Opinion: Why T-Mobile’s “Unlimited Data” Plan Is A Play On Words

I’ve begun a number of my previous editorials with words like “staunch defender, supporter and biggest fan” when it comes to T-Mobile and their corporate decisions. I’ve used those words or something similar in an effort to show that what’s coming up is born out of love and frustration. A storm has been brewing in my eyes as of late with T-Mobile’s recent campaign on “unlimited” data. It came to a head last Thursday evening when T-Mobile’s marketing department posted a video on YouTube (which is now private)  depicting Carly and a new character chatting about unlimited data and the “small print” other carriers stipulate. After Carly explained the $79.99 promotional plan as having “unlimited data”, I took issue with T-Mobile’s own fine print at the end of the commercial.  The very same “small print” the commercial was designed to poke fun at existed in the exact same nature at the end of the T-Mobile commercial. See below:

As of now, this commercial has been set to private on YouTube and I don’t imagine we’ll see it again. To be blunt, this commercial was ridiculous. A complete sham by T-Mobile to poke fun at other carriers while patting itself on the back for its own terrific value. Except it’s not great value and the company’s definition of “unlimited” isn’t unlimited in any real world sense. Unlimited, according to dictionary.com, is defined as “not limited; unrestricted, unconfined; boundless and most importantly without any qualification or exception”. It is in that last part of the definition that I find fault with T-Mobile’s “unlimited” claim. While I’ll be the first to admit that in a very technical sense T-Mobile’s unlimited plan doesn’t cut you off, In my opinion that’s just a very clever play on words.  You can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig. Throttling is a restriction in a very real sense and to claim otherwise is ridiculous and therefore doesn’t quite meet the dictionary definition T-Mobile claims. Are we to understand that wireless carriers are free to interpret words as their marketing departments see fit?

In a blog post that appeared early in the morning the day this YouTube/Twitter debate went down, we posted a breakdown of T-Mobile’s new data plans which included the difference between “high speed” and “reduced speed”. An email sent while using high speed takes 2-6 seconds and reduced speed, or throttling, takes 30-40 seconds. That’s a very noticeable change and one that completely affects the user experience. I can’t imagine users who are used to sending dozens of emails per day using reduced speed for actual work. It’s just not feasible. T-Mobile is misleading its customers with commercials like the one that would have aired. I’m evidently not alone in my thoughts as the few comments that were made about  the YouTube video before it was taken down show other individuals were ready to call T-Mobile on the hypocrisy in its advertisement.

The bottom line is that T-Mobile’s claim of unlimited is nothing more than a crafty play on words thanks to a marketing team. “Unlimited” data that reduces speed to the point where it’s all but unusable for anything but the most remedial tasks isn’t unlimited. It’s not without restriction, qualification or expectation. Throttling is very much an exception and a restriction. While throttling may be the T-Mobile way of differentiating itself from the competition along with helping customers avoid overages, it’s also giving them reason to believe it’s actually unlimited. The $79.99 promotional plan reduces data speeds at 2GB’s and that’s unlimited? I’ll go back to the same point that you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig. This clever play on words is everything that’s wrong with the wireless industry and I fear it will only get worse when AT&T gobbles up T-Mobile.



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  • Anonymous

     Go Sprint. TRUE unlimited 4g data. no throttling 

    • http://darnell-chat.myopenid.com/ Darnell

       We all know that’s a temporary condition if people actually use Sprint.

  • Jimbo

     Please don’t bother customer care or any dept. other than corporate about this issue.  Arguing with an agent isn’t going to change things for the better.  

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, we didn’t create the plans or change the rules. People just want to complain to whoever will listen. 

      • Kim

        Now that you understand that, you can be a better listener.  Or maybe *gosh* take some actual action and send feedback up the food chain at T-Mobile.

        • Anonymous

          That’s about as effective as you complaining to us about it.
          Instead of expecting reps to do everything for them, customers should send their own feedback to T-Mobile.
          You guys are, after all, the most important part of T-Mobile…

        • TypicalWhitePerson

          If the merger ever happens, hopefully you will be the first to get FIRED!!  

        • Anonymous

          Funny, I hope the same thing. Collect my severance and gtfo of there.

        • Ted

          Severance… lol… what in the world makes you think they are going to give you severance when they fire you?  I’m guessing you’ll get fired long before the potential merger.

        • Anonymous

          LOL you guys are dumb, stop trolling message boards.

        • BrianPolson

          Pot calling kettle black.  People who choose to act like Ashley are annoying.  They think everyone else has a problem when it is really them.

        • TypicalWhitePerson

          Yeah at the rate she’s going, she will be fired before they terminate Carly! Then it will be no more phone sales for you… better hope some bakery will hire you to sell cupcakes.

        • Anonymous

          They’re going to have to as part of the merger, or will offer special placement incentives. Watch the hearings, you may learn something.

        • Sammy

          Oh, like what is said at a hearing is what is actually done in the real world.  Try learning from history, or you are bound to repeat it.

          Show me a binding agreement, or keep quiet.  Everything else is just words.

        • Btemonkey

          Ted doesn’t read much or doesn’t care what to know what he is talking about. If ted is looking for a job, fox news is hiring.

        • Lilmark2002


        • v8dreaming

          Yep. Because it’s totally her fault that you’re a jackass. 

        • http://ashn.myopenid.com/ Ash

          That is one of the worst thing to wish happen to others.

