February 23rd Bringing About Several Device Price Changes

Plenty has been made in the past few days over T-Mobile originally posting a $149.99 post rebate price for the Samsung Galaxy S 4G and then updating later with a $199.99 post rebate price. Well, as it turns out, the Galaxy S 4G won’t be alone in seeing a price increase as the myTouch4G and T-Mobile G2 will also see similar increases. Perhaps T-Mobile is taking a lesson out of the Verizon pricing playbook for the HTC Thunderbolt and realizing they can charge just a little bit more for these 4G devices.

The myTouch4G will be increasing to $249.99 along with the T-Mobile G2 which will also see a price increase to $249.99. The myTouch Slide will start off at $149.99 with a $50 rebate dropping the final price to $99.99. The Samsung Smiley, Gravity 3 and Gravity T are also seeing price changes but nothing along the lines of what the 4G devices are seeing.

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  • Frugal

    So true–it’s no shame if you use a lower end phone. Plus no required data plan. Everyone can’t drive a Cadillac.

    • Maschwar77

      I use a Blackberry 8310 that I bought unlocked off of eBay for 69.99. I just can’t see paying a lot of money for a phone. I’d rather spend that money on a laptop.

  • Bill

    T-Mobile is done…they are trying to do a pump & dump on the company. They’ll sell off all their assets piece by piece. Sprint will purchase the 4g spectrums, since WiMax is just about dead. AT&T may also hop on the bandwagon too (although the frequency difference is an issue).

    It’s a shame, but T-Mobile has lost the value that people loved. No more cheap plans, cheap phones, or great service. It’s back to the “Pick two of the three” for all the companies.

    • http://twitter.com/FR35HM1NDZ Jamille Browne

      Lol Sprint purchasing T-Mobile? Im not entirely sure that you are aware of how big T-Mobile actually is. Sprint has been trying to get T-Mobile to hop on WiMax so that sprint wouldn’t fail because obviously sprints doesn’t have enough money to do it on their own.

    • Phatrig

      Dude… you obviously don’t know what your talking about. Sprint is the ones using clears Wimax service… and clear is is financial trouble. This is why sprint announced trying to switch over to lte by the end of 2013. T-mobile has been in talks with clear to bail them out. T-mobile wants the spectrum not the service.Also do a check of reviews of 4g network performance. T mobile is ahead of the game. They are not desperate as you would have people believe. They do need improvement but they are making leaps and bounds compared to others…if you don’t like it go try AT&T. Then you will really now pain. While your at it look at some speed tests between t-mobile and sprint. t-mo wins in speed hands down. I didn’t mention Verizon for good reason…. No such thing as 4g in utah for another couple months… meanwhile here I am on my samsung vibrant 4g hauling ass… lol I am on flex pay…. have no contract at all and only pay 79.99 for unlimited EVERYTHING!!! Try that on ANY other cell service.

  • http://www.shadestrades.wordpress.com shadestrades

    Prices will drop as soon as all the new dual-core phones hit the stores.

  • Anonymous

    I think TMO is attempting to guide customers toward the new Galaxy S 4G & Vibrant as they’re priced less than the G2 & MT4G……The Vibrant dropped to $99.99 after $50 MIR!!!

  • Chilisweet123

    They raise the price on the older phones (4g &G2} to direct the traffic to the new lower priced phones. Its Kinda like reverse psychology. :)

    • remixfa

      OI.. people the phones are comming OFF of a sale they have been on.. one after another for the last few months. They arent RAISING the price, they just dont have it on SALE anymore.

      Besides, Its only for a very limited time. All new rebates printed as of the 23rd only last for like a week or 2, not the typical month or so, so that means a new sale is right around the corner.

      • Joeshmoe21

        They ARE rising the prices: compare G2 at T-Mobile store and BestBuy. How is that possible that a 3rd party is selling the phone for less then a carrier ($100 less!)? The subsidies, that the 3rd party gets, are coming from the carrier!
        It’s T-Mobile lying to their own customers to get some extra cash. Their business model is not to go after the the new subscribers, it’s to milk the existing ones.

        • Twag

          Every carrier sells their phones for more than the third parties do. Pay attention! ….But with those better prices usually comes a second contract…

  • Anonymous

    im just going to hop over to amazon and buy the my touch 4g for $90 contract upgrade. Silly T Mobile

  • http://twitter.com/ingram1225 William Ingram

    stick it to the man… i mean customer. I get it. Tmobile is loosing my faith.

  • Anonymous


  • anon

    i love how TMONEWS.COM has a HUGE ad on the bottom of my screen advertising ATT’s phones and plans.

    • mack

      You mean Sprint