More Revealed About the G2

T-mobile is really going to draw out this whole limited knowledge launch of the G2.  This time, though, we have some confirmation on what you can actually expect.  It is well known that this will be the first HSPA+ phone, and T-mobile is telling you to “brace yourself for blazing-fast downloads, browsing and search” on the “fastest smartphone experience in America.”  Another note, and I do not get sick of posting this, vanilla Android 2.2 out of the box with one-touch quick keys (for quick access to Google shortcuts and applications) and Adobe Flash Player 10.1 ready (which probably means you will have to download it from the market yourself).  T-Mobile is also confirming that that Qualcomm MSM 7230 Scorpion silicone will be clocked at 800 MHz.  I know some of you wish it was clocked up to 1 GHz, but you need to remember that GHz isn’t everything.  Nothing really new there, but some official confirmation is always good.  The rest of the scroll box, from the Scoop page, can be found below.  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

T-Mobile SCOOP

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  • Carlos

    HD2 Snapdraon = clocked @ 700mhz
    Vibrant Hummingbird = clocked @ 800mhz

    Both those phones have 1ghz but are clocked down so chill people also the mytouch slide has a 600mhz and it works flawless with android so I’m very content with the 800mhz that can be over clocked anyway..I’m in love with this phone and I’m excited to purchase it..

    • http://Warning,ThismessagehasnotbeenproofreadbyPerry relikk2


      Not true, at least for the Vibrant. I’m currently running stock kernel. SetCPU and SystemPanel have both shown my CPU hitting 1 ghtz. Not that it happens very often and that it hitting 1 will have much or any advantage over the Scorpion’s 800. Until the dual-core’s come out the only real difference with these high-end CPU’s are their GPU’s. The G2’s is Kick@$$!!

    • El Guapo

      This is just false… the Vibrant runs at 1ghz you dufus.

      The G2 does not have the minimum specs required to run Gingerbread – Android 3.0!

      Who in their right mind would buy this clunker?

      • scaulen

        Please point out where it says that 3.0 needs a 1 GHZ processor. Android engineers have come and said that it won’t need a 1 GHZ CPU. But please keep throwing out disinformation to make yourself a.) feel smart b.) feel important c.) have some one to talk to you???

      • George

        @El Guapo–“The G2 does not have the minimum specs required to run Gingerbread – Android 3.0!”

        Yes, it does. Google has NEVER set minimum standards for Gingerbread. A blogger on a Russian podcast mentioned the “limitations” and Google emphatically denied it the next day.

        Second of all, this phone at 800 mHz should be an equivalent of the Nexus One running the 1st gen of this chip at 1 gHz. The difference is the 2nd gen chip in the G2 is on a smaller die, which means it loses less to heat and can run at a lower speed for an equivalent power.

        If you’re really terrified of this phone, don’t buy it. Those of us who will buy it will be digging it while you won’t know what you’re missing.

      • ceas

        @EL Guapo your the dufus… Just because the G2 is Clocked at 800mhz does not mean it wont get Gingerbread. First off those rumors are false and said so by Google. Second, THE G2 HAS A 1 Ghz PROCESSOR!!! ARE YOU RETARDED ITS JUST CLOCKED DOWN TO 800 Mhz!!!

    • mike

      how do you clock the processor?

      • George

        Hit it on the back of the head with a table lamp.

  • VeggieBurgerGuy

    How much you wanna bet the Mytouch HD will be no faster than 700 Mhz?

    • Marcelo L

      You know what ? You might be onto something…I think TMobile has an aversion with putting truly “the best of the best available” out there in the way of smartphones. They must. The thing with the HD2 was a fluke because HTC wasn’t going to modify a phone they’d already been selling around the rest of the world for almost a year, just to bring down the clock speed on the HD2. No brainer there. Other than the Vibrant, which again, definitely could’ve supported a flash, and forward facing camera, they have nothing that TRULY excels performance-wise in their lineup.

      That “Sholes tablet” that appeared back at the beginning of the year ( obviously the Moto XT720 ) well, that quickly became the Cliq XT ( yawn ). So if people want to try to sugar coat all this, go ahead, you’re entitled to your opinions. But if you stick to facts ( look at other comments for the links to the GLBenchmark tests on this phone ), you’ll see that yet again, TMo has a non-starter at the gate ready to go.

      It’s not that those of us bearing non-positive comments are trying to be downers, it’s that we ( at least some of us, myself included ) actually want TMo to succeed and grow, and take on the bigger carriers. But to do that, they’ve got to get over this spazmodic blockage they have against picking the cream of the upcoming crop, and PUSHING IT THROUGH. I’m not saying releasing a phone before it’s ready, but you mean to tell me that they don’t have the man-power to do just that.

      Example: Project Emerald. When we heard about this last Thanksgiving it was like….”d_mn, wonder what they have cooking”. At first because of the what ultimately came out as the N1, we thought it was that. Then we saw that unless you were a newcomer to TMobile and willing to put up with a chincy plan ( or jump through hoops of subterfuge ) you had to pay a ridiculous price to join that train. And….it obviously wasn’t Project Emerald. Then some folks, actually, it was this sites sister sites that showed us….a successor to the MyTouch. It was underpowered, but at least it gave folks a chance at a real keyboard. No one even
      for a second thought this was Project Emerald. We know now that was the MyTouch Slide. Nothing to see here folks….move along.

      Then, some folks in Hungary put up picture of what we now know is the G2. Back THEN, I was saying, “No way. This phone has no character, no real visual appeal. It better be a MONSTER under the hood.”. The rumor of “there is another….” and fuzzy details were spoken about a high def MyTouch. But still it went around and around alternating between which of these two was the infamous….EMERALD.

      Now we have clearer definitions of these two handsets, and frankly, the MyTouch HD, if it is Project Emerald will either be as disappointing as this handset, or disappointing in being pleasantly surprised at how good it’ll be. I’m hoping for the latter, believe me.

      Some folks have hinted at a HTC Desire HD. I sure hope the MyTouch HD is closely related to that Desire HD, because the MyTouch Slide sure isn’t related to the HTC Desire. And another sub-Ghz, non-multiple core’d Android Handset would essentially say nothing less than “Hey, here are the scraps of what the handset manufacturers have to offer. Yeah, we know they have better handsets but you’re not ready to handle devices that powerful.” ( read: We’re not ready or capable of supporting devices that would encourage our customers to use data services in the quantity that would be engendered by such powerful devices ).

      So, what is Project Emerald ? Well, the G2 sure isn’t it. And if it’s the MyTouch HD, let’s hope they’ve picked a real GEM of an engine under the hood to power it, otherwise, any ‘Droid Cred TMo might’ve had having been the first Android carrier, will be “bye bye”.

      • ihatefanboys

        all i can say is people like u truly are the most self absorbed ive ever seen, gigantic paragraph to say what ?? that ur disapointed about a phone that hasnt even been released yet because the #s dont match what u think they should….u people need to stop bitching and google stuff. but even so, what i say to all u whiners, if sprint or verizon have what u think u want then gooooooooooooooodbye!! then we dont hav to hear how tmobile “isnt trying to be a top company”

      • Marcelo L

        That’s not the point I’m making. You obviously didn’t read, or chose to ignore the point. I’m not a fanboy for sprint, or big red, or the death star. I’m actually a pretty loyal TMobile customer who wishes they’d actually give their power user/business customers a real choice in upper end devices they sell. If you can’t handle that, too bad.

