T-Mobile Ready To Begin “4G” Advertising

There is little question T-Mobile’s decided use of the “4G” moniker for their HSPA+ network has caused quite a stir. There is of course plenty to argue regarding the merits of the T-Mobile claim to a “4G” network. Whatever the truth may be, T-Mobile isn’t likely to care because bottom line, given the current wireless network situation in America, T-Mobile has hands down the fastest network currently available. Rest assured the “4G” issue isn’t going to go anywhere and T-Mobile is likely to take some heat, however we can bet they are going to market the hell out of HSPA+. Judging by this flyer we received late tonight (why am I posting this at 1:30 am anyway, I must SERIOUSLY love you guys) that whole “4G” ad campaign must be kicking off very soon, like November 3rd maybe?!

My opinion? Sprint can take Wimax and stick it where the Sun don’t shine and Magenta can take “4G” and showcase the speed of their network all day long. I’m perfectly ok with that.

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  • J-Hop2o6

    I think Tmo should just advertise it like this:

    “Fastest Advance 3G speeds (via HSPA+) that’s faster than Sprints so called “4G” speeds (via WiMax).”

    and also in the video ad, show a Sprint 4G phone and the G2 or MT4G doing a side by side speed comparison in different cities proving that Tmo’s HSPA+ is faster than Sprints “4G” .. what do u guys think?

    THEN advertise 4G once they start launching their LTE in 2012/13.

    • blah

      Exactly! Thats all I want and would be proud to support that!

      BTW MT4G got reviewed by pcmagazine. IMO should be at least a 4.5 but i do see what they mean where things could have been a little more polished which could likely be a single software update away.


      • J-Hop2o6

        And i do agree on your other posts how u try to explain that HSPA+ is still 3G tech, while WiMax & LTE is 4G tech, but speeds aren’t up to ITU’s 4G standard (100mbps+).. thats why i said Tmo should just advertise it like i suggested above.. I see what they’re tryna do, but if this keeps goin along, how are they gonna advertise their BRAND NEW LTE tech?

      • Anony Mouse

        I would rather everyone advertise their tech for what it really is 3G transitional. But of course you cant do that. You have to use words like “magical” and “revolutionary” or else people realize tech for what it is…a jumble of jargon (yes that was a play on job’s overtly placating speeched related to iDevices).

        If sprint would stop advertising as 4G and advertise as 3G then I would recommend tmobile to just say they have the fastest 3g network around….but other carriers are not going to avoid calling their tech 4g, so why should tmobile avoid it….tmobile would be shooting itself in the foot.

      • blah

        Thanks J-Hop, Im not trying to bash HSPA+ as I actually love it right now but to call it 4G is blantant lie because no aspect of the standard meets 4G requirements and Anony Mouse you need to understand Sprint’s 4G meets 95% of the requirements and WILL EVENTUALLY meet 100%. HSPA+ meets ZERO of the requirements and NEVER will meet the requirements for 4G because of the basic structure of the standard. There is absolutely NO technical reason to call HSPA+ 4G at all. PERIOD. END OF STORY.

        Also Sprints 4G IS NOT 3G. 3G uses a dual channel mode which seperates Voice and Data. Sprints is ALL IP-based meaning VoIP and its a singular data channel. Thus its very structure is beyond 3G and in 4G realm hence the term Pre-4G because the structure of the signal isnt 3G and is actually beyond it.

      • Loz

        It’s all a marketing thing guys. When Joe Blow customer walks into a store, first thing they ask…”is it 4g”. The general public, i.e. every one not looking at any kind of forum, has no clue about the actual 4G speed range. Sprint’s 4G IS THEIR 4th gen of service, but people are gobbling it up regardless of how many dropped calls they get. TMO is just getting on the 4G band wagon in order to increase sales. To us, we know they are kind of selling out by lying, but we represent 1% of the consumers. The other 99% don’t know or don’t care. The name is what sells to them….4G

        Loz out….

  • l3wish

    “Sprint can take Wimax and stick it where the Sun don’t shine and Magenta can take “4G” and showcase the speed of their network all day long.” Hahahah that just made my day…

  • UPSSucks

    tmobile should fix the radio on my g2 first so it stops dropping the network randomly if i go anywhere around town before they start advertising their “amazing network”

    • Anony Mouse

      Just be glad you dont have an iPhone with ATT or you wouldnt get signal at all…but Jobs would program the iPhone to make it look like you have signal and ATT would just tell you to buy more equipment for their mobile network and then transfer you to apple tech who would then transfer you back to att tech who would then transfer you back to apple tech…… (I used to work for ATT and sat right next to Apple tech care (literally))

      • blah

        Fanboi much??? Yes the iphone dropped call incident was sad but was predominantly existed by left handed users or when holding the phone in your left hand. I detest both apple and ATT (because of cingular) but the generally the phone is solid, well built, and well thought out and consistent. I would never buy or own one because IMO its a smartphone for idiots and ATT is evil.

