T-Mobile Ready To Begin “4G” Advertising

There is little question T-Mobile’s decided use of the “4G” moniker for their HSPA+ network has caused quite a stir. There is of course plenty to argue regarding the merits of the T-Mobile claim to a “4G” network. Whatever the truth may be, T-Mobile isn’t likely to care because bottom line, given the current wireless network situation in America, T-Mobile has hands down the fastest network currently available. Rest assured the “4G” issue isn’t going to go anywhere and T-Mobile is likely to take some heat, however we can bet they are going to market the hell out of HSPA+. Judging by this flyer we received late tonight (why am I posting this at 1:30 am anyway, I must SERIOUSLY love you guys) that whole “4G” ad campaign must be kicking off very soon, like November 3rd maybe?!

My opinion? Sprint can take Wimax and stick it where the Sun don’t shine and Magenta can take “4G” and showcase the speed of their network all day long. I’m perfectly ok with that.

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  • Ansel

    I actually saw this at my local T-Mobile store today on their door…lol I was really surprised to tell you the truth lol…

  • B.

    Its about time T-mobile started pushing their network. Thank God!

    • blah

      I agree they should push their network, not lie about it.

      • Shawn

        I agree. Maybe now that they are advertising it they will start giving the speeds. Right now Verizon’s 3G is getting faster speeds than my G2 on T-Mobiles supposedly “4G”

      • 2FR35H


        Umm who really isn’t telling a lie? then again T-Mobile didn’t define 4G as anything, it could mean their 4th generation of technology and so on.

        Verizon could be the same, Sprint’s WiMax could be the same as well. But if you think its technical standards then…. I should inform you LTE and WiMax both aren’t 4G by technical standards noted.

        So.. what are you complaining about? Verizon is the one with the biggest lie out of them all, they aren’t even 3G because they can’t do data and voice simultaneously…. Just be happy that T-mobile has the fastest network right now.

      • bleedingmagenta

        and you’ve got to remember that 4G isn’t even a trademarked, “official” engineering term. it is a marketing term. and yes TMO has the fastest and the largest. It will (by years end) cover 200M POPs and have the fastest speeds hands down against any other competitor in the US. VZ won’t even cover 150M POPs by years end.

  • abel2fresh4u

    why am i posting this? i must really love this website

  • FloridaGuy

    1:30am …yo man…. am totally drunk after a BORING Halloween party. but David….u rock !!!!

    • Trollface.jpg

      Shouldn’t you be posting dumb comments like this on your facebook?

  • spongebob71

    It looks like a Costco with the pallet and the jewelry case in the background. I can’t wait for magenta to push this. I’ve been arguing with my ATT friends for the longest time about how their network sucks and our just works and works fast!

  • somebody


    i just want some pics of the nexus

    • http://google.com 5!n7 is my name upsidedown

      LOL me too.

      Im starting to love that phone even if it doesnt exist,

      @SPONGEBOB71……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………I know . It is Probably costco.

      lets just all hope that the NExuS 2/s comes out exclusive to tmobile.

      • mikeyo

        why would you want the Nexus 2/S to be exclusive to t-mobile. i hope everyone sells them

      • 2FR35H


        because when t-mobile gets something everyone else gets we seem to get the lesser device. Then again we have the vibrant and it may be the best galaxy S out there.

  • http://google.com 5!n7 is my name upsidedown

    where r u cuz where I live its 12.03

  • Hello1

    I hope you do realize this isn’t a good thing for current T-Mobile subscribers. Yes, in terms of tech T-Mobile may have the fastest network. However, another huge contributing factor is T-Mobile is #4 — it has the least amount of subscribers. So, its towers always have less load than the towers of the other three, hence allowing T-Mobile customers to get faster connections. Once T-Mobile gets more subscribers, however, that will change.

    Oh and the difference between T-Mobile’s HSPA+ and real 4g tech? Consistency. 4g like WiMax and LTE can handle larger loads than HSPA+. If T-Mobile’s subscribership grows faster than they can increase load, you will quickly see speeds on T-Mobile’s network dying.

    • Me

      So anyways wimax and lte were turned down by the ITU for 4g . The only platforms approved were wimax2 and lte2 neither of these are even in testing yet. So all carriers are lying. As well as yourself.