      • Marcelo GO TO HELL

        Wow your still here why don’t you leave already. everybody here loves T-mobile thats why they are on TMONEWS.COM in the first place. people love that T-mobile has cheap data plans(i still pay $25), fast network(i get 4 Mbps on my G1),and great costumer service. And i will love my g2 with 800mhz(the next generation of mobile processors) which will offer speeds of up to 14.4 Mbps now if you don’t like that then go somewhere because you don’t deserve T-mobile or The obviously don’t like T-mobile so i don’t think you belong on this website so please go f*** yourself and besides you must be bored and lonely because no one would write all of that on a website that blogs about a carrier they don’t like so GO GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

      • Scott

        Apparently these two nutjobs think that anyone who wants a cutting edge handset should go join another carrier. Funny, that seems to be Marcelo’s point too. We can all agree!

      • A.Minor

        Why is it that when someone intelligently and respectfully explains their personal point of view and opinion, people have to jump all over them? Marcelo L, I understand what you are trying to say so it wasn’t completely in vain.

      • ihatefanboys

        @scott….if ur calling me a “nutjob” then u didnt read my many of u losers that skim but dont read…tmo has 2 cutting edge phones…..the vibrant, and soon the G2…i was telling the marcello loser that if he “thinks” tmo dont hav good handsets, stop bitching and leave a company that is apparently constantly disapointing him. its a suggestion to make him happier so the rest of us that are excited for this phone, can be happy without reading the whiny, repetitive posts from the losers that are never satisfied, that always complain with no knowlege, that dont actually do any research on the phone and repeat nonsense. an example is all the losers that keep repeating that only handsets with 1ghz or higher processors will get gingerbread, even tho moderators on the site, and official google press releases have said its not true…

        @aminor…no one is jumping all over him, hes tryin to be deliberately negative for the sake of being negative, hes disapointed so he wants to bring everyone else down…there is no facts in what he said, and his opinion is just his opinion, and its a not very well informed opinion.
        if he is convinced that other carriers have what he needs then he should get out of his contract with Tmo…i thought my point was very clear.

    • George

      Not that it matters (because it really doesn’t) but the CPU on the MTHD is supposed to be dual core 800 mHz.

      Once you free yourself of obsessing over mHz and gHz and look instead at chip architecture and GPUs, you’ll stress a lot less over what are otherwise relatively trivial matters in smartphones.

      • ItsAllNoise

        I’m sorry but there is zero % chance the HD will be dual core. Thats pure fantasy.

    • JoshL

      That post is really old.. 2 months is like a light-year in smart-phone world.

      • Chris


      • JoshL

        That’s why it was a simile. Light-year. World. Come on now; If you’re going to correct someone, at least be correct! HAAAA!

      • Jp

        @ Chris, working out the distance for a light year is 186,000*3600*24*365, which is 4,258,656,000,000 miles. ;)

    • McParty

      What’s the first word in the title of that article??

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    This is a great phone and will perform just fine for the masses who might buy it.

    The only thing that might deter some sales (don’t know if any, some, or a lot) is that IMHO the phone does not look “sexy,” certainly not as sexy as the Droid X, Incredible, Evo and Epic.

    IMHO, it looks like a business device, not some hot new consumer device. It looks like something an old Eastern Bloc field marshal would carry.

    In contrast, look at the Samsung Galaxy S line of phones. They all have an appeal to them, in the “looks department.”

    While my Vibrant has been accused of looking like the iPhone, to that I say “no kidding.” But like any product, if a look is hot, that’s what you go with. You certainly don’t sit on the sidelines with your honor intact saying “We have a policy of never “stealing” or copying the competition’s concepts. If they were first, we honor all dibs.” To be sure, ask Honda about all this, when they just came out with a hybrid that looks like a spitting image of the Toyota Prius. Copycats, yes. Sellers of lots of Honda hybrids, yes.

    To me what’s hot right now is the jet black glass display with the front of the case having black tones too.

    This phone may evoke a quality look and feel, but it doesn’t even come close to making me as satisfied as I am with my Vibrant.

    Just my opinion on it. Others will differ, for sure. (And I duly note it may look better in the hand than it does in these pics.)

    • kai

      im sorry….a full keyboard slider which is just as thin as the vibrant or hd2? with stock 2.2….that is sexy…

    • 2FR35H

      I agree it looks horrible but maybe its like the Mytouch slide in the sense that it looks only ugly in certain colors. I mean if this is in a glossy black or white I’m sure yours and my opinion will change on the look of the device.

  • Perry

    So this can or cannot be overclocked to 1Ghz? Is 800 Mhz the max clock speed?

    • http://Warning,ThismessagehasnotbeenproofreadbyPerry relikk2


      I wanted to send this to you for approval, but after much contemplation it seemed like a waste of time. Sending you a message for you to proof read and then sending you the message you corrected seems like ‘double work’. I’m crossing my fingers you can understand this. LOL

      The information I’ve read on this chip states that it’s min clock is 800, with a max of 1. All these phones are passively cooled and you are normally able to push them a little. I could only assume that it could be over-clocked to 1.1 or 1.2 ‘ish’ (if 1 is the max). This also comes down to each individual CPU and how good the silicon is. So, util we get the chip I have no idea and I doubt anyone else here does either.

      • Perry

        If what you are looking for is an apology then you have it. Thanks for the info.

  • Carlos

    And look how ugly the g1 is and it still sold well me boring but I love the classy look of this phone..I’m sick of black slabs

  • jose

    i doubt thats gonna be the only color. the G1 was offered in 3 colors at 1st.

  • Original G1er

    Time to shed some light.

    Samsung vibrant = best CPU/GPU on the market. But has resource hog touch wiz 3.0 overlay U.I

    G2 with Stock vanilla android = less lag. Optimized. Less resource hog.

    G2 800mhz Stock vanilla android = runs smoother than 1 GHz hummingbird Vibrants touch wiz U.I.

    G2’s scorpion 800 GHZ CPU has fast performance than 1 GHZ snapdragons and right behind industrial leading Samsung Vibrants 1 GHZ hummingbird. G2 CPU runs smarter and more efficiently.

    G2’s GPU almost on par with vibrants industrial leading GPU.

    G2 battery life will be better than Vibrant.

    G2 will be built with higher quality materials  than Samsung Vibrant.

    G2 case will feel and look better than Vibrant.

    G2 3.7″ amoled screen will run same resolution as Samsung Vibrant samoled but G2 will look a little sharper with tighter pixel density to Samsung Vibrants 4″ 

    G2 hspa+ Internet speeds > Samsung Vibrant.

    So, in conclusion G2 > Samsung vibrant overall.

    • shawn1224

      You people slay me. The phone hasn’t even been released yet. People are basing their knowledge of the G2 on happenstance and imaginary specs. Wait till there’s something concrete out that you can actually play with before you give a detailed account of how one phone is better than the other.