    • aalphons

      I agree! I’m on my 2nd G2 and still dropping calls, mediocre speeds, and periodic “no service”.

      • Matt

        Get your sim card replaced.

  • freelance.is.art

    I think the main reason they’re marketing it as “4G” is because people automatically think its faster than 3G. As a sales person, you can tell someone you have a faster 3G network, and they scoff. You can tell the same person that you have a 4G network, and their eyes light up. Something about bigger numbers makes people automatically attracted to it.

    Sent from my G2 (and quickly, too!)

  • alex

    Amazing how folks just don’t research…I hear the sheer stupidity coming out of their mouths at a tmo store when i went to check the mytouch out..

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    All the accusations of T-Mobile lying, what a laugh.

    “4G” is a generic term and has come to mean simply faster than 3G. On that basis, T-Mobile is not lying.

    As I posted before, it’s the same as carriers saying “3G.” No one had a claim to that term nor was it legally defined, so how is 4G any different? And that’s all that matters, what is a legal definition or standard. Lacking such, consumers, T-Mobile competitors or the government is powerless to go after T-Mobile for… let’s use your term… lying.

    All of you getting your tech panties in a bunch over T-Mobile’s use of 4G, you might as well go hang a mirror in the closet and talk to yourself because no one cares, especially the carriers.

    Moreover, remember there is no U.S. legal definition (or government standard) of the term “4G.” No one owns it. And except the assumption that 4G is faster than 3G, no one can say what it means (to the consumer). Ask any consumer (that’s 99.9999999999% of the people other than you) what is “4G” and they will tell you “Isn’t that some fast internet connection on a cell phone?”

    Ask anyone what 3G or 4G speed and/or technology actually is and witness the blank stares. Matter of fact, ask users corners talking on their phones if their phone “has 3G” and see how many can answer that question.

    If 99.99% of the phone users don’t know what 3G or 4G actually means, how can a company be accused of lying to them? So T-Mobile is not a liar, no one is misrepresenting things, and hat’s off to T-Mobile for finally getting its advertising act together.

    Bonus Comment: Perhaps the biggest laugh in here were those who said that T-Mobile should take the high road, as defined by YOU, and not use the term 4G.

    Yeah, that’s smart business. Let Sprint advertise every other commercial during the World Series that it was the first with a 4G phone, while T-Mobile execs sit with their thumbs up their…. saying to themselves “Sprint is a bunch of liars.”

    Maybe that was the problem with T-Mobile under old management, too much taking the high road.

    In this economic climate and carrier war Herr Humm has taken the gloves off and appears to enjoy bare-knuckle alley fights.

  • mtnman

    I don’t understand why some are harping on T-Mobile calling it’s HSPA+ network 4G? After all their isn’t any “real” 4G network in America anyway. It’s not defined and yet Sprint made this huge commercial saying that it was the first to have 4G. But they don’t tell you that it’s 4G speeds but then again if T-Mobile is doing it then everyone say “You can’t say that!”

    Why? if Sprint can make a commercial announcing to the world that it has 4G and it’s the “First” and “What will you do first?” Then why are some harping on T-Mobile saying it has 4G? In their commercials they say 4G Speeds, not 4G.

    Don’t you think that the mountain of lawers that T-Mobile has, has already been consulted with and given the go ahead to call it 4G?

    And all the talk of WiMax Vs. LTE this debate (like politics) will never be settled to anyone’s liking.

    I (for one) am happy that T-Mobile is coming out and calling it’s new HSPA+ network 4G. After all to the laymen out there, they have no idea what HSPA+ plus is, and if you tried to explain it to them, you’d get the perverbial deer in the head lights look. So from a purly marketing term people understand 4G, they know that what they have is 3G and 4 is better than 3. You start getting into tech and you lose people. I graduated IT and I’ve learned not to talk to my family in tech speech they have no idea what I’m talking about unless you explain it in plain english.

    We here are tech, the majority of the population isn’t. So how do you want to communicate to them?

    • blah

      ok I will make this as plain as possible and put it in laymen’s terms for you.

      Sprint’s 4G = 95% 4G and will eventually be fully 4G compliant.
      Tmobile’s HSPA+ = 0% 4G and will never be 4G compliant.

