The Nexus S (Formerly Known As Nexus 2) Is Real And Coming Soon?

Sometimes in the wireless industry there are stories and rumors that sound so good, they are likely untrue. The Nexus Two, the (obvious) follow up to the Nexus One wasn’t supposed to happen. Earlier today when nobody thought it was happening Taylor of Androidandme thought otherwise and took a lot of heat for running his own report. Sticking to his guns paid off however as Gizmodo has just given him a whole lot of support in the form of their very own exclusive report regarding the Nexus S (no longer the Nexus 2).

There is plenty here that could change so take everything with a grain of salt until more details are leaked or Samsung makes an official announcement. Of course, they happen to be having a press conference November 8th and Taylor is very confident that will be the date we’ll see the Nexus S, and maybe little green men. So why post this? Well since the original Nexus One first came to the T-Mobile household, there is a definite possibility we could see a repeat of that and we want our readers to know that’s a possibility, but we strongly remind you this is all rumor and speculation, except for the little green men, they are real. Honest.

So what do we know?

  • 4” inch AMOLED screen
  • Made by Samsung
  • Black, shiny and built with a glossy plastic
  • Front facing camera
  • Possibly running Android 2.3 or Gingerbread



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  • Kevin

    David – was this that hard to do? I mean come on…this is not a rumor and you were last to post this for us…

    • David, Managing Editor

      No I wasn’t, but then again you think the image on that site is real so….

    • ogopogo

      @Kevin – Last to post what? Vague rumors? Get a life! Did you even read the article? There is nothing concrete.

  • Kevin

    here is a pic

    • David, Managing Editor

      It’s not a pic Kevin, read the article again and then go to and look up the term, “mock up.”

  • Kevin
    • ColoradoGray


  • ColoradoGray

    I have mixed feelings here. I mean, the idea of it is nice, but then again it is a Samsung Android phone…

  • PimpStrong

    Wow. Sounds like my Vibrant.

    • Frigadroid

      Kind of funny the way things are shaping up the past few weeks. Our Vibrants are looking better all the time. Im not regretting buying mine the first day at all.
      If this sammy is vanilla and google’s next developers phone watch how fast all the samsung haters will eat their words. To bad they will only get an amoled display that’s not samoled.

  • jp

    Gime the mt4g

  • Rpinazo

    I’d rather just wait until Nov 8th to be concrete before getting all hyped. The MyTouch I’m getting for sure so that will keep me calm for a while.

  • Dave

    *Will probably get*

  • J-Hop2o6

    not a Nexus if not made by HTC.. unless the Nexus 2 will be made by HTC, and the Nexus S from Samsung.

    • 2FR35H

      That is like say its not a droid if its not made by motorola but HTC in fact came out with the droid incredible. So…….. yeah.

      • Shawn

        And how are the sales doing for that Droid Incredible?

      • J-Hop2o6

        u know what i mean.. it wouldn’t feel like a Nexus if it isn’t made by HTC.. i only like Samsung for their SAMOLED & Hummingbird.. wish they would sell those to other manufactures (mainly HTC) =(

      • Jeremy P.

        Sales for the Incredible are not doing too well… You know, considering it was on backorder for a while when it was released. And during that backorder period some more killer phones were released.

      • Evan

        Let us look at our schematics……

      • somebody

        sales for the incredible are bad because its a fugly phone have you seen that thing i cant even call it a brick

  • Robert Najafabadi

    So is it going to be sold in stores?

    • 2FR35H

      Hopefully it will because that is essentially why it didn’t do as well as it should have when it first launched.

  • Andrew

    I love you nexus, its the best phone I have had. Didn’t even think about the g2 because my nexus is so fantabulous.

    • briannn

      Same feelings here

      • ren

        Me 3

  • Testament

    I just Pray that It’s a WHOLE LOT more sturdy than the vibrant.

    • PimpStrong

      Cuz your Vibrant just crumbles as you use it right? Or do you even own one?

