Would You Buy A T-Mobile iPhone?

Say what you want about Apple, Steve Jobs, AT&T or the iPhone in general, you just can’t deny its been a wild success for AT&T. For many, AT&T is the sole reason they haven’t made the switch to the iPhone, as it’s a roadblock on any number of levels. AT&T has taken beating after beating the past three years for network quality and by all accounts, they’ve deserved it. While many of you might question, as is often the case with iPhone rumors, can T-Mobile handle the data traffic? That might be a question for another day and for that matter, one we aren’t prepared to answer in any case. For the moment however, lets just focus on the idea of the iPhone coming to T-Mobile and if its something that excites or repulses you. Some of you think these rumors are nothing more than attempts by bloggers to increase pageviews and drive traffic and while we just consider that foolish, we really can’t help but wonder just how many of you would fall to the temptation of a T-Mobile iPhone. So find your way to the poll below and vote.

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  • http://soapboxuniverse.blogspot.com/?spref=gb K. Ray

    I won a Ipod touch through work. Getting this thing activated was like a quest from lord of the rings. I did not have a computer at the time. I did buy one and purchased some music. When I added some music to my original purchase that is when the real problems began. They lost my first set of songs. After 3 weeks of phone tag they never found my music. I sold my touch. Itunes is the source of all that is evil in the world. I WILL NOT BUY THE IPHONE. I saw a demo of transferring music on a N1 on the google I/O and I was sold. I would rather have a HTC with Adroid. Apple is touted as being so user friendly. It would be easier for me to work in a physics lab at MIT then to use Itunes on my P.C. Steve Jobs can suck it. then lick…….

    • SwizzleStix

      Yeah… do you get the ‘scam’ that Apple pulled with this phone? Oh, to really use it, you GOTTA have iTunes… so install itunes. And quicktime. And…

      Yeah, no thanks Apple.

    • mingkee

      Why should we need itunes for transferring audio files while it can be done with My Computer?????

    • blah

      You shouldn’t own a smartphone you poor thing!(pathetic)

  • HowdyDoody

    Why? Android is so much better that iPhone is irrelevant. iPhones are only good for playing games. Yesterday I had the chance to leave a few Apple store and Best Buy iPhone fans speechless and with their mouth open. Simply put, NO.

    • blah

      lol yeah right!

  • Joe

    I’ve had Tmo for almost 2 years and their 3g coverage is very spotty where I live. The phone will show 4 bars then all of a sudden, no coverage. The signal goes out in alot of places I frequent. I don’t think the network could handle the iphone and all the traffic it will bring.

    • john

      Coverage is not the same as capacity, if the coverage is so bad, write down addresses where it is so bad, then call to have a service request filed.

      • http://magicbluesmoke.org Hi, I’m 12 and what is this?

        On a cdma-based system like WCDMA, coverage and capacity are intimately linked. It’s not exactly the same, but they’re more similar than not. The more mobile phones on a single WCDMA cell tower there are, the less the covered area is. This is called the breathing cell phenomenon.

        This is in contrast to GSM and the OFDMA-based E-UTRAN aka LTE. Each mobile unit has exclusive access to their frequency (LTE), or for a certain period of time (GSM). The main limitation in these systems is the received signal since two mobile units are never transmitting on the same frequency at once. The main limitation in cdma system is interference from nearby mobile units (since they all transmit on the same frequency at the same time), and interference between nearby cell towers (since they also transmit on the same frequency at the same time).

      • john

        @ 12 I do understand obviously that if there is no cvg, there is no capacity, however at the same time, if they were in wichita ks where the network is more good than not, for example, then there is a lot better chance of the network being able to handle more phones.

  • SwizzleStix

    I think most people here are pretty intelligent and have all stated the same thing:

    Even if we don’t want an Iphone, T-mobile will surely benefit from having it.

    (For this many intelligent comments, I’m thinking Trolls must be sleeping in their caves).

    I am a WinMo or Android type (no dedication to either, but would choose either over iPhone). Iphone is a nice device, but just not for me.

    Also: I don’t use iTunes, have purged anything itunes related… why in the world would I want a phone that would need me to get back on iTunes? Never.

