Is T-Mobile Preparing Another Big Sale For November 20th?

We’ve been hearing quite a few whispers from our ninjas that T-Mobile reps are being prepped for something “big” on November 20th. We don’t know what it is, we just know that we’re hearing far too much in the way of whispers to ignore any longer. The chosen date is of course quite interesting with Black Friday only a few days after. Our guess is that T-Mobile wants to get out in front of the holiday deals and pull down another amazing single sales day like the Fathers Day special did a few months back. For now, we’re just hearing whispers but trust me when I say, we’re digging for info trying to learn more. Stay tuned!

P.S. It’s not the iPhone, if you say that in the comments you risk electrocution from your keyboard.

P.P.S. Ok so I was kidding when I said I didn’t have at least some idea what this is about, we believe it is in fact a repeat of the Fathers Day Sale, though this time allowing upgrades as well as new activations. We can’t insist enough that this information is unconfirmed and subject to change and/or deletion.

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  • jinishans

    Dell Venue Pro for WP7 and Dell Venue for Android !

    • ob18

      The Dell Andriod would be nice.

  • ob18

    I hope it happens to be a sale that those like myself who only have one line can take advantage of.

    • 2FR35H

      I’m praying for a $10 or $15 1gb plan :) that’ll put a stab into those people at AT&T

      iPhone possibly, iPad 4G edition, Nexus S/2, Dell Venue, unlimited data caps removed, A windows 7 home premium tablet, Family unlimited data plan for only $50, Free $500 gift card to people with my faves plan, Android 2.3 or 3.0 released to all t-mobile androids including age old bh2, umm…. all would be nice.

      • Vibrant addict

        One can dream. :D

  • Deff

    iPhone!!! *zap*

    …. maybe the dell works too…

  • HausOfFaust

    It’s a similair or exact sequel to the Father’s Day Sale. The mentality is that they’ll get a leg up on all the Black Friday deals with no competition on that day.

  • Shannon

    “P.S. It’s not the iPhone, if you say that in the comments you risk electrocution from your keyboard.”

    Hahahaha. As I was reading the story, I was trying to come up with some kinda iPhone joke to post.


  • Ansel

    It would be AMAZING if it was a BOGO for the myTouch 4g…

    • XfooYen

      Ditto. That’s all I’m waiting for before I buy two of those bad-boys for me an’ the Mrs.

    • John

      Why bogo when all smart phones will be free??

      • XfooYen

        That info wasn’t up when we posted, Sir John. Of course, if it is a repeat of the Father’s Day special, all smartphones will be free, and that’s a whole lot better than BOGO!

    • oxfdblue

      That is exactly what I’m waiting for. I’ve gotten to play a little with the phone a couple times…and I’m really tired of my BB 9700 tiny screen, etc. So, once a BOGO hits for the MT4G… one for me and one for the wife.

    • adrian

      I heard it was.. take it with a grain of salt though..

  • deemota

    I was told by a friend that works at T-Mo that the big thing is all phones free again on that date…..

    • TMO REP

      From what I’ve heard from regional & store managers…It will be similar, but will not be all phones for free, but something close to/similar. Being told that the sales reps won’t even know until the 17th to preserve sales, but they are expecting a sales day to blast the competition and the timing has EVERYTHING to do with Black Friday as T-Mobile is NOT expecting a black friday sale of any really significant magnitude and want to get the cell phone market a week ahead of time without tipping off the competition.

  • jflaco

    Why not the iphone microsim, iphone data cables, new ceo all of a sudden attack on at&t. Come one put the pieces together apple loves to keep things quiet and tmobile loves to send hint. I smell an iphone coming soon. Let me not forget (and this is no lie) I had call customer care and the rep did tell me that the iphone was coming soon but she couldn’t say when!! Well I guess we would just have to see!! It would be nice to see an iphone with hspa+ technology!!

    • 2FR35H

      I highly doubt we will see an iPhone with HSPA+

    • j

      iphone is junk, android is way better. I hope T-Mobile NEVER gets the iphone

      • Chatter

        IPhone is junk? You seriously are nutty. It is the single best selling phone in recent times. It will only help TMo if we ever get it. I’m sure all those people buying the iPhone are “stupid” and not “smart” like you?

    • Rpinazo

      I 2nd that! I spoke to rep who said there would be a whole barrage of phones coming out including the Iphone in Q4. It felt weird when she just came out bluntly and said it. Must have been a rep that didn’t bonus and was pissed at Tmo.

      • XfooYen

        iPhone won’t be out in Q4 because AT&T’s commitment to Apple doesn’t expire until Q1 of 2011…Q4 of next year, maybe.

