Would You Buy A T-Mobile iPhone?

Say what you want about Apple, Steve Jobs, AT&T or the iPhone in general, you just can’t deny its been a wild success for AT&T. For many, AT&T is the sole reason they haven’t made the switch to the iPhone, as it’s a roadblock on any number of levels. AT&T has taken beating after beating the past three years for network quality and by all accounts, they’ve deserved it. While many of you might question, as is often the case with iPhone rumors, can T-Mobile handle the data traffic? That might be a question for another day and for that matter, one we aren’t prepared to answer in any case. For the moment however, lets just focus on the idea of the iPhone coming to T-Mobile and if its something that excites or repulses you. Some of you think these rumors are nothing more than attempts by bloggers to increase pageviews and drive traffic and while we just consider that foolish, we really can’t help but wonder just how many of you would fall to the temptation of a T-Mobile iPhone. So find your way to the poll below and vote.

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  • currator

    Look apple sucks!!!! plan and simple im not saying anything is better or worse i am simple say apple sucks there all smoke and mirrors. the apple os systems are the same as they were 20 years ago except they figured out how to rip off other os systems and not get sued. when you buy a apple product you buy a underpowered old os system that they have mildly upgraded over the last 20 years nothings changed and the recent problems did anyone notice how at first they said its because of software and that it showed you more signal then you really had. no no one notice how about they said all the i phones suffered from this except the i phone 2.5 so they rigged the phone to show you more signal then you really had yet again smoke and mirrors. it just goes to show you he says everything’s going to be fine and we fixed the problem but yet did nothing but put a band aid on it and his stock went up. him and the current president must use the same guy to write speeches for them. anyways once everybody grows up and realize what i have you will run when you see somebody trying to sell you something from apple. they suck so bad that’s why they are losing so much ground in the super phone market so is rim and guess what they are losing it to android they say that there are 160000 new android phones sold everyday and at that pace they are eating apple up. Steve jobs probably has a ulcer because of android out selling apple as if it was one of those low end phones no one cares about. if you don’t believe me go look up specs on a mac the os is so simple it does not require power to run i bet a t mobile cliq has more power then a mac mac is a dead os they just don’t know it yet

    • just some dude

      I would not go that far, Mac computer sales are thru the roof. After switching to a Mac three years ago, Ill never look at another windblows machine again.
      OS X is far Superior to Windows, being based on unix is it rock solid. I love my Mac Book Pro. But the iPhone kinda blows, Android rocks.

      • Cassie

        Mac is far superior to pc, maybe that’s why the upgrades have been so minimal? Whatev. As far as buying the iphone, I would seriously consider it, though I prize Android. Why would I buy an iphone? Compatibility since I do not own a pc. Bought my fiance the Vibrant however, and I do love the phone, just not compatible for mac. boooo! lol

      • RockTripod

        Not for gaming. Not for customizing. Not for upgrading. Windows 7 has actually been very good to me. Yes, I have used Macs. No, I did not get what the big deal was. Granted, my gf only has a Mac Mini, but that thing is a POS. Maybe their high-end stuff is better, but I’d never drop that kinda money a computer like that. For half the price I could build my own uber-machine, and install whatever OS I want onto it. I use Linux for the truly geeky stuff, but Windows is my daily driver. No complaints.

    • Jim

      Wow, you obviously know nothing about computers. Hate Apple for their dictatorial control over everything, or their cult like following, or whatever, but your statements about the OS being 20 year old tech and the hardware being underpowered is hysterical. Is that why all the systems engineers in my company use Macs? Mac OSX is based on a version of a Unix kernel. Maybe you don’t know what that means, but Mac OSX is FAR more sophisticated, lightweight, and stable than any version of Windows has ever been. Ever. And your statement about “the mac os being so simple that it doesn’t require power to run” proves how ignorant you are. That is EXACTLY what makes it a superior OS. If you can drive your car 1000 miles on single tank of gas, isn’t that better than if it took 3 tanks of gas? LOL. Mac OSX can run circles around Windows with less RAM and CPU thrown at it. Using less resources means it’s more efficient and programmed better. Plus, a Mac Pro uses server grade components and far more powerful than your average PC. And by the way smart guy, Android runs on a Linux kernel, which is in the same family as Unix that Mac OSX and iPhone run on. And Microsoft ripped off Apple, not the other way around. The first Mac had the first graphical user interface type consumer OS. Microsoft then copied that to make Windows. Don’t talk trash if you don’t know what you’re talking about. And just so you know, I’m a Nexus One owner, so don’t marginalize me by calling me a fanboy, lol.

      • Me

        perhaps you should check your own knowledge before calling out others.
        While @currators comments are questionable, the notion that OSX is “FAR more sophisticated” etc just because its (more or less) based on a UNIX kernel is equally rubbish.
        And no, those are not server grade components in a MacPro and no, Apple did not invent the GUI – Xerox did.