      • blah

        Ummm no their network USES 4G technology it may not meet the speed requirement but when it does 4G phones will ALREADY be compatible… Tmo is blantantly lying because when they do launch a 4G network all those people with “4G” phones will suddenly realize tmo has been lying the whole time….. Please tell me how thats a good thing? you obviously are looking for a case-action law suit against tmo..

      • 2FR35H


        ITU Standards said LTE and WiMAX are NOT 4G so SHUT UP! Its not because of the speeds only it is because of the TECHNOLOGY AS WELL!

        Only WiMax2 and LTE-Advanced are 4G as defined by ITU standards.

        Verizon nor Sprint has either

    • bleedingmagenta

      on the contrary, WIMAx and VZ’s LTE can’t handle higher loads. It’s about handling bandwidth that delivers speed. And HSPA+ does it better. You’ve got to have a bigger “pipe” from the cell site to the rest of the network. LTE radio technology and WIMAX don’t do that. All they are doing is upgrading their radio’s. HSPA+ is mainly a larger “pipe” to handle all data seperate from voice. therefore you can handle much greater flow and bandwidth!!!! ROCK ON MAGENTA!!!

  • http://Twitter.com/brianv3ntura brianv3ntura

    Not trying to be a tmobile US hater, but IMHO I think this is a bad move on their part. They should advertise as the nations fastest 3g network just to shut AT&T ‘s mouth. Plus at&t uses hspa+ technology, but not early as fast as tmo’s peak speeds. And just like at&t, tmobile should keep upgrading their towers to hspa+ and look into lte as a true 4g

    • http://Twitter.com/brianv3ntura brianv3ntura

      Forgot to add that hspa+ existed in Europe way before the US . And tmobile should keep stating that their hspa+ network peak speeds is still faster than current day 4g in US.

    • David Thomas

      Instead of boasting a “4G” network and shutting Sprint’s mouth? Who cares about fastest 3G when people can go to Sprint for “4G”? This is just smart marketing, IMHO. Hate all you want.

      • blah

        Im with TMO because I expect better of them, their customer service, and their network. So now because the other carriers are screwing over their customers, throttling speeds, and charging you extra for things you could already do, they should too?

        Oh wait… Well be careful what you wish for?

  • BRoy#7

    TMobile is the bomb! Bout to make big moves in the 4th qtr (clutch like MJ)!

  • Mr. Multimedia

    WHO THAT….! T-Mobile got just as much a right to claim 4G speed as Sprint does, WHO THAT…! Don’t hate the player, hate the game, hate the referee, but don’t hate the player, WHO THAT, T-Mobile ….!

    • Trollface.jpg

      Enough of that already. Please go away.

    • mtnman

      Do you have to say “WHO THAT” everytime? It’s getting annoying.

  • avi

    I switched to T-mobile from AT&T and never regret it. IMHO they have great customer service and great selection of Android devices (did you hear that AT&T?)!! Never again I experience such drop calls and lose signals at which they’re famous for….

    • longcat

      That’s funny, I called AT&T today to see if I could get back on my old unlimited plan with them. But there was no dice. I think I’ll grab onto Sprint’s unlimited services once they come out with a less crappy android phone. No point for me to stay with T-mobile now that they gimped out their data plans – the reason I switched from AT&T in the first place.

  • Michaelk803

    It sucks because I am stationed in 29 Palms California and I still have edge, I can drive 10 miles any direction and have g or 3g but on this base I barely have Edge, I’ve called and talked to a tech and they said where I live I should have g or at least amazing edge service but I can barely make phones calls and I get text messages anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour after they were sent. Upgrade what you have then move on to the 4g Tmobile. Specially for a customer of 8 years..

    • HeLLkAt31

      I dont know what phone u have but if you upgrade think of the gallery of phones you will have to choose from, isnt that exciting. If you go with BlackBerry you will have UMA so you never miss a call and if you get an Android phone you will get WiFi calling soon, dont you just love Tmobile!?…

    • T-Mobile Loyalty

      Dear Michael-

      Thank you for remaining a loyal T-Mobile customer for so many years! We apologize that you aren’t receiving satisfactory services in your area at this time. Please be advised that we are aware of the situation and are working to correct the problem in the shortest time frame feasible. Thank you for your patience!

