(Updated!) Has The G2x Been Pulled From Store Shelves Due To Quality Issues?

Updated: We pinged T-Mobile this morning regarding this issue and they followed up via Twitter stating “The T-Mobile G2x has been very popular and high demand has resulted in inventory constraints, which we are working to address. We are working with LG to address inventory constraints and expect to return to normal levels in the coming weeks.” We’ve gone back to our original source who reverified their claim that was the phone was taken offline to address “issues” with the device. Hopefully you understand that our original story was meant to question the sudden disappearance of the G2x and was not written as a confirmation. We still believe that T-Mobile needs to address the quality control issues which have plagued the device since days 1.

We’re receiving word from some of our ninjas that the T-Mobile G2x has been pulled from T-Mobile.com due to quality control issues over the device. The G2x has been plagued with random reboots, light leaks and various minor control issues since it was first released to the public. While we can’t say for certain that one of those quality control issues is behind the sudden disappearance of the G2x from T-Mobile.com, it’s missing and we’re betting it’s not because of low inventory. Perhaps this would also explain why tonight’s midnight sale was changed at the last minute to include the Sidekick 4G and not the G2x.

We’re looking further into this and we hope that T-Mobile lets G2x users know if in fact there is a quality control issue with the device and offers a replacement. That’s getting a little ahead of ourselves however until we know the whole story. We’ll update the second we know more!

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  • telmo

    i spoke with a tmo rep and she said that it’s completely pulled out till all issues are fixed.

    • Guest

      I hope that’s true. The thing is bunk right now.

  • Hecg 55

    Mom got one yesterday she loves it. I think it’s great! Better then my vibrant. I’m getting one next month

  • http://tmonews.com David

    Please report this to tmonews.com/support !

    • None

      I occasionally get random “Stack” errors on TmoNews (especially when there is a poll).  I believe this site does not always play well with Explorer. 
      I would use Chrome but this is a work machine and I cannot put Chrome on it.  :(

  • jon59

    had mine for two hours.  Force closes almost every app.  Freezes constantly.  Pressing power on button does not wake the phone 50% of the time.  switches from 4g to 2g almost once per minute ( yes 2G not 3G) I will be returning this phone tomorrow

    • Anonymous

      You should do a factory reset because it sounds like there is buggy data on your phone.

      • Anonymous

        LOL. “Buggy Data” = phone needs a recall and replace all the phones with a Samsung Galaxy S2 :)

  • Anonymous

    Why does “T-Mobile” need to address it.. it’s LG’s phone. LG is well aware of these issues

    • Camille

      I actually think that they both should address it.  T-Mobile because they are selling it, and LG because they are the manufacturer.  But, utlimately, LG should very quickly address the issues with the phone because it is their reputation as a phone manufacturer on the line.  And, with new high-end phones being released to other carriers (like the Revolution on Verizon), they would want to go ahead and clear this up fast.

  • TJ

    I returned two of them. Freeze/blank screen, random reboots. Too bad, felt and ran great when it did but was too unreliable to keep.

    • Ollie31

      I was told by customer service that it was pulled for quality issues also. I do hope that it is fixed soon because I would like to have the phone.

  • Associated

    Whatever you guys saying …
    This cellphone still kicking HTC sensation a.s.s…this fhone have the best CPU and Gpu/ quadrants is amazing even after gingerbread shows up the GS2 will be in trouble! I work for LG the fhone is just out of order and this rumors is a total unreal!!!! Call LG customer supper anything’s and I will place you order,thanks!

    • Anonymous

      how is it still kicking HTC sensation a.s.s when the sensation has not even been released yet?  make up stuff much?

      • Ads

        technically its out you tard.

        • Anonymous

          how is it out when you can’t buy it in the states you dumb a** idiot. i’m talking u.s. version so no it is not “technically” out you tard. you can’t buy it yet so you can’t compare yet. get informed moron

      • Anonymous

        It has a higher hardware score, so what. Build quality is in the toilet. What is a high score worth if you can;t even use the thing…

      • Bensworld

        The phone has been compared by specs and speed test. The G2X scored higher speeds than the Sensation time and time again. Even with the Sensation having a 1.2GHZ dual core processor and the G2X having a 1GHZ dual core processor

    • TypicalWhitePerson


    • bigbudha

      two things
      2) lockedbootloader

    • Bensworld

      I’m really shocked by all the complaints. Iv’e had my G 2 X for a month today and not once has it rebooted or cut off and no screen bleeding. Every reviewer has given the phone major praise. CNET gave it an Editor Choice Award PhoneDog said it was the best android phone on the market and PC Magazine said it was the best smartphone out period. The phone has destroyed every phone I seen in benchmark speed test.

