Still Not Convinced On The myTouch 4G? myTouch 4G Can…

Still not convinced that the myTouch4G is the right device for you?  Well, myTouch4G can…do whatever you see in this video and T-Mobile sure is hyping the many qualities this Android device has that (cough, cough) other devices seem to lack.  This is somewhat reminiscent of the “Droid does” campaign Verizon Wireless uses to tout the strength of their Droid lineup but, hey, they don’t have a “4G” network behind them!  Watch the video and let us know if you are planning on picking up a myTouch4G below!

HTCSource via YouTube

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  • sorandkairi

    Lol using my mytouch wirelessly tethered to my mytouch4g to type this message

  • Jesus

    By the way, I do have the latest over the air update that was released today. Just thought I would mention that before people asked.

  • Andy, Inc

    Can’t wait till I qualify for an upgrade :)

  • smash-mode

    Man im in love with my new mytouch…i was kinda skeptical bcus of the lack of a physical keyboard but i find myself typing way faster without it its awesome….4g speeds are lightnin fast…cam looks crisp n clear…havent tried the video calling yet but plan on doing it soon…this phone has exceeded my expectations great job tmobile

  • sami

    my sister doesn’t know what to get. it’s either this, the g2, or the vibrant. she is really attracted to the vibrant because of its super amoled screen though. what should i get? someone plz help

    • Cybersedan

      I upgraded from a Vibrant to Mytouch 4G, I will be honest, the screen on the Mytouch is not nearly as impressive as the Vibrant, but that’s where the comparisons end.

      Everything else the Mytouch takes hands down, after about 4 hours I didn’t even miss the screen anymore.

      • sami

        thats actually why i didn’t upgrade my vibrant. i walked into a t-mobile store looking to upgrade to a g2 or mytouch 4g. i played with the phones, and was disgusted by their screens. that’s what happens when you’ve been around super amoled for so long. i took out my vibrant, compared screens, and said hell no. then i just walked out with my vibrant

  • Jesus

    Is anyone else with the new MyTouch 4G having trouble accessing the internet during a phone call?

  • Flacco

    look like a great phone and i want one since i need to upgrade my stupid phone, but what good is 4g really if i dont have 4g in my city? what good is a genius button if it doesnt understand my voice? what good is video chat if only a few of my contacts have that capability? what good is screen share if dont own a tv capable of doing that? this phone runs Froyo 2.2 or somehthing like that but i can root my phone to run the same thing. so my question is, is it really worth it? something to think about.

  • Cybersedan

    I’d personally love to line up the list of people that were referring to this phone as “plasticy” and “childish”, so I can smack the living crap out of each of them for being the idiots they are.

    This phone is amazingly built and is on par with any other top Android hardware out there.

  • TangoPapa

    Coming from stock vanilla android the MyTouch4g takes some getting used to. The good news is I don’t think the UI makes the MyTouch4g lag at all. If it does, one would hardly be able to tell from real time usage. I’m very happy with the phone, its incredibly quick. I have grown quite fond of the Expresso hybrid Sense My wife and I have been using Qik to video chat quite a bit since one of us usually has the baby while the other is busy.

    I got a pretty nice case from Tmobile for $30 (yeah I know kind of expensive). It’s a hard clear plastic case with rubber side grips in black and kickstand in the back to stand the phone or on its side to watch movies. Pretty neat, I really liked that feature on the new HD7 but this case provided the protection + that feature, I figured that was worth adding.

  • JP

    So how do you add music to this bad boy?

  • mingkee

    There are 3 more (my touch can, iphone can’t) not mentioned:
    1. wifi calling
    2. 3G sharing over wifi (additional fee applies)
    3. Native Adobe Flash support

  • Sulu600

    Only 15 months into my 1.0 ver of the MT3G, so store said upgrade would be over $300. Still waiting for Froyo, but maybe by the time I am eligible for a full upgrade discount, T-Mobile will have EDGE or 2G fully implemented on their network. So tired of traveling a few miles outside of major cities and reverting to GPRS data speeds.

  • sukeysukey

    I got the phone. It’s even better than i thought it would be. Don’t waste time with the Qik video chat yet, they need to get it fixed. Get Tango from the droid mkt and use that, it’s flawless unlike all the other video chat programs i tried for this phone. I’ve only had it since 11/3 but i will say that this is the coolest phone i’ve ever seen and i’ve had a lot of them from BB, Nokia Communicators, BB, BB, BB, BB, iphone, iphone 4…..blah blah blah…Droid is it…i will never own another iphone

  • g1ana

    I really like mytouch 4G but it is true that the Vibrant screen is awesome. But all the features the mytouch does is just amazing, love it. Can we videochat through any IM?

  • Victoria

    I want to know if and when a mytouch 4G slide will be out. I would love this phone with a slide out keyboard. Will 100% get this phone if it came out with a mytouch 4g slide!!! Like they did with the 3G mytouch.

  • Paul

    I want to know more about TMobile’s phone service. I presently use Sprint and I am pretty happy with their phone coverage. Their 4G phones are not as nice as the MyTouch 4G. I have no way of comparing their wifi speeds, respectively. I find Sprint’s 3G network intolerably slow. But a phone for me has to be a phone 1st, so I wonder about TMobile’s phone coverage and reliability.

  • James Dalrymple

    I have tried every android phone ever made and this is the happiest I have ever been with a phone. There is nothing it can’t do. I highly recommned this phone to anybody who is considering buying an android device.

  • Henrymeys

    i just got the red one and i must say damn…the phone looks really nice in person compared to online pics…the the UI is slick as well…get the red one if u can…it looks and feels expensive…moneys worth.