Motorola Cliq Update Coming “Soon”

Lets just get the answer to the obvious first question out of the way here, we DO NOT know exactly what day will mark the beginning of the Motorola Cliq update to Android 2.1 However, as the above image shows T-Mobile employees are set to begin training early next month, November 7th to be exact. The good news from what our source is telling us, is that employers are usually trained a week ahead of any scheduled release putting the update likely sometime in the middle of November. The good news is that the above shot shows that the update itself is real and that it’s coming, definitely not soon enough for Motorola Cliq fans but it’s coming and that has to be good news.

So here is what we do know, the update itself will require 30mb of internal memory available as well as 100mb of available memory on an SD card. The whole process will take about an hour and will be done on a computer rather than the standard OTA update.

Motorola Cliq XT fans should not fear, we hear you aren’t far behind but it looks as though this update is just for the original Cliq owners. Let the comments begin!

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  • pimpstrong

    Updates galore keep em comin!

    • pneumatic got accidentally hacked

      Lol, this is fun. Now if I could only hack failman

  • urbanrio

    If the upgrade is going to be facilitated through a computer I hope Motorola/T-mobile isn’t going to leave Mac users in the dark, like they usually do.

    • Technogen

      *insert snark here* Mac users are in the dark anyways. :D

    • Jeff

      It will be OTA.

      • Jeff

        ..err I mean I wish it were OTA

    • CLIQuid Damage

      It follows the standard update from SD procedure. So long as you can put the zip file on your SD card, you’re good.

  • Michael

    Way too long of a wait for me smashed the pos cliq, and bought the vibrant.

    • RockTripod

      That’s a reasonable response…

      • David Thomas

        If you’ve ever owned a Cliq, then you’d know how reasonable that response really is. I’m holding off on smashing mine until the MyTouchHD is released.

  • James


    Are you saying that the Motorola Droid for Verizon doesn’t count? As far as sales numbers I’m pretty sure between that, the X, and the new Droid 2, they are doing just fine. Not to mention the limited edition r2d2 Droid. Yeah, they’re sales numbers are horrible…

  • guybrush

    Purchasing the Cliq has been one helluva learning experience. 1) motorola is fail. 2) tmobile is too. 3) cnet reviews are meaningless. 4) android has many great features, but needs to lockdown manufacturers failure in order to avoid tarnishing the brand. I bought the cliq to experience android….what I got was pricey disappointment.

    • Jeff

      I agree with #1 and #3. Everyone talked this phone up hardcore. It sucks. I wish I didn’t purchase it, and when fortune smiles on me; I will buy a non-motorola phone poste haste!

    • somebody


    • Jazmine

      I agree, what a waste.

    • David Thomas

      The commercials had me jumping for joy. I was a fool.

    • brian

      I could not agree more. As a handheld computer it’s great. As a phone it blows. Mine sometimes won’t slide to answer, and the voice dialing has never worked making this way less useful than my old Blackberry Pearl. I wish I got a different brand of Android phone, like something by HTC. Possibly switching to Verizon because of the Cliq due to poor support from TMobile, and passing the buck between both companies on the failed 2.x upgrade. Terrible experience thus far.

  • Dan

    Six Months two late, I waited as long as I could, now im getting a new phone. Motorola Never again.

  • jimmy

    yay 2.1 just in time to be as outdated as 1.5 was.
    i hate moto

  • por

    What a waste of time. Those poor customers have prob ported out once other android phones were available. Typical tmo crap….always too late!

  • miketmo

    I think cliq is discontinued or soon going to be. freak that phone , the cliqs suck

  • andrew

    i well NEVER back to any motorola phones. im so happy with my samsung 2.1 could be 2.2 motorola

  • Midori

    The new mytouch has those bubbled icons doesnt that mean it has Espresso?

  • Alex

    Motorola is by far the worst Manufacturer on Tmobile..They have produced nothing but garbage for Tmobile and have stuck it to them..I am looking forward to seeing the cliq 2..I will not be shocked if its roughly the same size as the mytouch slide and with android 2.1..That would be even worst than this nonsense..I returned my Cliq XT after a week..

  • Knas

    Hay David on a side note can you make tmo news a android app? Think that would be cool.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Dude, how many times can you ask? I’m working on it!

      • Jeff

        Uh… so what’s going on with that tmo app?


        ::taps fingers::

      • remixfa

        gawd!! what a wonderful world it would be, if we only had a tmonews app. lol
        news readers work really well too guys :)

      • David Thomas

        On an unrelated note, when are we getting a TmoNews app?

  • Knas

    Hay David can you make tmo news an android app?

    • KnasIsAnAss

      Hay Is for horses

      • Knas

        Ha ha! You would know right.

  • Alek

    Too little too late. Just got the G2 and I’ve never been happier with a phone.