      • Frigadroid

        Another moron opens mouth and inserts foot. Hey moron go to youtube and watch the Vibrant being dropped in the street several times before failure. Next time do a little research about something before you come off with such foolish statements with nothing to back it up.

  • ditchmagnet

    Unless Samsung can get some battery battery life (came from epic 4g to the G2) I’m not interested. IF this is the galaxy S2 (nexus 2), and it has a dual-core, that will be awesome, but again, Samsung’s battery life is so terrible, still not interested.

  • Special K

    If this device is released at a subsidized price for the carriers, this could be a differentiated piece of hardware. Let’s see the specs on it. I may have to hold off for a device like this.

  • jl

    Samsung’s problem is this, instead of them fixing and supporting their devices, they’d rather make another one and all is well. I have seen this with behold users and those vibrant users. So far samsung is not a responsible cell phone company.

    • somebody

      we say the same thing about every company…

  • phone capo

    goodbye hd2


    its garbage!! Dont let its sex appeal trick u into getting it. Remember its still a Samsung Phone. They will prob update this like 2 times within 6 months after it releases. I doubt samsung will let google get away w/ putting vanilla android on it scott free. I bet theres gonna be some incorporation of TouchWiz in it someway..I got a Vibrant that specifically doent Overclock well w/o freezing and that takes the fun out of having Root. i let the sex appeal of the Vibrant get me. I shoulda waited for the MT4G since it comes out nxt week..FML

    P.S. – I dont think its real anyway

    • Jeremy P.

      I disagree here. If it’s a “Nexus” branded phone, and is supposed to take over the Nexus One’s place as the official developer phone, it HAS to run vanilla android. We’ve already heard Google is making the Nexus One forum read-only on the 1st. This only gives credence to the rumors (are they still rumors at this point?) that there will be a Nexus 2.

  • J.C.

    Looks like my Vibrant since I install the front facing cam (FFC). Sweet, this means that Vibrants can port Gingerbread 2.3.

  • Mr Cker

    My question is why is Samsung doing this and not HTC? I hope the rumor of 2.3/Gingerbread or Honeycomb turns out to be fact. I think Android needs to do some much needed tweking to the UI and the update system. This could cause people like me to think twice about WP7.

    Stay thirsty my friends!


      IDK why you would consider WP7……Poor software on Beast Hardware. Its like a hammerdroid from Iron man 2. “Software is S**t”. Android is so good that we have Steve Jobs and Apple worried. We have ripped the iPhone and Blackberry from sooo many ppl’s hands its ridiculous.

      • Steve Jobless

        Please, don’t say “WE ripped..” when you had virtually no part in the building process of Android.

      • somebody

        haha ^^^ truth

  • Broski

    David is this because of what that guy said on one of the other posts lol?

    • David, Managing Editor

      Haha no, I wasn’t going to run it until Gizmodo had threw up their post to give it some more credence.

      • Broski

        haha oh ok and phone sounds cool i just hope htc makes it not samsung

      • 2FR35H


        NO, I prefer Samsung makes it, they have better hardware than HTC.

  • Chad

    Everything about this would be great except its being built by samsung which means build quality will suck and it’ll feel and look plasticky and cheap…..NEXT

    • Aston

      are you crazy? samsung has the best hardware… -_-

      • Evan

        Didnt say anything about the hardware, but the build quality.

  • the guy

    ugh, samsung? no please. been using htc’s for too long, cant bring myself to break with them.

  • Joshuakprice1

    How can the successor to the sexy nexy be made by samsung? That doesn’t sound like a very good idea.

    • zazou

      And especially made out of cheap plastic…

  • Insolent

    For one Google owns the Nexus name not HTC. Also I have to say that Samsung said that the Orion processor would be in the hands of a “Select” group in Q4 of this year. Not trying to get hopes up. Nobody knows whats in this phone til Samsung releases the info. Last thing is like David said that is a rendered image from what someone explained it to look like. Plus the source of the story who said they handled the phone had no idea what was inside. You have 11 days to wait and you know more info will get leaked because that is how the industry goes. They can’t give you everything otherwise what will they write about in the next week?

