More iPhone Rumors, YAY!

Are you sick of this yet?  It seems like with every new week comes a new iPhone on T-Mobile rumor.  Is today’s rumor different?  Sure, I mean, I guess so.  The difference today is that Canada’s Quebecor launched a mobile service through Vidéotron.  This mobile service happens to use AWS, just like our lovely Magenta.  During a Q&A session, however, one of their executive vice presidents said that Apple is readying an AWS compatible iPhone that will be ready “in the coming months.”  So, the iPhone on T-Mobile, does this even interest you anymore?


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  • windycity

    wow another interesting scoop.Go TMO get the iphone. can’t wait for the real CONFIRMATION now!

    • reality

      ummm TMO had nothing to do with this “scoop” You see the link under the artile that says Engadget they reported it and this blog simply reposted the info here.

      • Daniel

        He never said T-mobile had anything to with it. He was rooting them on and cheering for the iPhone. You should read things twice before you try to be a dick.

      • reality

        Daniel and you know what he meant how? And you know that I was trying to be a dick? And you know the poster is male and not female?

        Do you happen to know the Lotto number for Saturday?

        btw someone at TMO-News should wake up and instead of messing with these silly rumors maybe report Best Buy will be taking pre-orders on the G2 tomorrow :O

      • Ural

        iPhone YUCK!!! And a paper weight a 3GS, wow I can’t comprehend how foolish people can be with useless products.

        What you give up with any iPhone:
        – No Swype
        – No Google Navigation
        – No Google Translation
        – No Gesture Control
        – Packaged limited Flash
        – Limited free Apps
        – TONS of money
        – Freedon and choice

        Whom ever buys one is a fool.

        But to each his own.

      • JB6464

        ural , ever hear of unlocking/jailbreaking the iphone ?
        After you do that you can do anything you want with it and then have the 3G service as well if Tmo brings it on.

      • Ural

        Jail braking an iphone wont give you any of the above unless you use Android as an OS.

  • JoshL

    I guess it would be good for T-Mobile… but I have no personal interest in purchasing one.

    • pdxduckfan

      Iphone will not be good for TMO. Too many data users crippled the service of ATT and will surely do the same to TMO. Also- why does everyone always complain that TMO doesn’t spend enough money market/advertise their new phones? I prefer quiet marketing…more people grabbing heavily marketed phones means it’s more difficult for me to get them….Also- as stated above….too many users will create poor service. TMO should practice HTC’s philosophy…..”Quietly Brilliant”!

      • JoshL

        If you want T-Mobile to be here this time next year, you had better want them to get more customers. As it is now, their numbers are dropping. So, yes, iPhone would be good (even though I do not like them).

      • ctk

        stop with the “iphones destroy cellular networks” canard. its unproven, and unfounded. everyone here who thinks the iphone on t-mobile is evil probably also thinks that at&t has constant network failures because of the iphone.

        no one has ever considered the possibility that at&t’s network sucks and that it was never, has never and does not still have the current ability to handle all of that data traffic. why is it not a surprise that at&t threw the brakes on its users data usage with these plans and lowly fourth place and in financial trouble t-mobile still has an unlimited plan to 10 gigs and will throttle you down if you go over instead of charging you more?

        ever hear any international carriers who have the iphone report network bandwidth issues at&t has? i haven’t. know why? they could handle the load. and with the vibrant and mtslide and the upcoming g2 coming out, i get the feeling t-mobile could handle the iphone. and i hope they bring it out and rub it in at&t’s face that they can do the iphone better.

        bring on the iphone. i won’t get one but having the most recognized cellular phone in the world at this time is not going to hurt anyone or anything.

      • Vinhchenzo

        TMO just got through with a serious backhaul revamp. All of your T-1’s belong to someone else now… we are now playing with fiber (At all HSPA+ towers)!

  • Squeakz

    Of course I’m interested lol. Please Apple, please don’t let us loyal Tmobile users suffer anymore. just give us your iphone… we promise we will get it the milisecond it comes out…

    • Reveng101

      I don’t know about you, but Im not suffering. I’ve been perfectly happy with my Android phones.

      • Dilla

        and Windows lol

    • Dilla

      Suffering from what? F apple

  • lee

    if it’s not the iphone 4 it won’t matter the apple sheep must have the newest no matter the cost, I work for the big pink T so I talk to these people

    • vegaspimp

      I thought it was Magenta?

