T-Mobile Formally Officially Announces the myTouch 4G

It’s been a long time coming now but T-Mobile has officially, unequivocally announced the myTouch4G as the myTouch4G. We’ve gone back and forth on this name for a while and it’s made for some interesting conversation on Twitter and the comments not to mention a few editorials popping up around the interwebz regarding T-Mobile’s use of the “4G” name.

As expected the phone will drop November 3rd for $199.99.

Plenty of video and hands on below as T-Mobile held a special event for the press (invite only apparently, guess another event they must have lost our invite too) so check out the goodness!

The T-Mobile myTouch 4G is the latest addition to T-Mobile’s exclusive line of Android-powered myTouch smartphones. Designed specifically to deliver today’s 4G speeds on T-Mobile’s rapidly expanding HSPA+ network, the myTouch 4G will offer customers blazing fast access to websites, applications, videos, downloads and more.

The myTouch 4G is expected to be available in the U.S. exclusively to T-Mobile customers beginning November 3 for $199.99 (after a $50 mail-in-rebate), plus taxes and fees, with a two-year service agreement and qualifying voice and data plan. The myTouch 4G will be available nationwide through T-Mobile retail stores and online atwww.T-Mobile.com.

The myTouch 4G will also be available nationwide beginning November 3 through select third-party dealers and leading national retailers including Best Buy, Costco, RadioShack, Sam’s Club and Target. Pricing may vary at independent dealers and national retailers.

You can visit http://mytouch.t-mobile.com/ for more information about the myTouch family of smartphones, including the myTouch 4G.

Thanks to the guys at Wirefly for hooking us up with the video!

Thanks to Intomobile for the video above!

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  • suckerr!

    anyone know the the off contract price of this badboy?!?!?

  • suckerr!

    anyone know the the off contract price?!?!??!?

    • abel2fresh4u

      im pretty sure it will be around $499 as usuall. just do the same thing i will do. take $560 with you to the store. so you can get a skin gel. im pretty sure you want this baby to always be protected

      • abel2fresh4u

        lol my ICON really difines me!

      • justin

        or do what i do: wait a few weeks for it to be $100 cheaper on eBay.
        but wait, there’s more: act later and you’ll also save: *nearly $50 on tax* AND *$39.99 on activation/upgrade fee*
        You still get the newest phone way before your friends have even heard of it, and you get to brag that you bought it for practically half off.

        maybe it’s just a personal preference.

    • Craigers

      rep told me $499.00 as well.

    • lakeshow


  • hondavic

    On the Wirefly site it read $549.99 but hopefully TMo will offer it at $499.99

  • JJ

    Thanks for the reply about the WIfi calling TIPSOFME. It is tempting to get this and exchange the G2 even though I really like the G2. This thing looks a lot better than I expected in the reviews online, but I really like the G2 and the more vanilla Android, but I really NEED the Wifi Calling and I am getting tired of switching my sim card out to the BB Bold every night. I would like to be down to one phone, but I am losing a little patience waiting for the supposed OTA update for the G2 and I guess technically there are NO guarantees that it will even get an update for Wifi calling.

    Not sure what to do exactly even though I think I prefer the G2 to the MyTouch4G.

    • Yup

      And omg it comes with 768 mb of ram now thats one fast phone

    • flannery

      I returned my G2 two weeks ago, lol. The Swype made the keyboard not needed for me.

  • SE

    Any problems noticed with staying connected to the (4G) network as found with the earlier 3G Android phones?

  • Lee

    Check out Samsung on Nov. 8, when the Nexus 2 is unveiled. I believe that Google will also offer data/voice through clearwire. Happy Holidays tmo!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      There’s not going to be a U.S. Nexus 2. If Google comes out with a phone, it will be sold overseas and this time directly through vendors and NOT identified with a carrier. In other words, it may simply be an unlocked device.

      Google is still licking its wounds from the N1 experience, no way you are going to see an N2 in the U.S.

      As I said last year, by year’s end 2010 Google selling handsets in the U.S. would be over.