    Oh and if it has an Orion processor anyone want to by a Mytouch 4G? It’s real nice…

  • eYe

    Seriously? Gizmodo will do anything for page views. My BS-o-meter went through the roof when I read this.

  • dp

    Too bad its not made by HTC. HTC is way more stable than Samsung. The G2 and Nexus 1 have proven to be very stable hardware and have beat every phone out there per Quadrant Benchmark. HTC is the way to go for hardware. Samsung feels like a cheap toy from the swap meet.

    • 2FR35H

      Not the Vibrant lol that is a powerhouse phone.

  • Duck Dodgers

    If it’s a Samsung I’m not interested. The bad taste in my mouth from the Behold II still lingers.


      after im done w/ the vibrant, the taste of No updates will always linger when samsung comes to mind. Samsung = IRONFail

      • Matlock

        there are no words to describe you guys!! The Vibrant was the first one out, and none of the other Galaxy S phones have yet to receive 2.2, so I dont see why all of you are crying! HTC isnt as great as of all you are makign them out to be, the MTS hasnt gotten 2.2 and the MyTouch is just now receiving 2.2 a whole year after it was released. The Behold was a glorious steaming pile of excrement, the Vibrant is a beast of a phone, and deserves to be praised! Its an excellent piece of hardware, it might not have to best finish, but no one can deny that the Galaxy S phones are amazing. I would have gotten a Vibrant when it came out, but I had a N1, but I can definitely appreciate the phone for what it is! and funny enough a rooted Vibrant with lag fix still blows a rooted and overclocked G2 out of the water, on the quadrant test!

      • somebody

        ^^^ THANK YOU

      • Frigadroid

        + infinity

      • Duck Dodgers

        @Matlock. Did I say that the Vibrant was a POS? No I didn’t. I just don’t trust Samsung. I don’t want to deal with a companying that I don’t trust.

  • 2FR35H

    If google can trust in Samsung so can I again.

  • Jay

    Great, just when I had decided on getting the MyTouch 4G =/

  • thejosh

    Nobody finds it odd that a phone that was originally an HTC phone is being done by a different company? Even more there hasn’t been a peep from HTC regarding a sequel phone that they originally came up with. Cmon people there may be a Gingerbread device from Samsung but it wont be a Nexus device. Until Samsung or even HTC comment expect the Nov. 8th date to announce a new Samsung device rather than a sequel to another company’s phone. I have a feeling this rumor is going to get out of control the closer we get to the 8th.

    • Matlock

      The Nexus brand is owned by Google and not HTC! Remember the phone was called the Google Nexus One, Google handled the software side of things, while HTC handled the hardware. So therefore with this project, Google will again handle the software side of things, while Samsung will handle to hardware side this time around. If I remember correctly, wasnt it google’s intention to actually have different manufacturers build the different versions of the Nexus line anyways.

      • Foxeh

        Correct. It’s also the same way with the Droid. Motorola made Verizon’s first Droid. HTC made the Droid Incredible. That’s because the Droid is Verizon’s brand (as licensed by LucasFilm) and can be applied to hardware from various manufacturers.

        Of course, “Nexus S” basically sounds like a Galaxy S Nexus. I won’t read too into it, though.

      • now_onTMO


        umm i think the name DROID is branded by verizon, not the manufacturers..

      • Foxeh

        That’s… exactly what I was saying.

  • Lee

    Ppl I have saying it and saying it. Ok, here goes. Samsung will announce the Google experience phone. Samsung will handle the hardware, while Google tackles the software. The announcement will come on Nov 8. Here comes the good part. Car Warehouse in the U.K. will sell the phone. Car Warehouse is affiliated with Best Buy. Best Buy will be selling 4g cellular service with Clear. And guess who owns 50 percent of Clear? G-O-O-G-L-E! Take that greedy cell providers! Happy Holidays! I cite Taylor Wimberley from android and me fir the 411.