        • chad

          No…. shes right, I was one of the top 50 reps last year and have been with the cmpany for almost a half of a decade….. no matter how much some body calls into complain it wont make ANY difference to the bottom line. The tmo that you have once known and love is dead and will most likely never come back. As a representative we have no authority or escalation procedures to forward your voice. Truly, tmo doesnt care how the customers feel about it. The only thing senior leadership cares about is revenue. So if you dont feel like being up sold on something, then try not to call care… we are FORCED to add web. Any account maintanance should be done on tmo.com because that way nothing shady will happen to you. Oh and btw, soon due to system updates, any upgrade done will require the new data rates, so any grandfathered data rates will require the curent ones when upgrades are done…. run for the hills

        • Mopar6464

          It won’t matter , AT&T will soon be taking over anyways and they have their own data plans.

        • Kim

          Ashley, you should not be working anywhere NEAR customer service.

          Who said customers are “expecting reps to do everything for them”.  ONLY YOU.

          We send letters, we speak up.  Maybe it’s time you did too.

          Your response reeks of “I’m not going to go the extra mile to help anyone”.

        • v8dreaming

          Why should anyone go the extra mile for someone that is being rude to them? I know I wouldn’t. Your comments here say to me that you are one of those rude callers.

        • Btemonkey

          I concur, “the louder, ruder I am the more I should get” that is sarcasm. Some people’s beliefs and expectations are so out of whack.

        • Amy

          I get the sense that there are two distinct types of T-Mobile reps: those who really try to help their customers, and those who won’t lift a finger and blame the customer for everything.

          It’s clear from the postings here that the representatives of the latter category spend a lot of time posting here trying to justify their poor behaviors.  That’s okay… they will slowly learn or be unemployed.  Or maybe the company they work for will have so much trouble attracting loyal customers (due partly from them treating customers in this way) that they become weak resulting in one of their main competitors trying to buy them out.  Oh wait, that is already happening.

        • Kim

          Your point: I’m rude for directly pointing out the poor customer service attitude and behavior of Ashley, who claims to be a T-Mobile customer service representative.  That’s not rude, it’s honest.  But, as this blog entry is all about, honestly does not seem to be a value promoted in your world lately.

        • Anonymous

          Just so ya know, I did just that and got a great response, and was actually right so the policy was changed.

          Consumers are idiots, and are lazy. Some CSRs are even worse. But correct is correct and T-Mobile acknowledged their mistake and fixed it for me.

    • Guest

      MY business and millions of others pay your salary.  If I want to call customer care, you will listen–and pretend to like it.  It is as simple as that.

  • Ferminmartin2003

    If I have the even more plus plan with unlimited data will tmobile automaticly switch me over to the 2gb throttling plan once it takes effect or will I be safe until I renew or cancel my contract

    • Anonymous

      You will be grandfathered in and stay on your current rate plan until you decide to change it. 

      • Sammy

        Or until another firm buys T-Mobile and decides they no longer value you as a customer and thus choose to no longer honor your old plan.

        • Btemonkey

          At&t will honor all contacts.

        • Sammy

          Put that in writing in the form of a legal guarantee, and have the authority to back it up.  But I’m guessing you’re just a disgruntled T-Mo customer service rep who dislikes anyone saying anything you don’t like about your little company, and have no such authority.

        • None

          We already know that is not going to be true.  The idea of “grandfathering” is one that changes with each company.  And what recourse do you think you are going to have?  The best you are going to get is a free termination.  And for a lot of “grandfathered” people, they are not on contract any more anyway so there would not be a termination fee to anyway.  And then you are free to take your business elsewhere—where you will have to sign a contract and buy a new phone.  AT&T will honor contracts to a point.  But do not get it twisted that you are going to have myfaves crap on AT&T in 3 years.

  • http://profiles.google.com/mahmoud824 Mahmoud Shaaban

     I agree with you but we all know this all the carriers do it why are you discussing it now? It would be nice if they listen to you! 

  • Girth Brooks

    I work for T-Mobile, and I absolutely hate this new campaign.  Although I understand why we throttle as a business, the way they market it as Truly Unlimited is awful.  I do agree that throttling is a better alternative than overage, however they need to drop the “truly” aspect of it, and also the poking at other carriers.  BlackBerry’s perform decent on Edge, but honestly Android phones are pretty much unusable at 2G speeds.  To be fair, T-Mobile is certainly not the only carrier in wireless to be misleading.  Sprint marketed their unlimited any mobile plan as unlimited too.  Customers always referenced that plan with me, and they still never seemed to believe me when I explained how it really worked.

    Either way, if throttling counts as “truly unlimited”, than T-Mobile has 4 unlimited plans by that rule with the new 200MB, 2GB, 5GB, and 10GB throttling data plans now.  Bunk.

    • Anonymous

      Ok explain the unlimited any mobile plan from sprint to me. Is there something I need to know about it?

      • None

        Yes, you need to know that that is SPRINT

      • Girth Brooks

        It isn’t really unlimited minutes.  Their base one is like, 450 minutes, but all cell phone calls are free.  For a lot of people that is all they talk to, so it works.  But it isn’t actually unlimited minutes.  Landlines and businesses count against that 450.  So if you’re someone who has conference calls, talks to friends on home phones, or just makes a LOT of calls, you can certainly go over.  

    • Anonymous

      It is still unlimited data. Can’t argue with that.

    • Btemonkey

      I concur. I know things change fast in the mobile world, but 2 years ago internet speeds were molasses and no one was complaining then.

  • Anonymous

    As long as T-mobile USA continues to have poor growth and subscriber losses, things will always get worse and they’ll always cut corners.  This is just life with T-mobile USA if the sale doesn’t happen. 

    It’s debatable whether it gets worse with AT&T as at least they’ll have scale and will try to avoid constant subscriber losses.