      • Jim

        You should read people’s comments before making your own. Where did i say Apple invented the GUI? Lol.
        I know all about this history. If you read my comments again, you’ll see what I wrote “Mac was the first GUI consumer OS”.
        Did Xerox sell a GUI consumer OS? No, thanks for playing. It was an experimental venture for Xerox. And a Mac Pro does contain server grade components, go do some research.

      • Me

        right … you “obviously” know what you’re talking about …

    • Just me

      I was a windows person back in the XP days, Vista came out and I lasted 2 weeks with that bloated OS. Switched to a Mac, and I love it. Those who Dog Apple have never tried it. Currator, Nexus is out…. Can you predict which other android phone will be gone in the next few months? The Android market is full of Ad ridden apps which are free. The quality apps are in the apple store. How do I know? well because, I had an android phone for about six months, and missed the heck out of my iphone. Took the sim card out of the android phone, and now I’m back to the iphone where the quality is. The only thing that android has going for it, is the phone speed (I had a 1ghz CPU on mine).
      T-mobile, I’ll get rid of my jail broken phone and buy one from you (straight out).

    • Dale Murphy

      keep your politics to yourself. go to huffingtonpost or the other sites if you want to rant about the President. a$$hole.

  • Jon

    Really not especially interested in the iPhone anymore. It’s pretty and has a nice display…but Android is much more appealing to me these days, for a few reasons.

    The iPhone 4 is heavy — just got to play with one for a bit from the guy across the hall from me at work. Feels elegant and solid, and it’s very impressive — but I do NOT like the feel of the squared off edges in my hand and I’m amazed at how heavy it feels.

    By contrast, the Samsung Vibrant feels so much more natural in hand — light but solid, slim, with nicely rounded edges. I like the Vibrant form factor much better. If I had to choose today between the iPhone and Vibrant, I would go with the Vibrant.

    What I’m really waiting for is the rumored Project Emerald phone expected in Q4 — HTC, dual processor, 16gb internal memory, 4.3″ screen — and it’s rumored to be a new screen technology not yet seen. Even if it’s just Samsung’s super Amoled it would be great.

    Also: once Android is rooted, I’ll also have the choice of custom ROM’s. iPhone is certainly a nice device — but it just doesn’t excite me enough to pass up the new Android super phones that are coming out. I also prefer a more open, customizable environment, even if the experience is a bit “geekier” — I’ve been a technologist since before most readers here were born — and I find Android much more appealing than an iPhone.

    No iPhone for me!

    – Jon

    • theBIGmack

      Very well expressed Jon. Come Q4 I might try to sell my Vibrant just so I can get my hands on the elusive Emerald, but I would never consider switching to an iPhone.

      • david

        Hey I know this is a little off track. But doent the Vibrant look a little like an Iphone? I got my first hands on look today and that was my first thoughts about it.

    • swehes

      I agree with theBIGmack that it was very well said. Apple is putting out some nice products, but their rockhard control on everything makes me never want to own an Apple product. I love my Vibrant as well. It is an awesome cell phone. And as I bought it off contract, I may pick up the Emerald product for myself and give the Vibrant to my wife. :)

    • 2Noob4U

      Exactly my thoughts. I’d much rather have the Android OS available to me that I can do basically anything I want to after it’s rooted.

  • http://na omil25

    if it goes to tmobile . every f’n body on this planet will buy one!!!!!!!
    lol,,, for real tho..

  • http://na omil25

    iphone’s touch screen is so much smoother than all the so called iphone killers…
    i have an HD2,,, what a joke this phone, thanks tmobile.. im actually using my fourth, yes fourth ,HD2.. they kept freezing …the only phone tmobile offers to exchange it with is the blackberry 9700….wack….thanks tmobile…..

  • http://na omil25

    vibrant — no flash– no night pics—- no go……

    • taaars

      the go to att, I am sure they have a defective iphone 4 with your name on it

    • thetiguy

      A flash on a phone is the least of my concerns. If I want to take a picture at night I’ll use my D90.

  • taaars

    I dont care if Iphone for the Isheep comes to tmobile..as long as it doesn’t affect the unlimited plan

  • s2k rev

    I would buy! buy! buy!Overblown antenna issue and all. Im just not liking android on the vibrant. I really wanted to hate the iphone and love this Vibrant =( Guess its off to try windows7 some day.

    • theBIGmack

      What is wrong with Android on the Vibrant? If you are talking about the Touchwiz software then that is NOT Android’s. If you dislike it then use ADW.Launcher. Best alternative to the Touchwiz Home.

