[Updated] First Vibrant Update Surfaces, GPS Issues Fixed?

UPDATE: After getting Kies to finally work, I got the J15 update installed on my Vibrant. So far, I’ve noticed the GPS locks in less than 10 seconds, so it looks like we’ve finally got a true GPS fix!

UPDATE 2: Looks like Samsung has pulled the update from Kies for some reason!

UPDATE 3: T-Mobile has advised against installing the update from Kies because of some “known issues”. Magenta states that an over the air update will be released soon.

While this might not be the Android 2.2 update we’re all hoping for, I’m sure it’ll generate a good amount of excitement for Vibrant owners. Vibrant owners are reporting that a new update is available for download via Samsung Kies. Users report that the update (J15) contains several fixes including the ability to use the Samsung Media Hub app and more importantly, GPS issues seem to finally be resolved. We’re currently downloading the Kies software and we’ll report back with our results! In the meantime, let us know in the comments if you’ve downloaded the update and if you’ve noticed any changes.

Download Samsung KIES here

DroidDog Via XDA-Developers

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  • Joshua


  • Ricky

    This is great news! Now just give it 2.2 and call it a day Samsung… until a new version of Android comes out :p

  • JSL

    Last time I tried Skies it appeared to be disabled by TMO. I tried the method shown on Utube with no luck. Have others managed to use Skies?

    • Old11Greg11

      You just have to make sure usb connect mode is set to kies and that you are using the TW launcher. Any other launcher and Kies wont recognize the phone

  • Luis

    I am please so far with the results. But have a minor problem my youtube icon & widget is given me a connection error since I did the Samsung kies update. On the other hand my picture gallery has improve also no lag looking at a long list of picture. Media Hub is working now. Just one problem so far that I notice. If anymore problem occurred I keep you posted.

  • slammington


  • jstew

    I dont see an option to install Kies on a Mac…does anyone know a work around in order to get this update without having to wait on it being sent over the air?

    • Carlos

      im a pc, sorry cant help

    • chefgon

      According to Samsung, the only way to update your Vibrant as a Mac user is to install Kies on a friend’s Windows PC.

      Also, Vibrant doesn’t support over-the-air updates, so if you can’t gain access to a Windows PC then you’re stuck on your current firmware forever.

      Samsung sucks at software big time.

      • Frigadroid

        So the vibrant won’t accept ota? What about the epic and captivate didn’t they get ota updates? Why would samsung or tmobile do that? Proof or I don’t believe you.

      • remixfa

        where did you hear that bunch of balony?
        go to settings, software update. Kies is just going to get it before they do OTA. Test it on the early adopters.

      • http://www.suffolk757.com Hilton

        Not such a bad thing to force Mac users to upgrade to Windows. :)

      • http://danglinginvective.blogspot.com Mark

        Ummm… T-Mobile believe it supports OTA:

  • Old11Greg11

    This must have just come out this morning because I checked Kies last night and there was nothing.

  • 138

    I noticed yesterday that the calendar link was finally working for multiple Gmail accounts. I was very excited to see this working as well as the other functions.

  • http://rivercityoffroad.com Marcus

    What is Kies? Is this a hack or something? I’d almost rather wait on the OTA.

    Should I?

    • Kickstar13

      Kies is Samsung’s syncing app for the PC. Its an official Samsung product.

      • Terry

        Still, is it reasonable to expect an OTA update? Or is using Kies the only option?

        • Kickstar13

          I’m pretty sure the update will be rolled out via OTA at some point.

  • maddy

    Kies won’t install since it extracts and then the popup shutsdown. Anyone else have this problem? I have tried installing 3 different versions (multiple countries). I’m using XP and Windows 7 but no luck :(

    • noone

      The screen goes white, but it’s still working. Click through the first couple of screens real fast then use the windows preview to navigate.

      You can also move the screen around and drag it across another window to see what it there…I know its dumb, but it works.

      • maddy

        Nothing happened on my computer after it extracted the files (after the initial blue popup)

  • Antwain

    Kies is like samsungs version of itunes only for the galaxy s phones. You can’t download it from the u.s.a samsung website. The link on it for this page takes you to international galaxy s website so you can download it.

  • monkeyboy

    Do I need to backup my phone? Does applying this update via KIES factory resets your phone losing all apps, pics, video?

    • http://twitter.com/j007 Jordan

      I just went through the update and it did NOT reset to factory settings. All my data is still there :)

    • Kickstar13

      I backed up my Vibrant just to be on the safe side. It didn’t delete any of my files.

  • David

    That’s awesome but right now I’m running a custom mod+kernel so not really inclined to change. But I’ve heard the gps fix is working awesome, in one instance someone said 11/12 locked in 30 secs on their break.