      All I’m waiting for is gingerbread at this point!

  • LPouessel

    My local store pulled their display phone 2 weeks ago.  No one could tell me when a live one would be put back out for display.  Kinda funny for one of their star power phones, is what I thought then!

  • Anonymous


  • BigMixxx

    I’m with J.J.!  I’m on my third hd2….my problems have only been stick phone keys since running Android on my phone.  I run Ultimate droid and I absolute adore the rom…

    I do want a G2x.  I have no interest in Sense right now….

  • Moronsupport

    My phone kept rebooting and factory resetting itself.  It self wiped twice in a single day.  Irritating.

    Then T-Mobile tech support refused to exchange it until a 5 day period had passed to see if it kept doing what I told them.  Morons.  

    • Joe-e

      Morons? Wow. Do you even know why they make you wait?

  • phone fiend

     Have had mine for 2 weeks. Rebooted once for no reason. (Not that big of a deal) and froze once (pretty normal behavior for any android) I have returned a few at my store that definetly had problems though. Guess I got lucky. I think everyone needs to back off LG a bit though. This phone does not have nearly the problems as some one particular line of HTC phones (mytouch slide and mytouch 4g). And overall HTC is very good. But not those phones.

    • Anonymous

      Never had a problem with the MyTouch 4g and all you need to do is go to the XDA forums to see the amount of complaints.  It overwhelmingly falls on the G2X.  I don’t care where you work don’t spread misinformation.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1339612527 Adrian Parks

      The myTouch 4G is a great phone. The only problem I have with mine is it will occasionally slow down when using the wifi calling. All I have to do is hang up the call then the phone will speed back up. Other than that, its pretty awesome.

    • Polaris1

      Was not aware the MT4G had any issues. Been using mine for several months with no issues whatsoever. Upgraded from MT3G and never had any issues with that phone after almost 2 years. So I’m not sure what issues you’re speaking about regarding the MT line.

      I was going to get the G2X but it was not out yet when I picked up my MT4G. Glad I did. The MT4G is still one of the best android phones on ANY carrier. Sure its not a dual core but so what. Performance is great, build quality is excellent. Oh and by the way it has more RAM than the G2X.

      These so called issues with the G2X is the reason I no longer buy a phone when it’s first released. I’d rather wait and see if any issues are reported before laying down my hard earned $$. Been burned before.

  • dntgetthisphone

    Never had so many problems with a phone and I have owned the Nexus S, mytouch 4g, vibrant, G2, it truly is a horrible phone. Ramdomly shuts down, freezes randomly causing me to pull out batt, when you unlock screen it takes too long to turn on ir doesn’t turn on at all. :(

    • Anonymous

      Why so many phones, lol?  There hasn’t been anything out worth replacing the MyTouch 4G.

      • WWWYKI!

        Some people like buying the latest and greatest tech stuff. I always question people who are constantly buying a new phone every few months, but then realize that I shouldn’t care. People can waste their money on whatever they want

  • HeLLkAt31

    You know, right about now it doesn’t sound that bad that, Europe gets the phones first so by the time they get released in the States they would maybe not have so many problems…

  • syn

    Had problem with G2X. keeps shutting down and didnt turned on until you remove the battery. Never, seen a phone with this major issues.

  • Associated

    This is just a web conspiracy (HTC paying ) against the best fone out,cnet and a couple more sites say:the best device out!!!
    80% the people post here,are just negative just like this tmonews bring information total wrong !!!!
    Sites like are use for a bait, now tell me David don’t make any profit on stuff like that???? Ridiculous!!!! David you are ridiculous and your source! !! Total shame! !!

    • http://tmonews.com David

      Aside from the awful sentence structure you have here, I don’t do this for pageviews, page grabs or to try and make that little bit of extra profit each month. I was presented information and which jived with the fact that the phone had been intermittently taken off mytmobile since Friday and I raised a possibility. In summary in this report I said it COULD be because of quality control issues, nothing I wrote, not a single thing as I reread it sounds definitive as though I was saying yes, this is absolutely quality control and T-Mobile is lying. It’s very possible its inventory issues, it always was which is why I didn’t say anything was 100%. Shame on you for accusing me of doing this for extra profit and shame on you for abusing the exclamation mark like that.

      • None

        OMG, I love the comment “…shame on you for abusing the exclamation mark like that”
        I am going to use that remark here at work.
        I used to call it an “Assault On Punctuation” but I like your version much better!

