Wait…Project Emerald Is BOTH The G1 Blaze And myTouch HD?

Here we go again. According to a new report from the guys over at Phandroid, a reliable source tells them the fabled Project Emerald is apparently a “dual-launch of the HTC Vision as the G1 Blaze, and the HTC Desire HD as the myTouch 3G HD”. Their source also tells them that the both handsets will release in the month of September as a “secret launch”, with one of the handsets launching on September 22nd, and the other on September 29th. I don’t know about you, but this “Project Emerald” codename seems to be getting tossed around a lot lately, often being associated with almost every rumored T-Mobile Android handset that surfaces. We’re working on confirming this with our own sources, but until then take this with a grain a salt.


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  • Ansel

    What I don’t understand that if this is supposed to be a “secret” launch and they don’t want people to know they’re launching their first HSPA+ devices, then how come this —> http://first-hspa-smartphone.t-mobile.com/ is still up?? Smh, doesn’t make any sense…

  • NotoriousNIK

    SOUNDS good…. but could it really be? here’s me hopin cuz its about time i trade up n put my G1 to rest

  • Tony

    Hey did you guys see this article?


    Looks like T-Mo is going to be sticking with HSPA+ for the next couple years. LTE on TMO is gonna have to wait…

  • mrjoeyloke

    Anyone else here think that the next phone dubbed the g2 or g1 flamin or Johnny blazzin need to have that full beautiful keyboard as the g1?

    • ob18

      it may not even matter what is next at the rate T-Mobile is going they won’t be around long enough to see much develop. others are flying by them with progress to their networks and phones while t-mobile still hasn’t even launched 4g capabilites.


      • jlaigo2

        You really should look at the stats LTE vs. HSPA+. You can label anything 4G or 3G but you might want to check speeds and testing before buying into the label.

      • dwillistyle

        I cannot believe that someone is trying to use this article as a reference for anything other than low quality, error ridden, “what not to do when you write an article”, piece of reporting.

        Yea, T-Mobile wont be around in 2011…people really will believe any piece of trash they read on the web.

      • davidohio

        Hey ob 18, if I write an article saying that I think the world will end in 2012 will you believe that too? Just wondering.

    • David Munoz

      I really hope so. I mean the MT2 is ok but I loved the 5 row qwerty board. 4 rows isnt a realy qwerty imo. If it doesnt have 5 rows then I’m not getting it. I’ll stick to my iphone 4. I’d love to get back into android though. iphones suck balls. F*** what everyone else says. Android is where its at!

  • clint

    does the mytouch HD have a 4.3 inch screen?

    • ob18

      Will it matter if they aren’t around in 2011?

      • chotpy

        that article is old and was already debunked. chill out. deutsche T’s stock is still rising, and tmo serves a buttload of people. they’re not going anywhere.

      • Air One

        tmo is not going out of biz… if and thats a big if, tmo will just merge with another company.

  • Aneirin

    Sure, nice, but IF NONE OF THEM HAS UMA, it’s no real news. So what if they have .001″ more or less screen size, or 0.1 higher or lower Android, or whatever?

    The ONLY news I expect from TMo is the launch of Android phones supporting UMA. Only then can I move onto Android from Blackberry phones.

    • cirrob

      lol what a presumptive ass. you and like 4 other people care about uma. if more people cared about it, it would be more wide spread. case and point, you recieved two comments: one asking what it is (because it is so unimportant no one knows or cares) and the second answering that question. uma is not news, important, or a deal breaker for the majority. I would rank it up there with having “swype” preinstalled on your phone. cool and all, but not required. finding out what new phones are being released is definately news (arguably more important than the network itself).

      • Aneirin

        Excuse me, do I know you? I don’t recall ever insulting you. I would appreciate if you keep it civil.

        In regards to UMA, well, here’s what I see:

        1. AT&T is trying their best to BOTH deploy WIFI in areas where there is congestion, AND to get people to buy their Microcell.

        TMobile has had and supported UMA for years, and just because most people doesn’t know what it is, which I will explain in a second, it doesn’t mean it couldn’t be a REAL feature that could differentiate T-Mobile more than anything.

        UMA is the ability to transport EDGE and 3G information over a WI-FI connection. You DON’T NEED to buy a microcell if your phone supports UMA. How does PERFECT COVERAGE inside any building where you have WiFi available sound to everyone? THAT is what it is. It does transparent handover of a live conversation to the 3G/EDGE network if you happen to move out of the WiFi coverage area, and into a normal 3G/EDGE reception area. Did I mention that UMa connectivity allows you to be ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and place/receive calls without roaming charges?

