T-Mobile To Introduce New Data Plan For Smartphone Owners?

Many of you hate the fact that T-Mobile requires a data plan on smartphones purchased with a contract and that the data plan cannot be removed for the life of your contract. Although Magenta won’t be removing the requirement, our trusted sources tell us that T-Mobile will be introducing a new data plan option for smartphone owners. Instead of paying the current $30 Unlimited Data per month, customers will have the option to get 200MB of data for just $9.99 per month. Our ninjas tell us that the plan will be made available starting late November and customers who enroll in the $9.99 data plan and realize they’re using more than 200MB, will be able to upgrade to the Unlimited Data plan if they desire.

Anyone going to take advantage of this once its made available?

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  • claudia64

    Just checked by BlackBerry data usage. In the past month, despite using data every day, I used about 75 MB. Understandable considering I’m limited to Edge. However – times they are a’changin’ – as are smartphones. I predict even RIM will have to beef up its multimedia capabilities if it intends to compete with HTC and others. When my contract is up next August, my plan is to replace the ‘Berry with a phone running at least Android 2.2 or whatever’s best at the time. Then, I’ll gladly pay for an unlimited plan, but until then I’ll be happy for the opportunity to knock $20 off my monthly bill. What I save every month between now and then can easily pay for my next device.

  • TMoFan

    This is great news! I would definitely sign up for this plan, and think this is the way to go for people like me who would use occasional data use. I felt that these smartphones have been out of reach because $30 for occasional data use is absurd to me. It brings smartphones into the hands of people like me, and I think that’s great for us and T-Mobile.

    • remixfa

      i have a feeling if they did this plan ,then they would change the pricing on the phone. Tmobile is in it to make money and since smartphones are so heavily discounted (vibrant/g2 500 full retail, 200 on contract) they would never make the money back. If the sold the vibrant at like 300-350 and did the 10 dollar plan, i could see it. then again, if ur buying a phone like that and getting a 200mb plan, u dont need that phone.

      on second though, lets make this plan “blackberry only” lol.

      • LOLLERskates

        maybe if the network was worth a crap I could justify a full data plan, sure they’re rolling out enhanced 3G with “4g” speeds in some markets… but it does absolutely no good when the towers are spread too far apart and it drops to EDGE as soon as you go into a building; also what if i want a phone like the vibrant or G2 only because of the large screen and multimedia capabilities? not because I’ll be using much data, other than the driving time in between getting from point A to point B I’m on wifi once i reach a destination because it’s much faster. It’s not like I’m browsing the web while I’m driving

      • John

        Speak for yourself, uneducated”network is crap generalizations don’t mean anything, hspa+ is amazing where I am.

      • flfny

        I STILL to this day do NOT understand why people assume that the price the CARRIER puts on an unsubsidized phone is in fact what the carrier PAYS for the phone! It is in their BEST interest to have high unsubsidized prices for phones to encourage people to sign 2 year contracts!

        I’m not saying the carriers are wrong in doing so. I’m just dumbfounded that people take things for face value!

        If anybody is interested, I have a bridge to sell. It’s all good. I own it. Look, I even have the papers to prove it!

        Sorry for the sarcasm but those type of comments just irk me.



    • dethduck

      Yes, choice and options are a horrible, horrible thing.

  • some internet dude

    Not for me, but great for some who don’t need the $30 plan.

  • tmogeek

    This is great. I use data heavily on one device, and light use on another. I’ll save a few bucks. I wonder if this will apply to the Tab? I’m planning on adding the Tab, but don’t expect much 3G use. I expect to use wifi for my data needs on the Tab. I know a few friends who would use a smartphone if it weren’t for the $30 data. I think they would spend $10 for their limited use.

  • oh no tmo

    HELL No, especially when I’m getting Unlimited data for $20 w/ Android Web.

    • Hecg55

      Lol me tooo!! And I get unlimited text for ten.. And talk for fifty. loyalty did that for me.. And the other day I went to the store and the chick was mad because I pay less then her

      • thisguy

        i severely doubt that, my employee plan destroys yours.

      • Phaelenx

        Yeah I agree with thisguy. When I was on the T-mobile employee plan I paid $25/month for what i’m paying $108 for…She must be on another carrier or something.