    • Btemonkey

      I concur, losing customers when they have a lot devices, fast int speeds and lowest price. Americans don’t want competition, they want Iphone.

  • http://twitter.com/JBowdacious Jason Bowdach

    This is REALLY misleading….glad I’m grandfathered in. Its not anywhere near unlimited, its 2GBs plus throttled speeds. They should advertise they they never cutoff data, not that they r unlimited.

    • Sammy

      Just advertise the truth.  If the truth sucks, do something else.

      • Btemonkey

        If you expect advertising to be completely truthful, take a long look in the mirror, and decide it is time to grow up and move out of your mom’s basement.

        • Sammy

          I conduct business with firms that I believe are truthful.  Companies that lie and deceive don’t get my money.  I’m considering other carriers besides T-Mobile because of this behavior, or simply getting rid of wireless completely if none of the companies involved are ethical.

          I know you don’t care because you are just an immature fanboy, but successful companies don’t want to make their customers unhappy, or they go belly up.  Just take a look at your little T-Mobile: they are trying to sell out to AT&T because they could not keep their customers and grow as they wanted.

          I vote at the ballot box and with my wallet.  Apparently, so do others.

    • Anonymous

      What’s the difference? If they never cut off data, it is unlimited.

    • Btemonkey

      Wow, you are grandfathered in. Your 5gb plan that used to be $30 is now…….. $30 for 5gb. I’m not a mathematician, but I don’t see the difference. Except the price for minutes dropped. So you save money. What is your problem? Do you hate money? I thought all of you people went to Verizon already.

  • HTC4Eva

     I’m mad at tmo too but you’re really splitting hairs on this one.  By your standards yes, sprint is the only “true” unlimited.  However there have always been restrictions on data plans with every carrier.  Tmo even had the old throttling standard after you exceeded your quota for the month.  It has always been that way and always will be.  At least you won’t pay outrageous At&t/verizon overage charges if you exceed your limit.  Quit complaining about it though.  We’re all pissed that magenta is dying.

    • Btemonkey

      Sprint is not “unlimited” they only get 450 minutes to landlines. But unlimited to mobile phones. Unless you pay more and pay more for there 4g speeds.

      • Asif Harsola

        you don’t get it do you? It is unlimited data. Unlimited. Full speed unlimited. The minutes will be virtually unlimited to most people as most people make calls to other mobile phones but we are talking about the data part here. Sprint has truly unlimited, unthrottled data and so does MetroPCS LTE. T-Mobile is being deceptive here, it is the kind of thing we used to bash At&t for so please stop being a fanboy. 

  • Anonymous

     its not that clever…. any idiot can see its full of bs…

  • William

    When I first bought wireless service, I didn’t know which company to pick.  I was told that all of the companies really suck and have horrible policies.  This surprised me as there was supposed to be competition.

    So I went with T-Mobile.  They were the cheapest.  If I need a commodity and all of the providers suck, I might as well go with the cheapest.  None of the firms had a well known record of being better for the environment, better to their employees, or anything like that.

    In the time that I have been with T-Mobile, the cost to send or receive a single text message has increased by 500%.  Non-required fees on the bill have increased.  Network outages are still common.  Dropped calls are a regular experience.  Poor voice quality is typical.

    I haven’t heard that it is any better with any of their “competitors”.

    You would think that with the “competition” these firms would rise to higher standards.  Maybe the competition is just an illusion, and there actually is not nearly as much competition as we perceive.

    Or maybe they all just suck.

    • AdrianMT4G

      I haven’t experienced any dropped calls. And the price per text wouldn’t be a bother if you would just get a 10 dollar unlimited texting plan. Voice quality is also great on my end. I’ve only been in one outage during the last year. Maybe its just in your area where these problems occur.

      • TypicalWhitePerson

        How do you like your MyTouch4G?

        • Anonymous

          Love mine and looking to get the Sensation on launch day :D

    • Btemonkey

      Funny that the price for unlimited text messaging was $14.99 a while ago for one line and now $10 and plans were reduced yesterday. AND ONLY COMPANY make Fortune 500 best company to work for out of big 4. Maybe you suck at research. Just saying.

      • William

        Funny you have no idea what you are talking about.  A text message cost 5 cents to send or receive, now it is 25 cents.  Maybe you just suck.

      • William

        Funny you have no idea what you are talking about.  A text message previously cost 5
        cents to send or receive, now it is 25 cents.  Maybe you just suck.

    • Btemonkey

      Funny that the price for unlimited text messaging was $14.99 a while ago for one line and now $10 and plans were reduced yesterday. AND ONLY COMPANY make Fortune 500 best company to work for out of big 4. Maybe you suck at research. Just saying.

    • Btemonkey

      Funny that the price for unlimited text messaging was $14.99 a while ago for one line and now $10 and plans were reduced yesterday. AND ONLY COMPANY make Fortune 500 best company to work for out of big 4. Maybe you suck at research. Just saying.

  • Theassis

    my restaurant is having a all you can eat buffet, the more you eat the worse the food gets…
    its still unlimited..

    just like these data plans!

    • William

      That’s freakin’ funny.

    • AdrianMT4G

      Hilarious! Lol

    • Btemonkey

      Not if you run out of food. But I bet you easy more slowly once you hot a certain limit. Nice analogy!

      • Btemonkey

        Nice spelling! EATING.

  • http://ashn.myopenid.com/ Ash

    All of t-mo’s commercial have that fine print, and white text on white background.
    Nothing new.