  • niceness

    Tiny screen… no thanks

  • Exec4Future

    well omil25, thats what u get for being a re-re and buying a windows phone to begin with. U must lack any technological savvy whatsoever if u actually spent money on a windows mobile phone. But I can tell u this: if they are offering u the Bold 9700 as a replacement, take it. Its the best Blackberry i’ve ever used and it NEVER freezes. windows phone sucks. the iphone sucks mainly because it is on AT&T- a company synonymous with dissatisfaction. i probably would buy a t-mobile iphone but as long as they are on AT&T, I will pass.

  • wtfci

    Yes. I’d love if the iPhone was available for T-Mobile customers.

    Competition is good. The more the merrier.

    As for device oriented price plans? Like Mel Gibson says. First you will bl…….

    • david

      It was more like ” oh why don’t you smile and blow me!!!” I hate the IPhone and all of its my Blank don’t stink. They suck and I don’t want them here at T-mobile.

      • Homer

        Actually it’s funny, I am a nexus owner, and have had many android phones. I would choose an iPhone for a couple of reasons.

        1. All the apps I have paid for from my iPhones previously, and iPod touch.
        2. Never had a force close issue with the iPhone ever!
        3. Never had to worry about my os getting updated and if and when or if ever. Always new the exact time the update was available
        4. Android fanboys have become the worst! The dev guys are amazing, but the fanboys are the worst…..yes I am on many many blogs and forums and android are the worst out of all of them. Sad to say but most android fanboys are 15 year old kids who cannot afford an iPhone so they justify there immature comments by saying that they hate the iPhone but in fact have never owned one or used one for a long period of time.

        By saying the os is outdated is ridiculous! Everyone is still trying to catch up to apple in design…….it is the easiest os to use out there. My 5 year old daughter knows how to use it, you want complex get a windows 6.5…….Yes there are some flaws but so are there for android. Oh it’s not open source blah blah it doesn’t have flash. Well do any of you have flash? I do! And so do all nexus owners, but I guarantee you don’t. And I have flash, and I barely go to a site that has it. Apples app store is a million times better than android. Each carrier decides what it wants to put in the app market and what it doesn’t. Look at the tether apps, you ain’t gonna find it in a tmobile android market. Sadly with the demise of the nexus one, I believe that will be the end of a true android phone. In the future I see you all of us having to root our phones to get the vanilla os, and or update (cause if there is no vanilla os, i see fragmentation is gonna only get worse) which is no better than having to jailbreak your iPhone. Only plus I see to having an android phone over iPhone is installing 3rd party apps. But then again, I guarantee they have one just like that in the app store,

      • TMOprophet

        @Homer, I have several tethering apps on my BH2, I got them right off the market, so I’m not sure why you think TMO’s market doesnt have any tether apps, cause I can find them just fine. I think for many, its a matter of personal preference. Some argue that the Android OS is more feature rich, giving the user more to do or create and customize, I know that customization is the first major difference I see between the two OS’s. And while Android is in theory an open source OS, you are right that is really isnt, Unfortunately carriers and manufacturers will always want to lock down their devices and preload them with all kinds of bloatware, this will not change. However despite this, Apple is still much more controlling of the user experience on the iPhone, whereas with Android the user experience is very open. And try as they may, carriers charging for tethering wont affect everyone as you can always root your phone and enable free tethering.

        I respect your preference for Apple, however I do find it a rarity for someone to jump from an N1 to the iPhone….as most N1 users love the N1 and Android and would never switch to the iPhone.

  • abbynormal

    iPhone doesn’t interest me at all, never has. My dd, on the other hand, would fall over herself running to get one.

  • Me

    i dont want all those trendy iphone users clogging up my network connection.

    Plus ATT has a poor selection of Android phones because they don’t want to make their flagship phone look bad. I don’t ever want to T-Mobile to get to the point where they won’t want to sell an awesome Android phone because it might upstage the iphone.

  • http://www.absolutefiction.com [rono]

    Nice device (minus the ludicrous antenna design).
    But it’s not for me. The company behind it is not as attractive.

  • Rifleman

    Android phones have gone in all different directions and various phones use various releases of the Android os.

    I’ve been using a jail broken iPhone on T-Mobile and after 11 years with them (and their predecessor I will switch to AT&T when my current contract expires.

  • mjcl987

    Who fn cares about the iphone, with that roadmap ahead I got alot to choose from

  • manchi

    they need to fix the problems first before anyone would consider buying…

  • gah242s

    If I had the cash, sure. Why? Because it just works, from the UI perspective. For a phone that I want to tinker with, I’d go with WebOS over Android any day. Apple may be a bit draconian with their software, but Google’s vice is personal data. WebOS is actually open. Android is a commercial open source project, which means that only parts of it are open. Apple wanted a phone that just worked. Microsoft wanted a phone that made the corporate IT people happy. Google wanted a phone that gadget geeks would fall in love with. Palm wanted a phone that business people enjoyed using because it stayed out of the way and did what it was supposed to do. (Yeah, they are still working on it, as is everybody else.)

