(UPDATED) G2 and Vibrant Comparison

Here we go, what will surely be the two best (Android) phones for a little while (still waiting for that MyTouch HD huh?) go head to head in a good ol’ comparison sheet.  As we told you before, the pricing will probably be the same for both, so that may not sway your opinion.  The biggest differences to note are the presence of a keyboard and whether you want stock Android.  If you want that keyboard, with some added heft, and/or a stock Android experience go with the G2, but if you like the Touchwiz UI and the slimmer package, the Samsung Vibrant will surely be the phone for you.  Beyond that, the phones are a near wash, with the Vibrant being an International device (the G2 isn’t) and and G2 being hearing aid capable (the Vibrant isn’t).  The other difference is in the memory; the Samsung Vibrant has 16 GB internal memory  and 512 MB RAM while the G2 has 4 GB of internal memory and 512 MB of RAM (remember that both have expandable MicroSD card slots, but the G2 comes with an 8 GB microSD card and the Vibrant comes with a 2 GB microSD card).  The last difference is with the silicone.  As some of you may know, the Vibrant has a 1 GHz hummingbird processor while the G2 has a 800 MHz Scorpion processor.  I will say this again, MHz isn’t everything, and I am sure (until proven otherwise at least) that the G2’s processor will directly compete with the Vibrant’s processor.  With that in mind, which one do you favor? Leave you thoughts and opinions in the comments!

UPDATE: Silly me, I forgot to mention that the G2 can take advantage of faster HSPA+ speeds and the Vibrant can’t.

T-Mobile Compare

Want to go even further and compare the G2 against both the Vibrant and the Slide? Good, Wirefly has got you covered, hit up their Wirefly.com/Learn page, or since we’ve down the work for hint this link here (Vibrant), or maybe this one here (Slide) and compare!

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  • Brian

    The one thing that is going to keep me from getting the G2 is that it is not an international phone. I travel overseas several times a year and need a phone that works around the world.

    • SimplyAmazing

      That’s confusing…. Where I travel, their frequency bands are the same as T-mobile, 850, 900, 2100 MHz. If this phone isn’t international, then does that mean it wont work on those bands overseas even with a different Sim card? Or is it somewhat *locked* to T-mobile bands??? Im a bit confused :(

    • MattB

      When saying ‘not an international device’, am I correct that this exclusively refers to the ability to receive 3G data while roaming? Furthermore, is this why my MyTouch Slide gets 3G while off network, but my dads G1 can only get EDGE?

    • pdxduckfan

      Just get the unlock code from customer service….that is what I’ve always done….did it with the Dash and the HD2. I go to Hong Kong and China. I remove my TMO sim card and put a local sim card in….that way…I still have my calendar, contacts, music,movies,etc with me. TMO international plans are a complete rip off too. With a sim card purchased from 7-11, I can call USA from HK for about $.05 per minute. If I use TMO…it’s about $2.50 per minute. And don’t even get me started on their data prices…..It’s ridiculous!

    • mikeeeee

      900 mhx and 1800mhz are euro bands.

      850 mhz and 1900mhz are american bands.

      maybe data is different but the phone will work and it will do data over WIFI.

    • badbob001

      How about the Vibrant’s hidden ability to work on AT&T 3G frequencies?

      • jonathan

        Yeah, I don’t think many people have gotten wind of this yet. I’ve seen it quite a few times already though.

  • JP

    I wont be going to death star, for less bars in more places, and a slower broadband experience, so its G2 for me.

    • Fred Coulter

      Vibrant is also a T-Mobile phone.

  • oxfdblue

    Another great looking phone that I was all ready to go out and get only to be shot down… No wifi/UMA?

    It would be a paperweight for me at work. We have poor coverage to begin with, and the heavy brick/cement/cinderblock structure-even the interior walls (a NYC school- built to be a bomb shelter)- barely lets strong mobile signals in.

    Our wi-fi network makes by Blackberry 9700 work just fine.

    • Andrew

      It has wifi, no UMA though

  • Johnathon

    Wish the G2 were a bit smaller. The vibrant is huge and the G2 is almost the same size. but atleast there is a flash on the G2!

