The Nexus S (Formerly Known As Nexus 2) Is Real And Coming Soon?

Sometimes in the wireless industry there are stories and rumors that sound so good, they are likely untrue. The Nexus Two, the (obvious) follow up to the Nexus One wasn’t supposed to happen. Earlier today when nobody thought it was happening Taylor of Androidandme thought otherwise and took a lot of heat for running his own report. Sticking to his guns paid off however as Gizmodo has just given him a whole lot of support in the form of their very own exclusive report regarding the Nexus S (no longer the Nexus 2).

There is plenty here that could change so take everything with a grain of salt until more details are leaked or Samsung makes an official announcement. Of course, they happen to be having a press conference November 8th and Taylor is very confident that will be the date we’ll see the Nexus S, and maybe little green men. So why post this? Well since the original Nexus One first came to the T-Mobile household, there is a definite possibility we could see a repeat of that and we want our readers to know that’s a possibility, but we strongly remind you this is all rumor and speculation, except for the little green men, they are real. Honest.

So what do we know?

  • 4” inch AMOLED screen
  • Made by Samsung
  • Black, shiny and built with a glossy plastic
  • Front facing camera
  • Possibly running Android 2.3 or Gingerbread



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  • XfooYen

    If it IS a Samsung built phone, I want nothing to do with it. It’ll prolly have a nice screen tho. Oooooooooooooo.

    • ren

      Samsung YUCK!

    • john

      I will just use my. Vibrant with forthcoming 1.6 overclock kernel.

    • Hecg55

      Personally I think they should have gone to sony!! They could have named it the nexus x for xperia

    • drivethruboy168

      Even if Samsung makes it, it doesn’t mean that we’ll have to wait for all software updates like we are with the Vibrant /Galaxy S. I’m sure it’ll be running stock Android an when any updates come out Google will for sure be pushing it out to its stock android phones first.

  • trini_pirate

    those specs are what the vibrant should have been

    • Bable

      So True!

    • 2FR35H

      Its what it was but never what was produced instead it became the Galaxy S original.

  • Bable

    MUST HAVE!!! sorry windows but android had to bring out the big guns to compete. Good call by android, I was leaning towards the HTC Mozart, but NOW……….. thats it after this one no more changing my mind!!!! Nexus S.

  • Ted C.

    Without HSPA+ this isn’t a competitive phone for TMobile.

    • 5!n7 is my name upsidedown

      I spoke to a rep about a month ago to ask if the tab was going on HSPA+, she said she has never heard of any such phone, but they have been told and are aware that all high-end smartphones going into T-mobile in the future will be for HSPA+.

  • VibrantUser

    LED Indicator…. PLEASE!!

    • Cupcake

      AMEN TO THAT!!!

    • Pimpstrong

      Amen to that twice.

  • fish

    Why is Samsung making this? This is such a let down. I will no longer bother with this unless 1 of 2 things happens.

    1) just kidding, it’s HTC


    2) Google uses it as their next development phone

    • Acacia Strain

      Well you can probably figure that if it is going to launch with Gingerbread, which was just finished a few weeks ago, that it is:

      A) Going to be the only Gingerbread phone
      B) Probably going to be 100% compatible for Gingerbread and beyond
      C) Since it is launching as Gingerbread it is more than likely a development phone

    • RockTripod

      I haven’t been impressed with the latest round of HTC devices going to T-Mo. I do, however, love my Vibrant, so I’m looking forward to this device. I’ll never buy it, but I’m looking forward to it.

      • ogopogo

        The only thing that seems impressive about the Vibrant is the GPU and screen. It really falls short with no HSPA+, FFC, and continued support issues. No phone manufacturer is perfect, but Samsung is less appealing than HTC.

  • LSxChevelle

    If it is indeed made by Samsung it will be a Google experience device aka vanilla people. I know you all don’t like Touch Wiz but you know Google would not have a dev phone with any UI on it. Can’t wait to see this thing!!

  • now_onTMO

    but i wish samsung will change the design !!!

    i love my vibrant , love the design.. but it’s gonna be a google phone, at least make it look different samsung..that’s all

    samsung makes good hardware, what more can google ask for? i guess the reason google went with samsung is because the nexus one is not as good hardware-wise, it has some hardware issues.. and google must know that samsung is the way to go.

    just think of the screen , the GPU, the processor ( an oreo cookie? LOL), the camera, etc.. samsung is just better!

    i wish samsung would hire more people in their software development department, LOL, so we can get some timely sotfware updates ( not really a big deal for me though).. focus on mobile area and forget about the laptops, washing machine, TV, refrigerator.. hahhahaha LOL

  • joeln06

    Samsung should the same chrome metal they used on the trim of their new LED TV’s on the Nexus two…

  • now_onTMO

    oh!… just read on androidandme ( can i say that here? )

    that an insider from FCC said that the nexus 2 from samsung will have better hardware, with 1.2 ghz processor.. and a “sexy”ier design..

    i think i’d like to exchange my vibrant for that.. and honestly , i dont think i can ever have any phone without a SAMOLED screen, so i am for samsung because of that, unless something better comes out..

