T-Mobile G2X Now Available From T-Mobile.com

Right on cue the T-Mobile G2X is available through T-Mobile.com for $199.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate. Those of you looking to order online have a head start on customers who wish to purchase the G2X through their local T-Mobile store as it doesn’t hit store shelves till April 20th.

There you have it, T-Mobile’s first dual-core Android handset is now available. The only decision is, this or the Sensation?


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  • Phame

    Sweet! Retentions dept. hooked me up! $20 for unlimited data 5gb+10unlimited text, and a total of $140 credit to my account ($120 towards phone,20 toward express shipping) and waived rebate and made it instant.

    I have a sidekick, and they said they’d do “something special” for me since they are taking the service away. I love Tmobile customer service. =)

    • Nodnabr788

      Can you be more specific on the price you were given for the G2x from Retentions? I called and the best they could offer me was $299 with an $89 credit to my account. I am a couple months from qualifying from the full upgrade, and even though reps had previously noted my account that I could go ahead and qualify, this retentions rep said that I wont, and I won’t even qualify for the $50 mail in rebate…

      • j-man

        Yes, I am on the same boat. You call once and they are all we can give the best price and will keep your data at the same price. Then you call in to upgrade and they seem all lost and have no idea. SMH

      • Phame

        The guy told me the phone was $499, but that I qualified for $249 with a rebate. He said he would make it instant so I wouldn’t have to deal with the process and made it $199. After that, he credited my account $66 (which is one month of service for me) he asked if I wanted ground it would be waived, and express would be $20. I asked for express, and he then said “I’ll go ahead and waive that too for your troubles with the whole sidekick thing” After I went through the automated Terms and Conditions thing he came back on and said “I’m gonna go ahead and credit your account $80 and then $20 for shipping costs” A total of $100. Yesterday while I was on the phone with them, they credited my account $40 towards my next phone for extending my contract. They said they were doing that for the people that called and were concerned about the ATT thing. I had previously been offered the $40, but had declined since I wasn’t sure myself if I would stick around. It seems like the $40 credit is pretty easy to get. All I said was, “You guys must be busy these days with people calling about ATT”

        So breakdown goes something like this
        $199- G2x
        -$40 – extending
        -$80 – what he offered for my troubles (he originally said $66, but offered $80 after)
        -$20 – express shipping
        $59 G2x

        I don’t know if it’s because I was in a unique situation with the Sidekick thing though. For Sidekick users they were letting you get out of contract with no ETF or get 50% off select Samsung phones. In my case, I was due for an upgrade anyway, so I made it clear that the 50% off did nothing for me since I would get that with an upgrade anyway. They told me to call back when I decided on what phone I wanted, and that they would do “something special” for me.

    • Anonymous

      What was your estimated delivery date you got in the email confirmation? Mine said 4/26 and I’m afraid the rep screwed something up so that it isn’t going to ship until the 20th. Has anyone received a tracking number yet or does it still say “pending shipment”?

      • Phame

        It shows an estimated delivery date of 4/20 and it shows overnight shipping.

  • http://profiles.google.com/aseemgaurav2006 Aseem Gaurav Sharma
  • G2X owner

    Got my G2X yesterday!
    Runs flawlessly!

    • j-man

      How come that you got before the release date??

    • Crazythunder1968

      Proof or youre the worst troll ever

    • Curious

      Yea G2X…..and I got my G2X last year

  • http://twitter.com/josemedina1983 Jose Medina

    I’m surprise not to see big sites having no reviews for this phone already unless t-mobile didn’t hand out review units right away.



  • joeyk

    You know whats so sick about this phone? Whenever you’re running hspa+ it states “4g”, whenever you’re running hsdpa it states “3g” and on edge is states “2g”, i think that little change makes such a world of difference.

    • Anonymous

      I am very happy to hear that. When they used H for 3 and 4g on the G2, I considered it to be deception, and now we’ll know.

  • Anonymous

    Does T-Mobile let you buy full price online?

