T-Mobile Set To Get iPhone 3GS Later This Year?

So here we go again. Yet another T-Mobile iPhone rumor has emerged, and the latest one comes from an editor over at Wired.com. Chris Anderson tweeted this evening that a T-Mobile manager casually mentioned to him that Magenta will in fact carry the iPhone this year, but not Apple’s newest and hugely popular iPhone 4. Instead Magenta will offer last year’s iPhone 3GS model. Take it for what its worth, but it seems as though these T-Mobile iPhone rumors seem to be getting louder and louder but until we see some hard evidence, we’re placing this one with all the other T-Mobile iPhone rumors. I’m curious though, would you guys purchase a T-Mobile iPhone even if its last year’s 3GS model and not the new iPhone 4? Let us know in the comments!

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  • crybabies

    goto ATT I meant.

  • Avarix

    I already have a 3GS, if i could upgrade to 3G speeds, all the better.

    • God

      First of all, that’s not going to happen.

      Second, the “manager” probably was confusing the Vibrant with a 3GS.

      • ahhs

        How in the hell do you confuse the iPhone with vibrant you’re an idiot


        It’s called ignorance.

      • Daniel

        @ ahhs
        Well for someone who didn’t know any better, the two do look a lot alike. He was merely suggesting that if the manager was stupid enough to make an unfounded claim such as he did, than he is probably dumb enough to confuse the two phones… In other words he is as dumb as you and his statement means nothing just like yours. Idiot.

      • Ahh

        Only morons like daniel and the other idiot confuse iPhone with a samsung galaxy i mean seriously how dumb are you to confuse the Iphone the most popular phone in the world with a vibrant and you work for tmobile Daniel you seriously are an idiot. Lol

  • MitchRyan912

    i’d consider it if it would allow for 3G. if it was less than the $99 its selling for currently (like $49)? I’d jump all over it, then upgrade to the iPhone 4G down the road.

    • kenpo

      Iphone 4 not 4G…. Please people!!!!!!!!!

      HTC = Better devices+more options! My humble opinion.

      • Daniel


  • Levi

    Absolutely! The 3gs is a better design and I’ll bet it will be cheap. I can’t see Apple wanting to do this but I like to hear more Apple/Tmo rumors.

  • http://mobilephonestoday.com Isaac

    I think this would greatly piss people off. Im prety sure that many people are waiting for T-mobile to get the iPhone but who wants last years modle? One thing that might be an advantage for T-mobile is that they dont have tiered data plans.

    • Mike

      Never cared for the iPhone personally, but if I were to get one, I’d go for the 3GS, the one that doesn’t have connection issues.

    • TJ

      Take What U Can Get. If U Want A T-Mobile iPhone Then Get It. Dont Complain About The Phone Just Because Its A Year Old. They Dont Have To Get An iPhone At All.
      You Complain About Them Not Having One, They Get It, Now U Complain About The Model. Shut Up Gosh

      • Daniel

        Who Ever Said They Have It?

        Learn To Use Your Keyboard.

  • Vinchenzo

    I highly doubt a store manager would be privy to knowledge about new handsets launching. Too low on the totem pole.

    • christc

      It doesn’t say he was a store manager. It just says T-Mobile manager.

  • boltons4

    My family has been waiting to upgrade and add a 5th line for two months waiting for new phones to emerge. If the iphone3GS was to be coming to T-mobile, our add a line person would be so happy. My other half would jump too. Love T-Mobile, but not so happy with the new phone choices lately. Also my other issue is the so few choices of messaging phones so our family bill isn’t like a car payment.

  • DCTransplant

    iPhone 4 would be great; the 3 will do for the time being. Tomorrow wouldn’t be soon enough. Sign me up.

    • Daniel

      I hear AT&T is still accepting new contracts… Better hurry.

  • RockTripod

    I will believe it when I see it. This stupid rumor pops up every few months, just to drive me mad.

  • Money

    This has to be one of the worst waste of time and fox news article.

  • http://five-strings.com DannyB

    I would not buy an iPhone, for T-Mobile, AT&T, a 3GS, or iPhone 4. Android is SO much better than iOS!


    Still, this would be good for TMO.

  • Jimbo

    It is true tmobile’s getting the iphone releases for tmobile in november day after thanksgiving price on that day free with new 2 year contract upgrade is free after 100mir source upper managment

  • rstar

    I will believe it when i physically see it. Im tired of this rumor every few months.

  • Fred Coulter


    I don’t like Apple’s big brother attitude. Yes, I know you can get around it, but I shouldn’t have to.