  • angry rep

    Although this will up smartphone sales the average smart phone user uses a ton I already dealwith customers paying a ton for overages on the $2 per mb web this is gonna cause huge problems in store unless you’re gettin an edge blackberry please don’t get this I don’t want to explain your $1000 bill

    • http://www.doublegeni.us doublegeni.us

      I have a MyTouch Slide 3G and live in Myrtle Beach. We have 3G and HSPA+ (although my device only benefits from the HSDPA speed increase) and I never turn on WiFi, I use 3G all the time. I surf the web daily, download 1-2 apps daily, send numerous emails, upload photos to Facebook along with status updates and browsing, and also download 1-2 songs from the MP3 app. I have yet to see a bill where I have went over 200 MB per month. I would probably not switch to this just bc I like the security of not worrying about overages, but unless someone is downloading movies or using it as a WiFi hotspot for their home computer their not going to go over. And if they do then they know to purchase the Unlimited Plan in order to avoid the overages. Your arguement is not valid, and by the looks of your grammar and English I wouldn’t want you to try and explain anyones bill, I nor could anyone else handle that long of a run on sentence.

      • grazapin

        …where I have went over… HAVE GONE
        …their not going to go over… THEY’RE
        …Your arguement is not valid… ARGUMENT
        …I nor could anyone else… ??? NEITHER I NOR ANYONE ELSE COULD

        I have come to accept the sadly high rate of illiteracy in public comments on websites, but I just have to point out that you called out another person on the “grammar and English” in his post when your own post is LITTERED WITH ERRORS. Good show.

      • Branden

        Wicked good burn.

      • Vibrant Addict

        Frankly I don’t believe your ‘I have yet to see a bill where I have went over 200 MB per month’

        There’s no way in hell that you do all that on your phone and you don’t pass 200mb. I do pretty much the same AND go onto wifi a lot of the time, and I run around 800mb-1GB per month. You must not be running many internet capable apps.

      • S. G.

        I am not streaming music, downloading movies, nor tethering.

        I just checked my last bill and my usage was 891 MB. This is just reading emails, surfing, and playing several online games.

      • George

        @Vibrant Addict: I believe it. I have an original MT3G, use wifi only on occasional visits to my in-law’s (maybe once a month, because there is no coverage there), buy the occasional CD on Amazon music site, download apps, use Zillow, MLB At Bat, Kindle, various graphics-heavy newspaper apps to read news daily, upload and download photos via Gmail (a ton of email daily), and my last bill (sitting right next to me) has 230 mb of data used. With the baseball season over (and thus, no more use of MLB At Bat), those numbers will probably drop.

        To get to multiple gb of data used per billing period, the user has to be either streaming audio/video, remote gaming, or using the phone as a hotspot. The majority of smartphone users, for the time being at least, do none of these things. I know they are common among those who post here, but this site is not representative of the rank and file cellular customers.

        Many, many people would benefit from, as one poster put it above, saving $20/mo on their cell bill. This move to tiered data will be a big deal for making T-mobile stronger in terms of subscribers, which is ultimately good for all of us.

  • D.LaFleur

    so why dont they change that on the dell mini 10 plan i pay 30 for the 200 on that but the 5gig is 40. but whatever overall i think this is good for a person who doesnt do the data thing alot

    • Clydesdale

      This data option is going to be a feature available to add on to a voice plan…not a stand alone data plan in itself… I’m sure it won’t be available for the tab or the netbook…

  • mmeyer4663

    Wonder if you’ll be able to go with the $9.99 plan for the Tab and still get the fully subsidized price?

    • http://www.doublegeni.us doublegeni.us

      Doubt it, I couldnt see selling the device for the rumored $299 on contract and only raking in $120 per year, or $240 for the life of the contract. This comes to $540 and as far as I remember the MSRP was significantly more than that (?). Anyways, the cell companies are out to make a buck too, I would think they’d at least try and profit from the device. Maybe, but Im thinking that’ll be a no go.

  • Broke

    I think this is a spectacular deal for mom and pop types who want to step up to a smartphone, but will never (and are cheap) actually use it to its full potential. I know my own youngish 50 year old parents could probably benefit from some apps or something. Now, if I could just get Dad to reply to a text or allow me to send him pics!

  • TooKool1002

    I think this will be a boon to t-mobile. There are a lot of people who don’t use a lot of web, but want the smart phones for other advantages they have. As for customers who call in and gripe about their billing, it’s no different from them calling in because they went over their minute plan. I’m sure with overages, if they call before the end of the cycle, it can be backdated and upgraded to remove the charges. T-Mobile have a lot of things in place to avoid the charges if only Mr Customer will take advantage of them.
    Oh yeah. I forgot.
    That means, the customer needs to be responsible. Hmm.

    • Vibrant Addict

      What are the benefits of having a limited smartphone with no data/200 mb?

      I used an iPhone for a couple months with no data, it was pretty annoying being limited on my use due to not having the data. It is a HUGE different now that I have unlimited web on my Vibrant.

  • Carlos

    At least I get to keep my unlimited plan.