  • Coolcat

    G2 is not an international device? That’s ought to be false. It is indeed a quad-band (Edge freq) phone. Of course its 3G (UMTS) band is not, just like the Vib.
    Irrespective of the this note, I’m a happy Vibrant user. :)

    • The Hammer

      Didnt i read some where that you can unlock the vibrant to get 3g on att? could have swore i saw it on engadget a few weeks ago

      • Coolcat

        Thats right. You get access to 1900MHz (but not 850MHz). ATT uses both these for their 3G although predominantly 850MHz.

  • G1 user waitin for G2

    I got a good deal on the Vibrant and sent it back so i can get the G2, even though im kind of questioning the decision, im still going to get the G2 no matter what.

  • frank

    why would you write that most of the 16gb internal is eaten up on the vibrant … i have 6 gameloft games on my phone and i still have 12 gigs internal …

    • Andrew

      that Avatar movie has to go somewhere

      • MattB

        Pretty sure the Avatar movie is on the included SD card no?

      • TheAnalyst

        Avatar is on the SD card.

      • Sapphire

        Yes, it is on the memory card. Just like the HD2 and the Transformer movies. When you remove the memory card and try to play the movies you receive the error ‘file not found’.

      • RolloC84

        Avatar is what loads up the 2gb sd card; thus making the included sd card all but useless. I am fond of the amount of internal memory though.

      • NiiDiddy

        even with Avatar on the SD card, you still about 1.36Gig left on it. still have about 11Gig left on internal storage even after 100 apps installed. i upgraded my sd card to 32 gig anyway…not that I’ll even use all of that storage on the device and sd card. lotta room to spare.

      • jonathan

        Avatar isn’t even on the internal memory. It’s the “external” 2gb sd card. Tsk tsk…


      I just copied avatar to the phone memory and put the card that came with my HD2 in and haven’t looked back since

  • Pamma

    If the Vibrant has more and same frequencies as the G2 what frequency will the G2 use for the faster HSPA speeds?

    • MattB

      Same frequencies… 1700/2100.

  • Jar

    Saw this yesterday, kind of disappointed by the screen size

  • TmoBully

    17.5 hour standby time for G2. Is that still not corrected?

    • TmoBully

      According to the FAQ link posted by another user in the comments G2 standby time is up to 17.5 days! Thank goodness.

      “Q: What will the battery life be on the G2?

      A: Like most smartphones, we expect it to last a full day with typical usage. Talk time: up to 6.5 hours

      Standby time: up to 17.5 days”


  • Corey

    17.5 HOURS of standby time???? That cannot be correct…

    • Technogen

      Its not, it should be 17.5 days.

  • mailman13877 (Evo 4G)

    Smh. TMO top phone already looks outdated compared to the Evo aS far as its features and looks.

    • Sapphire

      Guess who’s back. Back again.

    • ceas

      then stop being a douche and go play with the outdated evo 4g…

      • hi

        actually he’s right. I know…it kinda hurts. I mean, for god’s sake, the EVO was announced in what…..January I believe?!?! TMobile has had 8 months to get something comparable and hasn’t even come close yet. In 8 months…just think about that for a second……sad

      • ceas

        @hi the current benchmarks show the “STOCK” G2 is faster the the “STOCK” Evo… Once the G2 is rooted, it will blow the evo apart..

      • ceas

        @hi and the Evo was not announced in January.. it didnt come out till around June.. the Nexus one came out in Januarry and that still blows the evo apart…

      • Cybersedan

        These people who think that the EVO has anything over the G2, other than a bigger screen are clearly misinformed. Ok so it has a front facing camera, who the hell uses that crap, HDMI out, woohoo!!

        Tell me something else the EVO has that the G2 can’t match and destroy, let me hear Sprints rather slow 4G so I can laugh. You people need to look at the full stats, see benchmarks and not just focus on sissy novelty features.

    • mtnman

      I’m sorry Mailman, but can you talk about anything else (Except the Evo)? Just curious, do you call your GF/Wife Evo, are you kids named Evo and Evo Jr? Do you call in sick to work saying your making love to your Evo? Do you consistanly wipe drool off your chin with the very mention of the word Evo? Dose the guys in the white coats and butterfly nets tell you that you can play with your Evo after you take your meds? Just curious?

      • Sapphire


    • Bruce Banner

      David, Andrew, and Kickstar please block this ass wipe from the site.

      • Sapphire

        Agreed. Although, I think it does make for good discussion when there is intelligent dialog, but mailman takes the cake in killing the discussion.

  • Nick

    Lame phone.

