More myTouch 4G Video Goodness, You Know You Want To Watch

I mean who out there counting down the seconds to myTouch4G availability isn’t looking for more video of the device in action? So we’re hoping to give you plenty to view and look over until you can get your own paws on the device! That’s enough from me so enjoy the videos! Thanks to the guys at Wirefly who gave us a heads up on this video and Will from Intomobile for making me want that tile wallpaper!

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  • tooltard

    t-mobile has this phone backup on their site now as coming soon

  • Will

    I went to 3 Tmobile stores here in Chicago yesterday and every one of them had the phone but NONE of them would even show it. They said they couldn’t. Finally I found a smaller Tmobile store downtown and they had the phone not only working but in all 4 colors (though the white one was the only one actually working but the other 3 were dummies and it was nice to see the colors in person). Anyway, needless to say this phone is PERFECTION in person. I had preconceived notions about the phone cause I wasn’t feeling the look at all but when you see it in person, damn this phone is beautiful. It’s really thin, has a great feel, and the screen size is better than I had thought (which is why I was skeptical at first cause I love(d) my Vibrant). It’s fast and smooth as well and the ffc actually became the selling point (I was like “who cares about that crap”…now I do lol) after downplaying that feature from the beginning.

    Anyway, since I was w/n my 14 day buyers remorse period, I just went to UPS and sent my Vibrant back and will be ordering the phone come Nov.3!!!!

    Honestly the pictures do this phone no justice.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Wow, that sucks…I hope that doesn’t happen to me, or for that stores sake, to them either!

      • Will

        Yeah, it was ridiculous. The female employee at the service desk at the Tmobile store on State Street was incredibly rude and was misinforming not only myself but a gentlemen standing behind me curious about the same phone, because she told me her store was never given a release date, and to make matters worse she had the nerve to tell me that phone only comes in white *shaking my head* I didn’t even say anything, I just said okay thank you and walked away because it was my 3rd time being shut down and I was not in the mood to argue with her.

        Whatever though I finally got what I wanted later on and it was worth it (even though the cold winds didn’t make my journey any easier/better).

        BTW: Thanks for everything David. Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated by not only myself but others. Keep it up!

      • phonegeek

        down here in Duluth Ga ( metro atl) i had a similar circumstance. I asked a young lady about the phone but she was new so she didnt know much. One of her co-workers got upset an yelled at her for saying the wrong date, then mentioned she was going to the back to ask her manager the date. The manager came out ( his face was beet red) and mumbled “nov 3rd” turned around an resumed what he was doing. All of this over wanting to simply see the phone, plus the other co-workers were acting very secretive about the whole thing like it was CIA confidential….smh lol

    • puffins

      Ha, I went into my T-Mo store 2 days ago and got them to let me play around with the MT4G. All I said was I’m going to get the G2 and return it once the MT4G comes out unless they let me play with it. They couldn’t sell the G2 if it was returned so they let me have a go on the MT4G. All I can say is that 11/3 can’t come fast enough!

  • Sean Buchanan

    Is this confirmed that Best Buy will carry this phone??? I really need it to because I am using a best buy card…

  • Matt hatter

    I just wanted to post a comment letting you all know that I’m posting a comment from the MyTouch 4G right now. You guys are gonna love this phone.

    • Will

      J E A L O U S

  • Scott B

    Why do (p)reviews spend SO much time on features that are old news and fly through features and demos of what makes the phone we’re looking at worth seeing/buying??

    Neither of those videos show anything compelling…

  • souggie

    this is a solid phone., im in marietta, ga (also metro atlanta), and i played with it this afternoon. im in love. also the reps were well informed and i just asked if they had a demo and they handed it to me and said knock youself out. its real fast. dumb fast. phone feels like its worth something its slim, but feels like it has some girth to it, nice semi heavy feel. the materials are well done too, its a metal back plate with the same reinforced hard plastic like whats on the hd2 and the lining is silver. android 2.2 is stupid fast. and powerful. vga camera in the front has almost as good resolution as the one in the back. im gettin it on the 3rd for sure. screen is nice, to me its amost as nice as the vibrants screen. only gripe: wish the screen was 4″ instead of 3.8, but not much difference tho, 4.3 is just too damn big, lol

    • Bobert

      The TMO in Kennesaw?

  • Bobert

    Bob the Cell Phone Professor

    • Bobert

      The Kennesaw TMO?

  • souggie

    nah the one on cobb parkway close to the big chicken…next to the the super walmart

    • Bobert

      Cool thanks

  • Dan

    Does anyone know if the LED on top shows incoming messages or missed calls? and is it customizable like the G1?

  • Omar

    Just went to a tmobile store and it feels, looks, and responds pretty nicely. Think I might get it and get rid of my G2….. or have both.

  • AJ

    Is wirefly the only place to pre order

    • Defender of the Galaxy

      @AJ Not sure, but I like Wirefly’s preorder price guarantee.