The G2 Has Landed, Available In Just 8 Days

Update 1: Just added about 20 more images to the gallery, might take a few minutes to populate but there are quite a few shots for your viewing pleasure!

Update 2: Engadget just posted their own preview of the G2 with a quick 1:26 video showing a brief look at the phone, its worth taking a glance at! Don’t skip our photos though!

It’s certainly been a long time coming but the first T-Mobile G2’s have unofficially arrived in at least one T-Mobile retail store. While the sales date isn’t for another 8 days and while most of you still wait for word on just where exactly your pre-order is we’ve got some “in the wild” shots to hold you over.  Enjoy the shots, we’ve got more incoming so keep checking back for some more!

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  • Tom

    From browsing the tmo forums it seems like express shipping orders are going out today. Hopefully standard goes out tomorrow then. If it does I’m generally 2 day for ground.

    • Lee

      Hey, I just received my G2 phone. Came in this afternoon after pre ordering two weeks ago. I was surprised when I received the text yesterday that my order had been shipped. The phone is AWSOME!! It’s like a work of art. Is there a phone out there that has the same specs as the G2? Accessories are no where to be found and you bet this will have a skin and lens protecter before it leaves my house.

  • Henry

    For all the people questioning shipping before the release date, T-Mobile has done it before. Years ago, when I got my Blackberry 8900, I ordered it before the release date and got it before the official release. So it can happen. Not saying it will.

    • Drew

      I remember that… People were up in arms when Customer Care was saying yes to some people and no to others.

    • Brandon

      all pre orders are supposed to arrive at your door BEFORE October 6th

  • Kevin

    Is the 8gb sdcard a class 6?

    • J-Hop2o6

      im sure it’ll only be class 2.. but u have your own class 6 or 10 SD card right? if not, better hop on and order one.

  • Luis Mendez

    Engadget just posted a preview of the G2

    • kc

      aww man that video sucked noodles for now lol, but hopefully they show a video of it being in use instead of just talking about the features.

      • Foxeh

        Yeah it did, they seemed to be unfamiliar with features Android had since 2.1 …

  • Calvin

    Does it have the same shut down and boot up times that the desire z does?

    • David, Managing Editor

      No Calvin, unfortunately its reserved for the European versions, we hope it’ll get somehow “ported” via hack!

    • tubaking182

      once we get cyanogen mod on the phone we will be able to do it, the CM6 supports it but cyanogen also stated that he saw no reason to add the feature(i wish i knew it was an option i bet 90% of us would have wanted it added) on that note though it means that really any phone can do it and there was video of the nexus doing a quickboot

      • Barry

        Actually he’s already working on it. I didn’t save the link but if I find it again I’ll post it.

  • cellswag

    How do you know your loyalty price? Cuz I been with tmo for about 7years. My online pre order price was 200 after 50 mir. Please help

    • brigini

      if you are in good standing with your bill and stuff just call in and rant a little about how long youve been with tmobile and that you think its unfair to have to get the phone from radioshack or wirefly just to save money. The lady called me back the next day with a price of $150 for the phone, no stinking mail in rebate :) I love T-Mobile!

    • Bulge

      I’ve been with tmo since Omnipoint (10 years) and I was given the 199 after mir. I’ll be ranting tomorrow.

    • Davidohio

      I am not aware of a “loyalty price”. If you qualify for full upgrade discounts then you get the new customer price. And no, don’t call customer care and say you are an unhappy customer, or lie and say you will cancel service if you don’t get 50 more dollars off. Don’t degrade and embarass yourself like that because people do it ALL the time and believe me they know when you are lying just by your voice or reviewing notes on your account. If there is no history of problems until now they will know you are trying to scam them and they will be insulted and won’t give you anything above and beyond what you qualify for. Sorry but that is the way it is. Some moron posted earlier to call in and lie and complain and they will take care of you….now everyone is going to bombard customer care and do this and cost the company tons of revenue that could be invested in expanding 3g and hspa+. 199.99 is more than a fair price for this device. Don’t be a cheapskate and embarass yourself. Not for 50 bucks!

      • TmoMan

        Sounds like you work for T-Mobile…

  • alex32

    Words cant explain how much i cant wait to get this phone. I have been waiting for this phone since the rumors which was 3 months ago. This phone is amazing!

  • alex32

    just saw the pictures, they are nice! and the covers look nice too!
    i suspect that at the end of this week till the begining of next week there will already be a review on this phone (:

  • dub

    Does it light up around the track pad when you have a new notification?

    • J-Hop2o6

      i highly doubt that.. but there is a notification LED in the ear speaker grill on the right.

      • dub

        In the HTC highlight on youtube it almost seems as if it glows.. is the reason I ask

    • steven

      yeah i saw that video too, i think it was just supposed to be light reflecting off the trackpad.

      but it would be super effin’ cool if it DID light up like that

  • cellswag5

    does any1 know how to get the loyalty price? i been with them for over 7 years and my pre order price was 250 with a 50 mir so 200.

    • J-Hop2o6

      there is no loyalty pricing.. lol..that’s your price.. u can call up CS and see if they can lower the price a bit for u.