    And WTF is with “16 GB internal memory (most of which is eaten up already)”

    only 1 gig of the external 2GB card is ‘eaten up’, the 16GB is practically empty..

    Seriously, the Vibrant decimates this phone.. the EVO decimates this phone. Every DROID phone (Other than the original) decimates this phone. This thing is a more professionally packaged MyTouch Pro.

    Hard QWERTY boards are highly overrated. I loved mine on my G1, but after trying actual good keyboards like Swype and the Droid multitouch keyboard, I’ll never go back. Smart soft keyboards are significantly faster than hard keyboards you can only realistically use 2 fingers at a time on.

  • tortionist

    I played with the Vibrant. It seems like a great device, but i’m going for the G2 with the new scorpion processor and stock UI. I love not having a built in UI like sense. Open Gesture Pro rules. The G2 should be a great phone. I look forward to getting it….. release it already!

  • Henry

    How’s the screen on the G2. Isn’t one of the selling points of the Vibrant the Super AMOLED screen? Does the G2 compete?

    • Surfer

      Actually, I was wondering the same thing. What’s the resolution and is it 16M colors?

      • Marc

        It’s probably not as good, or else they probably would have pointed it out by now.

  • Technogen


    This should stand note, that the “known” benchmarks show the G2 being faster than the Vibrant right now.

    • jonathan

      So what do you think will happen to those benchmarks when the Vibrant makes Android 2.2? Comparing Android 2.1 to 2.2 is like apples to tomatoes. An apple is a fruit and a tomato is… Fruit?

      • zazou

        These are benchmarks with the GPU, not cpu

  • mikeeeee

    G-2 is worth taking a 2 week test drive and seeing how it flies.

  • SG

    Anyone know if the G2 will have a TV out option like the Vibrant via the 3.5 jack?

  • Nis

    17.5 Hour standby?! Can someone please sent out a ninja or two and confirm whether this is true or not. 17.5 hour standby would a joke and would kill this device followed by mass exodus of Tmo customers.

  • tortionist

    If I remember correctly, the screen for the G2 is supposed to be an AMOLED screen.

    • Scott

      Then you remember wrong. It’s a high quality LCD.

  • JoshL

    I pick G2.

    • JoshL

      but kinda angry about no tethering..

      • The Sleeve

        Mine will tether anyway…rooting FTW!

      • Brigini

        what do u mean no tethering? If its got 2.2 thats got tether via usb already on it doesnt it? anyways since its stock android rooting should be a breeze, just slap the tether wifi app on it and your off!

  • ceas

    Andrew and everyone else you may want to check out the G2 faqs put out by T-Mobile heres the link http://forums.t-mobile.com/t5/T-Mobile-G2/T-Mobile-G2-FAQ/td-p/467345

    • mtnman

      Thanks for the link ceas. It clears up some things like the 17.5 hour standby. It’s 17.5 days. And that Tmo is working on a devices that with teather in the future. Of course I don’t see any in 2011. possibly 2012.

    • Ivan

      I clicked your link and one of the FAQ was How is the batterly life? Tmobile answered 17.5 days standby.

    • ceas

      No Problem.. Im glad the link helped..

    • Nate

      I think the FAQ post has been deleted from the T-Mobile forum. I was reading it earlier today and now it redirects to a “Deleted-Posts” link. Anybody glean any new information from the FAQs before it was deleted … other than No UMA, no FM Radio, no built-in Tethering?

  • Eric

    the thing i wanna know the most, does it have the mobile hotspot feature on it? can i connect up to 8 laptops, game stations or any Wi-Fi devices to it like the evo? im pretty much sold if it can offer that on top of what it already offers

  • Eric

    thankx ceas… my post got on a little late… no hotspot!!! judging by what they said there gonna offer it at some point but probably charge for it just like sprint :(

  • WXman

    I pick the EVO. I have a 1Ghz processor, and finally have 3G everywhere I go, for less money. :) OH, and I’m on 2.2 out of the box, and this phone will be supported and updated, unlike TMo phones.

    • ceas

      Heres another Douche that doesnt know what they are talking about… The G2 will have 2.2 out of the box too… and if you where a original G1 or MT3g owner you would know that T-Mobile does support updates… go enjoy your evo and when future upgrades come.. have fun waiting for them while HTC updates sense… Mean while everyone with a stock Android UI will get faster updates!.