      • ihatefanboys

        people like you slay me…. do some research on the chip before u say “imaginary”…and what exactly is happenstance ? do u even kno what that means, seems like u just wanted to put a big word in there. the specs of the processor is concrete, how the confirmed awesomeness of that chip will be applied in the G2 is the only question…but this 800mghz chip will run faster than snapdragons that are on the market… i said, investigating the chip will shut u people up.

      • Marcelo L

        @Shawn: You want concrete information, go check out ( or simply look back through the comments to the links I’ve posted ), and see for yourself, why this phone is “meh”. And why some of us are calling TMo out on it.

        Others here are jumping back at detractors for whatever (fanboy?) reasons they might have, but some of us are just trying to point out serious and factual issues with this phone. Read for yourself, look up “HTC Vision” on “Result” tab under the GL ES 1.1 Benchmarks, and you’ll see for yourself, what others are either missing or choosing to ignore.

    • 2FR35H

      @Original G1er

      Quit fanboying the device hasn’t even been released yet all your noise is based on speculation and not real time performance essentially the same as what Shawn1224 is saying.

      but in the case of your post lets go over it

      G2 has a 3.7 inch amoled with the same resolution as vibrant. Its NOT better because in fact the Vibrant has 4inches of SUPER AMOLED. Vibrant > G2.

      G2 has HSPA+ > Vibrant

      Thats really the only FACTS that is on your post of what you believe makes the G2 better than the vibrant.

      Everything else you posted is based on emotion and non tested information.

      There is no info proving a better battery life, nor a higher quality build or feel, almost on par doesn’t cut it, right behind hummingbird still means its behind, less lag hasn’t been proven, G2 running smoother than Vibrant has not been proven, Look and feel is opinion and to me it looks like a P.O.S.

      • Original G1er

        To clarify my post above, I was trying to point out how the G2 is one of the best well rounded, if not the best complete packaged android phone this year, and in terms of CPU/GPU its right behind the industrial leading Samsung Vibrant. Except, the G2 was made to be more efficient. In processing and battery life. Which I thank because I want to be able to make it through out the day without scrambling to charge it. They looked hard to make this thing last as long as possible!!! 

        Moving forward, Samsung vibrant has that extra unnecessary resource processing touchwiz3.0 overlay. 

        G2’s Internet will be a lot better than vibrants.

         G2 being built with higher quality body parts than the vibrant is fact. It will feel more solid and will feel it’s made of quaily compared to plastic vibrant.  

        Vibrants plastic case looks and feels cheap and looks like a iphone wannabe with it’s 2008ish chrome bezel. So does it’s touchwiz3.0 app launcher. It’s a fact the vibrant tried to mimic the iPhone in these general areas straight up. Every phone website, every critic and anyone with eyes recognizes this. Breaking news!

        Where as the G2 is an original google android phone that comes from the nexus one, G1 family.   

        My statement on G2’s stock android >>> Vibrants samsung touchwiz 3.0 overlay bullish.t remains fact.

        G2’s HSPA + >> Vibrant Nuff said.

        So yeah, Based on this alone G2 is an overall better phone. That’s why I returned the vibrant during my 14 day trial in august.

        Vibrants screen is awesome, I like this thinness of the plastic body, but it felt cheap in my hands. And most importantly that touchwiz 3.0 U.I is unnecessary. G2’s stock android is better for multiple reasons.

        If YOU think samsung vibrant is an overall better data phone. Well enjoy it! No hate, I’m just speaking facts how the G2 is the complete package. Has it’s + / -‘s but overall beats vibrant.

      • JaylanPHNX

        I actually agree with almost everything Original G1er said except for the screen comparison. He wasn’t really wrong in what he said, same resolution+smaller*size=higher pixel density. However, the AMOLED can’t quite compete with the SAMOLED on color saturation, brightness, glare resistance, etc. We’ll also have to wait and see if the touch screen is as exacting as the Vibrant’s. Those are all trade-off type things that come down to what’s important to you. Me personally, I want the Vibrant because I’m not a physical keyboard guy. Though if the G2 is thin and light enough, the stock Android and HSPA+ might sway me.

      • Matador

        Actually, no one know what type of screen it will have, according to many sources Samsung is running short on amoled screens, and HTC was looking into the super lcd screens or something to sub them, this is not fiction, but fact. The G looks to be nice, but honestly not the super phone everyone here claims to want. This is a good phone for the die hard keyboard users who wanted a more powerful phone than the slide. Another thing. Galaxy S has been rooted, so you will be able to go vanilla on it, you can also take out the bloat if you want and leave the custom ui.

        Myself, I thought I was going to immediately root my Vibrant, but turns out im ok with the ui, I can easily change launcher to market ones, I haven’t noticed any lag. I can care less if people think it is imitating the apples ui, and to be frank, it is, but only in the app launcher, the front screens still behave like android, I have widgets all over, live wallpaper, etc, apple doesn’t do that. Also Froyo wil be out for the Galaxy S line shortly, Ill root after to lipo the the unit a little.

        But I am happy G1 users will get something now they can be get excited about.. :)

    • chris

      The Galaxy S variants are the most powerful handsets to date.The G2 [although a very nice phone]not even close.

    • Sami

      Who said the g2 has an amoled screen?

      • Foxeh

        The blogosphere did, but that’s likely False. Even after everyone knew the G2 had the MSM7230, Cellphonesignal up until yesterday was swearing up and down that it had a 1GHz Snapdragon, HTC Sense UI (while showing off press shots that clearly do not) as well as the AMOLED.

        All of these are false.

        Move along.

  • jazzmanmonty

    i’m glad all you people that own a vibrant are so satisfied with it, when so many of you only bitched prerelease how disappointed you were with the specs/pics. hey i’m not 100% happy with this phone, but u know i’ll give it a chance when its released, and if i like it ill keep it like u vibrant guys that were iffy and now love it. if it sucks then i’ll return and wait for the mthd (i pray that blindtype will be released by then for i hate on screen keyboards but if i have to get a phone without one i will) come on lets get a presale/release date!

  • Zin

    Not sure about the weight of the G2 ?

  • Original G1er

    G2 will be the best overall phone this year.

    Better package overall than Vibrant.

    Mytouch HD will be disappointing. Because it will most likely carry the same cheap looking design as the my touch slide, but without the slide.

    Mytouch HD screen size is 4.3″ lets say, but what about the screen technology? At 4.3″ don’t expect amoled, much less samoled.

    Mytouch HD will have sense U.I overaly. Which is a downer.

    Mytouch HD would win me over IF it was completely redesigned from the cheap mytouch design.

    If it had 4.0 – 4.3″ amoled/samoled or super LCD.

    If it had stock android, and none of that sense bullish.t !!

    • ihatefanboys

      agreed on the G2…. u will just get a headache trying to tell hardheaded idiots how top of the line the G2 will be…haters will be haters, whiners will whine “800mhz aint 1ghz…waa waaa” they wont investigate it because of ego, and brainlessness…sad

      • Marcelo L

        You obviously have done ZERO homework on this…..if you’d bothered to look at either of the links I’ve posted to REAL WORLD benchmarks posted by someone CLEARLY from TMo, you’d see that in NO category does the G2 any other phone out there, and is clearly bested by many other phones. Furthermore, in one category CPU FLoating Point, it’s is DECIMATED, yes..that’s a quarter word for you nickel kiddies, it means to be “cut down to size” by so many other phones, it’s CPU score is 3 pages back !

