(Updated) Samsung Says Vibrant OTA On The Way?

It’s been a long and aggravating journey for Samsung Vibrant users with regards to an update to fix GPS issues that have been plagued them since the release of the handset. Last week continued to throw fuel on the fire with a vague tweet from Samsung regarding information surrounding the update that would arrive next week, which is now this week. Plenty of you expected news Monday, however none came. This morning however, we saw a tweet from Samsung’s @GalaxySsupport Twitter account announcing the arrival of the JI6 OTA update. A message “should appear on your phone” though no timeline is given as to when you can expect that to occur. For the moment that’ s all we know right now so hopefully Vibrant users can sound off below on receiving this update and any fixes that might be found.

Samsung GalaxySsupport Twitter

Update: T-Mobile has stated that Samsung will be sending out a staggered update between today, October 7th and the end of the month so don’t start panicking if you don’t receive it right away. Here is a list of fixes expected with this update:

The top customer issues addressed with this OTA include:


Exchange inbox

Contacts Sync

The Sims 3 10th Anniversary Edition

Battery indicator

Calendar alert chime

New Services: Samsung Media Hub

40+ bug fixes, UI changes and updates.

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  • Timmy

    Uhh anyone live in Atlanta that received the update? Cause I haven’t receive the update yet lol

  • WaitingForSpringTraining

    Pandora has been crashing since the 1.5 update on my phone, and I see elsewhere that this is common on the Vibrant. Has anyone who got the OTA update noticed if Pandora works now?

    • Flgirll99

      Pandora works for me. I was just using it right after my update.

  • Ric

    I want to know if anybody from the new york area got the update

    • Scritz McGritz


  • Joey

    Im in newyork and got the update but it bricked my phone, it said it would take 10mins to update but then my phone was suck on vibrant logo screen for 40mins then when I rebooted it was go to upload mode…I had to use ODIN and JI5 firmware to get it back, but I lost all my user data =(

    my phone was
    Rooted running stock rom with 1-click lag fix, AP mobile hack, captivate camera hack…
    but I’m seeing on the internet that rooted and non rooted phones got bricked regardless

    • Ricky

      Hi I am from ny and I didnt get da update dat makes me pissed

    • Ricky

      So why da hell I didnt get the update yet if we both in the ny area smh samsung

  • ksens

    WTF, this is not froyo update?

  • spongebob71

    Got my update this afternoon in Seattle. Locking on to 7 SATs within a few seconds. Did notice the swipe unlock is not as sensitive. I have to swipe clear across the whole screen before it unlocks. Good update. Next FROYO.

  • Terrence

    Excuse me for being stupid… But since the update I no longer can find out where to go to switch back and fourth from “E” to “3g”…

    • Antwain

      Its settings>wirless network>Mobile networks>network mode

      • Raman

        thanks worked :)

    • Raman

      I have the same problem

  • Rob Ferguson

    Google nav works great with the update, nailed my driveway and arrival time to the foot and minute after driving through a variety of traffic conditions from 30 miles away. Then displayed a picture of my house on arrival. Sweet.

  • Terrence

    Figured it out

  • Josh

    I got my update!! Phone works great! only thing missing is froyo.

  • myg1

    i have a rooted vibrant with lag fix and got the update this morning and works perfect..it didnt erase anything nor brick my phones..bottom line is you know what ur getting into when u got the phone so deal with it..hey i traveled a lot too and GPS doesnt lock every once in a while and its frustrating! i could have gotten lost..but i know theres an update coming so i waited patiently! and now can we all just wait for Froyo patiently?! damn just cuz some other phones have 2.2 doesnt mean u can bash on this phone knowing that it came with 2.1. when i get the mytouchhd ill be carrying 2 phones with me at all times!

  • Shawn

    Im sure there is a reason… but, one month for an update to get to everyon?? Has any other update in the future of Android taken one whole month to reach everyone?