      • WXman

        You’re the clueless douche. I had a G1 for almost two years and guess what? It got Android 1.6 and that’s it. Then I bought a CliqXT 5 months ago and guess what? Android 1.5. Then they say “no update! We’re ditching this phone altogether!”. After 5 months?? What?

        So yeh.. TMo never has supported their stuff. They’d rather rush phones to market every 3 months than take care of existing customers who have bought $400 devices. So yeh.. I’m loving my EVO, my 3G, and my HTC Sense. And I’ll still be loving it 12 months from now. Douche.

      • The Sleeve

        It’s not T-Mobile’s fault the Cliq never got updated. That’s all on Motorola. They designed the MotoBLUR junk and they need to update it. Just like your Sense on the EVO. PLUS, from what I’ve read Android 3.0 will not support custom UIs so who knows what will happen to all those phones when that rolls out.

      • ceas

        The reason your G1 never got anything further then 1.6 is because that phone was done with… T-Mobile stop selling it… and it never saw 2.1 because that phones hardware was incapable of handling 2.1… Did you ever take time to think that maybe HTC and T-Mobile didn’t want to release a half-ass 2.1 rom.. why would they do that? so that every idiot can complain about their phone not working properly and not having all the features… it was logical for them to just stop sell the G1 and move on to the next phone.. And as far at the Motorola phones not getting updates.. that motorolas problem not T-Mobiles.. and if you love your evo that much then good for yoy… but i bet when the next android update comes out you will be one of those crying “why havent i gotten my update yet?” why beacuse HTC still have to and update Sense.. In reality Evo owners (or any owner of a phone that has a custome UI over stock android) will have to wait longer to get update them any phone that runs stock android!

      • Scott

        @ceas: well, you’re the expert! Although, you might want to tell Cyanogen that the G1’s hardware is incapable of handling 2.1. He had 2.1 running months ago, and released 2.2 stable a few weeks ago.

      • ceas

        @scott I understand your point.. I’m running cm 2.2 at the moment.. but my point is that Tmo and Htc wouldn’t put out a rom if it was not complete because people would just bitch-and-moan that its missing things… cm builds, although run excellent, is not a complete build. missing a few things… and these are things most people will complaint about… the people that dont understand how things work..

      • Scott

        @ceas, dunno what they’re worried about… CM 6.0 on my G1 is much faster and more functional than Apple’s most recent update to my brother’s iPhone 3gs. Customers can be pretty forgiving when you give them new stuff, especially if you give them a choice. If Apple is willing to risk it I don’t see why T-Mobile isn’t.

        Besides, I’m pretty sure T-Mobile is losing far more customers to their Cliq and Behold II disasters than they would ever lose by OTAing a newer but buggier build. Heck, they make me consider switching and I never owned a Cliq or Behold II. Kinda hard to trust a carrier that keeps making promises (or at least implying them in the press) and then breaking them.

    • Acacia Strain

      Sorry man but the Vibrant > Evo.

      Faster processor
      Better Screen
      Has Swype

      Other than that the Evo has a better camera, but everything else is a wash. Sure Evo has a FFC, but seriously…no one uses their FFC. I have 2 friends with an Evo and they used it once right out of the box, but never since. It’s nice to have, but I doubt that it gets it’s use. Like having two different beds. Sure you might save it for visitors but other than that it never gets used.

      Oh yeah and you’re paying $10 bucks for 4G which isn’t in your area. Cool.

      Paying less?

      I did a fake check out on Sprint (had to use the Epic 4G because Evo isn’t available online)


      Regular price $499.99
      Instant savings -$150.00
      Mail-in-Rebate -$100.00
      New price $249.99

      Monthly Bill

      $116.99 before tax (Unlimited Min/Text/Web + Insurance + Required 4G charge)


      Phone (Vibrant)

      Suggested retail $499.99
      Instant discount -$250.00
      Mail-in rebate card -$50.00

      Monthly Bill

      $105.98 (Unlim Min/Text/web + Insurance)

      So not only is the Phone $100 cheaper but monthly too.

      One more thing let’s do a family plan:

      Two Epic 4G’s on family plan

      $699.98 for the two phones before $200’s in mail in rebates


      $223.98 a month (Unlimited Min/Text/Web + Insurance on both + 2 required data charges)

      Two Vibrants on family plan

      $299 for both phones before $100’s in rebates (isn’t Buy One Get One just so sweet)

      $191.97 a month (Unlimited Min/Text/Web + Insurance on both)

      An upfront saving of $400 for the phones

      A yearly saving of $384.12 and a total contract savings of $768.24

      Total 2 year price for Sprint (Phone cost + MRC)


      Total 2 year price for Tmobile (Phone cost+ MRC)


      Which comes to saving $1168.24 on Tmobile.