    • Crazythunder1968

      Yes. I did last night. Total with new york tax and 3 day shipping was $565.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the reply but either way I have to wait now because my credit card limit is 500 and they wont put like 50 more credit which sucks now I have to wait till my next check ugh

        • http://twitter.com/btmec briankh

          Do the T-mobile payment plan. That is what I am doing. $149 up front and then $20 a month payments.

        • Anonymous

          Did that with the g2 I’m using now but I paid 125 monthly over four months I don’t like that because I change phones lot so what of I’m still paying. Wont be able to get another one.

  • Jennyo676

    Hi I just have a question I read a while back on here that this phone supports at&ts 850 mhz 3g band is this true? I’m not planning to use it on att cuz I hate att.but if I were to buy this phone and use it on t-mobile would I get 3g in mexico? I’m asking cuz I have a t-mobile samsung memoir old phone lol and I’m available for an upgrade and planning to get this phone. But the thing I hated about the memoir is that since I go to mexico a lot I only get edge. I get an. “E” icon next to the signal. Don’t get me wrong t-mobile works great in mexico but u only get crappy edge. While at&t gets 3g because my brother has a captivate on att and even tho both of our phones show “telcel mexico ” when we are roaming in mexico his has a 3g icon and mine has an edge icon.so I looked it up online and it turns out telcel mexico uses the 850 mhz band for 3g just like att that’s why att gets 3g over there and t-mobile uses the 1700 mhz band for 3g that’s why I only get edge I was wondering if I bought this phone would I also get 3g in mexico since supposevly it supports the 850 mhz 3g band or would I still get edge only? If anybody can help me I would really appreciate it thanks

  • Johnee78

    I finally ordered and after waiting over an hour I was finally able to order my g2x.. On a side note have any of you noticed the lack of customer service over the pass few months?? I have to say it’s not the same as before and buying this phone today was like pulling teeth. After this experience I will consider going to another carrier if this type of or I should say lack of service continues. I know tmobile may not care and I’m sure none of you reading this would either but I’m just venting frustration and I know you like tmo as much as I do..now let’s get those unboxing pics and vids up!!

  • Anonymous

    I called in early this AM and got immediate service. Bought the new LG G2X, very excited about this new phone, just hoping we don’t have the same freezing or shut down issues that some are experiencing on the LG from Europe. It probably has to due with all the bloat ware the European model is pushed thru with. The T-Mobile G2X has very little bloat ware, more like a vanilla Android experience. That is why this device will not have the issues of getting updates in the future. This phone is fast, just hoping we all have a great phone on the way. Did I say this before? I’m very excited. Now what to do with my BB 9700, G1, MyTouch 4G and my favorite phone of all the Nexus One. I left for Verizon and came back after buying the Thunderbolt, loved the phone but the web pages load just as fast on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ Network and I like the idea of being able to swap out sim cards when changing phones. Don’t have that luxury on Verizon. I just love T-Mobile and I can’t help it. I get fantastic speed where I live and I am happy with their plans. (Suburb of Boston)

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s reasonable to assume the issues were relating to the skin LG layered over Froyo, In any case, I have 20 days to return it if there is a problem. I haven’t hesitated to return phones before, and have my Nexus One as a backup.

    • Brooke0726

      You sell them :P

  • http://twitter.com/Jesse_Krebs Jesse

    I want this phone pretty bad but Im entertaining the possibility of the HTC sensation coming to Tmo USA and waiting for that one instead…ughh what to do!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NROHHGNFDNJW47HF42XADBZLJM crazythunder

    i ordered at midnight last night and got a text around 1pm eastern time with a tracking number.
    i just checked it now.
    Last Location:
    Louisville, KY, United States, Friday, 04/15/2011
    Change Delivery
    Add Notification
    Additional Information
    Type: Package
    Shipment Progress
    Location Date Local Time ActivityWhat’s This?
    Louisville, KY, United States 04/15/2011 6:40 P.M. Origin Scan

    i’m in buffalo,ny. so i doubt it will get here tomorrow. ups doesn’t do sunday. so keeping my fingers crossed for monday. my only option at checkout was 3 day ups. why do some people get the overnight option and not others? odd

    • http://twitter.com/MrCrimson Jeff Duke

      Maybe they live in Kentucky? :) hahahah

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NROHHGNFDNJW47HF42XADBZLJM crazythunder

        possibly. or new jersey. i know they have a supply center there as well.