  • Brandon

    I personally would not buy a T-Mobile iPhone…. I work for T-Mobile, so I can say that I would enjoy the phone coming to our network because it could help our business… However I know that it is not the best smartphone out there. I get so discouraged when customers say “How does this phone compare to the iphone? Is it better than the iphone? etc”… I always reply with, “All of our smartphones are better than the iphone” and then I need to give them a 10-15 speech about WHY they are better.

    The only thing that worries me about a T-Mobile iPhone, is how much it will hurt the sales of other smartphone companies that work harder than Apple to appeal to the masses, such as Android, Blackberry, Nokia, etc.

  • Broke

    While I am a happy HTC Android user, I have been able to duplicate the signal loss on my current phone every time I try it. I don’t lose calls, so its not a big deal. Just putting that out there.

  • AliensVsCreditors

    I just want to say that i love Android but the thought of the Iphone 4 on Tmobile is intriguing. i know there are alot of people on who are hating the thought of Apple invading Tmobile. But i think its a great idea. If you dont want to get the Iphone, then don’t get it. Steve Jobs is a powerful man but he’s not that powerful that he can use the force to make you buy one. As a consumer i just want options. Right now our only option for a superphone is the Vibrant. As it stands now, i’m going to pick up the Vibrant as soon as i can. But i will strongly give the Iphone 4 consideration. But i will only consider the Iphone 4 with its current specs. With my luck we will get a scaled down Iphone 4 with no FFC or Retina Display lol. Hell we may even get the Original Iphone instead!

  • frustratedTmobilecustomer

    well considering the fact that T-mobile has nothing to compete in this phone war, i would accept this wit open arms…assuming the prices stay the same…T-mobile’s last hope was the HTC HD2 and that was a failure thanks to windows mobile…if T-mobile can some how get the HD2 with android i wouldnt look at another iphone…but that wont happen and verizon n sprint gets the goods while at&t still has their iphone and while we T-mobile users get unlocked phones hoping something decent will appear from the shadows….bring on the iphone

    • john

      Have you ever heard of the vibrant? How was the hd2 the last hope

      • frustedTmobilecustomer

        HD2 was the last hope (for me, because i was gonna leave tmobile for at&t) because of where phones are headed today…it failed on major cylinders…i have heard of the vibrant but like the HD2 it too failed to compete with the big boys of the industry…no front camera, no flash etc…right now there are two phones that are running the show…iphone 4 and the Evo…everyone else is catching up…Tmobile had a chance but blew it with windows mobile…the vibrant could be the beginning of something good tho

  • nain77

    android fanboys have a reason to brag…its android, will always be better than IOS… and i have had an iphone3G 16gb, i sold it in about a month cause it was so simple, and no i dont care about apps, im a grown man i dont need to color on my phone or play games, i have a ps3 and 360 for my gaming needs. HTC HD2 running Android > IPhone

  • tipsofme

    I’m all about appealing to everyone. Bring that POS over…. keep the other smartphone guys working hard. Also, way more money for my sale reps. Tmo already appeals to the poor, middle class and geeks with money. Why not appeal to morons with money too? Its only fair.

  • http://www.androidspin.com Stormy Beach

    First and for most, NO! You couldn’t pay me to take it. Simply because Android is simply the best mobile OS platform that has ever been released. It’s gaining market share rapidly and will soon pass the iPhone and the iOS. Now on to the other side of the story, Would it be a good move for T-Mobile? Sadly yes. There are a lot of die hard fans of Apple and the i(what ever) out there. Do I think the network could handle the phone better then AT&T. Yes I do. No matter what direction T-Mobile goes its all business. Sadly the numbers don’t lie. Even if the phones death grip isn’t resolved people will jump ship to get the latest on a new network with better rates. As a former employee I know we lost a lot of customers to the iPhones, but I also know I talked to a lot of people that came back quick. Best of luck on that endeavor T-Mobile. You will gain a lot of business, and as always catch a lot of trash for doing it.

  • J-Hop2o6

    Even tho I don’t want the iPhone, it will be a good business decision for tmo.