        And as for the “freshness” of these benchmarks, they’re what ? exactly 8 days…yes, that’s DAYS, old. So I doubt a phone that’ll be generally available in what, 10-12 days, will have had an engineering prototype tested for performance, this late in the game.

        Get in touch with reality, mr. fanboy hater. If you really hated fanboys, you’d look at things objectively, which you obviously aren’t.

        Look at the comments, follow the links to and read for yourself. Tens of thousands of tests with thousands of devices all reporting their performance make it hard to argue any special preference being applied by the benchmark to anyone, Sir. The HTC Vision was tested with the same version of the software others were ( since they’re categorized by what version of the benchmark was applied to them ), and it’s been shown not be any great shakes better than what’s out there. The truth hurts, but if you learn from it, everyone can benefit.

      • ihatefanboys

        last response to u, take your links and eat em, no one cares. factor in the GPU, what ?? u cant ??? because u dont have a handy “link” that has actually tested the GPU with the CPU….??? what ?? nothing to say ?? if sprint or verizon has better than take your multiple names that u post here under and go away. geez some of u trolls cant take a hint…

      • http://Warning,ThismessagehasnotbeenproofreadbyPerry relikk2

        @ Marcelo L

        I see what you posted, and those CPU numbers are bad. Those CPU numbers are so bad I have a hard time believing them, lol. I will wait till the phone is out before I pass judgment. It just seems odd that they would put a really good GPU with such a slow CPU.

      • 2FR35H


        Quit being a fanboy

    • Marcelo L

      @Original G1er: “Mytouch HD would win me over IF it was completely redesigned from the cheap mytouch design.”

      I couldn’t agree more with this statement. The G2 however, looks, as another poster mentioned, “Something a general from an Eastern Block country would carry around in their pocket” ( or something to that effect ). It has the styling of a lead brick.

      • JoshL

        MyTouch’s have a ‘Genius button.’ Enough said.

  • Carlos

    The average consumer doesn’t know which is.higher, mghz or ghz…when I.start talking mobike processors to people they look at like wtf are you talking about? Don’t believe it then try it on a non techy person and see what they say…

    • Marcelo L

      @Carlos: Again, the average consumer isn’t the target for these sorts of phones, aside from the ability it gives a carrier for generating BUZZ. If a phone excites a certain demographic…..people will pay attention. And once you have people paying attention you can show them OTHER things which might have more relevance to them.

      Basic Marketing.

      Why is the iPhone so popular, because it generated BUZZ instantly. Despite being crippled with slower data capabilities than other phones AT&T had, it had the BUZZ behind it, and that’s what brought about all that user explosion for AT&T.

      • Marcelo GO TO HELL

        take your buzz and shove it up your A** you lonely mother f**cker. please go and comment or blog about it somewhere else because your wasting peoples time and NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!!!!.

  • ihatefanboys

    the point being, the scorpion processor combined with the adreno GPU make this a top of the line processor for a top of the line phone…to deny that and to talk about processor benchmarks, blah blah, and not take into consideration what the GPU does for that processor is to be a negative ninny, a whiny bastard, a troll at the very least. i envy those of u that talk the truth about the processor and how awesome it really is and battle with these trolls but ive had enuf for today, at least in this thread…we kno the truth, and when all the hands on come in soon, and they put it next to their precious vibrant, and its faster, and when gingerbread comes out and the G2 will get it and still be fast, then maybe they will shut up…..or maybe not….trolls never go away. good luck all

    • cscorbin

      Having that GPU on top of the 800Mhz cpu will help normal day-to-day use? I’m not one to play games or watch youtube I could care less about those features.
      I want something fast that can browse the web, email, apps ect and can keep up with the HSPA+ connection.
      Really, I don’t want to wait 10 sec to download a file then another 10 waiting for the cpu to fire up and open that file.

  • Marcelo L
    • cscorbin

      Ok if the results are from a true G2 this phone is probably not for me.
      I don’t care how many frames per second this thing can do. I care about how much data it can process not 3D or video.
      According to your links when compared to the vibrant

      CPU Performance: Float : 7117
      CPU Performance: Integer : 26845

      G2 “vision”??
      CPU Performance: Float : 2439
      CPU Performance: Integer : 16313

      Also, NO I do not want a Vibrant and I’m not plugging it :-)

    • joel

      Those GPU numbers look about right- the Galaxy S line of phones are the only ones beating the Vision in GPU tests. Well, there’s a couple unknowns in there as well(what the hell is a “Compal NAZ-10?”), but the G2 is beating most of the competition. 30% higher benchmark than the Droid X and iPhone 4.

      As for the CPU, I’m not sure what to think there. It does concern me. But it also seems pretty suspect … if it’s using the same processor as the Droid X, how can it be possible that the Float and Integer benchmarks are so much less?

      I’m more optimistic than you, Marcello. I think this looks like a great phone. I’d like to see some more benchmarks other than this one(in my mind, highly suspect) source.

      • marcelo l

        If you look at who posted those tests you’lll see the user listed as tmotech2. That user was tracked back ( by another mobile oriented site ) as a TMo employee. I’m not saying to not be optimistic, but
        it’s hard to argue with these numbers. GLbenchmark is a well respected benchmark and. tough
        to argue against.

        So for those people who have to resort to personal attacks…grow up.

      • joel

        I’m not saying that there’s something wrong with the site, I’m saying there might be something interfering with the CPU tests. They should be a little lower than the Droid X or other Snapdragon phones clocked @1ghz, but not by much. Once I get a chance to get my hands on one in training, you can bet the first thing I’m doing is running quadrant a few times.

        Also, I’m not personally attacking anyone. Just discussing :)

      • AndroidGuy

        @Marcelo I want you to try this. I want you to call T-Mobile 18009378997 and tell them you have a tap, gravity or what not “feature phone,” tell them you can’t email and you want to talk to tech support. When they XFER you to tech you will be talking to a Tech2 rep. Yep, tech 2 rep is the guys who work on the “feature phones,” including all network and device issues. Maybe that will put it into perspective. That those stats may be “offical,” form the guy who fixes your Tap. Otherwise, I think your posts have been pretty fair. Also, if you don’t believe me, ask the rep when you talk to them.

    • sino8r

      Again… those tests aren’t even complete nor did you even post the correct comparison links! And yes, people should resort to calling you names because you’re an idiot! Now go away before I call the INS!

  • Original G1er

    lol, marcello.

    If a 1 ghz speced phone like Samsung Vibrant came with hspa+…. I’d rather get the G2 still with the efficient scorpion chip and extra battery life. Not to mention with efficient stock android, without any of that unnecessary touch wiz/sense U.I overlay BS.

    G2 is an original phone that is made with a lot higher quality materials than vibrant.

    G2 is a true original android phone like nexus 1, G1.

    1ghz hummingbird Vibrant = cheap iPhone wanna be looking case with chrome bezel with unnecessary resource hogging touch wiz 3.0 U.I overlay/iphone wannabe looking app launcher, phone that has android behind it.