    • Belcher

      No 3 other carriers got their froyo update no prob in the same week.. This seems to be a minor update to take (first) 4mo to come up with a fix + another month to roll it out….

  • Kimbo

    Got my update this morning in Memphis, TN. Seems like the phone is moving faster. But what is the update reallt supoosed to do?

  • M Factor

    Has anyone received updates in the DC metro area? I have not.

  • Ed

    Thanks Samsung and T-Mobile now my half broke GPS is completely broke

  • Sasha

    Just got my update in Redmond, Washington. So far, it’s taking forever to load….. or maybe it’s my imagination? So far, it’s looking great!

  • BSD

    I got the update notice yesterday. THere was no hint in the notice that if your phone was rooted (especially with lag fix) you would almost surely brick the phone (I see someone said it did not happen to them, but I don’t understand why not.). My phone is kaput and Tmobile is saying “too bad, your warranty is no good because you rooted”. Yes, but it worked fine until they told me to update it. A very lame position to take in my opinion, since it would have been so easy to just make a disclaimer about rooted phones being in danger.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You should PM the experts in here who said that I was full of it when I posted that rooting your phone voids the warranty (and also when I said that rooted phones may not install this update correctly).

      Maybe they have some insights on getting T-Mobile to exchange your phone under a warranty claim. Or maybe they can help you get the phone working again.

      Sidenote: T-Mobile did not need to tell you on the update about modification (rooting) voids the warranty because they said it twice to you before. Once when you signed up with T-Mobile and second, in the paperwork that came with the Vibrant:


  • Brent

    Got my update in Lakewood, Washington early this am. GPS is mostly still not working properly here. Maybe it takes time for my phone to adjust to the new software. Thanks Sam. Looking for froyo 2.2. But…love the phone!

  • Sassyt

    I received my update here in St. Louis this morn. Initially the gps still had issues and my market was really slow. After a reboot and waiting a few minutes in the navigation program, the gps finally locked it and it’s been on point ever since.

  • Scott_Pittsburgh

    Any word on the Pittsburgh, PA area yet?

  • Scott_Pittsburgh

    also… any word about the annoying, “Unplug your phone. It has completed charging” message with alert tone?? This needs to be an option to remove, WITHOUT rooting my phone.

  • steveruv

    got my update yesterday between 430-5pm, nyc. i initially had a device reading icon in the upper left notifications then clicked on it to tell me i had an update. took less than 10 mins.

    someone mentioned it earlier, it does take a longer swipe with your finger to go to wake the screen up but not something i cant get used to. gps was ok, but havent used it for driving yet. media hub and a task manager added. hopefully the battery indicator is fixed up.

    now waiting for something called fro what? hahaha…

  • trollface.jpg

    How can I tell if I already received the update? My phone restarted and I don’t see anything different.

  • Pete

    Downloaded the update the other day and now my battery life sucks…WTF

  • Mike

    Got mine this morning and am seeing what most everyone else is. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned is an unwelcome change to the camera app — under low battery conditions, when you start the camera app it shows you a popup that says “Warning – Low Battery”. The only button on the popup is “Close”, which closes the app. I haven’t found a way around this. This makes the camera unusable with low battery, you essentially can’t start the app. I have a hard time believing this is intentional — while I’m sure the warning is helpful, as running the camera can certainly drain the battery faster, outright preventing use of the camera seems like a poor choice.

    • trollface.jpg

      That was already the same way before the update. Sucks nonetheless.

  • Flgirll99

    Just received my update tonight (tampa, fl). Yay! GPS works much better now. Media Hub is pretty neat…although I don’t see myself renting that many movies from it.

  • Dan

    I got the update, and there seem to be some improvements (e.g. GPS). Exchange support is still crappy though. Opening an unopened email, still takes 5-10 seconds, which makes it pretty much unusable as a business smartphone. If they’d fix that and the issue where you can’t dial phone numbers in calendar entries, this device would rock.

    • TheAnalyst

      I have the same issue with email. It either takes a while or it forces closure.