  • Elias

    I’ve never been impressed with Apple’s Quicktime, and iTunes is just bloatware. I refuse to use a phone that forces me to install that piece of cr@p software and adhere to Jobs’ idea of what I should and shoudn’t do with my phone (Apple’s closed app system). So, no iPhone for me.

    • j

      It just says have it, not actually use it. install it and ignore it. I am not a big all touchscreen fan but I am however loving the Vibrant!

  • mistashady

    unlike the others here. I think the Iphone would benefit t-mobile. I am an android fan and must say even with all the controversy over the anttenna i am intrigued over the new iphone.

  • Vader317

    Hellz to the mutha effin yeah!!! T-Mobile has the best prices in voice and data. Come on folks, a iPhone 4 with 750 mins/ unlimited data/ and messaging for $79.99!!! AT&T and Verizons plans don’t even come close!!! Please Please T-Mobile, sell everything you have to get this to happen. Your return on profits will be 10 fold!!!

  • Green Robot

    Hmm…, if I want a song or video on my phone I connect it and copy the files, why would I want to give that up for having to deal with using itunes?

  • Woody

    What if the iphone was the first HSPA phone for Tmo to announce…

  • WXman

    F*** the iPhone, and Apple, and the horse that brung ’em here for all their proprietary garbage. It’s all the most user unfriendly crap I’ve ever seen…and it’s Apple or nothing with their garbage. Screw the iPhone, the iPod, and the iPad.

    What’s all the rage about? there are other devices on the market that do the EXACT same things as the Apple crap, do it better, and do it cheaper. F Apple.

  • Beanz0nToast

    I am an Android Fan Boy way too much to get this phone. It would, however, be amazing for T-Mo as a whole to get this phone! AT&T would start losing A LOT of business and T-Mo would stop being a laughing stock!

  • Longsh0t

    While I do believe that Apple has some very excellent products I’m not a fan of the walled garden approach they use for EVERYTHING. I’m perfectly happy with my Androids.

  • jose

    LMAO not trying to start anything but a 3 year old could work itunes. its all pretty much plug-n-play. no one wants to admit it but the iphone would be tmobiles best selling phone.

  • justin

    in a heartbeat.

    i ran a hacktivated iphone on the t-mo network for 2 years, then just finally got a t-mo blessed android (mytouch slide) b/c i was tired of having to work so hard at keeping my phone functional. but the slide is such a half-baked, under-powered and bug-ridden phone, that i’m desperate for the iphone to move over to t-mobile.

    • 138

      Get a Vibrant. Have had an iPhone on tmo for a year. Had the same issues with upkeep. The Vibrant is an awesome phone and in my opinion it is the iPhones equal. Ffc is just stupid and the camera on the Vibrant takes excelent low light pics.

  • derrickps3

    yes if tmo would get the iphone 4…………other than that, no!

  • KC Guy

    Why would anyone want an iPhone when they can get the Galaxy S/Vibrant? I absolutely love mine, I love my plan, and for the first time in YEARS (heck, maybe ever) I love T-Mobile.

    Now all we need is a Galaxy S/Vibrant ad with Catherine Zeta Jones… lol

  • http://omega1rob@cox.net Rollin’Rob

    Yeah, so apple can tell what phone to have, what apps to have and tell me what ever else I want. No thanks I can think for my self!

  • Akabelcher

    iphone is a very impressive piece of hardware, a very simple UI (even my wife can use it) truth is I would have owned an iphone, just couldn’t cough up the 99+ mo plan and fees. Now that I have my vibrant I’m soo glad I didn’t switch. I personally don’t think tmo could handle the network usage or customer base + if they do get the iphone that’s all tmo will talk about which will eff’ing BUG!

  • Darien

    I would have said hell yes a few weeks ago, but now after having my vibrant I could care less. Actually it would probally help tmobile a lot. Everyone who loves their iphone would jump ship because they hate ATT and tmobile would grow. But I will never buy another iphone unless is has a 4+ inch screen with an unbreakable super amoled screen lol.