        WHY is it relevant for Android Adoption, you ask? because there are a large number of customers, despite your comment about me and 4 other people, who are stuck out of ANDROID or ANY other phone, except the ones who support UMA.

        With the increasing adoption of smart phones and the increasing amounts of transferred data on them, plus the requirement of having better reception inside homes/buildings, UMA is a key way for TMobile to not have to significantly do CAPEX to enhance their coverage.

        It is simply a WIN-WIN Technology, that has not been properly marketed.

        So, just because people doesn’t know about it, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t care.

    • 67_390_coupe

      Quit crying about UMA and check out Google voice already…

      • swbca

        Don’t downplay the value of UMA. I switched to T-Mobile just for UMA because I don’t have decent cell coverage at my home or at my office with any cell company. I am not happy that T-Mobile made a big deal about it in 2008 and then stopped providing new UMA phones except for Blackberry phone.

        And, it would be nice if you were nice.

  • http://fifthmissionmarketing.com Clevra

    hate to be a idiot, but what is UMA?

    • George

      UMA sends the phone call through the internet via WiFi and then into T-mobile’s system, so that the call appears to originate from within the US. This is not a big deal if you happen to be in the US, since its true value is to give you voice and data through WiFi (important if you’re in an area with poor coverage). T-mobile doesn’t even charge you for the minutes in the call. As noted above, the AT&T “solution” is to charge the customer for a microcell (as much as $150) to be placed on an internet connection the caller was already paying for, just to resolve weak service areas.

      But this gets really great when you travel outside the US, whether it is to Europe or someplace closer like the Carribbean. Then, the calls you make or receive go through the internet, and T-mobile doesn’t charge you roaming fees for international calling. This can be a huge savings to someone on vacation who wants to keep in touch while away. Even an iPhone with mobile Skype installed with charge $.02 for a call to a landline or $.22 a minute for a call to another cellphone. This is $.00 a minute for the call.

  • Barry

    @Clevra I was curious to find out exactly what it was also


    The Desire HD/Ace has a 4.3 inch screen supposedly more similar to the HD2 rather than the evo which is a good thing i didn’t really care for the cosmetics of the evo. I’m anxious to see what the glacier is all about and if it’s coming here.

  • mingkee

    If mytouch HD had larger screen (4.3″) , I’d go for it, but my nexus one is so good so I have hard time to get a better one.

  • ThisGuy

    I hope this secret launch thing is a joke….how do you sell a product, without advertising its launch?!?!?

    Tmobile…cut the crap and start showing high tech, high budget commercials about HSPA and the two phones….Make it a battle between the keyboard vs no keyboard thing, and tell customers they have a choice now…with the massive screens, ANDROID..its not called DROID you retarded verizon customers, and everything else these phones have to offer….

    maybe then well actually gain customers for a few weeks

    • reanimator

      TMobile recently hired a whole new marketing team… the mytouch slide “ice cream” commercials are the result of that. dont look for high budget edgy commercials any time soon

    • davidohio

      lmao! I think it is funny when people refer to any Android phone is as a Droid.

  • telos104

    Just got off the phone w/ TMO, @thisguy, and my sources say your wish will become reality w/ PE:
    – dual processor
    – amoled screen
    – slide out keyboard
    – hspa+
    – htc made for tmo from the ground up

  • No Chargebacks

    What I don’t understand is why you people continuosly bash HSPA+!!! there isn’t a speed test out there to show that the alleged “4G” is faster than T-Mobile’s HSPA+! Funny how everyone complains about T-Mobile’s service, but T-Mobile has the fastest data connection out there, PERIOD! LTE isn’t coming to anyone anytime soon. the amount of money all the other carriers have to kick out in order for them to build a network that strong is going to bankrupt them.

    AT&T’s high-end data stick performs as fast as T-Mobile’s LOW-END data stick (T-Mobile Jet). And that’s a proven fact! Not to mention, T-Mobile smashes other carriers when it comes to overall customer support (i.e. JD Powers… AGAIN!!!). Also, look at the statistics of people that actually use UMA. It’s just people that live in the suburbs. Not really a big issue, but android has applications that will let you make calls thru wifi. Plus, I am sure T-Mobile will be rolling out some new hardware for current customers who experience “connection” issues.

    So please, stop complaining and read up on the company before you start saying ish like “they’re not gonna be around much longer”. G’Day Mate!

  • Barry

    And I read something saying the red comoany will charge like $59.95 monthly fee for lte coverage

  • ecp

    I dont kow about T-MO?