      So yeah…how are you paying less?

      By the way that was just for 2 Evo’s and a family plan. Imagine having a third person on your line with an Evo…Yikes.

      • Marc

        The evo is 199.

  • Marc

    Will it have FM Radio.

  • MarkV10

    silicone? does one have implants of is it stuck together with RTV. I think you meant silicon.

    The other unmentioned difference is I can go buy a Vibrant right now.

    • IEEE Police

      Thanks for catching this. I’ll file it away immediately

  • JaylanPHNX

    This is gonna be a real debate for me. The Vibrant is kinda in the lead with its 4 inch SAMOLED screen and ultra-thin/lightweight body. I’m not a fan of hardware keyboards as they bulk up most phones way too much and I’ve never had a problem using the on-screen ones. But then the G2 looks thinner than most KB-equipped phones. The screen is smaller (still no word on the tech or if it will compete with SAMOLED), but then the HSPA+ makes its data faster. From what I’ve seen and played with at the store, I actually like TouchWiz 3.0, but that also delays updates. It will likely come down to handling both phones in person and how well certain features perform. If the camera takes pictures as well as the MyTouch Slide, then the G2 is OUT. If the Vibrant lags more than the G2 (have to account for 2.1 vs 2.2) then it drops. Wow, it’s gonna be tough. And I’m gonna love every second of it!

    • The Sleeve

      I’m pretty sure it will not be SAMOLED since Samsung is the only company that makes them for phones and they need them to supply their Gravity S line at the moment.

    • Dick Richards

      If you’re worried about lag on the Vibrant, you can get the one click lag fix from android market and root it in about 5 mins or less. You can also get ADW or launcher pro which is quite close to stock android. After doing the one click lag fix, and root I’m measuring over 2k in quadrant. And that’s not even bumping up the cpu to 1000 MHZ, that’s only at 800 MHZ in “on demand” mode.

  • J

    The G2 outperforms the Vibrant in benchmark testing. It didn’t really just beat it, it pretty much crushed it. This was using the Quadrant app downloaded from the market. I don’t think its that the CPU or GPU is that much better, but it is because vanilla 2.2 Android kill Touchwiz 2.1 as far as performance goes.

    Also, for those who say it doesn’t have UMA, thats not completely true. Any Android phone is capable of having UMA with the proper App. Whether or not that App is ready is another question.

  • rob

    Yes avatar is on the sd card on the vibrant you get around 13gigs to start

  • DavidinJax

    Why don’t any of these new phones have UMA!! I don’t want to be stuck with Blackberry forever!! grrrr grrr *angry face*

  • Hmm

    Vibrant if I was going to choose.

  • http://www.blah.com Vu

    You forgot a big difference. The G2 is a true hspa+ device while the vibrant isn’t.
    That’s a huge consideration.

  • mtnman

    Right now I have the Vibrant and the Cliq. Cliq is due now for an upgrade. But my delima is should I get this, or wait for the MTHD? I’m not really all that into the WM7 phone.

    Right now I can tether the Vibran via Samsung Keis, but it has to be connected to the computer. I can’t got outside my appartment to do a wireless network.

    The G2 don’t even do tethering and isn’t an international phone. So when I travel to B.C. I can just swap SIM cards on Rogers.

    G2 beats the Vibrant with 2.2 and flash 10.1, but that’s only temporary until the Vibrant get a Froyo update this month.

    Speed wise the 800Mhz processor is optimized for the new HSPA+ net and will get high download speeds, but that’s assuming that you have HSPA+ coverage in your area, and for a lot of us, we live in a rual areas or just outside metropolitain areas were coverag is spotty. I live in Colorado Springs, Co. and will get HSPA+ here by Dec, but if I got up in the mountains I get nothing at all. So what good would HSPA+ do me there?

    The Vibrant has 16Gbs of internal storage (2gbs for firmware, and the rest for all other applications). I removed the SD card that had Avatar on it after watching it for 3-4 times and put in an 8Gig to boost my memory up to 24 gigs.

