T-Mobile Needs Your Help, Take This Poll!

While this isn’t the first poll we have done regarding the AT&T deal, we’re hoping that weeks later, after the shock has worn off you’ll vote again. In fact this time we’re stepping up our efforts and the results of this poll will be sent off to Washington policy makers who will be appearing at next weeks Senate hearing. So we need your vote, we need you to tell your friends and family and all of those people who support T-Mobile remaining an independent company to vote. T-Mobile needs your help, even if the folks at Deutsche Telekom are resigned to sell our precious Magenta off, we won’t go without being heard!

So what do you need to do? Vote in our poll below and tell everyone you know to vote as well. Spread the word and get out the vote! As an extra bonus and we really need you to do this just this once, leave the state you are voting from in the comments. We can do more if we can show that this is a nationwide concern and that this deal will have a nationwide impact.

Vote, comment, tell your friends and spread the social media word through Twitter using our #sayno2att hashtag!

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  • Spooln3

    You all realize that even if this merger doesn’t go through, T-Mobile is through?!?! DT wants out, its evident, the amount of customers we are going to lose between now and the close of this deal will be too much, and they will end up selling off pieces of T-Mo anyway, so one way or the other, T-Mo is done. You all need to wake up and hope for the thousands of people that do work for magenta that it does go through, so they all can hope to keep their job and dignity. I can’t believe how selfish people are in this country, and how blind and naive. Change is good, as is the competition that will remain. If it wasn’t for change, we all would still be riding horses and fetching pales of water.

    • bobeer86

      Seriously, you find single national GSM operator monopoly to be competitive market and positive change? Let me quote you ”
      . I can’t believe how (…) people are in this country, and how blind and naive”. Might be a good idea to do some research prior to posting BS like this crap above.

      ..and back on topic – HELL NO from NYC!!

      • Spooln3

        You should take your own advice Mr. Bobeer86, there are many other, smaller GSM1900 carriers in this country. You don’t have a single valid, FACTUAL reason for not wanting this to go through but your own greedy wants. So what you may have to pay 10 bucks more a month, I would rather you pay that than me have to lose my job cause of your ignorance on what is going to inevitably happen. Stop swinging from everyone elses nuts and do some of your own research.

        • http://twitter.com/Skrill_Dilly Skrill-Dilly

          Spoon youre tripping…I actually work at T-Mo and I was at AT&T before this..I worked for T-Mo, went to AT&T and went back to T-Mo (I moved to another state thats why)..But the smaller GSM companies are NOT nationwide and they also have a limited device inventory and they are piggy backing off the big guys anyway mostly. so you do your own research. My company and fellow co-workers work too damn hard for some rich ass suits to com sweep us off like dust. The rate plans and device selection at T-Mo can NOT be touched. I just think T-Mo needs to rebrand and get rid of the pink(magenta) and get tougher and we can swim with the sharks. Image is everything.

        • Spooln3

          I understand the other GSM carriers are not nationwide, I never said they were, I said there simply would not be a monopoly on the GSM1900 spectrum. I also work for T-Mo, if you want we can swap P numbers and compare salaries, I used to work for GTE now known as Verizon as well, and I will tell you that Tmo is EXACTLY like GTE used to be. Almost everyone that I knew kept their jobs from that merger. The service people got was a lot better and they are now the nations largest Wireless company. Facts are facts, we are hemorrhaging customers, even more so now after this announcement, the damage has been done and like it or not, the only way most of us will be able to keep our jobs is by this merging successfully completing. What is the difference of ATT buying us or Sprint? Either we merge spectrums with ATT or get rid of them all together by way of Sprint. Either way, new phones will need to be purchased by existing customers, Rate plans will NOT remain the same if Sprint bought us out, and Sprint has way crappier service. I would much rather this sale be completed with ATT than Sprint, you all are just complaining just to hear yourselves complain. You aren’t looking at the bigger picture, and you really need to.

      • Spooln3

        You should take your own advice Mr. Bobeer86, there are many other, smaller GSM1900 carriers in this country. You don’t have a single valid, FACTUAL reason for not wanting this to go through but your own greedy wants. So what you may have to pay 10 bucks more a month, I would rather you pay that than me have to lose my job cause of your ignorance on what is going to inevitably happen. Stop swinging from everyone elses nuts and do some of your own research.

