T-Mobile Makes It Official, The G2 Will Be The First HSPA+ Phone

Did we call it or did we call it? The T-Mobile G2 with Google will officially be the first HSPA+ phone for the T-Mobile network!

The T-Mobile G2 will deliver tight integration with Google services and break new ground as the first smartphone designed to run at 4G speeds on our new HSPA+ network. In the coming weeks, we’ll share more details about the G2 and offer exclusive first access to current T-Mobile customers.

The landing page for the HSPA+ device has changed as well to a URL that is more fitting “g2.t-mobile.com.” Perfect, HSPA+ here we come!

Our sources have told us a pre-order is to be expected for this device so stay tuned to TmoNews for more details!

T-Mobile Twitter

Official T-Mobile Word:

T-Mobile is proud to have launched the world’s first Android-powered phone, the T-Mobile G1, which captured the imagination of developers and consumers alike nearly two years ago.  Now, we are readying its successor – the T-Mobile G2 with Google.  Delivering tight integration with Google services, the G2 will break new ground as the first smartphone specifically designed for our advanced HSPA+ network, which delivers today’s available 4G speeds.  In the coming weeks we’ll share more details about the G2, including information on how current T-Mobile customers can get exclusive first access. Visit http://g2.t-mobile.com to register for updates.

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  • yoddle

    since emerald is green and windows mobile is green i am almost sure project emerald is a wm7 device..and thats the dual core phone.
    anyway the g2will blow the mytouchhd out of the water..why?because g2 has android stock while mytochhd has expresso which is whack

    • B

      Sense is really just a preference. It won’t blow it out the water just because it runs stock. You can even turn Sense off if you want to or just root it. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the mytouch has better specs.

  • tmoexec

    I currently have the G2, its awesome. Its 3.7 inches and it has a 5 row keyboard. Android 2.2 stock by the way. Also 800mhz is the chipset. The dual core comes out in 2011 of january for some other android handset that i dont know of. The mytouch hd will have a 1ghz chipset.

    Sent from via T-mobile G2

    • tmoexec

      they gave tis phone to try it for a day. I return it tomorrow.

    • zazou

      Well if that is the case then that really sux..

      • alex32

        yeah right..ill just wait for the specs and all.
        im still getting this thing no matter what though

    • TMOprophet

      I seriously have to wait till fricking January..TMO fails again

      • Taay49

        Cant you just wait? lmao.

    • funkadesi

      I dont understand you people, crying over 200 MHz, wow really? Ask anyone, ANYONE who owns a 1 Ghz phone wheter it be a droid, evo, or even nexus one…. Just ask them about the battery life.


      and im sure most of us would like to get atleast 16 hours from a phone…. which most of these phones can barely make it.

  • Mahmoud

    I am using my G1 in NYC Queens(next to LaGuardia Airport) and i don’t get 4G speeds. the speeds that i got are as follows:

    Highest: 1690kbps UP and 378kbps DOWN with Ping:144ms
    Network: Utms Nearest Server: Secaucus, NJ
    Please help T-mobile said that they rolled out HSPA+ in NYC and the it would work on the G1 but i don’t see these speeds. T-mobile needs to fix this fast because NYC is the most populated city in the US and if they Launch the G2 with these speeds that would be a shame.

    • Mahmoud

      sorry i meant: 1690kbps DOWN and 378kbps UP with Ping:144ms

    • joel

      T-Mobile wasn’t clear enough on this, but what they meant is that most of their current devices, including the G1, will benefit from the added network capacity, not that the G1 was capable of HSPA+ speeds. G1 is capable of HSPA 7.2mbps speeds in theory … of course it will never reach that speed, just like no HSPA+ phone will ever reach 21mbps. Most people with HSPA+ devices seem to be getting between 3-6mbps from the comments I’m seeing on it. Which is plenty for me.

      • Zo

        My vibrant has reached speeds of 6mbps down here in NYC. I would imagine an HSPA+ device would be much faster than that over here.

      • hecg55

        i was getting speeds of 4 mbps on my vibrant on 3g network so im sure id be hitting 6 mbps with HSPA+ so im sure an HSPA+ will get much higher speeds

  • Mahmoud


    • Sapphire

      What’s that’s supposed to be?

    • Flyby

      Um, we can’t browse to YOUR hard disk. Web links work better.
      BTW, the G1 is not an HSPA+ phone.

    • pierdidor

      ^ ha FAIL

  • Yoddle

    I am your biggest fan, baby cakesss (:

  • robbie landman

    is making up a fake email account to comment on this blog/website bad/illegal?

  • antonio76

    hello, bloggers.. i woould like to know if by now, the G2 is touch screen? Anyways, hows everyone?