    • Phame

      Must be nice. Man! Rep I spoke to yesterday morning told me they wouldn’t be available to order until 10am pst. So I didn’t bother with calling in at midnight. I ordered this am and was told it was on backorder and I would receive it by the 20th w/ free express shipping.

    • http://twitter.com/btmec briankh

      That doesn’t mean is has shipped. I have pre ordered through t-mobile before and UPS will hold the parcels there until a date specified by t-mobile. This happened with my G1, Nexus One, my kids Mytouch 3Gs. I have heard some getting shipped accidentally though.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NROHHGNFDNJW47HF42XADBZLJM crazythunder

        Last Location:
        Departed – Louisville, KY, United States, Friday, 04/15/2011
        Louisville, KY, United States 04/15/2011 8:38 P.M. Departure Scan
        04/15/2011 6:40 P.M. Origin Scan
        so you’re saying it hasn’t left the facility? i’ve been ordering stuff online for well over 10 years. i’d say it shipped.

      • Anonymous

        But then there is the other extreme. I received a G2 once, and then not long after, a text from TMO with a tracking number.

  • Tm21fourt3

    Can I walk into T-Mobile and trade my Vibrant for this? :-)

    • Anonymous

      I would =D

    • aloha

      i would like to know that as well and just add some cash. LOL

  • 4g

    went to my local t-mo store and got a chance to play with it. Its fast, very fast, played a couple of games and browsed the web, did I say fast??

    • eeeeee

      so wat yu saying is the web is not fast?

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Simon-Yu/100000989859895 Simon Yu

        He’s trying to emphasize it.. it’s like “So this phone is.. amazing.. it has dual-core, 4G, HSPA+, and it’s fast.. did I mention it’s fast?”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Simon-Yu/100000989859895 Simon Yu

    I want to order it online but I can’t and I’d rather not wait at home for it to arrive.. I’m pretty sure where I live.. it’ll be in stock.. seeing as there hasn’t been advertising on TV I don’t expect it to be like the HD2 where it sold out at the location, seeing as all shipments arrive on the 20th now right..? Might as well go in store for one, at least for me.. not arguing for you guys to do that.

  • NardVa

    lol @ T-Mobile not doing any marketing for this phone……and they wonder why they are in 4th place…

  • Anonymous

    g2X looks pretty good in these tests- http://www.anandtech.com/show/4177/samsungs-galaxy-s-ii-preliminary-performance-mali400-benchmarked

    I think you go with the device that works for you.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NROHHGNFDNJW47HF42XADBZLJM crazythunder

    damn i was hoping for monday delivery.
    Scheduled Delivery:
    Tuesday, 04/19/2011, By End of Day
    oh well, hopefully cyanogen gets his monday and has cyan 7 all ready for me on tuesday .

  • Cellularcrazy09

    typing this on my new g2x!! This phone is freaking awesome!

  • MS.Worried

    So I placed my order on friday at about noon and got a confirmation via email, yet it still states it’s pending. However it has an estimated delivery date as 4/18/11 – 4/18/11 but I still haven’t gotten a tracking number or an email confirming it’s even at UPS yet. Has anyone else gotten this as well? I was just worried i’m not going to get it on the 18th and get it at the end of the week which would make it pointless for me to have ordered it online rather than just going to get it at the store.

    • Curious

      I am in the same boat. Ordered @ 11am EST and it still says pending. My delivery date is 4/20 so count your blessings. I should have just waited and gone to the store.

  • tmocalifornia

    Does anyone know if when you get it in stores if there will be a discount? I don’t do a contract so it is supposed to be $500. However, when i bought my bold there was a $50 rebate for buying it the weekend it came out and another $50 off for trading in an old phone. Just wondering if i will get a discount again.