  • David

    You know, saying the iPhone gets beaten by the Vibrant in all areas is subjective at best…what you think of it isn’t what the mass public thinks of it. Stop making this an Android vs iPhone argument, its sad already. Some of you are so defensive for Android it almost comes off as if you know Android will get beaten and you can’t fathom a world without it. Android isn’t disappearing tomorrow so stop acting like the iPhone is going to make it disappear. The opportunity here is for selection as not everyone wants Android just as much as you clearly don’t want iPhone. The iPhone can do for T-Mobile what Android simply hasn’t done and won’t ever do now thats its on all four carriers, it’ll bring customers in by the truckload. That’s the point of this, not what might happen to Android, but what can happen for T-Mobile. Start thinking big picture, this isn’t about how much you hate Apple products which just makes you sound ridiculous and closed minded. Apple sucks, Apple sucks, they are closed and walled garden, boohoo…some of you just come off as ridiculous with all your Apple hatred its hard to take your comment seriously because its veiled under such disgust that you aren’t thinking or discussing it objectively. Big picture, what can the iPhone do for T-Mobile, thats the only question that matters, if it came to T-Mobile, what would it do? Would it bring customers? Would it harm the network quality? Would customer service turn sour? These are the questions that matter, not what might or might not happen to Android.

    • fyrewal

      Obvious troll is obvious.

      • David

        Obvious troll?? I think you’re going to find it very tough to make the argument that I troll these articles, considering I write them.

      • The Hammer

        You just got PWN!!!!!!!!!

    • http://magicbluesmoke.org longcat

      I found your poll option quite insightful. You can figure out in order who loves the iPhone but not enough to switch to AT&T, who loves it but loves T-mobile’s value better, who’s blind, who tried and didnt like the iPhone, and who is clicking buttons for fun.

      If everyone on T-mobile switched to the iPhone and started downloading a lot of things and streamed music every day, data throughput may go down but the quality would remain the same.

      If T-mobile brought on 3 million more customers, it could definitely tear holes in the 3G coverage. There are particulars on a WCDMA(UMTS) network that the number of customers served is related to the effective covered area and this factor is used in network planning. (Serve more customers, serve less area, serve less customers, serve more area).

      If you plan for x customers but have 5*x customers, you will find out that your effective network coverage now looks like swiss cheese. Merely adding more towers is limited in usefulness because towers interfere with each other and there cannot be too many in a certain area. This is why ATT being able to put WCDMA(UMTS) on an old GSM band in NYC for example was so clutch. Unfortunately HSPA+ still has this same problem (called breathing cell phenomenon) but it does increase network capacity.

      cdma-based systems, as novel as they are, have outlived their usefulness in an environment with demand for scalable cellular systems with high throughput and low latency. Therefore T-mobile, if it’s planning on becoming #1/#2 will likely need a system that scales better and has more predicatable coverage, like LTE offers.

    • NiiDiddy

      AMEN, David!!!!

    • Bimmerz

      Well put David! :)

      While I don’t know if I’d get an iPhone if it came to T-Mo, I do think it would do wonders for T-Mo and be a positive thing from a business stand point. It would be nice to have a choice, as well as more options on T-Mo.

      Being able to chose between an iPhone or an Android phone, I think would be a welcoming experience for a change – IMO.

    • TMOprophet

      I agree with your points, however what do you think about whether TMO would keep their good service and plans? Because with AT&T and Verizon, when they got big and powerful, they got cocky and jacked up their rates, with the mentality that “hey we have the muscle, so lets flex it”

      I think TMO has had great plans and service partly because they have been struggling against the larger carriers. I would not want to see TMO become big and powerful and then adopt that same mentality that the others have.

      As much as I like TMO and would like to see them grow and flourish, I dont want to see them get greedy like the other carriers. TMO’s plans and service are what keeps me loyal to them. So naturally you can see this brings mixed feelings to me as far as the iPhone coming to TMO.

    • john

      David, you asked if someone would buy the phone, the resounding answer is no. Don’t be angry at people comment answering the very question your article asked. You didn’t ask, “Would the iphone be good for T-Mobile” had that been your initial question, I would agree the comments here would be out of place, but in the context of your initial article, the commenters are right.

      • David

        I think you need go look at the results of the poll thus far by saying its a resounding no…quite the contrary it would seem. So much in fact that it even caused AndroidSpin to write an article wondering how the iPhone was beating android 2 to 1.

      • Matador

        I can answer that one…To many people get sucked into the “iphone” status, much like Ipods. Im not saying they are bad devices…not by far. In fact I thank apple for releasing their iphone and changing the scope of the smart phone market. BUT so many people are just easily convinced by the mindless isheep that they swarm to the iphone without really knowing much more than it can download apps.

        I (and I am speaking for myself) like android because it just seems easier to customize to your own likes with live widgets, wallpapers, and apps and such overall give the user more freedom..at least for me. Iphone (to me) seems to be basically “one size fits all” which is not bad, I just want to make my screens more …me.

        and Android fanboys need to get over the fact that to many androids look like an iphone..really..how much more different can a touch screen smartphone be in looks?..they could make it oval shaped I gather.

        In the end..each phone has its good and bads, ups and downs, and each person will choose the phone that fits THEIR particular needs and wants. So to everyone….their just phones!…they are not fruits of life..pick one and be happy with it!..geez!