      Stick Together

    • vinyldestination

      I feel your pain concerning coverage… but one thing…. it’s 29 Palms!

      • Bobert

        Alot of service men women out.
        What is your point ?

  • Kyo

    4G from tmo is greate now if only we could get the signal in all areas. As much as i like tmo the biggest problem with them is they only really have signal in city areas and it gets worse in some buildings i go to. If they are going to say they have great 4G speeds they need to really back it up with more towers adn strength.

  • James

    I love having the fastest 3G in Philadelphia. Makes me sad though when I see AT&T customers talking on thier phones on the subway and I can’t even get a signal. :(

  • Galen20K

    right on! I’m proud of T-Mobile for sticking to its guns and not backing down this time!!

  • HBtmouser

    From a marketing standpoint, any carrier that can deliver faster speeds than UMTS/HSPA & EVDO which were the first 3G networks can claim 4G though none really meet the standard. ATT & Verizon’s LTE nor Sprint/Clearwire’s WIMAX are really not 4G either. So TMO claiming 4G with HSPA+ is no different. Read: http://www.fiercebroadbandwireless.com/story/itu-declares-lte-advanced-802-16m-4g-standards/2010-10-25?utm_medium=nl&utm_source=internal

    • Ditchmagnet

      I was just about to say something about that. True 4G must sustain 100mbps, verizons lte, which isn’t even here yet, isn’t that fast. I came to tmobile from an epic 4g on sprint. My fastest speed in chicago on 4g was about 3mbps. I can get 2.8mbps where I live, and that’s not even on hspa+! So if anyone is trying to bad mouth t mobile saying they are lying -that are only lying just as much as the others.

      • blah

        So if all the other carriers are jumping off a bridge Tmo should do it too?

        Sprimts WiMAX and LTE are a completely different spectrum, different protocol, All IP based connection. In addition their CURRENT wimax hardware and phones are COMPATIBLE with “True” 4G. Tmobiles HSPA+ phone are not compatible and NEVER will be compatible with any 4G network which requires you to purchase another phone in order to use a future 4G network. This is why Sprint can say it, because it uses the technology and is compatible with furture 4G standards.

      • atlantian
  • Androidless

    It’s only a fast network when you get a signal and in the Twin Cities that isn’t always easy.

  • going_home

    I love the weekend reports.
    Thanks sir !


  • Josh M.

    its a bit off topic, but what are the chances of hp/palm pre 2 on tmobile. I fell in love with that phone few days ago. Still love my vibrant though, more of a love/hate relationship though.

  • MrsD

    When is it going to officially be in Chicago?

  • fiveizzo

    Take this with a grain of salt if you will but I have this on good athourity that the hspa+ switch will be flipped on in several cities on nov 3 with the mytouch 4g launch…

  • Rob

    It’s good too see T-Mobile advertising there 4g speeds, do you think that the Nexus S may be called the Nexus S because it’s going to be made by Samsung

    • Ummm…

      Seriously? Did you come up with that all by yourself? “Wait, Nexus S…Samsung starts with an S…so Samsung must make it!” Or did you get the hint from the 480 other rumor articles saying Samsung was making a Nexus S?

  • Jayy336

    They better work on getting better coverage too. What good is having “america’s fastest 4G network” if u can barely get good signal on it. It’s weird that sometimes I get good signal on my N1…but really slow speeds. Sometimes I doubt it’s network overload since it’s in the middle of the night. I also experience NO 3G service in some major parts of the city. Mind you, I live in Long Beach, ca…about 20 miles from LA with a population of 500,000. This is unacceptable tmo.

  • http://soapboxuniverse.blogspot.com/?spref=gb Mr Cker

    I’m sticking with Magenta. The think I want to know is will the WP7 phones on T-Mobile USA have HSPA?

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  • currator


    if you could sir. find out what you can about the motorola cliq2. its bad when you find out it will not be out till around the first of the year and when the store manager says that when she asked the moto rep he said noting and with his hand mimic pulling a zipper across his lips. he never said a word. so with this phone coming out early next year I guess its safe to say it will be runing gingerbread. maybe.