    Love, Antonio… :DD

    • tmOS94

      Sorry mate, but isn’t your question kind of stupid? ,love….. what the heck?!

      • antonio76

        “MATE” no it’s not… I’m foreign and I do not know this cellular things. And where I am from, we DO NOT say “what the heck?” we say , “Hensa Bisha!?” But anyways, tmOS94, i appologize if I asked something “stupid”…

        Antonioooo <3

    • Dalton

      Well if it’s running Android…that kinda answers your question, does it not?

  • Mahmoud

    but i am nowhere near those speeds and other people with G1’S HAVE FASTER speeds in other places.

  • Mahmoud

    but i am nowhere near those speeds and other people with G1’S HAVE FASTER speeds in other places.

    • john

      Try to powercycle the phone, helps me usually.

      • Mahmoud

        thanks anyways i am going to buy the G2 and if i get the same speeds there will be a problem.

      • B

        It seems there already is a problem, and that problem is you’re not understanding the difference between what devices are capable of reaching what speeds, as well as not understanding that different areas will offer different speeds. If you buy this phone and your area isn’t even blanketed in HSPA+ don’t blame T-Mobile when you don’t see enhanced speeds.

  • http://soapboxuniverse.blogspot.com/?spref=gb K. Ray

    I’ve yet to access this site for updates. Has anyone here signed up yet?

  • bob

    the g2 says 800mhz but its a dual core 800mhz each core.

    • TMOprophet

      Prove it pretzel boy, what kind of screen tech they using smart guy?

  • Rilesman

    My G2 Promotion Recommendation

    G1 Appreciation – For T-Mobile customers that showed faith in the G1, Google, and helped T-Mobile bring Android to the world we offer the following special.

    All G1 owners on the Even More plans (no matter how long on the 2 year contract) can receive the “Upgrade Full” price plus a $50 dollar mail-in rebate.
    G1 owners on the Even More Plus plans will receive a $150 dollar mail-in rebate.

    ….of course personally I would also like a….

    3.5mm MyTouch 3G special – for all those T-Mobile customers that have that HORRIBLE USB audio connection, a free refurbished MyTouch 3G with 3.5mm connector or an upgrade at the “Upgrade Full” price.

    Really tired of not being able to do any audible apps. Not going to look for the converter cable again…and again…etc.

    • Magenta Magic

      Not bloodly likely. NO REBATES on Even More Plus plans. It’s no contract, you get your “rebate” monthly by paying less.

      And just because you bought a G1 and 2 days later you realized your rep failed to inform you that the phone was retired (not you, specifically, but about 20 customers I’ve talked to in the past few months) does not mean you get a Full Upgrade.


      However, Care does seem to be getting very generous on what accounts can get upgrades. If your in-store rep says “no” double check with Care. I’ve seen this happen numerous times lately!

      • Rilesman

        Oh…I know nothing like this would happen.

        Just seems right though for G1 owners to get a decent deal….at least the “Upgrade Full” but maybe not a rebate….got that…and maybe only for those who have had the G1 for 6 months or longer…perhaps a year.

  • jmcl987

    Sooooo thats means dual core is faster/better than a single core with 800mhz? (sorry for the odd question)

    • bryan

      Yes a dual core 800 mhz processor is faster than a 1Gig single core processor, especially while multitasking.

  • Justin

    So much for the G1 Blaze name, lol.

  • ASV

    Did your source say anything about whether or not you can use the G2 with wi-fi calling? I thought I read it somewhere but can’t find it again.

    • L

      I’d like to know as well.

      Any tmo insiders know if the G2 will have UMA?

      • bryan

        Sort of, It will have WiFi calling but it will not transfer a call between WiFi and cellular.
        The Mytouch Slide 2.2 update will include this also.

  • trollface.jpg

    Hey, after I signed up at T-Mobile’s page, there is a little bit of small print at the bottom. It stated that the devices max theoretical speed is 14.4mb. I thought TMo’s HSPA+ was 21mb. Any thoughts?

  • bob

    the beta tested unit in our store had the dual core 800mhz and used wifi calling or UMA as its better know. UMA actually worked really well.

    • L

      Bob ~ you’re keeping the dream alive.

      If this phone comes out with UMA I am sending you a virtual hug.

    • TMOprophet

      I hope your right about the dual core..it might not be the 1.5 we wanted, but this should hold some of us over for a bit

      • alex32

        i hope its a dual core, but it doesnt change my mind from buying it if it doesnt have it. Some people who have seen the phone like you say something different. You say it has dual core when tmoexec says it doesnt.
        So Im just going to have to wait till specs come out and consider these sitings as rumors. I dont want to get my hopes up for nothing. I believe you more than tmoexec though…

  • bob

    yeah thats one of the reasons i was excited about the phone. UMA is needed with the lack of our coverage on tmobile.