        ..oh..I am an apple rep… :P

      • Matador

        And David is right….31% is a yes..35% only if tmobile kept their current pricing, which I am guessing is the unlimited data…so they are on the fence rtg apple crazy, just with a condition..thats 66%…so Iphone would be a fairly good hit with tmobile.

  • mockerfab4

    @Homer! +1. That antennagate stupidity
    With the iphone is NOTHING compared to dialing a number and then your Android phone force closing on you. Android was the worst OS ive ever used. Was ready to make the switch to ATT, but wilk wait to see what TMO does.

  • mailman13877

    Lmfao David
    Finally someone other than me has similar thoughts on that topic. If you go back to my previous post you’ll notice i say 2 things.Ive been saying for a while now that people need to stop android an Iphone cuzz:

    1. There’s many and droids out there to compare eachother with like the Evo wooping the vibrant.
    2. The Iphone is on par n its more bout preferring to customize or stay simple.

    I only mention Iphone when I’m saying the top phones for each company..Evo,Droid X,Iphone and Vibrant.

    On a side note…We all know the Vibrator is the worst of the 4 lol..But seriously people it’s bout what the iphone will do for the company since TMO is in a far 4th place..not bout androids vs iphones..get a clue already..the iphone would no doubt put TMO in atleast 2nd place within a year seeing the already offer every1 other than ME better pricing plans than the other companies..or maybe their suck network issue will hold them to 3rd place..either way I can wait for all that stuff to be sorted out..Evooo..ftw..hurry up Sprint

    • mailman13877

      Can’t wait.

      • Chris

        Now Theres a REAL troll

      • Matador

        Talk about a fanboy…mailman is evo fanboy number one..but thats his choice..but also the reason I say..its a phone..let people choose what they want..mailman wants everyone to buy evo..for some odd reason..he must own a 1$ e trade stock in sprint…

    • clocinnorcal

      Can you write a post without mentioning the evo or droid? Jeez we get it, you love those two phones that arent even in Tmo’s catalog.

    • gadgetfreak

      Did you even finnished high school mailman? I’m having a hard time reading ur dumbass comment.

      • john

        And the kettle calls the pot black…lol

  • Rob

    Like others i have said, this is an excellent business move for tmo, i for one will stick to android but i have nothing against the iphone, i also think it will bring many customers. Tmobile is tired of being fourth and they will stop at nothing to grow. Vibrant, IPHONE4, Emerald, Vangaurd, faster 3g, lets see what all the cry babies bitch about now.

  • TheLight

    Maybe if people had another article to view everyday then they wouldnt have to keep commenting on the same thing….. just food for thought

    • Dale Murphy

      yeah, I am anxiously awaiting the next article too. torture. it is not meant as a slight, i just really like this site and the information it provides.

      • TheLight

        same here

  • Pufferfish

    Yes I would get the Iphone in a heartbeat. I get great reception in the building I work in with T-Mobile, but signal with AT&T is little or none. Been waiting for T-Mobile to get Iphone

  • deej

    I would have considered at least looking into buying an iphone, under a few conditions.
    1. pricing plans would stay the same
    2. it became open source
    3. I wouldn’t have to plug it into my computer for updates
    4. It was cheaper in price
    5. It wasn’t from Apple
    6. I wouldn’t need itunes
    7. Steve jobs would take a vacation to Mars

    Now all those would have me considering it at least until the latest with the press conference. Now I wouldn’t even consider and my friend who is a fangirl for apple, has switched her allegiance to android and is considering going back to PC because of the new iphone4 crap.. AWESOME!

  • going_home

    Stop the hating.
    Seriously though the real question to me is, will the TMO network become AT&T ?
    Meaning will 3 million iPhone users bog down the network.


    • http://magicbluesmoke.org longcat

      It’s more than likely that T-mobile would experience new coverage holes if it got 3 million new customers in 3 months. However if everybody on T-mobile 3G switched to an iPhone we may see slower speeds depending on individual usage patterns but not new coverage holes. ATT and T-mobile use the same basic 3G technology – WCDMA(UMTS). Also, can someone explain to me how an iOS phone is worse on a network than an Android phone? A better question is “Will 3 million new T-mobile subscribers cause capacity and coverage issues?”

      • NiiDiddy

        yea but I dont see it bogging down the network. first, the speeds are far superior to other networks. second, our voice and data ran parallel, not together like ATT. keeping those separate is key!

  • pjcamp

    Apple products look great but their functionality is terrible. I just got rid of a damn iPod because it kept forgetting my place in my audiobook (and no, the file format doesn’t matter – forgot in m4 as well). There’s nothing like working your thumb around that stupid wheel to get 10 hours into a book and then hunt for the place you left off to make you think “this is a butt stupid interface.”

