T-Mobile Unlimited Wi-Fi Calling Feature Going Live Tomorrow

After an out of the blue announcement and a just as quick delay T-Mobile is bringing their unlimited Wi-Fi calling feature back for free beginning tomorrow May 13th. That’s right tomorrow. That is all.


Currently, placing calls over Wi-Fi deducts from a customer’s in-plan minutes. Effective5/13, a new feature will launch that will allow customers with capable phones the ability to place calls over Wi-Fi without deducting from in-plan minutes! This is not only a great value, being FREE, but can help customers who experience coverage issues in areas that Wi-Fi is available.

This new feature is available to all Even More and Even More Plus Postpaid rate plans for customers with Wi-Fi Calling capable handsets.

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  • Anonymous


  • http://twitter.com/joshuhl josh uhlemeyer

     I am not sure where david get’s his information. But I haven’t found anything official from T-Mobile at the moment. I myself have contacted T-Mobile’s customer service, and a representative  seem to know what I was talking about. But then told me that it’s only for their grandfather plans and not new plans. But customer service reps could be wrong. And until I see a press release or something more official am taking it with a grain of salt.   

    • http://tmonews.com David

      You aren’t sure where I get my information? Josh you’ve been reading this site for a while, you should know well enough if I post it, there is a good reason for it!

  • http://profiles.google.com/yogageeta Bhagiratha das

     Called Tmo again this morning and the rep that I spoke to was glad to help with understanding this wifi calling service. I did mention the grandfather plan, but was told that this doesn’t apply to my current plan [non-contact]. She just asked for my 911 contact address and set the wifi calling feature on my account. She was very sure that this service will NOT be using minutes from my plan, and that I shouldn’t be worried. After I got off with her, I checked my tmobile online account and saw the changes with the activated WIFI calling feature.  

  • Jlo

    I am chatting with Tmobile right now. As far as grandfathered plans, the rep said”

    “The feature can also only be added
    on Even More and Even More Plus rate plans. Before we are able to add
    the feature, may I ask if you would like to change your rate plan to an
    Even More or Even More Plus rate plan, please?”

    But doesn’t it say above, where David posted, that loyalty has this for preferred plans?

  • NardVa

    I am confused. Can a customer with a grandfathered plan get free wifi calling added to their account?

  • http://twitter.com/antoinexj Antoine Jones

    I just had a similar, successful experience just now. The rep said she hadn’t been at work for a few days so she hadn’t even heard of the feature, but I told her what it was and she found it in less than a minute. Verified I had a compatible phone and asked for a 911 address and that was all.

    She was pretty excited, even saying that she’s going to add this to her own account right now! Got a laugh out of that, but I’m good to go. Call in!

  • DH

     just added unlimited wifi calling via online cust service chat.  it was an easy/short process.

  • ogopogo

    To all those having problems – YOU HAVE TO CALL IN or ONLINE CHAT to add the feature. Just added mine to two lines – no issues, and no hassles.

  • Cscorbin

    Just did an online chat with CS and was told the feature is free but it still deducts from my minutes ugh.  

  • Rob

    when i called cs they told me there is no such plan i would have to pay 14$ what am i doing wrong i called 2 different times 

  • Vibrant Addict

    I have yet to receive any text notifying of this update, so I assume I’m still going to get the hit on minutes.

    • ogopogo

       I haven’t received a text either, but according to the CS that added mine, it isn’t supposed to deduct from your minutes………..I’m going to test it out today, and see if it actually deducts or not. Don’t know why there seems to be so much confusion within T-Mobile on this!

      • ogopogo

         Just tested it out. it is COMPLETELY FREE!! You have to have your phone set to “Wi-Fi Preferred”, and you can place calls over wi-fi. Go into your account online, and monitor the usage. You will see the wi-fi calls (Comes up as Hot-Spot), but they are never billed!!!! Yay! I love T-mobile.

        AT&T can suck it. Verizon’s CDMA can suck it too, and as for Sprint……..don’t even get me started!!!


     Wanted to add it but ofcourse Customer Service wont because im on unlimited anytime minutes plan..

  • AdrianMT4G

     I have called CS today since I realized my minutes are still being deducted and what do ya know, they don’t know anything about this and says is going to continue to deduct from my minutes. I guess I’ll do the chat and see what they have to say.

    • AdrianMT4G

      Nevermind, I just got the feature added thanks to the helpful online chat representatives. They’re actually more helpful than calling in!

  • SabsWifey

    I just called CS and the rep said that if you pay for that feature then yes it is unlimited. I told him I have 1500 min/ unlimited data/ unlimited text & the mt4g which is a wifi calling enabled device. Bottomline is that my minutes would be deducted. What gives?

    • AdrianMT4G

      I have the same plan. Its still deducting mine too. Ripoff? 

      • ogopogo

        It works. Two things you need – (1) Have the feature added to your account, (2) Set your phone to Wi-Fi preferred. Once that is done, you are set. To make sure, go into your account and verify under “Monitor”. You will now see an extra line in there that says “Hot-Spot” – this is for all of your wi-fi calls, and is COMPLETELY FREE. Let’s see another carrier do that!!!!!

    • AdrianMT4G

       You have to make sure your connection settings in the wifi calling app are set to “Wifi preferred”. If its set to “Cellular preferred”, it WILL eat your minutes. As long as its set to wifi, your good to go.

      I had to actually figure that out myself since CS couldn’t figure out the problem. Go figure.

  • Chadastrophic

    I just did the online chat and had the free unlimited wifi feature added.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bipin3 Bipin Patel

    I installed WiFi while I was going on Cruise to Spain. The WiFi connection worked in St Marteen.  While on Cruise or in Spain and Portugal, it did not connect.  Often it kept trying to connect to WiFi or was waiting to get authorization from T-Mobile.  I had similar connectivity problem abroad with other Android Apps, Visual Vok, to download my voice mail.  More often it said the WiFi signal is not strong. Please comment if any experience you had using WiFi and Visual Vok. I have unlimited min plan so I do not have problem at this time. In the past (2 yrs) ago with my Blackberry, T-Mobile WiFi services robed me.  When I purchased I was informed no min usage with WiFi, but when I was billed I got big bill.  The local office rep told me the same thing NO WiFi charge, but billing falks did not agree.  I paid big amount.

    • MountainTopHigh

      Bipin, did your recent cruise and Spain wifi calls cost you extra? I chatted with TMo last night to clarify wifi use internationally, as I’m traveling next week. The rep who sold me my phone assured me that if I use wifi overseas, there will be no data or voice charges since it’s going through the internet (and I have the unlimited data, voice and text plans). The chat rep contradicted him tho and said

      “Well this is the thing , its never advised to use the wifi calling or for data
      while international . Because if you do get any charges while roaming they are
      valid . Even if the wifi is on .”

      Which if true pisses me off because I’m going to be in Europe for 3 months and specifically got this 2GX phone and plan because I was told I’d be able to use all the wonderful features I’ve gotten addicted to overseas. If not, it’s nothing more than an expensive paperweight, since calls from Europe are $1.29/minute plus any additional mysterious fees that may apply, and data is a whopping $15/MB.