  • stillyone

    I had 3GS before and now Vibrant, wouldn’t go back to iPhone ever.. iPhone is only a toy, wheres Vibrant is a beast with full customization potential. Well if some people like to be limited iPhone is the choice I like to have control over my phone.

  • Red_slide

    But if an iphone 3g comes out and not a iphone 4 that wouldnt make any sense my slide kills all the iphones except 4th gen. iphone older gens.. suck so bad i would rather have a mytouch 1.2. Tmo dont bring iphone Unless Its 4th gen. seriously on the pic above wat will you do with an iphone 3g even when you jailbreak its not even better then android .. android has kicked apple out of buisness in my opininion and they need to get out of the game. and come up with a better device besides the iphone.

  • Tig

    Apple sucks and Apple products sucks worse.. No thanks. I’ll pass.

  • ShockTroop

    Simply put for T-Mobile to ever be relevent or stay in business they need the iPhone a whole lot worse than the iPhone needs T-Mobile. Thanks to the blunders of Robert Dotson and the week leadership within T-Mobile; they have put themselves in the position of needing this phone more than any of the big 4 carriers. Reguardless if you are a fan or not you have to be realistic. This move by T-Mobile can make or break the company. I hope they don’t screw this up too.


    • TujuMaster

      I agree. Robert Dotson helped make T-Mobile the fourth company by not working to advance the network or the exclusivity of phones. They lost me as a customer if they don’t get the iPhone for many reasons.

  • Danny

    Jesus Christ who cares already!

  • remixfa

    to each their own and all, but overall Android is the better platform in my view. The iphone comming to Tmobile will be great for my commission, but would i own one? No.

  • Moose

    I don’t intent to buy one, but I welcome them to T-mo. I prefer physical keyboards (Galaxy S pro, T-mo? Please?), which Darth Jobs has seen fit to not include, and I’m not wild about Apple’s practices overall. But as long as I have the option for a nice Android phone, bring on the millions of Apple lovers.

  • TroyAG1

    Only if it came with free service.

  • HowdyDoody

    Its ok to loose iPhone probably customers, why? cause they would only cause problems with the network. So if T Mobile doesn’t get an iPhone and a few of you leave. Better for the rest of us.

  • J1

    Would I buy a tmo iphone?.. hmmm tempting but no thank you.. mind you this is coming from an ex unlocked iphone fanboy.. I recently defected to android from ios, and don’t plan on turning back..

    I would in no way fancy myself a tech savvy guy, so for me it was the little things that drew me away.. from the live widgets and wall paper, to the updates of my fb and twitter contacts streaming on my homescreen..
    Android is like a democratic nation where as ios is like a communist nation..

    the iphone will always sell because of name recognition and simple ui.. but the more people look into features and tech specs, to justify the purchase of a $500+ handset.. the more the iphone will find itself ostricized..

    Android is the future (look at all the beast’s out now not even to mention the ones due to arrive by yrs end).. so imagine how far android will go in just the next 3 to 5 yrs..

    A tmo iphone is a good business move, and would be a hail mary pass that gets us back in the game.. but network investment and expansion coupled with the latest android releases will be what WINS the game for our beloved magenta.. long live tmobile usa!!!

  • Rico

    i love android but the reason i would get the iphone is because you can easily fing accesories for it . thats a big incentive for me because i use my phone for everything. its what plays music when im at the house,at work,(felow co-workers enjoy having music while we work.) and in my car. its also my gps for when i get lost. which happens a lot.

  • Daedalus

    I would not take it if you gave me a damn iPhone. I just do not like them not because they are bad because up until the iPhone 4 they were great phones just never my thing.

  • http://tmobile.com pants

    People business is business I’m a assistant manager in a tmobile retail store and by the iphone coming over all it does is increase customer base and my pockets and I see nothing wrong with that to tell you the truth. Funny fact samsung makes the iphones processors which is a 1 ghz but nothing compared to the vibrants 1ghz humming bird processor and now that apple founf out they are looking to go else where to do business lol besides that bring over the iphone whether or not it destroys our network which I doubt it will because tmobile wouldn’t bring a device into its lineup without being ready for it.