  • Frigadroid

    I think I will wait for an official ota update. I have been aware of j12 j14 and now j15 firmware is out there so it’s good to know they are working on getting it right. I still have faith we will get the proper fix and a froyo update someday in the future. If not I can do the work around later after it is proven to be stable.

  • Frigadroid

    I think I will wait for an official ota update. I have been aware of j12 j14 and now j15 firmware is out there so it’s good to know they are working on getting it right. I still have faith we will get the proper fix and a froyo update someday in the future. If not I can do the work around later after it is proven to be 100% stable.

  • noone

    Great update! Fixes the GPS and searching contacts doesn’t crash on multiple linked contacts anymore. The only data I lost was the Daily Briefing settings…ironic that Samsung’s own app did not retain its settings.

  • blablabla

    one of the things I was waiting for with this update was the youtube application. So much easier having the HQ option right there as opposed to having to hit menu and go to “more.”

  • XfooYen

    Word has it that this update did not fix the compass issue. Can anyone confirm?

  • Muely

    Got Kies to work fine but I’ve got that unofficial ROM that was floating around on the T-Mobile forums on my phone and the firmware updater in Kies says my version can’t be updated… guess I’ll have to reflash to the original firmware before I can try this update.

  • Acacia Strain

    Just did the update via Kies and it looks like my phone is bricked. ha. Won’t load past the Galaxy S screen.

    • Acacia Strain

      Loaded past the Galaxy screen but now the screen remains black. Touching the screen lights up the buttons but so far nothing from there.

      • chris

        If u have applied any sort of lag fix ur doomed. U needed to revert bacl to really stock firmware then upgrade.

    • Dick Richards

      check out this thread at xda. Looks like you’re not bricked, but just need to get to recovery and delete user data. There are videos in youtube about getting into recovery if this thread doesnt help.

  • AZTimmay

    Downloading now, hopefully this will help with some issues.
    Only thing I noticed though is that it is the JI5 (jay eye five) not J15…so googling J15 just made me more confused so I could get more info on this story :)

  • monkeyboy

    So what happens when the Tmobile OTA update comes out and we updated with KIES? Will the Tmobile update work?

  • JustMike

    Does anyone know if this update will unroot a rooted Vibrant? If so, does the same rooting process work on the updated firmware? Thanks!

    • Acacia Strain

      My Vibrant was rooted with Ryanza and after the update it seems to not want to load past a black screen so I’d be cautious doing it with a rooted phone.

      • JustMike

        Thanks Acacia Strain & blablabla.. I think I’ll sit back and make sure they fix the issues with the lagfix. GPS works well enough that I’m not in a hurry.

    • blablabla

      Yes some people over at XDA were rooted and did the update just fine. But they were exactly that. Just ROOTED. no custom rom.

  • Acacia Strain

    Did this brick anyone elses phone? Did the update and Kies restarted my phone but the screen is only black and the buttons are unresponsive now.

    • blablabla

      Mine updated just fine. It did take a while to boot up past the galaxy s logo but I guess that’s to be expected with a firmware update. It was probably not a good idea to use this update when you were running a lagfix. Should’ve reverted back to stock firmware and then updated.

    • Loco Froyo

      Stop posting your problems over and over.

      First of all if you need help you already know you should be on XDA forums, not tmonews. You really think ROM hackers are reading tmonews looking to share their wisdom?

      Secondly you were apparently running a lagfix and had no clue what you were actually doing to your phone or you never would have attempted this with the lagfix installed. Next time do yourself a favor and LEARN about what you are doing and educate yourself about how your changing your phone before you really do brick it.

      • Acacia Strain

        Chill out man. Site kept having errors so I didn’t know if got posted once. We are lacking a delete button after all.

        I’ve had no trouble installing a Kies update before with Lagfix.

  • flaroadie

    is there a samsung supported version of kies for the mac?

  • ShinyBuddha

    Update worked perfectly here. Just fyi I was only running stock from the box, I haven’t done anything to it. Firmware updated everything just fine thru Kies [ver. 1.51](downloaded it from somewhere, I think the UK Samsung site).

    Checked for firmware on Kies and this is what popped up…
    Model Name: SGH-T959
    Current Version: PDA:JFD/Phone:JFD (<-stock with no modifications)
    Latest Version: PDA:JI5/Phone:JI5

    This is what is now on the phone after update…
    About Phone:
    Firmware Version: 2.1 Update1
    Baseband Version T959UVJI5
    Kernel Version: 2.6.29
    Build number: Eclair.UVJI5

    GPS no longer crashes Navigation or Maps.
    Media Player is now enabled (if it matters to you, selection is slim atm).
    All settings remained intact.
    No files or apps were missing.