    I love the 4″ SAMOLED screen on the Vibrant and I heard that G2 will have a SLCD which will still require a backlight and not all that bright in direct sunlight. The Vibrant (although still hard to see in sunlight) I can still see it. The G2 will have a flash on it, but using the Night Mode on my Vibrant I took two back to back pics, one with Auto settings and one with Night Mode and the differance was Night and Day. In my appartment with me not being able to see hardly anything in the room, I took a picture with night mode and could see everything. It was like haveing night vision.

    Then lastly there’s the keyboard. Having used both I prefer the non-keyboard using the Samsung Keyboard instead of the Swype. The keys are nice and large and it has the word selection up so that I find that I can type faster with it than the Swype or the Android keyboard. And if you know my Sister, she’s a text-aholic.

    So my conclusion is that while the G2 is a great phone, the only thing that seems to set it apart is the fact that it has Vanilla Android and is HSPA+ capible.

    On Vanilla Android it’s a personal thing, I just seem to prefer the TouchWiz 3.0 that Samsung has incorperated into the Vibrant. I’ve had Vanilla, but but I don’t know I just like it, it’s just me I guess.

    So for now I’m just going to wait and see what the MTHD has in store, I’ve waited this long, I can wait a few more months.

    • ceas

      The whole tethering issue can be solved really easy.. there are apps that let you tether your phone.. I know it cost money, but it gets the job done… I personally root my devices as soon as possible because i have fun modding the phone as much as possible… Personally i can wait till this comes out.. The only let down was the screen size but it will do.. As far as the rumored MT3G HD i don’t want to mess with Sense UI i prefer stock.. and Ive been longing for a physical KB… Thats the main reason i passed on the Vibrant… that and also the fact that Samsung flaked on their Behold 2 customers with updates… for the same reason i will never own a Motorola phone either… HTC has done good in trying to update all there devices to the best software that device is capable of.

      • Eric

        to bad they cant update the mytouch line…fender.. to 2.2 like they have said…

      • ceas

        @Eric .. i hear you.. i have a mt3g 1.2 and i am waiting for the promised 2.2 update.. but i do think it is coming.. after they release their 2.2 flagship phone the G2..

    • The Sleeve

      How do you know we’re getting HSPA+ in December? I live in C Springs too…that’s exciting news if true.

      • mtnman

        I’ve spoken to CC Reps on the phone and Tmo Store employee’s that said since we’re part of the Denver Market, when Denver gets it we will as well. And Denver is to get it in Dec.

      • gulo

        good question, I am also in Colorado Springs and we are not part of Denver market because Denver had 3g much earlier than Springs

      • the.sleeve

        Yea, I used to work in the Tech Support center in the Springs and while we are part of the Denver market we got 3G much later than Denver did. However, we did know when it was going to arrive even though most of the customer base did not. I hope you are right because that would be awesome!

    • badaphooko01

      Hey, there is a wireless tethering app already built in out vibrants its called mobile ap. You can flash as an update.zip using Clock Work in the rom manager app. You must be rooted as well which can now be done in one click. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=760243

      As for my choice its the Vibrant hands down. The only reason you would need HSPA+ would be to d/l torrents at fast speeds. Had this phone been 4″ then maybe it would have caught my eye. I still think the Vibrant is the best Android on the market. I have two employees one has an EVO and always says I wish I had your phone, the other bought a Droid2 last Thursday and returned it today for a Fascinate. Everybody is always amazed at the screen and personally I like TW, vanilla Android is so boring. I used to change my theme just about once a week when i had my G1.

  • David

    So the G2 will be a full ounce heavier than other Android phones that have a keyboard? I can live with the other specs, but if this is true I probably won’t get the G2 after all!

    • Foxeh

      The only reason I can think of why it’s *that* much heavier would be that it uses less plastic and more metal. The G2 may have a keyboard, but it also has a smaller battery.

      This is just a guess, though. If it’s plastic and weighs that much that’s almost inexcusable.

    • JoshL

      whaaaat!?? a 1 ounce difference will make you not get the phone? do you even know how little an ounce is?? lmao. these people are just crazy.

      • David

        Not crazy at all. Have you ever handled a phone before? Past a certain weight and size, a phone no longer fits in a pocket and is no longer portable. Considering the added weight, I’ll probably take a “test drive” with the phone once it comes out in a store rather than pre-ordering online. Let’s just hope it’s the use of good materials that drove up the weight.