  • Garet

    I will leave t-mobile if the Iphone comes to it they can not handle half of the activations of 3 million in 3 days I dont want to have dropped calls bad connections because we have millions of idiots on our network. Iphone is for Dumb people who are scared of the better Android phone.

    • ShockTroop

      iPhone coming to T-Mobile will require the company to uggrade their network which in turn makes a better network for Android customers. I’m not a iPhone fan either but it does provide more/better apps as well as other features not currently offered on Android devices. I think the real dumb people are the ones that are married to one type of device when there is clearly not one that is better than the other.

  • Kris

    I’ve had an iPhone and used it on T-Mobile… two years. The iPhone was cool, but I think the hype is over. I want to throw mine away and get an Android. I have the HTC HD2 and windows sucks so I’ve been paying attention to the android port on xda-developers.

    But if the iPhone came to T-Mobile… cool. But I wouldn’t want it now.

  • ap1lvr

    I dont care. I want the one with the wi-fi’s.

  • Ronnie

    Nexus One, EVO 4G, Vibrant, Droid X, Droid Incredible, Epic 4G….and the many more Android superphones to be……iphone???? Nah! :P

  • Rick

    Its always funny to hear people say how powerful Android is iPhone is a toy blah blah…

    I switch phones pretty much every 3 month and went through modded JP Docomo phones, G1, Nexus One Android phones, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS (all unlocked on T-Mobile BTW). I found myself keep coming back to a iPhone. Yea, you can load custom firmwares, root it, run unapproved apps (which I have all done) on the Andorid but in the end, what can you really do with the thing? Read Google News!!! God I did that for 6 month on the Nexus One!! The Andorid Market is essentially a big joke filled with apps that either don’t work, or don’t do anything at all.

    The fact that Android is popular only in the US only points to one thing, that people have to settle for the next best thing since iPhone is locked to AT&T. Once iPhone is open for all carriers here I really don’t see much future for Android. Also, people needs to realize that the sole purpose of Android’s existence is so Google can push out its ads to you. Nothing more, nothing less.

    With that said, I can only pray that iPhone comes to T-Mobile ASAP so I can jump back to T-Mo from AT&T. The idea alone that I am on that network makes me feel like crap already.

    Oh and do compare a Vibrant to iPhone 4 and honestly tell me which one looks like a toy…

  • Halamadrid

    You only need to look at ATT’s revenue and profit numbers since they got the iPhone to know that the device would be good for T-Mobile. People who complain that things will get worse because of the increased traffic need to know that companies need growth to continue investing in their infrastructure. We can’t expect TMO to invest a ton of money on its network/devices if their numbers are flat for the next five years. I have an N1 and would be inclined to stick with Android, but I know a lot of people with iPhones on ATT that would jump ship in a heartbeat (even paying the early termination fee). For those with not so great TMO coverage I would say that adding the iPhone would be a positive as it would encourage TMO to fix that situation faster since there would be a larger customer base. I, for one, hope that it does happen.

  • Red_slide

    Heres to some this up Iphone 2g = why in da hell did you make this?
    iphone 3g= Ugly slow phone
    iphone 3gs= “alright” phone
    iphone 4g”as in 4th gen”= runner up

    So if the iphone comes to Tmo and doesnt have 1gz proccessor bigger screen NO KEYBOARD 32 gb memory 8mp camera hd record samoled screen extra thin

    then whats the point ??

    please somebody tell me why in da hell would me really need the iphone now we have the vibrant. one day i went to tmo at the mall and i had to get a replacement slide.. and i seen the vibrant.. and two ppl were standing by me while i was playing with it and i heard them say haha man this phone still cant beat the iphone 4.. and i just wanted to slap them becuase they obviously didnt know anything about phones vibrant beats any phone on att! Tmo all the way idc what anybody says but tmo is the best

  • Vicosphi

    Iphone has excellent user interface, but even if you BUY it you don’t get to do what you want with it since its locked down so much its almost as if you are renting it. If you own it, you should be able to have full control over it.
    This is the only reason I don’t like iphone, also the success had blinded Apple and now they don’t even admit hardware flaws with new iphone. Also, they are making up lies now that flash is not optimized for handheld devices to make people buy games from app store instead of playing free flash games. Flash works just fine on symbian and android.
    So in short, NO…I would never support such dictatorship by buying an iphone. I have always used Nokias and now moved to Android.
    but for people with lack of awareness, iphone is still the cool phone that plays music and now does video calling (My 5 years old Nokia had it). There are some people for who, its a status symbol. Some like the UI so much, they don’t care of the flaws and restrictions imposed by Apple.
    Tmobile should get it though, it will be sold as hot cakes and it’ll be great for Tmobile.