        • 2FR35H

          Thats AT&T’s commitment to apple, at&T has nothing to do with t-mo.

        • XfooYen

          Not true. That commitment is a two-way street. It’s a mutual agreement that Apple, I’m sure, can’t wait to be over.

  • vinny

    Nexus Two, wouldn’t that be a killer? I would not ask Santa for anything this year if we get our Nexus Two. I could give my Nexus One a little well deserved rest.

  • Dominicoo0

    Its deff not something like fathers day. Company lost too much money from fradulent activations..but its something big..wait for it..youll all be surprised.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Just tell me, why act like you know something and not be willing to share?

      • 2FR35H

        Because he is secretly steve jobs and stevey boy is very evil. LOL

      • herromoto

        iphone on T-Mo with HSPA+ is a dream. screw the haters…

    • Janine

      that was a nightmare… lets hope it isnt that.

      • Yyevo

        Nah, not arrogant enough to be Jobs.

  • Halwantsanewphone

    I am all about BOGO G2’s and other smart phones. My contract is up in December!

  • jaythe01

    Its coming…….real soon. IPHONE.

    Soo yeah anyone still care? Android4L!!!!

  • Dave

    That’s my birthday! :D But, i’m already getting me a G2, so it won’t benefit me.

  • yxizero

    I went in and talked to the people at the store today who said exactly this. that I “should hold out on upgrading until nov. 20, which will be when our holiday specials begin. It will be bigger than father’s day” =]

  • Meego

    It is going to be the iPhone. Seriously.

  • Miguel


    • 2FR35H

      Why would MT4G be an exception?

  • jbanks

    Everyone will be shocked to see what happens!!!!

  • jbanks

    T-Mobile has just started warming up, get ready get set action… NOV 20TH

  • alex

    a tmo device that will actually use a micro-sim???

  • Stormy Beach

    Speculation is fun thats for sure. But from past experience it will be Like Miguel said. Some huge BOGO promotion. With contract for new customers. Those off contract. all of us junkies that keep buying phones, will keep shelling out the 500 bucks.

  • jason

    With our new CEO you never know. He already gets an A+ and hes been on the job less than two weeks. He’s from Europe where competition is stiffer so he knows how to bring his A game on everything he does.

  • Smith

    A $10 Data plan (200MB) will be available for all phones not just non-smartphones. ;)

  • 5!n7 is my name upsidedown

    NEXUS S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GOt3GSw/TMO

    Hopefully will be IPhone4 VS MT4G, Battle For THe Customers, and free w/new activation of course, Evil Apple against the rebelious Android, Pick Your side, NOv 20: ArmagePhone.

  • Twund

    My physic told me its going to be the iphone 4. I believe this because today at work there was this water stain on the ceiling. The image was of a religous figure (staying politically correct here). And the figure was holding nit one… But two iphones. How do I know it was an iphone.. Because adam was eating an apple in the image as well. :) it coyld happen. Lol

  • threetee14

    this is a bit off-topic but… I heard from someone that if i wanted to upgrade to any smartphone with tmobile, i would only have to wait 1 year after i signed my two year contract…. is this true???

    • threetee14

      btw, i mean a full discount upgrade.

      • 5!n7 is my name upsidedown

        IDK i actually just waited 5 months and the full upgrade is available to me.

        HD7 – 179.99

        MT4G – 179.99

        VIBRANT – 179.99

      • Vibrant addict

        I’ve read a few people who have done that. Loyalty department at CS is your best bet

      • j

        nope totally false, even with their early grade it is like 18 months

    • angel

      If i remember correctly its less than a year. more like 10 months.

  • Twund

    Deleted my comment. It was a funny one too!!!

  • C-FU

    Ugh, gonna be pissed if it’s better than the 2 MT4G for $80 each I just got from retentions….

    • ari982

      how did u pull that off. i need 2 mt4g’s. my wife’s contract is over. and im 12 months in on a 2yr. id love to know what to say to retentions

      • C-FU

        I said, “I’ve been with you since January ’04. Wife’s line not under contract, and mine is up in less than 2 months. Wirefly sells them for $80 to new customers. What can you do for me?”

        On the 3rd call, I got what I was looking for.


    It’s the iPhone.

    Stay tuned…

  • Want2CBetter

    Motorola Cliq 2?

  • tmo-guy

    i’m hopin for a hd7 or g2

  • kershon

    Whatever it is I hope it includes em+ customers too.

    • grazapin

      As an EM+ customer I’d love to see some phone discounts too, but that’s a complete fantasy. T-mobile has absolutely zero motivation to give a phone discount to a customer who could cancel their service literally the minute after they purchase the discounted phone, with no financial penalty.

