T-Mobile To Introduce New Data Plan For Smartphone Owners?

Many of you hate the fact that T-Mobile requires a data plan on smartphones purchased with a contract and that the data plan cannot be removed for the life of your contract. Although Magenta won’t be removing the requirement, our trusted sources tell us that T-Mobile will be introducing a new data plan option for smartphone owners. Instead of paying the current $30 Unlimited Data per month, customers will have the option to get 200MB of data for just $9.99 per month. Our ninjas tell us that the plan will be made available starting late November and customers who enroll in the $9.99 data plan and realize they’re using more than 200MB, will be able to upgrade to the Unlimited Data plan if they desire.

Anyone going to take advantage of this once its made available?

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  • carlo

    people use less than they actually think. i think it was att that said 97% of their smartphone users use less than 200mb a mo. this new plan is great but how much do they charge if you go over? att charges $10 for 1gb for overage.

    the new windows phone platform is probably going to use more data than other platforms due to its reliance on zune.

    • Herman

      That’s like comcast saying 99% of people don’t even get close to using the 200gig limit. Well guess what people who are tech savy typically do use a lot of the data usage.

    • Manny

      Right, I need to know what would happen if I were to go over the 200mb limit. Hopefully just a speed throttle and not any overage charges.

      • Foxeh

        This seems to mirror the WebConnect plans. On that, the 200MB plan has overage fees while the 5GB plan knocks you down to EDGE with no overage charges. I suspect it’s the same deal here, though the pricing may be different.

    • AT&T smA T&T

      @Carlo the only time people use less than what they think is when their on a smartphone that isnt an iphone or android

      I’m sure that was a lie AT&T used to make anyone who uses data feel like hey i didnt know i use this much data, and besides their results would have been from past years experience but smartphone development is way higher than last year;

      blackberry has more smartphones out there, but they really werent even 3g phones until this year and what are you going to do on the internet with a blackberry????? check some quick google facts is about it, who buys blackberry apps? no one. anyone with an iphone is most definitely going over 200mbs a month, android has the most free apps so everytime u download an app that is 500kbs-2mbs is it safe to say u used that much data???? wrong because just using the connection to download uses data too, apps automatically update themselves too now which is data being used, flash videos use data too but how much enough that if u watch 10 flash videos a month u might want to check how much data u used so far, google maps requires internet connection,

  • http://tmonews.com g2/hd2

    thats good i can already picture customers with their bill now asking y their bill is so much, id rather have all customer unlimited so its one price.

  • xitaxuta

    200MB Seriously????

    • http://www.facebook.com/invectivelover JDean86

      This is for Billy-bob* that still wants a cool phone but doesn’t use social networking or use do much online anyway. Should he accidentally wander onto nascar.com he’s covered. He’ll never go over 200mb. The people that need data know they need data and will get unlimited.

      *no offense meant to the Billy-bobs of the world. It was said in jest.

    • 2FR35H

      On the contrary to your belief this is pretty good.

      $10 a month would be like 100mb everywhere else.

      T-mobile did good here. I know my friend has AT&T with the iPhone 4 and would have to still pay like $20 for what we get(200mbs).

      Only on a feature phone would unlimited net be $10 a month. Since we are talking smart phone this is good.

    • J-Hop2o6

      yea 200MB is really low.. shoulda been 500MB-1GB.. i guess a $15 option for 2GB.. but i need more than 2GB tho.

      • J-Hop2o6

        but Data options was needed for Tmo tho.. to give options for the ones that doesn’t use too much data.. but their tiered data should look like this:

        $10 = 500MB – 1GB
        $15 = 2GB
        $20 = 5GB
        $25/30 = 10GB

        over your limit = throttled to 1mbps ;)

      • tmo

        too many options… t-mobile is trying to simplify their plans with even more, that’s why they got rid of the 300/1000/unl sms, and cut back on all of their different plans including family plans. customers had too many options, and even if you went with 4 options, they would either only pick the highest or lowest tier 90% of the time.

        this is definitely a great idea to boost revenue, t-mobile will lock in customers to these smart phone data plans and they’ll have no choice but to upgrade to the unlimited when they realize they don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars in overages every month.

        and let’s be serious.. $15 for 2gbs (isn’t at&t charging $25 for 2?)… take a look at t-mobiles prepaid data plans set to launch this week, that option is available there.