  • http://twitter.com/capang9555 caleb

    i think my bro would get the 200mb plan cuz my dad wont let him get a android phone because he isnt paying the 30$ data plan

    fallow me twitter.com/capang9555

    • davidohio

      Follow you twitter?

  • Special K

    To me this is perfect, I think too many consumers fail to realize they don’t really use that much. If you’re just synchronizing a few things, viewing the occasional web page, and checking email this is perfect. Honestly, most users should try to be on wifi anyway, using the network to supplement them while they are on the go. I feel that this is perfect.

    • 2fr35h

      Many customers like you fail to realize that you are just wasting money by owning a smart phone and not using it. Why not just get a feature phone if all you do is 200mbs a month?

      • thisguy

        are you Mr.Arrogance 2fr35h,

        i have full data on my phone but honestly, how is using the network, or connecting to your wifi at home/work any different? youre still using all the phones features, just not paying as much for it.

        seems like a smart deal to me? unless im missing something and you can enlighten me to your ways.

        Also last i checked, name 1 good feature phone t-mobile has that i can access a decent calender, has a good camera, touch screen/full qwerty, is appealing to the eye, and doesnt scream of 12 year old child….

        please good sir, go on

  • somebody

    this might be good if you use wifi alot honestly i have never kept track of my data but i higly doubt 200 would be so horrible since i only check email and wether maybe ocacional apps when im not on wifi… most of my video watching and hevy web surfing is over wifi

    might get this just to try it out sinse you can upgrade to 30$ anytime.. no harm done as long as one is careful the first month

  • Vinchenzo

    I am fairly certain that the $10 plan will only be offered on 4 phones. The LG Optio, Motorola Charm and two other low end smart phones…

  • low

    why would i do that ,i own a smartphone,with tmotv, and the new media hub ,and tethering,o yeah i pay for a unlimited plan that might be capped soon [smh] sorry doesnt work for me tmo [set data free]

  • Damian

    Believe me coming from experience android 2.1 uses up alot of data synching. Recently when my i9000 was upgraded to froyo the data consumption went even higher … so basically if you have the option to get an unlimited get it when you can for these newer smartphones. Dont do like some of my att friends who decided not to opt for the unlimited then went over their data usage.

  • davidohio

    I think this is a great option for a lot of people who don’t use over 200mb per data each month. T-mobile is doing a great thing here and it will save a lot of people $20 a month. What I don’t get is why someone would want to buy a smartphone like android and not want to add data to the account. Why even buy it? It is useless unless you are on wifi all the time. Or they will get the phone and add the data to get the discount on the device, then try and remove it shortly after and customer care won’t let them without a $200 term fee. Lol they think they are slick lmfao! Don’t get a smartphone if you are not going to use it to it’s full potential. Maybe they are just cheap? I just don’t get it.

    • Ibrawibra

      What don’t you get? Why buy a crappy feature phone when you can get a smartphone for a little more cash? Sure without a data plan you’re not using it to its fullest potential, but than again it’s miles ahead of the regular phones. With your analogy you could say why buy a Supercar when the speed limit is only 55MPH?

      • TooKool1002

        Lol. Yeah, but then the next analogy would be…..why buy Lexus if you never take it out of the garage?

  • Jeetu

    I just checked my data usage, I have the G2 for roughly 2 weeks now and my data says I used up 3.62 Gb … The highest in a day cost me 1.34 Gb, I was using it to broadcast Live event using U-Stream for more than 1 hr that day.

    Not to mention, I use wifi at home.

    200Mb is a joke.

  • secretCASH

    Want to know a way to get off REQUIRED data? Here’s a secret. Spend an extra $50 for a FULL PRICE crap Nokia through CIHU in store and they are required to remove the data plan. In other words, “upgrade” paying full price for the crap phone AFTER you 2 year the data device and they remove the feature. You’ll probably have to way 30 days to do so but you save over $600 for 2 years.

    • ala

      this seems legit. what’s cihu? i’m thinking like a lost or broken phone type program.

  • RoTo

    Better than before, and better than the competition. But even better would be if I could buy a chunk of prepaid data like the prepaid minutes. So I could buy 2GB to use over a three month period, and if I ran out then I could buy some more.

    This way there would be no overage charges and during playoff season I just need to buy more minutes.

    For those of you worried about how the poor corporation will make money that way, have that plan work only with the even more plus.

    • Kristopherson

      That’s a really, really good idea. Just buy a chunk of bits from the website or even via the Android Market (so you can pay with your credit card or paypal) and use them as you need them. Wow! I really wish they’d make this happen.

  • Vibrant Addict

    I see two sides to the story.