      Just rest easy knowing that, except for radical cases like the fathers day sale where phones are free with a two year contract, you end up paying less over a two year period as an EM+ customer even with paying full price up front for the phone.

      • http://tmonews dcb

        Not necessarily……depends on the cost of the phone and how many lines you have……if you are able to take advantage of a free phone promo then a contracted plan may be a better deal…….or at least as good of one

        • MattB

          Correct… going by normal subsidized pricing, EM+ is ‘usually’ cheaper. Again, depending on plan/lines/features and also whether you buy from corp, or a retailer like WalMart who tend to launch high end phones at $150 on 2yr. But when subsidized price is zero (saving you ~$450) your plan would need to save you $20/month/line to justify EM+.
          (22 months per upgrade @ $20 saving/month= $440)

        • grazapin

          …which is exactly what I said. In radical situations where the phones are super discounted or free the two year contract can turn out cheaper. The rest of the time with smartphones at $100-$200 or more on contract the EM+ plan plus full price phone is cheaper over a two year period. Did you even read my post?

  • tmoknows

    it will be a phone sale!!!! will not be a product launch!!!

  • Kenobi

    I think it will be something with the tab.

  • Kenobi

    I think it will be something with the tab.

  • NokiaN900User

    iPhone, uPhone , wePhone , mePhone, theyPhone, hePhone, shePhone , ZZIIIIIIII!!!!!
    I just got ZAPPED by my keyboard.
    Seriously, I can’t imagine whats going down. But Im positive it will leak by this weekend.

  • Robert

    I hope it’s a Desire HD variant for T-Mo. That would beat Verizon’s offering by three days.

    • LNG

      Isn’t the MT4G pretty much a Desire HD?

  • voodoovixen

    Crap! I wonder if I should return my G2 while in remorse and wait for this sale?

  • TMO Employee

    Let me first say I have no idea what the promotion will actually be, however my Market Manager and Regional Manager are both saying that while it’s going to be “BIG” it’s not quite as big as the Father’s Day promotion. I know my info is just hearsay but that’s all I’ve got at this point.

  • SaggyBalls

    You guys have no idea what it is, but you claim to know that it’s NOT an iPhone announcement? I get that the odds are astronomically against T-Mobile officially announcing the iPhone, but c’mon, at this point everything is equally plausible, right?

  • http://tmobilenews Michelle

    I am looking for new upgrades from any carrier giving me a good one. but all want me to pay the big data plan extra costs. I hate that!!! Hope that the news will help me ;-)

  • Damien

    I can tell you its no phone release, it is going to be only a sale, but the market managers already expecting to do better than the last time. Our store did over 100 acts that day. Though they have not announced officially what it is, it will be a promo like on fathers day, or something better (No activation fee, as well as free phone).

  • http://tmobilenews Michelle

    I have been a loyal TMobile customer for Yearssss. I love TMobile hope that the news is good on Nov. 20th. :-]

  • Reader

    Rotary phone. Weeeeee!!!!

  • myn15

    I believe it’s the NEXUS S, cos remember they about to launch it soon but they found
    “serious” problem with the hardware that is why they delayed the launch.. but the iphone rumor is giving me an idea as well, cos why selling the ipod cables now when ihpone has been around since 2007, and now they’re saying that big thing coming on nov. 20th? read between the line.. and not to mention the micro sim humors. i think it has something to do with both. just my opinion

  • Nerd lust


  • vinny

    I think they are going to have some plan changes, along with whatever else the do.They might do away with the even more plus plans. They need to gain in the post paid area.


    is not a iphone is not a nexus one is free phone for new accounts or add a line with a mail in rebate i work for tmobile i know this big news

    • MattB

      How does that affect national retail partners, who are also on notice for a big announcement? They are not affected by corporates handset pricing promotions… I feel there may be more than we know on this one.

    • Srsr

      Dude you dont know anything. I also work for tmobile and I worked for DT and nobody knows what it is. So if youre a tmobile employee get the facts before opening your mouth. Thanks!

  • T

    “customer loyalty” if its not intended for existing customers. If in fact it is the same deal as fathers day of course.

    I think it very well may be the same as the fathers day deal. As a business partner with tmo it always seems like they like to give us a go at those deals and then give it to the public

  • holiday

    according to my sources Nov 20th will be the day t-mobile re-releases the Sharp tm150 with a special surprise for the first 50 customers, don’t hold your breath guys but the surprise might be a 14.4mb floppy disk. cross your fingers…

    • Bmac

      Tm150! Just what I’ve always wanted!