    • now_onTMO


      not an insider from FCC, but just an insider.. not fcc..


  • thaghost

    who really cares. this is being blown waaaaay outta proportion. first of all, if its samsung, then it loses some of its luster. second of all, the incredible hd, mytouch 4g n other phones r coming out. i guarantee that the nexus 2/s wont be that extravagant. nice? yes. but please spare me the extra b.s. stock 2.3 is beautiful but a show stopper? noooooo. i read all da articles of what 2.3 is gonna have is it really worthy of all this hype? a new design for da music app. intergrated software for ffc. slightly updated u/i. is everybody really going crazy ova this? smh. android fans get a lil besides themselves.

    • Pimpstrong

      2.2’s JIT Compiler is way more important to me and my Vibrant than any of Gingerbread’s superficial stuff i’ve heard so far.

    • FlyingRequin

      The real point of it being a Nexus phone is that it will be upgraded by google when we go to Honeycomb and then Ice Cream and then K…, L…. etc… HAHAHA

      All you others — good luck with those upgrades.

      • swehes


      • thaghost

        by the time ice cream rolls around, it’ll be time for a new phone dude.

  • James

    I think this is great news considering there was a rumor a year ago that it was going to be a Motorola phone to begin with. GO SAMSUNG!!!!

  • going_home

    I hope its not true about it being made by Samsung.
    I dont like Samsung phones but if its the next Google phone release I will probably have to find a way to get one.


  • mikeyo

    i wonder if the reason why they are using samsung instead of HTC, is because of HTC locking down their phones now.

    • Pimpstrong

      Could be a factor. Maybe Goog doesnt like their “Un”Openness. It’s probly the fact that Samie makes the main parts of a phone and Google wants the best available.

  • alex

    I cannot believe how many of you feel so inclined to make such absurd posts on updates for this announced phone. If and when this is showed to the world, then you will straight from google-THIS IS OUR PHONE, WE HANDLE ALL UPDATES..Just like the 1st nexus one..did you see sense on it Did not think so..

    Now as far as build quality, keep in mind, google is telling them what to put inside and how to design it…i am kinda hoping it has the shape of the captivate..

  • Pimpstrong

    I’ma say 2 things:

    1. I highly doubt that Goog will rehash the body of the Galaxy S. They will more than likely make it a completely different looking phone but maybe it will still be “Plasticky” It will probly have ALL the bells and whistles like cam flash, track pad/ball/optical whatever, FFC(as stated) and of course your 4 cap touch buttons. Maybe even hardware cam button. I pretty much expect a fully loaded Vibrant personally.

    2. If the Nexus S contains the same screen and processors then that just means that all those Gingerbread rumors have been debunked and THAT means that my Vibrant (via Samsung or XDA I dunno) will be able to move forward in the Android alphabet.

    The bells and whistles will not make me move from my vibrant and neither will Gingerbread really. My phone is the !@#$ with 2.1 so I’ll be good with 2.2 But HURRY THE !@#$ UP SAMSUNG!!(Slackin on this to make that is what their doin)

  • bill

    As a vibrant owner, let me be the first to say RUN – They’ll leave you hanging high and dry while they build the next phone.

    Samsung is taking the Detroit business style of the 80’s/90’s…make the “car” disposable quickly, so we’ll go buy new phones.

    • Pimpstrong

      So the vibrant is a disposable phone huh? Wow. Just wow.


      • ogopogo

        There is some credence to bill’s statement, although I don’t believe that they intentionally build devices to breakdown after a certain time. More accurately, I believe the point he was trying to get across is that the device was rushed to market, as were most Detroit offerings in the 80s and 90s.

        There is no doubt that this was the situation (GPS being a prime example). Time to market is extremely important to device manufacturers. Even with the initial design issues of the Vibrant, it is still widely accepted and adopted.

      • Pimpstrong

        Good response ogopogo. I’ll respect the fact that it it maybe shoulda spent a couple more months in their labs before it was released but thats waaaay different the what he’s comparing it to. He’s makin it seem like even RIGHT NOW you should not go purchase a Vibrant (even though the GPS has been fixed) To say that an updated Vibrant is a throw away phone and you will very quickly want to go buy a “better” one is completely rediculous.

      • Rob

        you shouldnt buy a vibrant with the mytouch 4g and G2 on tmobiles phone list

    • Pimpstrong

      BTW the front cam is the only difference between it and the Intl Galaxy S, and how many of those disposable phones have sold worldwide again?