  • Anonymous

    RE:Are we to understand that wireless carriers are free to interpret words as their marketing departments see fit? Well, YEAH!! Look, ALL the major carriers “re-defined” the meaning of 4G calling their technologies,(HSPA+, WIMAXX and LTE) 4G when they are NOT true 4G tech. They “re-define” anything that suits them in order to sell more phones and rate plans. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been with T-mobile since they were Voice-Stream in 2001 so I am certainly a long time and loyal customer, however, they are NO different than any of the other carriers when it comes to pushing their own agenda.

    • phone head

      since when wimaxx and lte not real 4G?

      • Anonymous

        Since it doesn’t meet the 1000Mbps stationary 300Mbps Mobile requirement… LTE isn’t 4G either… LTE Advanced is…

    • Btemonkey

      I concur.

      • None

        I think that is what the “Like” button is for!  JK

  • http://ashn.myopenid.com/ Ash

    I believe billibolas’ point was: do something about it and not just whine about it, if one doesn’t like anything in/about their life.Not about freedom of speech.

    • Anonymous


      • Guest

        Somehow Ash was able to put Bill’s point into one sentence when he could not convey his point in 30+ posts.

        • Anonymous

          Somehow you missed that i conveyed more than one point since there are two CLEARLY DEFINED numerical bullet points, adversely isnt it the function of a summary to summarize or shorten something?  So are you calling out that someone was able to summarize something?  Should people skip reading and go for the leaflet instead?  Even with my however many character post, I still had an idiot misinterpret the clearly drawn out objective of my comment.  Keep on with the pseudo smart allecky comments, they push to my phone and I love putting idiots in their place…

  • The Observer

    you know everything you just said was in that sprint commercial

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carlos-Becho/202601422 Carlos Becho

    Very well written article.

    • Btemonkey

      Might be well written, but it is advertising. Your doing your research by reading this stuff on this great website, but your expectations are too high for any carrier to compete for.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carlos-Becho/202601422 Carlos Becho

    Very well written article. I agree with your thoughts completely. I have been a T-mobile customer since 2003 and this is just shameful. 

  • Mo

    Agree with the misuse of the word ‘unlimited’. I’m also disgusted with the ‘4G’ coverage. My G2x shows ‘4G’ even when I’m connected to the network with UMTS, yet I often only get .05Mbps or less. I’ve spent time in the Birmingham, Charleston (SC), Atlanta and San Diego areas in the past month and never experience anything like ‘4G’ speeds. Frustrated I called T-Mobile, and after a lot of song and dance, the rep told me the expectation on their ‘4G’ network is 3.5Mbps download, and 1Mbps upload. Agree too, that the T-Mobile of today is not what it was even six months ago.  I sometimes feel T-Mobile is bailing on their customers, hoping they will bail on them, and not make the buy out look more like a monopoly. 

    • Btemonkey

      So 3.5 down is slow. Got it. So Verizon’s 3g 2 is faster??!? I don’t understand the complaint. On average in 3 and 4g areas 3.5 down is average. But you can get 5 to 7 in good areas. All still better than Verizon’s 3g. Their 4g doesn’t count cause they 1 phone and don’t half the 4g coverage T-mobile has. Still costs more too. Your expectations need to align with what’s available.

      • Btemonkeyspanker

        His expectations are in line with what is advertised.  I bet if T-Mobile jammed something up your ass you would still defend them.

        • Btemonkey spanker spanker

          Wow. Way to keep your cool. He says he gets 3.5 down. And 6 months ago it was better with different phone. Not even possible. His expectations for g2x were ridiculously high.

  • Lordhelmet

    Tmo is just practicing their “word games” they will obviously have to use to conform with their future owner AT&T.. Be prepared… this is only the beginning ..

  • http://twitter.com/TechAce01 Antonio Cunningham

    Thanks David! That’s what I’ve been saying sense T-mobile went from 10GBs to 5GBs. What I’m afraid of is just because we’re supposed to be grandfathered into the 5GBs cap, T-mobile can still drop us to 2GBs like they did with the 10gbs to 5gbs.

  • binfartin

    I hit my 5 gig cap. I’m running at 25kbps download and 56 kbps upload. My billing cycle will end with in 2.5 weeks from now. Sigh……  

    • Btemonkey

      Then pay for the 10gb if you need it.

      • http://twitter.com/_nctrnl Sean

        I have sprint, but I would rather have the option of paying $10 per gig after I hit my monthly limit (like AT&T) instead of being trapped in dial up purgatory until the next month. I was about to switch to T-Mobile until I found out about this.  It’s not a good deal for new people who aren’t used to having to worry about how much data they use.

        • Vjballa21

          you arent trapped at the data you signed up for idiot. you can always go up and down as you please. so for example you hit your 2 gig cap. you call in and for 10 extra dollars they give you 3 more gigs. so stfu and know your stuff before you post stupid vomit.

        • http://twitter.com/TechAce01 Antonio Cunningham

          Somebody needs to chill out.. anyway Not according to the revamped plans. If you have the 2Gbs plan and you hit your cap two weeks in.; you have to wait until the next billing cycle to start a different plan (like 5Gbs)

        • Anonymous

          No, you can always call in and back date… Cut out the foolishness…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000051537390 Derrick D J Thomason

      get a datastick..

  • http://twitter.com/techvudu dino

    shifty words i agree. still not sure if any more evil than the other 3. at least no overage charges. 

  • Btemonkey

    Compared to other carriers, this is huge. IPhone on At&t only gets 2gb. T-mobile you can use 100gb and never be charged extra. The fact you will never be charged extra is something the other carriers will never follow. Sprint’s 4g is spotty and you have to pay extra for and don’t get unlimited calling unless you pay extra. You can whine about getting throttled, but still the best value around.