  • AxEffect

    Anyone else pissed off about shipping? I ordered this at 7 AM EST on the morning it came out (15th) through the retention/loyalty dept. They offered me express shipping and told me that it would be shipped same day. AND they just shipped it out a day later (Saturday, so there will be no movement over the weekend). Granted they hooked me up with the pricing, does anyone think I can get something to compensate me? Should have just bought it in stores on the 20th (anticipated delivery date) and not dealt with this.

    • Johnne78

      I ordered the same day(15) at 2pm and today I get a text stating to expect delivery on 4/26, WTF!!! I guess maybe I should of bought it in store??

      • Carlf

        You should be OK. I got the same thin, but then when I got the order confirmation number it said to expect it on the 20th. So that’s fine by me since I won’t have to leave work, it will come to me.

        • AxEffect

          Do we have to sign for the phone? Or will they leave it on our doorstep?

        • j-man

          You will probably have to sign for the phone. When I ordered the Sidekick 3(ages ago) I had to sign for it.

    • Chomp

      What kind of deal did retentions give you and were you out of contract already?

  • Anonymous

    It looks Like Tegra 2 is outpacing the new Dual Core Snapdragon in performance and achieving similar battery. I might have to go G2X. .

  • X2FLY0324

    Ordered!! Can’t wait!

  • X2fly0324

    Got conformation text…….says delivery 20th

    • Carlf

      Finally got that too yesterday. I was pissed b/c at first it said estimated delivery 26th, but that was before the shipping confirmation text that said delivery 20th.

  • Crazythunder1968

    all day ups showed it left kentucky and then left ohio at 3 am on saturday morning. now it shows this…
    A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status–including the scheduled delivery date–will be updated.
    i’m hoping this means it arrived in my city. in my years of dealing with ups, i’ve never seen this after an item was already in transit.
    maybe i just checked as it arrived in my city and they’re updating info? still, seems odd. i see so many discrepancies from this tmo sale. i wonder if it’s tmo’s fault or ups?

    • GymRat

      I think it was just arriving at your city. I used to work there and every time a package comes off a truck/plane into the warehouse it gets a new label. Either to tell the people which Semi truck/ Plane it goes on, or which truck it will go on to go to the route to your house. It could be transferred to another warehouse closer to your local driver, but it sounds like you were right on the money with your assumption.

      On that note I am stuck waiting until Friday when I get my check to get this baby, so please everyone tell me how sweet this thing is. Going from my G1 (rooted running Yoshi Mod 2.3.3) should be one hell of a performance boost. In the words of Bart Scott…… “CAN’T WAIT!!!”

      • Crazythunder1968

        just woke up. now it’s back to what it said before…
        Scheduled Delivery:
        Tuesday, 04/19/2011, By End of Day
        Last Location:
        Departed – Columbus, OH, United States, Saturday, 04/16/2011
        Columbus, OH, United States 04/16/2011 3:39 A.M. Departure Scan
        04/16/2011 1:42 A.M. Arrival Scan
        Louisville, KY, United States 04/15/2011 8:38 P.M. Departure Scan
        04/15/2011 6:40 P.M. Origin Scan
        United States 04/15/2011 2:56 A.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS

        and at the top of the page it say’s 2 business days left. i hope ups does there usual early delivery for me. about 60% of my goods are delivered a day early.

  • scotty

    ordered mine yesterday. got text message today. backordered with no estimated delivery date.


    i got a text on friday saying that it shipped with the tracking number. and now it says “A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status–including the scheduled delivery date–will be updated.” I’m hoping it comes before the 20th still lol

    • Lensatic

      I’m getting the same thing, The UPS site says the status has been updated every few hours, but nothing has shipped yet. Really Frustrating because I got a confirmation from T-Mo saying it will be here today, 04/18. For some reason I think that is the ship date, not the delivery date.

      • CLIQUSER

        Okay it finally updated and says it will be shipped on April 19th, 2011 as an early delivery. The original delivery date was April 20th 2011. Woohoo! I guess they shipped it like they said they would on friday and it went straight out on a truck to the nearest UPS facility without an electronic update.

  • Anonymous

    This is such a great phone. I am very pleased with LGs decision to include stock Android!