    • Teddybear3446

      I agree, T-Mobile is loosing customers every day to pre paid companies such as METRO PCS. In order for the Gov”t to approve the sale AT&T needs to promise to adopt T-Mobile”s plans and keep prices down. It would make no sense to spend 39Billion, only to lose all of TMO customers. No matter what Deutsche Telekom will sell. And I most likley will lose my job.

  • Av

    I’m from houston texas and i DISAPPROVE OF THIS DEAL! I :P

    • Spooln3

      I’m curious, why?

  • MT3GS

    A big HELL NO from Miami, Florida!

  • http://twitter.com/fedlibertarian Bruce

    DIE ATT! DIE AND GO TO HELL! you hideous mega-corp leftist octopus

  • JWW

    the only deal i approve of is at&t paying t-mobile 3 billion. str8 from maryland

    • Jeffreygreen1315

      I agree with JWW. Give T-Mo $3mil and go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please
      Jeff G also from Maryland @Latoya_Renee

  • DetroitTechnoFan

    No freakin way am I gonna give up my speedy internet, buckets of minutes that I don’t have to wait months to build up to use, and full set of features for laggy internet (that is SLOWER on their “LTE” than THEIR 3G, which is SLOWER than T-Mo’s 3G!) and having to pay for things that I take for granted separately from my normal bill!

    No way from the 313, Detroit, Michigan!

  • http://profiles.google.com/yancy.perrys Yancy Perry

    Voted No from Utah.

  • Phonegeek

    NO NO NO vote from atl

  • Anonymous

    online polls are meaningless. Start a letter writing campaign to the real people in charge at T-mobile USA, AT&T, and the various govt officials who are reviewing the merger.

    • http://tmonews.com David

      This poll will be going to government officials.

      • Anonymous

        The results are still meaningless though and won’t even get looked at by anyone that cares.

        Whereas a well thought out letter by individual people on this site with one’s name and address might actually have more merit and effect.

        Just thought i’d point it out. Although I suspect that most of the AT&T hate is largely lazy whining on the internet. People probably don’t care about the issue enough to actually write a letter, which is what AT&T is hoping. Just look at all the comments about what people were sending in the online public comments to the FCC. A good chunk of them were just nonsense and will not even be taken seriously.

        wake me up when there is a serious campaign…..

  • Lugo

    Voted No from California

  • neneloco83

    From Pennsylvania!!! No, no, no, no!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Skrill_Dilly Skrill-Dilly

    Voted from Georgia

  • http://twitter.com/Skrill_Dilly Skrill-Dilly

    Voted from Georgia

  • http://twitter.com/Skrill_Dilly Skrill-Dilly

    Voted from Georgia

  • http://profiles.google.com/armandvasquez Armand Vasquez

    Seattle, WA (backyard of Tmo)

  • http://twitter.com/jordanagwinn Jordana Wray

    I voted like 3 times, idk if that counts but I couldn’t comment from phone but I voted frm Florida

  • http://twitter.com/Ed_Navedo Edwin David Navedo

    I voted from Florida like @twitter-72719383:disqus also shes cute :)

  • Drew

    Dallas, Tx! I hate At&t

  • http://twitter.com/MrNonFiction Non-Fiction Hicks

    Winston Salem, NC college students need affordable cell phone services and phones which is exactly why I will never leave T-Mobile

  • http://twitter.com/cscprince Ansel Hicks

    Orlando, Florida but I go to Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida. The majority of people at FAMU have T-Mobile since most College students need affordable price phones/services. Been with T-Mobile for over 10 years, have no plans on leaving.

  • Ghuyg

    After being a SunCom customer and being bought out by T-Mobile and I was ecstatic. At&t can go away with their crappy service and limited Android. I want options for my GSM service and who better than T-Mobile. Voting from Puerto Rico.

  • Matt Rams

    Texas – T-mobile is best priced and def doesn’t hurt the pocket as much as these other companies out here. They finally rolling out some phones too, there’s no way I’d ever leave.