    • Jop

      No…Sprint is truly unlimited and that “extra” brings it to the same price as T-Mobile. Sorry but Sprint is a better value. 

      • Btemonkey

        So same price and less 4g coverage is better value? and doesn’t give unlimited calls, just unlimited MOBILE calls. Wake up!

        • DATA

          How many numbers do you call today that are not mobile? You get 750 landline minutes a month, I personally only use maybe 100 minutes a month that are not M2M…. Oh don’t forget that with Sprint almost everyone qualifies for some type of discount off the monthly price.  Ya Sprint makes for a better deal when data is more important.

    • techie

      With the slow down to 2G speeds after your 2Gig, you could never use that much in a month.  

      • techie

        BTW thats about 47hours to download 1Gig at 56K assuming you get that speed after your throttled.  Most I hear don’t get that.  So no, it’s not unlimited and really puts a limit on you.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not picking sides here at all, but we’re looking at the term “Unlimited” in the colloquial sense.  We believe that unlimited is completely free of limits no matter what the limit is.  Unfortunately, it’s cleverly worded to make more money.  True, it is unlimited in the respect that you can USE as much as you please without fear of it running out, or being charged insane overage fees.  However, and this is the really unfortunate part, they can in order to conserve bandwidth and make more money, charge whatever they want if you hit a magic threshold of lets say 2GB.  Sure, the transfer rate is slower, but you can still keep using it, unlimited-ly!  They’re not wrong in their practice, perhaps a bit unethical, but nothing more.  Now, if they were to pull that throttle crap on those of us that signed up on the original data plans where throttling wasn’t even a thought, that would be wrong because you’ve changed the rules.  Here, no rules were changed.  It was their intent to restrict the unlimited from the jump.

    • Btemonkey

      Not just whatever they want, LESS than the competition!

  • FYI

    For once, i disagree with you. I think this is the fairest way to charge a customer. Its unlimited but you pay a premium for speed. This fact is obvious and tmobile has made it clear there is speed reductions. Its this kind of forward thnking im gonna miss with Tmo’s demise.

    • Btemonkey

      I concur, whole heartly.

  • tmorep

    This blog post is pointless, because the same could be said about the unlimited talk.  We promote it as unlimited talk, but if you abuse your unlimited minutes such as talking over 8k minutes a month, we will most likely terminate your service.  Cry to Verizon and AT&T, because you know whenever they set limits, you sure as well bet T-Mobile will soon follow shortly after. 

  • http://www.brettschulte.com/ Brett Schulte

    I disagree too David , it is “unlimited” it’s just RATE limited.  I think that’s fair.

  • http://twitter.com/_nctrnl Sean

    The only thing that isn’t unlimited on Sprint is Roaming Data (I believe you get 200 MB/mo).  In network 3G and 4G data is unlimited.

    • Ryanmid86

      Umm too bad Sprint doesn’t offer 4g networks in all major cities AND they reserve the right to throttle after 300 mb of usage.

      • http://twitter.com/_nctrnl Sean

        They don’t throttle after 300GB.  There was about 15 or 20 minutes today where 4G was slow, but I’ve used over 2GB this month and am still getting 4G speed tests at 7-11 MBPS. They only throttle roaming data.



     T-Mobile Customer Relations 
     P.O. Box 37380 
     Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380


    • Btemonkey

      Wow! So, you whined and complained and tmo gave you $200 and you reward them by talking smack and dropped their service for a slower carrier. We should all be that grownup and respectful. – that was sarcasm.


        Well 4G LTE was the best decision I’ve ever made….it’s oober fast and I never have any problems on my thunderbolt…..at least I know what I got into now!

        • Anonymous

          So the shifty LTE signal, inconsistent speeds, and battery drained in 2 hours are all good decisions?  Single core chip with a lower quality screen all good decisions?   

          Why are you on a tmo website?  

  • Bored2nite

    Look, I have to admit that if Tmo just dropped the Truly part…. i think it would solve some peoples issue.  Ya i get it, look good against sprint… but our customer service (or what is used to be) was enough to be better than sprint.  

    My opinion is the new plans are near perfect.  Drop the TRULY unlimited advertisement… and my job just became the easiest of 4 companies.  Customers understand as long as you explain.  Today i told a customer, hey based on the last three months… we should switch you to the new plans.  You don’t use more than 2gbs a month, your other line doesn’t need 5gbs like its on now either… lets drop it to 200 mb… i saved a customer 30 dollars A MONTH AND increased two of his lines to unlimited minutes instead of 1500 shared among 5 lines…. why because we had tierd data. 

    Im sorry that you use up ur monthly allowance because you spend half your time bitching about the same thing ur wasting on blogs.

    No i will never tell a customer hey use more wifi….. but we offer wifi hotspots accessibility (retailers) included in our prices (so you don’t have to pay 10 bucks at those locations), majority of people have wifi in most places… and its nice that hey… take advantage IF you have it….. and it won’t touch ur monthly allowance…

    Long story short…. yes saying its unlimited and have a well just this is unlimited SUCKS for employees too…. but if u don’t like what we have go get 2gb with AT&T or 5GB with Verizon and then have a BIGGER bill from that already HUGE bill for having all the 3g / 4g u want at a per MB price after ur limit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/CeeGee-Borela/100000183782060 CeeGee Borela

    unlimited data… thst slows down sssshhhh

  • Pdinero

    i mean at least its overage free thats a start

  • http://twitter.com/yo_david David B.

    look people…. UNLIMITED is defined as the AMOUNT OF SOMETHING…. not the SPEED that its supposed to give…. YES ITS A PLAY ON WORDS AND TO SOME PEOPLE ITS NOT FAIR>>> EVEN THOUGH THE AVERAGE USER USES 500MB on his ANDROID cellphone and 100mb on a blackberry… THE PLAN IS IN TH AMOUNT>>>> UNLIMITED it doesnt stop at 2gb…. speeds slow down…. thats the point.