    “Srsly gaiz, i wants a whopping 1 gHz with unnecessary sh.tty U.I overlays in a cheap material made looking phones!! I’m in the futurez gaiz with my 1ghz and I dnt give a crap about my battery life, either. Srsly gaiz, 1ghz is everything to me, srsly.”

    Sent from my iPad.

  • AC

    can we tether using this new G2? if we can then i will buy it

  • Original G1er

    To clarify, I’m typing all of this on my iPad.

    I like technology in general, doesn’t matter who makes it. I’m only biased when it comes to comparing quality electronics with another. If it’s good, I’ll get it. Doesn’t matter who.

    In saying that, G2 looks very solid. Is an original google android phone that comes from the nexus one, G1 family.

    Besides iPhone 4, G2 would be the phone I’d get. And will be getting because I’m accustomed to android since G1 launch. And like android.

    Evo, motorola droids, incredible, epic, vibrant, upcoming mytouch HD… Nope. Overall they are just rehashes.

    Apple – iPhone 4

    Android – G2.

    IMO for now. Until something comes out that has a BEAUTIFUL looking design, google written all over it/stock android, 4.0 – 4.3″ samoled/super LCD. If a phone comes out and naturally has sense or touchwiz U.I overlay… It better look utterly amazing with monster specs in it.

    • cscorbin

      iPad Grosssssss
      lol ok like the device hate the company that makes it.

  • AC

    i hope tmobile is leaving the tethering allowed on this G2

  • gorillaghost

    Yr 2015: This is bull crap I wanta phone with 10gHz NOW!!!! BOO HOOO HOOO big cry babies. Be happy with what ya got, if you dont think this phone is awesome then skip your way to another carrier and cry with them about there diseased phones that always NEEDS a new OTA patch or the battery only last 8 hours…lol… come on, there has got to be a reason your with TMobile and not them in the first place..just remember that!

  • Holiday

    i love fights

  • somebody

    this is phone is not worth the hype that comes with it… its not a bad phone from what i see but not great..

    plus it’s fugly

    there shouldn’t be people making excuses for a phone that hasn’t even come out yet, a new phone with max pricing should be top of the line for at least a month or 2 when it comes out, this phone isn’t /wont be. For that reason i pass.

    just my 2 cents…

  • Original G1er

    Yeah… But this phone look that fugly… I mean look at the droids… Evo, incredible, epic and plastically Vibrant.

    Only one so far that looks and feels quality is iPhone 4. Then G2 which looks more on the business/classy side from a physical keyboard/slider view point.

    Everything else looks like it could be sold at walmart/radioshack in the boonies. “Kyle, you get dat droid boooy?”

    • Original G1er

      Yeah… But this phone (G2) doesn’t look that fugly….

      *correction in top sentence*

  • Hmmm?

    I think that I will wait until the Emerald aka MyTouch HD comes out so that I compare against the two. I don’t see the point in including the Vibrant in my choice now, since it is not fully integrated with HSPA + and that it is available in my area. I don’t even care if these phones are better or not than Verizon’s or Sprint’s offerings. I like T-Mobile’s service and price, so, whatever they have to offer will have to work. Until I feel like spending more per month on a different network than I don’t see much choice in it. This phone will definitely blow my 2 year old BB Curve 8320 away, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be happy no matter what.

    • Original G1er

      Yup. Good idea to wait and compare to another upcoming phone like mytouch HD. However..

      I think mytouch HD will be disappointing. It’ll most likely follow the same cheap looking design as the Mytouch slide, but without the side.

      It will come with HTC expresso like sense U.I skin overlay. Which is unnecessary and extra resource hogging. Stock android is a lot better and smoother running.

      If mytouch HD comes in a 4 – 4.3″ it will NOT have amoled or samoled. It better have super LCD or bust.

      Complete redesign from the mytouch slide design or bust.

      Mytouch slide design cousin with expresso sense U.I = no go for me personally.

      • Hmmm?

        I agree, I’ve seen the picture of the MyTouch HD floating around and then compared to the Desire HD that we thought we might get, it just doesn’t work for me, at least in the way of looks. I mean you would thank the T-Mobile would see how successful the other Android phones are, such as the Evo, Droid X, and how excited people get when they see the Desire HD and hopefully work towards that. But yeah, now that I think of it, every “MyTouch” phone is the same, shiny, not what you think of as “high-end” Android Phone. I mean if you are going to market it as that, it would only make sense. Now, I understand that they market a lot of the previous ones towards families and their teens, but it just doesn’t seem like they are trying to hit that market here, but they might miss the target if they are going for the “high-end” crowd if they are not careful.

    • AM123

      I agree with you guys. Hate the cheap look of that mytouch hd floating around and the thought of espresso makes me wanna puke. I’m gonna see what the deal with the G2 is when it comes out (and if it has a 3.5 headphone jack) otherwise, I’m done with T-mobile and will say hello to that Verizon Evo-ish beauty!

    • jazzmanmonty

      ironically they had an article on some site comparing 2 year cost of phone and service for vibrant on all network and tmo was second most expensive! itd be the same for all android phones, so like u i love tmobile but we’re not getting the cheapest rate. ironically it was att with the cheapest. but i’m not leaving tmo.

      • noname

        The absolute minimum price was being compared in that article, not the prices for the same service. On the two carriers cheaper than t-mobile, you would have gotten much less for a little bit less money.

  • going_home

    I think the real question about the G2 that TMO needs to answer before I buy one is, will the G2 be getting Gingerbread 3.0 ?
    And even more importantly, what about Honeycomb 3.5 ?


  • Angelicious

    Will the G2 have swype? And does anyone know if it will use microsd cards? or will it support microsdhc?

  • just some dude

    What is it with T-Mobile and there idea that any of there new top of the line phones have to have a flip out keyboard and be bulky as hell, they need to fire there phone acquisition guy. Get some new blood in there guys.

    • Andrew

      ummm, this is a slide out keybord, kind of. It moves up instead so that it can have a great keyboard. Also, it isn’t really bulky. I would gladly accept some extra heft for a better keyboard.

  • just some dude

    slide out, move up out What ever you call it, it is what it is. And ok lets call it extra hefty. Im just saying that the hole G1, G2 design is very dated already.

  • tmo

    its a sleek desgin and the keyboard is easy to thing i would like to mention is that it is a 3.7 and does not have a FFC..also doesnt come with swype..Screen has new LCD technology..the screen quality is freakin awsome and saves more battery unlike the vibrant..i would say more but will let yall jumo to conclusions :)

    • Foxeh

      OMG, it’s TMo itself posting on a blog!

      So a new LCD that uses less power than OLED, you say? Riiight. Just hurry up and post the official specs on your web site, kay? :P

    • Original G1er

      “Screen has new LCD technology” ???

      If true that’s awesome! It means it will most likely be “Super LCD”

      Makes a little sense because of the oled shortage. Nexus one is rumored now replacing it’s amoled screens with Super LCD screens because of the oled shortage.

      Samsung won’t be releasing their “Super amoled” screens for awhile….