      • Scott

        Do YOU know? An ounce is 20% of this phone’s weight. That’s a pretty big amount.

        The G2 is a 50% heavier than the Vibrant and 10% larger than the Evo, both of which have much larger screens. It’s an awfully heavy phone for its form factor. As David says, let’s hope it’s because the phone is made out of metal. Otherwise, that would be pretty embarrassing.

      • Scott

        Arg, 10% HEAVIER than the Evo, both of which have much larger screens.

      • JoshL

        Hopefully you know that the G2 has a physical keyboard. That is the answer to your wondering of where the weight is coming from. if you were to pull out the keyboard, it would be larger than the Evo.

        Regardless, people will complain if the phone is too light or if it’s too heavy. And freaking out over one ounce (whether or not that ounce accounts for 20% of the phones remaining weight) is ridiculous.

        Oh, and your argument that past a certain weight, a phone is “no longer portable” is really out-there when you are considering a 6.5 ounce phone. If you find that you are unable to lift it, then perhaps you should work on your endurance.

        Once again, physical keyboard. There’s your answer.

  • http://www.lnxpowered.org Michael Perry

    I choose… Both. I have the vibrant now and its a nice phone. It works after doing a few fixes which people should understand. GPS does not work reliably on a factory default phone so head over to XDA. I also installed a custom 2.1 ROM after rooting the phone and then did a lagfix which required a few steps with adb shell commands. My moral of the story is that I have two sim cards on tmobile. One runs the vibrant. The second will do G2. I also travel internationally. I don’t use data plans where I go and rely on office wireless, airport wireless, etc. It appears from the pictures that the G2 runs a factory default froyo install. This is good for me. The touchwiz thing is nice; but I will get tired of it much like Sense. Android means choice. Choosing is good.

  • Jordan

    But doesn’t the G2 do Tmobile’s “4g” data speeds, but the Vibrant does not?

  • mtnman

    The Vibrant will is not an HSPA+ phone, but takes advantage of the new network speeds. But it still will only get about 7.2mbs download. The G2 will be a true HSPA+ phone that will theoretically have speeds up to 14.1 mbs download. Now then they say “Theoretically” that probablly means if you climb up to the top of a cell towar and place your G2 right on the transmitter. lol

  • NiiDiddy

    Love my Vibrant! :)
    HSPA+ or not, my phone is still pretty very fast and I am very happy with it. Nice screen display and size…etc. I’m Happy. What I’m waiting on is that HD series (mytough and the winmo device).

    • NiiDiddy

      …just wanna see how they stack up again each other, and then, against my Vibrant. Then I’ll decide whether I should invest yet again on hold off.

    • Brigini

      yeah, im android 4 life but that windows 7 phone hardware wise is gonna be a beast!!

  • nclax15

    I’m absolutely positive that none of you can begin to rate the Vibrant until you actually use it for a few hours.

    Already I hear people ranting and raving about how “Flash, TouchWiz, naah naah”

    Yes, I was veeeery sceptical of purchasing the Vibrant, but this thing ABSOLUTELY blows away any device on the Droid line for example, and definately any Tmo phone for quite a while.

    Trust me, G2 was on the top of my list until I bought this beast…

    • Frigadroid

      Yup, I too was scared to buy a samsung, but now I’m happy I did. Us vibrant owners for the most part are satisfied. I never miss the keyboard or extra tonnage of my g1. I couldn’t wait forever for a fantasy phone with every possible feature and highest specs so I tried it and liked it. If something much better comes out next year I might be interested but the g2 doesn’t excite me I guess mostly because of the size and weight.

  • pimpstrong

    The Vibrant has HAC mode.

  • La El

    One thing I’ve noticed is that specs on the carrier websites are notoriously inaccurate.

    For example, if you expanded this comparison to include the MyTouch Slide you would see that the MTS has a check for International Phone and yet all the same distinctions for Supported Frequency as the G2: 850 MHz;900 MHz;1800 MHz;1900 MHz;UMTS: Band IV (1700/2100)

    Also, the MTS does not include ActiveSync in Local Synchronization which the Vibrant does. I used the MTS and it has ActiveSync…

    It’s unfortunate that the carriers don’t provide more standardized and complete information as it would only help them in the end but until then, better to gather a more complete picture by handling the phone or through the manufacturer.