    • Jlo

      You are an idiot, the word “unlimited” encompasses more than your simplified version of the definition. Actually, none of the major dictionaries define “unlimited” by “AMOUNT OF SOMETHING.”


      • Anonymous

        Before you go calling someone a dumbass you might want to look up that definition yourself, nowhere in ANY dictionary does it say anything about degrading quality of your unlimited object.  As stated numerous times here, if i offered you unlimited pasta, but halfway through started slowing down how fast i brought it to you and brought you overcooked pasta, does that diminish it being unlimited?  Or does is it just a degraded quality of the same product?  

        • Junior

          I agree I would imagine the “dumbass” would be the one who would get into a contract without knowing the terms and limitations. And if that’s the case… And you want to really get sensitive about something, fyi no US carrier had true 4G. Not verizon, sprint, AT&T, or T-Mobile. We all use the play on words.

    • techie

      Unlimited iswithout any qualification or exception; unconditional.  That would mean that the speeds should not change also.  Period 

  • db

    I think some people are over reacting to this……I work for T-Mobile and while I can’t say that I haven’t scratched my head over some of the choices we have made recently and I don’t necessarily agree with claiming “truly unlimited” data , these new plans are by far the best value for contracted rate plans offered by any of the 4 major carriers. This is marketing plain and simple to attract customers to the store where they are made aware of exactly how much data you can use and exactly how much it costs……the plans plainly state how much data you get for the specific price and there is no risk of overage as there is with the other carriers. You can have a 2 line family plan with unlimited minutes, unlimited text, and 2 gb of web per line for 20.00 more than a single line with the same features at ATT or Verizon….and with Sprint you have to pay 10.00 extra just if you get one of their “4g” devices whether they have “4g” in your area or not, which they don’t in my market. So if the liberal use by T-mobile if the word “unlimited” upsets you that much then go pay $50-$100 more per month with a carrier who has more politically correct advertising that doesn’t offend your fragile sensibilities!

    • Vjballa21

      some people on this site amaze me. they will not stop until they get unlimited talk text and 4ghighspeed web for free. So I try to ignore them but sometimes it just really bothers me. Tmobile puts out a rate plan that gives you unlimited talk text and web starting at 60 bucks they complain the web is not 4g! are you serious?? ATT charges more than double that! OMFG 70 bucks gets u unlimited tt and 2 gigs of 4g…and 90 percent of users dont more than 1 gig so i dont know what these frickin complainers are whining about. I cant wait til these f*cks dont have T-Mobile or Sprint anymore and will have to go to att or verizon and pay double. I CANT WAIT. cause when or if T-Mobile goes Sprint is going right after them. straight from their ceo’s mouth.

    • Fs45237

      And in this comment is where the problem is. Your saying it is OK to lie to get new customers into the system. I have been with the T-Mobile company from the beginning all the way from the start and I have 4 phones that I have added one at a time. Never once in almost 20 years have I felt this violately. I was given their word that I would have full 4G speeds almost 100% of the time, but some times it may slow to 3G speeds in some areas. Never was I told about throttling, there was no fine print for me to read, I was an existing customer upgrading to a new faster speeds with UNLIMITED web service at 4G speeds. But to you I am over reacting … they were told of my importance of this access due to the fact I am an IT professional who designs websites for smart phone useage. The first 3 months had no thottling back … then after 90 days bam thottled back, I’m stuck in a 2 more years on 4 phones without the internet use as promised. I pay for what ever I need and when given an offer I expect to get what I paid for. T-Mobile did not delivery on what was promised. Offer a price on unlimited high speed internet and I will pay for it! Does Tmobile have an unthrottled highspeed internet access plan at a set price … NO! Why not?

    • Kris Kemp

      overreacting? no. we are not overreacting. we are calling you out. for lying. i like t-mobile, but you guys should not lie.

    • Retired and tired of the crap.

      I pay for 10Gb. I would gladly pay for 20Gb, but alas they would rather slap me in the face and cap my high speed access than allow me to purchase whst I actually need and would pay for if it were made availabl.e

  • William

    There seem to be quite a few posts that express the general idea that “yes, T-Mobile’s behavior is awful, but it’s okay because other companies are doing it too”.  This type of logic, values, and ethics is just sad and pathetic.

    I’m going to interview all of our employees during the next few weeks, and if I detect this type of attitude and belief system in any of them, I will fire them on the spot and hire replacements with better values.  I can’t clean up other firms (including T-Mobile), but I sure can clean up ours.

  • Shyguyatlanta

    Yup, the wireless industry is making tons of money and trying to find ways to make more. Problem is they know people won’t say no. Come on people what did u do 5 years ago before smartphones? Resist for a while and rates will come down.


    At least we don’t cut you off completely like the others do. and if you are using more than 2 or 5 Gig then you are using it for a lot. My wife is a data hog and she has never used more than 2 Gig. Face book all day long among other things. And it is not like we lure you in without telling you. you are informed at the point of sale. and it is not like we are pulling the wool over someones eyes and stealing the competition away. We have been losing customers since we had 5Gig as our standard plan and we were making fun of ATT for capping at 2Gig. Whatever dude. we are being sold out by DT for 34 billion so it doesn’t matter any more.  Grab you ankles because ATT is coming to town and they don have any lubrication. You will be begging for our 2G data cap once they take over. 