  • George

    yeayeayea….just quit all your BS….i am still switching to G2 or Mytouch HD….moto your reputation will never be the same…..why don’t you be a man and say if 2.1 still don’t come out then you will pay all Cliq user $300 by 11/7??? i dont have hopes for you guys anymore cuz all you do is lying and lying…!!!! lying bastard!!!!

  • mwl1119

    How about an icon for my firefox bookmarks while your at it….

  • GPK

    I am not even sure if I am going to update once it is released. Sounds like a oneway ticket to brick city. I have no idea what the difference between Cupcake and Eclair is. errr somewhere, donut maybe, the market changed. Great now I have the opportunity to buy more apps that I won’t use..?

    Things cupcake does: Makes phone calls, Sends MMS and SMS, Plays MP3, Internet and tethering, social net works stuff.

    Things Eclair will do: Makes phone calls, Sends MMS and SMS, Plays MP3, Internet and tethering, social net works stuff.

    • JP

      The difference between a cupcake is it has a spongy consistency, whereas an eclair doesn’t have that spongy consistency, it has more of a pastry like consistency, plus has cream in the middle ;).

      • Magenta Magic


        In all seriousness, I’ll have to do this update for my wife’s Cliq and end up bricking it out of some not-so-well-hidden subconscious desire to make the phone die and go away. Far, far away. I regret the Cliq! Viva la Vibrant!

  • jkspike3


  • currator

    hey david question what do you know about the tmobile itab. i was in a corp store and the big boss of that store let it slip out when i was asking about the data cap thing. she said something about lg or hp. i asked her if she was refering to the samsung tab and she said no its a different one in a heart beat. can you shed any light on this for me

  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User
  • Knas

    Sorry bout that doing to much at one time, didn’t know if it got threw.

  • Oce

    “Cliq”, that’s the sound of me hanging up on Motorola!

  • poobank

    who cares about the update. what a joke Motorola has become. I guess it will give me back Bluetooth on my rooted 2. 1 but seriously the delay of the update together with this crappy phone means Motorola no more for me when contract is up. after this veal I might even just go blackberry lol

  • rev2redlineguy

    Too little too late Motorola. I’m so glad I ditched my Cliq when then Vibrant first came out. From all these comments I’ve been reading, it looks like Motorola kinda kicked themselves in the butt with the Cliq and how now, customers are not going to purchase anymore from them. Add me to the list also.

  • Androidless

    This seems to be a common theme with Android phones. Late updates and crippled installs of the native OS. I am new to the smartphone market but all I hear is how this or that is crippled or that this carrier and/or manufacturer is slow to release updates, etc. As a potential future smartphone customer, Android seems like a scaryand see what proposition.

    The G2 is the only android phone that I would even consider, but even that seems iffy considering it is completely unrootable at the moment. If Gingerbread ever came out, how is that thing ever going to update and can you depend on HTC or T-Mobile to do it?

    I dunno. Maybe I wait out my contract and see what happens. Right now, Android is fraught with peril which is sad because the OS is fantastic.

    • Androidless

      Yikes..Looks like I accidentally hit the mouse and started typing elsewhere there. You get the point.

    • Foxeh

      I know a lot of people with Android phones and they ALL thought all of the stock features on my G2 was something special done for the G2. Nobody knows what Vanilla Android even looks like. It is indeed quite a sad thing.

      I do find it kind of odd that people are so quick to consider the G2 to be “unhackable.” Like… I’ll just leave that one alone.

      In the old days of smartphones – Treos and older WinMos and Blackberries and Symbians oh my – the OS couldn’t be updated to new major versions anyway. Now adays people seem to be so obsessed with new phones and throwing old ones out, manufacturers simply find that the investment is better to just pushing out new devices instead of soaking up resources updating old devices that most users have already thrown away. I personally don’t understand this fetish for obsolescence, but it is what it is.

      Still, if you want a stock Android experience, the G2 is all there is right now. Value Adds are one thing, but I’ll be the first to admit that manufacturers have been handling Android less than gracefully.

      If you don’t absolutely need a phone *now* then it may be best to hold off. This technology is not slowing down and you never know when the next Vanilla Android device sneak up on you.

  • UDX

    Honestly I am feeling what several people are feeling which is a bittersweet taste. I have had no real problems with my Cliq, did have a malfunction in which I had to get it exchanged once but I personally love the phone. I very disappointed with both Motorola and T-Mobile on this one because I remember when I was still working with TMO and was told about the 2.1 update originally. I am happy this will finally freaking happen (as long as this isn’t bs but since it looks like a valid screenshot from Streamline I trust it) but I am still aggravated on the length of time it has taken.

  • Jesse

    I have a cliq! I’ve been running 2.1 (barely blurred custom rom) for like 2 months now. I got tired of waiting, so i rooted and updated to 2.1. if you don’t want to wait. go here: or
    I get over 12 hours of battery life after I got rid of all that motoBLUR stuff.