  • http://forums.tmonews.com mrt1connect

    About freaking time…yo att! Hold that.

  • davidohio

    I thought 4G is just a marketing term for fourth generation. Well why can’t HSPA+ BE CONSIDERED a fourth generation technology? There is wimax and lte and those are advertised as 4G.

    • blah

      I recommend going to all those links people keep throwing around and reading the content rather than select articles. 4G wiki-

      “4G, which refers to all-IP packet-switched networks, mobile ultra-broadband (gigabit speed) access and multi-carrier transmission.[citation needed] Pre-4G technologies such as mobile WiMAX and first-release 3G Long term evolution (LTE) have been available on the market since 2006[1] and 2009[2][3][4] respectively.”
      Notice HSPA+ is NOT a Pre-4G technology

      “An IMT-Advanced cellular system must have target peak data rates of up to approximately 100 Mbit/s for high mobility such as mobile access and up to approximately 1 Gbit/s for low mobility such as nomadic/local wireless access, according to the ITU requirements. Scalable bandwidths up to at least 40 MHz should be provided.[5][6]

      In all suggestions for 4G, the CDMA spread spectrum radio technology used in 3G systems and IS-95 is abandoned and replaced by frequency-domain equalization schemes, for example multi-carrier transmission such as OFDMA. This is combined with MIMO (i.e., multiple antennas(Multiple In Multiple Out)), dynamic channel allocation and channel-dependent scheduling.”

      =Sprint 4G meets all requirements except speed right now, this is merely a temporary bandwidth issue and will be rectified in the future as they continue to build out their network. HSPA+ meets NONE/ZERO of these requirements.

      “The Mobile WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e-2005) mobile wireless broadband access (MWBA) standard is sometimes branded 4G, and offers peak data rates of 128 Mbit/s downlink and 56 Mbit/s uplink over 20 MHz wide channels[citation needed]. The IEEE 802.16m evolution of 802.16e is under development, with the objective to fulfill the IMT-Advanced criteria of 1 Gbit/s for stationary reception and 100 Mbit/s for mobile reception.[8] The world’s first commercial mobile WiMAX service was opened by KT in Seoul, South Korea on 30 June 2006.[1]

      Sprint Nextel has begun using WiMAX, as of September 29, 2008 branded as a “4G” network.[9]”

      Again the only thing missing from Sprint is the bandwidth they have fulfilled all the other requirements for 4G and use 4G technology and their hardware is 4G compliant, its the network speed which is expensive which they are working on.

      That being said, HSPA+ is still the fastest and best right now, but once LTE and WiMax get up to parr theres no contest and your HSPA+ phone definitely is not 4G compatible.

      • Anony Mouse

        I Love how people take Wiki like its certified law and truth…when in fact you cannot use Wiki for any business paper, college or school paper etc. If you are willing to take what Wiki says over what certified tech writers and tech publications.

        If yo take Wiki over all the legitimate articles I will be glad to go edit the Wiki for you so I can make you believe whatever I want you to believe.

      • Anony Mouse

        BTW, HSPA+ is actually marked in the article (on a part you so mysteriously did not post with the rest of it…good out of context reference buddy) as in the same “transitional 3g to 4g” category as everyone else. No carrier right now meets the criteria for beign considered true 4G by this article. Also….one thing that you learn about networking is that BANDWIDTH DOES NOT EQUAL SPEED!!!. It does not matter how much bandwidth you have if you do not have the tech to transmit and relay through that bandwidth. Also keep in mind that just cause one company has one version of WiMax doesnt mean it is automatically compatible with all WiMax (as you so keenly attempted to state).

        The truth here is this: no carrier has true technically defined 4G, but all carriers have speeds that many consumers will consider 4G, not to mention that T-Mobile is the fastest of all networks out there…so whether or not others have the potential to go over T-Mobile’s speeds does not mean they are right now. Right now tmobile is the leader in wireless network speeds…and they dont charge extra to use it like some other carriers do. So what people are doing is trying to say Tmobile cant use 4G terminology or claims yet Sprint and other companies can simply because their tech is more related (in their minds) to true 4G tech. Thats like me saying a pinto is a car just like a ferrari you just have to upgrade a few things on it….so inherently it is better than someone riding a 250CC vespa scooter…even though the scooter can go faster and is more reliable and gets better gas mileage than my pinto …but the pinto can eventually become a better car right?

