T-Mobile G2 To Get Wi-Fi Calling Update Starting Tomorrow!

Owners of the T-Mobile G2 have been left wondering when or if they might be graced with the goodness that is Android Wi-Fi calling.  Well, wonder no more as T-Mobile will officially start sending out an OTA update starting tomorrow.  November 3rd to November 8th, G2 owners will receive the Android Wi-Fi calling feature.  Of course, included in the Wi-Fi calling feature is the tethering option as well.  Not sure what the deal is with the little italicized line regarding not offering a tethering plan.
Pretty sure they do since you know it was just announced.  Hey, can’t win em all, right!

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  • NOTaG1

    Thanks for posting where to download the update instead of waiting. Worked like a dream! Nice to see the system working like it should.

    The “extra’s” installed are an update to the radio as well as fixes to reboots and halts.

    Thanks T-Mo!

    • fazelove

      where’s the download link?

  • http://rpad.tv R.Pad

    I finally got mine pushed this morning. Here’s a video overview:


  • Smackinz

    I am trying to download and save the update but my phone keeps saying cannot download phone cannot support…any ideas??

    • jesus

      same problem .u forgot to name the folder of the zip update to “update”.zip
      but dont put zip at the end its already a zip just name it update

      that shud fix it i had the same problem

  • b-will

    i have a question when i got my g2 it came with another sim card do i have to use that card to get the update or is my old one good ?

  • Brian

    Anyone else realize they fixed the Car Home app?
    Not only can I customize it now, I can tell it to enable car mode when it connects via bluetooth to my car. It was annoying me the Nexus, which has a dock, (and probably others) had this and not the G2.

    Now if they’d just fix the LED notification…

  • John

    Um, it’s the 9th and still no update. Anyone else?

    • Charlie

      Got the update this morning, the 10th

  • jesushouston

    and we have permanent root yey

    i had visionary with a lot of hacks like overclock and i alwayws had to re do the process it was preety much like permanent root but this is much better i will do the New permanent root when i get home……

  • cd

    just got my update today….verified hotspot/tethering wirelessly FO SHO working!

  • dailyreader

    I did receive mine on the 9th.

  • Rick

    Still no update here, Louisville.

  • Rick

    Got the update Sunday and now my phone burns through the battery every 6 hours.