      • 2FR35H

        Not even FFC differentiates it anymore due to the available ffc mod for the vibrant. People are hella dumb with all this hatred. What are thesepeople complaining about? their device runs as advertised without issues people are just so choosy while 2.2 would be nice, there is nothing wrong with your phone on 2.1! unless you got the gps problem then t-mo should readily give you an exchange to a properly working device. An update will come soon enough, software developing takes time and money. As for past BH2 owners the device didn’t have enough people buying it to continue software developing and samsung doesn’t want to waste money, clearly. The galaxy S series is doing extremely well too so STFU!

      • Pimpstrong

        thank you on all counts 2FR35H.

  • tooltard

    the big question is will it be stock android

    • 2FR35H

      That big question has already been answered and it is yes, from rumours gingerbread doesn’t support any other type of customization by carriers. Even without that this is Nexus 2 essentially so its samsung hardware but google software pretty much how people want it. Its the perfect galaxy S device with Nexus Software. No doubt samsung’s hardware is top notch,(any that thinks otherwise is foolish) packed with google being top notch software developer it is absolute perfection.

      • Marc

        So the recurring gps issues in their units makes them top notch?

  • Al Alson

    glossy plastic????

    glad i got a G2!

  • bberryking

    i wouldnt use a samsung if it was free. too bad.

  • James

    LOL i find it funny that everyone that says they wouldnt use a a brand phone that had problems befor winds up getting one if the phone winds up being cool. this phone will wind up being just like the nexus 1 getting all kinds of updates straight from google. I personaly would take this phone anyday over whats out now. look at motos forums people that said they wouldnt buy another moto phone again are considering the defy or a droid x. >_<

    • Pimpstrong

      Right lol. But you know how it goes man. Flippy Floppies.

    • Rob

      I have the cliq and I wont be buying another moto phone as long as im with tmobile.

      Moto acts differently for verizon my friends original droid got the 2.2 update the day the droid 2 came out. While I’m stuck at 1.5 and the phone probably will be forever. I still dont believe them when they say they’re going to update it. Ive been waiting since they first announced the update for april.

  • Midori

    I like the design of the galaxy s phones personally the only reason I dont have a vibrant now was because of its lack of Flash(Only Reason)and this nexus s will have all the amenities(maybe) I want see first but it sounds good! Stock Android and Gingerbread throughout the holiday’s!

  • davidohio

    I see no reason why every smartphone released now should not be hspa+

    • Pimpstrong

      Agreed. Especially since its still considered 3G tech.

    • Akulamenuri

      I thought that too, until I found out neither of the Window Phone 7 devices coming to T-Mobile with have HSPA+.

      • 5!n7 is my name upsidedown

        I hate reps who dont know anything or just talk to make them look like they are taking care of our needs and questions.

        look at the third post, counting the third without the extra replies

  • DjECast

    don’t really care about this since i’m ordering my mytouch today… but i Have to say excellent choice with the picture… too funny yo!

  • Will

    How is it that people are forgetting such important points?

    The Nexus One is Google’s current DEVELOPER PHONE; if the Nexus 2/S/Whatever is made by Samsung/HTC/Motorola/whoever, it WILL run Vanilla Android, and will see updates DIRECTLY from Google, before they’re released to ANY carriers, just as the Nexus One sees them now. You won’t have to worry about any issues with untimely updates.

    And Samsung makes EXCELLENT hardware; SAMOLED anyone? Why do you think some of the touchscreen phones that have released recently have had a different touchscreen? Because there’s an AMOLED shortage… and who’s the major producer of AMOLED screens? SAMSUNG. HELLO best touchscreen on the market (above 3.5″… hi iPhone4 owners). Also if you recall, I believe it was stated that Google had ORIGINALLY approached SONY-ERICSSON to do the Nexus One, but for some reason they elected to go with HTC; I’m not knocking HTC at all as a handset manufacturer, I love my N1. I can’t pretend the screen on the Galaxy-S isn’t an improvement though; plus I’d love to move up to the 4″… even the 0.1″ of additional screen on the MT4G makes me a little jealous lol. Also, Nexus One owners should recall the whole “it doesn’t have true multi-touch” debacle. Perhaps that can be improved on the next iteration as well.

    As a final note… do I expect the Nexus One to receive Gingerbread? Of course I do, because it’s the current developer phone. But what happens when a new developer phone drops? Oh that’s right, THAT phone gets the newest OS version first (reference how long it took the Ion and the AOSP G1 to get Froyo… oh, the G1 still doesn’t have it, that’s right). For all we know the N1 could end up not getting official Gingerbread until a month or so AFTER the Nexus (S? 2? Whatever).

    Summary? I’ll be getting the Nexus (insert sequel here). I will NOT be walking around looking sad like so many other Android users because my device isn’t running the most updated OS… Count me in.