    • techie

      Who completely cuts you off?  I don’t know of any carrier who completely cuts you off, and only ATT & T-Mobile now have limits on the data.

      • Mopar6464

        Verizon is changing in mid summer as well to capped data plans.
        And then Sprint will right behind them.

        • http://profiles.google.com/jjwagner33 J.J. Wagner

          There are threads where Verizon customers are already getting throttled.  Verizon said they were going to throttle the top 5% of data users.

    • Fs45237

      With the handle TMOTECH I don’t think you even know what is stated at the “point of sale” and I for one was never told about the thottling back and in fact was told I would have unlimited 4G speed access to the internet all the time. I understand ATT has already put it to you and when you get your new job, maybe if you don’t lie to those customers you might get to keep that job.

      • Joe-e

        I love how customers say “I was never told” cause all that really translates to is “I never took the time to read the service agreement or the terms and conditions or the multitude of documents that I have immediate and convenient access to”   Just cause you do not get verbally informed of something does not mean it doesnt count as being informed. Its like if you sign up for a credit card and then complain cause you never read the paper that stated your credit limit and then you call up saying “I was never told my credit limit was only 500”. ……………btw, if are concerned about lies then ill check back with you after ATT takes over

  • Anonymous

    Douche, I’m not calling into question the nature of a blog, it is about opinions, not incessant complaining about the same thing.  If you continue to air out your complaints on a blog, what will that get you?  Will it resolve the issue?  Will it change anything?  Act like an adult with free will and make a choice, as stated, I dont understand why someone would have a wireless provider that doesnt work for them, and instead of changing it, sit around all day and complain.  I am a T-Mobile customer as well jerkoff, my avatar is of a Galaxy S 4G, how stupid could you be?  It says T-Mobile on it. 

  • majentarulz

    It’s funny how there are so many people complaining about the new data plan options.  Without getting into the whole unlimited debate, why should I have to pay for Unlimited data with high speeds up to 5GB or 10GB when I don’t need that much and 2GB at full speed will suit me just fine.  It is for the same reason that unlimited minutes cost more than 500 minutes; you should pay for what you need instead of being forced to pay $30/Month for data if you don’t need it.  These new plan options allow you to tailor your plan to fit how you personally use your smart phone.  

    • Anonymous

      I agree. And best of all, no OVERAGE charges. People can’t see this, and demand more. Hell, even my internet at home is capped. 500 GBs from Comcast, I consistently use torrents, and only hit a max of 250 GBs. I wish I could pay less for the same speed. Good job T-Mobile. 

      And if you don’t like these new plans, please unlock your phones and go to AT&T. They don’t “misadvertise”, which is what all are you seem to complain about.

      BUT, they do limit your data to 2 GBs, regardless of speed. But hey, at least they’re honest…

  • DatNizzle

    Totally agree. Netflix told me I could watch unlimited streaming movies, but you can only watch 2 at a time, lairs. There should be no limits.
    You do realize that by your logic you will never get unlimited data. You will be capped by what your phone or network can handle.
    I know you guys with “unlimited” voice minutes feel like crap, they only let you use 1 min at a time. Unless you use call waiting, than that’s 2.
    Tmobile is trying to compete. Verion and AT&T proved that it’s phones, not price or service, that bring in the customers. They proved you can charge what you want, cap data and people will stand in line to sign up. It’s the one loophole in capitalism, stupid people count too.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Kalter/504395082 Christopher Kalter

      I totally agree! This right here should be quoted. The data has unlimited USAGE the data itself is not unlimited but the USE of data is unlimited.  You have no idea how many people i’ve met ask for unlimited minutes but only use 500.  They have been brainwashed by the public into thinking they deserve all this for nothing.  If you want it fine then you pay for it.  If you come to your senses and understand that you should pay for how much you use then we can talk about which of the 4 data plans you need based on the individual.  

      • Fs45237

        Yes that would be awesome pay for what you use … so in my 3000 minute plan and I only use 500 in a month I should only pay 1/6 of the bill. And the customer service shouldn’t collect a check at all because the answers you get from them are useless.

        • Joe-e

          Ok, so lets shut down the number one rated wireless customer service and just let you figure out the difference between and fdc and hlr. Just the fact that you have an opinion on customer service shows you have had to call them at least once.

        • blah.

          If you want to pay for what you use then switch to T-Mobile prepaid. I’m sorry that we at customer care don’t have all the answers or credits that our customers demand from us, but we have policies to adhere to, most of us don’t live around the corner from you so we can’t tell you why the service in your area all of a sudden went down, and we rarely get told about new phones and services any sooner than our customers do. If you want more answers, put the heat on the higher ups in the business, not on us, who have to deal with you people calling us names and yelling at us between 8 and 13 hours a day.

    • http://profiles.google.com/ratnikh Mark Terry II

      Being initially given speeds of well over 5Mbps with an extremely powerful phone, and then having it throttle down to lower than 30Kbps is extremely disappointing. Nobody expects the speed to exceed the network’s own limitations. But they are advertising “unlimited data” with extremely 4G speeds. They are selling 4G capable phones that do video chat, movie streaming, and can share 720p or 1080p video to Youtube… this eats up 2GB in a short time for active users when you also factor in mail, attachments and app downloads. Once you hit that 2GB cap you can not do many of these things. Many apps won’t operate at below 3G rates, thus nullifying many of the advantages for owning a 4G smart phone. Not only is the cap ridiculously low, but the throttled speed is at or below EDGE speeds which is extremely disappointing. I’m curious as to why you are defending the consistent downgrade in customer service.