        • TypicalWhitePerson

          Kiss ass…

        • None


      • Joe-e

        I understand your article is opinion based, but you have to understand as well that you are making accusations of your own based solely on circumstantial evidence and hearsay. The prior poster was doing the same. There is little difference between his posting methodology and yours. I think the concern here is that you dont just insinuate quality control issues, but you also infer that T-Mobile is being deceptive and also underhanded in not providing replacements. I would have liked to have seen mention of tmobiles warranty replacement options, especially the upcoming overnight shipping options. 

        As the managing editor, you must realize how important it is not to simply write articles based on little evidence. I know that a great majority of what Tmonews does is based on ‘ninjas’ and so forth, but this article provides very little evidence and more rumor than normal. Most articles that have been done in the past were more blatant about making sure it was just hearsay and opinion and not so heavy on the implicating bias towards known issues with a phone. 

        As a phone enthusiast you should absolutely be aware that no phone that has ever been produced has ever gone without issues. If customers knew just how many different issues plague every single phone then they would be in an uproar. Most phones have at least a page long list of issues. So any issues in fact that if we were to take your quality control and methodology for writing this article into account for determining writing for other issues than we would be writing for the next ten years and have enough articles to start ten more blogs. 

        • http://tmonews.com David

          Joe, point taken. I understand that I could have done more to infer that was rumor and heresay but in the sense that I didn’t, most people wouldn’t have read past the headline anyway. They wouldn’t have taken it a rumor even if I posted it with the words in flashing neon lights. I see the error that was made with this article although I can’t post the evidence I have because my source wouldn’t allow me to do that. It was based on a compilation of facts which is done at other blogs every day but you seemingly already know that. The next something like this occurs, I’ll be sure to word it better.

        • Joe-e

          I appreciate your consideration with this. Its important as journalists to make sure that we are not stoking the negative fires, and when we have to post negative that we do so with care. People will always read what they want to read and ignore parts of the article they do not agree with, but thats on them, and I would rather not give reason to believe that my method of article writing contributed to it. Afterall, one of my favorite sayings is “Beware of stupid people in large groups” and stupid people tend to gravitate towards complaining for one reason or another lol. 

        • Zifnab2k

          The article is a bit presumptuous in regards to the exact reason T-Mobile pulled it, but both companies are being deceptive about the g2x. If you walk into the store I returned my 23 g2xs today, and asked “Have you had any issues with your g2x”, the same lady that took my 23 devices back would answer “Nope, it’s the best device around, not a single return”. I know because I watched her say it while I was talking to another employee. When you work for primarily comission, you will say anything to make sure the customer makes a purchase. LG and Tmobile both will deny to the bone that there’s is 0 issues with the device. Message an LG rep about it right now and they’ll tell you there’s been no reports of issues, despite there being 5 + threads on the LG forum.

          Despite David’s assumptions, I’m personally just happy to see the quality control issues of this device being mentioned on a site that gets traffic. These issues are not isolated, just check the XDA general forum for the g2x, no other phone (except maybe the vibrant) rivals that amount of complaints this device saw for the backlight bleed alone. The only way bad products like this get recalled is if people yell loud enough, that’s the only reason Apple dropped LG for making their displays, no shockingly enough for the exact same reason.

        • http://tmonews.com David

          I don’t know that I was being completely presumptuous. I suggested a reason based on information I heard for the phones disappearance. Nor do I agree with T-Mobile’s tweets that the reason is inventory alone.

        • Zifnab2k

          I don’t know what information you get, so i’ll take your word for it. I like your site, so no offense intended.

      • JibeTurkey

        BTW, its “jibed” not “jived”. If your
        posts were written in jive, then the 2nd subtitle of your site could
        be, “My momma didn’t raise no dummies”.

    • None

      Uncalled For, Associated (and my God, please stop spelling it FONE)

  • Anonymous

    A co-worker rooted his g2x and put the leaked gingerbread rom on it….he said his still reboots. Leads me to believe this could be a hardware issue.

    • Justin Seals

      I have had nothing but issues with the G2X and its charger requirements/batteries….Im wondering if it has something to do with that. My phone would only reboot when the battery got warm

      • Player911

        The leaked Gingerbread was the only rom that caused me major reboots. Almost hourly. The Stock rom was great. Been running CM7 since it came out and #35 build is pretty close to a RC.

        • Raven Biddy

          my name is raven i had problems with it cutting off. everytime i charged it it would get hot.. then i had the phone in my sweatsuit front pocket hen that and reached in  and a shard of glass went deep into my thumb and i pull it out and the screen had exploed. from the inside all the glass well most of it scattered besides the the one piece that got my thumb… the plastic underneath the glass was even pretruding outward..i sure am glad i was talking on it when that happened.. and took my back off and there was leakage!!!!!!!! they r gining me the run around about this one rep is the only one that can call me bak..