  • Eaton

    Pretty soon we should see the messages rolling in about battery drain issues. In 4 hours and 21 minutes I have lost over 70% battery life from doing almost nothing.

  • Eric

    I got the update message last night and applied the update today. Still cannot lock onto GPS, standing in my back yard.

  • Michael

    I’ve noticed the screen unlock swipe is much harder now, you have to bring the screen fully up or fully to the side. More work just to unlock the screen.
    Anyone else notice the signal bar raised more than before?

  • Adam

    Just got the OTA Update, takes a really long time to re-boot the first time after the update installation. It’s not 2.2, and that’s all I cared about. Huge disappointment.

  • Pete

    After a few days with the update, I’ve noticed a MUCH LARGER drain on my battery…and with very little use. I’m running just the bare minimum apps and it’s still draining my battery at a much faster rate than before the OTA update…NOT COOL

  • himynameisAO

    BSD, are you kidding me???? you needed a disclaimer for that?! The company does NOT want you to root, it states EVERYWHERE that they will void the warranty, and how the hell did you not know that?! Plus, coming onto this site, did you not read anything, anyone else posted about this? Your fault, not Tmo’s, no replacement (would love to hear how that conversation went with the rep).

    Adam, again, did you not come or check ANY website before getting this update?! Of course it wasn’t Froyo!!! It was a fix! read a little first, then post.

  • Brent

    Two days post update: GPS still not locking accurately. It registers my location up to half mile from my actual site. And, the battery drains too quickly, I’m going to need a pocket full of back up batteries to remain afloat and functional. Also, it now takes more effort to unlock the screen lock. I’m not complaining, just reporting. It would be nice if someone at Samsung actually reads these forums to see what the actual users’ experience is so they can keep improving. No probs with the camera. The overall experience seems faster. Looking for more bug fixing, and 2.2 seems light years away. Hope not.

  • http://Android Oh well

    I appreciate all the comments from my fellow galaxy users. I have decided to not accept the update since my phone works well without any problems and wait on froyo.

  • slikk

    Three days post update: I used the GPS yesterday for about 4 hours and the GPS still isn’t locking accurately all the time. The accuracy has improved a bit though and it does locks quicker than before. But I still have problems with GPS, RE locking the location inaccurately at times and losing GPS signal occasionally. I dont think I have seen any other changes other than the fact that when the battery is fully charged a signla shows up on the top left corner telling u the phone is fully charged.
    Its needless to say I am very disappointed with the update. For me it didn’t fix most of the stuff. I love the phone and I think the hardware is great. Samsung is way behind than others when it comes to software. The software samsung has is unable to unleash the full potential of this phone. I hope we get Froyo soon even though I dont see it in near future.

  • Jlincolnsmith

    I recevied the update over the weeked (Los Angeles Area) and haven’t really noticed much of a change besides the gps lock is a little faster but still depends on the environment. Have not seen an unistaller app and do not have access to the media hub. I did root my phone and applied the one click lag fix prior to the update. Did not brick or any problems since the update but does anyone know would the root and lag fix have something to do with not gaining access to the full update or maybe i am just mistaken.

  • Pete

    This is B.S.
    My battery is draining at roughly 10% per hour with minimal use and minimal apps running. Is there any way delete the new update and reset the phone to it’s prior state?

    • Michael

      I used mine all day from when I unplugged it yesterday morning till now, 10am next morning. its at 70%. (same as before update)
      Go to settings/ applications/ running services. Check to see whats open.
      it should only be Sns Service, *whichever keyboard you’re using*, Dm Service, and OmaDrmConfig Service. I havent tried stopping these, but it may help battery.
      Get rid of Talk service when youre not currently using it, Media player if youre not going to listen to it, and any other app thats still on.

      Keep it on auto brightness, and especially use the control bar option thats built into phone.
      This lets you select/deselect WIfi, GPS, brightnes…etc from a simple tap before or after you use one. This saves battery.