    I'm happy =)

    Someone did post in xda that they contacted T-mobile and asked why it wasn't released from them. Their reply was that Kies isn't supported in the US…. (obviously incorrect as it recognized my SGH-T959 right from the start).

    • remixfa

      kies is not officially supported in america. It still works fine. With the vibrant you have to DL the vibrant USB files either through samsung or through apps like the tethering apps to get it to work though.

      • HeHateMe

        Do you have a link for the drivers or suggest a tethering app? My device just keeps initializing and searching for drivers

    • Frigadroid

      I used the kies suite from the UK. I think it could be blocked in the US because Tmobile does not support tethering. For those who can’t get it working did you download & install the needed drivers? Could it have something to do with 32 bit vs 64 bit systems? I’m not an expert so I’m surprised it was so easy for me and my brother. Go to the forums & watch the videos it will work once you get it right.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Not saying this is it, but sometimes apps and programs won’t install or work because people don’t have the latest Microsoft .NET Framework installed on the PC or the version that the software developer used to create the app. is incompatible with version on your computer.

        I won’t get into lots of detail in here, but in plain English Microsoft .NET Framework is the “code” and “commands” (language) that software developers use to create applications and programs for Microsoft operating systems (98, XP, Vista, 7).

        Where problems occur is when a developer uses a version of .NET Framework that is incompatible with the .NET Framework installed on your computer (all Windows OSs have some version of .NET Framework).

        The easiest way to resolve issues (without having to spend hours trying to figure out if framework is the issue, is to simply install the latest version of it. Current version is 4.0.30319.1 (4.0).

        You can see which version you have by going into Control Panel, click the Add/Remove programs icon and look under the alphabetical list for “Microsoft .NET Framework…” with your version following the name. Prepared to be shocked as a lot of old systems are still in use, with Framework versions 1.4, 2.0. 2.5, etc.

        Getting framework is free from Microsoft since they want you to use the latest programs and it’s really part of the OS, so charing for parts of it would be insane.

        Where I got for all my Microsoft download needs is the coolest site on the planet. It gives you direct links to Microsoft files without having to go through the validation process!

        It’s called the Software Patch:



        Bonus Tip: If you have an HD2 running WinMo 6.5x the mobile version of Framework, called Compact .NET Framework, runs in to conflicts because smartphone software developers tend to use a framework version they are used to, and it may be outdated or too advanced than what’s on your phone. But smartphone developers will tell you which version of NET Framework you need to have on your device to use the program.

        If your problem is not Microsoft .NET Framework, well never mind.

        P.s. I took an Ambien and hallucinating. Obviously no time to spell check my words or look over my grammar. And I notice that the post is way too long for this site (It’s an outline for an article I am writing). So yes, you have been used and abused. Take the pain.

  • NiiDiddy

    I already have the Samsung Kies….off to download fixes!!! :-). Will report back in a bit…

  • phaelenx

    I’ve downloaded Kies and it’s not connecting…How are you guys getting this to work. All it says is connecting the device

    • phaelenx

      Looks like when you download Kies it needs to be updated. After that it worked fine. Smooth sailing to far

    • http://www.PetersRoadtoHealth.com Peter

      If you have the MTP Application initializing forever, you need to copy everything off your SD card and clear your SD Card.

  • ShinyBuddha

    Just an update but Kies isn’t supported for the Mac.

    T-mobile will be releasing the OTA soon I’m assuming since it’s available already from Samsung.

  • Angelique

    So i just tried this on my laptop and got an error “cannot access the file server. please check network settings”
    tried again as admin with same error! Any ideas?!?!!?

  • Angelique

    OK 7th times the charm! LOL it’s going now

  • Jamm

    I am rooted + Lag Fix on Stock Rom. I am curious will this unroot me?? Can I use it cause the only rason I rooted was to improve the phone speed. Anyone??

    • ShinyBuddha

      Yes it will unroot but you may re-root. I’d read up on the thread at xda for issues people are having regarding re-implementing lag-fixes.

    • http://www.danielalmaraz.com Daniel

      It will unroot but you can root again after the update. No worries.

    • Acacia Strain

      Warning you that I did the update with a Lag fixed phone and now my phone is essentially bricked.

  • Jamm

    Cool about the re-root, just concerned about problems with the phone and current lag fix and something going wrong by updating with this. I want to do it just covering my bases to make sure I do brick it

  • Garet

    I cant even get Kies to find my Vibrant and the driver for when mine is in Kies mode will not even install on my computer I am running windows 7

  • Chris

    Trying to do this update and getting a msc.thunderbird.firmwareupdate error when its in the downloading binary files part of the download. Anyone having this problem?

    • Loco Froyo

      You should not have updated Kies when prompted. Install it and do NOT install the automatic update.