  • Brian

    I and my wife both bought this phone. Phones shutdown couple of times in a week.
    Very often there is no way to turn on the phone but to remove the battery and
    put it back. This phone a total disaster. T-Mobile/LG must offer replacement to
    people who bought this crap.

    • Joe-e

      you do realize that if you call tmobile and tell them this they will give you a warranty exchange? and if you continue to have issues then they will look into alternate devices? Have you even called about it, or are you expected tmobile to read your mind and know you are having issues?

  • Justin Seals

    You know, I keep hearing the Sensation is losing to these phones because of the asynchronous cores or whatever. Honest opinion, I have owned a G2X, a vibrant, a defy, a cliq, a g1, a g2, a mytouch 3g, and a mytouch 4g.  To me, I am willing to sacrifice a little of the power provided by LG and Samsung for the build quality provided by HTC…. 

  • Rick

    Wow.  Sounds like the G2X needs a firmware fix.  Perhaps the gang at Cyanogen could help out :)

    Seriously, my G1 randomly reboots, but it’s now running CM6.1/danger/kernel hack, and is way past bedtime.  I’d like a G2X, but I could take another dual-core…

  • Strypes

    I’ve got mine 1week after release. before that I owned, HD2, MyTouch4G, G2 and Galaxy S 4G and out of all the above my favorite is the G2 and G2x.
    Both are rooted with the G2 running CM 7.0.3 and the G2x currently running a rooted stock version (all bloatware have been removed and launcher changed). I’m surprise all this negativity is being said about the G2x. But I know not every one is gonna go to the extreme to void warranty on High End phones

  • G2xUser

    I got my G2x the day before it went in stores, i ordered online on the 15th. And the only problem that I came across was the 2G thing, but i fixed that by clicking on the data roaming option. But my phone has no problems. I guess i’m one of the lucky ones. However, my phone did reboot recently out of nowhere. So i hope it’s not contagious lol.

  • Anonymous

    My G2x works and runs great, not prefect but great.  I get great battery life, all day with heavy use.  I unplug in the morning and I don’t need a recharge until midnight.  I’ve never had a random reboot and I have plenty of apps running at all times. The phone is also very powerful, running hardware intensive games and 1080p with ease.

    I had an HTC HD7 before this and that phone has real problems (build quality, screen, reception, battery life), but this phone is a great all around phone.  The one issue that I do have with it is that it doesn’t hang up immediately when ending a call which is annoying.  Overall best phone I’ve had to date.

  • http://www.facebook.com/FuseTeam Kha Sok

    Good thing I got my hands on one that did not have any of these issues. Although I do wish the battery life could be longer. I hope this issue they are addressing does not delay Android 2.3 update. Great that LG is listening.

  • Anonymous

    My G2X had no problems, but I took it back after I saw the SGS2.  After seeing the giant Hercules, I just might go back and get one and then wait for a quad-core Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    Well… what did you expect from LG.

    “LG” stands for “Lucky Goldstar” (in 1997 Goldstar merged with its Korean competitor “Lucky” electronics).

    For those short on electronics history, in the eighties and nineties there was a brand of electronics sold at store chains like K-Mart and retail who had a “cheap electronics” section, say inside your local drug store.

    “Goldstar” was synonymous with junk.  You could buy a complete stereo system for $80, where other systems would cost $500. A Sony Walkman cassette recorder/player might cost you $200, a Goldstar $40. You get the idea. 

    Has Goldstar cleaned up its act and is now making quality electronic devices?  Well since 1997 was not that long ago, me thinks not.

    • None

      LG home appliances are quite nice.

    • Wezra

      LG home appliances and TVs are rated (yes, by Consumer Reports as well) as some of the best made… period.  Korea has come a long, long way from the 1980s and early 1990s… just like Japan did back in the day.  Check out Korean cars sometime. 

      The G2x is possibly the best phone I have ever had.  I am sorry that a number of individuals have had issues with theirs… mine operates flawlessly.  It is far faster then my office mate’s Thunderbolt and has a much nicer looking screen.  I think their is no doubt that on some of the phones faulty software was installed and that absolutely has to be corrected and corrected quickly.  The hardware itself is, in my opinion, way better then the HTC, Mototola and Blackberry phones I have had.  I gave up a myTouch 4G for this phone and it was a great move… no regrets.  The myTouch 4G isn’t even in the same league with the G2x.