    1. Good for the people that really don’t use much data on the device and can stick to mostly Wifi.

    2. Bad for the people that value that unlimited data, since we love being connected wherever we are.

    I hope this is not the beginning of tiered plans and the unlimited plan turning into a grandfathered plan. The bottom two, Sprint and T-Mobile, must continue with unlimited data offerings in order to stay competitive with Big Red and Blue.

  • Brian

    THANK YOU!!! i will LITERALLY thank The Lord for answering my prayers.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    LOL… some people thinking this is T-Mobile being nice to customers.

    Come on, wake up and smell the coffee. As I said in the other thread, T-Mobile will take small steps to eliminating “unlimited” data plans (that are really limited). This $10 200 MB is a direct response to AT&T’s tiered data plans.

    More importantly, this is one of the small steps I was mentioning, easing people into the concept of tiered data.

    I renew my prediction, by Nov.-Dec. next year, all unlimited data plans will vanish, including those who have “grandfathered” plans.

    Yes, I’m getting into character for Halloween. I going to a party as the grim reaper. ;)

    Bonus Prediction: I think the entire tiered data plan concept will backfire on the carriers.

    People will become aware of the contradiction (marketing that pushes bandwidth-sucking services, while instituting tiered data plans with artificially low and unrealistic limits, that assures overage charges) and people will forgo using smartphones for data.

    • George

      That’s missing the point because you’re viewing it only through your own needs and perspective.

      The industry is seeking to widen the marketplace for smartphones, and many who might be interested don’t want to spend $30/mo for something they’d use only on occasion. See, not everyone in the world lives his life through the data stream of his smartphone.

      If you’re just realizing that the cellular carriers are for-profit businesses, then welcome to the party, no matter how belatedly. But charging for tiered access will enfranchise more smartphone users than it will alienate. If you’re in the latter category, so sorry. Maybe you need to try another company?

  • angry rep

    All I can say is that if the average customer that uses the $2 per mb actually gets charged $50a month look out for your overage charged on this cuz the average android phone with active sync running will do 2gb without you running any web

    • rickb928

      My G1 with steady 3G service and synching >100 emails a day, plus News & Weather, plus random Web browsing, and I’ve grown my data useage to around 680MB/mo consistently. A 2G limit doesn’t seem to be impacting me immediately.

      This could change, but remember, we are slaves to our phones. Break that, and you get free.

  • jutecat

    i would absolutely use that. I personally use about 1-2g per month but my mother doesn’t use her mytouch slide THAT much, i bet she may be at 150mb. so this would be great for her, its also a good way to sneak people into smart phones that may be apprehensive about having one.

  • bmore

    This is a really great move by Tmobile. The average data user uses about 146MB of data, 200MB will cover the average user. Do not be misled, most posts on tech blogs are by the geekier subset… Folks much more likely to be the heavier data users. These folks translate their own experience to everyone else.

    It is fair that the heavier non typical user pay more. Tiered plans are eminently fair. With unlimited plans of any type, it is not unusual that 5 % of users will use maybe 50 % of total consumption. If they want to do that, then they should pay more.

    Examples: You are not the average user if you think that it is a great experience watching movies designed for big cinema screens or 42 inch TVs on phone screens of 3 or 4 inches… Or listening to music on a cellphone all day is way cool.

    Here is some actual research from about July 2010…
    “For the first time, the majority of cell phones are accessing data services — 53 percent, compared to only 42 percent last year, according to a new study by Validas. And each user downloads an average of 145.8 MB per month (the average was just 96.8 MB per month in 2009). The heaviest users are Verizon smartphone owners, averaging 428 MB per month (338 MB on average for iPhone users). In fact, Verizon users were twice as likely as iPhone users to exceed both 500 MB and 2 GB each month.”

    “The study by Validas, a research firm that gathers data from phone bills, shows that Verizon subscribers who have smart phones (but not BlackBerrys) power through an average of 450MB per month, up more than double from last fall, before Verizon’s Droid-branded Android line hit the market. In the same period, iPhone users averaged about 350MB of data consumption, while BlackBerry users across all carriers were averaging less than 50MB.”


  • En2mente

    1g for $10 a month would be better.

    • IEEE Police

      Abso-freakin-lutely. 200mb for $10 is absurd. I mean, be real about this T-mo: give us a plan that doesn’t assume we’re “media freaks” but also doesn’t assume we’re only reading 2 plaintext e-mails every month.

      1GB @ $10 seems way more than reasonable and gives us “middle-of-the-roaders” (we mainly use e-mail/nav but wouldn’t mind the occasional foray into media land while traveling) something to grab on to.