  • dub

    I prefer my nexus one made by none other then HTC.

    • somebody

      honestly if i could i would buy a nexus one today over all the phones on tmobils lineup and that includes mt4g..

      • 2FR35H

        that would be stupid.

  • 2FR35H

    Alright seems good keep same specs as the vibrant with the OS change and place HSPA+ on it and you got me sold for $149.99 on contract. I hate the name Nexus S though, its so lame. Call it Nexus-Universe or some shiit lol but Nexus does go along with samsung’s naming system though. I guess Samsung took galaxy naming system because those devices are truly out of this world.

  • mrnovember25

    Made by Samsung? Really? Never mind I’ll stick with my Nexus1

  • Vibrant addict

    I don’t see the issue with Sammy. They make solid hardware and if this is all true it will be a developer phone. Meaning GOOGLE provides updates, not Samsung. Some people complain just to complain.

    • archboy

      Actually that is not totally correct.

      Samsung does make the hardware but they also put their “touch wiz’…skin over the stock android. So therefore, when there is an update they, meaning Samsung must update their UI to work with it much like HTC does for its Sense UI. Unlike HTC who is reliable and do/will update/upgrade the current version to the most recent. Samsung on the other hand has shown so far that they are not and basically leave you high and dry even after they say they will. No thank you.

      • Jeremy P.

        Stop and think for a minute… “Samsung must update their UI to work with it much like HTC does for its Sense UI”

        Did you fail to realize that while HTC made the hardware for the Nexus One, Sense DID NOT APPEAR on the device? What makes you believe that because Samsung has been contracted to build the Nexus 2, they would be allowed to put Touch Wiz on it? The G2 is made by HTC, there’s no Sense UI on it, but take that same phone (G2) and call it a Desire Z and guess what, it comes with Sense. I believe it all comes down to whoever is going to be selling the device, wants.

  • TMOprophet

    From what I know this phone is supposedly much like the Galaxy S phones and all plastic..with that in mind I a probably won’t get this one, I was hoping Samsung would utilize better hardware for this exclusive device…Not so much plastic, but whatever.

    By the way…Google will not be releasing this through ANY carriers at all. Google intends to launch this phone commercially and unlocked. Carriers be damned. :)

    • 2FR35H

      So the same failing business as usual?

      • Foxeh

        I think part of Google’s problem was that they tried to work with carriers in the first place, yet selling it as a third party device with subsidies. Most carriers just outright snubbed the idea.

        In America, people love their contracts and subsidies, but in other parts of the world it is easier for people to buy a phone and pick a carrier, much like how we can just buy a laptop and not worry about what internet providers are compatible with your particular unit.

        I wouldn’t be surprised to see Google trying this again if they take a much different approach than with the Nexus One. Still, I’m not sure they’ll be too eager to jump on the tech support game again.

      • 2FR35H


        My problem with google nexus one was that if I couldn’t test it out i wasn’t gonna buy it, I know I am not the only one with this issue. Plus the benefit of selling through carriers is that 3rd party stores had it cheaper in stores, online nexus one stayed forever at $179 on contract with t-mo.

        I think they went with samsung because samsung did exactly what google was trying to do successfully. Which is good imo.

        It was so poorly done by google previously but if its going to be sold by best buy then its not as bad.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Google seen what happened with the N1 results.. they better do the same strategy, and get it to all 4 US carries (or is that why Google selected Samsung this time?).. but i rather get a Nexus made by HTC made out of aluminum.

  • Smooth3d

    Other then android 2.3 how is this better then the mt4g?