  • hater

    I don’t care if this is real or not (for now). I am just glad that I have not jumped on any one phones bandwagon as of yet. My contract is nearing its end, and I have yet to find a phone. MT4G is not what I want, but it sounds like a great phone. Played with the G2, and it looks like its going to be between that and the Dell Venue Probecause of the keyboards (which I could do without if the screen is large enough). November 8th is near so we will see whats up with that. With, so many choices I feel like the proverbial kid in a candy store!! Lucky me.

  • dvd03

    Yeah its in testing right now at the Google complex, UT has gingerbread on it, my friend showed it to me but its got tape all over it covering branding and stuff but its a galaxy s phone with Google stock, look really nice

  • Akulamenuri

    I like the move to Samsung. The Galaxy S phones do a lot of things really well. One of the things they don’t do well is Software Updates, which Google will be providing directly.

    There are so many manufactures that use the Android operating system in their devices, it would be biased if Google stuck with the same manufacture for their development phone. You can’t claim to be open while remaining exclusive HTC.

  • currator

    Today i played with the next phone i will be buying. mt4g. I have to agree with everyone who has said that the pictures do the phone no justice. Oh on a side not sure why but they had a dummy Motorola defy phone and its little its about the same size as the Cliq Cliq xt the rep said that it was the replacement for the Cliq xt but it has the same size screen as mt4g.Furthermore the cliq2 was supposed to come out on Nov 3 as well. The rep said something happened in the paper work and it will come out latter. Tmo prob did not was to flagship type phones on the same day

  • RockHead

    This is the best news I’ve heard about support for the Vibrant. If it’s true, once it’s out, the devs will likely have all their Galaxy S questions answered. Or we should be able to run the Nexus S (?) ROMs easily enough.

    Samsung does suck at the software side, which is disappointing, as they’re so good at the hardware side.

  • Dustin P

    Samsung has lost me as a customer for life. The whole Behold 2 fiasco still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Nice to see that they are trying to get you Galaxy S phone owners an update.

  • Hecg55

    I thought I posted this already but IMO they should have talked to sony and called it the nexus x. Could have been the next xperia!!

  • nain77

    why does it feel like im da only one who likes tft screen?

    i hate amoled/super amoled screens, they have a blue tint to them that aggervates the hell out of me

    • Pimpstrong

      The blue tint is rarely noticeable. I personally like how it reflects blue when its sitting there off. But cmon man, you cant tell me that its better to look at your TFT screen at an angle and see an ashy black imagine compared to when you look at a SamoLED from any angle its always JET BLACK. I don’t know how much you know about screens but 1,000,000:1* contrast ratio vs 100,000:1 is way better for black levels and thats the difference between the Galaxy S screen and lets say the screen of the EVO 4G. Do a comparison sometime and you’ll see why.

      * – 1,000,000:1 is not what I claim the Galaxy S screen has. It’s just an example.

  • James

    Lets not forget that SamoLED screens are said to use very little battery life.

  • Bimmerz

    Here’s the latest (rumored specs) article:

    Depending on when this is supposed to launch (if early Q1) then I may have to hold off on the MT4G. If it’s coming later than Q1 – then MT4G here I come! ;)

    • David, Managing Editor

      Wait wait…did I give you posting abilities again? Dammit. Just kidding!

      • Bimmerz

        lol! Yes, with “Moderator” status! :-p

        • David, Managing Editor

          Moderator status??? When did this happen?

      • Bimmerz

        Oops! I meant awaiting for a moderators approval before posting (which I seem to get a lot of the times when trying to post here). No biggie. :)

  • bigbag79



  • AndroidEyez

    I bought the Vibrant and returned it due to the lack of froyo, but I would have kept it if it had Froyo but with no set date of an update and also I was already spoiled by my Nexus 1 so I couldn’t live without Froyo. But this phone is my dream device and throw in the freedom to root and endless custom rom’s I will have to shell out the money for this. I eventually purchased the G2 I like it but the lack of custom rom’s and no real root insight is wearing me down I gotta have this Nexus S and I can’t wait to see how much everyone who doubt’s it this device react’s to it when it is available to the public I think Steve Job’s will even envy this GREEN MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • adam

    lol, i love the picture you used for this story!

  • Noel

    If this Samsung device gonna be called Nexus S thats fine with me. I hope Google will reserve Nexus Two to the next HTC Nexus device..which i think they should make a follow up to the original Nexus. If Motorola makes a Nexus device they should also pick a letter to follow after Nexus…maybe Nexus M. My point is the numbers after Nexus should go to HTC.

  • alex

    All I know is, a device that gets updates straight from google, is the only phone that matters…especially if it will have an samoled screen with a hummingbird or better processor..this will be the only phone free of bloatware…