      • J-Hop2o6

        but come one.. having options like what i listed above is great.. and tmo doesn’t have overage charges if u go past your cap.. just throttled data.. but 4real, 200MB is really low for a smartphone.. ATLEAST have another option for 1GB-2GB for $15

      • J-Hop2o6

        **come on** — not “come one”

  • David Thomas

    While people may use less than they realize, I’d rather play it safe and go with the unlimited plan. Only if funds get tight would I think about downgrading to 200mb/month.

  • http://thephonenerd.com The Phone Nerd

    I think this is a great idea – especially for parents who want to get their children a smartphone, but don’t want to pay through the nose for the data plan. Combined with smart limits so they don’t go over their allotment, this is good news.

  • Santi-Go.!

    That’s Good, I Guess. I’m Still Happy Wit My 20$ Unlimited Data/Messaging :)

    • Kirbdaddy

      How’d you get that? Customer Loyalty?

  • Tristan

    I think a deal of 1GB for $15 wouldve been a much wiser idea. I know that with only 200mb of data for a whole month I’d be thinking about the possibility of overages very often.

  • molten

    They cant be serious. 200mb for $10? I am not really a heavy data user, used just over half a gb last month but paid $25 but to charge $10 for 200mb is just insulting. 1gb and I might consider.

  • grothenberger

    I’ve looked at my data usage (since I was thinking of going to ATT). In almost a year, the only time I went over 200MB was the month I downloaded an audio book over 3G instead of WiFi. That was a mistake, anyway.

  • tmoguy89

    i think its a great offering, especially for all those people who want a blackberry/smarthphone for just texting and occasional web browsing.

    T-mobile has heard its customers and making it easier to afford a smartphone over 2yrs, also a great way for first-time users to start with lets say the new LG Optimus T or the COmet !

    Plus customers WILL have to option to bump to unlimited if needed.

    The new T-mobile will be swinging hard this november

  • peter fitzenwell

    I’m gonna need unlimited if I’m gonna be using my nexus as a hotspot with my MacBook :)

    • Shawn

      And thanks to people like you, T-Mobile is now throttling speeds with a 5gb cap.

      Thanks a lot

      • Spokker

        How dare he use the service and features he paid for.

  • mathew

    Uh… No I won’t be using it. stupid.

  • maruichan

    I can understand maybe even 500MB or 1GB. Not 200MB. That’s way too low.

    • http://pryvateid.tumblr.com Dave

      I agree. I am one of the lightest users I know & I use 350MB a month , so this wouldn’t even suit me.

    • Foxeh

      When I saw that 200MB limit on a WebConnect Rocket plan, the first thing I thought was “This is for laptops?? Apple updates alone will use more than that,” if using a MacBook for example. They charge a lot more than $9.99/mo for that too, last I checked.

  • gargoyle999

    If we are under 2 year contract can we downgrade? I’m around 1Gb a month but my wife is using very little on her TP2. She just looks at email mostly. Just checked several months of bills and here phone shows 0 for data usage.

  • Near

    This is a great idea. so much cheaper then att $15 200mb data plan. Its going to allow people who don’t want to pay $30 a month to get a great price for network.

  • watbetch

    200MB @ 9.99 will be perfect for Blackberry users.

    It’s 200MB for a reason. they have to give you a good reason to bump up and spend an extra $20.

  • mikeeeee

    works great for my wife on her blackberry.

    saves me 20 bucks monthly.

  • Justin

    How can you even tell how much your using or how much is being downloaded from.a website your visiting?