  • currator

    who wants to bet apples white whale aka white iphone is being delayed becuase its coming to tmobile not att the white iphone that millions of people are waiting for sooo sounds like more money for d.t. money to be spent on the network

  • http://www.hagrin.com z6

    “For many, AT&T is the sole reason they haven’t made the switch to the iPhone”

    Really? I’d be interested to see some real numbers that support this. I would agree that having an exclusive agreement with one carrier prevents a minimal amount of people that are part of family plans on other carriers to get an iPhone. But given the number of new subscribers to ATT almost quarterly since the iPhone has been released, shows that the network isn’t a consumer’s primary concern.

    I moved to T-Mobile because I wanted android over a year ago. I came from ATT and had a 3G iPhone at the time. I never had any issues with it. And if I wanted an iPhone now I’d just switch back. But I don’t so I really don’t care about it coming to T-Mobile. In fact, I’d rather it doesn’t, so the network doesn’t get congested. If ATT has problems, I don’t want to imagine how TMOs network will respond.

  • seattledad

    Jumped on the iPhone bandwagon from T-Mo on launch day. I haven’t had any antenna oe coverage issues. I have to say the iphone is a great device. I looked at all of the android options available at Tmo, even Verizon, before getting the iphone. I have absolutely no regrets. I really like the simplicity of the iphone, the wide variety of solid apps available, the camera capabilities, and the huge variety of iphone accessories that just doen’t exist for the “handset of the month” that currently comes w/ T-Mo and other android phones.

  • vtec

    hell no !! android baby!!

  • Rick

    iPhone is locked down? Let me know you what is locked down, lockdown is when there are 5 different official Android OS out there with a zillion OEM customer skins that prevent you from upgrading your Android phone to the latest *official firmware* from Google. Froyo is out…hmm. all about 2 month now and there is no Froyo phones out there unless its 1. Nexus One, 2. XDA hacked. Good luck getting your regular firmware updates from HTC, Samsung (yes, remember Behold II), and Motorola.

    BTW, customer firmware made by XDA folks is like iPhone Dev Team to iPhone so I don’t think this can be listed as a selling point of Google.

    80% of the people out there don’t realize the full potential they can do with a iPhone (this includes both non-Iphone users and iPhone users) Once you are fully familiar with both platforms you will realize that iOS is simply much more useful TODAY.

    I want my iPhone 4 on T-Mo!!!

    • Vicosphi

      Yes it is locked down. These are a few examples:
      – No Java
      – No Flash
      – No free GPS navigation app. like google nav
      – No Tethering
      – No Sharing of files/apps over bluetooth
      – Even Video chat works only between two iphones by default
      – Apps must be downloaded from app store which is controlled by Apple
      – Must install itunes by Apple for transferring music from PC to phone
      – Can’t play DRM free formats like Ogg vorbis

      There’s probably more that I don’t know of…they also charge tax on developers for putting app. in their store.
      Oh and now even consumer reports does not recommend it…

      I do agree it sucks to have manufacturers putting up custom UIs on android but that’s because of Android’s open nature and we still get updates, just have to wait longer unless you want to root and use a custom ROM which isn’t possible on all phones since dev. will always work on most popular phones. Its fine though since Android is open source, there are more devs. and more frequent updates than Apple. So in my opinion a 3 month Android updates wait is better than a year long wait on Apple if compared.