      (See previous comments)

      it doesn’t even have the technical definition of 4G speed so they have ZERO basis to make the claim on other than its as fast as Sprint’s current 4G offering… not to mention the fact that it will NEVER be 4G compliant until they switch to LTE. But Im tired of repeating myself, just read up on ALL the reasons why HSPA+ isnt and Sprint’s 4G is. Its actually considered “Pre-4G” not even 3.5G or whatever people are calling it now.

      • emmanuel ramos

        yes i know what you are talking about,and yes you are right tmobile is not 4g yet,it just a upgrade to there network that all

    • doug

      “4G” was officially defined a couple weeks back.


      Neither Sprint’s or Verizon’s upcoming offerings qualify as “4G”

      I have no clue if either providers tower hardware currently being rolled out is software updatable to the official standards, or if a whole new roll out will need to be done. If it is the former then Sprint and Vz will probably be waiting awhile for true 4G

      It would not surprise me if its ATT or TMO that rolls out the 1st true 4G network in the US, since they haven’t yet committed a standard

  • …..


    The generl public has absolutely no idea what 4G is. lets market it, with a crap network and lets sell the hell out of it. people are going nuts over 3g and 3gs not iphone 4 is confused with iphone 4g. lets sell “4G”… its all maketing and its all sales. once their in contract who is going to pay $200 to cancel a plan? not most.

    • Sirmac

      My point exactly dot-dot-dot-dot-dot

  • From2GHuh

    Ummm….pushing towards “4G” thinking already and STILLLLLL haven’t even turned on 3G to most areas?

    Hello!? This doesn’t mean I have the fastest network. This means most areas have 2G (Edge) or less and therefore are probably on ONE OF THE NATION’S SLOWEST NETWORKS!

  • Deaconclgi

    My N900 labels the network as 3.5G……which still sounds SLOWER than 4G and the I try to explain to people that 3.5G is “faster” than 4G and it doesnt compute……

  • Aaron

    My sportscar is better than your sportscar.

    Just because mine’s an Impala and yours is a Ferrari…

  • LNG

    If I remember correctly, we had the same argument when 3G was originally launching.

  • blah

    BTW ATT already started taking swings at TMO over this… This is NOT a good thing as it makes Tmobile users like cheap, uneducated, and gullible….


  • TrinNY

    Just got off the phone with Cust Care called for another issue but also brought up what I thought was the slow speeds on my G2 and HD2. After network resets, task kills etc. on my G2 it was determined that my speeds of 1.8mb down and 1.2mb up were HSPA+ speeds. If this is T-Mobile 4G then I think this ad campaign is a bad idea. I am in NYC and have tested my speed in numerous spots mostly in Manhattan fastest I’ve seen is 3.5mb down (not bad) but the CR is right 1.8mb is typical with “H” on a G2 c’mon TMo!!!

    Oh on my HD2 which displays T-Mobile Data (HSDPA) average down is 1mb TMo you are in a very good place and we’ve seen posts of speeds of 4, 5 even 7mb but if that is a once is a blue moon kind of thing then you are getting ready to undo alot of the great things you’ve done over the past year. Please don’t do that we’ve hung in there so long for this…..

  • The One

    Can someone help me out with something? Verizon, ATT, and Sprint have always shown what their 2G and 3G network average real life speeds are, however, tmobile only shows their theoretical speeds of 21mbps. Does anyone know why they chose not to advertise their average real life speeds on their website? And if tmobile actually feels that they have 4G speeds, why are they thinking of switching to LTE?

    • emmanuel ramos

      because LTE is a real 4g network, and that not what tombile is,they are still a 3g network, hspa+ is just a upgrade to the network that all

  • Young Brezzie

    I have been seeing some of your guys opinions, some are great and some are just plain stupid. I have had the HD2, the VIBRANT, and im on the G2 now. Reason i got the G2 is because its running android 2.2 froyo. At the end of the day i have no complaints on the speed of any of the phones i have had. In my own opinion whether you agree or disagree, AT&T, VERIZON, SPRINT, & T-MOBILE, dont want to loose customers. Sprint made the mistake by stating they have 4g, but not a lot of cities had it, and if you want it its ten dollars on top of your 30 dollar for 4G, and if you are on 3G you are charged roaming. What good is it to have 4G if you are gonna charge more. T-Mobile is updating the network that they have and boosting the speeds.

  • Young Brezzie

    I was on a call and surfing the net with out an issue and it was fast. I hear complaints on phones, dont event start. Everyone know the first batch has glitches, and for the person that made the comment with the HD2 just install the froyo android on your phone and you will see H on the HD2, and its will be twice as fast than any other phone,