      • Daniel

        Are you crazy? It’s always been Pink! :P

  • mtnman

    Yeah, but will this be for Canadian or American Customers?

    • Manny

      good question…well i hope nothing is stopping them from bringing it to the US.

  • windycity

    in time for the Holiday i guess.. TMO’ers be patient

    • Manny

      you speak the truth bro…i knew this was going to happen, just gotta wait it out.

  • Barry

    Wow that’s a damning piece of evidence for lack of a better term. Like I said not for me but good for the carrier.

  • Galen20K

    well at least we know a Production AWS iPhone 4 is real. if they have an AWS version of the iPhone it certainly would work on T-Mobile USA whether or not they officially release it through the carrier, it’d be a GO for T-Mobile 3G on it. Excellent for those who care about iPhone.

  • MikeB

    It’s going to be tough in the coming months, WP7 HD3 or iPhone, ….nah just get both :)

    • Vibrant Guy

      It won’t be tough, just stick with the Samsung Vibrant… :)

  • Jason

    NOPE, I don’t care. Apple is on it’s way out while Android powered phones are on the way in!

    • Original G1er

      Simply wrong. Apples a monster and getting bigger and meaner.

      I love android too. But apples a beast. The iTouch dominates nintendo and Sony psp combined! It should since it has the freaking IOS in it.

      Not to mention the new iTouch has a 720p recording camera and a front facing camera on it now

      And the new 4.1 iOS that has multitasking and GameCenter… Which is basically xbox live.

      Ownage. Simply ownage. The new epic game engine demo that just came out looks xbox1 quality… Couple that with the sharpest pixel density on the planet Retina display… And resolutions.. Amazing looking…

      • Eddie Android

        Comparing the iOS to the 360? LMFAO!!!! GTFO IOS crap will never match Nintendo And Sony ROFL.

      • Original G1er

        Eddie, sit down, relax and breath.

        I never said the mobile iOS Game Center is an competitor to the console xbox live.

        I said the iOS game center is basically xbox live or to clairify… Like Xbox live on a mobile device/ iOS.

      • Evil E

        What’s an itouch? I’ve heard of Ipod touch. This
        must be a new product.

    • wittynamehere

      Apple is only loosing the race because they handcuffed themselves to AT&T. I love Android and can’t care less about ever having an iPhone, but there are tons of elitist, mindless, Steve Jobs drones out there that will buy everything he poops out. Apple has a brand recognition that no one else can compete with. The moment they un-hitch their cart from that slow, out-dated horse that AT&T calls a network, all hell will break loose (in sales) for whichever carrier gets an iPhone next. Love it or hate it… T-Mo needs an iPhone to stay competitive.

  • Original G1er

    Yeah iPhone 4 is the best touchscreen phone out. Most accurate touch screen too. It’s just so buttery smooth.

    And the new iOS 4.1 with GAMECENTER just owns if your into games and playing with others online… Just like xbox live.

    The retina resolution is something to behold.

    It has the BEST and largest touch screen app/game store on the planet.

    It also looks the sexiest!

    Tmobile getting this before sprint/verizon… Would be a game changer, literally.

    iPhone 4, G2 and one of the windows 7 phones are the phones to get! All on tmobile? Gamechanger if it were to happen…

    • 2FR35H

      @Original G1er

      Lol i didn’t know the iPhone came in 4 inches of super amoled nor just 4 inches of any sort.

      • Original G1er

        lol, iPhones 330 pixels per inch retina ISP display and samoled is argueable among technology experts/critics. They both have their +/-‘s

        Thank you come again.

        Extra .5 screen is all end all? Lol what are you going to do with that extra .5″ ? for android games? lol.

        Thank you come again.

    • Eddie Android

      And how many of those games compare to Socom, little big planet, Forza Ms, God of War, Grand Turismo, Ape Scape, FF and Mario series? To call an iPhone/iPod touch (not called itouch) is a joke. Yeah it has good games but without physical buttons its crap. Sorry isheeps.

    • Eddie Android

      BTW I wouldn’t consider Android Devices true Gaming platforms either unless it has a keyboard like the Droid 1/2, MT3GS, and the upcoming G2.