  • http://soapboxuniverse.blogspot.com/?spref=gb K. Ray

    I was finally able to register. Thanks for the info to the TMO Exec. G2 sounds promising. What I want to know is, Is Magenta listening to those of us patiently waiting for replacement to G1, N1? Verizion is getting the Ipone. Clear is getting the EVO4G. What is Magenta doing to stay competitive?

    • B

      The same thing they always do. Nothing.

      • TMOprophet

        lol..nothing, but yeah pretty much

  • aaronkt

    well i am really concerned about something here. I remember google saying that a phone had to meet certain specs to be able to run gingerbread. From the rumored specs flying around here i dont believe the g2 would meet those. That is a huge problem. Just wish they would release some specs so we can stop this crazy stuff. we dont know the specs of the phone and are already talking about how its going to fail. I have had my G1 since pre order. I’m ready for a new phone but I can’t just deal with something that is par. I passed on the vibrant for this. I really hope this works out.

    • bryan

      Google’s recommended specs for gingerbread (Android 2.5 / 3) is a 1Gig processor and 512 RAM. If the processor in the G2 is dual core and clocked at 800mhz it exceeds those specs, if it is single core clocked at 800mhz then it would not. All of the other specs are good to go for the next Android version.

  • mingkee

    If you look carefully at the bottom of the page, the phone only supports 14.4Mbps 3.75G.
    A bit disappointed…

    • jonstonson

      you can stream 1080p at full resolution with 14.4bps. what else do you want to do with your phone? Download thousands and thousands of songs/files?

      • jonstonson


  • tmo

    well as the rumor goes from the HTC rep there will be 2 high end devices comming out this quarter and one average HTC phone. The dual core processor will be comming out somtime twards the end of october with Windows 7..The word on the G2 release date has not yet been announced but i know its next month and does have the 2.2 foyo on it. At the same time there was a Motorola rep and a HTC rep in the same meeting. They compared the G2 speed wtih the Droid X speeds. The G2 surfed the web faster than the Droid X. I had the G2 in my hands and kid you not its a damn good phone. Blows the vibrant out of the water. The My touch HD i heard launches in December but exact date is unknown.

    • Android_Enthu

      Hi Tmo
      Can you be specific in what ways does it blow away Vibrant ? In web-surfing speeds ?
      I don’t think there is any phone that can match Vibrant’s Super-amoled screen

  • Ansel

    So is there any word on the rumor that the G2 is gonna have a FFC??

  • bob

    No FCC on the G2 and btw the HTC reps that visit the store are stupid and know nothing unless they are really good actors. the hing on the g2 is such that its not really a pop or spring. so if your laying down it will collapse. They did this to prevent people from getting there fingers caught in the phone. when we originally downloaded a program to tell us what specs were on the phone it popped up 800mhz but was told on the conference call that its because its a dual core.

  • tmo

    the G2 does not have an AMOLED screen. the Vibrant does have that against the G2. Honestly the G2 is a great phone but my opinion i will stick with the vibrant. The G2 is more focused on the G1 users. I personally never liked the G1..Who knows. you really cant say much about these new devices unless you get your hands on it. When i played wiht the G2 i want that impressed as i was with the vibrant.

    • Mike

      You JUST said it blows the vibrant out of the water. But in your opinion you’ll sitck with the vibrant and you weren’t that impressed with the G2. So basically it’s worse than the vibrant?

  • bob

    i was only able to play with it while in the store but i would put it on par with the vibrant except for the Amoled screen.

  • bigboy75

    Tmo is playing games. First, he’s saying that the g2 blew the vibrant out of the water. Now, he’s saying that it isn’t? Come clean.

  • bigboy75

    Tmo is playing games. First, he’s saying that the g2 blew the vibrant out of the water. Now, he’s saying that it wast impressed ? Come clean.

  • going_home

    Wonder what the off contract price is going to be…


    • Steve

      This is probably one of the biggest factors for me since I’m on the Even More Plus plan. I hope it is $499.

  • TamiaGonzalez

    Somewheeeeereee, oveeer the raaainbooow (:
    lmfao (: Hey, I wanted to knoooow, since the G2 is kinna like the next version of the G1, is there like, 100% SUUURE that the G2 is better than the G1 even thoough it is the newer generation? Im kind of confused, cause I know that this happens sometimes, where JUST cause the newer phone is new and stuff, that doesnt mean its better. Yeap, it may have something different than the G1, but, is it fosho? Also, cause like, since this phone hasnt come out yet, and it looks like a pretty awesome phone, lol, umm, I was plannin on gettin’ ittttttt, soo I wanted to know if this phone is worth it and all lol (: Thaanks… <33

  • Brian38

    How will the battery life be on this thing??????? o.O