      And remember what Schmidt said, implying he said to stop the Nexus “program” (experiment).

      Lastly, Nov 8. is a Samsung hosted event where it mentioned TouchWiz in the invite. As you know, the N1 was stripped of any HTC branding and the Sense interface/shell. I can’t imagine that for an N2 Google would agree to inclusion of Samsung’s TouchWiz on an N2 Google phone.

      On Nov. 8 you are not going to see the N2.

      • TmoRepInAL

        Odd.. My N1 clearly says “HTC” on the lower back of the phone

    • hater

      Dude, that has nothing to do with this article.

  • lauren

    Anyone else watch the second video and LOL at – “whoaaaa that was fast.”

    I can’t stop replaying that segment.

    That right there would make GREAT marketing.

  • Kevin

    Thinking bout leaving AT&T and iPhone 4 for this phone

  • joe

    Does anyone know if the MyTouch supports UMTS Band 1? This spec sheet says it does:http://www.tmonews.com/2010/10/t-mobile-reveals-full-mytouch-hd-specs-t-mobile-tv-included/

    But on the T-Mobile site for the product specs, it only shows Band IV.

    • God

      it does.

  • JM

    FYI – Wirefly is offering the phone for $149.99 to current T-Mo customers who are eligible for an upgrade. I called a wirefly rep, and they confirmed this. SO stoked.


  • pete

    I wonder if the other carriers are going to say anything about the “4G” in its name. Of course, the current “4G” carrier, Sprint/Clear, is doing the same thing with their WiMAX service. It’s not officially 4G either. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) defines 4G as a mobile broadband service that offers at least 100 Mbps data rates on both the uplink and downlink.

    • Hawarr

      Do you know if ITU mentions anything thing about a 4G network being able to handle both Voice and Data traffic?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Well this has been discussed all over the Net planet. No one owns the term “4G” and anyone can use it.

      Logically, think back to 3G. How come no one made “4G” arguments about 3G, saying that a carrier can’t use “3G” because (insert arguments here). So saying there’s some basis for T-Mobile not using the term “4G” is silly when you think back to the development and use of the term “3G.”

      It’s a fact of business life that most technological terms are not subject to government regulation or intellectual property law (PC, USB, CD, DVD, HDMI, WYSIWYG, QWERTY). (While trademarks and copyrights can be enforced, generic terms like these can be used by anyone.)

      For example, in the cell phone world what constitutes a smartphone or a superphone? Is smartphone one word or is smart phone two words. When does a smartphone become a superphone? A good rule of thumb is to think: can misuse of the term subject the company to a lawsuit for false advertising. Can I sue T-Mobile because it said the MyTouch 4G is not a superphone, it’s really only a smartphone.

      In any event, if someone contends T-Mobile cannot use the term “4G” can you please point to who out there owns the term “4G?” (Tell us which of the “other carriers” T-Mobile has to approach for permission to use the term. LOL.)

      4G simply means that a handset’s data connection is faster than 3G. How much faster? Who knows. What is known is that the law (govt.) does not define what is 4G, what is not. And it’s not what you or I opine it should be. Besides, it does not matter what we think, it’s whatever the carrier wants to designate and advertise.

      Sure, a carrier would love to claim dibs on this kind of stuff, but they can’t. If they sued they would get kicked out of court (the same as Microsoft did in 1996-97 when Microsoft tried to claim ownership of the finger graphic that appears when you put the cursor over a link. Yes, back then Microsoft tried to claim ownership of that much the same as a gold miner back in the 1850s would stake a claim. Or when Microsoft paid over $100 million to someone it sued when Microsoft tried to trademark the term “Windows”).

      A foundation of trademark law is that terms that are generic, or that become generic, cannot be protected. That’s why a carrier cannot trademark the term “superphone” or “4G.”

      “4G” describes a type of service or connectivity (super fast), NOT a product or service particular to any one carrier or company. As a judge said in a Microsoft said: “When a [claimed] trademark’s primary significance is to describe the type of product rather than the producer or source, the mark is a generic term.”