      Slightly off topic here…wonder how Cisco did not sue Apple yet for using their ages old IOS (Internetworking Operating System) name in new Apple iphone OS v.4

    • B

      It’s locked down because everything on the iPhone has to be done through Apple in Apple’s way. You want to drink some Apple water, it has to be from a Apple glass. 80% is a very specific number, and you can’t prove that, but at the same time you make an interesting point at the same time when you talk about custom firmware. How many iPhone users do you think know what the hell rooting and jailbreaking is? Exactly. You can do everything and more on an Android phone right out the box that you have to jailbreak your iPhone to do. If people knew these things, they may or may not be more inclined to buy an Android phone, instead of the cool pop culture iconic phone.

      The whole disconnect between Google Android updates and the handsets has been solved behind the scenes. The only reason that things are still slow for those of you who don’t have a Nexus One is because these things don’t happen overnight. We all know about the frequent versions of Android being released, but Gingerbread/3.0 later this year will be the beginning of a slower paced update process. Google has already spoke on this several times. Google is also confident that with the UI overhaul coming with Gingerbread, manufacturers like HTC won’t feel so inclined to layer their own software on top of the handsets either. Even if they still decide to, the next next versions of Android won’t be so frequent, as I already said, so you won’t be missing out on something that others would be running on their phones. Also, because the Nexus One is done, and because it will be outdated after this year, the fragmentation “fix” will progress even further.

  • SEFan

    Wow, I thought there’d be a lot more passion on this question..;-)

    Seriously, I would get the iPhone if offered on T-Mobile. I’m a Mac person, so working with the iPhone would be seamless for me. No learning curve on figuring out how to set things up, get my music to the device, etc. I already use an iPod Touch so this would be dead easy.

    Having said that, it’s not because I think the iPhone is the Second Coming for T-Mobile. The 4 is a great device, but in the Vibrant T-Mo has finally brought a top-end Android device that can challenge the iPhone on function. Except for the learning curve I think I would have no problem with the Vibrant – assuming the GPS thing sorts out OK. For me this is a “can’t lose” situation – either I get an iPhone on my favorite network or I get the next big thing in Android devices. Sweet…

    It would be interesting to have the iPhone on T-Mobile as a test of the 3G network. Do iPhone users really suck up that much bandwidth or did AT&T really plan that badly for the increase in 3G use? Who knows – if the Vibrant takes off (and by launching on 4 US carriers I’d guess Samsung wants to bite a big market chunk from both Apple and HTC) and brings a bunch of new customers to T-Mobile we may not need the iPhone to find out how well prepared T-Mobile is for massive network traffic.

  • davidohio

    off topic but is it just me or does the Droid X look just like the HTC HD2??????

  • grauncher

    Funny how these sorts of forums always attract the haters. Reading through some of these posts it seems that some of the writers have the mind of a 12-year-old.

    I’ve used Apple products for 20 years and they are generally great. My iPod Touch is wonderfully functional. Admittedly iTunes is not up to the standard of their other products, but it works OK, and it’s no reason for rejecting the iPhone or iPod. If T-Mobile starts to offer the iPhone, we’ll get two immediately.

    I’m sure Android is fine for those who like its way of working (for some things I happily use Windows too), but there are lot of people out there like me who have learned to appreciate the incredible innovations that Apple bring to the market. Every time they introduce a new idea, others rush to copy it — Mac OS/Windows, iPod/Zune, iPhone/Android, iPad… etc etc. Yet somehow the Apple original always remains for me the best. Sorry.

  • Chet-NYC

    I happened to go into an Apple store today. They had iPhones on display for customers to tryout the Facetime feature. My brother has an iPhone 4, so I gave him a call to see how it worked.

    I must say, I was very impressed. Now, I know if there was ever “bell & whistle” feature, this is it, but it was still very cool. I also like the feel of this model iPhone, feels better balanced than previous models.

    Despite that, I do not know if I’d get one if it came out on T-Mobile. I love the apps, the large screen, yet, I’m not a huge touch screen fan, and after six years of Blackberry, it might be a hard change to make. In any event, my BB 9700 is only eight months old, I have 14 months before I’m eligible for an upgrade. Let’s see what Apple and Blackberry have out by then.

  • Joseph Singer

    Well, it won’t be of that much interest unless it supports T-Mobile’s brand of AWS. Otherwise why bother even if it is the Jeebus phone :)