    • J-Hop2o6

      but Blah is correct tho..

      • Anony Mouse

        blah is correct in part. Blah is using part truths to hide untruths. In fact, if he would have posted all of the article and not just segments of it augmented by his own interpretations of the information then you also see how things in the article go against his interpretations of it. Not to mention the fact that anyone can post anything to wiki. I could go and edit it right now. Wikipedia is good for info, but it should not be taken as full truth…it should be taken with a grain of salt no matter how convincing it sounds. I have found many mistakes in wiki articles. Not to mention how most legitimate and reputable publications, schools, etc will not accept wiki has a valid source for info..

        How would you feel if you were watching the news and the anchor said “according to wiki…” or how trustworthy would you consider a publication in PC Magazine is the article started “Wiki says…”

  • Bigmerf

    Go gettem TMO!

  • atlantian
    • blah

      If you read the press release and not the article in 2012 is when the final standard will be set in place which in developed with and coincides with LTE-A and WiMax2 rollout… from the major carriers. Basically the specification are not completely finalized for these technolgies so its not even possible to have them right now. LTE and WiMax, are Pre=4G NOT 3G technologies. This means they are the infancy of 4G and meet most of its standards where as HSPA is matured 3G

      • Anony Mouse

        but according to the wiki post you posted earlier….LTE and wimax ARE considered the same category as HSPA+…..

        3G transitional
        (3.5G, 3.75G, 3.9G)
        3GPP family
        HSDPA · HSUPA · HSPA+ · LTE (E-UTRA)
        3GPP2 family
        EV-DO Rev. A · EV-DO Rev. B
        Mobile WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e-2005) · Flash-OFDM · IEEE 802.20

  • cj

    Here in Puerto Rico since early October there are signs everywhere that that says T-Mobile the only carrier with 4G speeds.

  • BW34

    Why would Tmobile “Take Heat” for advertising that they have a 4G network?

    • blah

      see above, it doesnt meet ANY of the requirements for 4G. And since the 4G standard is a certification process they are claiming to own, qualify for, a cetification they do not have nor plan to obtain with their current HSPA+ network.

  • cellswag5

    Sorry off topic. @ david. PLEASEEEEEE can you dig deep into your sources and find some info about tmo gettting the black berry torch.

  • cirrob

    I am really not understanding why people think this is a big deal. Im willing to bet most subscribers on any network have no idea what 4g is other than its “one more than 3g”. The people on this board and mybe like 6 others are all amped up because of a marketing slogan… which essentially means nothing to the rest of the subscribers.

    • blah

      If the dealer sold you a car that they said had 8 cylinders and you later found out it actually was a v6 would you be pissed? Yes it may have performed like a v8 as many of the newer cars do, but in actuality you were told something that is fundamentally false, yes performance is comparible, but performance ALONE does not define the make of any advertised make or service. I am find with “4G Speeds” I am not FINE with “4G Network” and technically they cant advertise 4G speeds anymore, not sure if anyone noticed but Sprint stopped this practice and now just says 4G network or technology.

      • cirrob

        You miss understood my point. I dont care if the claim is true or false. My point is, that this wont matter to the majority of subscribers. Call it 1000000G for all it matters to john and jane doe.

      • Ummm…

        Hey Blah, your example has nothing to do with the story. If someone sold you a car that was only v6 and they told you it was a v8, yes, that’s a lie. But if you were told that it performs like a v8, what’s wrong with that?

      • Anony Mouse

        you say sprint stopped the practice but if you look on their site they even has disclaimers saying that their claim on how much faster 4g is then 3g is based on 4g speeds comparisons.

        Not to mention their stores still talk about 4g speeds, and advertisements still talk about 4g speeds, and more.

  • al

    LOL,LOL T-Mobile the fastest network. Lol

  • Nathan

    Does Chicago have HSPA+ yet?