    • Me

      Enough with all the iphone is the best bs. It’s a simple phone for people who don’t care about being restricted from doing thing apple doesn’t wasn’t them to do. Game center looks interesting, but it’s no xbox live or psn. Don’t even compare samoled to the retina display, its color can’t be generated on an lcd on the iphone. If it weren’t for the oled shortage….I bet apple would have used it. Oh, and don’t do the whole indian”thank you come again”unless you legitely work at 7-eleven

  • NJ


    • Galen20K

      i.e. HATER

  • NiiDiddy

    Either way…Life goes on…

  • J-Hop2o6

    i dont want it, but it’ll be the best thing for Tmo! this WILL bring in more customers for them.

  • Cesar

    T-mobile + iphone= Android sell out… Shame on you T-mobile…

    • Vibrant Guy

      :D LOL :D

  • Laz

    You can always buy a unlocked AWS Quatro from Canada and bring it state side…

  • roland

    Give me ANDROID that’s the phone for me

  • Jmts80

    Even though I am an android user I dont hate the iphone I do hate iphone rumors tho. But good job anyway tmonews :)

  • Wilma Flintstone

    In other news, Granny Smith has Apples. *Did you see what I did There* :)

  • George

    yeah go TMO…get the iPhone…and Apple..please please stop cooperating with sh$tty @ss network company….it will only downgrade you….come to a company that will soon to be the fastest data network company!!!!

    and for AT&T………….go to hell!!!

  • pants

    Fyi a itouch will never replace my ps3 its dumb to have such gaming compatibilities who buys a iphone for gaming only?

    • 2FR35H

      crack heads do.

    • Original G1er

      Ugh FYI, Apples iTouch is an portable hand held multimedia/game device,,,, why compare it to a console like ps3?

      Off-topic… If Apple came out with a Game console and included the iOS in it… It would own. You know it and I know it. The console itself would be the best looking ever. Just look at all their products,.. pure quality and revolutionary.

      IMO, all these iPod touch, iPhones and ipad’s, are just leading to Apple developing an entertainment/game console in the future….

  • grothenberger

    Yes, I would very likely get it. To be honest, my Android experience hasn’t been as good as I had hoped it would be. I’ve been seriously thinking about iPhone or BlackBerry. Apple has a slight edge, except for the fact that I can’t stand ATT. T-Mobile has always been a good company for me, and I’d like to stick with them.

    Never another Motorola phone, though.

  • trife

    Personally, I wouldn’t even hesitate to by an iPhone 4 on TMO. Is it the best device spec-wise? Naw. But there’s a reason it is so wildly popular and it isn’t all because of gimmicky marketing and people being sheep. It really is a top notch phone and I’d love it if we got it. That could only = WIN for magenta, despite what the fanboys will say.

  • Ag

    I left my wife on tmobile and switched over to AT&T for iphone4. Best damn phone I have ever owned but I would be royally upset if tmobile decides to carry the iPhone now.

  • mtnman

    If T-Mobile gets the iPhone then i think it will most likely be the 3G. I don’t see it being the iPhone4 because it’s so new and would certainly take away sales from AT&T. That’s not gonna make them too happy at all.

  • mtnman

    Besides we do have the iPhone, it’s called the Vibrant. Do you know how many people already thought my Vibrant WAS an iPhone?

    • Original G1er

      Lmao that’s so sad…..

      Did they hold the cheap plastic 2008 iphoneish bezel vibrant too? And still think it’s the iPhone 4?

      Both vibrant and iPhone 4 came out this summer brah.

      Did you show them any apple apps/games on your vibrant? Surely you would show the beasty vibrant hardware capabilities with it’s apps and games.


  • ren

    Ehhh…. NTY sticking with my green robot.

    • http://out ov1

      Did u guys read the article that samsung will be releasing an epic 4 like version on tmo in dec. Me neither but that sure would take my mind off of this current rumor

  • JB6464

    Yes please bring the Iphone 4 to T-Mobile.
    Or maybe they should call it the Tphone.
    I will give my HD2 to my wife and go back to a better phone with an awesome company,a win-win situation in my book.

  • vinny

    I would not buy any product that Steve Jobs has anything to do with. Jobs is the most unlikable character in the hi tech business. I will not say anything more.

  • Phishwich

    i would buy it. Love android but the I is cheap. I just hope it’s not “coming soon”. <mytouch froyo reference

  • mtnman

    Apple and Steve Jobs has been looking to get out of the contract with AT&T for years now. It’s no big secret. Without Apple, AT&T wouldn’t be the big fish in the pond.

    I mean think about it what else does AT&T have besides the Captivate and the iPhone? Lousy CS, high rate plans, caped data plans, low data usage. I Apple says “Good-bye” so will millions of customers. People have been flocking over to AT&T just for the iPhone.