  • Vibrant Addict

    Is everyone forgetting that the current benchmarks for the Vibrant are with 2.1 and not 2.2? Once the Vibrant has 2.2 it will crush this phone as well as any competition coming the remainder of this year. No manufacturer can top that processor/GPU combo that Samsung currently has AND the screen on it. Maybe next year there will be competition, but as far as I can see there’s nothing else coming this year to top it.

    Now, the G2 will be the best exclusive Tmobile phone available, pending the Mytouch HD. Even though it has a keyboard, which I don’t like, it has Vanilla Android so I would seriously put it on my top list. Just look at the G1 and look at how powerful that phone has been, people are still using and overclocking it, that’s a warrior. The ‘G’ series has shown it’s power and it will for years to come.

    • Bruce Banner

      And then the g2 will get gingerbread and crush the vibrant all over again all the while you will be left waiting several more months for your gingerbread update.f

      • Frigadroid

        By that time who knows Tmobile should have another phone that crushes them both.

      • Vibrant Addict

        And then I would’ve already sold my Vibrant and gotten the upcoming rumored Samsung Galaxy S 2. Phones come and go, gotta keep up with the times as Android has a new piece of hardware on a monthly basis.

  • Acacia Strain

    One of my coworkers at my store actually souped up our demo Vibrant with Ryanza and a One Click Root/Lag Fix.

    The thing FLIES now and when we get to 2.2 it’s going to be no doubt the best phone in the US.

    For my fellow Vibrant users look into it…that is if you’re okay with voiding your warranty.

    • pimpstrong

      I rooted yesterday and lag fixed today. I’ll admit that it is faster but it was already dam fast. my scores went from 890 to 2100!!

      The one thing I can say that I love about the Fix is that the Market loads up instantly now.

      Oh and you can completely return your phone to stock so warranty is no issue.

  • epakrat75

    The Vibrant does have a HAC (Hearing Aid Compatibility) mode. Please either clarify or correct this in your article and the chart. Thanks!

  • TMOprophet

    LMAO…Verizon is dropping Google search in favor of BING as the default search engine..way to screw themselves.

    T-Mobile..time to capitalize on Verizon’s stupidity. G2 and future devices FTW

  • J-Hop2o6

    Andrew PLEASE state it still ROAMS INTERNATIONALLY OVER 2G (not 3G) in Europe! unless that page is still not finished updating (like the incorrect 17.5hours of standby battery life.. smh Tmo).. ppl will really think this will only work on Tmo USA when it also has QUAD-BAND 2G/GSM.. but this should work in Canada since about 3-4 carriers use AWS over there.

  • house3272

    18 days vs 17.5 hours……UM WHAT?!

    • Technogen

      Its 17.5 days, that’s a typo, nothing more.

  • mailman13877 (Evo 4G)

    I’m sorry but anyone who calls the Evo outdated is not smart because for and outdated phone it sure sells out every time they stock. I don’t think any vibrator or G2 will sell out like that. Also i’ll tell what the G2 is missing that the Evo has. Bigger screen,8MP n DUAL flash plus more. The dude said the G2 rooted will blow the Evo away well. Correct me if I’m wrong but on xda there’s been only 1 Android phone rooted to clock at 1.2GHz if you remember the engadget article. Also the Evo is so good I haven’t needed to jailbreak it yet. Also for you SETTLERS thinking Swype is faster than a physical keyboard then go back on Swype website n see that they clearly says its the next fastest thing after that. Because the Evo has multi touch its the equivalent speed of a physical keyboard. I guarantee Swype isn’t faster than the HTC keyboard for Evo. There are so many reasons thus phone is still the top phone for Android. Someone said no one uses FFC but your wrong. I have used it and seeing that Android is now the number one selling phone and TMO is the 4th most in customers that means there are likely more people using FFC on the top 3 companies. Well on Sprint and ATT till Verizon releases there Evo like phone. Now think bout that and tell me who doesn’t use FFC. I also know many people who use face time on iPhone so I think this is a case of you old folks in denial bout new technology.

  • mailman13877 (Evo 4G)

    Oh and as far as not having faster web experiences go, Sprint wins in NYC for me again cuzz with my G1 in the areas I go I would struggle to get 3g and with Sprint I haven’t seen 2G yet. So let’s say HSPA is faster than 4G, I would rather have slower 4G than only getting 2G most of the time in places I work or go to school. And TMO its time you allowed your visual voicemail to work over WiFi cuzz Sprint works over WiFi and there’s no delays in receiving em.