    • somebody

      what are you talking about we know nothing about the phone….

      we know 1 thing so far samold which is better so there…

  • Midori

    Dang technology at this rate I dont think Ill ever get a new phone LOL! If this has a 4inch+ SAMOLED,FFC,Stock android,and 5mp+ with flash my christmas list is fulfilled!

    • 5!n7 is my name upsidedown

      I hope OUR wishes come true!

      please HTC or at this point any brand with A 4.3-5.0 screen, make a god phone with android on it, even you may copy the droidx but just get here before 2011.

      pls pls pls.

  • Emil Ghoting

    Made by Samsung? Ew. It will be hailed for 2 weeks and then everyone will realize how overrated of a phone it really is– see Vibrant

    • Frigadroid

      Do some research fool the galaxy series have sold millions and is a big success. That’s exactly why Google is doing this.

  • mikeyo

    i hope it looks a little more sleek than that. but as long as it has a flash for the camera and a notification led, then i’m game. also you guys would’nt be depending on samsung to get the updates, they would come straight from google. once it has the stock file system and an updated hummingbird, it will be the fastest phone on the market. i hope they use aluminum for the body, when i had the vibrant i felt like it could snap in half easily. lastly i noticed when playing S.K.O.B. 2 that there was lag between my touches for punching and dodging it made the game unbearable. they might need to use some different touch sensors.

    • 2FR35H

      Why does everyone want aluminum?? the reason everyone thinks the damn thing feels plasticky is because its so light! and Aluminum is so fragile and this is common knowledge people…

  • Craigers

    Who cares? It is a Samsung. I’m not touching one of their cheap, not supported, never updated phones. I’ve had enough Samsung crap die, never again. MyTouch 4G FTW!!!

  • sami

    david, u are really getting bad. you have no support behind this “rumor”. I mean seriously, is this just to get comments?? don’t get people’s hopes up like this

    • David, Managing Editor

      I’m really getting bad? Oye. I’m merely reposting something, don’t look to me to avoid getting peoples hopes up, hit the source links for that.

    • 5!n7 is my name upsidedown

      Actually its not his fault, many people wanted DAVID to post this up on previous pages.
      And this phone is “official” except the specs.

    • 5!n7 is my name upsidedown

      At some point its doing the complete opposite of of your post. read every post and you’ll find out more than 60% hate the phone just for the rumored(if not official) samsung hardware.

  • GPL

    If it has a metal body and a GPS that actually works, I’ll consider it. But that would mean it’s not a Sammy, it’s an HTC.

  • mingkee

    Is that GT-i9020 (check phonescoop FCC) nexus II?
    If so, I may consider.

    • 2FR35H

      That would make a lot of sense.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Still waiting on that 4.3 super Symbian^3/Maemo/Meego/Android device with FFC Maggy. From the looks of it, I’m going to be waiting a looong time.

    • 5!n7 is my name upsidedown

      ME too lol.

      I wish a phone just came out with a 4.3 or 5 screen= perfect for a loooooooong time before changeing to another phone.

      Im gonna get the galaxy tab meanwhile and sell it to get the other 4.3 – 5.0 screen.

      I guess if it takes a year to come out, the tab will probably be worth about 500-650 on craigs.

    • Pimpstrong

      Me three Wilma. I think the 3 of us will dominate a post that states that there will be a monster Android(in my case) coming to Magenta. Seems like the majority of us fanboys & girls are content with that little 3.7″ Nexus, G2, and the plus .1″ MyTouch 4G screen but uh uhh not me. My next phone HAS to have a 4.3″+ in order to get rid of my most awsome vibrant.

  • mwl1119


    • Voice of Reason

      the nexus brand? its google’s brand. they got samsung to build a phone for them just like they got htc to build a phone strictly for them. Nexus is a google brand so if samsung is making a phone for google its not a ripoff for it to be called a nexus also.

