AT&T Says T-Mobile Can Keep It’s Current Pricing Structure

One of the more pressing questions for current T-Mobile users facing a takeover from AT&T is what will happen with their existing pricing plans. Well thanks to the guys at IntoMobile who managed to get an answer out of Ralph de la Vega at CTIA 2011 T-Mobile will keep it’s existing pricing structure.

While we could interpret plenty from that as the IntoMobile folks did, does that mean T-Mobile will operate as a separate arm of AT&T and operate two pricing structures or something else. We can’t imagine AT&T would alter it’s current pricing structure to match the current Magenta structure, we just don’t see that as a real possibility.

Unfortunately, that was as far as the IntoMobile folks could press for details from de la Vega. At the very least, T-Mobile subscribers can take comfort that their grandfathered or existing plans they treasure so much will remain.


Thanks Marin!

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  • Matt Tsui

    I wouldn’t believe any promise from DT/AT&T anymore.
    Selling to AT&T is a major betrayal towards customers.
    I will port my 5+1+1 numbers elsewhere if something goes wrong. In addition, I wouldn’t buy anything “made in Germany” because a German company betrayed us.

    • Anonymous

      T-mobile USA is costing DT boatloads of money. What would you have them do? Pay you to use their service? They made a business decision and they were willing to sell to anyone who could pony up the cash.

      Just imagine if we were dumped off on Sprint…. T-mobile customers like myself would have been completely screwed.

      • Matt Tsui

        I don’t have high hope.

        • Pissed

          me either…

    • Martina

      Made in Germany is still better quality than ANYTHING Made in China. I am from Germany originally and I personally am upset that the only german thing I have left is about to be sold to AT&T. I am furious over this but to boycott everything german is wrong. You know how many American companies constantly betray us, with us not even knowing? You can’t sterotype like that.

    • LolAtMatt

      Yea, you’ll sure show them!

    • Mrs. Ron Sethe

      Then don’t watch basketball or drink coffee because Starbucks and David Stern (NBA) betrayed Seattle.

  • Paul Rogers

    All these comments “T-Mobile is the best carrier because it has the best customer service” is a huge laugh!

    1) A carrier with good service from the get go should minimize your need to contact customer service. Over the life of my ten years with Sprint, I think I called their CS maybe three times. So emphasizing how great a carrier’s CS is, is ridiculous for the vast majority of users.

    2) Over the past year since I’ve been with Tmo, I’ve unfortunately had two interactions with their customer service, both bad: I tried to return my HD2 (I had insurance on it as well), so I tried at a corporate store where I bought it (it had been just over a month since I purchased it). They said, oh no, you have to call CS to do that. How is not processing returns at a corporate store good CS? When I got the replacement it was a refurb that worked well but was all banged up and scratched. The second time I called in to report two major big dead zones near my house (where my prior service with Sprint had worked flawlessly). The agent, said “Oh no, that’s not right. It says here on my map you should be getting great 3G coverage”. I explain to her that in the local area I get nothing by Edge. Repsonse: “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll report it but I have no idea when that may be fixed.” Brilliant CS!

    The reality is that most consumers evaluate a carrier based on multiple criteria but customer service will not be anywhere near the top of the criteria list. It generally comes down:

    1) Voice coverage
    2) 3G/4G coverage
    3) 2G coverage
    4) Phone/device selection
    5) Plans/pricing
    6) GSM or CDMA (availability of international roaming)
    7) Carrier customer service

    The top 5 are the criteria that really matter for most consumers.

    – Paul

    • Pcj14

      Queen + Paul Rodgers = The Cosmos Rocks!!!

    • Samus

      JD Power Wouldn’t agree with you. I’ve been with Tmo for 10 years and I think I called customer service once to apply a discount to my account and was great. I get amazing service. Just because you had a bad experience doesn’t mean the whole system sucks and everyone else is a bunch of idiots as you lead to.

      Hate to break it to you on your refurb phone problem but every cell phone company does that. That isn’t a Tmobile exclusive there.

      Coming down to your last point of reality there; I have found all those points flawless with T mobile. It is obvious that many people agree with me. You obviously had a crappy time with Tmobile so that is why you have the choice to change back to sprint which you obviously love. Don’t make it out like since you are the only one with issues everyone else who has had no problems are stupid.

    • Petey

      You sure you’re referring to T-Mobile and not sprint? Cus this sound like sprint to me. Several times I called T-Mobile they were happy to help me and find the best solution to resolve the problem.

      I called one time when I was over my minutes and the rep did their best to find the best option so I don’t need to pay overage charges. During the time I had the Mugabe’s without m2m. And the Rep told me that I should add it and they can back date to the beginning of billing cycle. So instead of paying for $20+ I only had to pay $7 extra.

      They do care about their customers.