      • poopooingpoopooer

        Officemate?!?! LOL

    • squeezy

      Samsung was the same.  Now they are towards the top, quality wise.

  • Tomm

    I have had mine for three weeks and it rebooted one time on its own but other than that it is perfect and I love it. Fastest phone I have ever had but I am coming from an HD2 so go figure. I had the G1 and ran out of memory in three months. I should call Tmo and start complaining just in case.

  • Irwinmont

    I rebooted my G2X once and that’s it. I love this phone. I had a Blackberry Bold for years and this is the best phone I’ve ever had. So fast and great looking as well.

  • Ashley

    My phone does shutdown once in a while. It would not start until I reinsert the battery. I guess I got one of the lemon. Taking it back to Tmo.

  • Anderson

    You guys are waaaaay to critical. What’s next the box has corners? Phone doesn’t taste good when you lick it? Can’t use it as a vibrator for your girlfriend because it’s the wrong shape? Doesn’t respond like star trek computers? Doesn’t warn you when you’re going to fart? Can’t turn it on vibrate and cut chicken with it?

  • Theone

    YES this is very true. T-mobile has notified sales team to remove phone from stock do to many issues. I know this because i am a T-Mobile sales manager.fyi

    • Guy Salazar

      Weird,  I bought my phone from a T-mobile store here in Phoenix, AZ days after it was pulled off the internet.  I had my phone turn itself off once and called yesterday for a possible exchange and the store assured me that they still have some in stock. 

      Maybe it is just the Phoenix market?  I’m heading down there tomorrow morning to exchange the phone. 

  • Moonlightz

    I was a very loyal Blackberry Bold user… I was in love w/ it… however, I changed to the G2X even though i was very skeptical about it.. I really like the phone, but I too have had to reboot it a couple of times, and I also had to take out the battery once to re-start the phone.  So i am a little concerned about the glitches…
    I hope they can come up with an update that we can just download and will optimize the phone, otherwise I’m taking it back.

  • Anonymous

    I hate my G2x, The 4g goes to sleep by itsself, won’t wake up as does the wifi, will show its turned on but won’t connect till I turn the phone off then on again. If I try to get facebook updates or email it says no internet connection…. Sometimes I have to remove the battery twice a day to get it to work properly…This phone will never be half the phone the Apple is. I can’t wait for the 5 to arrive. I’ll pay my early termination fee and bail. The G2x freezes, wont answer calls, apps have to be forced closed, screen becomes jittery while using it connected to the charger, My iphone 2g finally started to die after almost 4 years of use…this POS prolly wont make it a year. The iphone managed the wifi/bluetooth/ data without any input from me, not so on the G2x, its a really maddening piece of junk. You Android fanboi’s can buy this from me on ebay in September..Never again will I try android phones…… Half baked as the other poster mentioned. Bring on the “5”

    • twistedcross

      Cool story, Bro. My Optimus T does everything an iPhone 3gs does, for a third of the price. Hell, it doesn’t even have Flash-support like devices that cost 8x more… like the iPhone 4gs. Is this what the Apple Fanboys have sank to? Dogging on devices with obvious hardware and software issues? The Sensation and Amaze WIPE THE FLOOR with the 4gs… for significantly less money. Period.

  • Dreamkittens

    worst phone ever! Has a mind of its own and 2 hour battery life! Cant babysit a phone 24 hours a day while it does as it pleases,  will be returning it. Why cant T Mobile get a decent phone in their lineup?

  • beats

    piece of sh@t.  makes me want to smash like hulk



    • Wolff317

      It is kinda like buying a new Camaro, adding a blower and then Pumping NOX into it, then blaming Chevy because the engine blew…. I just talked ti a guy yesterday that is on his third EVO Shift after he wasnt satisfied with the EVOs he went thru…

  • Afjoseph

    I had problems with my G2x about a week after getting it that required a complete reset wich seemed to fix it for about a week.  Yesterday the phone seemed to freeze and then when I tried to restart it by removing the battery it just went in to a loop and wouldn’t restart.  I tried to do a hard reset but would just get to a screen that said updating software.  When I took it to the store they told me that they have been seeing a lot of issues and have stopped shipping the phone.  There is a SW update from LG that is supposed to fix the issues they have been seeing (random reboots, soft keys not working, ect) and I should be getting my replacement unit in a few days.  They also said the the Andriod gingerbread update has been accelerated because of the issues.  It should be here in the next week instead of around July 4th because Tmobile threatened to pull the phone if LG didn’t accelerate the update.  I am not sure how accurate the story is, but the manager at the store seemed pretty aware of the issue & said that all of the staff have been having issues with the phone as well.  He did go to the trouble to spend an hour helping get my 1500 contacts moved to a loaner phone as they didn’t have an android devise that they could loan out that would sync with my gmail contacts.