      I’m STILL not a smartphone owner because I just can’t believe the lunacy of a mandatory $30/month “unlimited” data plan for something that serves as a secondary “convenience” connection (read: generally slow and unreliable in comparison to my work/home wired connection of a similar price) to the Internet.

  • Spencer

    They are doing this now so as we consume more data in the years to come no one will think of T-mobile badly when we get giant bills

    • George

      Let me give you the good news: Nobody is forcing anyone to “consume more data in years to come”. That is a choice each of us will make:

      –Do I bring an iPod with me/put MP3 files on my SD card, or do I just use Slacker/Pandora/whatever and stream the music?
      –Do I load a movie onto my SD card, or do I stream it over the phone with my Slingbox?
      –Do I wait until I can access a location with free wifi for my laptop, or do I tether my phone and use it as a hotspot now?

      Life is full of choices. If you decide to live large, be prepared to pay for it. Just take responsibility for the choices you make. Three years ago, much of this wasn’t even possible. Don’t act like your birthright is being taken away.

      (That’s not directed specifically to Spencer, but rather to everyone here whining about some possible price increase to excessive use of data.)

  • yaosyao

    This is great news. Blackberry devices use little data for messaging and this plan is a viable and money saving solution!

  • Dalton

    Wait. Is this for contract ONLY? Or like me on EM+? Because im using an iphone and have used a total of 50 mb this month. $30 for 50 mb of data is outrageous so id love this if they offered it.

  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

    On a side note i fired up my vib after using my g2 and i’m realizing the processor difference of old 1g and new 800. the speed difference is night and day. this g2 runs so much faster its unreal. I’ll take this processor any day. I did get the update for my vib and I must say the gps is fixed!

    • Clydesdale

      the g2 does run faster, but that has more to do with 2.2 vs 2.1… Froyo makes a huge difference

  • dan

    “I wish”

    These are two most spoken words on this website.

    I wish T-Mobile had unlimited web with tethering for $10
    I wish T-Mobile had The IPhone or the EVO
    I wish T-Mobile had a FFC
    I wish The MyTouch HD looked more professional
    I wish T-Mobile had HSPA+ in every square inch of the US
    I wish T-Mobile had Unlimited Talk Text and Unlimited Tethering and Web use for $30 a month
    I wish there was an update on my Android

    I only have one wish. I wish that this website was news only and wouldn’t allow anyone to leave a comment. Or if you did leave a comment it would have to be a realistic one and had something to actually add to the conversation. I am all for a good exchange of ideas but 80% of the ones I see are nonsense and are nothing more than childish jabbering. The team on this blog works hard to get news. And hell sometimes you complain about what kind of news they release here, and insult the people who work hard on this site.

    The same people mad about tethering and a 5 gig cap are the same people who will be crying because the network is bogged down because people turned off their cable internet or DSL and use their phone as a mobile hotspot to surf the internet, watch netflix on their TV, or play Xbox live.

    People who are complaining about the $30 web fee?
    Well how do you think T-Mobile pays to build the network and the upgrades to HSPA+?

    FFC/I wish the MyTouch looked more professional:
    Well T-Mobile has a phone with a FFC coming soon, with a fast processor and more memory than any other phone. And has the MyTouch line ever been about a professional business look? No, from day one it has been about fun and the ability to customize your phone and experience.

    People who want the Iphone or EVO?
    Switch to AT&T or Sprint, and then you can complain on their blogs about the extra $10 fee for the EVO. You can also complain about how AT&T caps you on data and charges overages, and the network is bogged down by IPhone users. Then you can complain about how there isn’t 4G everywhere and how it isn’t as fast as T-Mobile.

    People who are still complaining about plans and feature prices:
    T-Mobile offers more options than anyone. You have Even More, Even More Plus, New Pre Paid plans with data included. There are options that fit every budget. I know the economy is tough, if you can’t afford it, then you can’t afford it. But it isn’t T-Mobile’s fault. They have the cheapest options of any National Carrier. Yes I said National Carrier on purpose. I know some clown is going to point to Metro PCS or Cricket or something like that. If you want those services, that is awesome. Good luck using your phone if you go on a road trip.

    To the people who complain about HSPA+ not being everywhere.
    T-Mobile covers more than any other carrier when it comes to 4G speeds. Also all the companies are only going to cover populated areas that justify the price of performing the upgrades. It is just like cable. They don’t go out and cover people in the country and rural areas why? Because it costs a ton of money to lay cable on lines for only a couple people and they know they won’t be able to recoup that money. Do you really think AT&T, Sprint and Verizon will have 4G on every square inch of the US?