    • Edward_2k1

      I heard that Spring offered to buy T-Mobile for $25 billion then at&t offered $39 billion. It’s amazing how much money talks. I’m trying to decide what to do, If i’m correct we will still be billed the same under our current contract even after the merger goes through and my contract is up in March of 2012. So i’m thinking wouldn’t it be smart to extend my contract for 2 years right before the merger goes through so that I will have an extra 2 years with my current T-Mobile pricing??? Then switchto another carrier once that 2 years is up??? If so then I can feel comfortable knowing that I can keep my same plan until March of 2014. According to T-Mobile the contract you are currently on will not be affected by the merger but if you renew after the merger then you are subject to at&t pricing. If i’m wrong about that anyone please let me know but I think it’s a good way to go about. Give me an additional 2 years before worring about switching carriers

      • Edward_2k1

        Then again it could also give me an extra 2 years to see how things will be under at&t as far as customer service, phone selection, and their pricing will go.

      • Nottabrat

        I think the point that people are missing is that eventually you will need to buy an ATT banded phone. As soon as the merger is complete, ATT will start to re-purpose the towers for their 4g. I see that TMO towers are not going to increase in population, but rather they will dwindle. You probably will still be able to make calls, but the data network for TMO shrink as ATT expands. The purpose of buy TMO is to consolidate and re-use what is already in use, not put up more towers for both ATT and TMO.   Extending your contract for TMO will probably result in heartache if you use data a lot… I’ll be jumping ship to Sprint I think, and so will tons of other people. The reason most of us stuck it out with TMO was because they had great prices and were trying to expand, but I can already see the impact to Customer Service when I call them. In the past, CSRs bent over backwards to keep us happy, now the plan is to prevent you from calling at all, so when you call 611 now, you cant even get to Customer Service with the voice prompts until you hear all about your billing etc.  poor tmo, how the mighty have beaten the downtrodden… Cheers to Sprint, and maybe if about 100k customers join sprint, that will send a message tbe big two that the little guy just got a little bit bigger…

    • Gmarsh

      Paul Rogers is a dickhead!

    • Pissed

      Youre wack the CEO of AT&T says they need TMobile to be better cause TMobile has better service and spectrum and merging TMobile to them will may their service better for the damn Iphones….thats all they care about anyways those wack ass iPhones and iPads

  • Jon

    pretty simple. They’re not going to change your current plan, but when you try to get a new subsidized plan, they’ll force you onto a new, more expensive contract.

    Oh, and if you’re on EM+, then you’re SOL since that’s not a contracted plan.

    • JAY

      I disagree. Thats like saying people who had a 2 year contract and never changed there plan and extended it wouldnt be grandfathered.

  • Sjw953

    If they will let you keep your contract forever, even more plus is the way to go.

    • Frommetoyou

      u ccant do it no more they took even more plus off the list no more no contracts its eather contract or pre paid….

      • Birelan

        You can still get even more plus if you sign up in a retail store.

  • Affliction711

    i saw this move coming a mile away…when the head of retail and CEO leave the company, that’s a sign. Then when DT sent Phillip to the us channel, he was merely coming to assess the profitability…when q4 numbers were released, I’m sure they had their plan in place.

  • Biggreeneguy

    OT but this is the coolest pic of the batman building I have seen and I see it every day!

  • Anonymous

    How are they going to separate the att plans from T-mos? are we going to be something like “boost mobile” for ATT? Are we going to be able to use the AWS band?

    I don’t think this is what ATT had in mind when it bought T-mo.

    I want to change my phone but I don’t know if I should, unless it is multi 3G. but I want nexus S/Pyramid!

  • TMoFan

    What a perfect pic for at&t!

    You’ll only have your current plan until upgrade from your edge brick. The only reason I have a G2 is because T-Mobile allowed me to keep my current plan when I upgraded. I’m really going to miss T-Mobile in a lot of ways. A few months ago a T-Mobile rep called me to follow up on my upgrade, to see if I was satisfied. I never received such personalized customer support from a company!

    • Slim Cizzle

      Agreed….that type of service WILL NOT happen with ATT!!!!

  • CeeGee Borela

    CAN does not mean WILL

  • A104

    my question is, if tmobile gets to keep its plans and phones is it going to be still called tmobile or is it going to be changed to at&t name and have those pricings and phones under at&t? other words, does tmobile keep its name and ran under at&t or its just plain out at&t?

  • Rob

    Lol Tmobile/stb ATT is already changing plans and wont do anything good for an existing customer.  I’m ready to leave contracts for good after 6 years.  Prepaid/no contract plans is the way to go!   Lets see what this opens up as a opportunity for the prepaid competitors!

  • Mark U

    Will TMobile customers be able to keep its current plans such as free incoming calls etc…this is extremely important because my girlfriend lives in Canada and currently we get to talk if she calls me…will that still be able to happen or are our plans going to switch??