  • Gooseilini

    When AT&T rolls out HSPA+ what is T-mobile going to say? AT&T has stated that they will not call their HSPA+ network 4G. They will only advertise 4G when there LTE network is completed (or whatever actual technology they are going to use). This puts T-Mobile in a pickle.

    • Anony Mouse

      If we know anything at all about ATT we know that they will charge extra for use on it, only have partial coverage, not give you full signal strength (or they will say they do by making the bars on your phone look like they are getting full signal when really they are not) and you will only be able to use it when you hold their phones a certain way lol.

      Truth is that ATT doesnt have anything but a crappy network right now, and we can all sit here and speculate for years about what will happen when they come out with a faster network…but they dont have it now, and T-Mobile does.

      • blah

        Hi, had to reply to your above clueless comments…. Go read anything from ITU I really dont care on the source it will tell you the SAME exact thing. Matter of fact here you go, http://www.itu.int/en/pages/default.aspx, go learn something. HSPA+_ if I remember correctly wasnt even submitted as an ATTEMPT at 4G.

        Your arguements make zero sense. How do you have a “Version” of a standard?!?!? thats like saying Intel makes its own version of Bluetooth but its incompatible with other bluetooth devices and standard GUESS WHAT theres a STANDARDS process so that ceases to be bluetooth by incompatibility. You clearly know nothing on this subject, yes WiMAX2 and WiMAX ARE back-compatible and the only thing hindering Sprints network is bandwidth just like the only thing hindering TMOs 42Mbps network in certain areas is bandwidth. the neccessary hardware is inplace its the lines that have to be run to give users access to those speeds….

        Im not sure what youre trying to prove with your vespa/pinto analogy as it doesnt make sense.. A better idea would be to say Ford makes a car with a v-8 engine but has to temporarily disable 2 cylinders until they can rework the electronic transmission control and then all owners will have access to this and still market it as a V-8 engine although two cylinders are temporarily disable. Meanwhile Chevy makes a V-6 engine and tells people its a V-8 because its as fast as Ford V-8 engine…. The reality is that when ford releases that update it because a full V-8 engine where with the Chevy if you want a V-8 engine you have buy a whole new motor eventhough you were told it was a V-8 because it ran just as fast as Ford crippled version of a V-8. In this analogy just like in the Sprint/tmo issue. Sprints can and will be 4G, Tmobiles HSPA+ does not even have the capacity ever to be 4G.

        As I have stated here before the ONLY reason Im not with Sprint right now is because I believe WiMAX is a dead product and TMOs HSPA+ is faster. But that definitely doesnt make it 4G.

      • Anony Mouse

        Blah, keep in mind that WiMax is not just one type of entity. there are different types of WiMax, and not all of them are backwards compatible. in fact, one of the main arguments for whether or not something it technically considered 4G is that is order for it to be considered another generation of tech is cannot be backwards compatible.

        Now if you dont get tech, then thats your own problem. I am an IT Specialist….I have studied, for work and person use, cell structures, placements, and more. I know how things work behind the scenes, and sprint is still holding back a lot of tech info. We say that sprints wimax just has to open up bandwidth in order to work better. No it doesnt. Sure, a little more bandwidth would work, but thats not the only thing.

        Also, the comparison does make sense. What I am saying is that people look at sprint and other carriers tech and say they have more of a claim at being called 4G simply because they have more user perceived appearance at becoming true 4G tech in the future….whereas T-Mobile already has faster speeds and already in route to be even faster before any of these other carriers even gets to the speed they are now, but people wont even pretend to call them 4G because they dont see HSPA+ as meeting the requirements and criteria to be called 4G….criteria that hasnt even been set yet.

        Now do keep in mind that I am not stating that when criteria is cemented that HSPA+ is 4G tech, what I am saying is that right now the other players in the field do not have 4G tech either (going by your definitions…and yet I read many articles and info on that link you provided). What I am saying is that tmobile is the alpha dog right now in data speeds while the other three are the ones scrounging for scraps…and you want to argue semantics and argue about how tmobile is less 4G just cause of the type of tech it uses to achieve speeds.