      Personally, I’d take super LCD over regular amoled. Well, I’d be happy with amoled at a minimum…

      In all, if G2 comes with Super LCD that over looks the “smaller 3.7 not 4″” complaint. IMO.

      Super LCD + tighter pixel density in a 3.7″ screen = beautiful

      Just please no regular LCD in G2!!!

      • Foxeh

        You make a good point there, fellow G1er. Super LCD had slipped my mind, but I had heard HTC has been using those for the Nexus One because of the AMOLED shortages. That means this is actually a very likely scenario.

    • noname

      These are obviously lies. T-mobile has not released an android phone without swype since the cliq xt (not including garminphone and charm for obvious reasons). I do not see why they would stop including it now.

  • Jake

    Maybe the Next Generation T-Mobile phones will have a 500mhz PlantSnatcher Processor that will be superior to 1ghz processor’s. We love Tmobile but when I saw 800mhz I wanted to cry. Tmobile should be able to produce a 1ghz processor phone besides the Samsung Vibrant. We want to differentiate from other carriers, make the remember who had the first android phones. This phone is great but it doesn’t have a wow factor. Customer’s are customer’s and if you were to buy a 4 cylinder Corbett for the same price that your neighbor buys their 8 cylinder car. You’re always going to have to explain that to people, yeah their corbett is an 8 cylinder but mine doesn’t pollute as much. I want raw power and although this phone has it, I feel cheated!! Love, Tmobile but once Verizon and Sprint come out with their next batch of phones the EVO2 or The DROID (Insert Stupid name) they will destroy the G2 at launch.

  • joe

    can’t we all just get along?

  • Randy

    You people do realize your talking about a 200mhz difference here right?


    • Original G1er

      *shakes fist* need GHz over MHz

      *on knees whimpering begging Kosmo Kramers voice*

      …..”Newman has 1GHz in his evo I need G2 1 gigahertz over 800 MHz Jeeerry.”

      • http://Warning,ThismessagehasnotbeenproofreadbyPerry relikk2

        @ JAKE, Original G1er, ….

        Intel I-3 3.2ghz


        Intel I-7 2.93ghz

        Which is better?

  • davidohio

    Wow there are a lot of complaints about a phone that has not been released yet. We don’t even have all the specs yet and so many of you have already written it off as junk. I find that both ignorant and funny.

    • http://Warning,ThismessagehasnotbeenproofreadbyPerry relikk2

      It is pretty funny. My favorite is all these ignorants who are so hell bent on HSPA+. “I’m not getting a phone that’s not HSPA+ because I’m going to download at 14mbs!” On what server? What internet server provides a 14mbps download rate? None!! You’re lucky if you get 1mbps. THERE IS NO WAY YOU WILL BE ABLE TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 7.2MBPS and 14.4MBPS on your handheld device. Those speeds are useful for tethering (and at 14mps, it useful for like 8 devices), which you can’t do unless your smart enough to root. And since some of you are saying, “who cares about the GPU”, and “800 is to slow of a clock speed” I would guess that you’re not smart enough.

      • Hmmmm?

        I’m not sure why we are ignorant because we prefer to have a phone that supports newer technology. I’m able to frequently get 3.5mbs download at home, true that’s not 14.4mbps, but there are many servers that allow over 1mbps. Do you think T-Mobile is ignorant for building an HSPA+ network or Verizon for building an LTE network that at minimum supports 25mbps. I’m not sure what’s wrong with buying current technology, even if it will be obsolete in 3-6 months. I’m sure these companies will be bummed to find out how stupid they are for spending billions of dollars building new networks, thanks for setting everyone straight.

      • Relikk2

        They are building it because they will loose customers since some people don’t understand there is no point for speeds that fast at this current time (other then tethering). I never said it was dumb for T-Mobile to build it, I’m saying it’s dumb for people to think that it’s going to revolutionize their current phone experience. It’s not! The point I was trying to express is that your 3.5mb is plenty fast enough for what’s currently available on the web. You will not see any difference between 14.4 and 3.5 (internet use)for years.

        Now if they release some type of new service this could be a very different story.

        What .com server is over 1mb, or even 2mb?

      • http://Warning,ThismessagehasnotbeenproofreadbyPerry relikk2


        The more I think about this, the more I think i’m not properly explaining myself. Which is why i think you took issue with my statement.

        The HSPA+ network is a huge benefit to people who have standard HSPA phones. For instance, a Vibrant using HPSA+ in comparison to T-mobile’s standard 3G will notice a massive difference in speed. Going from .5-1.0 mbps to 2.0- 7 MBPS is huge for standard web use. Once you hit over 2.5-3.5 range you will not see much of a difference between that and the 14.4. This is because of server bandwidth limitations. My point is that people who are getting excited about HSPA+ devices might be shocked because their web experience is going to be exactly the same as someone using and HSPA phone on a HSPA+ network. There will be a whole ton of bandwidth not be used.

      • xen

        relikk, i don’t think you really understand what you’re talking about. Specifically, I think you’re mixing up MBps (megaBYTES per second) and Mbps (megaBITS per second) (there is a big difference).

        1 MBps is roughly equivalent to 8 Mbps.
        MBps is generally what your internet browser uses when it tells you how fast something is downloading. Mbps is what ISPs use to advertise their speeds. So if your ISP is telling you they are providing you with 15 Mbps but you’re only seeing download speeds of 1 MBps, it’s not because the server is bottlenecking you, it’s your home internet.

        For example, my home connection is 20 Mbps, which roughly translates to a maximum of 2.5 MBps.

        In the case of HSPA+, 14.4 Mbps is just under 1 MBps, and is twice as fast as the current 7.2 Mbps. Web servers DO use up most of this bandwidth, even when just pulling up web pages. Go find a home computer that has only 7 Mbps (DSL) and compare it to someone with 20 Mbps (Fiber optics usually), you will see a HUGE difference, even when just browsing basic websites like cnn and engadget.

    • xen

      (sorry for the double post, but I forgot to add something)

      In fact, most servers do not have this “bandwidth limitation” you’re talking about. At home I get speeds of 2-3 MBps downloads from nearly every website I download from. When I was at university (which has 100 Mbps) I would sometimes even get up to 8-9 MBps download speeds from various websites.

  • tmo

    the screen is pretty frakin awsome..i wasnt a g1 fan but this is one to get a hold of. it doesnt show colors like the vibrant but as crisp..also in daylight you can still see the crispness of the phone unlike the vibrant :) im not sure if its super LCD but it does make sense for the quality that i saw…

    • Foxeh

      Hey, check this out.

      Proof that you are correct! Here’s a snippet.

      “HTC is experiencing high-demand for many of our phones, specifically our phones with 3.7 inch displays. The new SLCD display technology enables us to ramp up our production capabilities quickly to meet the high-demand,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation. “The SLCD displays provide consumers with a comparable visual experience to HTC’s current 3.7 inch displays with some additional benefits including battery performance.”

      Super LCD confirmed! Ha-HA!