      • cellswag5

        thanks, im just wondering because i keep hearing people say they waiting to use thier loyalty price after the 6th.

    • Roel

      I called today and talked with the customer loyalty dept and got the phone for 150.00 no mail in rebate. I had upgraded 2 months ago so T mobile is great!

  • cellswag5

    can anyone else confrim that? no loyalty price?

    • daniel

      im a rep theres no such thing. customer loyalty might be able to get you a better price tho youll have to almost threaten to cancell to get them to budge. 80% they do

  • steven

    anyone else notice the SEVEN home screens in the engadget vid? i dont even know what i would do with five, but i like nonetheless

    super excited for this badboy :D

    • brigini

      you can change the default number of home screens im pretty sure to your liking, just up to 7

      • steven

        really? i thought android only went up to 5, not that i’m complaining ;)

  • Barry

    The more I see this phone the more I kinda want it. This is what happens when you are constantly bombarded with a product ie marketing. I hope they market this well. I still don’t see myself buying it for the simple fact that it’s not what I’m looking for right now but it still looks like a great device. It’s slim and (I myself being guilty of this, disappointed about it being less than 4″) you can barely tell the difference between the screen size next to the Vibrant which is actually longer while the G2 has more width. If nothing comes out later this year it may be in my pocket from ebay or craigslist I’ve never been an early adopter anyway.

    • Bimmerz

      I am with you on this Barry, after just giving up my Epic (came back to Tmo), I am in the market for a phone (still!). But I think I’ll hold off until the holidays, and see what’s coming – maybe (if I can stand it) wait until Q1. Still hoping that Glacier rumored awhile back, is still in the mix and soon won’t be a “rumor”. :)

      • Barry

        Yea man idk if I can hold out that long we shall see. But with that Glacier I’m acting as if i never heard of it and hoping to be pleasantly surprised lol What happened with the epic was it the phone or was it sprint ? I know I’ve seen you on here b4 but didn’t know you left. What happened ?

      • Bimmerz

        Yeah I left Tmo on Sept. 2nd, and came back to Tmo this past Friday. The Epic is an awesome phone, I loved it and I hated to give it up! Definitely worth the extra $50!

        However, it has a 3G UL cap right now of only 150 – yikes! With 4G I didn’t have this problem, however, we don’t have 4G here fully rolled out yet, just a few testing sites here. And I cannot justify paying an extra $50, and $10 per/month, for a “pretty” phone, that’s not fully functional.

        Supposedly they are working on a fix for it, but given Samsung’s past rep and seeing Sprint dragging their feet on this issue, I couldn’t risk being stuck with a phone for a year (Sprint has a 2 year contract, but a 1 year upgrade), that I couldn’t even upload a photo with! *rolls eyes*

        That, and I was barely getting 1-2 bars in my house, a lot of bad reception issues, with calls cutting in and out. And supposedly I am in a “good” Sprint map coverage area! If my area is considered good, I’d hate to be in their fair/poor map coverage area! lol

        I would have given the Evo a try (out of stock here), as it doesn’t have a 3G cap, and others have said that while they got 1-2 bars with the Epic, they got 3-6 bars with the Evo. But then again, I really don’t want the Evo, so I guess it’s just as well.

        So here’s looking for ward to seeing what Tmo has coming up! :)

      • Barry

        Ok gotcha yea well at least you go with substance over style which some ppl no nothing about. Truth is every phone has it’s flaws it’s just what the particular user is willing to put up with. The the cap thing is ridiculous. I really wonder sometimes what’s on the minds of these carriers/manufacturers. And yes I hope something good is on the horizon either this year or Q1 :-)

  • thisguyjohn

    Hey guys, does anyone know what the full retail price on the G2 is supposed to be? I’m guessing the obvious 400-500.. I may see if any of my friends wants to do a phone swap because I just like stock Android. (a little skeptical if it’ll even make it to Gingerbread, but the same can be said to my beloved Vibrant)

    • Carlos

      ha! the vibrant doesnt have 2.2 yet…soooo ya 3.0 will be a while…

    • Kyle

      It should make it to Gingerbread before that beloved Vibrant. Although the processor is only 800 mhz so I could be wrong. Only kidding..

  • LSxChevelle

    Got the text that my equipment order is being processed! If it is like my last order a couple months ago that may mean tomorrow which is the eta I was given.

  • Josh M.

    I haven’t posted on this forum/blog for a long time. This is becoming very difficult for me lol. I sold my JB’ed Iphone for a vibrant, and honestly, its amazing. I have some gripes with it, but that would be with any phone. Now i see these oh so beautiful shots of the G2 and my heart cannot take this beating anymore. To sell the vibrant for a G2 or not to sell…this is the question that I know not only I am dealing with. At first TW was really good, and still is, but I cannot ignore that it is better than stock android because it isnt. oh God i need to get beaten with a metal pole.
    Oh, and how do I register with this forum? LoL

    • Vibrant Addict

      The only reason I would see to sell the Vibrant is for the vanilla Android, keyboard and the HSPA+. If you just want the speed boost, wait for the myTouch HD which will probably have HSPA+ with it. I’m contemplating selling the Vibrant for the myTouch HD but I will most likely keep my Vibrant (pending Android 2.2).