  • Vader317

    I actually heard the iPad will be coming to T-mobile. nothing on the 3Gs

  • Skeptical

    Lol a store manager would be the last person to know about this.how lame that this is even a story

  • Miss Fitz

    Assuming this might be true, I can only assume that giving T-Mo the 3GS only would be Apple’s terms, not T-Mobile’s… If T-Mo could score the iP4, I’m sure they would– but Apple & AT&T are still saying they are having trouble keeping up with demand for the 4 (which is likely just spin), whereas I’m sure the 3GS is stockpiled in distribution centers. This might be smartest way for Apple to get on another carrier, AT&T to retain exclusivity of the 4, and for Apple to move their old stock of 3GS handsets.

    Yes its a slap in the face, but still a step in the right direction. I’ve been paralyzed with indecision as of late– so tired of hacking and re-hacking my iPhone to stick with T-mo, had myself talked into bailing out for AT&T, but the glimmer of hope that T-Mo will score this handset is brutal and preventing me from pulling the trigger on anything.

    I’m praying that some awesome sacrificial lamb goes on record about this and puts the rumor to rest via CONFIRMATION!!!

    • wtf?

      one problem with the stockpile theory. TMO uses the AWS (1700/2100Mhz) 3G bands, where as ATT uses 850/1900 Mhz bands. It would have to be a new phone with AWS.

  • j. distance
  • Manny

    i dunno…if they do get the iphone why only the 3gs? maybe because of the micro SIM or contractual problems?

  • khenry

    I would get a new android phone, rather than an outdated i phone.

  • windycity

    for sure i will get one. i love iphone. can’t wait to hear the confirmation from Tmo. whoaaaa..

  • http://gizmodo Akumario


  • just some dude

    The rep at a NYC store had told me last week that there is word from managers that he read a memo that Apple training is in the works for store reps.

  • A.Minor

    Would’ve Been More Excited Last Year… I’m Actually Looking Forward To The G2. I’d Probably Opt For The New iPod Touch And Use The G2 For WiFi If Tethering Isn’t Extra

    • former Sitel / TMO pda

      you can and they don’t charge for it. the app for android tethering is Pda.net free edition on the market.

  • pororo

    Tmo phones are so outdated compared to the competition, this just proves the point. This rumor is really believable. hahaha!

  • EnviroG


  • 100..GRAND

    tmobile new iphone-H 1st qt,2011 iphone-HSPA.

  • nospokenword

    I am holding off on upgrading to a vibrant because I want an iphone. Any iphone will do, even last year’s model.

  • Felicia

    I already have a 3GS running on T-Mobile, so yes if it allows me to get 3G speeds.

  • http://Tmonews Maximus

    Why the 3GS? Doesn’t TMo already sell the iphone4 in the UK and Germany? Why would the USA, the home of the iPhone, get the shaft?

  • windycity

    i will get one for sure even if it’s not the new version period..

  • Chris

    Yes I would. Hell yes.

    eff Ay-Fee & Fee. (or is it All Take & Take?)

    But this is BS anyway. Why would Tmo only offer a phone that’s been discontinued?

    Chris Anderson must be a douche, or that manager, or both. Yeah, both.

  • T-mar2u

    The 3G was discontinued, and the 3GS 16GB took it’s place as the “value” I-Phone. I’m sure they won’t release the newer models because they probably can’t support video chat just yet. This would explain why you see the “Sprint/T-mo Merge” rumors. I think T-Mo is on the move for more spectrum, they would like to start moving to LTE, which the new chips (made by Qualcomm which is known for CDMA, and hybrid chips) that will go in the future I-Phones will slowly start to support.

  • iPhone Obsessed

    i would! iphone for tmobile! FTMFW!

  • http://www.tmonews.com Android God

    Android is simply better than iOS, sorry…OVERALL, ANDROID offers MORE!!! OPEN SOURCE!!! CUSTOMIZABLE!!! MULTITASKING (yes the iphone is JUST NOW starting to offer it) !!!

    Simply because the iphone has been around longer, ppl say iphone is the BEST…sorry, not the case. If android was out before iphone, everybody would be dangeling from androids nutz, no iphone.

    The iphone simply has more apps….hmm, nearly 5 years of existance before other super phones….kinda makes since…yet android is catching up. and quick.

    • David, Managing Editor

      The iPhone doesn’t just have more apps, sigh…Android fanboys at their best, the other argument can be made that of course its going to catch up to the iPhone, there are 15 Android phones on 7 carriers, I sure hope its catching up to everyone, if they can’t catch Apple, they should just pack it in!!

  • John

    I already have an iphone 3GS running on magenta juice.

  • ChicagoCubsFan86

    I would like to get the 3gs, might even be cheaper :)