  • bige2k9

    should i stick with hd2 or get this

  • jazzmanmonty

    all this bickering about pro g2 vs pro hd is the reason tmobile is releasing two different phones. yes we’d love to have all awesome features in one phone but they had to (didn’t really but i guess i’ll make an excuse for them) separate the best of both worlds. as its shaping up in recent news both phones are gonna have the same processor. both will have 720p recording..will either/or have hdmi out? we shall see. both will also be at 14.4 cap on hspa+. so bicker all you want but thats what we’re looking at. one with smaller screen but with bigger screen and no keyboard. so lets stop this arguing back and forth and instead waste our time writing mass emails to tmobile to release what we want and to release specs on these damn phones. power in numbers… USA! USA! USA!

  • Jake

    Well ofcourse I see your point but the computer specs are still above 800mhz each so….

  • atlantian

    Scorpion uses Arm’s ARMv7 instruction set as the base for the processor, but Qualcomm added its own chip technology in order to improve performance and reduce power consumption, a Qualcomm spokesman said. Scorpion marks the first time Qualcomm has added its own applications processor technology to one of its MSM chipsets for both CDMA EV-DO (Code Division Multiple Access Evolution Data-Only) and WCDMA (Wideband CDMA) mobile phones, he said.

    The ARMv7 instruction set is the basis for Arm’s new Cortex A8 family of processor cores, unveiled earlier this year at Arm’s Developer Forum. Scorpion will run faster than the Cortex A8 core, at 1GHz, and will consume half as much power at that faster speed, the Qualcomm spokesman said.
    understand a that ya are saying but if said and i quote “Scorpion will run faster than the Cortex A8 core, at 1GHz, and will consume half as much power at that faster speed, the Qualcomm spokesman said.” then why the hell did they down clock it


  • A.Minor

    All I can really say is… simply put… regardless of how well the Scorpion 800MHz performs and how much better it is said to work better than the Snapdragon 1GHz, I think what most people are getting at is how much better a 1GHz Scorpion would be in comparison to the Snapdragon… That’s all, no need for hostility or name calling towards anyone who feels that way. Personally, I’m not making any judgements until the phone is released.



    • Foxeh

      It seems that the common misnomer is that a 1GHz Snapdragon is a CPU. Snapdragon is a SoC. The Snapdragons we currently know and love contain a 65nm 1GHz Scorpion CPU with an Adreno 200. The G2 has a 45nm 800Mhz Scorpion CPU with Adreno 205, though it can be optionally clocked at 1Ghz too if they wanted too.

      The die shrink on the G2’s Scorpion lower its power usage but at the end of the day, the G2 sacrifices a little CPU power for a massive boost in GPU that provides hardware accelerated Flash. I’m not one to stray from the facts, but I’m of the opinion that this is not a bad tradeoff at all and will likely generate a much better user experience.

      I’m laying this because saying an “800MHz Scorpion is faster than a 1GHz Snapdragon” is like saying a “6-Cylinder Engine is faster a Ford Ranger.” That’s comparing a component to a package that utilizes a very similar component.

      My only practical concern for the G2’s CPU outside of specific benchmarks is how much that 800MHz is going to affect JIT performance.

      • A.Minor

        Thanks for the clarification. So, I remember someone saying that you could probably overclock it with root access… How likely/possible is that?

      • Foxeh

        According to the MSM7230’s specifications:

        Extremely likely. ;)

        I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled a PSP and clocked it up to 1GHz with a later update (don’t count on that).

  • shawn1224

    The fanboyism being displayed here is ridiculous. I know most of you are trying to pump yourself up for this phone but can you at least wait until it’s released before you start calling it the best thing since sliced bread.

  • David

    I think this graphic is a fake. It’s nowhere on T-Mobile’s G2 site. It’s nowhere on the regular T-Mobile site. I signed up to “stay in the loop” and haven’t received any e-mail. The speculation on this site is getting so out-of-hand that I don’t think I can find any actual “T-Mo’ news” on here anymore. Wake me up when some official G2 information is released. Thanks.

    P.S. I do agree with the marketing complaints. Dear T-Mobile: Please hire Apple and/or Verizon to help you out. There’s no reason even Sprint–Sprint for heaven’s sake!–should have more subscribers than you. Was Catherine Zeta-Jones really the best thing you guys had? Sheesh.

    • Foxeh

      It *was* there, you just missed it. Engadget got it, Phandroid got it, Tmonews got it too. I saw it when it was up but now that link just redirects to the G2 page.

      Seriously, why else would such a random looking URL redirects to that specific page?

      I’m really not surprised they took it down so quickly. With all the hype around 1GHz CPUs, bragging about 800MHz probably wasn’t the best marketing move, but on the other hand people were getting carried away with the “It has a 1GHz MSM7230!” and they probably wanted to put the kabosh on that rather than let everyone down when the specs became official.

      That’s my take anyway.

      • David

        Okay, fair enough. I only check tech blogs occasionally, as I’m not a geek or fanboy, so I haven’t seen the other sites. I see it (buried) on Engadget now. Cheers!

        P.S. Hope this comes in something other than silver. I think it’ll be a real head-turner in black or anything else!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        David… you are not a “geek or fanboy” is your excuse for posting a totally worthless, moronic comment?

        And you say it’s “buried” on Engadget as an additional excuse for your idiocy.

        You should simply go back to not checking the tech blogs, preferably not at all.

    • David

      Well ok, sorry, the graphic isn’t fake.

  • Sami

    I’m not gonna lie, I am a bit jealous of this phones keyboard and hspa+. But then again who really needs a keyboard these days when you have swype? I, for one, love my vibrant to death. I bought this phone day one and not once have I ever regretted my purchase. People hate touch wiz but I actually love it and see no problem with it. G2 looks like a great phone and I hope it becomes successful but I’m sure all other vibrant owners including me feel the same way, which is “I’m happy with my vibrant”. Who feels me???!!! Nothing compares to samoled except for MAYBE iphone 4.

    P.S. All this was done on my vibrant with swype.

    • http://Warning,ThismessagehasnotbeenproofreadbyPerry relikk2

      Love my Vibrant. My first android phone, so i have nothing to compare it to. It’s also awesome to have so much support from XDA if you’re interested in changing things up.

  • alex32

    Some of you whiners have no idea of how amazing the g2 will be. Seriously who cares about looks of the phone? FUNCTION over FORM guys. Good luck to the people waiting for the mytouch hd with that horrendous expresso UI. I see a majority not getting the phone because of ffc, or it “ugly” or it has a qwerty, or its not 4 inch..and when I think about it..GOOD, dont get it. That means ill have more chances of getting this phone because it wont run out of stock (:

    What makes this phone already better than the mytouch hd is:
    android 2.2 vanilla froyo (main one)
    qwerty keyboard

    I wouldnt be surprised if the mytouch hd comes with a 800mhz processor too.
    Im getting this phone the day it releases and i knoww i wont regret it. I plan on having it for 2 years as well till the G3 comes out. I will only follow the G mytouch crap

  • TangoPapa

    You know alot of the criticisms on here are pretty valid from a consumer stand point. Tmobile has to understand these are legitimate gripes from real world consumers. HSPA+ is awesome but I dont give it that much credit simply because in the real world…. you’ll hardly notice a difference.