  • Christopher Lowery

    contact t mobile and complain about this tell them you want to be upgraded to an alternate device because its their fault or lgs fault and your should have to suffer because of it. but I know from many hours on the phone over all of today have proved to be of no help so I found a few numbers and I think a massive amount of complaints to t mobile corporate offices are in order. so here is what I have, let them know what you think of the POS g2x and  the fact that tmobile wont authorize a alternate replacement handset

    1-877-290-6323 T-Mobile-America CEO 
    1-800-318-9270 TMO corporate offices. 
    1-425-378-4000 corporate office Bellevue WA   (ask for a customer relations executive)
    1-800-937-8997 customer care 
    1-888-666-4611 General Customer Service??? 
    1-877-606-4801 customer care (direct to a rep(no voice menu)) 
    1-866-464-8662 business accounts 
    1-800-375-1126 customer care for business accounts 
    1-888-573-6664 customer care for business accounts(5 lines or more) 
    1-877-254-7084 Special Account Care (the ONLY people that can make many changes to Employee’s accounts) 
    1-888-452-8105 activations 
    1-877-727-8778 consumer credit (for credit checks) 
    1-800-981-8563 hot spot customer care 
    1-877-369-4588 Wireless Data 
    1-800-256-9991 wireless tech 
    1-888-624-5173 risk assasment team 
    1-877-369-4588 tech support group 
    1-877-217-1335 tech support 
    1-505-341-7956 tech suppt non TF 
    1-877-207-8169 number transfer center 
    1-877-778-2106 t-mo to go 
    +1505-998-3792 International roaming

  • http://www.facebook.com/manish.chacko Manish Chacko

    My first G2x shut down randomly. It then got stuck in an endless reboot cycle. I had to pay $20 warranty processing fee and wait 7 business days for another one. “Customer service- Sir, we don’t make the phone, LG does and we can’t be responsible for defects!”! Really? You resell it but can’t support it? My replacement phone has rebooted 3 times in an hour the second day I got it!! Complained to the BBB and got a call from the office of the “President”. I asked her to release me from my contract so I could find a competent company-she couldn’t help me either. What’s the point of replacing a defective phone with another defective phone?

    • Justin

      Tmobile doesn’t make phones! None of the people blaming tmobile understand these phones are manufactured by people OTHER THAN YOUR…. “service provider”… Do you get it now?? Tmobile is a service… A SERVICE provider. LG makes the G2x , I’m sure you’ve heard of HTC? (RIM) Blackberry? Microsoft? These people make your phones!!!!! I don’t understand WHY THE HELL! This is so hard to understand! If you have problems with your network out service then blame your service provider if you have problems with your device blame the DEVICE MANUFACTURE but before you blame anyone! Go do some research and by research I don’t meen go google it cause your just going to find a million other idiots blaming the wrong people when 9/10 they should be blaming themselves.

  • http://www.facebook.com/manish.chacko Manish Chacko

    Javier: Hello Guest. Welcome to LG Electronics! How may I provide you with excellent service today?
    Javier: Hello there, how are you doing today?
    Guest: good
    Guest: and you?
    Javier: Fine, thanks for asking.
    Guest: I am having issues with my LG-P999 phone sold as G2X by T-Mobile
    Javier: How may I assist you today>?
    Guest: My first phone got stuck in an endless reboot cycle and was replaced after paying a warranty processing fee to T-Mobile.
    Guest: My replacement has now started rebooting from thre day I got it-this Saturday
    Guest: Do you have a fix for this -either hardware/software or firmware?
    Javier: I sincerely apologize that you are having this kind of inconveniences.
    Javier: I will be happy to look into that for you.
    Guest: ok
    Javier: Please check the phone current software version by doing Menu>About>Phone software>Software version.
    Guest: LG-P999-V10f
    Javier: I am afraid that the latest software version for your phone is LGP999AT-01-V10F
    Guest: How do I get that version? and will that solve the random reboot issue?
    Javier: I will suggest you to use the One Year Limited Warranty and mail the unit to our repair facility in Texas.
    Javier: Every LG phone has a one year limited warranty from the date of purchase, you will need to send the phone to LG, we will perform a cover to cover check on the phone to see what the issue is, if our technicians find any type of physical, liquid, or cosmetic damage on the phone then fees will be applied, at that point you will be notified via email or through a phone call, the warranty will not cover phones that are purchased through a non authorize LG dealer, if we determine that the issue is a manufacturer defect, the phone will be repaired or replaced by a certified refurbish phone, this process has a turn around time of 5 to 7 business days, from the day that our technicians start working on your device.
    Guest: So do I have to send you the phone before you send me a replacement?
    Javier: I am afraid that yes, that is correct. LG do not have any type of loaner plane.
    Guest: When will the software upgrade for this phone be released? I heard that that will fix the rebooting issue
    Javier: I am really sorry but there is no information nor an ETA for that to be available for customers.
    Guest: well, I will go with T-Mobile warranty-at least they ship you a replacement phone first before you ship them the defective phone. When my phone is not rebooting, I can still use it as opossed to not having a phoen for 7 business days!
    Javier: I do understand you.
    Javier: If you need any further assistance on the matter and you happen to chat back you may ask for me if you like or contact us at 1-800-243-0000. Thank you for your kindness and patience enjoy the rest of your day.
    Guest: Thank you-I will be making future purchases from a competent company like Motorola or HTC-no more defective LG’s for me!!