  • Knas

    I have a vibrant and I just want to know it I need to write all of my numbers down and put all my pictures off my phone before I upload this fix? I have not got it yet but am looking forward to it love t mobile news. David up the good work. Can someone please give me a answer. I’m new at android this is my first one thanks.

  • Knas

    New at this android thing just read what you guys post. Need to know if I need to write down all my numbers and get all my pictures off my phone before I download this fix? Thanks.

    • NiiDiddy

      You don’t need to.

  • NiiDiddy

    I tried to force update through settings>software update, last week and it said “initialization not ready, or SIM card not ready”. Then this morning I tried to force it again and it said the usual “no firmware”. My thoughts are that T-Mobile pulled the OTA yet again because they saw complaints on the battery drain. Could it be? I hope so because I’m yet to get the update and my battery life has at least been excellent; I’d be pissed if this OTA drains it quicker!!

  • waitingINmilwaukee

    days go by…still waiting…why !?!!?

  • Mike

    Got the update last Friday, and i wish i have not..
    I fully charged my battery before i went to sleep just to wake up in the morning to see it down to 25%.. WTH???? there is nothing running on the phone..

    The battery now lasts 4 hours MAX with normal use of the phone..

    This is BS.. I went from charging my phone once every day or 2, to charging it twice every day… I don’t need a freaking GPS fix if my laptop’s battery lasts more than my phone’s..

    • Raman

      I agree also you can not switch from 3G to 2G anymore. i used to switch to 2G to save battery life

  • Raman

    After Update to JI6 OTA, my vibrant won’t allow to switch manually between 2G and 3G. i used to be able to switch to 2G , just to save more battery life!!!! HELP Please

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I have a question since I did not notice it before:

    When I clicked an e-mail with a YouTube link in it, I clicked the link and it took me to the web page YouTube. And it played the video, on the web page.

    Also, when I clicked to watch YouTube videos there’s now a pop-up message asking how I want to view the video, on the “Web” or on the Vibrant’s YouTube app (which means I’m not viewing the video on the Net, but on a special app on the phone).

    Lastly, when I watched the video using the Vibrant’s YouTube app there’s now a big red “HQ” in the lower right corner that I can press to watch the video in high quality. (AFAIK before the update the Vibrant YouTube app did not have that choice, to view in high quality, or it took a few menu clicks to choose the option.)

    Did the Ji6 update install flash on my Vibrant? Or has the ability to play flash files ON A WEB PAGE always been there?

    Or is it that the Android and the browser now allows one to play YouTube flash files, ONLY?

  • Allen

    I live in Cleveland, Ohio and I haven’t received the update. Anyone in Ohio receive this update yet?

  • Matador

    Wife and I both have vibrants, hers got the update, mine didn’t…Ill run some side by side runs and see who’s drains faster. But so far she mentioned that it seems to last longer now, and I think the same, she surfs the web a lot at home (not wifi), takes moderate calls and takes pics of our newborn and mms them to me during the day, her phone lasts up to the whole day and doesn’t need a charge till the next. (we also have live wallpapers running and Bluetooth on).

  • Ken

    for anyone who hasn’t got the update yet, xda forum found out samsung has released a version of kies called kies mini specifically for the vibrant. after installing kies mini and switching the usb mode from mass storage to kies, you can manually get the update immediately. it’s 100% legit as i’ve already done it to my phone. here’s the link.

  • Cav

    Recieved update on Oct 8th and it bricked my phone. Tmobile sending me new one.

    • crazyfunky

      Had you installed any updates on your phone prior to this one? For example the JI5 update from KIES? Thanks

      • Cav

        No, not sure what version was already on there.

  • Homer

    I just used kies mini to upgrade to JI6. When done I went to google maps and waited 5 minutes and still no gps connection. On my Blackberry 8900 it takes only seconds to connect.
    Can’t say I see any improvements with this update. Hope FROYO works when ever that comes out?