    At the end of the day we Tmobile loyal customers just want a phone we can call our flagship…. beat out the other phones in some niche way. T-mobile’s corporate buyer seems as if they are incapable of strong arming manufacturers to give T-Mobile a solid offering. A simply threat to no longer pick up HTC devices and devote their confidence into Sony or Motorola would be a big enough chip to at least garner some attention from these manufacturers…. sure they could do better with Verizon but why lose a customer when you don’t have to. T-Mobile EXEC!!! Please man up!

    In the end, it actually helps us as consumers that T-Mobile isn’t as popular as the AT&T and Verizon. We enjoy less clogged bandwidth and lower rates because if T-Mobile neared AT&T or Verizon’s price point, they’ll start losing a majority of the fringe customers as well as the more tech enthusiasts. T-Mobile just needs to stay competitive and we the customers will benefit! :)

    • alex32

      android is a fast moving platform..every 3 months there will be a phone topping the other and so on. The consumer is going to have to deal with that and stop complaining. I consider tmobiles G series our flagship devices the same way verizon has their droids

      • Original G1er

        Meh, if I’m on android I’d go with the originals G2, nexus, G1 family that google works closely in conjunction with.

        I’m not down with all the other phones that have unnecessary expresso, sense, motowhatever, touchwiz U.I overlays, with Android behind it.

        Or else I’d just go with the iPhone 4. Personally.

        However, having options for consumers is great for a number of reasons. But as I said, on android, it’s the original fam or bust.

      • Foxeh

        It is quite scary how few vanilla Android devices there are. The G1 got updates very quickly all the way up until the OS became too large for the G1’s poorly planned partitioning. Still, I was able to sport Google Navigation (once it was put on the Market for 1.6 and up) while a friend’s newer, “higher spec’d” Motorola Cliq came with Android 1.5 and STAYED THERE.

        My G1 has made me very happy over these last two years and while I was happy to see Android progress really kick off after the Droid and Nexus One, I’m just not the type to demand obsolescence. From personal and vicarious experience, I most definitely want to stay with my treasured, fugly stock Android interface. That pretty much leaves the G2.

        The buzz is confusing at best and I don’t understand any of the drama (it’s a phone, seriously), but what I gather thus far:

        G2 Facts:
        -MSM7230, Qualcomm’s demonstration of this device is stellar.
        -GPU accelerated Flash 10.1 and SVG
        -3.7″ 480×800 display
        -Stock UI, Sense Widgets
        -HSPA+, more headroom is always better for varying signal grades.
        -4 row keyboard, bummer for G1ers, but at least the keys aren’t in a straight grid.

        Extremely Likely:
        -Super LCD Screen, less power than AMOLED and higher availability.
        -Top mounted headphone jack, I mean seriously.

        Preliminary benchmarks are interesting, but nothing to take as gospel. Linpack results between Incredible and Droid X between android 2.1 and 2.2 are just strange, for example. With one single benchmark for the Vision’s CPU performance with no specified conditions or driver state explained at all (JIT enabled?), these unfortunately tell us nothing. I do not know how useful FPUs are in a phone either, so I’m leaving performance comparisons off that list until we have something more concrete.

  • Nokia N900USER

    CONFIRMATION: For those who are wondering whether this phone has 3.5 headphone or not, It does. I have someone that saw and played with this phone today and it FLIES.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Based on HTC Touch Pro2 USB audio port disaster I doubt we will ever see a non-3.5mm audio port on a handset again, at least not on phones from the major manufacturers.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Any of you who have dissed this quality handset because it has an 800 MHz processor, you all are a bunch of mental slob phonies. How do we know?

    1. When you get a phone do you put it through benchmark tests to confirm that the chip is performing as expected.

    2. When you get a phone do you put it through benchmark tests to confirm that it’s an improvement over your old handset (and of course you able to do a comparison because you kept a record of your benchmark performance tests conducted on your old phone, way back when).

    3. And just what are your standards on benchmark tests, to determine the handset can stay instead of being sent back to the carrier?

    4. Come to think of it, have you ever sent a phone back within a buyers remorse period (14 days, 30 days California) SPECIFICALLY because YOUR processor core benchmark tests were disappointing. (I am not talking about some perceived “lag,” I am talking about benchmark tests that you actually conducted.)

    5. Pop Quiz!!! Who makes the actual processor core for the Samsung Galaxy S? Who makes the actual processor core for most HTC handsets?

    If you answered respectively Samsung and Qualcomm you just got an “F” on my pop quiz. Go sit in the corner and STFU, you are one of those “12X digital zoom on a camera is a great feature” idiots.

    Beech Slap: Do you even know how to perform benchmark tests and what all that entails? Please, tell us which program(s) you use to perform such tests.

    Beech Slap On Other Cheek: Post the processor core benchmark differences between any two “year-2010” phones you are considering.

    Bonus Beech Slap: Please discuss the extensions and architecture on those chips, including how the phone manufacturer or processor seller are incorporating core extensions on the handsets you like.

    And please, do tell why 99.9999999% of CONSUMERS should give a rat’s pitoot about your tenths-of-a-second differences (or even three seconds if you can fabricate such numbers).

    Warning: I am not talking about phone performance overall, because of an OS, GPU or feature bottleneck. These questions are directed at your unfounded, superficial bullsheet statements about core processors.

    Disclaimer: I duly note, however, that some consumers might buy a phone based on the numbers contained on a package or spec sheet.

    But I submit that T-Mobile and HTC made an intelligent and informed decision on putting an 800 MHz processor on this fine phone. Can YOU tell us what the reasons might be, for using an 800 MHz processor on the G2?

  • Midori

    I am excited that the people who have posted negative comments, pretend to be so business savy and rant in a ever so sophisticated demeanor about a device that they have personally used and studied the hardware and software(sarcasm) I mean,I know I haven’t personally used the G2 myself,which is why I don’t bad mouth it. It all comes down to personal opinion some believe 800mhz is worthless and even spot-on facts won’t change their opinion(stubborn).(although I believe T-Mobile wouldn’t launch a what will be highly hyped and high end phone that didnt exceed people expectations)

  • AndroidGuy

    I know I’m pumped for the device. The CPU specs look a little… strange. Can we think scale for a bit? Any who… I’ll make my decision once I get to test it. Also I love stock android. Just putting that out there.

  • http://tmonews Dr C

    Come on T Monews we can’t wait to get more and more info on this device. you do a great job. Keep up the great job and we follow you daily. thanks

  • weirdguyontv

    El Guapo? more like El Feo. because thats what your comments are- ugly piles of incoherent sh*t that lack any facts or intelligence of any kind. Please kill yourself for making a statement as dumb as ” the G2 wont be able to run gingerbread since its not 1ghz.” and btw, its clocked down to 800 mhz only to conserve battery life. Any body with half a brain can easily overclock it back up to 1ghz although it has been said in dev forums that it may be overclocked to 1.2ghz but then again, those could just be rumors. One thing that is not a rumor: the g2 is going to be faster than any other full qwerty stock android 2.2 hspa+ phone and that means it will smoke the droid, evo, and anything else you throw at it just because it has the REAL fastest network in America behind it, not to mention a sick Scorpion chip. long story short: you are dumb.

  • vinny

    Nothing I have seen today or tomorrow beats my Nexus One rooted. This device is still the best made, looking and powerfull of all.