  • Bob Harris

    Like everyone else, I’m anxiously awating my G2x(hoping for delivery tomorrow or by 4/20(woo!). Since this will be my first Android device, I’d like to ask a question for the current Android users: Is the the power drain or battery life really THAT bad on Android devices? I’ve been reading a lot of msg boards and such and it seems like there’s no end to posts like “My god! This app is a power drain, installed it and it drained my battery to half in 2 mins!!!!” Is it really that bad? I’m coming from a BlackBerry Curve 8900. I get about 4-5 days up time with it. Of course it’s an EDGE only device. I know the radios for the faster networks (3G/4G) must drain power faster than plain EDGE, but IS Android THAT bad?

    • http://running-with-dad.blogspot.com/ Jason

      You will most likely have to charge it every night. If you run graphics heavy programs (I.E. play games) you will have to charge more often. My wife has a usb cable at work so she can top it off at work. They are a little over $1 on amazon.com if you need extras.

    • Souljourney

      Thanks for asking this. I will be moving from a BB Bold 9700, which does have 3G. I get 3-4 days on a charge.
      That is my one main concern.. battery life! Car chargers to live in all the cars and a charger at work as well… maybe even an extra in my bag. LOL.

      • CLIQUSER

        If you text and make phone calls occasionally through the day, your phone would be close to 15% by the time you go to bed. I have my battery setting on battery saver and it lasts 1 1/2, with some texting, phone calls. If i use apps and such, expect it to go around afternoon, assuming it had a full charge in the morning.

  • Vibrant Addict

    I know I should wait for the Sensation, but man this G2X looks sexy. I’m hoping for some NBA Finals advertisements to build up necessary hype.

  • AxEffect

    Hey guys, I ordered this phone at 8 AM the day it came out (15th) through loyalty/retention dept, and was told by T-Mobile it will be shipped same day. Well, it’s Monday, the 18th at 2 PM EST and UPS still says,

    “A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status–including the scheduled delivery date–will be updated.”

    And although T-Mobile shipped it as Express, it says Ground when I check out the tracking number through UPS. No other information is available.

    Do you guys think that it was shipped already or what? Any thoughts??

  • X2fly0324

    Update: went from “being processed” to “shipped” and I received a UPS track number.

    • AxEffect

      What does UPS.com say? Mine says shipped on t-mobile.com but UPS says the label was created

      • AxEffect

        Update…nevermind ….says it should be here tomorrow…it just changed- how ironic :) See you soon G2X!

      • X2fly0324

        I’m getting that same message AxEffect. I’m going to call UPS and post back

        • X2fly0324

          Spoke with UPS they said (basically what I already assumed) more than likely all these G2X’s are sitting on a pallet waiting for UPS to pick up on the…….you guessed it……20th!!! UPS said that this message………”A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status–including the scheduled delivery date–will be updated” means htat they have received electronic information for this package but they DO NOT have possession of the package!!

          So much for trying to get the G2X early. Good try TMO. What was the point in this whole 15th/20th thing? Should have just went to the store. :(

  • X2fly0324

    UPS UPDATE!!!!

    G2X spotted intrnait in KY, scheduled with a 4/20 delivery!!

  • X2fly0324

    Anybody got thier G2X yet?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JMTPE5NTJCFYV2A7YTRSX3CVBE John Strange

    So you are all getting your phone on the 20th? So you all just paid 5$ more for shipping and just don’t have to drive to the store? I am glad the site was down at midnight on the 15 and I wasn’t able to order one :D Now I don’t feel so bad.

    • X2fly0324

      The $5 was worth for me because I would have had to drive 60 miles @ 3.75 a gallon when my truck gets 11 miles to a gallon…..so the $5 was worth it, just wished I would have gotten it earlier. Mine delivers today.

  • X2fly0324

    Delivered!!!!!! Don’t have my hands on it yet, but can’t wait till I get home.

  • xcea

    I ordered it on the 15th and the web site side delivery on the 16th. Then the shiping confermation said delivery on the 18th. It is the 22nd and it issued not hear yet. Found out that the first hop on the tracking it is showing is just them printing the shipping label in house. Apperently they are not really shipped until more is listed.