    • UDX

      Some people happen to like Motoblur and that is why my Cliq has not been rooted, because I haven’t found a single 2.1 rom with motoblur.

      • remixfa

        almost all the cliq roms have blur.. some just try to hide it. its very difficult to get rid of it. The best of the best was Handler’s 1.5 blur rom. fast, stable, had the cliqXT upgrades, worked great.

  • mtnman

    As a Cliq onwer, i’m half and half on this one. Although I like the thought that FINALLY we’re getting 2.1 and I’d like to have it, I also feel that Moto bent us over and told us to take it. While new phone after new phone came out they kept telling us that 2.1 would come out.

    So not here it is coming out around Nov.15th, almost 6 months latter. And yet Moto believes this will make people happy and they’ll all forgive them and buy their phones again. If I made a promis to you that I’d clean out your garage in summer and didn’t show up till amost winter, would you trust me?

  • popartist

    I’ve moved on to the G2 and LOVE it, but still have my Cliq as a backup – if it’s a computer rather than OTA update, does this mean it can be installed over the leaked 2.1 rather than needing to roll it back to the previous official version?

  • Justin

    Where does it say November 7th in the picture? so how do you know this?

  • tmoninja

    bout time let the good times roll. wheres the cliq2??????????????

  • FSUnole

    I actually have the update early from a leak online of the final developer build, and I would keep it even if they didn’t update the phone. It is AMAZING. I had to update it on my computer, but didn’t have to root my phone or anything. It has made my cliq so much faster, and finally there are all the features of 2.1– navigation, 2.1 marketplace,….a bunch more, and so nice to have after all this time. I can’t wait to get the OTA update…if anyone wants to see it in action check it out here on youtube:

    it’s legit people.

    • James

      hey FSUnole not to start anything but if you look at the vid you posted thats not the leaked 2.1 with blur. if you look close when they long press there is no blur widgets also it will not say android at the begining after motorola it will just go moto-blur and the t-mo like 1.5. also the keyboard is wrong and the app slide out thing is not right either. although that is 2.1 its not the right version for the phone.

  • deceptivesmiles

    Yup, Moto def crapped on themselves once again. U would’ve thought they would’ve learned their lesson but obviously not. I’m just tryna find a decently priced myTouch slide for my wife. She’s not a tech not like me to get a

  • Kenneth

    Hello. My wife and I last December both purchased the Motorola Cliq when we switched from one carrier over to T Mobile. I am very happy with TMobile and their customer service. Very top notch. Anyways, early in the year a numerous amount of android handsets were being upgraded to 2.1 and 2.2 firmware and the Motorola Cliq was announced as well. That update never happened as well as 3 more beyond that. I am a little skeptical about hearing the news for this upcoming update but, the Cliq has to be updated sooner or later. I will be happy with the updated apps and the new Android market interface. Sorry if I am on my soapbox but after 4 announced updates and nothing happening you would be frustrated too. Everyone have a nice evening.

    • David Thomas

      It does NOT have to be updated sooner or later. Just ask any Samsung Behold II owner. They were promised updates beyond 1.6, but never made it past that.

  • Dark Defiance

    After reading that other countries were not getting 2.1 for the DEXT (non US Cliq) solidfied my belief of the lackluster hardare on the Cliq being its downfall.

    The OpenGL drivers were their biggest concern for the prolonged, dragged through the mud, kicked, spit on, forced to watch “one cup”, delay. The Cliqs hardware is low end and I was shocked to find out OpenGL was even making it to the phone. Let’s just hope the update doesn’t make the Cliq that much slower.

    Other phones, with other carriers required “in store” or PC upgades from 1.5 to 2.x. So it not being an OTA update does not suprise me.

    Just fix the responsiveness on the phone and I’ll be happy.

  • gman

    I recommend the G2. I ditched my Briq er a Cliq on October 1st. Even with the update. Bluetooth performance will remain miserable,you will still experience slow GPS performance, Voice dial will never work. The Ciq is a weak phone at best.

    For the money many paid for the Cliq, it is a shame to waste it on such poor quality.

    I had my Cliq for over 9 months paid full price and waited for an update the whole time. If I had only paid 99 bucks for the phone it would not have mattered as much.

    After using the G2 for less than an hour, it made me even madder. The performance and features are so much better.