    Similarly with Macs. I used to be agnostic about computing but 6 years of having to use a Mac at work turned me against them. The interface is slick but too constraining. Everything you want to do is either trivial or impossible, depending as Apple wants you to want that or not, but one thing is constant — there is only One Right Way to do anything and you will adapt yourself to the machine. This violates every norm of usability engineering.

    So no. No interest in iPhones or iOS or iSteve. Just gonna be more of the same. After all, what was the response out of the gate to Antennagate? “You’re holding it wrong. Hold different.”

    Well, I’m as old as iSteve and I remember rabbit ear antennas on TVs. I remember the effect on reception from touching them. Now I’m a physicist and I understand why that happens, but iSteve didn’t need that knowledge. All he needed was memory of his childhood to realize that a touchable antenna is a disaster waiting to happen.

    • SteveT

      The only difference there, is that when you would touch rabbit-ear antennas, reception would improve.

  • AliensVsCreditors

    well i’m just glad to have another option other than just the Vibrant. i don’t like Jobs but you have to admit that the Iphone 4 looks sweet. I do agree that although the Vibrant is the best phone on TMO, it doesnt beat the EVO, X or Iphone 4. Buts not that far behind either. If the Vibrant is a superphone then the other three i mentioned are Super Duper Phones lol. Still leaning on the Vibrant because of Android though! Dont like anyone telling me what apps are appropriate for me. I’m a grown man too and i should have the option of deciding what app is appropriate for me!

  • AliensVsCreditors

    BTW the Vibrant would be a Super Duper phone if it had a FFC, Flash for the camera and a kickstand! Just my opinion! Not a deal breaker for me though!

  • Freddy2Fred

    Ok do yourselves a favor… For the people thats hating on the iPhone… Please stop cuz your ignorant. The iPhone is one of the best smartphones out there. It has good apps and a great OS. The Android is great also. Both have their ups and downs. Now if alot of people gets the iPhone to T-Mobile then I believe they gonna end up like ATT. ATT in the past was so dam great. They never had an issue with the network. Until alot of people got the iPhone and sucked all the juice out of the network. I believe the plans for T-Mobile might change a little but at the same time it will bring customers to the company. Its nothing but competition which I do love. So for the people trash talking about the iPhone and Android just cut that crap and grow up. They both great.

  • jeff

    so that is the question. get a vibrant or wait for iphone or the HSPA+ emerald? ok well will the emerald be sidekick 2 and will it have a keyboard. i don’t want a keyboard so would that just leave the iphone or vibrant?

  • LaNsLyDe

    lulz he called David a troll.

    Me personally I wouldn’t buy an iPhone. I’ve had one back in the day and I prefer Android over iOS, BUT that device coming to T-Mobile would definitely bring customers in great numbers; considering how much money they are willing to spend on marketing. I don’t think it would hurt any. Hey i’m game bring it over to the Magenta!

  • currator

    ive said it once it once ill say it again apple sucks not saying anything is better simply apple is trash. i remember apples in the 90″s they were trash to not much as changed why do you think apple make money its because there r.d. dept. is so small. my bro who use to work for att and has been using iphone since they came out. and who onwns two i believe they are called mac books he bought for him and his wife like a year just sold his and his wife”s iphone 3gs and got the new samsung android phone. soo what does that tell u. apple is go for the sheep but and lion knows when the see weak prey. i dont want the iphone on tmobile if it comes and tmobile has to do what att did sell there soul. we wont see any good phones it wasnt until att contract ran out that they were able to get good phones. see steven jobs is a loser att had to agree to not have another phone that was direct rivil like anyphone that could be any better so if tmobile gets it and you notice the line up become worse then it is well ill be going to another carrier as should you ohh and that caped data crap should only aplly to the iphone makes no sense to punish everybody for the few mill cust. remember how many cust att has and how many dont have iphones. im just saying. ohh and you cant remove the battier no thank you

  • Yea Right

    Half of you would get an iPhone just to have one. Just like a bunch of kids, you’ll play with it for a couple of weeks then it would end up in the same drawer with the nexus, waiting for the next cool toy to be released!