  • Djrezerekt

    all the problems being discussed here are fixed with the installation of cm7 or trigger 2x custom rooted roms If any users have any questions about how this is done then hit up my twitter @djrezerekt . I have my t mobile g2x running super smooth with EVERYTHING working as it should. LG are the makers of the hardware and t mobile only owns the towers the signals come from….the users of the android OS are the creators of the custom roms and they know what to fix and how to get the g2x up and running without a single glitch. Again…I’m available to help anyone with questions on how to update your stock software to a custom rom and have your g2x sailing as smooth as butter. My twitter is @djrezerekt 

  • Ashley-o

    Can someone help me? I was chillin at home, and picked up my phone to use it, and suddenly It would not turn on? I is not the battery because it was full, and its brand new, however, I have a Tmo no contract plan and im afraid this phone may not have insurance. It wont do anything. Tried taking battery out and all. Email me tips at ashleykg_2000@yahoo.com Thanks….

    • MarLo

      Ashley, Im not to sure but i think w/o insurance or contract plan you can still go through a manufacturer insurance for 1 year. You could try going through LG and see if that works

  • MC

    I have called in multiple times and they wont help me. They did blame it (reboot) on the battery and sent me a new one-but only after I signed up for phone insurance-that way I could avoid the $20 warranty processing fee for the phone itself!!!! WTF T-Mo?? Oh and i have my G2X charging all the ime-at home, in the car, at work-it’s no longer wireless!!! POS-no more LG products in my house even if their phones are the only ones that suck.

  • Waynetherealtor

    My G2X has no rebooting issues, but I have another problem.  I am finding it hard to believe that nobody else has this same problem.  My first G2X starting auto-dialing numbers from my call list when I would hang up on a call.  Occasionally the most recent call, but usually one a few calls back.  I re-powered the phone and it did not help. I was told by T-Mobile to update the software to the latest version and I did.  No help.  After exhausting all recommendations from T-Mobile Tech support they sent me a new replacement phone.  This one had the same issues of auto-dialing.  I removed the SD card to eliminate that a a source of the problem and the phone still was auto-dialing.  I was about to start eliminating downloaded apps when I lost my phone and had it replaced under insurance.  The new replacement (my third LG G2X) immediately started doing the same thing.  I did not have any chance to download any apps yet.  All phones used the latest version software.  The software version, SD card and Downloads were all eliminated as sources of the problem.  Three consecutive new phones had the identical problem.  The phone even auto-dialed while sitting untouched on a table top. I pressed “END” with one finger while the phone was on the table top and it ended the call and then auto-dialed another number. I have experienced this problem with 100% of the LG G2X phones that I have had.  Re-powering the phone does not help. T-Mobile and LG have both told me that they have no history of complaints with this problem.  They told me that after I personally have registered several complaints.  My complaints should have been in the database that they checked.  Has anyone else had this same problem?  

    • Gemini2699

      Yes I have the same problems and been dealing with them since I received the phone 4 months ago.. and this is my 3rd device, same model ..I’m dissatisfied with T-Mobile and in process of trying to cancel service,less term. Fees

  • Maire-Kate

    i just got my g2x today and it wont turn on i pluged it into the charger and it turned on for a few sec’s then turned right back off then turned on then turned off over and over again. i’m very pissed getting a replacement phone in a couple of days hope this one is better.