    People who complain about updates to Android:
    These aren’t developed by T-Mobile. I understand you are mad because your Cliq is still on 1.5. However that is Motorola’s fault. Actually I consider it Google’s fault. They need to hold the phone manufactures to a standard and a time frame in which to release updates. If your Customer UI doesn’t make that deadline possible, then release an update without your custom UI and then add the UI later.

    My advice is if you think T-Mobile is the devil then switch carriers. Most of those who do will end up switching back because the grass always seems greener on the other side. Then there are those who can’t switch because your credit is jacked up and are on Flex Pay because the other carriers required a high deposit. If you want to complain about how phones are made and what phones are released and how T-Mobile does their plans. Then move out of your mom’s basement, get a college degree and apply for a job.

    Like I said before I am not writing this from a Pro T-Mobile point of view. I am writing this from a “lets have realistic things to say and not just wishes.” Lets talk about why we love the phone, or what we don’t. Not about how we wish for the phone that does everything and will make you toast in the morning. I wish I could run a 4 minute mile and date Megan Fox. See we all must be realistic.

    • crazythunder

      “and wouldn’t allow anyone to leave a comment”
      you wrote all that and can’t take your own advice? so far, you qualify as the biggest whiner i’ve seen out here yet.

      • Shawn


    • George

      I’m sure you’ll get flamed all over the place, Dan, but common sense isn’t really popular on this site.

      This site is a beacon to fanboys of technology, and the comments too often stray into the Land of Delusion, with statements made that T-mo needs to carry [fill in the blank] phone in order to be taken seriously, or that if [fill in the blank] phone doesn’t have X feature, then it is “fail” (nothing like a worn out cliché to really complete the picture).

      The reality is that the many posters here are the exception and not the rule. The average customer of ANY carrier doesn’t buy a phone, use it for a few months, then sell it on Craigslist or eBay because something newer came along. Most folks have feature phones, are mostly concerned about ease of texting and sending photos, and only recently have they begun to see value in wireless internet (for Facebook and Twitter). These folks wouldn’t know how to set up a hotspot with their phone, nor would it occur to them to do so.

      It is these folks who will be enfranchised by lower-cost data plans. They’re not hayseeds or losers, they’re real people who prefer to live their life face-to-face, instead of behind the screen of a Vibrant. These folks are the heart and soul of the cellular industry.

      This site simply collects whiners, many bent on trying to impress others with faux esoterica. For all the complaints about how T-mo doesn’t have any high-end phones, the fact is that it currently has the Vibrant and G2, will soon have the new MyTouch and Win7 phones. If a person prefers BlackBerry, there are 3G Curves now and the new Bold in a few weeks (BTW: The 3G Curve is $330 off contract at T-mo, and $400 from Verizon or Sprint, and the T-mo version offers true UMA.)

      Soon enough, there will be low-cost Android phones from LG and Huawei. Not right for you? Nobody cares. Keep it to yourself. They WILL be a choice for someone who is interested in getting a smartphone but doesn’t have $200 to $500 to spend on the phone. Not every phone has the goal of being top-end, in the same way that not every car is built with the intent of challenging BMW.

      This is a company trying to appeal to a broader audience than smug fanboys who find the greatest pleasure in their lives by posting “First!” on every new thread, and in passing judgment on products they’ve never tried (and often, never even seen). Right now, it is doing an excellent job, and tiered data plans are another step in the right direction.

      So, excellent work, Dan. The truth isn’t really welcome here, as it is too often choked out by egocentric, delusional wanking, but your efforts aren’t unappreciated.

  • Spokker


    Are you saying T-Mobile has no control over its network or its company? Are you saying that T-Mobile was forced to allow phones that offer mobile hot spots and tethering on its network? Are you saying that someone put a gun up to T-Mobile’s head and forced them to advertise bandwidth intensive applications and 4G speeds?

    If T-Mobile offered a truly unlimited plan I would consider it. $50-$60/month sounds about right. If it were more, I would probably not consider it. I’m not complaining. Quite the contrary, I really don’t care. I like to stream video over 3G and that’s why I bought my phone and signed up for T-Mobile. I thought this was the next big thing, to be able to watch TV shows and clips on my train commute. If that’s not possible on their network, they are more than welcome to either kick me off by raising rates or sending me a notice that my account has been closed. I’m not on contract and I can live without a smartphone. I’ll read a book or something.

    However, as long as T-Mobile continues to bill me, I will use 3G to its full capability.

  • Spokker

    Having disclosed my usage patterns, here’s how much data I used in the past few months. I pay $25 per month for smartphone unlimited web.

    Oct (4 days left in billing cycle): 2,533 MB
    Sep: 1,217
    Aug: 1462
    Jul: 938

    If this is bringing down T-Mobile’s network then I don’t know what to tell you.