  • http://twitter.com/LapsedPacifist Brian Robidieu

    Florida: Just re-signed and bought a G2x. Here’s hoping we stay free and modding friendly!

    • Jane

      I had to change phones because of the danger/microsoft/sidekick platform being discontinued, so I got a galaxy S 4G. I’m still on a huge learning curve; but don’t think an iPhone can do any better, and I prefer the droid platform anyhow. If AT&T actually buys T-Moblle will it be TT&T? I think T-Mobile customers will be the losers in this deal, and when the merger takes place, I’ll probably switch to Verizon.I’ve heard about too many people complaining about poor reception and dropped calls with AT&T

  • Anonymous

    FL but travel all over the US, recently left ATT for T-Mobile, hope that they stay independent. Switched because of phone choice and features, amongst others WiFi calling

  • http://twitter.com/LTEstyles LTEstyles

    Thank you very much @davidtmonews:disqus for this poll, i really hope we can some how stop this from happening. NO from Florida, Orlando! @tmonews:twitter

  • Kathi17

    Maine, I love T-Mo. We need GSM competition for innovation and price choice. Many people couldn’t afford to pay AT&T prices. Also, T-Mo gives us more freedom with our devices than AT&T.

  • http://twitter.com/DominicFierce69 Mark Greene

    I’ll agree with the rest of the people. T-Mobile has came a long way. I remember when I was with Verizon and I was like wow, T-Mobile has some crappy phones and this was like 4 years back. Fast forward to now they have an excellent lineup of phones, just got the G2X yesterday, the phone service is fantastic, and most importantly they have great affordable pricing plans. Something else that I like is after 1 year of continued service of FlexPay, you have the option to go on contract for those with not so perfect credit.

  • Matt O

    Matt from Miami, Fl. No madder what is said by us the users, the people that make up this company they are going to do as they please. I hope I am wrong but I am getting ready to be come part of that evil monster thats call AT&T one step close to a celluar Monopoly!

  • Irodriguez99

    Isaias from Houston, Texas. T-Mobile Rocks!!! Its better than att in every way.

  • Seriously

    I have a suggestion, can you make a serious poll and not some punk ridiculous poll. I mean, come on, one of your questions is “ATT is buying T-Mobile, since when!?” Couldn’t fit the LOL or WTF in there huh?

    The questions should be “Yes, ATT should. It will help wireless growth” or “I have no opinion” and finally “No, T-Mobile should remain independent this merger would inhibit wireless growth and fair competition.”


    eddie .from san diego california i vote stay way from t moblie we dont need you at@t these money you can buy alot of LTE service why uou buying t moblie when you have big money .your plan is to harm t moblie costumer for sure and alot of t moblie workers they gonna get laid off .from this deal i remember i use to have att my bill was so high over $100 back in two years and serivice was bad in san diego to many drop calls .and now i have t moblie i dont have any problem with them and my bill is under $ 70.00 wish is good, and good service i never have dropp calls and and i have hspa in my area to so my enternet is good , att they dont even have hspa 4g becuse there towers are old they cant put hspa 4g towers are very old .so thats why they wanna buy t moblie ,apple is not happy with at@t becuase they dont have any service like LTE AND HESPA AND WIMAX THATS WHY APPLE IS TESTING T MOBLIE IPHONE LAST 2 WEEK BECUASE T MOBLIE HAVE EVERYWERE 4G CHECK T MOBLIE MAP

  • Wteppenpaw


  • Anthonymrobb

    Denver, Colorado. Hell NO! We won’t go. Tmobile don’t let it go through.

  • Dfgdfgdf

    Voted no from NY

  • bobby

    either let it go through, or give us an iphone…

  • South3rn Rydah956


  • TMO fanatic


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R2DJNPG3LOLC2O3F354PI4OB7Q Frill Artist

    You shouldn’t have put that iPhone option. Lots of Apple freaks are going to simply vote for that to upset the real balance of the votes.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R2DJNPG3LOLC2O3F354PI4OB7Q Frill Artist


  • Alynnashun

    Funny how ppl think cuz AT&T merges with TMobile they can jus get an iPhone to work with Tmobile… Apple owns iPhones so Apple would have to allow TMobile to carry iPhone so they work on our network without unlocking and setting up the phone to work on Tmobile. Thas why when ppl jailbreak them they still have to input setting for Tmobile network to work!