    • 2FR35H


      You are so pitiful, crying still about your behold 2 experience. What you fail to realize is that they aren’t ripping off Nexus brand, google is WORKING WITH THEM to make the next Nexus apparently Nexus S. And with google putting the Nexus name behind it means the software support is handled BY GOOGLE NOT SAMSUNG and being that Nexus S and Galaxy S are so similar I highly doubt that support would be dropped for galaxy S but instead google creates it and then samsung tweaks it a bit like they did with 1.6 or cincinatti bell’s behold 2.

  • twitch110

    I can’t believe how much all these samsung haters annoy me. Wow. HTC fanboys are a hell of a lot worse than iphone fanboys. You’ve been elevated to fan fairies. holy hell.

    • 5!n7 is my name upsidedown

      No you just gotta look @ reality, even though specs will be great and the best for about 5-10 months, SAMSUNG will NEVER update their phones or at least anytime soon just like the other galaxy s series, and earlier one like behold, will never get updated without root.

      • Voice of Reason

        Samsung will have nothing to do with the updates. it will be all google like the nexus one

      • 5!n7 is my name upsidedown

        Oh yea.

        maybe that could make a big difference in samsung.

        This phone might be good enough for me if has an 8mp camera at least 1ghz processor
        and good hardware.

      • twitch110

        Exactly my point voice of reason. I effing LOVE my vibrant. Yes, i’ve used all the high end phones out there. They’re all great. But the hardware in my vibrant rocks my socks off. Yes, samsung does struggle a bit with pushing out updates. But to me, the amazing screen, hardware, and lightness of the phone, coupled with google’s ability to push out updates quick, will be an absolutely perfect phone.

        People need to chill out with the samsung hate. They’ve sold 5 million for a very good reason. It’s not like they’ve tricked 5 million of us. The happy people don’t feel the need to rant and rave all day about how much we love it. The haters get too much attention on forums. It’s a joke. I’m all for samsung making the nexus s.

      • Voice of Reason

        yeah people think samsung and automatically think – no updates no way. but it will be google’s new baby so it will be all updates all the time.

  • 5!n7 is my name upsidedown

    DAVID, if I be good for a week can u stop moderating my posts so much?

    • David, Managing Editor

      Be good for a week and we’ll see. And Oy (though I commonly write Oye) is yiddish.

  • Voice of Reason

    for all you ppl talking about samsung being garbage, the galaxy s line is pretty good and sturdy. The build quality does seem to be good even though it is plasticky. I have had the behold 2 and vibrant and chose to keep my nexus one, not because of build quality, but because of software – vanilla android and carrier/manufacturer-free software updates. If the nexus S is real, rest assured that updates will come direct from google and the nexus one and S will get them first. Samsung will not play a part in the OTA process just like HTC has nothing to do with the OTA updates for the nexus one. just something to think about.

  • Voice of Reason

    the people that are worried about Samsung and the lack of updates obviously dont have a nexus one

    • 5!n7 is my name upsidedown

      We are actually worried that samsung will never learn from their past and that somehow samsung controls the updates and screws everything up, just like behold and galxy s.

      • Voice of Reason

        if for some odd reason, sammy has control of the updates, it is dead on arrival.

      • 5!n7 is my name upsidedown

        haha lol.

        I know right.

    • twitch110


      • Voice of Reason

        The nexus one is made by HTC, i know. im just saying that if Samsung makes a phone for google just like HTC did with the nexus one, it will get updates from google and not samsung so ppl should not be concerned about updates for this phone. sorry for not being clear.

      • 5!n7 is my name upsidedown

        its not really anything to do with nexus one. Its just samsung putting his foot in the way and tripping some of googles plans.

        Dont forget it will have some samsung apps and a bit of software that belongs to them.

    • androidHD2

      The Nexus s made by google will b running gingerbread. If the rumoured features of it are true, it will not have “touchwiz” or anything like that anymore because from 2.3/3.0 whichever it is, does not support custom ui.
      And the there wont b any samsung bloatware as the guy above me said. Just straight vanilla android.