    • dan

      See you are missing the entire point. You are well below the 5GB ceiling. And using your phone for watching TV and such is a great thing. I never said it was a bad thing. What is a bad thing though is, there are people out there who want to make their phone a mobile hotspot in order to replace DSL or Cable for their internet service.

      Do you want to have an issue streaming your tv show and clips on your phone, because 200 people are also on your tower sucking up bandwidth because they are using the Mobile Wireless Hotspot to connect their XBox Live on their TV and are playing Call of Duty Online because he is pulling down cable internet speeds on HSPA+.

      Plus the last time I checked T-Mobile’s 5GB “throttling back” is still more than AT&T allows on their web plans without having to pay overages. Plus Verizon is feeling the same strain on their network, so they are probably going to a system simular to AT&T. Sprint has a 5 gig cap.

      Everyone is acting like T-Mobile is the only one who has made adjustments to protect the service from excessive data ussage.

      Mobile Hotspots are meant for people who need to use a laptop for minor web use. Not to take the place of home DSL or Cable service.

      Now one day we will get to a point where bandwidth and spectum space isn’t an issue. But until that day happens Mobile internet will not take the place of DSL or Cable, and service providers will do what is needed to protect the service for everyone…

      • Spokker

        “What is a bad thing though is, there are people out there who want to make their phone a mobile hotspot in order to replace DSL or Cable for their internet service.”

        That’s not a bad thing. T-Mobile releases phones that allow you to do that. They offer speeds that allow people to do that. If they didn’t want people replacing the DSL or Cable, they would keep speeds well below 1 mb/sec.

        “Do you want to have an issue streaming your tv show and clips on your phone, because 200 people are also on your tower sucking up bandwidth ”

        Solution: raise the price.

        “But until that day happens Mobile internet will not take the place of DSL or Cable, and service providers will do what is needed to protect the service for everyone…”

        “Protecting the service” means not calling data plans unlimited. It means charging people for the service that they use. But they will never do that because that one word, “unlimited,” makes them a lot of money.

        Happy tethering.

      • George

        @ Spokker:

        That’s not a bad thing. T-Mobile releases phones that allow you to do that [replace DSL or cable]. They offer speeds that allow people to do that. If they didn’t want people replacing the DSL or Cable, they would keep speeds well below 1 mb/sec.”

        Congratulations for unleashing the stupidest post of the night.

        Because T-mobile created a high-speed network and sells phones to access that network, there is no evidence it did so to allow you or anyone else to use their data network as a permanent substitute for a DSL or cable broadband network in your home. That is your greedy take on the subject. The rest of us who expect on-demand 3G and HSPA+ service with our phones away from our homes would prefer dorks like you don’t suck up the available bandwidth with your streaming Netflix in your home.

        You should instead spend some time learning the meaning of words. “Unlimited” data isn’t shut off once the broadband is throttled. It is still unlimited, just at a slower speed. And in that sense, there should be for you no clearer example of the fact that T-mobile does NOT want you to replace your DSL or cable broadband with their phone network.

      • Spokker

        “The rest of us who expect on-demand 3G and HSPA+ service with our phones away from our homes would prefer dorks like you don’t suck up the available bandwidth with your streaming Netflix in your home.”

        Then ask T-Mobile to charge per MB. Otherwise, people who want to are going to hit their caps.

        I’ve got a couple days in my billing cycle and I plan to hit the cap before then. Turning on Nexus One mobile hot spot now…

  • Spokker

    The very best plan is one that charges a fair price per MB and allows users to set their own caps. There should be no unlimited or tiered plans. Unlimited plans result in overuse and tiered plans limit flexibility.

    If I could go into my account and say, “limit my data charge per month to $40 and after that throttle me,” that would be the most flexible and fair way to approach things. If I don’t reach my cap then I only get charged for what I use.

    But T-Mobile would never do this. That word “unlimited” is way too valuable. In fact, they are probably making good money on people who purchase “unlimited” plans and hardly use them. Let’s be honest here.

  • Shawn

    I was just on Ebay and saw they have an Android tablet on the daily deal for $199. 4.8″ screen and 32 GB internal memory

  • juni

    how do i check how much data i used? i have a g1 and want to keep track of my data usage. i would appreciate if some 1 told me how to check.. thank you

    • Shawn

      You long into your T-Mobile account and check usage.

  • M J

    How do you check your data usage?

  • cgjoen

    I think is great that T-Mobile might give this option, but I disagree with the 200 MB for $9.99. If you get the unlimited data you are capped at 5 GB, so why only 200 MB. If you think of $9.99 as a third of the cost of unlimited it should be 1.7 GB to me, or at least 1 or 2 GB. Even 500 MB would have been better than 200 MB, but at least T-Mobile is trying. If you want a smartphone but can’t afford the data plan add on, it is a great option.