  • brett

    i for one have had my cliq

    • brett

      uggg, meant to say, i for one have had my cliq modded for awhile now with 2.1 and if the horrible modded version is this awesome, i cant even imagine how better it will be when the official is out.
      i like the moto cliqs hardware.
      but i probably wont buy a moto phone again if its part of the low end models
      now if they come out with a badass phone like the droid 2 or something on tmobile. then yes ill buy moto again. but me really ill keep to htc again

      i dont hate moto for this update taking forever. just that this phone really should have atleast made it to 1.6 and i would of been just happy.
      i mean i still just my g1 on 1.6 and thats plenty for me

  • Josef

    Yay! We’re getting 2.1! – is what I would have said in April. 3.0 is coming out in 2 months or so, and we will just be getting 2.1? All this waiting, and we can’t even get 2.2? The MT3G is getting froyo and it came out 6 months before my XT! Moto Sucks! My next phone will be an htc.

  • Ploni Almoni

    I have a cliq XT, using Android 1.5 with Motoblur on it’s hardware is a horrible experience. It touch-screen response lags so much sometimes that you can’t answer the phone. (It only has touch-screen answering offered). I replaced it with an HTC HD2, but have it as a backup phone.

    The HTC HD2, with a modern processor, runs Android 2.2 much faster than the Cliq, even though you have to run it on an SD card since it’s supposed to be only a Windows Mobile (with HTC Sense) phone!

    My advice is, don’t get a low-end Android phone. Android really only shines on a fast SoAC such as the Snapdragon in the HD2 or similar.

    (Though 1GHz isn’t a necessity, some of the slower clock-speed processors, such as the one in the G2 at 800MHz, are also more efficient per-instruction and are comparable in speed. Also, a few midrange phones such as the “Mytouch 3g Slide” will perform OK because they only have HVGA’s pixels to push with a faster than the Cliq’s processor. (but lots slower than a Snapdragon) I like now having WVGA though as my screen resolution, and would never go back to browsing the web at HVGA…)

  • Maj

    2.1 has been available for the Cliq for quite a while thanks to ROM hacking.

    The only thing that’s missing from it is hardware video acceleration.

    Google for CliqMod.

  • Supreme

    Bit your Quitchin’!
    No matter what happens, there’s always going to be something newer and greater.. and not every single device can handle the latest and greatest thing..
    I got the cliq late in the game, and I love it. I’m rooted, running 2.1, apps2sd, wifi tethering… and the phone doesn’t look like a giant scientific calculator like recent phones (evo, vibrant, et all) sure, it has its drawbacks, but it does everything I need it to do and more. The only thing I’m even looking forward to in the official update is hardware acceleration for playing games, and really, i’m only looking for the official kernel, because i’m sure the cliq devs will turn what moto did into something way better.. if you’re unhappy with your cliqs, or with the delays in the releasing of updates.. root it and do something about it like I did. blaming tmo or moto for not following meeting YOUR expectations is not their fault, it’s yours. think about it.. you could have the “latest and greatest” phone on the market, and it might not even make phone calls properly *cough*iphone 4 *cough*
    anyway, see fit to flame this as you see fit, but I personally have had nothing but good things to say about my cliq.

  • djkenster

    So i Just checed the trouble shoot on moto i bought a cliq titanium but motorola trouble shoot says its a dext did they sell me the wrong phone and i will not be able to update or will the update work on my phone or do i sue t-mobile for selling me the wrong phone.

  • Joe

    i will not get my hopes up until i get the actual UpDate on my phone

  • awreadi!

    Yeah its too late I’m already gearing up for windows phone 7 the cliq sucks meat and so does motorola 2.1 is already outdated I’m really starting to dislike android the fragmentation is re got damn diculious!

  • Jimtimmy

    Still waiting for 2.1, wow, the rest of the world is moving on to 2.2, and expecting 3.0 for christmas.cliq was scheduled for an update damn near two years ago.

  • ???

    Hey this is the link to the update for 2.1 android. please download it, and reupload it to as many mirror sites as possible. motorola is shutting these sites down pretty quickly. this is the beta version. first make sure that you have a full charge to your phone. then download the this file to your computer. after that connect the phone to your cpu with the cable. then copy the file to the root folder of the memory card (just open the drive on your cpu for your phone and copy the zip file there). unhook the phone from the cpu. go to settings, then about, then click check for software update and after a few minutes the phone will locate the update. choose copy and there you have it the upadate to the phone.

  • mason

    I just wanna say for all of you saying “the g2 is the way to go”, or “I can’t wait for the windows phone”, screw you. Yeah were all saying that now, but two years ago THAT DIDN’T EXIST! And apparently, y’all weren’t in the phone market then. We were some of the first android customers, and we should be rewarded. F’in A, the droid customers got an update before we did! That’s a load of shit. If we would have got the update when they said, it wouldn’t have been outdated like it is now. I agree, motorolas customer service sucks, but try to get ford to give you a 2011 “update” for a vehicle that’s several years old, its not gonna happen. We should consider ourselves lucky. And ill admit I never thought we would see this update. Other than make customers happy, (whatever few cliq owners that still exist), its not lucrative for motorola. Id expect them to tell us to get a newer phone for an update.