crushed knowing that I waited months already and maybe wont be able to get this phone until next year? That’s insane. Not happy about that at all. It should be Verizon with their LTE version and T-Mobile with their HSPA+ version on launch day.

  • http://profiles.google.com/jdax3041 James Matthews

    Verizon exclusive! Bank on it.

  • Anonymous

    Look at the GSII sign up page.  It had like 7 carriers listed but there are only 3 GSII’s here in the states with no sign so far of other carriers getting it.  

    • http://tmonews.com David

      I agree with this comment. The sign up page doesn’t mean anything.

  • Walhaddi

    Think about it, the phone is a quad band, and they will have a HSPA+ version. Do it will work on t mobile, but you might have to buy it from a different country. If you want the phone to work with t mobile, I am sure you will make it work. You just have to spend some extra money :)

  • Walhaddi

    Btw, I might not want this phone if it doesn’t have swype. Unless it’s an app I can download from the same developer that made it for the g2

  • kresk

    Seeing as though I’m not even a year in to my two year renewal from when I purchased the Nexus S. I’d have to pay full price for the G Nexus regardless of where it’s sold. I’m sure a lot of us are in the same boat. PS .. I’m so excited about the ICS update! I cannot wait to get it. :)

  • Nexus-addict

    I’m switching to Verizon. LTE + NEXUS!!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    The debut of the Galaxy Nexus (Droid Prime at Verizon?), Ice Cream Sandwich, and that I have a G1 in the box sitting on my desk for listing on eBay reminded me that this month is the third anniversary of Android coming out. Seems longer with all the iterations of Android (there has been 9 designations since 2008, that’s a new version every four months. Can you say “fragmentation.” But that’s another post).

    Three years is a lifetime in wireless and there’s the uncertainty about where T-Mobile U.S. will be by this time next year. It is too bad it is too bad that in that time TMOUS did not grow and dominate the industry. If it had, it would have been cool to see some kind of 3rd anniversary editions of
    T-Mobile Android phones and a marketing campaign centered around this anniversary.

    And just for fun it would have been cool to see a 2011 spec’d hardware placed into a G1 case, to illustrate how far T-Mobile has progressed. That would have been a limited edition handset that
    would have sold quite well to collectors.

    If TMOUS and DT had anyone who still cared we would have seen an ad campaign reminding everyone that it was T-Mobile who started the Android revolution. (Then again, maybe Google would not allow them to do that as it would Google’s long term marketing plans and negatively affect promises made to competing carriers).


  • Tech7

    This is why Google and Samsung can’t compete with Apple marketing. This whole release has been unorganized. From the fake excuse of why they postponed it, to the random release way on the other side of the world just to say they are releasing the phone first on another side of the world, to the lack of information after the release and lack of press exposure as result. When Apple announces a product you know immediately when, who, or what about it. Google sucks at marketing. A consumer should not have to endlessly search blogs to find out this information. They don’t even know the carriers yet, WTF?

    • Chris

      LOL another Apple fanboy…. Without the visionary Jobs was, Apple is in for a steady downward slide. Maybe not though, there are tons of apple sheepies out there willing to swallow whatever load Apple shoots their way. 

      • Tech7

        It doesn’t take a visionary to realize that when you announce something you release it. I know an unorganized company when I see one and they look shaky. Posting stuff on facebook then changing their mind, the fake carrier pages, etc. Apple doesn’t do that. Im not a fanboy, I would like to buy this phone, but they doing everything to make me not want to give them my business.

    • Brent4023

      Google doesn’t want to do much advertising for Samsung. Think about it, they have their hat in the bidding for Motorola phone division, and that being so… they are either going to drop other phone manufacturers from making a Google Android phone or they will be their competition.

  • Anonymous

    just read in engadget the sign up page for galaxy nexus shows 7 US carriers and that includes T-Mobile.SWEET!!

    • http://tmonews.com David

      Ugh, no it doesn’t…it shows samsung data mining for carrier demand.

  • Action 6

    what was the website to order the galaxy s 2 HD from korea ?

  • Anonymous

    isn’t the nexus supposed to be a t-mobile thing..

    • Anonymous

      It’s supposed to be non carrier bounded, just like the last 2 nexus.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, i don’t know how much longer i can wait, i been waiting for a GSII for almost a year!!!!!!! maybe i should just get a tmo one……

  • http://tmonews.com David

    They are wrong…this is the SAME thing that happened with the Galaxy S II and only three of the carriers have the phone. I’m right.

  • Pira

    If the samsung page is called samsung mobile usa, shouldn’t the samsung rep account be called that too? Why is it “samsung janel”?

    • http://tmonews.com David

      There are individual Samsung reps who can also drop in and answer questions. Shouldn’t be that surprising.

  • Molson

    Verizon announced yestetday that they are getting it. Looks like Tmobile customers are out of luck, this sucks!!!

  • Anonymous

    1. I bet the phone will be available for purchase (without a subsidy) in November supporting HSPA+ on both TMo and AT&T with the same device.

    2. Even if it did have a subsidy, like the Nexus One and Nexus S did, TMo wouldn’t bother advertising it, again like the Nexus One and Nexus S. Google did all the advertising for that, however little it was.

    3. Deutsche Telekom, based on some public statements, seems like they’ve already planned on where they are spending the $$ from the AT&T deal. They are done, been done for some time. TMo US, unfortunately, is done. The countdown has been rolling in the boardroom for some time now. :(