    • George

      The reason is that a significant number of users won’t break the 200 mb limit. If they need more, then they can opt for the larger 5 mb amount. At the same time, it is rewarding those who need only infrequent data use in the course of any billing month, because this helps preserve the bandwidth availability for all.

  • Paul N Mavini

    Gimme a shared data option for my 4-phone family plan. I’d probably average below 4gb total, but usage is inconsistent on any particular phone.

    I gotta I’d pay to get out of my TMO contract and take four of the Virgin $25/mo plans, if only Sprint wasn’t the underlying network.

  • robert

    T-Mobile offer me unlimited for one month for free. I had my old Samsung Behold. It wouldn’t work right. I kept getting disconnected every 10 to 15 minutes. I wish offer me the galaxy phone for half off an give me the data plan for free one month. That would be a great deal. I see them selling buy one get one free galaxy phone. So if one phone is free why not sell it half price.

  • watbetch

    Hopefully you all know that you won’t be able to downgrade your required $30 or $25 unlimited plans!

    • JB6464

      Then buy WM phone without contract,add the $9.99/month Web2Go data plan,reset the APN to internet2.voicestream.com , and then rock 3G internet for $10/month with the 5GB cap.
      Wow, was’nt that simple !
      Or get bent over with their $30.00/month data plans for the same service,your choice.

  • ob18

    had to send my G2 back, the hinge would not stay closed. bit disappointed that anytime i picked it up it would open no matter how i picked it up.

  • owbert

    as a current tmobile customer i know i would sign up for this deal as soon as it is made possible.

    i hope someone at tmobile is listening that this plan is in demand.

  • ParappaLives

    Of course, the great thing about being a T-mo customer is you can log in online and see exactly how much data you’re using.

    I probably would have gone for this $10 a month plan as all I do is email and web surf really, but looking at my trend, it seems I’m using more and more data each month.

    First, my data usage doubled when I went from the G1 to HD2 (I can tell you its because it was a pain in the ass to load any website on the G1, I rarely ever bothered). With my G1, I was avg. around 60 – 90MB a month.

    Then in the last couple of months its steadily risen… when i got the HD2, it went to like 130MB, 150 MB… then 252 MB, last month was over 300MB. So I guess switching to a 200MB limit would be silly for me.

    • JB6464

      I must not have a 200MB limit on my $9.99/month Web2Go plan on my HD2.
      I use 800MB a Month and MORE and i never See or Hear anything at all from T-mobile.
      I do the same things others do on their $30.00/month data plans that T-Mobile trys to stick you with and with 3G as well.
      Every month my bill stays the same amount and i have never been told there is a 200MB limit.

      • George

        so u have the 200MB data plan and they never told u that u went over or even charged you?

    • JB6464

      From T-Mobile’s website,That 200MB is the WebConnect data plan.
      Not the same as the $9.99/month Web2Go plan.

  • JB6464

    And my step son uses about the same if not more as i do on his unlocked Iphone with the same Web2Go ($9.99/month)service i am using. The only difference is he only gets Edge service because it’s not a T-Mobile branded phone. But he always goes way over that 200MB limit you talk about.
    T-Mobile never says anything to him either.

  • Patrick

    I will definitely consider a smartphone with this kind of plan. All I ever do is surf the web and email but I’d like the ability to have more of a planner, etc. that a device like a Blackberry, etc. offers. And my wife wants a big touchscreen like a HD2 or Vibrant but I can’t see us ever needing more than 200MB. I have internet on all 3 lines of my account and I doubt we ever use much more than that combined!

    • JB6464

      If you buy the HD2 outright,you won’t be stuck on the 200MB forced plan.
      You simply have T-Mobile add the Web2Go($9.99/month)data and Not the WebConnect data plan that has that 200MB limit.
      Then go to your phone setup/settings and change the APN setting from TPC-T-mobile to internet2.voicestream.com and your now rockin 3G internet for $9.99/month.
      Of course there still is that 5GB cap they just put into place.
      Peace !

  • Gogoa

    Just upgraded my (my wife’s) Blackberry Curve 8320 (since my contract was up for renewal). Got the unlimited data plan for $20 per line and 2 Free t-mobile Google G2 Android phones (for both of us) with a 2 year contract. Now – we have a family plan for $79.99 (1500 min) + my son’s line for free till Jan 2012. Total out of pocket: 119.99 for the 2 google G2 phones for 2 years plus my son’s line for free till Jan 2012. Is this a good deal? Your comments are appreciated.