  • allaboutthat

    kies is crap!

    will there be an OTA?

    cuz kies is useless

  • JonW

    For those of you experiencing the msc.thunderbird.firmwareupdate error , DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT install the update to 1.5.3 for Kies! 1.5.1 (which is what you downloaded) installs it fine!

    For those of you who have allowed the update to happen, uninstall the application, remove the C:\Program Files\Samsung\Kies folder, reboot, install again and DON’T let the update for Kies install!

    You’ll be fine after that!

    • Chris

      This DOES NOT work. Uninstalled as you said, deleted the Samsung folder, rebooted, reinstalled, and now it says it does not need to be updated. So this is practically BS. Well no wait, not practically BS, it is BS, full blown. As someone else stated, they must of pulled the update after it was leaked.

  • DontTrip

    Who cares… you can polish a turd,but its still a turd!!!… samsung sucks.. have fun waiting for froyo…lol… if you ever get it…..

    • JonW

      Someone do everyone a favor and ban this troll!

      • DontTrip

        lol hahaha.. just trying to prove a point… i constantly see you vibrant owner hating on other phones.. mostly the G2…i personally have no problem with the vibrant.. just tryin to show how pointless these types of comments are…

  • Mike

    Anyone have a problem with their update taking a long time……..My screen went from downloading to a bluish- white screen and seems to be froze there.

  • Mike

    It looks like they took the update down. When this was first reported I saw the update in Kies but my battery was too low to install. I waited for the battery to charge and now Kies is saying that my device’s version cannot be updated. I have firmware JFD.

    • Justin

      Yeah, I’m getting the same message. JFD/JFD, cannot be updated. Looks like I was too slow to the party.

    • Mark

      I get the “This device’s version cannot be updated.” message also. This sucks!
      Unless there was a serious problem with the update, why would they take it down?

      • http://www.PetersRoadtoHealth.com Peter

        Perhaps because they didn’t mean to release it? :( I’m bummed! It took me too long to get Kies working (and the MTP Application to quit crashing).

    • http://www.PetersRoadtoHealth.com Peter

      I’m getting the same message. I wonder if Samsung pulled the update (or disabled it for the Vibrant).

  • Cybersedan

    Apparently Kies doesn’t work great with Windows 7 Ultimate X64 :-(.

    • Mark

      I am on a Windows Pro 64bit and it works for me.

  • Jamm

    Well…. I didn’t upgrade it after installing, and when I plug in the Vibrant says it need PC Studio mode. What does that mean??

  • Jamm

    Well………. I give up. People are saying the update is gone and I can’t get it to connect anywy so I’m done. Night!

  • Wiz

    Kies shows the phone as it showed others, but tells me my device cannot be updated….

  • Vibrant Addict

    Well Samsung pulled the update, so I’m not sure if this is good or bad? All I know is I missed out. The ONE day I don’t check Tmonews on twitter and I get screwed. LOL

  • Hello

    Samsung seems to have pulled the update from Kies. However, the update itself is still available. Download it from http://fus.samsungmobile.com/Phone_Binary/9/SGH-T959_T959UVJI5_T959TMBJI5_T959UVJI5_T959UVJI5_UV_TMB.zip.enc and flash it with Odin.

    • WhySamgung?!

      Could you explain how to flash it with Odin?

    • patrick1431

      What do I do if I have a Mac? I cant get Odin unless I have a PC, correct?

  • WhySamgung?!

    I’m in the US, I have a Vibrant with original firmware. I installed Kies, but when I try to connect the phone it says I need to connect to Kies in PC Studio mode, then it terminates the connections. Switched the USB settings to use Samsung Kies and connected the phone again, it tries to install the driver but it fails after a while… I got the Vibrant the day it was released, at the time it was the best Android device available on the market (t-mobile) however if I would have known Samsung was going to be this poorly when it came to software I would have not gotten this phone. In terms of hardware is still pretty impressive though. For making such a huge deal out of these Galaxy S phones Samsung has done a very poor job supporting and addressing its issues. I would definitely think it twice before getting another Samsung phone.

  • Henry

    “Hello”, do you know if you have JI2 update, it requires you to flash back to stock to flash this update (J15)? Or can you just flash straight from J12 to J15?

    • Kickstar13

      Are you running stock Vibrant ROM? Rooted?

      • Henry

        No, I’m not running stock anymore. I’m running JI2 which was an unofficial firmware update from Samsung that I flashed with Odin. It’s a great improvement, but JI4 and J15 sound better and sounds like they hammer out a couple of errors in the JI2 (namely the Gallery lags randomly). Not sure if I can flash straight from JI2 to JI4 or JI5?

        It didn’t require rooting to flash to JI2 so I am not rooted.

  • Antwain

    Tmobile get the lead out with an official ota update tomorrow so people don’t have to deal with the mess that is kies.

  • Hello