      In other words, if a carrier or manufacturer didn’t invent and patent 4G it’s a generic term that can be used by anyone.

      And that someone was the first to come out with a 4G phone does not give that company dibs (albeit many in here like to think that if Apple comes out with something, it has dibs and no one can copy the Company).

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      It’s important for people to note that the ITU only issues recommendations on standardization. Recommendations do not have the force of law unless a nation adopts the recommendations (into law).

      Currently, the U.S. has not defined what 4G is. If the fed eventually mandates minimum standards for 4G, that defined standard would apply going forward. Therefore the MT4G would not fall under regulations requiring a minimum “speed” to designated or advertised as “4G.”

      And this is just in from IW:

      “If someone is trying to sell you 4G wireless these days, don’t believe them.

      The truth is, neither WiMax nor LTE (Long-Term Evolution) qualify as 4G (fourth-generation) technologies, according to the International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R).

      On Thursday [October 21, 2010], the group announced it had finished its assessment of submissions for the 4G standard, also called IMT-Advanced.

      Based on that group’s decision, to be selling 4G, carriers will have to get going with one of two FUTURE technologies, called LTE-Advanced and WirelessMAN-Advanced. The latter, also known as IEEE 802.16m, will form the basis of WiMax Release 2.

      However, it appears that’s not going to stop service providers from advertising current and upcoming services as 4G.

      To WiMax operator Clearwire ‘the 4G label denotes an advancement beyond 3G networks,’ Clearwire spokesman Mike DiGioia said.

      ‘WiMax, and the LTE products that are coming out, are all sufficiently advanced past the 3G networks to indicate that they’re moving forward,’ he said.

      Verizon Wireless spokesman Jeffrey Nelson wrote in an e-mail message: ‘The ITU’s current technical definition in no way affects our plans to launch the world’s first large-scale LTE network later this year. We’re all about real people using actual products and services.’ (So take that ITU. LOL)

      Carriers probably won’t deploy the next-generation technologies until 2014 or 2015. But that could be good timing, because it may take until then to shift voice calling over to data networks and update billing systems and other back-end infrastructure for the new technologies.”

  • cincha

    I went to the tmobile store yesterday and played with the G2 on HSPA+ and that sucker was super fast!! oh and by the way I asked about the mytouch 4g and they didn’t even know anything about it. My husband and I both read tmonews and we started laughing cause we had to tell them about it! ha. Love tmonews!!!

    • Ms. Matrix

      Yeah me to! I usually give them a heads on phones coming out. They look at me like they don’t know what I’m talking about. Lol

  • Lukian

    Looks fast and awesome but the look is just too “plasticky, kiddy”, don’t know why but it does

    • JaylanPHNX

      Dude, it’s got a metal back. This thing is solid.

  • alex

    To be off topic, imagine the Google experience phone with a super amoled scren and a 1ghz hummingbird chip…All running true stock android…i will be holding off on my purchase to see if it comes to fruition…

  • Felipe

    Did anyone catch if it has UMA?

    • sean

      it doesn’t at the moment. the wifi hotspot is amazing on h+. solid device.

  • i suk :(

    this is to any mytouch slide user tht would like to answer and thanks in advance..
    remember the update we were supposed to get to better battery life i never got have any of u ? the one before the next version of android update that was said to come couple months ago i got the text but no update

  • Bobert

    “Not a phone you would be worried about dropping”
    These wirefly guys are some of the worst reviewers out there.

    • Untouchable4rc

      I’ve had the device for about a week and everything in their review was on point. The phone is EXTREMELY solid.

  • Bobert

    That really does look like a very nice phone.

  • anthony

    phone looks nice but cant help but get that my touch 3g feeling i once had I just get the feeling this phone will get old fast just like before

  • txdot

    Just played with the MT4G at the T-Mo store by my office. Shweet! I’ve got about 10 months left on my contract but I’m probably going to go ahead and pick up a MT4G. It is way better than the MT3G original. Can’t wait until Wednesday morning.