      Those comparison pics reminded me of how much I love my Vibrant’s screen, but alas I never see full bars nor full battery that often. LOL

  • Sirmac

    So to everyone who went googoo-gaga over the galaxy s, how does the release of this g2 make you feel?

    • Josh M.

      i cannot lie, it makes me feel like a turd

    • Matchesmalone

      Doesn’t make one bit of difference. I wouldn’t want a keyboard and lack of flash on camera is no big deal for me. Even the apps they are saying come with the phone can be downloaded from the market. The vibrant is still the best phone t-mobile has.

  • alex32
    • Josh M.

      oh my GAHD!!! i just had an orgasm.

  • logic660

    do we know for sure if this phone has swype preinstalled on it?

  • mailman13877 (HTC EVO 4G)

    Lmfao this phone is a joke right??I guess if you settle you SETTLE..smh i see the reviews on this and yet again i read “TMOs best phone” but every time i google Evo or Droid X and even Iphone 4 i see “top phone on the market”..Guess SETTLERS like to keep it in the family and not compete with the rest of the market lol. Nah who am i kidding..Good luck and enjoy your G2 guys woot woot.One day TMO will have a rival for the EVO.I love how my video shows now with the fix for the 30 FPS issue.Evooo FTW

    • blablabla

      wow are you a fag or what?

      • Barry

        Some of us want to say it but others just…SAY IT !!! LMFAO

    • Edward Mullens

      The Evo stinks. It’s just plastic junk. Now the Desire HD is what you really want. Unibody aluminum case. Your EVO is nothing, it’s worthless.

    • SurgioArmani

      Evo. You love it. We get it.

      Why do you enjoy talking on a TMobile website so much? Seriously, take your Sprint fanboyism elsewhere.

  • kb23

    All i wanted on this phone was a FFC and they would have had 3 more happy contract clients.

    so sad

    • SEFan

      Hang in. MyTouch HD coming in a month or thereabouts. FFC on board..

  • G

    Got tracking info at 9 pm est.

    • dub

      I know your kidding….

    • fuzzy

      express or standard?

  • growler

    F* the ffc thing, im still gettin it man, but i have to admit that the vibrant’s screen looks better

  • g2ftw

    haha mailman delivers again.

  • DaytonBoy

    It dont have swipe or the htc sense? thats the main thing i thought it would have i like those

  • rep

    so i just got my tracking number and i should be receving my phone on Friday!~ im stoked!

  • f3z

    Mine shipped out today. Should arrive 9/30. Woot!

  • Randy

    completely blown away by the looks of the phone….the build quality looks outstanding i cant wait to see it

  • Edward Mullens

    I have to say, looking at the Engadget pictures of this phone next to the Samsung lineup is just amusing to me. I mean you have 5 plain looking plasticy cheap looking devices next to this G2. I mean it’s like worlds apart as far as materials and build quality. Korean junk is korean junk. The Samsung Android phones are nothing more than the countless years of cheap Samsung build quality assembled with much better components and Android. HTC knows more about industrial design than Samsung can figure out trying to make a cheaper plastic iPhone.

  • trife

    So will the TMO version have the “G2” on the back of it? I say that b/c I hope not–makes the back too busy with the “HTC”, “with Google” and “G2”.

    I know, I know…a small gripe. I’ll overlook it, I guess.

    • Vibrant Addict

      Wow, hadn’t even noticed that. That sure is a lot of branding, but you can cover it up with a case easily.

  • phongeek

    look at the screen size compared to the vibrant NOT that off at all ..looks like i have a new phone to my collection and then next stop mytouch HD if its any good

  • BritBerry

    I got my shipping e-mail last night! Should have my G2 by Friday! I can’t wait :)

  • longtimelurker

    I’m not tech-savy and consequently a little confused. Engadget posted in their review that it was a snapdragon processor….I thought it was a scorpion? Which processor is it and what is the difference? Thanks.

  • Carlos

    @mailboy you do realize these phones are made by the same carriers right!? but i will take my metal grown up looking phone with a more powerful processor that out does its cousin (evo) and will be batter on battery life with even faster data speeds….
    my mytouch slide and vibrant have faster speeds than my co worker evo even when he is on 4g i had to shut him up about the speeds so we finally done our speed test… the fastest my vibrant got was 6.09megs and yes i have picture to prove it if anyone wants too see it…

    • Matchesmalone

      Actually these phones are not only not made by the same carrier, they are not made by a carrier at all.. G2 is made by HTC and vibrant by samsung.

      • Carlos

        i just realized the mistake i made..i meant to say the g2 and evo are made by the same “manufacturer/company” being htc not carrier lol…

  • Carlos

    these avatars seem like they actually depict real emotions from the comments…

  • Carlosroom241

    Yo when is the next update going to happen because all of the people that got the nexus one alrwady got their new update so why didn’t the tmobile g2 didn’t get one too