  • MaxLaw843

    Nothing against Apple or my friends who like Apple and the various iPhones, but I am quite happy with my Nexus One and its Android 2.2 OS on T-mobile. So, thanks, but no thanks for me. That being said, I am sure a lot of unhappy AT&T folks would like to jump to an efficient cellular system–my T-mo!

  • mtnman

    AT&T also blocks 3rd party apps on their Captivate as well and any other Android phone. Dose this sound like a company you’d want to do business with? Millions have only because of the iPhone. Once it’s gone (and it soon will be) then you might as well call AT&T Cellular One again.

  • Eddie Android

    Tmo, don’t be an isheep plz. like stated above don’t be a sellout. keep data without caps.

  • Scott

    That would explain why T-Mobile doesn’t mind being so far behind with its Android handsets.

  • jose

    all the people who say it will cripple the network i just have one question. where have u been for the past 2 years and have you ever heard of android? LoL

    • Spencer

      The amount of users on android aren’t quite to the amount on iphone yet, and more importanly, it’s a bunch of phones put together (like all the smartphones) that slows it down a little, not a single phone

      • jose

        i cant even figure out if your agreeing or disagreeing? my point was android phones use the internet just as much or probably even more then the iphone so if tmobile was gonna have an issue like AT&T theyd probably be having it already.

  • Hilton

    Now that I think about it. Why do we even need an iphone? The only advantages T-mo has is the pricing and the customer service (IE – open phones with less restrictions on what we can do with them than the other 3 carriers). How does a closed, locked down phone that only does what the maker wants it to do fit with us “I’ll root my phone and put android 9.0 on it and tether for free if I want” users? That was basically the thing that keeps me from getting an iphone everytime I have the urge. Phone won’t have flash ever, won’t truly multitask, and Apple will block apps that do what I want…not to mention the apps will cost more.

    • Original G1er

      Your right.

      It’s like buying a state of the art Ferrari… and then on the other hand, you have something like tuning your 1994 ford ranger with decked out ground effects and exhaust etc with whatever you want.

      If you want to put nos in your ford ranger you can, and probably should lol

    • Original G1er

      @ hilton…Your right on comparing the iPhone 4 and android phones

      It’s like buying a state of the art Ferrari… and then on the other hand, you have something to tune with like tuning your 1994 ford ranger with decked out ground effects and exhaust etc with whatever you want.

      If you want to put nos in your ford ranger you can, and probably should lol

      FYI Android you can root, but if you REALLY want to you can jailbreak the iphonez too you know

  • stickeywicket

    “does this even interest you anymore?” Think it pretty much always will interest someone. Just not me.

  • fatboy97

    No… I’m leaving Blackberry, but I’m going to Android, not iPhone.

  • Phishwich

    If you jailbreak it, it’s a hot phone. And jailbreaking is way easier than rooting. Love my fender mytouch but I is where I’m heading.

  • dashfiddler

    Yes, i want iPhone4 on T-mobile. Would also appreciate less negativity in your reporting.

  • MitchRyan912

    sooooo want a new phone now, and would really really REALLY like an iPhone 4. my phone blows, and i’m considering grabbing an original 2G iPhone just to hold me over until either iPhone comes to Magenta or they release the next big “must have” Android.

  • http://gizmodo Akumario


  • going_home

    Personally for me nothing Apple is allowed.
    I just dont care for Mr.Jobs and I am speaking with my $.
    But having said that I think it will be a really good thing for TMO if they get the IPhone.


  • cellswag5

    i just want a single google phone for all the carriers or maybe 2. that would blow the iphone out the water im tired of iphone being #1. just a powerful phone that we can call the goolge phone android phonw w.e u want to call it. but this is what android fans need. there are too many of then out there.

  • EnviroG

    I’ll take one, please!!!a

  • redman12

    UMA would be a great idea for an Iphone if it comes to T-Mobile

  • truth

    Magenta needs to tell cr-apple NO THANK YOU.

  • http://Tmonews Maximus

    Hopefully it will be the iPhone4, but TMO needs some more exciting Androids with all of the bells & whistles. Verizon is taking the lead with more top shelf Android devices. Come on TMO, pick up your game or get left further behind.

  • Yemi

    Ladies and Gents: The Response was Apple is working on it and it should be announced or out in a COUPLE of months. Couple could be 2 or even 8 months lol