  • Kuzco

    Come on people, get an iPhone on eBay, jailbreak it, use it. Works great on T-Mobile network.

  • http://profiles.google.com/ericdhall77 eric hall

    from GA folks!

  • http://profiles.google.com/ericdhall77 eric hall

    Georgia or Jawja! T-Mobile def! ATT sux! no coverage at all. raising the bar my butt! Folks should sue for false advertisement!

  • SocalTeknique

    Love T-Mobile
    Sent from Anaheim, California!

  • zzzz_zzzzzzz


  • http://profiles.google.com/benjamin.kirkham Benjamin Kirkham

    As a 12 year customer and 3.5 year employee of T-Mobile, I see a lot of benefits of the acquisition. While I’m sure the price will go up, there will always be small carriers who offer a lower price and lower quality of coverage. The market will still allow for Boost, U.S. Cellular and the like to do business at a lower price, but with lesser nationwide coverage. For people like me, who never leave town anyway, it won’t make a difference which company I’m with. This merger will go through, and these petitions and protests will not mean anything. AT&T and DT have too much money for a petition (or for Sprint, for that matter) to block it. Quit whining and just make other arrangements if you don’t like AT&T.

    • InvisibleHand

      Finally, someone else who gets it.

    • Captainrule

      The difference is that those companies aren’t near T-mobile’s quality. T-mobile is amazing quality for your money. Any other company will be a downgrade. AT&T will only break down the amazing service and the excellent selection of phones. Sprint and Verizon have some great phones and AT&T does not. The smaller companies have a horrendous selection of phones. The smaller companies have comparable prices but lack service. Some people just aren’t interested in any other carriers. T-Mobile is great and in my opinion none of the others are even close. I have amazing coverage, a great phone and perfect service.

      AT&T has nothing to offer me, I don’t care at all for their phones or their subpar customer service. The “benefits” don’t look good at all. AT&T is going to offload their over capacity customers straight onto the T-Mobile network. They are going to shut down T-mobiles 3g/4g bands to deploy LTE which if their HSPA+ is any indication, will be ultra slow. The prices will most likely skyrocket as soon as our contracts are up, they will probably force people to sign new contracts or cut them off. That is exactly what this company does, they gobble up other companies and bring down their service quality. Ruin their prices and overall screw over lots of people. AT&T home phone, t.v., internet and cellular all have been horrible experiences for myself and many others. I’m not really sure any of that will be a benefit anyone.

      • The Kraut

        I guess what I am trying to figure out is if ATT is spending $39 billion to buy Tmobile, why couldnt they use that same money to build out their network? If the sole reason for buying T Mobile is to extend their coverage, couldnt the money be used in the same fashion to build more of their own towers etc and put people to work at the same time??

        • Captainrule

          Of course they could but it appears that they would just rather absorb companies than spend money on the network. I read an article somewhere that mentions how AT&T owns more spectrum than any other company and spends less on improving their technology than verizon. The article speculated that if AT&T invested in ways to better utilise what they have it would alleviate some of their congestion.

    • http://cosmicbreeze.tumblr.com/ DtheArtist

      Ok, you pay our cell phone bills, supply us with a array of high-end smartphones, great customer service, & innovative plans ,products & services, expansive 4G network with great call & voice clarity & we’ll call it a deal. Ok? :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Connor-Ryan/1099854534 Connor Ryan

    Im all for it, Less companies means less versions of specific cell phones which means better cellphones.

  • Timbois44

    WE left T-Mobile 2 weeks ago after being with them for 10 yrs and went to Verizon….At&t will never get a dime from me…Timbo

  • Anonymous

    While I have mixed emotions about this merger, this poll isn’t fair. There is only 1 pro ATT option. I’m into the merger for better call signals not necessarily for LTE.

  • jim in chicago

    I have been using an iPhone with T-Mobile for the past 30 months. Just say “no” to AT&T.