  • CDD

    TMO’s sub par market share is not due to Android. Quite the opposite I feel. I think you would have to look at these items for the lesser market. 1. TMO does not have near the coverage, particularly out west of ATT and Verison. 2. No forthcoming 4G plans on the board. 3. Phone offerings have been ho-hum at best. 4. Their advertising campaign is far below that of the others including Sprint. Having said that, I am happy with my TMO service and would not want over-saturation to degrade that. I think if anything Android via the G-1 and others gave TMO the first real challenger to Apple and Blackberry. TMO needs to get HTC or MOTO to develop and pumped up version of the G-1 and stick to what was working. It was how they got me and I had been an ATT customer for 19 years.
    As Far as the Iphone goes, it is just like all other apple products in that function follows form. Like a Cadillac they look good but they have flaws and you can’t get under the hood to try and tweak the flaws out. This latest ant. issue is as a result of trying to make the phone smaller. Smaller is not always better, I think they are too small to hold and use comfortably. They had the same problems with their Computer OS. It was pretty and simple to use but always lacked function, which is why they can’t compete with MS or Linux world wide. Bringing the Iphone to TMO would only give the flock another carrier to chose from for their addiction. Given the issues listed above I doubt that is would draw much of a new subscriber base. Android on the other hand is a “Vette” customize it, supe it up the way YOU the OWNER likes it. I say “dance with the one that brung-ya” Come out with a new, suped-up G-1. More memory, storage, screen, and the new 1g dual core processor. Out function them, compete with infrastructure and you will win.

  • biglance99

    I think the iPhone has its appeal to people and surely would bring people over to T-Mobile. But i don’t think that T-Mobile is just about the numbers. I don’t think that T-Mobile is about being on top. They have the most affordable rate plans. They were the first carrier to compete with the iPhone when they pioneered Android with Google. T-Mobile is that small store around the corner that cares about each customer that comes in and knows your name. They are about being honest and trying to meet their customers needs.. not just sell them bigger and better phones. I think the iPhone would be a bad fit for T-Mobil.
    Also.. Android FTW :)

  • Xsster

    I would get one, just because.

  • SteveT

    iPhone on TM with a HSPA+ radio would be the best phone for me.

  • Angel

    Your fault T-Mobile. Should have partnered with hTc and produced high end Android units. Like HD2 Android, Desire for TMO US 3G, Hero for TMO US 3G, etc. Really anticipating Project Emerald, please impress us, this G1 is coming to the end of its life.

  • Jason

    It is funny that the Votes are in favor of the iPhone, when Android offers phones for all people and open to customize. Since Android (specifically the Droid)hit the scene, almost Everyone I know who owned the iPhone 3g(s) either couldn’t wait until their contract was over to upgrade to the newest Android phone on another carrier or wished that there were a better variety of Android phones on At&t. Right now if you type Nexus one in on Craigs Look you will see everyone and their mother asking to trade their iphone for the Nexus one or Evo. One such Guy wants to trade three iPhones for an Evo or Nexus,

    “Trade iPhone 3Gs for Nexus One (Clarkston)

    Date: 2010-07-24, 7:28PM EDT
    Reply to: sale-ed6kb-1861465541@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

    I am looking to trade my iPhone 3Gs 16gb for an HTC Nexus One. My 3Gs is in mint condition and has been in a case with a screen protector since the day I got it (a little over a month ago). I will not sell the phone .. trade only. Please text me if you’re interested.


    Matthew 248-830-4140″

    It always amazes me how little people know about Quality over promotion and bloat ware when it comes to At&t and Apple.

  • J1

    Now that pretty much everyone and their “momma”, even our neighborhood troll/evo fanboy has chimmed in on this topic..

    I wonder if the big wigs themselves( @David, KicKstar13, Stephen, and Andrew), would “buy a tmo iphone”???.. I’m sure you guys can get a “hook-up”.. but would any of you spend your money on a tmo iphone.. secondly what is your preference? If any: android, ios, winmo, or rim???.. just curious, but feel free not to respond

    Slightly off topic but: imagine a holiday bogo sale where you can buy a htc “emerald” and get a ip4 for free.. can you say best xmas EVER.. well atleast best dream EVER!!!.. lol

  • Marcus Armstrong

    its funny that ppl complain about the UI on the Vibrant but they completely forgot on how open the Android OS is. u can put a TOTALLY different UI on it WITHOUT doing ANY hacking/root and u have a vast supply of choices to choose from . I have ADW Launcher and got it bcuz i didnt like the Touchwiz UI and now this phone is my baby..ppl will believe anything they hear on TV.. The Vibrant doesnt need flash….Plus flash is ineffective if ur more than 4ft away from the CAM anyway….ppl are jus ignorant/borderline retarded for thinking that flash on a cellphone camera Automatically makes the pic quality better. i have a coworker w/ an iPhone 4 and his cam flash is useless. AT&T can keep their iPhone4, LIMITED data plans that cost 4 billion and one dollars, AND most importantly, all of their network fail…these same tmobile iPhone4 fanboys are gonna b having menstrual cramps about our network overloading all the time IF we get it…….Android = #SUCCESS………..iPhone4 = #GigaFAIL

    • Marcus Armstrong

      the Galaxy S lineup for all carriers is the BEST Android phones to date….All the many little things about my Vibrant add up to #epicSUCCESS vs N1’s and Evo’s. all the Hardware is SUPERIOR including the camera w/o flash……#Booyah!!!!

  • http://forums.tmonews.com t1 connect

    Wow! what the hell happened in here.