    • Anonymous

      You can watch all the movies you like, which is “unlimited”. It never said the amount of devices you can watch it on are unlimited. I signed up to Netflix only expecting to watch one movie at a time, and then greatly surprised when I found out I could watch two. 

      For there to “be no limits”, the price you would pay would make you complain for a lower plan and more restrictions.

  • Mopar6464

     And if you want to save more money on the data plan and your not under contract , switch your data plan to the $9.99/month Web2Go and change your APN setting to internet2.voicestream.com and surf 3G data unlimited.

    • BoredinMO

      um, you do know this plan hasnt been available in soooooo long. Its like saying “switch your plan to a myfaves plan”. Are you stuck in 2008? BTW, the internet2 apns are being deactivated on phones. you might get limited connection for the default apns in the system, but the internet2 is going to be about as much benefit to you as a smack upside the head. 

  • Me

    I think the new rate plan is great! I’ve been selling it like hotcakes, but I don’t like that it is called “truly unlimited”. Try calling it that in a sales pitch to a  customer and see what look you get when you say it slows after 2 gig. On our window there is a huge poster advertising the TRULY UNLIMITED.. Ive enjoyed many years with Tmobile being the exception to the rule of wireless providers being sneaky liars. Our brand has a reputation to uphold. Change the advertising. Advertise what it TRULY is and no worries.

    • Gaelhernandez

      You can actually add the pro web and it gives them 5gb of data speed instead of the 2gb I’m hooking up the people that walk through my door and will continue to do so..

      • Stevekixs

        That’s against policy. You can get on trouble of you’re caught doing that.

        • BobsyourNephew

          Ya, accounts are being audited very heavily because of all the dealer scamming and while you may not know it just yet, you will soon. Its dealer scams like this that have caused the need for all the new security features. Not to mention that whatever you do on an account people forget it can be very easily traced to them, and you cant go trying to explain this off as an accident. Just go ask the last group of agents who lost their jobs cause of it. I remember one agent who called us blaming tmobile for getting him fired….the reason was cause he was doing stuff like this and it was being tracked for a few months and then they fired him and you dont get unemployment when you get fired for fraud. You have no idea how many fraud forms get filled out for stuff like this. …………………… be a good agent and do your job right.. is it really that much of a boost to your sales to be a fraudulent dealer?

      • hi

        that soc code conflicts with most of the new rate plans and custoemr care has been go through customers and switching back to the other one.

  • Anonymous

    Of course the main issue about all this is loss of customers.

    There’s a number of potential customers who won’t do business with a company whom they feel is being “slick” or misleading.  So while T-Mobile thinks it’s being slick with it’s creative use of the word “unlimited,” I have to wonder how many potential accounts it has lost because to consumers T-Mobile is false advertising or misleading them.

    Sidenote:  What’s with TMoNews sudden finding a conscience?  As I recall since its days of appearing on the Net it “sided” with the people in here who find nothing wrong with T-Mobile’s disingenuous use of the term “unlimited.”

    • http://profiles.google.com/jjwagner33 J.J. Wagner

      Much less than 1% of data users, not tethering, will ever reach 5GB.  That could change if the Netflix app starts working on more devices but right now it’s a rare to see someone hit 2GB, let alone 5GB.

  • Anonymous

    If you think it’s bad now, just wait until the AT&T acquisition is approved….

    • Brookjonestcc

      how the hell is it so bad now? unlimited everything for a new smartphone user for 120 for 2 lines.  tell me anywhere else you can get that kind of plan with a national wireless provider?

  • http://twitter.com/jdevenberg jdevenberg

    No overage fees is unlimitted enough for me.

  • Completely Serious

    You should do opinion pieces more often.  Dude, you just got PAID with all these hits too.  I would love to see more of this!

  • ThrottledSince2010

    I rather pay $10 per GB in overage than be throttled. 

    If it’s true that hardly anyone uses that much data then what are they afraid of?

    The real reason T-Mobile throttles its network is because they are too cheap to provide proper backhaul and capacity.  They do the bare bones minimum to keep costs down but they’ll never admit this.  This is why our phones keep bouncing to EDGE and GPRS all day.  Their 4G network is built weak and can’t handle too much use.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=523210155 Conrad Cody Cline

      Really? Is that why tmobile was rated as having the second most consistent network in the nation and the number one fastest? among multiple carriers (not just the big four)

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=589290121 John White

      Speak for yourself.  My G2x holds a strong 4G signal all day long.  I haven’t seen EDGE since I got this phone.

    • http://profiles.google.com/jjwagner33 J.J. Wagner

      Want to pay for more data?  They now have 10GB data plan for $60 a month.  That’s 5GB more than the regular plan and it’s less than the $10 per GB you were willing to pay.

  • Danz8502

    Ya I agree throttling is ridiculous I got throttled the other day tested my internet speed and it was 60 kps down and 120 up when I. Normally get between 4 and 6 Mps down and 2 up so I opted for the 10 dollars more a month plan that kicked it to 5 gb

  • Ihateat&t

    This is a conspiracy by AT&T and Tmobile to deflect more customers to other carriers and then cry in front of FCC and doj that they are losing customers. Don’t forget sprint was losing customers at one time. But innovative thinking and marketing got them back on track.

  • stu

    The telcos and ISPs in Australia were investigated by the corporate watchdog a few years ago for similar tactics. They were all spruiking “unlimited data!” (then in almost unreadable fine print, something along the lines of: “slows to dialup speeds of 64kpbs after 5GB”). They got away with it for a couple of years before the government clamped down and put a stop to it.