        The question here, as it should be, is when you pick up a cell phone who is it that will give you the fastest speed? If you want to go get limited speed from an underdeveloped and limited network like sprint and have them tell you they are 4G and top dog…then go for it. Ill be happy on my 4G killing speeds on tmobile where I can post quicker to sites like this cause I can actually DL and UL quicker haha.

        BTW, According to the articles from the link you submitted….HSPA+ is still expected to out perform LTE in speed. Thanks for the support lol.

  • JP

    They’re advertising their ‘$g’ speeds, but they first need to get me off GPRS, and occasionally EDGE where I’m at currently. Besides improving their speeds, I think they should also concentrate on upgrading GPRS/EDGE also.

    Why should I pay $30/mo for ‘dial up’ speeds?

  • currator

    So what if any plans do T-mobile have as far as real 4g network. Does anybody know, if i had to guess one move would have been them laying better fiber to there towers. all the hspa+ towers that is. So is this the first step, building there 4g network, i’m just saying. or is a different type of fiber needed. plus the equipment for the lte or wimax what ever they use. Just wondering anybody got some insight

  • Josh M.

    Is the palm pre plus or pre 2 coming to tmobile?

  • Tito!

    If there was a ‘Like’ button on here. I’d ‘Like’ this article
    Haha! (:

  • Nain

    the less subcribers, the faster data speeds for me…keep tmobile in 4th place then idc =P

    on a more serious note, im with tmobile, it is a smarter marketing move, i bet about 80% of its customers are regular people that have no idea what the difference between 3G and 4G is, just besides that simple fact that 4G is faster..

  • phone capo

    sprint is going have a field day with this

    • Ummm…

      Why? Sprint has 4G in what, 4 cities, maybe 5? By the end of the year Tmo is going to have HSPA+ covering over 200 million people. Soooo…I think that makes Tmo’s bigger. Just slightly.

  • cesar

    got a g2 and see speeds of 7-8mb

  • Rav


    I agree with David T-Mobile has the fastest network among the all other wireless carriers in the US. I can testify as I was with Sprint using HTC EVO. I never get more than 2mbps.

  • mingkee

    The “official” 4G network isn’t around yet.
    HSPA+ is 3.75G.
    The official 4G is LTE Advanced and WiMax 2, so LTE isn’t 4G either.

    • blah

      Correct but LTE and WiMAX are considered Pre-4G while HSPA+ is Advanced 3G or 3G-Advanced.

      • J-Hop2o6

        both of u guys are correct

        HSPA = 3.5G
        HSPA+ = 3.75G

        LTE = pre-4G
        WiMax = pre-4G

        LTE-Advance = 4G
        WiMax 2 = 4G

  • currator

    the only thing sprint will be doing is filling bankruptcy. lets see they had something like 700 or 800 million in nest loss in q2 of this year and I think its around 900 million in q3 well that’s about 2 billion dollors of loss in 6 months lets see what q4 looks like. it will be around a billion in net loss. hmmm soon to be no more sprint. anyways they are about to shutdown. their iden network

    • blah

      The banked too heavily into disparent and unique networks which is ultimately their downfall. WiMax is a major fail, whether they want to admit it or not…

  • phone capo

    so im guessing T-mobile not going push official 4G then?

    • J-Hop2o6

      LTE in 2012, yes

  • Midori

    YES! I just ordered a MT4G (in black of course) from wirefly although I wanted to go to the store I wouldnt have been able to make to the store Nov.3 so it will be at my house that day(same day shipping,cost extra but worth it)maybe sooner if Im lucky! ;) LOL!!!

  • Josh M.

    But is the palm pre 2 gonna be available on tmo? Thats the real question.

    • cirrob

      No actually it is an irrelevant question. Asking it multiple times in anunrelated post doesnt make it relevant. No one cares about webos devices anymore. they failed. Get used to it and move on.

      • Anony Mouse

        Some people care about them, but most of us care about Android lol. WebOS is nice…and I wouldnt mind it as a backup (like dual boot or emulated) with Android as primary on a device (kind of like having windows and linux on your laptop or having mac OS X and windows 7 through bootcamp).

        I am just looking forward to the TAB coming in just a couple weeks….yeah I have a laptop and smartphone and desktop and other laptop and more but I have to have tech lol. besides the wife wants one badly lol.