    • Charlotte

      go to my-tmobile.com and look at your usage. I had a really light month last month at over 900 mb, but then I have a Vibrant that I can’t stop touching.

  • 2FR35H

    I most definitely will take advantage of this deal :>

    I hope they come out with a 500mb or 1gb for $15/ month that would be awesome.

  • becky

    here is the thing guys. T-mobile offers many ways to monitor your usage. You just need to be responsible with it. If this is true that they are coming out with this data plan you just need to keep an eye on your usage and call if your over, they will help you if it has not already billed out!!

  • NiiDiddy

    this is good! i need to find out how much my uses…i think this will benefit her more than it would me since i literally live on my phone for everything else. she does texting, facebook via app, but never does anything directly via web. hmmm…then again she enjoys her Pandora at work! damn! though there for a second I could save a few bucks lmao :)

  • Androidless

    This seems like it would work for me. Most of my time browsing the web or whatever will occur when I will be at work or home and would switch to wifi anyway.

    Get the Kineto app on the G2 and it is a done deal.

  • http://www.tmonews.com T-Mo_Fan

    This is a step in the right direction. I’m hoping T-Mo would also have a data plan (for unlimited smart phone users) where if you go over the 5 gb for your smartphone plan, they will give also you the choice of paying extra instead of being throttled down.

  • svetzy

    This is awesome! There are a lot of phones out there (like blackberries) that are good on their own, but currently cost too much because you have to pay for the phone plus $360/yr for data. This way, people who want the pda or music/video features of a phone without the crazy cost can do so.

    • Flyingrequin

      So true — actually its really $720 for a 2 year contract.

  • gigi s

    t mobile does not have unlimited data its called die at 10gb.

    • MattB

      A) it is unlimited, it doesn’t ‘die’, it simply slows down. B) its not 10gb, its now 5gb

  • http://robert.aitchison.org Robert Aitchison

    Sounds promising, I use less than 200MB most months, depending on how much the overage charges are it could work out to saving me some money.

    Of course a $15/mo 500MB plan would be awesome as I’ve never used more than 300MB in one month.

    • somebody

      what do you do on a avarage day?

      • http://robert.aitchison.org Robert Aitchison

        Never kept track of an average day but I just checked my bills for the previous year, I’ve gone over 200MB twice in the past 12 months but I’m under 100MB more often than I’m over.

        I used 76MB last month which averages to a bit over 2.5MB per day.
        The months before I used 110MB which is 3.6MB/day.

  • http://squiggleslash.livejournal.com squiggleslash

    OK, the big question is: what happens if you go over?

    – Throttling? That would be great. I’d switch to it, I probably don’t use 200M. Bear in mind people that all the phones that are most affected by this come with Wifi – you probably do use more than 200M, but your cellular use is almost certainly smaller than that.
    – Halt to service? That would suck.
    – Overage charges? Eeks, especially if you don’t know until the bill arrives.

    I think it’s a good idea, and might help T-Mobile attract more customers. $50 extra per month for a family plan with Smartphones is, well, a bit of a shock.

  • http://twitter.com/cherdz che

    Hey its good for people who wants a smart phone & don’t use a lot of web .., at&t is 15 so its way cheaper

  • Stanly

    Well, so many people whine and cry that they shouldn’t have to get data services when they get smartphones. How ignorant of them. Don’t get a smartphone if you don’t want data charges. You can’t reasonably use a smartphone without data services! It’s just stupidity.

  • Usman

    When I had a G1, I was averaging around 400mb a month. With a Nexus One, I haven’t seen data use less than 1.2gb all year… and a high of 2.3gb.

  • gettinmoneeyy

    I don’t use a lot of data every month but every now and then I do so id just stick with the unlimited plan

  • Univega

    This is great for my wife and her need to have a cool phone, but does not take advantage of all it has to offer. This will save us $20/month.