  • Justin

    Me and my entire family started a new family plan with tmobile and received four FREE LG G2x and they are amazing. All these “common” errors, reboots, and problems are all akin to ANDROID! I have my LG, an HTC EVO, and an old school google g 1 and I’m here to tell you the hardware is good, its the software os overlaying the device as an interface! All my devices have since been rooted and flashed with costume roms. I also have 3 ios (apple for you lamens) devices. Apples ios platform is the golden standard for the mobile world because of its pure reliability, battery power, and lack of issues but I am here to tell you every phone, computer, or anything running software will without a doubt have issues that need assessing. As the market continues to demand quicker releases of newer devices manufactures will continue to meet these demands with imperfect releases… Its normal. Its called UPDATES! Thank god for OTA! if you have an LG G2x hang in there and wait for a software update or talk to one of your nerd friends and get rid of the factory default android build. Get over your “customers always right” attitude and go learn something about android, go learn about your phone and quit googling all your issues to find other idiots who don’t know how to use there phones and adding to the mass histeria of morons commenting on stuff they know nothing about.

    • justin hater

      Hey moron, if you’re going go on downtalking to everyone with your 2 cents, then I suggest you proof read you crap before you post your comment. You are by far the worst speller, you idiot! Learn how to spell correctly! Download an app that spell checks your stupid rant!

  • Justin

    All you morons listen up! TMOBILE…. is a …. “SERVICE PROVIDER” …. They DO NOT MAKE PHONES! if you have an issue with your network or service blame tmobile, if you have a problem with your device blame the DEVICE MANUFACTURE Ie: samsung, rim, lg, htc

    why does NO ONE understand this… If your friend sold you a big screen tv that worked most the time but after you got it home after hours of use had problems are you going to blame your friend? Lets say this friend works at best buy, you going to blame best buy? HOW ABOUT YOU GO CALL PANASONIC OR RCA OUR WHOEVER MAAAAAADDDDEEE THE DEVICE…. God I’m tired of these idiots please send them a brain for christmas. Quit blaming everyone and do some research people! If all you do is find other people complaining to the wrong people about the same thing thats all you’ll get.

    • Dannythebaltimoron

       Wow…spoken like a true meathead. Yes, LG manufactured the device, but T-Mobile is responsible for a lot of the programming, thus shares responsibility for any software defects. As with your example citing a TV at Best Buy, large retailers custom order their own models. This is a less expensive way to offer price matching on the “same model”, as no other retailer can order the exact same custom model Best Buy or whoever gets. Thus, Best Buy would share the blame for defects with the manufacturer, as Best Buy would have provided some input as to build.

    • http://twitter.com/ExitPass Rev. Kelly Lincoln

      Today, I was informed about the defect. ONE FREAKING YEAR after I got my Gx2. As a 10+ customer, I feel betrayed. My current contract began around the time the phones were recalled by LG, and yet, T-Mobile STILL SOLD ME THE PHONE. Yes, they are the Provider, but they have a duty to not sell knowingly defective products. 

  • CellKing238

    Justin,  You are a fool and have an anger issue.  The fact is that T-Mobile is the facilitator of the sale of the equipment.  You cannot go to LG and buy the phone, it has to initially come from a service provider.  In addition, it is the software that is the issue which I notice your rant lacks mention of.  T-mobile does not support rooted phones or phones with other software.  So again you are limited to T-Mobile’s requirements.  T-Mobile sold the units after being made aware that their required software (droid x) did not work with the manufacturer they had their agreement with.  Upon notification by customers T-Mobile did not offer an option that made use of the value of the phone but forced customers to incur more than reasonable additional charges to make a change and finally would not allow them to drop the plan altogether without a cancellation penalty fee.  T-Mobile is responsible for this hardship and I believe is legally liable as the continued to sell the phone without warning customers of known issues that significantly impair the customers ability to use the T-Mobile service they were paying for, which is illegal in most states.  If there was an attorney who was willing to take on T-Mobile regarding the this issue they would surely find my assessment is with merit and T-Mobile would likely settle.  This does little for G2x owners who will likely missed many important and potentially life changing calls, have spent countless hours in angst, trying to restart or update their phones, etc.  In the end the attorney willing to take them on will earn the most and likely a few bucks will get passed to the owners who have since moved on.  But frankly, T-Mobile should be sued over it and should pay a large settlement and it should give them the brand tarnish they deservedly accrued. 

    For those who want a solution, it is simple: get rid of the phone quickly.  The update will never come as some suppose as it is not worth it for google, lg or tmobile to spend the time fixing a phone they have already moved beyond.  Alternatively, you can root it to some other os but remember T-Mobile will not support you and it does require moderate tech savvyness.