  • @savtwo

    OMG, yes! I’ve been hoping for this to happen. I didn’t want to but considered moving to AT&T because their data plans were cheaper and with 5 BB’s on my plan, it got very expensive. I hope this pans out!

  • http://nurfherder1 bishop

    better than att and the others bs. ill still stick with the unlimited though.

  • userfriendlyme

    thats great news for me all my lines dont need unlimited and that would save me a good amount of money

  • E.N.

    Is this for only people on contract? I recently switched from the Pay As You Go plan to the Even More Plus plan (500min + unlimited text and web), as I wanted a data plan for my phone. But I would switch back if they allow me to get in on this.

    I’m also wondering if I can go back to Pay As You Go, but use the web daypass thing they announced , with my G2. I honestly don’t use much voice calling (I never was able to use up my 1000 minutes for the whole year).

  • Miro

    nice nice nice
    i need a smart phone but work from home & the $25 off contract for data would be a waste as I’ll be on WiFi. So far so good Magenta keep at it

  • Jay

    I’m paying $35 per month now for unlimited data and text messages, if they increase it to anything higher than that I’m jumping ship and going to pre paid.

  • LuvMyGreenRobot

    Whew! I got scared! I thought they were going to get rid of their unlimited plan like AT&T. That’s not bad. My mom can get a cute smartphone and not have to pay so much since she doesn’t use the internet.

  • Lone Ninja

    Oh boy, here come complainings again. Is it impossible for T-Mobile to keep most of us satisfied? Where else can you find better rates? Prepaid maybe. I just don’t know what new move they can make without having people complain. I average about 50MB a month because I have wifi connections at school and at home. I use my data connection very rarely (google maps navigation) and sometimes my emails and weather. I don’t need to pay $25 a month for something I don’t use. For me, this is an answered prayer.
    Thank you, T-Mobile.

    • Zack

      That’s a lot of porn watching you do Lone Ninja.

  • derrickps3

    i need to go and check my data usage on mytmobile to see if i would go for this. if i use more than that then it’s a no go

  • Teaike

    Ok i don’t know y people r mad about this. This is still cheaper than the att option. A lot of people like smartphones but don’t want to pay for unlimited data. All the major carriers require data with smartphones so I think this would still b a good look for tmobile. For those that would use more, get the unlimited and get over it

  • http://soapboxuniverse.blogspot.com/?spref=gb Mr Cker

    It gives people a choice. I feel that would be good for most people of having the option to go cheaper. If you feel you need more than you can go up. This must be a reaction to the new phones coming this fall and Q1 2011.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  • Roger

    As a data plan holdout (I have wifi everywhere that matters) this would get me providing they do one thing. If my usage is 200MB or less they charge the ten bucks and if I go over they can charge anything they want as long as there is a $30 cap for unlimited.

    I don’t mind paying for what I use, but I really don’t like paying for when my usage is very low.

  • nokiabrock

    All of a sudden. Tmobile seams truly concerned about data use. Why? Are they about to launch some data pig phone or feature and don’t want the system to bog down like it did when AT&T launched the iPhone. Could it have something to do with the IPv6 standard they are currently testing on select handsets. (BTW the speeds are incredible) Something’s up and I personally don’t think its them being greedy.

  • tmoemerald

    how do you check how much data youve used on your phone? sorry for the noob question

  • Foxeh

    The “My Account” T-Mobile Android app should implement monthly data usage as well to accommodate for these new policies. Right now it’s more difficult than it needs to be to track data usage.

  • Joelsky

    Good deal TMO it’s a brilliant move to get more subscribers. I go for this. Go Fight Win!!!

  • going_home

    This is awesome that there are multiple news articles on a SATURDAY !
    Thanks guys !


  • Noel Barcellos

    on ATT they charge you 15 dollars for 200mb, if you go over they charge another 15 dollars and add additional 200mb, so on from there..

    For 25 dollars they offer 2gb when you go over that.. its 10 dollars for an additional gb…each time..

    Tmobile still wins…adding this is only more options..